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NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, July 25, 2011, at The Stanley Tavern, at 7:30PM

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President: Frank Jurcik (807) 683-8042 Secretary: Terri-Lynn Yerxa (807) 475-9715 Website:!!!! Vice President: Lorraine Schaaf (807) 939-2291 Treasurer: Tara & Laura Kydd (807) 473-9100 Facebook!Group:!!Lakehead!Light!Horse!Association!2012! Publicity: Jessica Mina (807) 622-7123 Sports: Tammy Paquette (807) 473-0671 Email:!!!! Terri-Lynn Yerxa (807) 475-9715 Madyson Clarke (807) 939-2412 ( (807) 473-0671 Show Director: Open Junior Directors: Amanda & Krystin Paquette Ways & Means: All members NEXT(MEETING:(Tuesday,(February(28,(2012(at(7:30(PM(at(the(Stanley(Tavern(



HORSE FUN - OAS will no longer beA Real Horse Person When...You walk to maintain the ring. instead of saying stands firm. You Know Youre harrowing the ring, it is now our responsibility past someone and 2012!Board!of!Directors! !"excuse me" you poke them in the ribs and say "over". OAS has asked for LLHA members to volunteer to help them, any members who wish to volunteer, please contact the President:! Debbie!Hay! (807)!939R1960! Secretary:! TerriRLynn!Yerxa! (807)!475R9715! OAS. Vice0President:! Kathy!Johnston! (807)!577R1056! ! Amanda!Paquette! (807)!473R0671! Minutes will be Treasurer:! Publicity:! Scholarship program is ready and available,from June 2011 Meeting Maureen!Sitch! Jamie!Grgurich! (807)!621R4522!posted on website. (807)!622R4804! Show!Director:! Tammy!Paquette! (807)!473R0671! Sports:! Douglas!Sitch! (807)!627R8589! LLHA All!members! The June meeting commenced at 7:35 PM, with 19 membersJunior!Director:! Krystin!Paquette! present. The minutes Ways!&!Means:! trail ride was great! It was!a beautiful day and had a fun BBQ afterwards! were accepted by Laura, and (807)!473R0671!

!seconded by Frank. !TREASURERS REPORT: Treasurers report was accepted. them to be. We need more sponsors, help getting NEW BUSINESS: Our finances are not where we would like HORSE!FUN!!Never!approach!a!bull!from!the!front,!a!horse!from!the!rear,!or!a!fool!from!any!direction.! sponsorships would be appreciated. A sponsor package is available for anyone who wishes, please contact COMMUNICATIONS: contact was received from Henry Equestrian Insurance. !, or A letter an Executive. ! SPORTS: Gymkhanas Street Fair is August 19, 20, working out well. The June to do a Fundraiser BBQ that went extremely Kakabeka are going well; the new flag is and 21. We have the option 19 gymkhana was ran by volunteers from!Amandas Green Barn, and they did an

well for us last year. We have excess food that belongs to the club to sell, however we lack the volunteers! A minimum of awesome job! Minutes!from!the!January!2012!Meeting! 6 people per day is needed to function efficiently. Anyone interested in helping with this event please approach us! Any ! time that you canthoffer is appreciated. SHOW: The June 18 show was moved to the Murillo Fairgrounds from the

The!January!meeting!commenced!at!7:38!PM!with!16!members! Agriplex. It was a great day, the Judge was great and did a Q & A for participants Highway 588 Open discussion about dinner! present.!The!minutes!were!accepted!by!Kathy,!and!seconded!by! after the show, followed by a deliciousproperty. Home of the Famous Dianne.! OurLisa Vanlenthe whoapproved atoperates Countrified Photography, is our photographer that attends all our events. shows are NAERIC owns and no cost to LLHA. A big incentive pays ! OAS wants to charge Lisa, or the LLHA a vendor fee for every event she attends and"STANLEY BURGER" a takes pictures at. Lisa shared for performance classes to third place. (For more info see page 3 or go to our This!was!the!first!meeting!of!the!year!under!new!Executive!Council! letter website atthat she received from OAS. Open discussion about vendors and who it includes (trainers, contractors, personal Open 7 days a week !welcome!everyone!! cameras). LLHA believes if we rent the grounds we should be free to hire whom we wish and has to make an appointment ! to request to have this matter discussed at an OAS meeting. 12 Noon to 1 a.m. PUBLICITY: Brochures are available and have been distributed. TREASURERS!REPORT:!Accepted!by!Kathy,!seconded!by!Tammy.!!! Kakabeka, Falls, ON Kathy Johnston is going to Morris July 21-24 and has 2 spots available in her trailer. If interested contact Kathy at ! YOUTH: Old Timers gymkhana is on Thursday, July 14 at 7 PM. Prizes have POT 1WO 628-6298. COMMUNICATIONS:!Absent! been donated! ! (807)-473-9261 Meeting adjourned at 8:36 PM. SPORTS:!Dates!for!our!events!have!been!chosen!but!are!yet!to!be! OLD BUSINESS: Some LLHA members attended the OAS meeting to discuss some things that has changed from last year. 50/50 winner was Alice Hickman. confirmed.! winner was Lisa Vanlenthe!OAS has increased our fee and Attendance ! PUBLICITY:!Nothing!to!report! ! YOUTH:!LLHA!apparel!is!still!for!sale.! ! Carols Cakes & Bakery OLD!BUSINESS:!Happy!New!Year!! 2 Locations to serve you! ! NEW!BUSINESS:!Ideas!were!brought!up!concerning! Northwood Plaza Phone (807) 577 0321 methods!of!fundraising!for!the!club.!These!will!be! 425 North Edward Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario further!discussed!at!the!next!meeting.! & Remember!that!memberships!expire!at!the!end!of!this! County Fair Mall Phone (807) 767-0381 month!(January!31st).!Please!be!sure!to!renew!your! 1020 Dawson Road, Thunder Bay, Ontario membership!as!soon!as!possible!!
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The Stanley Hotel

