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Annual Report 2009/2010

Highlights and Accomplishments

The Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH), in partnership with youth, advocates sound policies and practices that promote a positive approach to adolescent sexual health and parenting. For more than three decades, ICAH has worked to increase access to and equity of adolescent sexual health care services and sexuality education in schools and communities. ICAH works also to ensure support for pregnant and parenting youth to complete their educational goals.

Thank You
We, at the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH), are committed to the health and well-being of all Illinois youth. In particular, we support policies and practices that promote a positive approach to adolescent sexual health. We do that through direct training of youth across the state as leaders who then mobilize and organize others to action. We do that through training of educators and health providers who work directly with youth. And we do that through partnering with organizations to build a more robust reproductive justice movement. Highlights from the past year include: Launching a new 15-20 week School of Justice, a program that enhances and develops the knowledge and skills of youth to become effective activists, leaders, organizers and change agents Publishing a 2010 Sexuality Education Report and Recommendations for Illinois that is based on results from a statewide strategic planning process to build investment, coordination and movement around sexuality education Hosting a Midwest regional Reproductive Health Summit that convened nearly 120 advocates, elected leaders, and public health officials from 8 states. And, despite difficult economic times, ICAHs fiscal health remained strong. We were able to secure new and also increased sources of support. Our vibrancy is a testament to the individual connections our supporters are able to make to adolescent health. Every one of us has been, is, or will be an adolescent. We are all sexual beingsfrom birth to death. We do not shy away from difficult conversations or issues. We focus our programs on those communities that are most in need. We remain steadfast in our mission and are thankful for each and every one of you who helps us in our daily endeavor to develop leaders and change liveswhether by responding to an action alert, serving on our Board of Directors, or making a gift to support our work. Sincerely, ICAH Youth Leaders, Board of Directors, Staff, and Volunteers

Education and Development

Action Out Loud!
Action Out Loud!, an annual advocacy training camp designed for youth ages 14 to 20, provided participants with in-depth training in sexual and reproductive health, parenting skills and social justice issues. Youth honed their skills on message development, public speaking and youth-adult partnerships. With help from experienced adults and youth leaders, participants used what they learned to develop their own plans for action.

Policy Changes
Urban Reproductive Health Summit
The Urban Initiative at the National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) is a groundbreaking, multi-year initiative to promote real policy solutions that address the reproductive health challenges in cities. Launched in 2008, the Initiative brings together reproductive health advocates and elected officials to advance an agenda promoting policies and programs that increase access to comprehensive reproductive health services, reduce unintended pregnancies, address reproductive health disparities and promote healthier birth outcomes. NIRH supported four regional summits, and ICAH was proud to serve as the local host for the Midwest Summit, convening more than 140 participants in Chicago.

Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center Conference

ICAH proudly co-sponsored Health Their World: Strategies for Addressing the Social, Health and Safety Issues of Todays Youth, the Chicago Teachers Unions 2010 conference. The event explored strategies in addressing the six critical types of adolescent health behavior that research shows contribute to the leading cause of death and disability among adults and youth. The behaviors are alcohol and drug use, injury and violence (including suicide), tobacco use, inadequate nutrition, lack of physical activity and risky sexual behaviors. Youth participation at this conference was vitally important to the global joint effort to Heal Their World.

Community and School Partnerships for Sexuality Education

Sexuality education advocates gathered for a two-day convening in October 2009 to encourage partnerships between schools and surrounding communities. Presenters emphasized the importance of forging long-term, trusting partnerships, recognizing that all people and institutions have a vested interest in sexuality education. With the current political climate and new funding streams opening up, speakers discussed the opportunity to mobilize and shift the cultural paradigms around sexuality education.

U.S. Social Forum: Youth Road to Detroit

ICAH organized youth participants to attend the annual U.S. Social Forum (USSF), held in Detroit this year. USSF is a conference where thousands of social activists gather to expand knowledge, build relationships, enhance leadership skills and share analyses of the problems communities face. Attendees engaged in focus groups and fundraising and served as social change agents while expanding current knowledge and developing critical thinking skills over the five days.

