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Newspaper of the students of the University of Surrey

Issue 41 Tuesday 7th February 2012

Union may censor Exec team during the Spring election
By Jack White, Editor

Accommodation and housing: the problems we all face and how to deal with them CENTRE PAGES

Interview with the masked dj Jaguar Skills... (page 29)

he Democracy Committee at the Students Union is considering a ban on members of the Union being included in formal Union communications during the election for next years Sabbatical Officers, to make the election fairer on candidates with no prior work connection to the Union. In its meeting on 31st January, Democracy Committee members discussed the measure (technically named purdah), with some arguing that the ban would be necessary to stop students gaining an unfair campaigning advantage due to being already close to the Union. Ideas being circulated would mean that incumbent candidates would hold a low profile in literature published by the Union, and that existing campaign material, including videos, posters anything not directly related to the election campaign would be put on hold or would be kept under wraps for the period of the election. A preliminary proposal states: Election purdah is commonly accepted best practice in all types of elections throughout the United Kingdom. Some current Union executive officers have hit back at the proposal however, with one anonymous Sabb saying, Some people on Exec feel like they cant do their job during this period. A hurdle is being Contd on page 6...

This was the scene on Aldershot Road after a young driver crashed through the wall of a Surrey student Ainhoa Nogueras house.

Home breaking car ends revision early

By Jyoti Rambhai, News Editor

students exam revision was disrupted when a car came crashing into her room in the early hours of Sunday, 22nd January. At 1am, a second year chemical engineering student at the University had just finished her revision when a silver Vauxhall, Astra collided with the house on

Aldershot Road, Woodbridge Hill. It is believed that the driver of the car, a woman in her twenties, lost control. She also hit the wall and a vehicle in the neighbouring drive. She was rushed to Royal Surrey County Hospital with serious head injuries. Ainhoa Noguera, who had just been hanging her clothes on the

radiator less than a minute before the incident said: I was putting my jumper on when suddenly the wall started falling apart, I started screaming and it wouldnt stop so I got out of my room in less than a second and started screaming my flatmates name. I literally thought the house was falling apart and would never have imagined that a car had

crashed into my room. We started hearing noises from outside and someone was knocking really hard on our door we were scared to answer it as we thought it was a burglar. When we saw the car and all the neighbours outside, we went out and the neighbours said they Continued on page 2...

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7th February 2012

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sabbatical elections



ocieties Exec President, Rowan Cole is rumoured to be thinking about resigning over an ongoing feud with VP Societies, Jake Willis. The pair have diverging opinions on the leadership of Societies Standing. Cole believes Soc Standing should do more to scrutinise societies policy coming from the Union. ccording to sources, the University has been considering ending the practice of guaranteeing all first-year students a place in University accommodation. It is not yet clear whether the threat has passed.

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Monday 13th February - Friday 9th March

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Apologies and corrections

The Stag apologises to Louisa White who was incorrectly named as Laura White in 21 adventures for your 21st in Issue 40. The University has asserted that the scene shown in the photograph gracing the front cover of Issue 40 was not a break-in, as The Stag was informed, but the scene of a particularly aggressive residents food fight. We apologise for this particularly pointed mistake and again acknowledge the positive responses the University made to questions regarding break-ins on campus.

he Students Union may be in receipt of some amputation therapy to its Executive Team. At the next meeting of the Democracy Committee, member Rowan Cole is considering asking for the number of roles to be trimmed down. Currently non-Sabbatical members include: Union Chair, Postgraduate Development Officer, Communications Officer, Community Officer, Equality & Diversity Officer, Ethics & Environment Officer, Events & Trading Officer and International Students Development Officer. Cole has also stated a desire for a new VP Corporate Responsibility, although he has not elaborated on what this role would entail, or which part of the budget would be cut to fund such a position.

Letter from the Editor

Jack White Editor

his year has already proven to be a great opportunity for the opening up of the Students Union to the student body. With an increasing number of ideas like online polling taking hold as the popular way for students to gain a stakehold in our Union, we are seeing a chance for engagement by the Union of people like you that has not arisen since the early 1990s, when highly politicised unions were the norm. Coming up over the next few weeks, we have the election of next years primary Union officers the President and Vice Presidents for Education, Welfare, Societies & Individual Development and Sports & Recreation. It can hardly be overstated how much these positions matter to the lives of Surreys 13,000 students even those who are not regular attendees of Union events

and facilities. University provides us students with a place unrivalled in its forgiveness, where we can challenge ourselves to go one better than we have gone before, open up new interests and forge the beginnings of amazing career paths. One of the ways you can get stuck in is by becoming involved in the Students Union. So I urge each and every one of you to give serious thought to running in this election. It is not necessary to have been active in the Union before, although some evidence of your commitment is always handy when trying to convince an electorate of your credentials. What candidates need most is drive to succeed, and drive to improve the Union and the University in their representation and education of students respectively. If you think you have something to offer, dont mess about feeling shy about it realise you have something good and cultivate the strength and sense to tell other people!

The Stag |

7th February 2012


Students exam revision drives to a halt as car crashes into bedroom

...Continued from front page
had already called the police. I was still shaking. The crash was heard more than ten doors away and due to the accident the road had to be closed off. Surrey Fire and Rescue Services were unable to remove the car from the building straight away and had to wait for a structural engineer to come and check that the house was stable. This left Miss Noguera and her flatmates waiting for a good few hours before being able to enter the house. Ainhoa said she phoned a friend and stayed with her whilst they sorted out the house. Miss Noguera also stated: It was a very long night... It took me hours till I finally fell asleep. And the next day, when I tried to continue with revision as if nothing had happened, I found it impossible because I still couldnt believe what had happened and because of all the people that were inside the house. My landlord was extremely nice and felt very sorry about what had happened. Landlord of the property at Aldershot Road, William Aitken, who had been notified straight away, told The Stag: I couldnt believe what had actually happened. I was on the phone to the police and tenants during the her room until it is complete. The construction will involve building a new wall, replacing the damaged radiator, electrics, internet cables, fitting in a new window, new guttering, a new fence and driveway as well as decorating and getting new furniture for the room. It is due to be completed by 1 February and up until then the tenants are not required to pay rent. The accident has caused much disruption to the students living in the Aldershot Road house, especially in terms of keeping up with revision for exams and Miss Noguero has also been unable to sit an exam as a result. The driver of the car was last heard to be in a critical condition. Surrey Police are asking anyone who witnessed the collision or the manner in which the driver was driving prior to the incident, to call Surrey Police Collision Investigation Unit on 01483 639922 and quote the reference number: P/12/021277.

I was putting my jumper on when suddenly the wall started falling apart, I started screaming and it wouldnt stop...
night, it was lucky that no-one was seriously injured. I came down the following morning and offered to put the students in a hotel, as construction work began, but they said theyd rather not. The house has been in construction since; however, Miss Noguera will be unable to stay in

Science heavyweight comes to Stag Hill

By Alex Smith, News Team

University defends 83m wage bill

By Sophie Howard, News Team

he University of Surrey has come under recent controversy as its annual wage bill has been announced to be over 83 million. The University has defended this by arguing that it must continue to attract the best academics. The total salary bill for the 2,531 staff employed by the university in Guildford came in at just over 83m for the last financial year. Those figures showed a snapshot of staff numbers in November, but two months later this number rose again by 66 people. Over 10 per cent of those staff members were paid more than 50,000 per annum. This information was released recently under the Freedom of Information Act. A spokesman for the University of Surrey said: The entire annual wage bill for the university does obviously reflect the large number of people employed by the university from top academics to ground staff.

We are one of the largest employers in the county and currently employ 2,597 staff. The university aims to attract the best academics and in order to do this we must provide an attractive and appropriate salary in line with a competitive market place. All staff with more than two years service are eligible for redundancy provisions. The University also claims that their wage bill is not dissimilar when compared with other institutions of around the same size. Last spring, the university announced it would be charging the maximum amount of tuition fees from the next academic year onwards. At the time, Vice Chancellor, Professor Christopher Snowden, said that the priority was to: safeguard the quality of the student experience in order to maintain its high graduate employability rates. Professor Snowden also stated: We are also committed

to ensuring that Surrey offers significant additional financial support to those students who most need it so that admission to the university is based on merit and not on the ability to afford a high quality education. This news comes shortly after the University has raised its overall University entry requirements, rising to an average of AAB for most subjects (entry requirements up until recently were approximately ABB.)

rofessor, Sir Roger Penrose comes to Surrey as the guest speaker for the first new annual Lewis Elton Lecture. It is not often that you get to meet a scientific heavyweight perhaps its because they are a rare breed or just a tad too busy pondering the nature of the universe. Therefore it is not surprising that there seemed to be an aura of excitement around the science and maths departments since it was announced that Penrose would be coming to Surrey. This buzz is quite justified. Sir Roger Penrose, knighted in 1994 for services to science, has received the Dirac, Albert Einstein, and De Morgan medals. And, along with scientific superstar Stephen Hawking, jointly shared the Eddington Medal and the Wolf Foundation Prize for Physics. Penrose was also appointed the Order of Merit in 2000 and elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1972.

Professor Roger is co-credited with proving that stars collapse to infinitely dense singularities, or black holes. So to a simple physicist; this man is a living legend. His latest brainwave is that there was more than one Big Bang and that the universe expands and collapses in cycles is cutting edge physics; and will be the subject of the lecture entitled: Seeing through the Big Bang into another world. The University of Surreys Professor Jim AlKhalili, who regularly presents BBC science documentaries, said: His idea is basically that the big bang wasnt the start of everything but just the birth of our own phase of the Universe in a hierarchy of big bangs popping out of previous universes. This is very exciting stuff. He is one of the worlds greatest living physicists and I am very excited that our first Lewis Elton Lecture will be delivered by him. For more information and tickets contact the University Box:

Olly Murs to headline at Guilfest

By David Williams, News Team

What do you think about this? Send your thoughts to

Surrey VC, Sir Christopher earns in the region of 315,000 a year, according a recent information disclosure.

he X-factors Olly Murs has been announced as the headline act for this years GuilFest festival. The festival, now in its 21st year, was originally founded in 1992 by local Guildford business man Tony Scott. Originally it was the Guildford Festival of Folk and Blues; it has evolved significantly over the years to incorporate a variety of mainstream and popular music. Reality T.V. runner up Olly Murs will be supported by Reggae

legend and rock and roll hall of fame inductee Jimmy Cliff. GuilFest runs between 13 to 15 July, in Guildfords Stoke Park and purporting to be the UKs best family friendly festival. Eight stages will be used with over 200 artists performing live music throughout the weekend. Whilst the final line up for this years event has yet to be announced with previous years presenting an eclectic mix of genres ranging from space rock to dubstep to Peter Andre it is likely to be anything if not varied.


The Stag |

7th February 2012

Surrey Jewish chaplain to live the Olympic dream

By Denise Juvane, News Team

A future investment
By Rachel Thomason, News Team

he University of Surreys chaplain since 2003, Alex Goldberg has been appointed as a spiritual advisor for the 2012 Olympics. Mr Goldberg himself recognises why he was, taken on by London 2012 as a result of my experience working for much of the last decade in a Multi-Faith Chaplaincy team here at Surrey. Alex has previously organised the commemoration of the Holocaust Memorial Day 60th Anniversary, the Jewish Renewal programmes and Community Learning Education programmes. Mr Goldberg also believes that his role will be hugely appreciated not only amongst the athletes but amongst all the people involved in what is due to be such a huge event of the year. In regards to having been

chosen, Mr Goldberg displays his enthusiasm and thankfulness for being chosen by stating: this is a great honour and I am very flattered to have been chosen. As well as having the opportunity to be a part of and help out in the Olympics, Mr Goldberg will also get the chance to meet the Olympic athletes who will be training at Surrey Sports Park. The University of Surrey wishes Mr Goldberg the best of luck.

By Jyoti Rambhai, News Editor

rivate Higher Education colleges face being devastated by a misplaced clampdown on overseas students. Student Visa controls prohibit international students enrolled on HE courses at private colleges from working part time to support their studies. Since these controls were introduced in 2011, a new report has been found that enrolment numbers are estimated to have been dropped around 70 per cent. One private institution, Cavendish College London, has already closed as a result and others face being taken over by public universities. Principal of Cavendish College until its close, Dr John Sanders said: After 26 years in the business of education, offering a wide range of diploma and degree programmes to a diverse range of international students, I find it incredible that the UKBA considers the likes of Cavendish College to be a threat to immigration control. There is now an enormous disparity in the treatment of international students in the private sector compared with

those in public colleges and universities. The government had previously been warned by CentreForum about the adverse impact that the Tier 4 student visa reforms could have. But now it seems that the impact has been more devastating than predicted. Report author and Chief executive of CentreForum, Chris Nicolson said: The student visa controls make a mockery of the governments aim to promote greater diversity in higher education. The private sector is being critically undermined. Dr Sanders also added: The government clearly does not care how it reaches its net migration target. The report recommends that the government should treat Tier 4 international students as temporary visitors rather than permanent migrants, and thus should be excluded from the net migration figures. It is also recommended that the government should give Tier 4 visa applicants on HE courses at private colleges the same working rights as those studying at public universities.

University of Surrey helps to bring the latest research to business investors

By Bethany Goss, News Team

he University of Surrey, along with four other leading research institutions launch a brand new website. On 23rd January, a new collaboration of South East Englands leading five universities (South East IP) has launched its research for businesses and investors to access. The website (www.southeastip., with its easy-to-search format, has been designed to help businesses find the latest technologies that they need for them to grow. It will also enable researchers to route and market their ideas. The National Physical Laboratory, University of Reading, Royal Holloway, University of London, University of Surrey and University of Sussex are all part of the South East IP partnership. The partnership will also allow the institutions involved to

identify and develop more effective routes from which they can market their research. With initial funding of 75,000 from the UK Intellectual Property Office, the new site will accelerate the exploitation of Innovation in the South East by: Providing a single place for investors and companies looking for specific technologies, to look for IP from a collection of institutions in the South East; Providing a service to help participating institutions source specific expertise and equipment from other institutions in the network; Encouraging collaborations and joint funding applications. The South East IP is a supposed new approach to matching investment with innovation in the South East. The website will be the beginning of an increased collaboration between UK research establishments, working together

to develop better ways to turn the results of the research into economic and social benefits. Intellectual Property Officer at the University of Surrey, David McCallum said: For the first time, details of new techniques and technologies developed at our five partner institutions have been brought together in one place, and in a form that investors and businesses can search to find the opportunities they are looking for. This is a big step forward for the whole region in matching technology research in the South East with investment, and we are excited to be a part of it. South East IP is looking to expand their network, and welcomes any institution within the South East to contact the site. The website currently includes research ranging from Biotechnology to Information Security and is preparing to continue to improve its range of research.

Karen V Bryant

Student visa control causes devastation to private HE colleges

he new Library and Learning Centre was recently host to a renewed agreement between one of the worlds largest banks, Santander, and the University of Surrey. The ViceChancellor of the University of Surrey, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, and Santander Chairman, Emilio Botin, signed a three-year agreement, which will support the future experiences of both students and staff at the University. The agreement was signed through the Santander Universities Global Division, which now has arrangements with around 50 universities since its establishment in the UK in 2007. Globally, their success is even more substantial with nearly 1,000 universities receiving donations from the Santander Universities Global Division. This network aims to support

projects that are focused on internationalisation and entrepreneurship as well as helping to fund scholarships for both graduates and postgraduates. It also aims to finance mobility for both national and international students, special projects and non academic achievement awards. In addition, each year support will be offered to the University, for programmes about LatinAmerica and the Portuguese language as well as a contribution to the Universities Global Partnership Network (UGPN) allowing the continuation of a signed deal between the Universities of Surrey, So Paulo and North Caroline State. Since the University was established in 1966, graduates from the University of Surrey have had the highest rate in the UK of being able to find their first employment in the shortest period of time. Furthermore, with the Universitys growing international impact and with currently over 3,000 international students, Emilio

Botin highlighted the significance of the collaboration between different universities internationally and of the loyalty that the University has shown to Santander. The ViceChancellor echoed the importance of the Universitys international influence and praised Santander for the support that it continues to give by encouraging entrepreneurship amongst the students. Indeed, this new agreement will strongly support these entrepreneurs in the future UK economy by allowing students to further improve their business ideas. Prior to the signing of the new agreement, Santander invited the ViceChancellor Professor Sir Christopher Snowden amongst other university guests to the opening of their new branch. This new Santander is situated in the very centre of the campus, next to the new Library and Learning Centre where this renewed agreement was signed.

The Stag |

7th February 2012


Crack cocaine being prepared on a spoon.

