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Executive Summary

This report was written in conjunction with a Market Research Project carried out on Eircom’s newest mobile brand e-mobile, and what are the perceptions of the brand in general with consumers. In order to understand the e-mobile brand, we gathered data about Eircom since it is the mother company. We also did a comparative analysis of the other mobile brands existing in Ireland and came up with a SWOT analysis of the e-mobile brand. This was summarized as part of our secondary data in the first part of the report. In order to get a hands on experience and grasp the meaning of e-mobile more intensely we embarked on analysing the brand personally by conducting various research exercises. As part of our market research we conducted the following:

• •

2 one-hour observations in order to record the gender and generation of people entering the E-Mobile Store situated in St. Patrick Street Cork. 1 Focus Group in which we analysed the people’s perception upon viewing e-mobile’s television adverts. We wanted to see what their opinions and impressions of the brand would be after viewing the adverts e-mobile had used since their launch in October 2010.

40 Surveys which dealt upon the perception consumers had of Eircom and E-mobile. And also to see if there was a correlation between them.

Once our research was done we did an analysis of our findings. The results of our findings relate with our research question, since the people’s perception of e-mobile is effected by the advertising of e-mobile and also by Eircom as its mother company. Concluding we gave recommendation on how e-mobile can actually change in a positive way the consumer’s perception, in order to attract a vaster target market. We will start this market research report with a brief introduction on Eircom, since it is e-mobile’s mother company


a mobile telephone network (Meteor) and act as an internet services provider amongst other things. resources beyond which most private limited companies can access. that being land line distribution to the hole of Ireland. Having been a market leader since its inception Eircom has developed a high level of brand loyalty. Additionally Eircom broadband had a 49% share in the Irish market in 2006 and the meteor subsidiary had a 19% share in the Irish market with 1. Eircoms strength in today’s market is largely down to its success during the initial years of its inception. however it is still a significantly large market share and underlines Eircoms position as a market leader in Ireland. Jones (2007) suggests the first to market approach establishes a level of brand loyalty. Prior to the privatisation of Eircom in 1995 the organisation had a monopoly in the Irish market. . Eircom operate the largest fixed-line telecommunications network in the republic. This figure has decreased in recent year’s to72% in 2006. By the time the organisation was privatised in 1995 it had secured 82% of the market making it almost impossible for competitors to compete.The Eircom Group plc is an Irish telecommunications company established in 1984 and was in the past owned by the state. Customers who have strong brand loyalty feel that it is not worth considering alternative options. Eircom currently has 6. It is currently the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic of Ireland and operates primarily in the republic and Northern Ireland. Soloman et al (2009) suggest that one of the most common heuristics which effect customers decision making is brand loyalty.032. Eircom has a number of subsidiaries which include meteor and Eircom Phonewatch both of which are established recognisable organisations within the communications market. with a small presence in the UK.073 employees and generates about €2. Most homes and businesses in the state are connected by this network. As the organisation was a state owned organisation with a monopoly in the communications market there were no rival organisations competing for market share. it is then up to the organisation to be innovative and creative enough to retain these customers. Eircom currently operate a fixed-line telephone network. Additionally having been a state owned organisation the financial resources were available for rapid expansion. Tellis and Golder (1996) suggested that tapping into the mass market provides economies of scale and allows an organisation to exploit the full potential of a new product/service.602 billion in revenue. As a result Eircom or Bord Telecom Eireann as it was know at the time could envision the mass market. During this time the organisations market share of Irish landlines was as high as 82%. The concept of envisioning the mass market is evident in the development of the land line telecommunications sector during the early years of the organisations development. In a market where the competitive climate is nonexistent the only viable option is to go with the available product/service.000 cellular subscribers on the network. In relation to Eircom the high levels of brand loyalty evident during the early years is largely due to the monopoly which they had on the market at the time. under license from the commission for communications regulation.

The main question we are analysing is as follows: . The association with the current Eircom brand may be as simple as “why change now”. Market Research Question In this market research project we will be discussing E-mobile the newest mobile brand launched in the Irish market. the organisation has a track record of being effective. Erdem et al (2006) suggest that brand receptivity is largely driven by risk aversion. There are few Irish people if none that cannot relate to or who haven’t dealt with the Eircom group at some point.Another area to consider when discussing brand loyalty with particular relevance to Eircom is cultural receptivity. The Eircom brand having been a government owned organisation may have been perceived as a very safe and credible organisation thus effecting brand loyalty. efficient. reliable and above all Irish. In the current market enviroment do it has changed high levels of brand identification and brand loyalty remain. considering this idea customers may have felt a false sense of security due to Eircom being a government owned organisation.

