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CE 463.3 – Advanced Structural Analysis Lab 2 –SAP2000 Simple Frame Structures
January 25th, 2012 T.A: Ouafi Saha Examples cont’d. 1. Simply supported beam Professor: M. Boulfiza

Units kN, m, C Material Concrete, Section 30x50cm2, each segment is 1.5m, - Two possible ways to model, what is the main difference? - Compare the solution with and without self weight. In the next questions neglect beam’s self weigh. - What is the vertical displacement of the free left end of the beam? - What is the maximum deflection of the beam? Is it at mid-span? - What are the reactions at each support? - Plot the internal forces and moment diagram. In this case Shear 2-2 and Moment 3-3.

2. Continuous Beam

Units t, m, C Mat. Concrete Self Weight = 0

New features:Units, Loads, Local Axis Unit conversion, there are two possibilities: By using Units scroll box in the bottom right side of the screen. By adding the unit name (as recognized by SAP2000) in any input dialogue box.


In which kind of situation should we use it? Questions: . .Load pattern possibilities The most used. Select the extreme right node. Let’s try to rotate the right end support by 30° counter clockwise. is the distributed load over frame element.What are the extreme vertical deflections of the beam? .What are the reactions at each support? . Angular unit in SAP2000 is degree. Menu Assign > Joints > Local Axes … Why -30? Displacement loading. Try to find and explore. but not the only possibility.What about the axial force after support rotation? 2 .Plot the internal forces and moment diagram. then Menu Assign > Frame Loads > Distributed … Select Load Name Other Possibility for Unit conv Force or Moment? Coordinate System and Direction Up to four definition points for the load Make sure to select the right option To used in case of uniform load over the whole frame element Possible way of combination At relative or absolute distance from node i Value of the load Local axes rotation For local axes convention refer to supplementary document. You can access it by selecting the frame element to load.

0 5t 125 15 6 t. Custom Materials & Sections Section possibilities For the Tee section go to Menu Define > Section Properties > Frame Sections … Click on Add New Property… then Select type Steel and section Tee For Dimensions Name Convention refer to supplementary document. New features: Sections. Display.0 l/2 55 25 6. Name t3 =70 cm t2 =125 cm tf =15 cm tw =25 cm Material. m.0 2 t/m 4t 1.5 l/2 4. Local Axes.3.0 5.m P 25 Units tonf. 4000Psi for Concrete Quick preview of the Section Axis Visualization and Extruded View To change the visualisation default options use Menu View. C. Self weight neglected.0 3. Set Display Options (Ctrl+E) Check Frame/Cables/Tendons Local Axes and Extrude View. Simple Frame with enhanced loading and different cross sections http://www.5 1. 3 .5 2. Material 3 t/m 4t 60 3.

m. Editing.Plot internal forces diagrams. Selection Choose 2D Frames from the new model.Extract all information you can for point P.What would happen if we forget to modify concrete material? . Enter portal Frame Dimensions as shown below. Modify Grid.Questions: . Steel Self Weight = 0 Beam S10x35 Column1 W10x45 Column2 W10x15 3m 4m 6m 6m 5m 7m New features: Import Sections.How to Customise mechanical and geometrical properties? 4. Multi Story Building 3m Units kN. . C Mat. For Section Properties click on button to access sections dialogue box.What values. . 4 . distance and direction should we use for the two concentrated loads? .

Another way to reach the same result is to use Menu Edit > Move and/or Replicate Selection .5. 5 .Click on Import New Property… then select material steel and click on I / Wide Flange.Find the position and the value of the Maximum Base Reactions.Selection by Coordinate Specification .10) and check Glue to Grid Lines box.0.Find the position and the value of the Maximum horizontal displacement. .Do the same Analysis assuming the horizontal forces multiplied by two. .Incremental Assign Questions: . Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Computers and Structures\ SAP2000 14 Local Disk C: SECTIONS8.4.PRO common Profile DB Modify Grid according to our example Menu Define > Coordinate Systems/Grids… click on Modify/Show System… Change Values for ordinates X and Z Grid Data as required such as X (-12.Selection of the basement nodes (difference between right and left) .-6.12) and Z (0.What change would you suggest for the structure to be more balanced? .Selection by Element Properties .7.

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