Park Barn man convicted for dealing in crack cocaine

By Melissa Raske, News Team

Twenty-five arrested in drugs raid

By Jyoti Rambhai, News Editor

n 26th January a six month undercover operation, led by Surrey Police, came to its climax as morning raids were carried out in the South East to tackle the supply of illegal Class A drugs. The operation known as Operation Austen was the largest co-ordinated activity in the borough since the 2006 highly condemned Operation Gyrocompass. The early morning raids were carried out at twenty-five addresses across the south east, with Guildford being the main target. Other areas included; Waverly, Surrey Heath, Epsom and Ewell, Reigate and Banstead, Spelthorne, London and East Sussex. The main aim of the operation was to remove those supplying Class A drugs from the streets. Up to one hundred operational officers were involved in these raids that began at 5am. Teams included; rapid entry units, detectives, police staff investigators, dog handlers, search teams and officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Guildford Neighbourhood Commander, Chief Inspector, Matt Goodridge said: The activity ... is aimed at those who are bringing illegal drugs onto the streets of the borough not just the users and dealers but those further up the supply chain. ... The painstaking work

involved to bring Operation Austen to its climax... comes as result of information obtained on offenders, much of which has been forthcoming to officers on the streets who have built up strong relationships with their local communities. ... I want to be clear to everyone if you are involved in the supply of drugs in the borough of Guildford do not sleep easy because it could be your door officers are at calling next. In total, twenty-five people were arrested and were held in custody in Guildford and Woking. In addition, during the raids a substantial amount of cash and Class A drugs were also found and have been taken in as evidence. Out of the twenty-five, twentythree have been charged with a variety of offences and appeared before the magistrates in Guildford on Friday, 27 January. Mr Goodridge added in regards to the success of the operation: This is a highly successful outcome which has succeeded in cutting through the drugs and criminal fraternity involved in the supply of illegal drugs across the SouthEast. Member of the Surrey Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT), Kevin Deanus commented: Reducing the demand for drugs in and around Surrey is a key priority for the DAAT. Operation Austen may be visible as police enforcement

action but there are so many other consequences for the families, friends and local communities that we need to support. The activity however, does not just end with enforcing the law. The local Safer Neighbourhood Team will be working closely with its partner agencies to offer help to those who use drugs and need to break the cycle of addiction through rehabilitation and treatment. Help and support will also be offered to those people, who have suffered as a result of anti-social behaviour linked to the individuals targeted. Guildford Borough Council Chief Executive, David Hills said: Were delighted to see such firm, clear action from Surrey Police to target the supply of illegal drugs in the borough. This criminal activity ruins lives and harms communities and the Council is happy to support Surrey Police and other partners to make this operation a success. Surrey Police have said they will continue to work with their partners and neighbourhoods to keep the streets safe. They also want to remind the public to contact them if they have any information that can help target further offenders by calling officers on 101, or to the independent anonymous charity crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

23 year old Park Barn resident has been given a 12month suspended sentence for dealing cocaine. Leroy Wigmore of Foxburrow Avenue was convicted in January this year after police entered his home last August and found him in possession of a Kinder Egg toy container with 6.75 grams of crack cocaine inside. His mobile phone was also seized and found to contain text messages suggesting that he was a supplier. While at Guildford Crown Court on 20th January, Wigmore pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply. In addition to his 12 month sentence, which was suspended for

18 months during which Wigmore will be under supervision, he was also ordered to complete nine months of drug rehabilitation and his preexisting curfew was extended by 6 weeks. Wigmore, who works parttime as a vehicle removal operator, has had a number of convictions prior to this dating back to November 2005. Some of these offences were related to alcohol and drugs misuse. In 2008 he was given an 11 month suspended sentence for burglary and the following year he appeared in court again, this time pleading guilty for assault on his girlfriend, for which he was ordered to do 80 hours of unpaid work and six months of alcohol treatment classes.

Man found unconscious under Guildford bridge

By Geffory Pullen, News Team

n the early hours of the morning on Friday 20 January, a man was found seriously injured and unconscious under a footbridge adjacent to the Guildford Odeon cinema. The man was seen earlier outside Guildford Train station having a heated verbal altercation with another man. The victim, who received injuries that included a broken pelvis in addition to facial and eye injuries, was first found when Police arrived at Walnut Tree close, following an initial report at 1.28am. He was then taken to St. Georges Hospital in Tooting,

and though his condition was stabilised, his injuries have been described by Surrey Police as potentially life changing. A 22 year old has been taken into custody in relation to the incident for a section 4 offence, a racially or religiously aggravated public order offence. The officer dealing with the case, Detective Constable Mike Taylor has asked anyone with information to come forward. urrey Police can be contacted, by anyone with information in relation to the incident, by calling 101 and quoting reference GD/12/578. The injured man was white and wearing a blue and red striped top.



The Stag |

7th February 2012

Election purdah period plan causes campaign controversy

Contd from page 1 placed in front of everything. Union Chair, Oliver Deed has made waves this year, introducing new measures aimed at radically increasing student participation: Were making the Union more transparent by webcasting meetings, introducing online voting to Forum and establishing the Democracy Committee. Several members of the Union Executive, as well as students from Societies Executive are believed to be planning a run for (further) office at the Union. Following an internal Union furore over election dates, nominations for the election open on the 13th February and candidates can get in The Stag by emailing:

Short-termism is very dangerous for economy

By Sophie Howard, News Team

sabbatical elections


new report into the failures in the global drinks industry suggests short-termism is a potential danger to the economy. An international team of researchers, led by the University of Surrey, say the role of stock markets in mergers and acquisitions needs to be seen more critically. Particularly, as the rush to short term profits on the stock market can have devastating implications for the wider economy. Experts in international business management studied the behaviour and fortunes of major firms in the drinks industry. They have discovered that mergers and acquisitions that are based on short-term gains, in terms of heightened value on the stock market, sometimes lead to a longterm decrease in the value of the enterprise.

The research is based on an international comparison of four multinational corporations in the brewery industry: Carlsberg and Heineken originating from two so-called co-ordinated market economies (the Netherlands and Denmark) which have strong influences of the Heineken family and Carlsberg foundation. The other two; Anheuser-Busch (A-B) and Scottish & Newcastle (S&N) originating from so-called liberal market economies (the USA and the UK). The latter two breweries do not exist anymore as independent businesses. Professor of Comparative International Management and Organization Studies at the University of Surrey Business School, Mike Geppert said: In our study of the brewery industry, two major brewing companies (Anheuser Busch and Scottish & Newcastle) which

were relative late-comers to the international beer market, decided in the period early 1990s to 2006 to pursue an aggressive, high-risk international acquisition strategy, encouraged by shareholder and market analyst expectations. In both cases, they ended up over-extending themselves and were eventually taken over by their competitors. By contrast, two familycontrolled breweries (Carlsberg and Heineken) which had been operating internationally for nearly a century and were less influenced by short-term stock market interests, took a less aggressive acquisition approach over the same period, acquiring more slowly and only those breweries that they knew they could run well based on their long international experience.

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Monday 13th February - Friday 9th March

Positions Available:
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7th February 2012

Consecutive Executives
New start on campus: litter, banks, security and training
Osama Salih
Union President

ver the past couple of weeks the University environment was a little bit quiet, everyone hiding in their rooms revising or in the LRC. I hope that the LRC has provided a great environment for studies and meeting space. The only thing that really upsets me about the LRC is the rubbish that is left on the tables opposite Amigos. I made the effort to ensure that bigger bins are placed in that area to avoid the accumulation of rubbish, yet some people decide to leave their stuff lying about anyway. I really hope that we all work together to ensure that our campus and our study areas are kept clean and tidy. At the end of the day we are adults and do not expect someone to clean up after us. Anyway enough ranting from me; I will leave that for Bakita in Grind My Gears. We have had the Student Forum during exam period, talking about security on campus; there was also a poll conducted online. The question asked was Do you feel safe on Campus? and the results were that 70% of the people voted that they felt safe on campus. It is interesting knowing what you think about different issues, so I urge you all at least once a week to log in to the Union website and answer the quick poll.

On Friday 27th January we have had our midyear Exec training day. The day included team building tasks and exercises that helped motivate and encourage the team to complete the year. I found it very helpful taking the time out and reflecting on the period that we have all been in office and also the things we would like to do before the end of the year. Unfortunately the whole team couldnt make it to the training, the people present were the five Sabbatical officers, the Community and Communications officers and the Union Chair. As you may know by now, we have a new bank on campus. Last week the University has signed and contract with Santander Bank. Signing a threeyear agreement with the University, the occasion featured the chairman of Banco Santander Emilio Botn. The bank is officially open for business and there will be a nice competition between the banks on the heart of campus. Santander Universities is a great venture that offers Universities funding for research, student enterprise, student scholarships and support for the University. Presidents Drop-in Sessions on Thursday 2nd & 9th February 13:00 14:00 in Rubix. I would like to hear about all the issues that matter to you. Therefore I am holding two drop-in sessions which you can just turn up to and voice your views.

Pop Up Union aims to get you in run up to election

Bakita Kasadha
Union Comms Officer which gave students, security and police officers an open space to air their views/action plans. minimum number of candidates and voters is 24 and 3,000, respectively. So whilst individuals will be campaigning to win your vote, the Students Union will kick off a campaign to get you to nominate yourselves for the role of President, and the Vice Presidents. The PopUp Union Working Group will continue to plan ways to surprise you on and off campus. Being Comms Officer requires a lot of involvement in working groups (as you may be able to tell) one of these is the iFestival Working Group. I am working on a fashion show which will be taking place in March to showcase different cultures clothing on campus. Im very excited! Hopefully you feel that we at the Students Union have tried to make more of an effort to be out there by venturing out of the office and popping up randomly (like at UniFruit or SSP) if not, dont worry the warm weather will soon be here, so you never know, we could be at a lake near you! If you have suggestions on how we could improve let us know. For more information about anything mentioned above, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me: for all students, all year round, ensuring that you can get instant information regarding any group you are (or may wish to be) part of. Some of you may be wondering why weve taken such steps, and the reason stems from your Students Union Strategy. Last year, students stated that they want more transparency from their Union, and this new system is just the latest step in helping keep students involved in decision making on all levels. From live streaming of Union meetings, to instant polls following Students Forums, all Union officers are committed to ensuring that students remain at the heart of what we do making the key decisions that will shape your club, your society, your time at Surrey.

m the Union Communications Officer and this is what Ive been up to so far and what I have planned for the coming semester:

Semester 1
One of my manifesto points is to promote and encourage the collaboration of student media. Ive mainly sought to do this by setting up joint interviews with Rubix acts. An aim at the Students Union this year is to be more visible. Last semester we piloted PopUp Union which literally involved elected representatives popping up in places we thought students were likely to be so that we could talk to you out of the office to promote the role of the Students Union and reach out. I am very interested in supporting campaigns: I try my best to publicise the great work of Surrey MARROW and I also planned a fundraiser event Paint Campus Red for World AIDS Day. A large part of my role involves checking over Facebook to see the issues that are affecting students. Its a really valuable tool and the comments can serve to make us aware of students concerns. For example the feedback regarding safety on campus led to a forum

Semester 2:
This semester will see the launch of the Lets Talk Working Group. The aim of this group is to target underrepresented groups at Surrey by tailoring our means of communication. Though Facebook may act as a medium to rely wider related student issues, its important to recognise that not all students use Facebook frequently. Well be exploring motivations behind engaging with the Students Union, its activities, elections and events for those students who may feel less engaged with the Students Union than they would like. One of my main aims is to publicise the Sabbatical elections so that those of you who want to be involved know when you can nominate yourselves or vote, and those of you who dont care start to! The democracy committee have decided that the desired

President VP Societies & Individual Development

DAVE Your Sabbaticals VP Osama Welfare Jake Trung Osama



VP Societies & Individual Development

VP Welfare

VP Societies and VP Sports finally work together... on a joint Stag article

Jake Willis and Trung


VP Sports & Recreation VP Education President VP Education


Union VP Societies & Individual Development and Union VP Sports & Recreation So...what does this mean for you? All groups that are part of the Students Union are required to have three signatories. These three committee positions are the only ones that can withdraw money from their group account to purchase items for the Society or Club, such as promotional items, posters, flyers, or specialist items that are required. These accounts will now be viewable

VP Sports & Recreation


ver the past few months, the Students Union has been working on a new finance system, with the purpose of ensuring much more transparency for all students, and ease of access for our sports Clubs and Societies. This will soon culminate in a new section of the website for all students, allowing them to view uptodate group finances wherever they are.


The Stag |

11th October 2011

Same-sex marriage: the LGBT Battle Royale

Chris Ward

Opinion & Analysis

two men or two women than he has on correcting the horrific system of child abuse that still plagues his Church; to Archbishop Sentamu who was quicker to respond to the so-called evils of same-sex marriage than he was to condemn the kill the gays death penalty bill in his home of Uganda. Im determined well fight this vitriol, and Im determined we will win. We are so often told by our opponents that we already have the legal protection of civil partnerships and that we dont need marriage that its just a word. If it truly was just a word, our opponents would let us have it. Love is not shaped or defined by any institution or body, nor is it characterised by the gender of those engaged in it. When this consultation opens, we will need your support to ensure that one of the few remaining institutional pillars of bigotry is torn down. With your help, same-sex couples will finally be able to say I do. To get involved in the campaign, please contact Chris Ward on

Argentina and Falklands tension is a lot of hot air

most remain fervent Malvineras (the Argentinian term for people who claim Argentinian sovereignty over the Falklands). However the younger generation, who dont remember 1982 Falklands war, are far less convinced of the validity of the Argentinian claims of sovereignty over the Falkland Islands. There is a growing realisation amongst young Argentinians, admittedly still a minority, that as much as the British ownership of the Falklands makes no geographical sense (except for the potential for oil exploration of course!), it makes good cultural sense. To quote 30-year-old Argentinian film maker Tamara Florin: There is nothing Argentinian about the islands. The people eat fish and chips, they have dinner at 6pm; they're British. So, as long as the principle of self determination is upheld, the Falklands will remain British, and for all Argentinas posturing, they arent going to invade again either, and with every year that passes, the threat of Argentinian aggression towards the Falkland Islands becomes less and less likely, as the older generation dies off. Thus, I cannot see The Falkland islands becoming Las Malvinas at any time in the foreseeable future.

Jeremy Surtees

his year, the coalition government will consult on extending civil marriage to same-sex couples in addition to civil partnerships. Unlike in previous battles, the fight will not be characterised as Tory MPs and the Churches vs the rest of us. Although Church leaders have condemned the idea, their congregations tend to lean liberal and they know it. Much like we relied on straight people to stand up for us over the past decades, we will rely now on those of faith who do not believe the mantra that love can only be possible between a man and a woman. Many Conservative MPs, including that of my home constituency, Louise Mensch, will be supporting same-sex marriage. We will face our share of vitriol. From the Pope who has already spent much more time attacking the consensual adult love between

hose little islands in the south Atlantic are once again causing tension between Britain and Argentina. The Argentinian government, headed by Cristina Fernandez, has started becoming more vocal in their sovereignty claims over the islands that are known to Argentinians as the Malvinas. Argentina has gone as far as to ban ships flying the Falkland Islands from sailing into an Argentinian port. However this is a nonsense, because all ships from the Falklands need to do to sail into Argentinian ports is to fly the Union Flag instead. So, in reality, this move is nothing more than a shameless attempt to win votes by the Fernandez government, at a time when Argentina has to enforce some austerity for the first time in a generation. The word generation here is important. The kind of patriotic fervour that the Fernandez government is expressing remains popular in Argentina, where

University does well on the environment, but there is much room for improvement
Leia Achampong
seen the environmental guides in the buildings around campus, and noticed that our buildings are not exactly environmentally friendly. The University has become aware of this, and so existing buildings are remodelled rather than replaced. All new buildings, including the student village at Manor Park, must meet BREEAM, and the EcoHome process which considers the broad environmental concerns of climate change, resource use and impact upon wildlife, and balances these against the need for a highquality, safe and healthy internal environment, is implemented. Little things like recycling anything you have can help; not running the water when you brush your teeth, switching off the lights in rooms you have left. Simple things like this when made on a large scale, can help make a difference. This university has almost 15,000 full and part time students, imagine what students and staff we could all achieve if we all did this!

Bankers bonuses are not the real problem bankers salaries are simply too high
o once again the banks have made the headlines. This time it was Stephen Hester, Fred Goodwin's successor as CEO of RBS and surely by divine intervention, Fred Goodwin himself having his knighthood stripped. Certainly the end of days has come! Lets look at Hesters bonus. Of course the new voices of 'consensus' and 'responsible capitalism' have rallied round and castigated the Prime Minister for not doing more to stop such large bonuses. Even Boris has got in on the act, saying it was "far-fetched" to deny something could be done. All these words though hide the fact that Hester, despite running a bank over 80%-owned by the public, still rakes in a salary of 1.2m even without the bonus. All the hoo-ha about bonuses is merely a smoke screen behind

ne of the ways that the University of Surrey (UoS) has entered the environmental arena, is through the water researchers here who are working on providing safe water and sanitation; work that was been awarded the Queens Anniversary Prize for the year 2011. A great achievement the Universitys Centre for Environmental Strategy is providing a platform for graduates and professionals to gain more skills to help empower the environmental sector. UoS focuses on a few key areas, which continue to bolster UoSs favourable environmental reputation. Engaging with the issue in such a direct fashion will provide much needed results. However, that is not to say that there isnt more that UoS can do. Many of you may have

Jack White
which capitalism continues to be responsible only for inflating the incomes of those morally corrupt enough to think they deserve a 1.2m salary. Why must we believe that the best people require such exorbitant luxury? Were Hester to have 200,000 salary and no bonus, he would still fall well within the top 1% of earners in Britain and the almost two million excess pounds could see 1,000 minimum wage cleaners bring their families the right side of the poverty line. Hester has lost his ill-deserved bonus and Goodwin has lost his ill-deserved knighthood. So

what? Both are merely status symbols, recognition that they have achieved a certain standing. Nothing we can do by way of stripping these symbols changes the fact that they are still at the top, and that they and their colleagues are still perpetrating in the same way they always did: acquiring more and more money, at the expense of ever more ordinary people. The media and the public alike are outraged by the scandalous contempt in which they are held by the financial sector, but both refuse to accept that capitalism is never responsible. The longer we hold onto this fallacy, the longer big finance will laugh at the pitiful attempts to reign in bankers' income and disregard for decency.

The Stag |

11th October 2011



The Great Debate

Facebook is switching all its users to the new Timeline interface and has given users seven days notice. But many users have reported problems with security. Have you had security problems with the Facebook Timeline? Do you think the Facebooks security problems are overblown or a deal-breaker?