E-Mobile Package and Comparison: .Do customer’s views and perceptions of Eircom and the E-Mobile brand translate and correlate with Eircoms’s method and approach in advertising E-mobile as the newest entry to the mobile market? In order to answer our research question we have decided to establish our findings by focusing the consumer’s views and perception of both Eircom and E-mobile and correlating these responses with the advertising messages and channels Eircom is using in order to promote the E-mobile brand. Secondary Data Structure: – – – Literature on Eircom and E-mobile Comparisons between mobile brands in the market. SWOT Analysis on the E-mobile brand. by using both primary and secondary data as follows: Primary Data Structure: – – – Perception of Eircom by consumers Knowledge about Eircom as the mother company owning E-mobile Are the consumer perceptions of E-mobile influenced by their perception on Eircom as Ireland’s largest telecommunication provider? – Independent perception of the E-mobile brand in general. We will be collecting data.

Vodafone. On analysing e-mobiles adverts in the media. Add-ons. Bill pay. we did an analysis of the services being offered by the main mobile brands in the Irish market. with forward thinking individuals working for you. Broadband and Roaming. ‘thinking ahead’ and ‘Head of doing things differently’. There are 6 main mobile operators within Ireland mainly Meteor. where you have the option of getting unlimited calls and texts to all networks plus 250mb of data download by topping up with 15 euros per week. E-mobile offers an exclusive weekly plan called the 7 day plan. E-mobile is the newest entry to the mobile market. where you have the option of getting unlimited calls and texts to all networks by topping up with 10 euros per week. which other mobile companies are not offering at the moment. Standard Rates. This is clearly seen in these adverts by calling the main protagonists during the advert such names as ‘Head of non-complication’. O².Free texts to any network for €20 per month Free e-mobile talk and texts for €20 per month 1 Intouch – eMobile’s free quarterly magazine Autumn Issue 2010 . Following is a clear description of all services which are being offered by all mobile networks in Ireland in comparison with E-Mobile. you get the 7/10 plan. hence making consumers associate E-mobile as being a fresh innovative ‘no worries’ alternative in the mobile market. and you also have the 7/15 plan. however a little bit on the expensive side. This plan is further subdivided into 2 different packages. one can see that they are clearly advertising their packages to innovative high end professionals in a corporate work environment. Mobile networks have been analysed on the following plans: Pre-pay option. Moreover these protagonists are being portrayed to be E-mobile employees. ‘Director of simplicity’. however when analysing telephony services its packages match with what other mobile networks are offering. Moreover it distinguishes itself by having a unique pre-pay option weekly plan as opposed to the usual monthly plan. Tesco and E-mobile. (see appendices for all Mobile network services) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------E-mobile:1 Pre-pay options: Weekly 7 day plan – 7/10 – all the calls and text to all networks for €10 euros per week 7/15 – all the calls and texts to all networks and 250 mb of data for €15 per week Monthly 30 day plan . This new tariff plan may be seen as quite innovative.As part of our secondary data for this market research project. 3.

€60 to setup and enable roaming. monthly at €19. text 13c.Standard - Irish landlines and networks for 25c per minute Texts to Irish networks 13c per text Voicemail 15c per minute Bill Pay: 6 plans from €14 to €94. no contract Roaming: Call 47c. 3 plans offer free data allowance up to 5 GB and Eircom customer discount (landline) Add-ons: Data. daily at €2. Customers for less than 2 months . 12 month contract.99 (7. 10 GB Pre-pay. monthly at €19. As E-mobile is entering the . Sim only or monthly contract. E-Mobile SWOT analysis: We are outlining the Swot analysis from our research into the brand E-mobile and how it can improve the brand in the future and where also it could meet in its end. International Minutes and any network texts.99. receiving a call 18c. all including free minute calls and text to any network. Broad Band: Bill pay.99 (500mb).5 GB).