Attendance winner was Lisa Vanlenthe! 50/50 winner was Alice Hic

Tentative!dates!have!been!chosen!for!our!events!this! year.!The!Oliver!Agricultural!Society!will!discuss! these!dates!at!their!meeting,!and!we!will!announce! them!at!our!next!meeting.! ! Meeting!adjourned!8:03!PM.! ! Attendance!winner!was!Tammy!Paquette!!50/50! winner!was!Liette!Ouilette!!! !!!! !


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by: Scott Leibsle, DVM January 01 2012, Article #19407 from !

! Well here we are again ... winter! The average horse owner is likely well acquainted with his or her horse's colic risk regardless of the season, but with cold weather come complicating factors that all owners should prepare for. The No. 1 cause of colic during winter is a lack of fresh, unfrozen water. Horses must drink 10-12 gallons of fresh water every day and can dehydrate quickly if water is unavailable. Horses that aren't getting enough water are at a greater risk for conditions such as simple indigestion or impaction. A frozen water trough is the usual dehydration culprit, but occasionally horses choose to not drink water simply because it is so cold. Heaters for your troughs and buckets are therefore an absolute "must" to ensure continual access to water in the winter. Keep in mind that electrolyte supplements are not a suitable water substitute and do not mitigate the risk of dehydration. There is nothing wrong with adding (appropriate amounts of) electrolytes to your horse's diet, but offer them in a separate container, leaving the main water supply clean and fresh. Horses might attempt to eat snow to compensate for some fluid loss, but snow is largely composed of air and will not provide the volume of water necessary to hydrate a 1,000pound animal. The treatment for a case of dehydration is fairly obvious: fluid replacement. On the farm, your veterinarian will most likely pass a stomach tube through the horse's nose and administer oral fluids as well as an intestinal lubricant such as mineral oil. In cases of moderate or severe dehydration, intravenous fluids can be administered via catheter for a much quicker delivery route, but most veterinarians will choose to administer these types of treatments in a more controlled clinic setting. Use of oral or injectable antiinflammatories such as flunixin meglumine (Banamine) and phenylbutazone (Bute) is also commonplace. The second colic risk factor associated with winter is exposure to cold temperatures. A horse with a full hair coat should have no trouble staying warm on the coldest of winter days, even without a blanket, as long as he remains dry and has access to shelter. Blankets are useful for horses that have been body-clipped because they have lost the added layer of insulation the hair provides, but blankets must be applied responsibly. Always replace or remove a soaked blanket immediately because the moisture will freeze, trapping the cold and causing the horse to lose precious body heat. If your horse wears a blanket, there should be at least two or three on hand so a soaked article can be traded out for a dry one. Increasing the forage in a horse's diet will help prevent impactions and will also reduce the risk of hypothermia (low body temperature). Horses require more calories in the winter just to stay warm, and the body's fermentation process for digesting hay and roughage also generates heat that helps maintain body temperature. The best colic prevention in this situation is to allow a horse 24-hour forage access so the fermentation process never slows or stops. Adding grain and sweet feed supplements (if warranted) is

fine, but they do not provide the same warming and digestive benefits as a continual forage supply. Shelter is equally important, even to those horses that are accustomed to being outside all the time. A permanent structure built to withstand the force of strong winds and the weight of excessive snow accumulation is ideal, but temporary structures such as canvas or vinyl canopies with steel frames will also work if secured properly. If you observe your horse experiencing mild hypothermia (a body temperature lower than 99.5F, signs of lethargy, and a reluctance to move), remove him from the elements so he can thaw out and recover; the sooner he gets out of the cold, the better. For owners that don't have a barn, a garage can be a temporary substitute. You can also use warm water baths and blankets to speed up the warming process. Nothing seems to function quite as well when it's really cold, and horses are no exception. Hypothermia or dehydration-induced colic episodes are common occurrences for horses living in winter climates. The good news is that with a few management and husbandry changes, these episodes should occur to a lesser degree and with far less frequency.

Find out how to monitor your horses health utilizing Equine Guelphs Horse Health Check:

! Remember:!there!are!only!two!emotions!that!belong!in!the!saddle!!one!is!a!sense!of!humour,! and!the!other!is!patience.!

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