New Facebook timeline and its seven day notice

issuing guidance on how to avoid displaying content that users dont want to be seen publicly. Facebooks security has been questioned in the past, with personal details of around 100 million users being published online by privacy campaigners highlighting terrifying privacy fears. Another security breach saw 45,000 users passwords stolen, whilst Zuckerberg himself has admitted Facebook has made a bunch of mistakes on security and privacy in the past. Recent reports suggest Facebook is set to begin the process of becoming a publicly listed company, concerning some who believe future investors could look to exploit the security of users for marketing purposes. To businesses, Facebook is a useful marketing tool

he introduction of a new Timeline interface for Facebook has caused controversy since the idea was unveiled last September. The websites owner, Mark Zuckerberg, described the new timeline as a new way to express who you are suggesting users could share their entire lives online. What makes the new interface so controversial is the fact that it is compulsory. Although Facebook has consistently maintained that the timeline does not change existing privacy settings for any user, whilst also insisting the introduction of an activity log will allow people to add extra privacy settings to posts. Some users have argued that privacy terms shouldnt be changed if they alter the original terms

51% of those polled said they were worried by the new feature whilst just 8% said they liked the change.
that users agreed to when signing up to the social networking site. In a survey carried out by Sophos, 51 per cent of those polled said they were worried by the new feature whilst just 8 per cent said they liked the change. The main concern for Facebooks 800 million users is how the new interface will expose peoples entire history on the site, meaning all publicly viewable messages, photographs and comments will be grouped together by date. Users have been given just seven days to remove content they dont wish to be displayed. To combat security and privacy issues, some websites have been with users willing to share personal details with the world. Whether you prefer the older version or the new Timeline interface, what has become clear with Facebook is that many users are more than willing to post just about every detail of their personal lives on the site. Facebook does have security to protect users, so it would be unfair to suggest the company does nothing to protect data, however the extent of this protection is unclear to many users. The best way to secure your Facebook profile is simple; to be very careful of what personal details you place on yours.

he introduction of a new Timeline interface for Facebook has caused controversy since the idea was unveiled last September. The websites owner, Mark Zuckerberg, described the new timeline as a new way to express who you are suggesting users could share their entire lives online. What makes the new interface so controversial is the fact that it is compulsory. Although Facebook has consistently maintained that the timeline does not change existing privacy settings for any user, whilst also insisting the introduction of an activity log will allow people to add extra privacy settings to posts. Some users have argued that privacy terms shouldnt be changed if they alter the original terms that users agreed to when signing up to the social networking site. In a survey carried out by Sophos, 51 per cent of those polled said they were worried by the new feature whilst just 8 per cent said they liked the change. The main concern for Facebooks 800 million users is how the new interface will expose peoples entire history on the site, meaning all publicly viewable messages, photographs and comments will be grouped together by date. Users have been given just seven days to remove content they dont wish to be displayed. To combat security and privacy issues, some websites have been issuing guidance on how to avoid

displaying content that users dont want to be seen publicly. Facebooks security has been questioned in the past, with personal details of around 100 million users being published online by privacy campaigners highlighting terrifying privacy fears. Another security breach saw 45,000 users passwords stolen, whilst Zuckerberg himself has admitted Facebook has made a bunch of mistakes on security and privacy in the past. Recent reports suggest Facebook is set to begin the process of becoming a publicly listed company, concerning some who believe future investors could look to exploit the security of users for marketing purposes. To businesses, Facebook is a useful marketing tool with users willing to share personal details with the world. Whether you prefer the older version or the new Timeline interface, what has become clear with Facebook is that many users are more than willing to post just about every detail of their personal lives on the site. Facebook does have security to protect users, so it would be unfair to suggest the company does nothing to protect data, however the extent of this protection is unclear to many users. The best way to secure your Facebook profile is simple; to be very careful of what personal details you place on yours.


The Stag |

11th October 2011

Letters to the Editor

Gonalo Valverde

Send your correspondence to Letters maybe abbreviated out of consideration of space on the page.
Dear Stag, I read your article about burglary in The Stag this week. Three years ago, I was burgled with forced entry three times in my first year, taking 3,000 worth of stuff. I lived in Battersea Court, Rich House and after the third time, security decided to put bars on my windows. I do have one piece of advice that you could tell your readers to help prevent the crime even further since having two laptops stolen I have installed a free piece of software called Prey on my laptop. It installs into the root of the computer and if the laptop is stolen you activate it online so that when it is next connected to the internet it will give you its location and start to send pictures to you. It was featured in the news recently as the police caught the thief using it. I believe there is also a version for smartphones. I really wish I had it on my previous laptops as I would have likely caught them and got all my stuff back. Here is a link to their site: Regards, James Surridge Dear James, Thanks for sharing best practise. As the University has pointed out too, when it comes to theft, prevention is better than cure. All the best, The Editor Dear Stag, I am forwarding you pictures that were taken yesterday (25.1.12) at 16.30hrs. The location was the Tillingbourne Level 2 entry door in Surrey Court. I would like to raise these points as Unison Health and Safety Rep for the University of Surrey following an article in the student newspaper The Stag (dated the 17.1.12). The article included a reference to houses of accommodation doors being propped open by cleaning staff with no evidence to support this. This article has caused great upset amongst our cleaning staff and this was reported to the Unison Executive Committee yesterday by the Unison trade union representatives for the cleaning staff. The comment was a broad sweeping statement that unfairly affects a lot of staff. The attached pictures were taken yesterday by myself at 16.30hrs. I checked the level and there were no cleaning staff or EFM staff at this location at this time but there were students occupying the level. This practise of propping open doors puts the safety of students, staff and visitors to the University at risk as anyone could have gained entry to this level for whatever reason they might choose. The door in question is a fire door so propping it open puts the fire integrity of the whole building at risk. The use of a fire extinguisher for propping open doors displaces and damages the extinguishers so when their use is needed they wouldnt be in there correct storage area or could be damaged for the job that they were needed - putting out fires! Also it has been reported to me that there has been an increase in doors and windows being left open since the temperature of the heating has been increased to 23C. We have had a very mild winter but accommodation areas have found to be uncomfortably hot. I personally have recorded temperatures of 26C in rooms of students complaining the room was too cold. Could this fact coincide with the increase of burglaries this year? We at Unison are not blaming any one group of individuals nor would we without any proof, but we would like to raise our objections

A great business is like a great joke
By Peter Bailey hose of you who are involved in Business through your degree course, or just personal interest, will have started to tune in to what you think makes a great idea or venture. There is of course no right or wrong answer, which is why the process can be such an exciting one. There are positioning strategies, competitive strategies, and business plan approaches galore for those who like reading. Personally, I am developing an increasingly severe allergy to reading textbooks so have to come up with my own theories. One such theory has been formulated after a few years of kicking business ideas around and seeing countless others demonstrate what works and does not. It can be said that in many ways a good business idea is similar to a well considered, and well delivered, comedy styling. You might have heard of an elevator pitch. An American concept (but valid all the same) focussed on the idea that whatever your idea is and wherever you find yourself, you should be able to explain it well in 60 seconds. In that short time you should outline: what problem you are solving (if theres no problem why are you doing it?), how you intend to solve it, and why you (of all people) are going to succeed doing it. Done right one of these little pitches could land you a lucrative second meeting, or inspire a venture capitalist on the spot. A successful pitch that works in only a minute is indicative of a much broader appeal to your idea, and evidence that it is founded on something solid which compels the listener. Compare this with the theory

of a joke or wisecrack. There is no Holy Grail of humour, but however your brain is wired up we usually chuckle because we have been taken on a journey, however short it may be. First there is the opener. Often implied by the comics accent, appearance, body language and chosen venue before they even speak their first line which will set the scene or lay out a straw man for them to tear down later. Once the folly (or problem) has been laid bare, its time to cut it down to size and demonstrate your comedic insight with an observation or assertion. Then round off with a closer which may add another twist to the tale or simply further the initial assertion. Either way, the well-practised comic has delivered their tale over the short space of a few minutes and brought the audience into a new way of thinking which has made them laugh. If they really hit the mark then that joke will even be repeated by those who heard it. So your objective when pitching a great business to a new listener is much the same. Lay out your stall, apply your kicker, add a twist and convince them you are worth listening to again. On the other hand a poor pitch or a joke that falls resoundingly flat first time is unlikely to land you a captive audience with the same participants in future. Those who practise and hone skills of persuasion and explanation are not immune to delivering a duff pitch or idea but they are far more likely to get it right on the night when the big opportunity comes around. Dont be afraid to get out and practise; there is a reason why even great comics have free warm up gigs before they hit the big venues.

This picture from Mr Simmons shows how fire extinguishers are used to prop open doors around campus. to the article in the Stag and the unsafe use of fire extinguishers to prop open fire doors in any part of the University campus. Regards, D Simmons, Unison Health and Safety Representative Dear Mr Simmons, Thank you for your considered email. We take your point that students leave doors propped open with fire extinguishers and that this is bad. The part of the article in question (Break-in fear grips campus, Issue 40) is actually a quote by a student, and is reflective of the views neither of The Stag nor necessarily those of its writing and editorial staff. The Stag does not have an editorial line on this issue. I am sorry that our publishing of this quote has caused consternation among the cleaning staff, because broadly speaking it is, the editorial line of The Stag, to be supportive of staff. In this case, I can only recommend that you ask all your staff to be extravigilant in matters where the possibility exists for libellous accusations to be made against them. Best regards, The Editor


The Stag |

11th October 2011

Science & Technology

drug being used to treat the illness. The second study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, showed how those participants taking the drug had more vivid recollections of memories compared to those taking a placebo. This discovery could potentially have its uses in psychotherapy. The subjects of this study were also asked to rate their emotional wellbeing prior to taking psilocybin or a placebo, and then two weeks after. Those who had taken the drug appeared to have a greater increase in their ratings than those who hadnt. A 2011 study showed similar results 6 months after a single dose. There was nothing in either of the studies to suggest that taking psilocybin in moderation is unsafe. Both of these studies present interesting findings but more investigation into the uses of psilocybin must be completed. However, currently this is proving difficult due to the extensive regulations relating to the study of illegal drugs.

Horses remember old human friends

By Ellie Brodie, Science & Tech Team

Using magic mushrooms to treat depression

By Melissa Raske, Science and Tech Team

new study says that horses remain loyal to humans with whom they have had past positive relationships however long since that relationship. They are also not only able to recall their human friends, but for over ten years or more, remember how to solve complex problems. Researchers say it appears that horses are not that different from humans (in relation to positive reinforcement). They behave, learn and memorize better when learning is associated with a positive situation. They have also been shown to understand words better than expected, according to research, possessing excellent memories. According to the scientists, horses are able to learn and recognise human words better than dogs even.

he findings of two studies published in January, both headed by Dr David Nutt of Imperial College London, suggest that a potential treatment for depression could be the active ingredient of magic mushrooms known as

psilocybin. The first study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), measured the changes in brain activity of thirty volunteers after having psilocybin injected into their bloodstream. The study used two types of MRI scanning to

measure the blood flow and oxygen concentration in the brain, both of which were shown to be lower than normal in hub areas. One particular hub, the mPFC, is known to be overactive in those who suffer from depression, which suggests the possibility of this


Hygenic bees cleverer than you might think

By Lawrence Finn, Science and Tech Team

our body is constantly under threat from infection. One of its main defences is the ability to launch a targeted assault against an invader. Bees face a similar problem but their immune systems are far less specific. With a nest full of delicious honey a hungry germ might enjoy at an ideal temperature of between 3335OC, how do they keep themselves from falling ill and their honey from spoiling? According to Professors Jensen and Flores from the Universities of Copenhagen and Cordoba, the bees may well have reduced the cost of maintaining an expensive immune system like ours by developing collectivedefence mechanisms. Bees in fact

have a myriad of other defences in place and often meticulous cleaning habits! The rich sugar content of honey for instance, makes conditions hostile for many bacteria but with a few exceptions. Surprisingly, fresh honey possesses its own micro flora similar to the one we have in our guts, comprising of at least thirteen species of bacteria able to produce an array of antimicrobial compounds, including lactic acid. The same stuff that keeps you from running that bit further also aids the bees in their struggle for survival. However, bees are equally capable of making their own antimicrobials, including low but effective concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, damaging to microbial DNA. As if that was not enough,

bees actively seek and remove dead or dying larvae, while disinfecting the nest with an antimicrobial plant derivative called propilis their equivalent of Dettol! Bees even resort to raising the temperature of the hive, making conditions less favourable for germs. The burning question: if theyre so adept at hygiene, why are they in decline? The truth of the matter is there are other reasons for bee decline besides disease, including insecticides, loss of habitat and pollution. However, with certain honeys shown to inhibit even the most resilient microbes in lab tests like MRSA, there is still much to be learnt from them in the strive for human health, and much we must do to protect one of our chief pollinators.

Roger Sanderson


The Stag |

11th October 2011



Bacteria change outer coat to avoid vaccination effects

Planning For The Worst

By Alex Smith, Science & Tech Team

Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria under the microscope By Melissa Raske, Science & Tech Team pneumococcal bacteria, thereby avoiding the immune response. After the introduction of the vaccination for several varieties of the pathogen in 2000, there was a 76% drop in the number of cases by 2007, however by this time a number of new vaccine resistant strains had become prevalent in society. Since then an updated vaccine has been introduced which protects against 13 strains, compared with the original which protected against just seven.

he long term effectiveness of some vaccines may be questioned after a recent study that followed the activities of a pnuemococcus bacteria (its vaccine was introduced in 2000), showed how bacteria can disguise themselves to evade the vaccine. The study published in Nature Genetics, showed how some bacteria were able to change their outer coat, called a capsule, by taking up pieces of DNA from dead

t the end of January, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) published the first in a series of doom and gloom reports The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) is published every five years to advise the Government on risks posed by any future environmental changes caused by climate change. The report centres on keeping Britain economically resilient and helps identify the risks climate change poses to business and infrastructure, as well as to our general health and well-being. CCRA predicts higher energy demand to cool buildings (with increased water demand to generate this energy), road and railway flooding, lower crop yields, increases in the number of wildfires, and an increased risk of mortality (due to higher temperatures, flooding and UV exposure) as key risks to Britain. The report goes on to predict regular flooding will affect 4 times the amount of agricultural land than at present by 2080.

Microbe World

Flooding in the Prime Ministers constituency town of Witney, Oxfordshire However, it isnt all bad news The CCRA does list a set of opportunities for the UK created by climate change. The better weather could lead to an increase in profits for the tourism and leisure industry, lower winter heating bills, and cheaper transport via freshly melted arctic shipping routes. The report also highlights the work already done by the Highways Agency to develop roads which withstand high temperatures and have increased drainage capacity. With 70 million of extra investment over five years, Network Rail believes they can prepare Britains railways for the impacts of climate change. The Government aim to use the CCRA to create a National Adaptation Programme by 2013, reflecting new and informed government policies which will be implemented over the coming decades. But in the meantime, expect wetter and heavier winters, shorter and drier summers, and a bigger focus on cutting carbon emissions.

Another Internet treaty that could affect privacy

By Bex Efford & Ellie Brodie, Science & Tech Team

o you stream television online, listen to or watch downloaded music or films? If so you should be aware that this activity may become harder to hide, as privacy is attacked by a new government agreement. ACTA is yet another global treaty that could allow corporations to censor the Internet

via your Internet service providers (ISPs). This treaty is similar to that of Sopa, which led to Internet giants Google and Wikipedia blacking out or partially obscuring their content in protest. ACTA aims to protect those who produce music, films and fashion, by tightening copyright laws so it is easier to convict people who watch streamed films and TV shows and

download music. Polands foreign minister claims that ACTA is not as threatening as young people fear the Internet shouldnt be allowed to become a space of legal anarchy. Nonetheless, ACTA was negotiated in secret, among several rich countries; the UK and 21 European Union members states signed this anti-counterfeiting trade agreement. The signing is yet

to be ratified by the EU parliament, which will take place in the summer. MEPs (Members of the European Parliament) however, are under a lot of pressure to oppose this action as people believe it could lead to censorship of the Internet, especially as it will invoke a closer monitoring of it by any private or public body, something which could well result in less privacy.

Science & Technology Quiz

Name any ten of the top 20 most influential scientists:
Past and present, according to The Scientific Citadel Press (2000), written by John Galbraith Simmons
Burrhus Frederic Skinner John Bardeen Ibn al-Nafis and much later William Harvey Jonas Salk Paul Ehrlich Edwin Hubble Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Max Planck Dmitri Mendeleev William Herschel Albert Einstein

Answers from last issue: Match the scientist with the discovery


The existence of galaxies outside of our own The circulatory blood system General and Special Relativity


Uranus and two of its moons, plus two moons of Saturn and Infrared Radiation Quanta and Quantum physics Superconductivity in metals at low temperatures Founder of modern biology and first to introduce the term invertebrate Autoimmunity and chemotherapy The first safe and effective polio vaccine Founder of experimental psychology and inventor of the cumulative recorder to measure rate of response The periodic Table of elements

Answers in next issue


The Stag |

11th October 2011



Yknow what really grinds my gears?

Ridiculous Song Lyrics!

Body Dysmorphia Disorder

By By Adam, a student

By Bakita Kasadha, Editor-in-Chief

mean, seriously: Im gonna marry the night - Im sorry Gaga, but I dont appreciate this metaphor. Is the imagery meant to represent prostitution? At least some value relationships and try really hard to emulate the ideal couple: Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone Youll be the prince and Ill be the princess, its a love story, baby just say yes. I guess Taylor Swift didnt pay that much attention in English class because Im pretty sure that Romeo killed himself; so unless youre saying yes to suicide Miss Swift, your love story isnt going to end well.

An alternative to suicide could always be ice-cream. Its just a shame that Ms. Morissette has 10,000 spoons when all she needs is a knife therell probably be no spoons left for us. You know, I always think to myself isnt it ironic? - and then I remember that she didnt quite grasp the meaning of the word irony and that actually all the scenarios exhausted in her song are no more than sheer misfortune. So moving swiftly away from an idiot to someone who likes to nag after kissing, you had your eyes wide open, why were they open? Surely this means that Bruno Mars eyes were also open; how else does he know that the other persons eyes were open?! Unless of course he has a pervy friend that keeps a look-out. Maybe its time to embrace life as an inanimate object because clearly humans arent that great, I mean do you ever feel like a plastic bag too? I know Katy Perry can empathise. Perhaps Im just not down with the kids and BEPs message, Im so 3008 and youre so 2000 and late was directed at me but then they also went on about lovely lady lumpsin the back and in the front, which arent exactly Grammy winning words. Not to worry, the worlds going to end so

Stacey Hunter

these silly lyrics will be lost. Just in case you value the world, Madonna has some great advice: Time is waiting, we only got 4 minutes to save the world, no hesitating, grab a boy, grab a girl. Now, Im still not quite sure how this will save the world but lets face it, Madonna shouldve really given up music before this century began. Good news, we still have until Friday 21st December 2012 to figure out what shes trying to say. So I may not be in sync with the popular, cool kids but Pink enlightened me the day she told me youre too school for cool. I swear Im not a moany mare all the time; its just that some celebrities think they can sing anything over a decent beat and it just really grinds my gears.