School of Justice
Sixteen youth ages 14 to 20 graduated from our inaugural School of Justice class after completing an intensive 15-week training program. The program equipped youth with knowledge and skills to become advocates and change agents to transform social and political realities in their communities. Participants received in-depth trainings on sexuality, race and class, reproductive justice, human rights, lobbying, new media and more. The youth leaders are now producing a creative zone on sexually transmitted infections and launched a neighborhood-based condom access campaign in May.

For me, ICAH means the chance to become a part of the growing movement of young people attempting to create sustainable change. This world of activism and advocacy has challenged my thinking. I have had to reexamine my beliefs and clarify my values. It has molded me into a more accepting and understanding individual with a passion for human rights and social justice. Anali, ICAH Action Out Loud! participant

Grassroots Organizing
Reflections of Our Youth: Fighting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic at Home
In honor of World AIDS Day, ICAH hosted youth and young professionals under 30 to participate in a call- to-action on fighting HIV/AIDS in Chicago. The group distributed free condoms in the Chicago Loop and watched Reflections, a short film produced by 17-year-old Keyana Ray of Maywood, Illinois. The film is about three best friends who learn to take the risk of HIV/AIDS seriously as they navigate romantic relationships in an urban environment mired in economic strife, drugs and hardships.

Board of Education Testimony
Young Parent Alliance member Terrance Hooker shared his personal story as a young father to encourage the CPS Board of Education meeting in December 2009, to ensure supportive services for pregnant and parenting young people in school. Before becoming a member of the Young Parent Alliance in 2008, I did not know my rights as a young father. Now, I know that young mothers and fathers should have equal rights to take care of their child and be treated fairly by their schools. ICAH is working with CPS to push for adoption of a Bill of Rights (

Youth Lobby Day March 11-12, 2010

ICAH and the Illinois Youth Policy Council led a twoday summit in Springfield around responsible sexuality education and social justice. More than 50 youth and adult allies lobbied 20 representatives to support the Reproductive Health and Access Act (H.B. 6205). The group also delivered copies of Sexuality Education: Report and Recommendations for Illinois to their legislators, encouraging them to work on changes in policy, funding and teacher training. The following day, the youth participated in interactive workshops on global youth activist movements, young parenthood, sexual health, the female condom and online advocacy.

Chicago Female Condom Campaign Launch

A coalition of health organizations, including ICAH, launched the Chicago Female Condom Campaign, an awareness campaign to increase access to and use of the new-and-improved female condom for women and men, in honor of National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day on March 10, 2010. The campaign advocates for increased public health and increased distribution and use of female condoms. It also created a pool-purchasing program to invite area agencies to purchase FC2 female condoms for nearly 30 percent less than the cost of the original version.

ICAH has helped change the way I look at politics and laws. I feel like I can better understand the subtleties of public policy. I behave in a safer way when it comes to sex.
Juan, ICAH School of Justice student

Future Investment
Chicago Female Condom Campaign Launch
In April, ICAH released a report ( on the culmination of a statewide strategic planning project to create a vision for the future of sexuality education in Illinois. Over the course of 15 months, ICAH engaged nearly 500 people in planning sessions to answer key questions necessary for designing Illinois-specific approaches to sexuality education. The resulting report is meant to be a guide for policy makers, educators, elected officials, advocates and others interested in creating a comprehensive plan for transforming sexuality education in the state. An opportunity exists for Illinois to set new standards and invest in innovative models for policy and practice that are not dictated by funding and ideology but rooted in communities, sound judgment and research. The report makes recommendations in seven key areas related to sexuality education: policies and funding; administration and monitoring; media; statewide training; local structures, policies, and roles; messages and language; and definition, values, and standards.

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