this needs to advertised more effectively on the website. • Competing with O2. Offers customers in-depth knowledge of the mobile industry.there is only a quick link option. • Increased awareness of the brand through marketing. Weaknesses: • Don’t put enough energy marketing to customers in the age barrack 12-25 year olds. thus developing consumer loyalty • From our research we feel E-mobile hasn’t established itself yet in the market and needs time to develop the business and to develop their market strategy. • Word of mouth aspect. newspapers and on Eircom website. The Eircom brand being associated with the E-mobile can have both a positive and equally a negative effect on customer interest. . Opportunities • A major opportunity is to advertise to the students 12 to 25 year olds and go head to head with other brands. Meteor and Vodafone for market share. How can they make themselves unique in this market? E-Mobiles Strengths: • • Wide market base in terms of customers. This will help develop customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising. • • Advertising needs to be more widespread and on every medium (radio. Use the Eicom’s brand trademark underneath the E-mobile brand offering reassurances to the customer. They are marketing to an older more experienced customer with better bill pay options than competitors.sponsorship of a team or an event has always the potential to increase awareness. • • • Have the popular and credible brand name of Eircom to back up their products. under-cutting their prices so E-mobile will look attractive and approachable to students. heighten awareness.major organisations who offer cheap rates to customers and have been operating for a number of years.Meaning people are not talking about the brand and little is known about the market it meets experienced competitors head on.

Saturday 6th November from 12:00 to 13:00 near E-Mobile Shop. • Exploring the idea of a combined network connection Eircom. If Eircom has a connection/network deal with an organisation then offer a deal with company mobile phones and incorporate the idea that way. Threats • As mentioned above the threats such as Vodafone. More ambitiously to make E-mobile a global brand by development of networks throughout Europe. • • Opportunity to take E-mobile into the European market and compete in the euro market.5 million people.• The opportunity to increase customers by making the E-mobile and Eircom connection more widespread. Aim: Recording gender and generation of people entering the E-Mobile Store. how can E-mobile price their products and with the emergence of Tesco mobile this is another threat to their company and adds pressure to compete. this in itself offers many opportunities to target this market. • Being a new brand means facing difficult challenges against the top 3. • • The threat of Eircom’s reputation being undermined by other competitors and having a knock on effect to E-mobile. Meteor and O2 in the Irish market makes it very difficult to compete against. 1 . . Observation Analysis Observation No. The threat that their effect will be not enough to establish a market share and thus ending the company as it is not producing profits. • Mobile market is open to additional competitors and this leaves the option of other major co-operations like Tesco competing in it. .e. It mentioned on the E-mobile website that Eircom has a customer base of 2.i.

2 . .MALE YOUNG (UP to 30) MIDDLE (30 to 60) OLD (61+) YOUNG (UP to 30) FEMALE MIDDLE (30 to 60) OLD (61+) 5 10 2 3 20 0 Observation No.Saturday 27th November from 12:00 to 13:00 near E-Mobile Shop MALE YOUNG (UP to 30) MIDDLE (30 to 60) OLD (61+) YOUNG (UP to 30) FEMALE MIDDLE (30 to 60) OLD (61+) 12 20 6 10 26 4 Aim: Recording gender and generation of people entering the E-Mobile Store.

in order to analyse which age segment the E-mobile brand is attracting in general. This was evident in the low number of people actually entering the shop compared to a much superior number of people just walking by the shop on St. The interest between middleaged individuals was consistent throughout the second observation as well. Patrick Street and not taking any care of the E-mobile shop in general. even though it was only 2 months since their main launch. . out of the 78 customers entering the shop 46 of them were middle-aged individuals. also people walking by were sometimes giving furtive glances to the Christmas promotional posters attached on the shops showcase in the front. Patrick Street and confines with a high standard fashion clothes shop like Tommy Hilfiger on one side.Analysis: As part of our primary data collection. increasing the total number to +38 customers from our first observation in the beginning of November. Patrick Street. The first observation was done in early November. Our observation showed that since E-mobile had been just launched approximately around a month only. 2. as well on a Saturday afternoon. What was more striking is that out of the 40 consumers’ who entered the shop in order to enquire on E-mobile the 30 of them were middle-aged individuals. and a coffee shop/pub on the other. Observation Techniques were useful in order to be more flexible in our research approach and also to avoid bias from respondents that would act differently if they knew that they were being monitored for research purposes. in which their main highlight is middle-aged professionals The Second observation was done in late November. This correlates with the advertisements that are being showed in the media. A period closer to Christmas time. In this case we were recording individuals on their free will in entering the E-mobile shop without them being affected behaviourally by our observational research. The E-mobile shop is situated approximately in the centre of St. on a Saturday afternoon. we decided to carry out 2 one-hour observations in front of the E-mobile shop in St. This can be due to 2 factors: 1. The highly competitive environment which is found within the mobile industry especially when people become knowledgeable on the various packages mobile companies offer. During this observation 38 males and 40 females entered the E-mobile Shop on St. In fact during our first observation 17 males and 23 females only entered the shop. aided by the advertisements E-mobile launched about their Christmas offers. a lot of individuals did not know much about this new mobile brand. Patrick Street. This shows that the E-mobile brand was becoming more recognised and followed by consumers. Numbers of people entering the E-mobile shop had increased.