I dont care whether the G-spot exists or not, but please label my vagina correctly!
By Alexandra Wilks, Literature Editor

really should stop reading the Daily Mail. I know this, you know this. We all know this, and yet I continually find myself scrolling down their website angrily reading stories about celebrity diets that are somehow dressed up under the ridiculous banner News. However, my latest outrage at the Mail is greater than any anger I have previously felt. On the 20th January, The Daily Mail online published a story by Claire Bates detailing the results of a study conducted by Dr Amichai Kilchevsky. The study contested the existence of the female G-spot. The G-spot was first described in 1950 by Dr. Granfenberg as a bean shaped area of the vaginal wall that is supposed to guarantee

orgasm as soon as it is stimulated. However, Dr Kilchevskys findings were inconclusive, with it unclear as to whether this orgasm-giving bean exists. To be honest, I do think the G-spot exists, but the thing that upset me the most was the appalling diagram the Mail produced to show where the mythical G-spot should be. They failed to label the clitoris, a known erogenous zone and also the most sexually sensitive part of the vagina, and labelled the cervix in the wrong place. What kind of message is that giving out to women and indeed men? The poor old vagina is continually the butt (excuse the pun) of every joke with pussy, a popular insult, to describe someone whose being a bit of a wetbag. With the Mail showing flagrant disregard for the vaginas erogenous zones and

indeed the correct biology of organ, yet more emphasis is put on seeing the vagina as a bit of a joke. Plus, its pretty hard to give a woman an orgasm without knowing where the clitoris is... The Mail also promoted that the findings of the study would take the pressure off women who find it hard to orgasm. What about women who enjoy sex and just want their vagina to be taken seriously? When numerous women (and men) spotted the fact that the cervix was labelled incorrectly commenting on the article was swiftly removed. No apologies or amendments were made. Poor show from the Daily Mail, but in all honesty, what did I expect? Oh and dont get me started on the headline Scientists cant find G-spot after 60 years (join the club, chaps)...

ody-image problems are an abundant issue rising in all university campuses, and this is no different here at Surrey. These problems may include concerns about your weight, your skin, your eyes and many others, but will all normally lead to feeling selfconscious in social surroundings. On some occasions these become so severe they fall under a condition called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (sometimes named Body Dysmorphia), where a person becomes overly preoccupied with a supposed defect or defects in their appearance, which are largely unnoticeable to other people. This can cause such psychological distress that interferes with their social and academic functioning. The development of anxiety disorders and social withdrawal is also likely as they battle to control their held beliefs about the way that they look. Other symptoms that occur are obsessive thoughts and behaviours related to the appearance, such as compulsive mirror checking, or alternatively, a complete inability to look into mirrors, with chronic low selfesteem also apparent. Body Dysmorphia can be misunderstood as a vanity induced condition, but in fact it is the complete opposite. It is swelled and substantiated by a deep hatred with their appearance, with feelings that they are so ashamed of they choose to keep them secret and decide not to seek help. The quality of life thus can be clearly diminished, and as it has been studied that suicidal ideation is as high as 80%, it is critical the affected person finds some outlet to ease the struggle. Therefore for people with this condition or concerned they may have it, Im launching a new support group within the university, for students to share their experiences and provide opportunities to build new friendships.

For more information have a look at: www.thebddfoundation. com/


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11th October 2011

Vitamin D: reduces chance of depression

By Sophie Vickery, Features team

he Children of the 90s study, based at Bristol University, have found that higher intakes of vitamin D during childhood can reduce the chances of depression during later years. Children of the 90s have been studying the health of 14500 children born in the early 1990s. They studied vitamin D levels of 2700 children at the ages of 9 years, 18 months and then again at 13 years and 8 months. Those children studied at the age of 9 were 10% less likely to suffer depression when tested again at the age of 13.

Vitamin D can be found in foods such as oily fish and cereals, as well as from sunlight. Researchers now need to study vitamin D supplements, particularly the D3 form of the vitamin. They suspect it will have a connection with depression but stress that without more evidence nutritional policies shouldnt be altered. However, if the link between vitamin D and depression continues to be supported with evidence, it could mean a promising future for depression sufferers, seeing as vitamin D intake can be easily increased with supplements and food alterations during early years.


Interview techniques
By Surrey Careers Service

- Oversee all Union activities - Negotiate with University senior management - Plan the future direction of the Union

VP Welfare
- Run campaigns to benefit student welfare - Ensure high standards in University services - Support individual students with welfare needs Contact me about: Accommodation, safety & security, anythin that could be improved about University life! g

nterviews. Its probably fair to say that theyre not something most of us actively look forward to, right? But if youve made or are making job, placement or internship applications this academic year, then hopefully 2012 will see you getting called for some interviews. Probably best to do some preparation then. After all, the better prepared you are, the less daunting theyll be. So, how best to prepare? Well, to start with the obvious stuff, make sure you know where youre going and how to get there and leave plenty of time. Chances are you wont have been to the offices of the company before, and even the most straightforward-looking journey can run into trouble once you add traffic, a cancelled train or a broken-down bus. Arriving with time to spare will give you a chance to relax, compose yourself and start the interview in the best possible frame-of-mind. Next, research is key. The employer will want to know that youve taken some time to find out about their organisation. Hopefully youll already have done some research prior to applying, but at minimum make sure youve looked in depth at their website and graduate recruitment literature. Ideally though, that will just be a starting point - the more research you can do, the better. Research will also help you to get an idea of the sort of questions you might be asked, though in most interviews you can expect to encounter a question like Why did you apply for this job? or perhaps Why do you think youd be suitable for this job. Also, be ready to be asked about things you wrote on your application. For example, they may ask for more detail about an aspect of your work history, or ask you to justify your answer to one of the questions on the application form. For this reason, reviewing the

application you submitted prior to interview is a good idea. Many of the interview questions will be based on the requirements of the job. The job description, job advert or graduate recruitment literature will list some of the key skills, attributes or experience that the employer is looking for. Interviewers will ask what are called competency-based questions about these. In such questions, youll be asked for an example of a time when you did something that produced a certain outcome. For instance, you could be asked about a time when you worked successfully as part of a team, overcame a challenge to achieve a goal, handled a difficult situation or used your communication skills effectively. You might find it helpful to structure your answer to these questions using the STAR technique, in which you state the Situation, the Task, your Action and the Result (hopefully a positive one!). Using this technique can help to give context to your answer and clearly show how you used the competency successfully. We hope youll find the above hints helpful, and theres lots more useful interview tips on our website. However many students find that the best preparation is a taste of the real thing: the Careers Service runs Mock Interviews, where you can carry out a practice interview with a Careers Adviser. Theyll tailor it as far as possible to the sorts of roles youve applied for or are interested in, and you can receive feedback on your performance to help you improve. Call us on 01483 689001 to arrange an appointment. Some of the employers who visit the campus also offer Mock Interview sessions with their experienced graduate recruiters for details check out the upcoming events section on our website under Calendar of Careers Events.

VP Societies & Individual Development
- Assist and encourage Societies to develop - Provide Training and Volunteering opportunities - Represent students on Union Activities Contact me about: Joining a society or starting a new society and iF estival

VP Sports & Recreation
- Oversee sports clubs - Negotiate with the Sports P on behalf of students ark - Develop the future of Surrey sport Contact me about: Joining a sports team, starting a new sports team, feedback on the sports park.

VP Education
- En sure high standards in learnin and teaching g - Provide training and support to the academic reps - Negotiate with senior university staff on educational matters Contact me about: Problems with your course or problems with the library


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11th October 2011

Accommodation Special
On campus: students like what they have, but University looks to capitalise with more expensive rooms
By Nicole Vassell, Features Editor, and Hannah Wann & Becky Powell, Features Team

n top of the making the big decision to come to university, another significant step made by most first year Surrey students is leaving home for the first time to live in university accommodation. With many students also requesting accommodation in subsequent stages of their university life, the chances are that most of us will have lived on one of the eight accommodation courts on the main campus or at Manor Park, Bellerby Court or Hazel Farm. Being such a major part of the university experience, The Stag has taken the opportunity of Housing Awareness Week to find out what you really think about University accommodation, and to hear a University staff perspective on housing. According to research by The Stag, the court coming out on top overall is Battersea Court. With some of its perks including it having a spacious kitchen and a sociable atmosphere, it received the highest ratings out of ten. Location was most commonly named as the best feature of living in University Court. With its close proximity to town, the union and the lecture theatres, it is possible to get to many useful places in a short amount of time. However, drawbacks include being on the opposite side of campus to Tesco and the Sports Park. Noise from the union was a detracting factor from residents in University and Stag Hill, with major event nights especially causing late-night disruption. Largely, facilities are to a good

asked whether you thought that campus accommodation was worth the money spent, 82.6% of respondents said yes. However, Guildford is known for being one of the most expensive counties in the UK, with more and more cases of students having to spend their entire maintenance loan on accommodation. The Stag was unable to ascertain how much the Government budgets for when

that. Though the accommodation built in the foreseeable future will all be to Band D standard, the University believes there is enough lower price units to satisfy those who need it. Despite being further that most would prefer, the least pricey accommodation at Hazel Farm comes with a free bus pass, making day-time travel a bit easier. In addition, reference was made to

The accommodation built in the foreseeable future will all be to Band D standard.
calculating student loans. James Newby, Director of Traded Services and Business Support at the University said that with five thousand accommodation units to maintain along with the ever-rising price of utilities, the growing cost of rent is something that, unfortunately, cannot be helped. The university is very sympathetic in regards to this, but stress that in comparison to renting a room in privately owned properties and rooms in other universities in the South East region, the services offered by the University are very good value for money. With utilities, Internet, and personal belongings insurance included, a Surrey student is said to ultimately benefit from the accommodation package. Mr Newby also told of the Universitys hopes to increase the cost of rent by a rate thats lower than the current rate of inflation, making the price jump less steep: We certainly understand that hardship funds and measures in place for those who need it (contact Student Advice Centre). However, a potentially worrying matter was the 20112012 Residents Guide containing a new added clause: The University reserves the right to enter your accommodation if they have reasonable grounds to suspect that there is a breach of the Conditions of Residence or that the welfare of any residents is at risk. Students are therefore not protected in the same way a tenant of a private flat is, where landlords must provide notice and attempt to arrange a suitable time before visiting. Mr Newby points out that this does not in any way mean that staff will be entering in circumstances less than extraordinary: We understand that a students bedroom is very private, and wed have to have reasonable grounds that there has been breach of the contract. The Housing Act 1988 prevents universities from providing students in university accommodation assured tenancies. Some students benefit from the type of tenancy that universities provide, as staff access allows for intervention if there are cases of conflict between fellow housemates, repairs, and for cleaning services. Staff having the ability to enter university housing ensures a safer experience, at a time when new students need it.

A home fro
By Tom Goulding, Deputy Editor

The University hopes to increase the cost of rent by a rate thats lower than the current rate of inflation.
standard. With minor individual complaints about the standard in Millennium House, Twyford and University Court, the general consensus of accommodation facilities were positive. All in all, when our poll weve got to hold the rents as low as they can possibly be and we will be very reluctant to increase them by anything more than we absolutely have to. Were under very strong pressure to keep rents down and well do everything we can to do

ituated in the heart of campus, Accommodation Services plays a fundamental part in ensuring that your stay at the University of Surrey is affordable, pleasant and above all comfortable. In the wake of Housing Awareness week, Deputy Director of Accommodation Martin Cliburn chats to The Stag about campus accommodation, demands on placement students and house hunting in the Guildford area. For many first year undergraduates, Housing Awareness week is a stressful time in the University calendar. Having only just settled into the familiar surroundings of Surreys leafy campus, they now have to think about the future; who am I going to live with? How do I contact landlords? Is this contract right for me? One major issue facing prospective renters is the guarantor form. A guarantor form is integral to many landlords, as it stipulates that a third party may be liable

if tenants are unable to pay rent. In most cases this implicates students parents, who have to foot the bill if the contract is breached. Guarantors have existed for a long time, but in the current economic climate the expectations of landlords have increased, admits Mr Cliburn, They are likely to ask more questions of guarantors and in some cases ask for information regarding their annual income. For many parents, this can be invasive. Another danger includes one guarantor being responsible for all tenants, regardless of their relationship. Its important that students read what theyre about to sign, in order to avoid unnecessary complications. Alternatively, there is the option of University-managed accommodation. Last year, we received over 200 groups of students applying for these houses states Mr Cliburn, Although we try and offer all students an equal chance, its difficult to cater for everyone. This statement is also applicable to placement students, who are placed on a similar waiting list for

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11th October 2011



Give Aldershot a shot

Road: Aldershot Road, Guildford Amenities: The following are all less than a 10 minute walk away: 2 Co-op stores Off licence Fish & Chip shop Chinese takeaway Butchers Hairdressers Petrol station 2 pubs (The Wooden Bridge has large HD TVs and pool tables) Getting to Uni:

The walk to campus takes just 20 minutes. Getting to town: Town is a bit of a trek if you were to walk it, but buses do run regularly throughout the day so it didnt cause a big problem for us. The nearest bus stop was basically on our front door step and the journey time is less than 10 minutes! Would I recommend it? A resounding YES! It benefits from a great location, great amenities and being a safe-feeling area due to it being a relatively busy road. Its a nice place to live as you will still be surrounded by students because many properties are available solely for that market (great for house parties!). In addition, just around the corner is a park which is perfect for reading and revision on warmer days.

Going to Town
Road: Just off Recreation Road, Guildford Amenities: The following are all located within a 2-10 minute walk: public park, newsagents, off licence, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Chinese takeaway, dental practice, The Stoke pub and pizzeria, The Drummond pub, Woodbridge Caf, petrol station, Guildford College (gym), Stoke Park and Ornamental Gardens Getting to Uni: One of the pros is living a 10-15 minute walk away from University. This is aided by a public footpath which cuts 20 minutes of walking journey along the main road. There are also bus routes 26/27 which are available at your own leisure. Getting to town: Each ends of the road lead to different parts of town. One end leads directly onto the High Street, making Sainsburys shopping a lot more accessible. Whereas, the other route heads towards the entrance of The Friary Shopping Centre as well as Tesco Extra. Both routes are between 10-20 mins of walking range. Would you recommend it? It can be a bit pricey when it comes to rent, but the location and facilities provided on your doorstep make up for it. Making sure you have double glazed windows is also essential in this area as we have train tracks at the end of our. Socialising at night is great, as there is less worry into arranging and paying for taxis due to its close proximity to town. Guildford Station is a 20-25 minute walk away and direct access onto the A320/A3 from Stoke Road.

om home...
campus accommodation in third year. However, while some students working in London are guaranteed halls of residence, others as far away as Cardiff, and even France, are left having to arrange their own house viewings from an impractical distance. Is this a fair system? Youd be surprised how buoyant Guildfords private sector is, states Mr Cliburn, We actively manage to house 75% of applicants through our ballot system, and even those who regretfully do not make it off the waiting list will find landlords willing to accommodate students at the last minute. In my four years here I have never had a homeless student. In Surrey and across the UK, courts of residence bear a crucial role in the transition from living with parents to living independently. Yet rumours are rife that Surrey intends to decommission its courts in the wake of new improved ensuite accommodation at Manor Park. What could this mean for C/D band students? Mr Cliburn is quick to dispel such speculation. Yes, Manor Park is undergoing further development, and it will be able to accommodate more A/B band residents. However, Twyford Court is also a relatively new construction, and the University has no plans to move its halls to an off-campus site. Mr Cliburn also challenges negative perceptions that Accommodation Services is underperforming in relation to other University departments. Last years iGraduate survey results could be founded on a variety of factors, however our service has won awards in the What Uni? survey, and scored 3% above other accommodation services in the 1994 Research Group. We feel we are providing students with the best experience possible with a service that works. The University of Surrey student Accommodation Services will be willing to answer all your questions regarding Housing Awareness at their Housing Fair on February 13th 2012, while a series of talks will also be held in the Lecture Theatre building between 2 and 3pm.

Park Barn or: the other side of the A3

Fear of being far away from town and various tales of unfriendly residents can put you off, but the cheaper rent in this largely-student populated area was the main selling point. Location: Just off Park Barn Drive, with a cutthrough to Southway Amenities: Within a 5-10 minute walk, you can find: The main Tesco Surrey Sports Park Royal Surrey County Hospital Fish and chips shop Newsagents Post Office Nisa Local Getting to Uni: When taking the Southway underpass short-cut, getting to campus by foot takes seventeen minutes this really isnt recommended if youre alone after dark. Walking the main route around Tesco shouldnt take longer than 25 minutes. In addition, bus routes down Park Barn Drive and can get you to uni much quicker. Dont rely on a bus though leave a bit earlier and walk! Getting to town: A bit of a trek as through campus and then over Yorkies Bridge (by University Court). However, along with buses along Park Barn Drive, the route 4/5 goes down Southway and is pretty reliable. The fare is around 1.70 for a single and shouldnt be more than a pound more for a return. Would you recommend it? Yes as an area, Park Barn gets a much harsher reputation than it deserves. On the whole, its a peaceful place to live with many nice houses. However, it depends on personal preference whether the cheaper rent outweighs the distance from town and potential difficulties in getting home at night.

Reviews by Louisa White, Shalini Thondrayen and Nicole Vassel

Where to live in Guildford?


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11th October 2011

Reusable furniture
By Surrey County Council

Checklist for students moving off-campus

By Chris Thomas, Features Team

s the pressure to find a house rising? Do you know who you are going to live with yet? What happens if all the best houses get taken early? We all want to feel secure knowing we have somewhere to stay next year, but it is important to step back and consider the reality of the situation. Firstly, ask yourself how many people you want to live with. Whilst there are no set rules for how many people it is possible to live with, the average tends to centre around 4 people. This is because most houses surrounding the university usually consist of 3 bedrooms and one converted study. This is not to say you cannot live with another number of people, its just that the general rule seems to be the more people you have, the greater the competition. On the other hand, think about how many emails you receive saying we are two first year boys and girl looking for another person to share a house with Next on your checklist of things to think about is what kind of standard can I get? About this time each year, students get anxious and concerned over the myth that all the best houses disappear first. I can tell you now that this is just simply not the case. Although its true that a great deal of landlords begin advertising their properties around this time, there are also a great number who do not. Even houses within five minutes of the university start becoming available throughout the summer long after housing awareness week. So dont feel pressured to take a house, simply because you are worried they will all disappear. The search itself can be frustrating most students spend hours trawling through property websites just to get a viewing and then can often view at least four houses before having the opportunity make a decision. So dont get too disheartened when you dont find your dream house first time. Also consider that there is a great deal of things for you to think about: does this houses rent include bills? Do I need public transport to get to lectures in the morning? Am I near enough to

the sports park? So you can relax in the knowledge that everyone finds this a frustrating process.

Ten key things to think about when choosing a house:

Location, location, location - while choosing a house close to food shops and the university is preferable; always remember having a house on a good bus route can be just as effective. Mould/damp patches - although it may appear disgusting, dont turn down a house purely on the basis of this natural growth. Simple cleaning and buying a dehumidifier can usually solve this problem see if the landlord could sort it out beforehand. Televisions - be aware some houses come with televisions, some dont. Bear in mind the price of a television licence if you choose this option. Bathrooms - can the number of bathrooms account for the number of people? Internet - is the price of internet included in the bills or will you have to split the cost of broadband? The same goes for other bills such as gas and electricity. Security - Does this house appear an easy target for criminals? Most students go home for Christmas so it is also worth considering the price of insurance. Storage space - thinking of cycling to lectures next year? Will your other housemates really be happy stepping around your bicycle everyday? Neighbours its worth asking about the people youll live next-door to for a year. Appliances Is everything currently in a working state? If not, is the landlord going to do something about it? Read the contract - always be aware of what youre signing up for. Do you have responsibility for upkeep of the garden?

hen youre buying new furniture and products for your home, have you ever thought about visiting a reuse organization? Buying reusable furniture and kitchen appliances is great value, good for the environment and you might just find a hidden treasure. The Surrey Reuse Network offers a wide range of good quality items at affordable prices. Made up of a group of six charities, the network aims to find new homes for donated furniture and kitchen appliances, as well as offering training and employment opportunities and helping local families in need. Why not buy from a local reuse showroom? Youll find everything you need to make a house a home: Fantastic savings whether you buy a modern piece of flat pack furniture or a 100-year-old solid wood piece, youll be getting a bargain. Excellent choice new items come into the showrooms all the time so there is always a wide range to choose from. Great quality whether modern or old the items for sale are checked for quality and safety. Hidden treasures - one off pieces regularly feature and can add a unique sense of style to your home. Good cause buying from the network enables the community support it

provides, helping families in need and enabling people to get back into work. Donate it, dont waste it! Find a new home for those kitchen appliances you no longer need Have you got any unwanted white goods or are looking to replace them soon? As long as they are in good condition, the Surrey Reuse Network will be happy to collect and recycle them for use by others. Or you can drop them off at your nearest showroom. Items include washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, fridges and freezers. Why donate? Its easy and convenient a simple phone call is all it takes to donate. A member of our friendly team will arrange for collection or a time that you can drop items off at your local showroom. Community benefit your donation will help raise funds for the community work the charities carry out, helping families in need and enabling people to get back into work. Green savings buying reusable items saves them from going to landfill, which is both financially and environmentally costly. Call 0800 082 0180 (free phone if called on landline but charges will apply if you use a mobile) or visit to find your nearest showroom and donate today. Charity donations of up to 15 are requested to help towards collection costs.

The Stag |

11th October 2011



Resolution! 2012
By Lucy Jarvis, Dance & Theatre Team

Dance & Theatre

Cirque du Soleil or Cirque du snore?
Shawn Carpenter

Dreamboats and Petticoats

By Hannah Jelliman, Dance & Theatre Editor ive dancing, circular skirts, big hair and of course Rock n Roll, all synonymous with stereotypes of 1960s Americano? How about 1960s Essex? Dreamboats and Petticoats brings you back down to earth from many Rock n Roll musicals, showing a slightly more likely side to the vibrant era. I say this extremely loosely, there was of course a large amount of cheesy choreography, skirt flicking and random bursts into song, so not entirely representative of true life. However, the storyline showed the struggles of wannabe musicians in working class Essex and the usual teenage dramas of love and heartbreak. The musical follows a group of teenagers, all members of the same youth group

oasting 78 new dance works from a range of choreographers, Resolution! 2012 is the place to be this January and February. Resolution! at The Place (Euston) has been running for 23 years now and with names such as Wayne McGregor, Russell Maliphant, Jasmin Vardimon and Hofesh Schecter gracing previous bills, if youre lucky you might be watching the next big thing! Each night provides a mixed bill of three different aspiring companies, and while you do have to take the rough with the smooth, this is an exciting opportunity to see where the choreographers of tomorrow are going next. Take The Maxwell Dance Projects new work The B-Sides. This lively, intoxicating piece may not have been performed with all the technical precision of Rambert, however the unique mix of dance hall moves and contemporary dance gave this

piece an individual flare. Rolling their hips and pulsing their bodies to the throbbing Jamaican base, the six dancers worked the crowd with the swagger more common to hip hop performers than contemporary dancers. At the other end of the scale, the commanding presence of Gwyn Embertons technically precise, muscular frame, sliced through the air in his duet The Seamless Act of Being. But while the tensile unfolding movement gave their work its power, the meaning was rather lost and an arty ambiguous black and white film became a distraction. Joined onstage by Johanna Devi, the two met with brief eye contact and orbited oneanothers space, but their relationship had nothing of longterm love or the apprehension of a first embrace and I was left wondering who they really were. Alongside some slightly uninspiring performances,

however, came Erik Nevin with his work The Forest. This serene performance was executed with an uplifting, understated quality. Strolling onto stage, the house lights still up Nevin, scruffily clad in an untucked shirt and faded jeans, gazed out into the audience, taking in one face after another. His arms traced imaginary obstacles and his body reacted with the slightest twitch of the knee. This work is a true testament to the captivating power of doing almost nothing. So far, Resolution has provided a mixed bag of new and stirring work. Its the perfect opportunity for new choreographers to get their work seen and I would advise any aspiring choreographer to get themselves down there this second! There is some fantastic work on offer, but dont take my word for it, check out Resolution! Take a look on The Place website to find reviews of every performance so far.

By Julie Foord, Dance & Theatre Team

James Rowbowthan Dance Photography

The Maxwell Dance Projects new work The B-Sides

as they ultimately attempt to compete in a song writing competition, experiencing a great deal of teen rivalry along the way and fighting for the attention of their crushes and the status as the bigger man. Bobbys (David Ribi) struggle between fighting for the attention of the town hottie, Sue (Robyn Mellor) and realising the love of his best friends adorable sister, Laura (Samantha Dorrance) provides the classic Love triangle, made ever more complicated by teenage heartthrob Norman (Ben James-Ellis). Despite the extremely predictable storyline and sometimes OTT acting, Dreamboats and Petticoats promises to be only one thing, fun. With non-stop lively Rock n Roll hits and typical musical theatre ballads, the cast provided a lively, energetic production, keeping the

audience smiling and enthusiastic throughout. The band have to be particularly commended, with all of the music being performed live on stage by the cast themselves, they all showed an incredible array of talent alongside the usual singing, acting and dancing. Considering a fairly large percentage of the cast are fresh out of acting school (some of which representing our very own GSA), the standard was extremely high, showing incredible professionalism, despite a few technical faults. The opening night of the new tour, with a fresh cast and fresh talent, was undoubtedly a great success and is sure to have a fantastic season.

itting opposite a giant structure of a turtle shell, upon which acrobatic frogs leap around in gorgeously designed costumes, Cirque du Soleil seems ready to take the audience on a fascinating journey through the evolution of mankind. Unfortunately, the circus was more like a rollercoaster between the spectacular and the not so impressive, punctuated with comedic clowns who kept us well entertained. An exciting and moving duet between a young couple was the highlight of the show, as they played out their new relationship several feet high on a trapeze. They fought, the boy nudging the girl, who would fall only to be caught at the last minute, flung up in the air and hugged in a warm embrace. Another skating duet in which a woman was spun around and flung in every direction was terrifying and intense. Contained to a small circular platform, the pair wowed the audience with their high speeds and jewelled white costumes. As with the trapeze act, the performance combined a pleasant story with a terrific display, a formula which clearly worked, yet was used ineffectively in most of the show. Acts such as the five unicyclists were less impressive, whose individual tricks seemed a little under rehearsed and wobbly, with their performance continuing for too long. Another scientific section in which a clown stood inside a plastic beaker and spun glowing balls was rather tedious and unimaginative. However, its impressive accompaniment of crazy professors playing a tune on gigantic test tubes was rather amusing. Overall, the show was certainly a delight and the sheer effort that has gone into the rehearsal, costumes and music cannot be doubted. Nonetheless, it seemed at times as though the producers were playing it safe with acts that have been witnessed many times before in your average circus.


The Stag |

11th October 2011

Your fortnightly guide to the Arts at Surrey

Pittaya Stroilong

GSA graduates hit the big time

By Tiffany Stoneman, Dance & Theatre Team

fter many years of hoping, I have finally managed to see the 25 year old phenomenon that is Victor Hugos Les Misrables on stage at the Queens Theatre. It is English opera as Ive never seen it before, filled with passion, musicality and comedy a spectacle that moves and awes. Amongst the theatrical treats and surprises, I was amazed to see that almost a quarter of the cast were trained at our very own Guildford School of Acting, as was Christopher Key, resident director and the character Jean Valjean on the night I went to. James Charlton, Mary Cormack, Helen Owen, and Liz Singleton also made up a large proportion of the outstanding

ensemble that really helped to build the atmosphere. As part of the hilariously sinister Lovely Ladies song, Leanne Rogers was the commanding Madame, whilst the two lead female roles of Fantine and Cosette were played by Caroline Sheen and LisaAnne Wood respectively, both of whom are recent graduates, Wood finishing only last summer. As a performance, I cannot find the words to do justice to the wonder of Les Misrables. It has seen a quarter of a century onstage, toured internationally and across America, and is currently residing in Shaftesbury Avenue. The original design by John Napier features a stark set of ladders and chairs, creating dilapidated buildings and the infamous Parisian Republican

barricade. Combined with the stirring orchestration of John Cameron and new developments by Christopher Jahnke, it is, needless to say, a masterpiece of creativity and emotion. Its a credit to GSA and by extension the community of Surrey that such a key part of this worldrenowned production hail from our campus and studentship. The production is undoubtedly a mustsee regardless of its cast, but the fact that it boasts so many homegrown actors makes it even more appealing, especially to Theatre students from both GSA and the University. It is an inspiration to see what can be achieved after graduation; in this competitive industry, for seven students to land such roles is something to be proud of and aspire to. Scottish Ballet. The National Theatre was the biggest winner in the Drama Awards, receiving multiple awards either directly or indirectly. Awards included Best New Play for Richard Beans One Man, Two Guvnors, currently playing in the West End and starring James Corden. Mike Leigh won Best Director for Grief whilst Danny Boyles Frankenstein won two awards: Best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatchs performance and Best Designer, awarded to Mark Tildesley. Aside from the National Theatre, Sheridan Smith won Best Actress for her performance in Flare Path and Eddie Redmayne won the John and Wendy Trewin Award for Best Shakespearean Performance in Richard II. Finally, two newcomers to the theatre world won awards: Tom Wells won Most Promising Playwright and Blanche McIntyre won the Jack Tinker Award for Most Promising Newcomer.

he University of Surreys resident dance company Actual Size has devised a collection of works for you to enjoy and admire. Workshops and classes with Replica Dance Company, Luke Birch and Efrosini Protopapa have inspired the company to construct exciting and original choreographies for Actual Size Dance Companys annual show. Actual Size When: Wednesday 22nd February 7:30pm Where: PATS Dance Studio How much: 4, 2.50 students Book online: dance or by phone: 01483 686876

Awards all round in the dance and theatre world

Hannah Jelliman, Dance & Theatre Editor

his month has been an important one in the UK dance and theatre calendar, with many dancers, actors, companies, choreographers and directors receiving awards at the highly established Critics Circle Awards. The Critics Circle is comprised of a selection of arts critics, who hold an annual award ceremony to praise contributors to the dance, theatre, music, visual arts and film worlds and aim to promote the art of criticism through presenting these awards. Highlights of the winners in the Dance awards include: Sylvie Guillem, who won the Outstanding Female Performance (Modern) for her display in 6000 Miles Away, and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, winner of the Outstanding Male Performance (Modern) for

Dunas. Other individual performance awards included Outstanding Male Performance (Classical), won by Gary Avis (The Royal Ballet) and Outstanding Female Performance (Classical), won by Sophie Martin (Scottish Ballet). The two choreography awards are a particularly highly commended achievement: Best Classical Choreography and Best Modern Choreography won by David Bintley (for Cinderella with the Birmingham Royal Ballet) and Akram Khan (For Vertical Road) respectively. Finally, sponsored awards included The Dancing Times award for Best Male Dancer, presented to Steven McRae (Royal Ballet), the Grishko award for Best Female Dancer, won by Daria Klimentov (English National Ballet) and the De Valio award for Outstanding Achievement, deservedly awarded to Ashley Page, artistic director of

To find out more about the winners and for more information about the Critics Circle, visit

n 1941, the huge popularity of his poem, Wait For Me, projected Konstantin Simonov into the literary stratosphere of the Soviet Union. But what was the price of becoming Stalins favourite writer? Years later, now ageing and unwell, Simonov looks back on a lifetime as part of Stalins Soviet elite and confronts his demons. Adapted from Orlando Figes ground-breaking book The Whisperers, Stalins Favourite provides an emotionally engaging personal human insight into these momentous historical events. Stalins Favourites presented by Theatre Unlimited When: Wednesday 29th February 7:30pm Where: Ivy Arts Centre How much: 12, 10 concessions Book online: theatre or by phone: 01483 686876

Jellimans Gems
The next time you look into the mirror, just look at the way the ears rest next to the head; look at the way the hairline grows; think of all the little bones in your wrist. It is a miracle. And the dance is a celebration of that miracle. Martha Graham

Student Image

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11th October 2011



Award winning author Salman Rushdie banned from Indian festival of literature
By Alexandra Wilks, Literature Editor


ir Salman Rushdie, author of Booker Prize winner Midnights Children, has been dropped from Jaipur Literature Festival in India due to threats to his safety. Despite Rushdie being voted the best Booker Prize winner of the last 40 years, his name was taken off the Festival bill after the Darul Uloom Deoband seminary (a powerful Islamic group) called on the government to ban Rushdie from entering the country. Rushdie announced he would instead be doing a video linked reading at the festival. However, Vijendra Jhala, Jaipurs police chief, stated that owing to the view of the resentment simmering in the city the organisers of the Festival could not allow Rushdie to appear by video link. Abul Qasim Nomai, the head of Uloom Deoband, described Rushdies 1988 novel The Satanic Verses as blasphemy and stated that the author could never be forgiven for this. The narrator of The Satanic Verses disputes the idea that the Archangel Gabriel disclosed verses of the Koran. This caused the novel to be banned in the Islamic world, including India, which has a population of fewer than

180 million Muslims. Nomai claimed that the Muslims could not pardon [Rushdie] at any cost. After Nomais warning, Rushdies name was removed from the programme for the event. A spokesman for the Festival issued the following statement, Salman Rushdie will not be in India [on those dates] due to a change of schedule. This story has hit the headlines, sparking controversy globally, with English human rights Journalist Jerome Taylor tweeting that its, Depressing that...Salman Rushdie cant turn up to a literary festival because of a wonderful piece of fiction written 24 years ago. Rushdie himself launched a vicious attack on the Muslim groups that were so unscrupulous, and whose idea of free speech is that they are the only ones entitled to it. Rushdie also blamed the Indian Government, believing that they feared alienating Muslim voters in the upcoming elections. Tarun Tejpal, an author and editor of Telkelka magazine, spoke at Jaipur and told the audience Rushdies voice could speak in a thousand different ways. Ending with, Its not a victory for them. Its a momentary setback for all of us.

Salman Rushdie has been banned from attending an Indian book festival over security fears. He has been the subject of death threats from Muslim ultraconservatives since he published his book The Satanic Verses in 1989, which was widely regarded as offensive to Muslims.

Book VS e-Book
By Becky Richmond, Literature Team

Its grammatically incorrect!

By Emily Smart, Literature Team

hristmas 2011 saw the interest in Kindles and other e-readers go up by 261%, according to data released by Millennial Media. Adding to this, figures released by opinion poll YouGov showed that 1 in 40 of us received a Kindle or e-reader as a present, so it is clear how popular e-books have become. As an English Literature student, I frequently hear about how we should ditch the Kindle and go back to oldschool, printed, hard copy. I must admit, before I owned a Kindle I felt much the same. However, when I purchased a Kindle, I realised that theyre not the devil academics make them out to be. Despite this, many still prefer to hold the hard copy in their hand, smell that new book smell and get paper cuts from the crisp pages. Alan Staton, head of marketing at The Booksellers Association shows that hard copies are not being pushed out; he reveals that 7 out of 10 books bought as Christmas

presents will still have been bought in a shop. He later adds that Britain is adapting to a digital world. A new age of reading has emerged, and we must embrace it. The purchase of a Kindle makes the subsequent e-books cheaper than the hard copy, and who doesnt appreciate that in this tough economic time? There has also been research to prove that the Kindle is environmentally friendly. They reduce the need for paper, thus saving trees, and they only need to be charged once a month when used for 30 minutes a day, so they dont even use much electricity. Its been proved that the Kindle would decrease your carbon footprint. Im not urging you to go out right now and purchase an e-book reader. Im simply giving a reason as to why we should embrace the new digital reading age were moving into, and realise that Kindles are not the anti-print Electronic book-readers like Amazons Kindle and book that some people assume Sonys PRS-650 are taking off, but are they a match them to be. for paperbacks?

hould practicality out-weigh bad grammar? Waterstones, or should I say Waterstones seems to think so. The bookshop chain, recently taken over by Russian billionaire Alexander Mamut, has stated that he is removing the apostrophe from its well known logo. The managing director, James Daunt, believes that this lack in character will make the brand more versatile and practical when being used in the ever expanding digital world. However, can it be said that this really justifies the ignorance towards grammar? The Apostrophe Society chairman, John Richards, recently reported saying Its just plain wrong. Its grammatically incorrect. If Sainsburys and McDonalds can get it right, then why cant

Waterstones? You would really hope that a bookshop is the last place to be so slapdash with English. Many people have suggested that the adjustment is to make the founder of the store, Tim Waterstone, become an insignificant factor involved in the brand. This could be due to Daunts previous envious attitude towards Waterstones. In 1990, he started his own chain of bookstores named Daunt Books. Yet, these six stores were no match for the two hundred and ninety-six Waterstones outlets nationwide. Regardless of whether this is the case, there is no real reason for being grammatically incorrect and in doing so, Waterstones have received an enormous back lash from confused, disappointed and angry customers.