Documentary – e-mobile launch Documentary5 The first advert to be shown to the participants also happened to be the first advert that was aired after the launch of 5 http://www. This is made clear when 2 The video clips that where shown were as follows: 1. but middle aged business 3 http://www. We wanted to see what their opinions and impressions of the brand would be after viewing the adverts e-mobile had used since their launch in October 2010. Advert – Making Christmas Easier4 . Focus Group Analysis (transcript is found in the appendices) Jobber (2007) highlights that the strongest type of media for promotion would be shows that the approach the E-mobile brand is advertising its services and products in order to attract middle-aged consumers in particular is actually being reflected. they still thought that the target they are aiming for would not be students. The participants also felt that it’s trying to give a friendly appeal where there are “forward thinking people working for you”. Advert – Meet the Team 2 Also the increase in the number of individuals enquiring shows that the E-mobile brand is becoming a recognised brand within the Irish mobile industry.The recordings from both observations. Advert – Seven/Ten (7/10)3 3. Even though the participants felt that this advert was very 4 http://www. During our Focus group we wanted to analyse the people’s perception upon viewing e-mobile’s television Three adverts and a small documentary on e-mobile’s launch were shown and the floor was opened for discussion after each viewing. After showing the advert the main perception by most of the participants was that e-mobile wants to be portrayed totally different from other competitors by giving a very simplistic non-complicated feel to the brand.

The last clip to be shown was a short documentary on the launch of e-mobile. After showing these 4 clips we asked the participants on which network they were currently.participant 1 says “I mean the younger generation just want the cool stuff when it comes to mobile services. and none of them was with e-mobile. it makes it more credible in the eyes of the consumers and they should have used the same strategy in their adverts. The third and last advert shown was a Christmas time advert. They even noticed that there was a part of the advert which had small print about regulations of the package and the video had to be shown again in order for them to recheck what it said and reconfirm that the package was quite expensive. After seeing this advert the participants looked uninterested in the brand. After seeing the advert the participants emphasized again that e-mobile is trying to portray this friendly image in order to relate more to the brand and their adverts are innovative and “nice to watch”. named ‘Making Christmas Easier’. Participant 4 highlights this by even regarding their efforts as a means “to the future of technology”. They found the package to be quite expensive and useless and to be more targeted to middle aged business people. On the other hand when seeing the prizes and the people portrayed in the adverts. They though that this clip showed how Eircom with the help of e-mobile wants to promote their network and their progression in the communications industry. making it clearer that e-mobile was not targeting the student profile but the more professional middle aged profile. . Definitely they are not really directing it to the younger generation. The Participants were quite positive in their comments after being shown this clip. Naturally when asked if after what they’ve seen they would change to e-mobile. as Eircom’s newest mobile entry. It was also noted that by making such a clip with the actual people that have worked for the launch of e-mobile. all participants were reluctant to change to e-mobile all of them being comfortable with the network they were on and most of them seeing e-mobile as quite an expensive option to move to. their perception was that e-mobile is targeting the older generation.” The second advert which was shown portrayed one of the packages that e-mobile was offering to its clients.

3%. The gender representation was almost identical with the male participants accounting for 52. The first question which was asked in the survey was whether participants had a positive or negative perception of Eircom. Therefore the statistical information based on this survey may not be an accurate reflection of the older age groups. Combining both age groups. the number of participants amounts to 90% of the total number of participants. people aged between 16 and 45 are more likely to utalise and online method of surveying where as people aged 45+ would be more likely to complete a survey in a one to one setting. The 25-35 age bracket account for the second highest number of participants.Survey Analysis (survey copy found in appendices) The following analysis is based on stastical information gathered via Survey Monkey. The high percentages of participants evident in the younger age catagories may be a reflection of the method utalised to deliver the surveys. The online method of surveying may not have given a fair representation of the different age brackets. Figure 1 The largest percentage of participants who completed the survey were aged 16-24 and account for 66% of the overall number of participants. approximaly 24% of the total number. The even representation of both male and female participants strenghtens the validity of the results gathered from the survey and allows for an accurate statistical representation of both genders in the survey answers. this question would allow us to gain a better understanding of how . The age range of participants who completed the survey is 1660. the survey was completed by 38 participants. there were no surveys completed by anyone in the age bracket of 60+.7% of the surveys and the female participants acounting for 47. A statistical break down of all participants can be seen in figure 1 below.