Phillip Baron

New Waterstones owner Alexander Mamut: an iconoclast or merely illiterate?


David Shankbone


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11th October 2011

Does reading really make us better people?

By Emily Smart, Literature Team

A prisoner studies in his prison's library

ollowing the Evening Standards: Get London Reading campaign, Londons inhabitants have been urged to better themselves by the ways of Literature. The campaign wishes to target all age groups, ranging from struggling primary school students to illiterate convicts behind the bars of London prisons. In December, prisons were encouraged to spend more time with the prisoners when teaching them literacy. The campaign believes that if the inmates were taught to read and write, then the crime rate would lower as a result. However, can reading really stop a murderer from acting again? One could argue that books could counteract this scheme, for the texts could potentially encourage minds to think up more intense, detailed plans to commit a crime. Books are there to influence and according to Waxler, a Professor of English at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, to break free from our single lives. Yet, reading the likes of Nabokovs Lolita or even the villainous acts of the creature in Shelleys Frankenstein, this

is not going to be a significant help in cutting down crime. In some cases, nonetheless, this escape may be exactly what the prisoners need. For the last ten years Professor Jenny Hartley and Sarah Turvey have been part of the Prisoners Education Trust. This partnership put in place reading groups, and from the case studies available it appears to have been highly successful. One encouraging case was Chris, aged 49, a man who left school with only four GCSEs to his name. When placed in prison he decided to make the most out of what was on offer to him. He found that English was able to take my mind away from the way I am forced to live. He found that the courses gave him something to work towards and that he finally had a sense of achieving something. This is highly encouraging and a fantastic example that illustrates exactly how literature and learning to read can help change someones life. It is clear that this will not work for everyone, but by simply having the choice to read, especially for those in juvenile prison who wish to, many will be benefitted greatly.

Where is the ultimate reading location?

By Sophie Vickery, Literature Team

n average, a person spends an estimated 45 to 62 minutes waiting everyday. The average person also spends five years waiting in queues where roughly six months of that is waiting at traffic lights. We certainly waste a lot of time waiting: waiting for the kettle to boil, the 9.30 train, mail to be delivered, kids to finish school, toast to toast, the bill. Many of us are even waiting for a potential husband to arrive! Reading is perhaps one of the best ways to turn this time from wasted to worthwhile. Its very easy to pick up a book, even for just a few minutes and immerse yourself into worlds of secret hallways, enchanted forests, oppressive regimes and sublime pastures, where tedious waiting just doesnt happen. However, very few of us read during these

periods of waiting, raising the question as to why not. When asked, several suggested that its not practical to read while in a queue or standing at a bus stop. Others argued that they prefer to create a more appropriate environment for reading, one of comfort, solitude or peace. So it seems that location is a key element to reading, raising another question; what is the ultimate reading location? A location always abundant in paperbacks, newspapers and documents is the airport, another is a train. But with the chaos associated with these environments, its unlikely theyd be described as the most ideal places to settle into a novel. Perhaps the genre requires a suitable location for one to fully be captured by a text. For instance, reading James Bond in a calming bath with floating candles probably wont depict the novels suspense. Similarly, reading 1984 on a Sunday afternoon beside a cosy fire may not enhance

Book Aid International

its severity. Meanwhile, reading Hardys novels on a picnic blanket in Devon would create a world so real that Tess will soon be eating strawberries from the picnic basket beside the reader. Surely the best place to read Harry Potter is beneath the duvet (or should I say invisibility cloak?) where the torch becomes an illuminated wand and a creak from the ceiling becomes the sound of Harrys footsteps in the librarys restricted section. Naturally, there are many other ideal locations like the sofa in Starbucks, the library, the beach and of course the location which certainly deserves a mention; the toilet! By pairing the right genre with the right location, worlds will be created of such realism that Frodo and Frankenstein will soon be sitting right beside you, and those wasted periods of waiting will be transformed to minutes of wonder.


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11th October 2011



Awards Season Highlights

the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California, where it has been hosted since 1961. The accolades awarded to all of the stars were certainly deserved. It seemed that female actresses, particularly classic stars such as Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet, were expected big winners. The winner of Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion PictureDrama went to Meryl Streep for her outstanding role in The Iron Lady, a biographical account of the life of Margaret Thatcher, and her rise and struggle for power as the first female Prime Minister. Newcomer to the television world Zooey Deschanel was recognized for her role in the hit television series New Girl, after her emergence into the film world in films such as Failure to Launch, and 500 Days of Summer, proving that the transition from film to television can be just as satisfying. The Screen Actors Guild Awards announced its winners on the 29th January 2012. A big winner was The Help, in which Viola Davis took home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. The Help also took home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. The 2012 Baftas, Britains most prestigious awards ceremony, is due to release its winners on the 17th February 2012. Nominees for Best Film have been reviewed by The Stag in the past few months, including Drive and Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy. The award for Best Actor is a close competition between the likes of George Clooney for his role in The Descendants and Brad Pitt for Moneyball. The tense atmosphere created through these award ceremonies justifies and congratulates these dedicated actors for all their hard work throughout the year. From the Baftas to the Sundance Film Festival, theres an awards show sure to rewards those innovative, epic or stunning motion pictures weve had the pleasure of viewing over the past twelve months.


By Tiffany Tucker, Film Editor

ith awards season just beginning, Hollywood is definitely looking its best. The 69th Golden Globes, honoring the finest in film and television for 2011, were presented on January 15th 2012 at

All hail Liam Neeson

of an aeroplane crash, leading a group as they struggle to endure the harsh temperatures and battle wolves in Alaska. Between its first Friday and Sunday of release, the film raked in a staggering $20m (13m), knocking Underworld: Awakening to second place. This was marginally higher than expected, with distributor Open Road Films, estimating up to $12 million in debut weekend sales. The Grey played at 3,185 North American theatres and earned an average of $6,279 per venue. It seems that Neeson is known for such a triumph in the box office. In February 2011, Unknown achieved the exact same victory, topping the charts in its first weekend with $21.8m (13.4m), and storming ahead of I Am Number Four. At this defeat, head of distribution at Warner Bros, Dan Fellman, said Neeson was the new man when it came to action heroes, adding that in putting him in the right role he will be every mans action star. It seems that Neeson had a reputation to live up to: a label he more than excelled in the new-found success of The Grey. With new film Wrath of the Titans due for release in March, and both Battleship and The Dark Knight Rises in post-production, Neeson is in for a sensational 2012. However, the news that he is currently filming for the sequel to Taken will be the one to thrill Liam Neeson fans universally. Keep a look out in October!

More Twilight films say studio bosses

Liam Neeson in the new top spot film The Grey By Candice Ritchie, Film Team

iam Neeson: need I say more? Storming ahead in popularity since Taken, he has made flawless performances in The A-Team, The Next Three Days and Unknown, so its unsurprising that his new film topped the US box office in its opening weekend. The Grey released in cinemas last week - narrates Neeson as the survivor

By Alexandra Wilks, Literature Editor he latest Twilight film Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was panned by critics, with Robbie Collin of The Telegraph describing it as a humourless, incoherent bore. Despite this, Lionsgates chief Executive Jon Feltheimer has suggested that he may continue the series past Breaking Dawn: Part 2. The next film marks the end of Meyers tale of Edward and Bellas romance. However, Lionsgate bought Twilight studios from Summit for more than $400 million on 13th January with Feltheimer claiming that his aim was to maximise profits as much as possible. In terms of profit, Twilight has been hugely successful with the latest film, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, grossing $138, 122, 621 on its opening weekend in America. Feltheimer claimed that

he believed Breaking Dawn: Part 2 would be the most successful of all four films. The LA times asked him if he would like the series to continue past this point and his answer was, Boy I hope so. Twilight film fans will be delighted with his news, but it may come as a surprise to Stephanie Meyer who has only written four novels in the series and a novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. She has stated previously that she has no plans to continue the series further. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner does not seem like an obvious contender for an adaptation as it does not contain the main characters that have made the films so popular. It will be interesting to see what Feltheimer does with the Twilight franchise and as a Twilight fan, I eagerly await further news!


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11th October 2011

J Edgar (2012)
By Tom Goulding, Deputy Editor

012 is fast becoming the year of the conservative biopic. Hot on the heels of The Iron Lady comes J Edgar, Clint Eastwoods own lesson in stars-and-stripes sentimentalism. Charting the rise and fall of the FBIs autocratic leader J Edgar Hoover between 1919 and 1972, J Edgar promises an illuminating insight into 20th Century America. The events that punctuate Hoovers reign read like a GCSE history lesson; Bolshevism, The Great Depression, the Klu Klux Klan, McCarthyism, the Civil Rights Movement and Watergate, are just some of the broad

subjects that had deep implications on Hoovers tenure. Yet Eastwood opts to bypass such rich pickings in favour of Hoovers private life, delving behind closed doors to study the Man, rather than the Legend. The result is an engrossing psychological portrait of a lone man determined to conform to his mothers expectations. Leonardo DiCaprio, who has excelled in this genre before as innovator Howard Hughes in The Aviator, gives a mesmerizing performance as the stuffy, pedantic Hoover, struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. However, it is Dame Judi Denchs outstanding performance as his controlling mother

Leonardo DiCaprios portrail is a mesmerizing performance as the stuffy, pedantic Hoover struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. that provides the films greatest talent; her deadpan denouncement, Id rather have a dead son than a daffodil for a son is the films standout moment that reveals the ever present tyranny lurking behind the veneer of matriarchal pride. As a director, Eastwood has never been one to stray far from the historical epic. As with his previous efforts, Changeling, Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, J Edgar can at times feel encumbered by its lumbering pace. Yet its patriotic bias is also self-aware, a directorial style that treats Hoovers legacy with a pinch of salt. As an audience, we are conscious of the blackmail, the wiretapping and falsified heroics behind the power. It is a testament to Eastwoods direction that, unlike The Iron Lady, nostalgia and sympathy never distort the truth.

The Crow (1994)

By Caroline James, Film Team

his review was written with the steady approach of Valentines Day in mind. Ah, that wonderful holiday of segregation between lonely singletons and smug couples. But before I get into an angry anti-Valentines day rant, lets think of the sorts of films those happy couples watch together this one, cruel day of the year. Romantic Comedies? Romances? Yes, it seems that they usually fall under these two categories. But how about a romance thats also an action film, and very, very gothic? The last appearance of one of the most beautiful men to ever grace the silver screen? Combine all of those elements together and you have Alex Proyas The Crow (1994). Based on the 1989 comic book series of the same name by James OBarr, The Crow begins at the crime scene of rock guitarist Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) and his fiance, Shelly Websters (Sofia Shinas) deaths. The two are murdered by a gang of marauding thugs who unleash chaos on the city annually on Devils Night (a.k.a: the night before Halloween). However, a year later, Eric is resurrected with the powers of invincibility and supernatural strength.

Under the watchful eye of a mysterious crow, Eric goes about the city slaying the gang members to avenge his fiances murder as well as his own. The plot concept alone, that love transcends death, is very romantic to me. But what adds to the dark romance of the story is its dark setting. The film takes place at the heart of an ambiguous American city and most of the action occurs at the dead of night, whilst the gothic architecture and chiaroscuro lighting create a very beautiful, desolate atmosphere. However, the most tragically romantic aspect of the whole film is undoubtedly the fact that this was Brandon Lees last film. Whilst filming during the last weeks of production, Lee was mortally wounded when a dummy bullet, which had become lodged in one of the prop guns, was shot into his abdomen by a blank cartridge. Therefore, with the use of digitally superimposing Lees face on the stunt doubles in some shots, The Crow has the added eeriness of the protagonist literally being played by a ghost, as well as being a haunting reminder of a talented man who died too young.


The Stag |

11th October 2011

SINGLE REVIEW: Lucy Rose Red Face

By Lewis Booth, Music Team


n Tuesday 15th of November last year, I was taken up to Rough Trade East in London to see the release of Lucy Roses second single Scar. Id not heard anything by her so I went without expectations and an open mind. I remember leaving the half an hour set totally infatuated. I dont know whether this was due to her slightly nervous stage patter, the overwhelmed gratitude at the 150+ people crammed into the store, or her wonderful voice. Im guessing a mix of all three. I understand that Lucy Rose is probably not a name everyone will immediately be aware of. Perhaps a handful of Bombay Bicycle Club fans will recognise her name from the sleeve notes of their recent release, A Different Kind of Fix, in which she provides the back-up vocals for the last two singles Leave It and Lights Out, Words Gone. If you are not familiar with her, consider this your introduction. Her third single was released on the 6th of January and it is definitely worth a listen, or ten. Red Face follows the previous releases Middle of the Bed and

the aforementioned Scar in anticipation of her forthcoming untitled album. It is a song that looks back at a relationship that has seemingly ended badly. The singer is left to experience a wealth of expressive connotations that arise from being red faced; angry, irritated and perhaps even embarrassed. The single kicks off fiercely with a miniature overture, in which the frustration she will exhibit within the rest of the song manifests itself with a tensecond instrumental release. A quick progression of drum beats accompany Roses guitar before composing into a slower pace as her voice takes precedence. The opening line defiantly states I dont care what the people may say as the vocalist attempts to assert some independent control but still finds herself in the introspective solitude of her head; So, Ill take a trip to the back of my mind/See what is there, what will I find?. Roses voice may lack the lung power of someone like Adele, but this is definitely not a bad thing. The soothing delicacy of her vocals perfectly articulates the vulnerability of her situation

Old Dogs, New Tricks: The Traveling Wilburys - 'Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1'
By Dan Davison, Music Team

hose who caught my review last December of Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl (1989) may recall my mention of The Traveling Wilburys. Formed in 1988, this super-group saw Orbison join forces with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. With such a lineup, high expectations of the band's debut LP would be well-founded. That said, super-group projects are also somewhat notorious; as per the old adage, 'too many cooks spoil the broth'. As such, some degree of scepticism would also be reasonable. Regardless of the mentality assumed, 'Old Dogs, New Tricks' is proud to take its furthest step into the past thus far to look at Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 (1988). The general spirit of the album is perfectly encapsulated by the opening track and lead single, 'Handle With Care'. Here Harrison takes lead vocal, with Orbison bringing his sensitive touch to the bridge and Dylan lending his trademark harmonica to the fadeout. Whilst the stronger

singers are given their moments to stand out, such as Orbison's wideranging vocal showcase on the melancholic 'Not Alone Any More', the band does an admirable job of sharing the spotlight between its members. Lynne comes to the forefront on 'Rattled', a delightful throwback to the rock n' roll era, whilst Petty guides the band through the comedy of 'Last Night'. Yet where the Wilburys truly shine is where the members' individual strengths are combined to the fullest potency. Dylan's lyrical wit shines through the verses of 'Tweeter and the Monkey Man', a charming tip-of-the-hat to the works of Bruce Springsteen, with the rest of the band joining in for a rousing chorus. The standout track of the album, however, has to be the travel-themed 'End of the Line'. With Petty taking lead for the verses and the remaining members minus Dylan alternating for the chorus, its central message of hope provides many a quotable line of reassurance; Don't have to be ashamed of the car I drive/I'm just glad to be here, happy to be alive.

Despite my enthusiastic praise, it would be misleading of me to describe the album as perfect. For instance, in the words of David Bowie, Dylan's singing voice is very much like sand and glue. Whilst this comes as no surprise to anybody familiar with Dylan's work and this weakness is reduced by the band's tendency to share vocals, full track Dylan leads such as that on the break-up ballad 'Congratulations' carry a certain potential to become grating. However, the detractions created by the album's weaknesses are certainly overcome by its strengths. Simply put, this LP is a rare example of a super-group effort free of conflicting egos or pretentious goals. Rather it is the result of five musical icons coming together in genuine friendship to do what they do best. The resultant synergy is why I have no reservations about conferring my first 5/5 rating upon this album. For all who are interested in popular music history, Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 is an absolute recommendation.


Alessio Michelini

within the song. It also gives her sound something slightly different to the other British female singer-songwriters; it becomes an extension of the socially affectability of youth. The backing of a full band expresses what the passivity, apparently demonstrated by her voice, cannot. The chorus erupts from the verses self-control and Rose reflects this with a raise in tone. A quickened tempo aids her remonstrate the clichd break-up phrases sold to her: and you said everything will be the same/Look here, everything is gonna change. The song ends with a build-up to cathartic absolution by means of a progressive melody, similar to something youd hear by Bombay Bicycle Club or Foals. Her voice beautifully accompanies the musical development as she expresses the hurt and resentment toward her emotional assailant within the repeated lyric take what you wanted, leave what you didnt need. Drained, the song suddenly comes to its imminent final note and I hastily click the replay button desperate for the album.



The Stag |

11th October 2011



By Sophia Field, Music Editor

ast year was a big year for new music and the recently signed Lawson began their upward climb to success, supporting the likes of Avril Lavigne, The Wanted and Will Young. At the end of last year The Stag was lucky enough to witness them live in action and they did not fail to impress. With the punchy drum beat and determination of their opening song, singing that they were Gunna make it happen they demanded the audiences attention and the audience certainly responded with great gusto! The whole set was fantastic and left the audience wanting more, even featuring a cover of Katy Perrys Firework which had us singing along and as a whole, proving their status as an up-andcoming in the music scene today. We were lucky enough to have the lovely bunch answer a few of our questions. How has it been touring with Will Young? ADAM - The Tour with Will was great, it was a different crowd than we are used too, but that added to the challenge and fun of the tour, Will was a great guy and it was an honour to support him. ANDY - The Will Young tour was amazing. Will was such a pleasure to work with. He even said we remind him of his favourite artist Gavin Degraw, which was an amazing compliment for us.

How did you guys meet? ANDY - Joel and Ryan went to college together, and me and Adam were friends on MySpace.....of all places, it was a bit of a strange one! I knew Ryan through our shared appreciation of John Mayer, we met in the lobby of a session musician audition and immediately got on! Ryan then introduced me to Joel and I introduced them to Adam!! Not very exciting is it?! How are you feeling about your headlining tour coming up? JOEL We're itching to get on the road it's literally the best thing about being a musician. And the fact that it's our very first headline tour makes it that much more amazing. Tickets have sold beyond our expectations we've not even had a song out or played on the radio yet and 2 of the dates have sold out. You have supported Avril Lavigne, The Wanted and now, Will Young,.. which tour has been your favourite? ANDY - I think Avril Lavigne at the Hammersmith Apollo was a favourite for me, it really felt like our own show! The audience were so appreciative and even sang along the words to our songs. Touring with The Wanted was also awesome as we're great friends with the lads, so it's just like being on tour with your best mates! If you could meet anyone, dead or

alive, who would it be? ADAM - Probably John Mayer, Robbie Williams or Jessica Alba. RYAN The female students of the University of Surrey. I hear they're very smart. What is your routine for preparing yourselves before a gig? ANDY Well usually we just chat and eat, then before you know it, youre ready to go on, however, recently I've started warming up before I go on, so about half an hour before I make all these weird sounds like ma ma ma and mum mum mum....I also have a hot drink, usually something called throat coat, tastes like s**t but gives you a lovely lining on your throat, very

rock n roll aren't I!? RYAN I'm quite partial to a snooze on the dressing room floor. I can't sleep on the tour bus so for me the floor is quite amazing. What has been the best experience of your music career so far? JOEL The last year since we signed our deal has been full of highlights the shows, the banter, but my favourite personally has been getting to go to LA to make the record. We recorded with John Shanks who has worked with Bon Jovi, Alanis Morisette and wrote Patience for Take That, so it was absolutely amazing to have little old us working with him. ADAM - We all had a toast on the

plane on the way over, it almost got very emotional haha. What does the future hold for Lawson? ANDY - Well we have the headline tour, then a few more exciting announcements about gigs over the next few months, including some special ones over the summer, which is going to be a little bit surreal for us. Our single should be released around April time, and then our album in the summer! Cannot wait! To get your free copy of Lawsons single Red Sky, visit: h t t p : //w w w. m y s p a c e . c o m / lawsonofficial

REVIEW: Ani DiFranco - Which Side Are You On?

By Arran Coe, Music Team

t took four years for this folkicon to release her latest album. Having never taken more than two years between her previous sixteen releases, clearly Ani DiFranco had something different in mind for this album. The remarkable production on this album gives it a genuine, spacious and aged feel. The effect of particular moments left purposefully slightly out time or out of tune is peculiar. As well as this the album explores some unusual and interesting harmonic material, especially in tracks like Splinters and Unworry, the latter exploring intricate and unusual timings with a 4/4 6/4 feel. Many tracks on the album, such as Mariachi and Life Boat are very accessible to the mainstream and seem to deviate from the independent norm of DiFrancos other albums, and might appeal to John Mayer or Taylor Swift

fans. This is definitely something new from DiFranco, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. One thing you can always rely on from an artist like DiFranco is that this was entirely her artistic choice, due to the innately independent nature of her releases. As with all her releases DiFrancos lyrical content is very critical and inherently meaningful tackling various social and political issues. You see a glimpse of the folk-singers feminist attributes in Promiscuity, the opening line being promiscuity is nothing more than traveling, theres more than one way to see the world. Also in Amendment she satirically suggests with her tongue-in-cheek humour that US law give civil rights to women. Her simple statements blended with her laid-back wit

can evoke many emotions from the listener. Despite this however, occasionally it seems that in some tracks the lyric writing is very direct and lacks interest, for example the first line of If Yr Not is if youre not getting happier as you get older, then youre f**king up. Its not that I disagree; its just that the deep meanings from previous albums are lost. As well as this, the spaciousness and repetition of some lyrics can at times be irritating, even monotonous. This is not to say that this isnt a fantastic new release, frankly its a breath of fresh air to listen to an album like this in the climate of todays music scene. This album is definitely worth a listen, even if youve never been a DiFranco fan, you might be pleasantly surprised.

One good thing about music, is that when it hits you, you feel no pain. Bob Marley


The Stag |

11th October 2011

REVIEW: Jermaine Riley Hello Earth

By Sophie Jackson ermaine Riley is a British born singer/songwriter who was formally a part of UK R&B group FDM. He decided to branch out on his own and go solo, so far proving to be a great decision for his career. His debut album Hello Earth was released on the 20th of January and has generated a lot of excitement and some great reviews. It looks like the hard work has paid off. His debut single Key to the City featuring UK Rapper Doneao has been given a great response and rightly so. The song has a real catchy feel that gets your toes tapping from the opening beat, an almost certain hit if the response is anything to go by. As for the rest of the album, it really is a brilliantly put together piece of work. The fact

REVIEW: Vektor - Outer Isolation

that Jermaine has written the songs himself makes it even more respectable and amazing. Its hard to pick a favourite out of 11 crackers but if I had to pick one besides the single Key to the City it would have to be the second track on the album; Wonder Woman featuring up and coming female rapper Lioness. Definitely another song to listen out for in 2012 with its memorable hook and driving beat throughout. Aside from that the last track on the album Home Sweet Home featuring Mark Asari and Jermaines brother Shaun Riley. Its a chilled out vibe that you can listen to when unwinding after a hard day at the office! Mark and Jermaines vocals compliment each other beautifully. It makes for easy and enjoyable listening. The rest of the album consists of solid slick songs and there are definitely a few standout tracks

with next single potential written all over them. 2012 could be his year! I am lucky enough to be going to one of his gigs in Chelsea on the 20th of February and I am expecting big things. I cant wait to hear some of these great tracks live and see what this guy can do when its all laid bare. You can expect to hear a review from the gig after I have attended it. For those of you who arent familiar with his work already; Download his debut album FOR FREE from his website: Follow him on twitter: @SUPERsays!

By Jack White, Editor

n spite of its mid-heavy traditional production values, the first thing that really grabs you about Outer Isolation is the creamy fullness of its sound. Opening track Cosmic Cortex opens with a slowing heartbeat and a fairly conservative, clean intro before launching into a ten-minute spaced-out chuggathon. Second track Echoless Chamber starts off a little pedestrian, but by half-way through it has set the pace for the rest of the album. Outer Isolation is a frenetic, abstract and at times totally progged-out modern thrash opus. While firmly rooted in the root-note/deviation/root-note/ deviation mode of early European thrash bands, Vektor also take a cue from Canadian weirdoes Voivod. That though is their major selling point: they manage to combine the

strange, slightly dissonant magic of albums like Dimension Hatrss and combine it with the listen-ability of early Sepultura and Destruction. If there is one area where Vektor fall down it is in the more rocktastic lead work. While at no point could either guitarist be labelled as shabby (far from it), with such stellar, inventive rhythm guitars, Vektor is lacking a guitarist like Marty Friedman or Ihsahn someone who really, really understands phrasing and fluidity. That very slight weakness aside, Outer Isolation sings to the alien world of its utterly first-rate cover. A slow starter, it peaks both with the outstanding Tetrastructural Minds and album closer and title track Outer Isolation.

The Zombies at Canterbury

n the 2nd of December 2011, I headed to Canterbury to see 60s band The Zombies on their 50th Anniversary tour. These guys are legends and have been making music since my mum was a youngun, with more recent bands like The Vaccines, Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters citing them as influences. Now, you may say you havent heard of The Zombies, but let me tell you a bit about them, as you probably know one or more of their songs without having realised it. I was first drawn in by The Zombies vibe upon hearing the song Shes Not There, with lead singer Colin Blunstones quavering vocals creating hazy overtones to the stunning background harmonies, perfectly illustrating the misery caused by a cold-hearted lover. I must admit that I actually went to this gig with my mum, who is an avid fan of theirs, and seemingly knows everything there is to know about 60s music. Until that night, I didnt really know any of their other songs and pre-show I was slightly apprehensive and not sure what to expect. However, I can tell you now, I came home feeling far from disappointed. It turns out theyve written hits such as God Gave Rock n Roll to You (famously performed by Kiss) and even covered Billie Holidays Summertime, so I felt quite at home singing along to all the classics! The Zombies music tends to vary from album to album, so there really is something out there for everyone. But if you, like me, love that nostalgic 60s sound, check out tracks like Tell Her No and Dont Cry For Me which can be found on their Greatest Hits album. All there is left to say about this band is that theyre certainly worth a listen. Blunstones voice, although aged, still packs a punch with his astounding ability to hit those high notes, Rod Argents keyboard skills are still lightning fast and the harmonies are even more spectacular live than on record. 50 years on, and these guys have still got it!

Lilian Ampon

The Stag |

11th October 2011



Jaguar Skills: The man beneath the mask

By Sophia Field, Music Editor

riday the 27th January saw our very own Rubix stage as home to the one and only Jaguar Skills. Donning his famous ninja persona he thrilled the crowd with his set, and we were lucky enough to have a chat with him and find out a little bit more about the man beneath the mask. The Stag: So, Are you looking forward to performing at surrey? Jaguar Skills: Yeah, I cant wait actually Its going to be a good crowd! TS: Why the ninja mask? JS: Well, its a long story really. Before I was a DJ I was a graphic design artist and I thought it would be cool to have a character for a comic strip or something. So after a long while of being a DJ, one night I thought Im going to dress up as a ninja, just as a kinda one off but then later I was DJing for Trevor Nelson, and he was like so youre going to wear your mask right!? So I thought, fuck why not? I mean I dont dress up as a ninja, its just the mask but yeah. TS: Where did the name Jaguar Skills come from? JS: Well, I had the nickname Skills

when I was younger; it was a joke really because I was kind of useless at a lot of things! So when I started DJing, I was trying to work out what the name for the logo guy was and I thought about Skills and there was this film I was watching with this Chinese guy called Jagwawong and there is this fight scene where a guy comes up to him and says Hey, lets see some of your jagwa skills and I thought s**t he said skills! I tried to sample the clip, but I couldnt get the skills out of Jagwa skills. So I was sitting next to my buddy, and he said, Just call it Jaguar Skills? And there it was! TS: How did you get involved with Radio one? JS: Well, I was the resident DJ at Pasha in Ibiza for 3 or 4 years and Zane Lowe saw me DJ there and asked me to do a little mix for him. It was for a one off mix on Trevor Nelsons show, I spent ages on it but I was just happy to have it on the radio. Then they called me up again the following week, it was supposed to be a different DJ on every show, but the DJ was ill so they got me to do another mix and now its been 4 years of me doing it every week! TS: Youve done some big tracks that are 60 minutes long, what are they like to do?

JS: Yeah that was fun, I mean I dont know what theyre like to listen to but it was fun making them and lots of people downloaded. I think they have become a bit of a novelty like wow 100 tracks in a minute, I have to hear that but to me it feels more like a historical document of music. TS: What set up do you use for your mixes? JS: Well I use an apple computer and a mouse and a keyboardand something called Ableton to do my stuff. TS: Who are your biggest influences? JS: Erm, Im influenced a lot by a lot of early hip-hop stuff, like late 80s and early 90s, especially the way that they put their stuff together. There is this wicked album you should check Its by De La Soul called 3 Feet High and Rising and it is f**king wicked. Im a fan of loads of styles of music though, from like strange Brazilian jazz funk to silly Cyndi Lauper pop music. Its like food, I love Mcdonalds but I like going out to Heston Blumenthals restaurant. I was a real massive hiphop head and Id get embarrassed by things but Ive changed now.

TS: What are your plans for the future? JS: To make tunes! I wanna be able to make an album with original music, like my mix tape but try and make it with all my music. I was reading something on YouTube that said Jaguar Skills sucks! He only plays other peoples records and Im thinking, well thats called being a DJ, youre supposed to play other peoples songs! But Id love

to make an album full of original tunes. TS: Is that something we can look forward to soon? JS: Yeah man, Ive started working on it, probably got 8 or 9 songs. Im going into the studio with a wicked bunch if producers, like real big names Im such a fan of them so its going to be cool!

REVIEW: Enter Shakari - A Flash Flood of Colour

By, Tom Mckeown, Music Team Flash Flood Of Colour, Enter Shikari's aptly titled third album, sees the band return on exhilarating form as their genreblending antics stretch even further, with vocalist/keyboardist Rou Reynolds describing the record as mental, it contains...every...bit of music that we enjoy, a statement hard to contest as the band throws in clubby/pop strings, haunting Spanish-esque guitar and drum and bass-influenced percussion into their familiar conglomeration of hardcore, electronics and pop. System Meltdown kicks off A Flash Flood Of Colour's sonic assault uncharacteristically as a two part opener. System's slow building instrumentation of rolling drums, narrative heavy lyrics and crystalline keys act as the calm before the storm of Meltdown's more familiar synth/punk, whose metal/dubstep breakdowns succinctly blend the mosh pit and night club spectrum seamlessly, superseding any of the looped synths and hardcore guitars of their debut. From album's beginning, Reynolds again takes the stance of a social commentator lyrically,

Vince Kmeron

but avoids the vagueness of their second album to favour lyrics strongly influenced by the Zeitgeist movement, who believe the flaws of the current social system must be corrected through redesigning it for the modern age, providing Reynold's arguments with much more direction. Such a cry for change is felt most riotously in the gloriously psychotic Gandhi, Mate, Gandhi, whose lyrics begin with a 42 second rant which encapsulates the world and all its flaws before descending into a schizophrenic argument between the established order and those who oppose it, all set to a musical battle between Reynolds electronic dubstep and guitarist Rory Clewlow's shredding riffs. Similarly mad tracks such as the guttural screams and disco of Arguing With Thermometers, who's likewise complex genre-shifting structure and inventive lyrics that compare the world's oil addiction to drug addiction, demonstrate the phenomenal creativity and craft which the band has channelled into this album, putting the most manic tracks of this album far above anything previously written. In amongst the insanity though, softer pop-influenced

songs such as the defiant pop metal of Search Party, which is complete with anthemic woahs and the grandiose acoustic melodies of Stalemate whose poignant lyrics about the arms trade end beautifully with a classical piano conclusion, provides diversity and respite throughout the album. As a result of these dual dynamics though its the straight forward tracks that suffer and feel plain in comparison, like the pop/ punk hardcore of Pack of Thieves, or Warm Smiles Do Not Make You Welcome Here, who's lyrics against the mainstream music scene seem more like a whinge than a fully fledged argument. A Flash Flood Of Colour refines Enter Shikari's previous sound to an impressive new calibre. Through their concoction of state of the art electronics, inventive song structure and lyrics full of British swagger, whose social commentary is more relevant that ever in today's rioting, recession, it ensures Enter Shikari are a cut above the rest. One thing's for sure there's nothing quite like the audio barrage of Enter Shikari, it's recession music at it's finest.

Steve Jones


The Stag |

11th October 2011

Say Something Featuring Ghostpoet

By Andy Vale, Music Team

Whats on February 2012

Croser Hughes Chamber Music Award
Croser Hughes Chamber Music Award Wednesday 8th February, 1:10 pm PATS Studio One, University of Surrey, GU2 7XH This annual competition for the performance of chamber music with keyboard always attracts a high standard of entry and exciting repertoire. A guest adjudicator will have the final say at the end of a highly-charged afternoon of music-making. The winners and highly commended will perform at Friday 10 February, 7:30pm United Reformed Church, Portsmouth Road, Guildford. Admission Free

Return of Live at the Ivy

Live at the Ivy Sunday 5th February, 7:30 pm Ivy Arts Centre 5, 3 Students

ebruary 20th sees the return of 'Say Something' live music nights in Rubix after they provided a sold out show with GU2 Radio featuring Rizzle Kicks back in October. This time the headline act will be the unique hip-hop/electro act Ghostpoet, who was a nominee for the 2011 Mercury Music Prize. After a year of numerous highs and critical acclaim, Ghostpoet hits the road for a UK tour that will be stopping at Surrey. His debut album 'Peanut Butter Blues & The Melancholy Jam' contains a smoky mix of dry observational lyrics, delicious sounds and many surprises. It has found itself on many "Best of 2011" lists and led The Guardian to declare that With lullabies to hypnotise, this somnolent spirit is sleepwalking his way to greatness. It is his first show in Guildford and he announced on Twitter that he was "Very much looking forward to it!" He has also been collaborating recently with Mike Skinner (The Streets), who has labelled him as his favourite British MC. In main support will be Alt-J, who are also represented by a triangular symbol (which is made by pressing Alt-J in a text document on an Apple keyboard). Their infectious minimal sound has led them to be hugely tipped for 2012 by publications as diverse as NME, The Sun and The Independent, which covers a wide range of people! Opening the night will be urban soul singer Bobbie Gordon, who has a dash of folk-pop thrown in and is exceptionally stylish. She has learnt from the best after touring with Adele and The Noisettes, as well as performing with Cee-Lo Green, Skepta and Kele (from Bloc Party). There will also be a stall from local venue The Boileroom selling heavily discounted tickets

Carl Orffs Carmina Burana

Carl Orffs Carmina Burana Saturday 18th February, 7:30 pm Guildford Cathedral (By kind permission of the Dean and Chapter) Tickets: 12.50, 10 senior citizens, University staff, 6 students Book online: or by phone: 01483 686876 Conducted by Russell Keable, the superb University of Surrey Symphony Orchestra and Choir bring Orffs modern masterpiece to life in the dramatic setting of Guildford Cathedral. This famous cantata, based on a collection of like-named poems, tells of four aspects of medieval life and humanity that are still relevant today: pleasure in nature and spring; drinking, gambling and gluttony; perils of fortune, wealth and lust. However, there is a dark undertone in Orffs music, portraying the wheel of Fortuna deciding the fate of mankind. This concert will also feature a suite from Prokofievs Romeo and Juliet, conducted by postgraduate student Sierra Schwartz. Featuring professional soloists in addition to the University Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, we hope you can join us for an evening of drama and magic. Why not enjoy pre-concert dinner at the Cathedral Refectory? Dinner will be served from 5.30-7pm, advanced booking required. For more information or to book please call 01483 560471 or visit www.therefectoryguildford.

to some of their upcoming shows. In recent months they have featured Ed Sheeran, Wheatus and Hayseed Dixie, so you could snap up a ridiculous bargain. Live music nights don't happen too often in Rubix, so make the most of them when they come round. If this event goes well then it has been confirmed on the Student's Union fanpage that Say Something will be back in June with something "even bigger". After many students complaining about being ripped off by artists regularly just doing 3 songs over a backing track in Rubix, Say Something promises a night of musicians playing full sets with

every note created live in front of you. If this is something you want to see more of at the Union, then grab yourself a ticket to come see the man that The Independent have labelled "one of Britian's best young artists." Student tickets for this show are 8 in advance from the Union Shop (they're the cheapest tickets on the entire tour) or 10 on the door. Both a bargain when you consider that his London show the same month is 15. Doors will open at 8pm and the show will finish in time for you to hit town afterwards.