similar to that of Vodafone but aimed more toward the younger generation. all participants avail of one if not both of the services offered by Eircom and so it’s clear that the Eircom brand is widely used amongst the participants. People’s perceptions of E-mobile are almost the opposite of . Most common choices for picking Meteor include cheap. The positive perceptions evident in the surveys however suggest the opposite that E-mobile would benefit for the recognition of Eircom as its mother company. Vodafone’s appeal seems to be value for money and the offers which they give to customers. effective Figure 4 and popular. Nearly 40% of the participants said they used Vodafone. If people in large had negative perceptions of Eircom it may have been detrimental to associate E-mobile with Eircom. Figure 4: Represents The awareness of E-mobiles connection to Eircom maybe a reflection of how new it is to the participant’s awareness of Emarket. cheap. cheap texts and for teenagers. this would allow us to compare and contrast E-mobiles strength identical to those unaware of in the market to those it is competing with. for older markets and new/untested. The second most popular choice of network was Meteor with 30% of the total number of participants choosing this network. the connection. value for money. people have no relationship with the brand as of yet and therefore cannot identify with Emobile as a connection mobile and itssubsidiary ofto Eircom. good deals. Based on the participant’s answers the Meteor service appeals to teenagers and students by offering value for money and special offers. Eircom. most common answers for their choice were value for money. participants views on E-mobile included expensive. E-mobile had the least amount of users along with Tesco Mobile with only 1 participant availing of each service. Figure 2 below highlights the varying perceptions of Eircom. Additionally figure 3 shows the Eircom services utilised by the participants. for students. Figure 2 Figure 3 The perceptions of Eircom based on the survey results are mostly positive with 63% of the participants selecting either good or very good and only 37% selecting bad or very bad.Eircom is perceived in the current market place. don’t know enough about them. This is an important aspect to consider when marketing the E-mobile brand using the strength of the mother company Eircom. Figure 5 The number of participants that are aware of E-mobiles The next aspect of the survey was to discover the mobile network each participant used and why connection to Eircom is almost they chose their particular network.

additionally most participants seemed content with their current network. Eircom offer poor value for money and Eircom have poor internet spend and call out service. the fact that the brand is new and participants knew little about E-mobile suggests that the advertising campaign is not working. need something more cost efficient. no value for money. Eircom are too expensive. Hence in order for e-mobile to get a more positive consumer outlook we suggest that: • • The marketing of e-mobile should focus more on e-mobile as a particular brand. . The main responses associated with those who said it would affect their decision included Eircom’s customer service is terrible. it’s not getting the widest market segment. poor top up options. From the analysis of the data participants feel there is nothing to be gained by joining E-mobile. if it was better value for money. Of the 16% who said yes it was based on the premise that they would receive a better offer than they are currently getting. The results are represented in figure 6. The adverts although innovative in style need to give the consumer a more direct understanding of the offers and deals available. The negative aspects of Eircom's reputation would therefore affect some of the participant’s decisions when considering a switch to E-mobile. the results were quite similar however the responses in relation to the question varied quite a bit. • A better comparison of e-mobile packages with packages offered by other mobile companies in the Irish market. The final question was whether the participant’s perceptions of Eircom would affect their decision to switch to E-mobile. deals are not beneficial and happy with my current network. Having identified the different Networks used by participants. Reccomendations After getting our primary data and doing its analysis we can conclude that the consumer perception of e-mobile is in a way affected by Eircom as its mother company and that even though it is the newest mobile brand on the high street market. if the offers were good and if it was better than my current network. some of the responses in favour of switch included if I got a better offer I would switch. the next question was to determine whether they would be willing to change to E-mobile. Those who stated that Eircom wouldn’t affect their decision to change to Emobile suggest reasons such as Eircom is a reliable and reputable and makes no difference in their decision. the reasons given by participants included too expensive.that evident in the comments left for Vodafone and Meteor. Those who stated they would switch didn’t seem to know any of the offers available with E-mobile as almost all stated if something were different of better etc. 84% of the participants stated that they would not change to E-mobile.

. Bibliography Erdem. K. Offering a multi-deal package. (1996). E. (2010). Global Marketing Management.. G. Marketing real people. 5th ed. John Wiley & Sons: Danvers Soloman. and Valenzuela. V.. London: Kegan Page Limited Kotabe. USA: Prentice Hall Kapferer. First to market. Organisation Theory Design and Change. (2006). 2007. and Helsen.. Broadband and Mobile telephony at a discounted rate. (2007). 2nd ed.N. A. Mitchell.. Berkshire: McGraw-Hill Education. Marshall. B. P. M. 5th ed. New Jersey. and Golder. Strategic brand management: creating and sustaining brand equity long term.34-49 Jobber. 70 pp...N. J. M. T. (2001). Stuart.. first to fail? Real causes of enduring market leadership. real decisions.W. J.R. G. however at the same time keeping the warm simplistic and friendly feel of the other adverts • • Include packages which would target a younger generation who maybe are put off by such expensive packages that e-mobile is offering at the moment for a more professional audience.. and Barnes. G. 5th ed.W. including Landline.J.. Jones. (2009).. Prentice Hall: Essex Tellis.• Their adverts should feature actual people working at e-mobile so the company is viewed as more credible. Brands as signals: a cross-country validation study.. Swait. Journal of Marketing Research.. D. Sloan Management Review . Principles and Practice of Marketing.

Appendices i) Survey MG 6304 – Market Research.24 25 – 35 36 – 45 46 – 60 61+        2. Gender & Age Male  F emale ----------------------Under 16 16 . What is your general perception of Eircom? . E-Mobile Survey: 1.

Very Good Good Bad Poor Other:     ____________ 3. One word that come to your mind to describe the network: E-mobile Vodafone O² Meteor 3 Mobile Tesco __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ __________ 7. Do you use any of the services offered by Eircom? Landline Broadband Both    4. Would you consider changing to E-Mobile? Yes No   8. Which mobile network are you on E-Mobile Vodafone O²    Meteor 3 Mobile Tesco    6. Why? . Do you know that Eircom is the mother company owning E-Mobile? Yes No   5.

Sim only or monthly contract.___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 9. all including free minute calls and text to any network. Seeing that Eircom owns E-mobile.What are your general perceptions of E-mobile? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ii) Mobile Comparisons E-mobile:6 Pre-pay options: Weekly 7 day plan – 7/10 – all the calls and text to all networks for €10 euros per week 7/15 – all the calls and texts to all networks and 250 mb of data for €15 per week Monthly 30 day plan Free texts to any network for €20 per month Free e-mobile talk and texts for €20 per month Standard Irish landlines and networks for 25c per minute Texts to Irish networks 13c per text Voicemail 15c per minute Bill Pay: 6 plans from €14 to €94. 3 plans offer free data allowance up to 5 GB and Eircom customer discount (landline) 6 Intouch – eMobile’s free quarterly magazine Autumn Issue 2010 . would your perceptions of Eircom play a part when thinking about E-mobile? Yes  ___________________________________________________________________________ No  ___________________________________________________________________________ 10.

daily at €2. 10 GB Pre-pay. 25 or 45 Euros (Bill). – – Unlimited landline calls Downtime calls (evening and weekend calls) Call N. Bill pay. Bill Pay: 4 plans on a 12 month contract from €25 to €75. International Minutes and any network texts. 20. flexi units (call [1min] text [2texts] or surf [500kb) 1free.24[30GB].99.99[15GB] to €26. no contract Roaming: Call 47c. Pre-pay.5GB] to €35[20GB] 7 Discover 3. daily at €5 (500mb). Unlimited texts to all networks and unlimited 3 to 3 calls. all weekend.5 GB). Best of Both: Mixing Bill with pre-pay. 40 Euros (Top-up) Pay bill monthly. 3:7 Pre-pay options: 30 day plan €10 top up. 12 month contract. monthly €9.99 (7. with the option of topping up like a prepay mobile if you want more.Add-ons: Broad Band: Data.America Call down under Call Europe Text all Internet mini Internet Max Add-ons: – – – – – – Broad Band: Broadband Bill pay.99[1GB] €19. any network Unlimited free texts anytime and network Unlimited facebook. 15. weekly €10 (2GB) monthly at €15[1GB] €25[7.October 2010 . text 13c. 3 plans. 4 plans (smartphone) on an 18 month contract from €40 to €95 all include 2 GB data.99 (500mb). monthly at €19. 8 offered in all. receiving a call 18c. monthly at €19. 3 plans – 15. Customers for less than 2 months . google and twitter and more (500mb per month) €5 extra credit every month.€60 to setup and enable roaming. 35c all services to all networks €20 top up – Unlimited free calls.

99. 15 GB. text 13c.99 Roaming: Call 47c. Broadband. O² calls and landline. Customers for less than 2 months . free mobile service with either of first 2 plans. Data. MMS. O² talk and text and landline. O² talk and text. all including free minute calls and text to any network. Sim only or 18 month contract.90 (5 GB). daily at €3. Vodafone:9 Pre-Pay Options: Monthly 30 day plan Free texts to any network for €20 per month Free Vodafone talk and texts for €20 per month Free mobile internet and Vodafone texts for €20 per month €30 top-up. receiving a call 18c.€60 to setup and enable roaming. Add-ons: Broad Band: Texts. no contract stick €19. Sim only or 12/18 month contract. 3 plans from €20 to €80.97 (500mb). monthly at €19.0²:8 Pre-pay options: Monthly 30 day plan Free texts to any network for €20 per month Free 0² talk and texts for €20 per month Standard Irish landlines and networks for 30/35c per minute Texts to Irish networks 13c per text Bill Pay: 4 plans from €15 to €80. Mobile Internet. Bill pay. free stick Pre-pay. 18/12/6 contract monthly at €19. Standard Irish landlines and networks for 29c per minute Texts to Irish networks 13c per text Voicemail 15c per minute Bill Pay: 3 choices: 8 Connect – Your O² Magazine October 2010 9 Your Vodafone Guide .

Data. daily at €3 (500mb). text 13c. Add-ons: Broad Band: Mobile Internet.5 GB). International minutes Bill pay.99. various offers for talk or text. receiving a call 23c. no contract. 1 GB. Meteor:10 Pre-pay options: Monthly 30 day plan Free texts to any network for €20 per month Free e-mobile talk and texts for €20 per month Free mobile internet and Meteor texts for €20 per month/ Standard Irish landlines and networks for 29 per minute Texts to Irish networks 12c per text Voicemail Free Bill Pay: 3 smart plans from €30 to €85. International Calls. Minutes.99 (7. 12 month contract. text 13c. Free data allowance up to 5 GB. 10 Get on to Meteor . Simply: 30 day contracts [3 plans from €20 to €60] all including free calls and text to Vodafone and set amount of minutes and text to other networks. monthly at €9. monthly at €19. receiving a call 79c any length. all including free calls and text to Vodafone and set amount of minutes and text to other networks. weekly at €10 (2 GB) monthly at €20 (7. modem for all three plans is €49. daily at €2. all including free minute calls and text to Meteor. €49 for stick Roaming: Call 52c. 5 GB and €29 for stick Pre-pay. Insurance. Perfect Choice Access Plus (Smartphones) [5 plans from €35 to €100] 18 month contract.99 [existing customers] Pre-pay. data package. Text Bill pay. 10 GB free modem [new customers] Bill pay.99.99 (500mb). Other network calls at 25c and texts at 10c 3 bill pay plans from €10 to €85. monthly at €19. 12 month contract.Perfect Choice [5 plans from €19 to €89].€60 to setup and enable roaming. Sim only or monthly contract.99.5 GB).99 Roaming: Call 79c first charge than normal rate per minute. 12 month contract. monthly from €16. all including free calls and text to Vodafone and set amount of minutes and text to other networks. 30 day/12 or 18 month contract. Add-ons: Broad Band: Texts. 12 monthly contract. no contract. Modem €29. Customers for less than 2 months .

Ok first of all I would like to thank you all for coming. iii) Focus Group Transcript Focus Group One Location: The Boole Library. (Before starting this focus group we asked how many knew that e-mobile was owned by Eircom and all participants knew that it was owned by Eircom) 11 http://www. receiving a call 18c to €2. My name is Philippe Vancell and I am going to be directing the questions during the focus group.Tesco Mobile:11 Pre-pay options: Monthly 30 day plan Anyone Anytime plane for €10 Euro. text 13c to 39c. Irish landlines and networks for 20c per minute Texts to Irish networks 9c per text Standard Irish landlines and networks for 20c per minute Texts to Irish networks 9c per text Voicemail 20c per minute Roaming: Call 47c to €2. We would really appreciate it if you could answer them as honestly as possible in a group environment. We will be focusing on e-mobile’s . We will show you the adverts they have used since their launch and we will discuss them. Share your ideas and your perception upon seeing these advertisements. these are my other colleagues. Anyone Anytime Plan for €20 Euro.19. We are doing a research on e-mobile and we would like get your opinions and impressions of the brand. we really appreciate it. Date: Wednesday 1st December 2010 Time: 17:30 – 18:30 Speaker: Philippe Vancell Participants: 6 college students Speaker: Hello Everyone.29. David and Mark who are going to observe the group.tesco. Free Tesco-mobile talk and texts Anyone Anytime Plan for €30 Euro. UCC. Free Tesco-mobile talk and texts All plans have Bonus double value credit.

However I don’t think so this would attract me. Participant 6: I think the advert in general is quite friendly and personal. Participant 2: It also gives a friendly appeal to the whole organization. Now I’m more sure they are targeting middle aged business people. Not when you have to top up 10 euros every week. Participant 6: I am very impressed about the way they are really stressing the friendly personal side of emobile. 2nd Advert: Seven/10 Participant 1: What’s the use of having all free. so now let’s pass onto the third advert. Participant 3: Well at on point during the advert there’s the small print. . actually this was one of the first adverts they used when they launched e-mobile. you might have seen this on your TV lately. Participant 2: I did not see that can you show us the video again. especially for a college student Participant 5: My perception definitely did not change.1st Advert: Meet the Team Speaker: What are your views after seeing this advert? Participant 1: To be honest I think they are trying to make the e-mobile brand look simplistic. I would be putting 10 euros every week in my mobile and just piling up credit. 10 euros a week that is too expensive. and see if you perceptions about e-mobile start changing. I’m not buying that. This ad is quite recent. like they are saying in the advert. Speaker: Thanks for your contribution. I feel customers in general will be at ease when they see this ad. with the headings they are giving in the advert. It gives me ease to know there are forward thinking people working for you. what am I going to use at the end of the day. In the adverts we have seen so far they are trying to generate a friendly environment so you can relate more to the brand. so you have to take that into consideration. 3rd Advert: Making Christmas Easier Participant 1: Definitely it’s not making Christmas easier for me. We’ll now move onto the second advert. It does attract me. Participant 2: Yeah I think it has a forward thinking appeal Participant 3: I agree with that it gives the impression that they are trying to portray a forward thinking appeal. Its simplistic and not complicated. Speaker: That is a very good analysis of this advert. as it is specifically for the Christmas period. definitely as student it would not really attract me. Definitely they are not really directing it to the younger generation. Video is replayed another time Participant 2: Oh now that makes sense. Participant 1: Yes I definitely agree. I mean the younger generation just want the cool stuff when it comes to mobile services. Participant 4: I also think they are trying to give a simplistic outlook in general. Participant 5: I think they are definitely targeting middle aged business people with their advert. it is a bit too expensive.

Speaker: Would you be interested in switching to e-mobile after you saw their advert messages? Participant 5: I’d have to see if my friends would move too because it’s cheaper texting them when we are all on the same network. and they provide very poor customer service. I was meteor before though. So I am not interested in their mobile brand. Speaker: Now we’re going to show you a small documentary about the work behind e-mobile’s launch. Participant 3: I think it was just boring and long. they are very innovative and are giving a new dimension to the mobile sector. I probably wouldn’t. making it more credible. If it’s cheaper then I might but it again depends who moves over to the network Participant 1: Eh. Participant 4: As I said there. there are a lot of people in customer service. all my friends are with meteor so changing over just wouldn’t make much sense. they do not want to expand. to mobile. Participant 2: I think they are investing a lot in resources. Speaker: Can I ask what networks you are all on? Participant 1: I’m on the Meteor network Participant 2: O2. Participant 6: Well Eircom honestly is quite useless and expensive. But that’s all I barely understand their meaning. Participant 3: A Simple no. They should compare with other companies not just showing what they offer. meteor gives me free texts and calls like so I don’t see the point in switching over to a network I’ve no idea about. Participant 6: I liked the fact that they did not utilize anyone popular to endorse the e-mobile brand. but they have a range of services and they want to promote their network. Participant 5: I think they might be targeting older people. E-mobile Launch Documentary Participant 1: This clearly shows they are not just simply about phones. Participant 4: It also shows the progression of Eircom from landline. I’ve no interest in switching networks because I get a great deal with meteor. Participant 5: O2 Participant 6: My girlfriend bought me the Iphone4 for my birthday and it’s on the O2 network.Participant 3: For me it definitely seems it is for older people Participant 4: I just think the ads are really nice to watch. to the future of technology. . they at least show the faces of the people that make e-mobile. You can buy nice phones in meteor and even though I’ve never been in the E-mobile shop I’d say my phone is still the best out there. I get great deals there Participant 3: Meteor Participant 4: All my mates are on meteor so it just makes sense to be with that network. Participant 5: it would have been better to use people from their company for their ads. After all the mother company is Eircom and has been offering landline forever.

the hassle of changing over is stressful! Participant 2: As I said I’m happy with the offers O2 give me.Participant 6: Well I’ve just had to move networks recently because I got the IPhone but normally I wouldn’t move or even consider it unless someone offered me cheaper calls and texts like and even if I did get that offer. we really appreciate your help. Thanks again. thank you to everybody for coming. . Speaker: Well that concludes our focus group.

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