Ensembles Concert

Ensembles Concert Wednesday 29th February, 7:30 pm PATS Studio One, University of Surrey, GU2 7XH Admission Free Student conductors direct an entertaining and diverse programme of music for ensembles and small orchestras, including amongst many, the University String Orchestra, the Percussion Ensemble and Close Harmony Choir. Come along to this free event to hear an interesting range of works played with enthusiasm and verve. Please email nearer the date, for a full programme.

ive at the Ivy is an exciting evening of live music entertainment performed by some of the Universitys top musicians. After a great night of music making back in November, music students return to the Ivy Arts Centre to present Live at the Ivy: Part 2 this February. This gig promises to be bigger and better

than before with a huge variety of music ranging from rock, pop and jazz to folk, funk and electro. There is guaranteed to be something for everybody. What else is there to do on a Sunday evening? Why not grab your friends and get on down to the Ivy to support some of the best musical talent Surrey has to offer. And for the bargain price of 3 for students! If youre not already buzzing to come, take a look at the videos from previous concerts on the Surrey Arts Facebook

page universityofsurreyarts for a taster of what to expect. Live at the Ivy will take place on Sunday 5th February, starting at 7:30pm, at the Ivy Arts Centre on the University of Surrey campus. Tickets are 3 students and 5 non-students. Available online at music/events, or by telephone between 10am - 6pm Monday to Friday on 01483 686876, or on the door (if available).

Live at the Ivy

Live at the Ivy Sunday 5th February, 7:30 pm Ivy Arts Centre 5, 3 Students

Did you know . . .

...that Melanie Coe, the runaway girl whose news story inspired The Beatles Shes Leaving Home (1967) from the Sgt. Peppers album, had coincidentally met McCartney three years earlier on Ready Steady Go!?

The Stag |

11th October 2011




RAG Needs You!

AG stands for Raising and Giving. It is the studentrun charity fundraising committee for the Students Union. Each year the Surrey RAG society organises a number of events and initiatives both on campus and in the local community to raise vital funds for a variety of worthwhile causes. Last year we raised over 30,000 for charities, but this year we want to raise even more! So far weve organised a couple of big events that you may be familiar with. In October, RAG kickstarted the year with its infamous Traffic Light Disco in Rubix which raised around 2,000. A few weeks later we also put on the hugely successful Safer Sex Ball in association with the Students Unions Sexual Health Week which raised almost 3,000. The RAG reps have also been busy taking part in MegaRaid bucket collections in London for the Breast Cancer Campaign UK and Oxfam, which collectively raised more than 2,000. Currently we are making exciting plans for our biggest week of the year, RAG week. Keep your eyes peeled because the line-up will be released soon! So why should you join RAG? Well not only does it feel good to give, but you can meet many likeminded people and make new friends. RAG is a great opportunity to gain experience in organising events and managing projects. Volunteering with RAG will also enhance your CV and increase your employability in the long run, which is very important in the current tough graduate jobs market. Want to get involved in RAG? Sign up to become a Rep at ReFreshers Fayre or on our website. Then come along to our next meeting to find out how you can get involved. For more information speak to us at

ReFreshers Fayre, email ( or visit:

Law Ball 2012

By Jo Searle, Law Society Secretary

PenSoc 2012
By Tom Goulding, Deputy Editor anuary has been an exciting time for human rights campaigners around the world, and a promising start to 2012. In a significant step forward towards democratic reform, authorities in Burma have released over 600 political dissidents following international pressure for greater clemency in the country. The prisoners included prominent student leader Min Ko Naing, a central figure in Burmas 1988 pro-democracy uprising, and Khun Tun Oo, chairman of the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy who had been serving a 93-year sentence under the charge of high treason. Burma has repeatedly been subjected to sustained periods of military rule since 1962, which have been accompanied by strict censorship, torture and forced labour. Since the appointment of a civilian government last year, talks have been in progress to lift current EU and US sanctions on

ts that glorious time of the year again: exams are over, loans havent run out just yet, its starting to get warmer, and most importantly time for the Law Ball.

This year the Law Society and the Law Ball Committee have put together a spectacular night for everyone to attend undergrad, postgrad, masters, placement year, alumni, its not even limited to law students, we welcome you all! For this years opulent, excellent, elegant night we have been incredibly lucky and secured Dominic Grieve, the Attorney General (thats the top government lawyer for all you slackers out there) as our guest speaker for the night, and have many other wonderful solicitors and barristers attending from Guildford, London and across the South for you to network with. If that isnt enough we also have a drinks reception, five-star three-course dinner, photographers, chocolate fountains, live music, and pretty much anything else you could wish for all included in your ticket! The date is the 17th March, and it is a black tie event. So gents hire those tuxedos and ladies find that dress! Tickets will go on sale mid February at 40 for Law Society members and 50 for non-members find our Facebook event at Surrey Lawsoc Law Ball! PS: Weve checked these against some other law society ball tickets, and theyre cheaper than most!

the country; by releasing the prisoners, the Burmese government has started to meet the conditions that will end its isolation from the international community. A ceasefire has also been negotiated with the Karen National Union, though violent clashes between the government and other ethnic groups bordering Burma are still some way from being resolved. Closer to home, English PEN has been celebrating the success of a campaign not to deport Cameroonian playwright Lydia Besong and her husband from the UK. Besong has written three plays dealing with her life as an asylum seeker and political oppression in Cameroon, where she was imprisoned for her involvement with the SCNC pressure group. There, she was subjected to torture and rape before seeking asylum in the UK in 2006. The UK Border Agencys decision to deport Besong and her husband received widespread condemnation, while leading British writers wrote to

Home Secretary Theresa May to try and reverse the decision. Those who voiced their dissatisfaction with the Border Agency included Monica Ali, Hanif Kureishi, Nick Hornby and former childrens laureate and War Horse author Michael Morpurgo. Besong, who was detained separately from her husband at Yarls Wood removal centre, told The Guardian that she feared returning to Cameroon following the success of her plays, and the indefinite incarceration that awaited her there. The decision was repealed on Friday 20th January due to mounting public pressure, only hours before her scheduled deportation. Yet for every victory against oppression, there are many more writers who can only enjoy creative freedom at the cost of their personal safety. A new year often mean a new start; a time for resolutions, selfimprovement, and a fresh perspective on life. What better way to start 2012 then, than to get involved with English PEN at Surrey? If you would like to learn more about what we do, make sure you visit our stall at Refreshers Fayre on Friday 10th February. Thank you.

Feb 20 Feb 27th 20 challenge LAUNCH event 6pm, Living Room

Online Micro-Volunteering February 21st
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February 20th

February 22nd

Cranes for Cancer Rubix, 12-3

Cyber Mentor Training 12 - 6

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February 24th

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Brave Nadal defeated as brilliant Djokovic wins

the stronger man, as he was able to consistently hold serve whilst continuously asking questions of Nadal, buzzing around the Spaniards serve like an annoying Serbian wasp over Sunday lunch. However, at 43 to Djokovic in the fourth set, the Serbian had three break points for the opportunity to serve for the championship, but Nadal somehow dug deep to stay in the set. The heavens then opened as it appeared the Gods or for atheists, clouds themselves were crying at Djokovics missed opportunity...or reminding me to wash myself. The set then headed to a dramatic tie-break, in which Djokovic again came close but hit a simple shot into the net when two points from glory. Nadal soon levelled the match at two sets all to force a decider. As the match went into a fifth set, the clock approached one in the morning as the Australian Open surface classified as hard begun to look like wet cement. Nadal was now looking physically superior and broke to lead 4-2 as Djokovic appeared like he was running not so much on empty, but in a vacuum. However, Nadal then missed a backhand he would normally make when asleep (perhaps he was, it was quite late) and Djokovic levelled again. The world number one then went up a gear, determined to land one last punch on the wilting Nadal, and upon putting away the winning forehand, roared into the Victorian night sky. Djokovic was champion again, and 353 minutes, 278 metaphors and 3 cups of coffee later, I get to shower again.


Djokovic celebrates his victory at the Austrlian Open Final By Douglas Elder, Sport Team just two days earlier, one could have forgiven world number one Djokovic for approaching the final with trepidation. After the angst, emotion and fatigue that came with defeating Murray, he had to recover sufficiently to compete against Nadal, a man for whom anything you can do, I can do better is more than a song, it is a mantra. This is a man who probably clenches his fist and screams in delight every time his head-band comes out of the washing machine. Djokovic was always going to be in for a long night, he just didnt anticipate a long morning too. These two men have re invigorated mens tennis in the last year, players who rely neither on a big serve, outright power or delicate play at the net. They are simply athletes like no other, striking the ball with clinical efficiency while moving around the court with brilliant speed. For these men, no ball is unreachable and no point is sacrificial. As a result of this, they shared all four grandslam titles last year, and this was the third final in a row in which they had gone toe-to-toe, with Djokovic prevailing in the previous two. The match begun at an electric pace, with breaks of serve traded amongst a backdrop of chest pumping and fistclenching. The first set, played amidst screaming, baying fans, was like a cross between bear wrestling and a testosterone auction, as Nadal finally prevailed 75 in an eighty seven minute set. The second set was powder-puff by comparison, lasting just over an hour, as Djokovic hit the ground running to break early and later serve for the set. Though he squandered his first chance, he overcame the increasingly erratic Nadal serve to level the match at one set all. Having won the second set, Djokovic looked to continue his momentum and was starting to make regular inroads into Nadals service games as his own serve began to increase in speed and accuracy. As a result, he was able to win the third set 62 in just 45 minutes. At this stage, it appeared that despite his greater excursions in his semifinal, Djokovic was

ast weekend, on the 29th January, Novak Djokovic, after much umm-ing, ahh-ing, sweating and screaming, finally overcame Rafael Nadal in a gripping Australian Open final. It being my responsibility to cover this game, I woke up at 8 a.m, glued to a laptop screen from first point to last as the two men battered the hell out of a tennis ball until half past one in the morning local time. At time of writing, it is 3 p.m, my eyes hurt and I need a shower. At time of reading, both players eyes still hurt and both players still need a shower. After beating Brit Andy Murray in five sets in the semi-final

Pakistan leave England in a spin

By George Gigney, Sports Team


ngland arrived in the United Arab Emirates on top of the world. Having defeated Australia down under and humiliating India the previous incumbents at the top of the world rankings they prepared to face Pakistan (playing at home in the UAE due to security concerns in their country) on the crest of a wave. Probably not a good time to play in the desert then. If the first test match in Dubai where the tourists were swept aside by a combination of Saeed Ajmals mystery and their own hapless incompetence against spin bowling was a blip, there latest match in neighbouring Abu Dhabi was an embarrassment. After working themselves into a good position after three days of application with the bat and relentless

accuracy with the ball, England simply imploded. Set just 145 runs to win on a surface which was hardly difficult for run scoring, they succumbed to be all out for just 72. Much has been made of Englands rise to the top. In just ten years, they had gone from a side embodying almost charming unprofessionalism to a team which represented the values of many modern sports; stamina, courage, mental strength. It would appear these were left behind as a decent but limited Pakistan won again to take an unassailable 20 lead in their three match series. In the land of the worlds tallest building, England were made to look very small. At the start of the fourth day, England were marginally on top of a game which had come to represent the ethos of test matches of yesteryear, the emphasis on a

slow rather than flashy accumulation of runs. They then wrapped up Pakistans second innings relatively quickly, with the returning Monty Panesar bowling impressively to set up a seemingly inevitable victory. Recognising Englands troubles against spin bowling, Pakistan abandoned the triedandtested method of test teams around the world. Rather than opening with two fast bowlers, they almost immediately sent on the spinners and with fielders close to the bat England were unable to score runs as the pressure built. As the scoreboard became static, a sense of panic set in, and eventually, inevitably, England lost wickets. By the tea break, England had lost four wickets but still remained in the match. What followed after was nothing short of embarrassing. With almost unstoppable

momentum, Pakistans irresistible force tore through Englands very moveable object. Wickets fell at an almost comical rate as batsman after batsman gave their wickets away. The effective but hardly worldbeating Abdur Rehman took six wickets as England meekly surrendered to their lowest total in three years. So where now for England? Well, they have one more test match left in Dubai, before playing a number of limitedovers games against Pakistan, and theyre pretty... at limited-overs games. Then they jet off to Sri Lanka, another country where conditions favour spin bowling, before testing their credentials at home to the side who may overtake them at the top of the rankings South Africa. It appeared in the summer that this was a new age for the England cricket team, the sun rising to bring in a new day. England have work to do to ensure that it wasnt a false dawn.


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11th October 2011

Surrey Boxing
by George Gigney, Sports Team

oxing is a spectators sport, theres no doubt about it. Theres something about two boxers going toe to toe in the ring that will always electrify a crowd. This excitement and drama that youll only get from a fight night is coming to the University of Surrey. The Boxing Club will be putting on the Ultimate University Contender in the not too distant future. This will be an elimination based tournament running over the course of a day towards the end of the academic year in which members of the club will box each other in a bid to become the Ultimate University Contender. The format stems from the chairman

of the club, Mr Wilsons Ultimate School Contender in which he went into several schools in the country and held a tournament to help show the value of sporting achievements alongside academic ones. The winner of the tournament won a real belt and a cash prize of 250 which was put up by none other than professional footballer Shaun Wright Phillips. The winner of the Ultimate School Contender will also receive a belt and a cash prize, so watch this space to find out who will be donating that to the tournament. Although, I can confirm that it will not be Justin Bieber or One Direction. The tournament is still in its early development stages, but the club

is in the process of selecting a boxing squad that will be made up of the boxers competing in it. Once selected, these boxers will begin down the long hard road of training, dieting and discipline to whip themselves into shape. Naturally, there will be room for an audience at the tournament alongside local and maybe even national press, so be sure to show your support for Surrey Sports and one of its newest clubs once the details are finalised. In the meantime, I will be keeping you up to date on the progress of the plans for it and keep you in the loop of what is sure to be one of the highlights of the year. Expect to see interviews with some of the boxers, posters and maybe even a weighin before the big day; all the usual

fight hype you see from the pros. In other news, the club will be putting on a demonstration at Re Freshers Fayre on the 10th January to give students a show of what goes on at training and even letting

people put on a pair of gloves and getting a feel for the sweet science themselves. So be sure to check us out and get a firsthand look at what all the fuss is about. We dont bite, honest.

Surrey Rugby
placed for a competitive finish in their league. Lying 6 points off the promotion spots with 2 games in hand shows the real competitive nature of the 2nd team. A strong team ethic has developed within the twos and they have been playing some very attractive rugby, whilst also showing themselves to be a team capable of winning games and contesting for high league positions. The 2nd team is a very important part of the club and allows players to develop and push for 1st team. One of the key aims of the club is to continue the improvement within the second team, pushing for promotion either this season or next and to make it a strong base for the club and player development. The strength of the second team has been improved vastly by the increase in club members this season. With an increase of nearly 30 paid members it has allowed the club to grow and improve and this is shown by the strength in depth now available in both the 1st and 2nd Teams. However opportunities to get involved with rugby do not stop at the BUCS registered teams. We run regular inter-club development games open to all players and these have been a great success. Always highly competitive but great fun, its a good chance for players outside the 1st team to gain some experience and play some rugby! Alongside these games, there has been to a real effort from the committee to organise a Third team fixture. USRFC has never put out a third team before so this is a big step for the club. This is a great opportunity for Social and Development players to get some game time in a competitive environment and a good opportunity to represent the University of Surrey. We are hoping for enough interest to make this become a side which plays regularly outside of the BUCS leagues and allows us to offer rugby to even more people. With this in mind there has never been a better time to get involved with the University of Surrey Rugby Club. Training is held every Sunday from 24 at the sports park and these sessions are aimed at players of all abilities. So whether you have never played before, used to play at school or play regularly but are yet to get involved now is the time. Everybody is welcome, regardless of ability or experience and we also have a lively social set up for everyone to get involved in.

Surrey Rugby plans 2012

by George Gigney, Sports Team

012 looks to be an exciting year for the University of Surrey Rugby Club (USRFC) and now is the time to get involved! The 1st team have made a strong start to the season, boasting an unbeaten record before Christmas and are now in pole position to top their league having gone 6 points clear at the top. The attitude towards training and playing (including 7am conditioning sessions, twice a week) has been

exemplary and shows the squads real commitment to improving USRFC. Even during the tricky exam period the team were able to negotiate a tough away fixture at Brighton to extend their unbeaten run to 9 games a new club record. The most impressive development in this team has been the ability to come from behind and win. Even though they have gone behind in three tough away games, they have been able to fight back in the second half to achieve memorable victories. The

squad can achieve promotion in 2 weeks time by beating local rivals Kingston, who visit Surrey Sports Park on the 8th February which is sure to be a highlight of the season. Games against Kingston are never easy fixtures, especially with promotion spots on the line and it would be great to get as much support as possible for this very important match. Kick off is at 2pm on Wednesday the 8th February so come down with your mates and cheer us on against Kingston! The 2nd team are also well

You can find out more information by joining our Facebook Group at: http:// usrfc/ or by sending an email to: