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So we need funding, we have learned about private lending and we have been warned that the SEC is going to get us. What are the real facts. Following along, we have purchased or been to training events where we are suggested to buy lists of potential private lenders. Be ware. What they don’t tell you.



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Director’s Notes
Wow, what a month. I spent 4 Fun Filled Days in Nashville at the National REIA Mid-Year Leadership Convention. This is one of those times each year that all the leaders of all the groups like MAREI gather together to learn. I always come away with so much information, that my head is about to explode for at least two weeks. So let’s take a quick look at stuff that is coming or is already out there. We talked about how to keep our membership prices affordable. Many of the other groups offer monthly or quarterly recurring payments on membership in addition to the annual option to allow people of all budgets to be able to afford to be a part of the group. We just added both to the website. Look for $12 monthly fee or $30 quarterly. We also talked a lot about ways to market our events at the groups. And most of the members don’t really want to promote an event, the exact same concepts could be used to market our businesses. So look for more information on these presentations coming to the MAREI member library in the next few months. One of the items that other groups found their members really enjoyed was a market watch update at each meeting. We have wanted to add this to our meetings say from 5:30 till 6:00, but we have not yet been able to implement this. We would love to find a person who would want to work with us to track the data, provide it on the website and present it at the meetings. If this might be you, please contact me. We had a bunch of folks across the country who graduated from the Professional Housing Provider Program. Their leaders were provided certificates from National REIA and Pins to provide the graduates. Our organization also walked away with two Honors of Merit in the Awards Portion of the meeting for our Electronic Communication (our weekly email update) and for our Member Development (the Digital Membership Package) We also talked about a lot of benefits and added three new ones for the Kansas City area. So in addition to all the great benefits we already have, look for a discount card coming soon from Roto Rooter. We have added 360 Real Estate Websites as a service provider and you will find information about their sites on the blog. Last we have a new marketing arm for the old UFirst Financial. The provider is out of Ohio and is looking for a local person to work with her here in Kansas City as the direct marketer to MAREI. Until that person is found, we will be working via webinar and teleseminar to find out how to pay our home mortgages off in half the time..

Kim Tucker

Director of MAREI

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How Long is the Wait to

Buy After Foreclosure
In the past three years the Mortgage Crisis has hurt the credit of many Americans, but these problems will not necessarily keep one from buying a house forever. Just because a home has been lost to foreclosure, given back through a deed in lieu of foreclosure, sold as a short sale, does not mean that owning a home is out of reach forever. In order to move forward, taking steps to clean up credit is a must, not only to be able to eventually buy a house again. But also bad credit from these mortgage troubles can make it more expensive to do just about everything: rent a property, get insurance, get new credit and it can even make it hard to get a new job. So when we are working with motivated sellers facing foreclosure it is important for them to explore how a foreclosure, deed in lieu, or a short sale will affect their credit. If they are good at paying their bills, but need to sell. Have not been late yet, allowing a short sale will be much easier to recover from that the deed in lieu or foreclosure. If they are behind and late on everything including the mortgage, then the short sale may not be that much more beneficial. Next they will probably want to speak with financial advisors to see how the mortgage issues combined with bankruptcy will affect their credit and how long it will take to recover from each issue, but again the best

Monthly Meeting
Don’t miss this event! Attend the July MAREI Monthly Meeting to find out what you can do to help your buyers and sellers in the new credit market..


Location: Career Education Systems, Ward Parkway Shopping Center. 8600 Ward Parkway, Suite 130 Date: Tuesday July 12 : Doors open at 6:00
Donna Perkins
KC Credit Services (816)-421-8001 (877)-655-8001

Cost: Members FREE, Guests $25 at the Door or Pre-Register for $15. See more & Register online. PHP: 1 Credit Finance PHP, members only, must be preregistered through the website to receive credit.

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course of action will depend on the person. If the mortgage is the only issue, climbing out of bankruptcy can be hard. Yet if they have the foreclosure and a ton of other bills, they may want to consider bankruptcy so they can at least start at zero debt with bad credit, rather than bad credit and a mountain of debt. Next we have our sellers who are going to be our are now becoming our buyers. We need to educate ourselves as to the guidelines as to how long after each mortgage issue before one can obtain a new home mortgage. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac require a two year wait after short sale, deed in lieu or discharge or dismissal of bankruptcy and three years after foreclosure when the borrower has had extenuating circumstances like illness, divorce, or job loss. On the other hand if these extenuating circumstances do not exist, these waits can be up to four years after bankruptcy and seven years after foreclosure. If one is looking to purchase using an FHA insured loan, then the wait is three years after foreclosure and two years after bankruptcy assuming the borrower is paying bills on time after the mortgage issue. After a short sale, the wait is 3 years if the bor-

rower was in default at the time of the sale and no extenuating circumstances. If the short sale occurred and the borrower was on time with all payments for 12 months up to the sale, there may be no wait at all for FHA. So there is a lot to know in this market. As real estate professionals that work with motivated sellers who might be considering a default or short sale we need to know the basics to advise them and have a few professionals for them to ask question when they are deciding what to do. Further for those of us who are working to sell homes, we are going to find quite a few people that were good credit risks until the lost their job, got sick, got divorced, etc and could no longer own their home and lost it through foreclosure, deed in lieu, or short sale and may have had to resort to bankruptcy as well. Understanding the time lines and steps they can take to establish new credit will make you stand out over your competitors. We invite you to attend the July 12th MAREI meeting to take a bunch of notes and to call on our guest speaker Donna Perkins in the future as your expert in the field to help your clients. Our Tuesday July 12th meeting qualifies for PHP Credit for members who pre-Register

speaker agenda
The July 12th Monthly MAREI meeting will host Donna Perkins from KC Credit Services. Join us to find out more about the helping your clients in the new Credit Market after Foreclosure, Short Sales, and Bankruptcy.

Time Frames for how long after an event before they can get financed. Establishing New Credit Cleaning up Incorrect Credit Living Down Bad Credit Things YOU as an Investor can do to help.

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If you buy or sell houses or work with buyers or sellers in this market, you need to be very well versed in the correct information when it comes to credit. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to assist your buyers and sellers and put more money in YOUR pocket.

and who attend will receive a free copy of Building a Better Credit Report from the Federal Trade Commission plus a few other FREE E-Books.

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SEC Questions
& Private Lending
Every now and then, I have students ask me if my home study system is compatible with SEC regulations... Yes, it is compatible. I realized, for the benefit of my students, I needed to address these folks concerns. While speaking all over the nation, meeting thousands of real estate investors the past couple of years and getting ask these same SEC questions, I realized that there is a lot of confusion concerning SEC regulations vs private lending. The confusion seems to arise because of the following: 1. Each state establishes their own regulations and exemptions. Therefore there are different guidelines depending on where you live. 2. If you cross state lines with your private lending, i.e. houses in one state and lenders in another, the Federal SEC regulations come into play. 3. There are a lot of half truths floating around and when people hear these, they get confused and possibly fearful. To be better equipped to answer everyone's questions, I decided to hire and attorney to do some research. What I found was that each state is able to establish their own regulations, but they all have the same pattern. So I’ll use my state of Ohio as a model to explain what is typical for all states. Page 10 1. In Ohio I can acquire up to 10 private lenders without having to file anypaperwork with the state. Once I file the proper paperwork my number of lenders is unlimited. Different States have different numbers and most are higher than Ohio. 2. As long as my properties and lenders are in Ohio. Just the state regulations apply. If I have lenders and or houses in different states then the federal SEC regulations apply. 3. If I go over 10 lenders, the paperwork I need to file with the state is very simple.

4. I need to give a disclosure statement to potential lenders. 5. Can't pool lender money but I can if I file the proper paperwork. 6. Can't use the word 'guarantee' in my advertising. As a side note, some of you are under the impression that the SEC is out to cause you problems. The SEC is not the bad guy; they are looking for the bad guys. They want legitimate business owners to prosper. They are very willing to help you if you just ask. They just want you to comply with their regulations. What is a security? The term "security" is broadly defined to mean "any certificate or instrument, or any oral, written, or electronic agreement, understanding, or opportunity, that represents title to or interest in, or is secured by any lien or charge
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upon the capital, assets, profits, property or credit of any person or of any public or governmental body, subdivision, or agency." That's the language used on the website of the Ohio Division of Securities. This definition includes such common items as shares of stock, warrants and options, promissory notes, membership interests in limited liability companies, bonds and debentures. Limited partnership interests are considered to be securities, while general partnership interests are generally not considered to be securities. The statutory definition additionally includes the term "investment contract," which has been construed by court decisions to include numerous investment opportunities and business opportunities, which at first glance may not appear to fit within the definition of "security."

Does that mean private lending may be considered securities? When you are borrowing money from private lenders, you are offering them a security. You're making an IOU to them, by borrowing their money and promising to pay them a fixed interest rate over a certain time period or when the sale of a property is concluded. When a company sells shares or stock, it's giving the purchaser of the securities an ownership interest. Shareholders make their money when they get dividends on their investment or when they sell their stock. Private lenders are lending you funds and they make their money by receiving the interest rate you've promised them. All states allow securities to be offered to lenders when they are either registered or offered under

a proper exemption from registration. Securities laws do define debt as a type of security. This means that your business has the same kind of opportunities as businesses that sell shares of their company to the public. It also means that securities laws and regulations apply to the business. Alan Cowgill is a speaker, author, and real estate entrepreneur. Alan has bought or sold over 200 investment properties. His step-bystep system “Private Lending Made Easy” teaches others to find private lenders. Please be sure to be present at the One Day Private Lending Workshop on Saturday the 23rd in Kansas City listed below to find out more about SEC Compliance.

Learn More

Private Lending Training

Learn more about Private Lending Right now, visit Alan Cowgill’s website: click here and check out his Saturday Workshop in July
Where: Career Education Systems in the Ward Parkway Shopping Center Date: Saturday July 23 : 9 am to 3pm, lunch included Doors open and check in at 8:30 Cost: Members $29 / Non Members $49 through 07/18 After 7:18 Members $49/ Non Members $69 PHP: 5Credits Financing PHP, members only, must be preregistered through the website to receive credit.
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Private Lending
The List Peddlers
Something new is happening in the field of real estate and, to be more specific, how to get money to fund deals with private lenders. One of the keys to being successful with private lenders is how to find them. I’ve found 16 ways. Eight I use to attract family, friends and associates and eight I use for attracting strangers to become private lender. That brings me to what is new in our industry. A couple of new real estate trainers (we’ll call them “The List Peddler”) stumbled onto a list that is generated and updated monthly by state with a new list of private lenders that have loaned money in the previous 30 days. That sounds real appealing doesn’t it? Sounds easy and simple. Get a list of fresh hot private lenders that live in your state, market the heck out of them and hopefully find someone to loan you free money. At least that is what The List Peddler led you to believe. BUYER BEWARE!!! The List Peddlers are gone with your hard earned $$$ and you are up to your butt in legal fees because they (the List Peddler) aren’t giving you THE WHOLE STORY. What’s wrong with that picture? These guys are low. HERE is the bottom line; You are not allowed to just go advertise for lenders. That is a violation of SEC regulations There are forms to fill out first (I give these forms to my students)
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You need to produce your advertising. You need to submit all of this to the Securities and Exchange Commission in your state That needs to be certified by the SEC and THEN you can go advertise to the list

HERE are the rules… You can borrow private money from folks that you have a prior relationship with. You can not advertise to get private money from strangers unless you have registered with your states Division of the SEC. I.e. you buy a list of strangers from The List Peddlers and then what? You must register but since you are not told and trained by The List Peddler, you think it is hunky-dory just to contact/advertise to these private lenders. It’s not. Look, you are dancing with a gorilla (the SEC) and they are leading. Think of it this way. If you hate the thought of an IRS audit, the IRS is a pussy cat compared to the SEC. You must follow the rules. The good thing is that the rules are easy. My charge against these List Peddlers is that they are unsafe and bad for our industry because they are misleading their customers by giving them only half-truths. My goal? My goal is to deliver THE WHOLE TRUTH, not HALF TRUTHS you get from The List Peddlers. I want you to be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. But that is worthless if you lose your real estate empire because you failed to take the simple, proper steps to be in compliance with the SEC.

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I had to make a decision early on as a trainer if I should deliver the whole truth when it comes to private lending. It was really a no-brainier. I did what no one had done before me or after me and that was to do whatever is necessary to deliver accurate and timely information on the SEC to make sure my students HAD IT ALL. Frankly I am concerned by what The List Peddlers are creating in our industry and their lack of ethics could cost you dearly. Understand it is YOU, NOT THE LIST PEDDLER that takes the hit. For example: let’s say a List Peddler’s customer advertises then gets in trouble with the SEC. The customer decides to tell the SEC where they got the list. The SEC gets The List Peddlers list of customers. Now the SEC is knocking on your door because you are on The List Peddlers customer list. Dancing with a gorilla and it is an ugly dance. So how can I help you? Let me give you five simple questions to ask The List Peddler to see if they are on the ball… 1. How would you market to this list? If the List Peddler fails to say register with the SEC, RUN!!! 2. What are the steps to take when you register with the SEC? If they don’t know in detail, RUN!!! 3. Do you supply the proper forms for my state so I can register? If their answer is anything but yes, RUN!!! 4. Can I use my real estate attorney to file with the SEC? If they

say yes, RUN!!! They are clueless. 5. Do I need to handle things differently if the property is in one state and my lender is in a different state? If they say no, then RUN, RUN, RUN!!! If they say yes, then do a follow-up question on what forms they use. Now I provide my students this list of private lenders as well but the huge difference is NO ONE is given this list unless they have my Premium System. Why is this? Because in the premium system I give them the exact steps and tools to keep them safe. So is selling the list a bad thing? Heck no. It is great. That’s why I have it in my system. What is BAD, very bad, is that you, the student, don’t get the facts from the List Peddler to protect yourself. You are not told the other side of the story & frankly the most important part that you MUST be in compliance with the SEC. I offer the list to my students but I offer the WHOLE PICTURE. The list, pro-

cedures, forms and education to make sure you are safe. More in a minute on this. In fact, I think the list is so valuable, I give it away for FREE. HUH? Yep, you heard me right. FREE to my new customers. No money grab here. You see the real value is not in this list of strangers. The real value is this… 1. Keeping you safe by understanding and providing you with the LAW. 2. Tools and training so you can be a private lender assassin. I.e. attract private lenders at will because you are professionally trained. Question: What if your list source dries up and you can’t get a new list? Well the answer is you need to be a trained assassin on finding private lenders. Look, new doesn’t mean better. Some of these List Peddlers weren’t teaching private lending 2 years ago and just because they are now good with social media and internet mar(Continued on page 14)

The first 50 people to Register for the Saturday July 23rd One Day Private Lending Workshop will Receive a FREE copy of “How to Get all the Money You need to Buy Property.’ Only 20 spaces left to receive the free book!. Page 13


Investment News

keting doesn’t make them better. It just makes them internet savvy to get your bucks. Make sure they have the experience, ethics and the SEC research to deliver the goods. I.e. the WHOLE PICTURE to keep you safe. Now let me tell you a little known secret… Unless these List Peddlers get my systems and try to learn, then teach, the SEC regulations to you OR they pony up by spending the big bucks for the 6 years like I have for an SEC attorney to research EACH STATE and Canada, talk to SEC regulators in many of the states to get to the source, then the list peddlers will continue the money grab while JEOPARIZING your future. Why 6 years? Because I continually update my systems. I want to point out that this is not a data dump, but an ongoing process once you step up to the commitment. In fact, I paid a webmaster to set up an SEC forms download so I can update my SEC student data at will. Is that costly? Yep, but I do it for my customers.

attorney boasts that I bought his new house with all I’ve spent on SEC research. He kinda smiles when he says it, but he’s not joking. He is correct because I’m that dedicated to keep my students safe. Let me share with you the exact steps I’ve taken for my students. 1. Created a 496-page home study system that covers the SEC from A to Z for the whole United States. There are 996 forms! Eight audio CDs explaining the whole process of private lenders, real estate investors and the easy steps to be compliant with the SEC. It is called “The Real Estate Investors Bible To The SEC”. There is nothing on the planet that comes close to this home study system. 2. Created a 60 page manual called SEC Compliance Q&A Manual that gives a great overview of the SEC compliance rules for Real Estate Investors. 3. Created a 60 page manual called the Canadian Compliance Q&A Manual too. 4. Upgraded the Premium Home Study System that students use to attract private lenders to include 4 new chapters on the SEC. 5. My Premium System now includes 8 audios covering the SEC and private lenders. So there are 16 total audios in the Premium Home Study System. 6. I bring my SEC attorney to my boot camp at my cost to teach SEC compliance and 5 pooling techniques. 7. I just spent $7,000 to gather crystal-clear details on the SAFE ACT, and then held a free webinar to share the information. Guess who was listening in on

the call? Yep, one of The List Peddlers. Getting information for free because he doesn’t know the rules. 8. I provide downloadable disclaimers for each state to make sure your website is in compliance. Yep, it is advertising too. 9. I provide separate, downloadable forms so you can register, by state, with the SEC. I don’t tell you this to impress you. I tell you this to impress upon you my sincere commitment and ongoing dedication to keep you safe. All The Best Alan Cowgill


The List Peddlers gloss over the important stuff. For example, one of my students sent me a List Peddler’s presentation. The List Peddler never broached the topic of the SEC. What is wrong with that picture? I had another student tell me one of the List Peddlers told them they don’t need to file with the SEC to use the list. WRONG!!! My systems are current, accurate and cover the full scope of borrowing money from private lenders safely. I’ve been so aggressive on the topic of the SEC that my SEC

PS: I just talked to my brother today and he is a Chiropractor. He said in his business he finds that if someone has a bad experience with a poor Chiropractor it turns them off on the benefits of all Chiropractors. Using the same logic with The List Peddlers, if someone uses the list illegally then it might turn them off on the power and potential of using private lenders. I understand the logic but I hate what these List Peddlers could be doing to our real estate businesses and, more specifically, unsuspecting real estate investors.

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Visit to check out the current and upcoming trainers that you can learn from right now or any time you can fit it into your schedule with our Online Training. Special Right now. Register for access to 12 FREE Videos from our experts . . . Over 2 hours of quality training Current Courses Available Now

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July 5th July 5th

Realtor Training Realtor Training Webinar Webinar Realtor Training Networking 4 Day Kansas Pre-License Practice Course 4 Day Kansas Pre-License Practice Course Creating Marketing Emails How to Boost the Response to Your Email 4 Day Kansas Pre-License Practice Course Blue Springs/ Independence Investors Meet 4pm Panera Bread 40 Hwy & 291. Restore Donation Day, every Saturday


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Realtor Training: Short Sales & Foreclosures, open to the public 2 Credits PHP, save certificate Realtor Training: Creating Wealth, open to the public. 2 Credits PHP, save certificate Mid-America Crime Free Workshop

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Blue Springs/ Independence Investors Meet 4pm Panera Bread 40 Hwy & 291. Lee’s Summit Investors meet for a networking breakfast the 2nd Sunday of the month Building Better Email Lists Planning Email Marketing Landlords Inc Meets The Power of Social Media Landlords Of Eastern Jackson County Blue Springs/ Independence Investors Meet 4pm Panera Bread 40 Hwy & 291. Lee’s Summit Investors meet for a networking breakfast the 2nd Sunday of the month

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Your Info
Members can find each other through the Profiles Section in the Member area and when we email, call or mail you, we utilize the information in your Profile. So your next step as a new member is to confirm your information and turn on your profile

   

Look for the words “My Info” on the left hand menu bar. Left click.  A new screen will open up with all of your contact information. See Below. Confirm all of your contact information is correct. You have the ability to determine what information appears your profile for other members to view. Click the fields you want visible to other members.

 

Turn on your profile using the drop down box and selecting yes. Be sure to click the Submit Changes Box at the bottom to save your changes.

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See all properties on the classified page on Including full details, photos, and links for more information. 39 Postings in Total.
Offered As Address City Price Bed/Bath Contact Phone

TLC Rental 3217 College Rentals 3 Rentals

Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO

$13,700 $150k Seller Financed $9,500 $14,750 $15,500 Not Given

3/2 Assort

Christoph Becker Kim Tucker Realty Resource

816-419-1165 816-523-4400

Fixer Fixer Fixer As Is

5353 Hardesty 2924 Bales 5430 Norton Not given

Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO Grandview, mo

3/1.5 3/1 2/1 2/ 1.6

Mekeba hart Christoph Becker Christoph Becker Barbara Danuser Century 21

816-665-0491 816-419-1165 816-419-1165 816-419-9246

Fixer Package Package Package Fixer Fixer Rehabbed TLC Wholesale Pakcage

3509 College Mid Town Ruskin / Grandview Ruskin / Grandview 705 E 60th St 5137 Olive 3722 Agnes 3347 Askew Not Given 55th / Michgan Area

Kansas City, MO Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Grandview Kansas City

Not Given $280,000 $475,000 $755,000 $68,000 $6,250 $23,500 $15,750 $49,900 $202,000

3/1 8 houses 11 houses 19 houses 2 /1 3 /1 3/1

Bemate Bombama Sunil Jain Sunil Jain Sunil Jain Maggie Sheehan Christoph Becker Christoph Becker Christoph Becker

913-735-9997 913-526-1904 913-526-1904 913-5261904 816-444-1950 816-419-1165 816-419-1165 816-419-1165 219-864-1788 816-523-4400

3/2 1 of 4

Ryan Walls Kim Tucker / Realty Resource

Investment News

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From Cells to Sales
Mobile Coupons are the next big wave in direct Marketing
Some scenarios for you. You have a home for sale, rent, lease option, or what ever. Sign in the yard with flyer box, some simple flyers that say text the word “house” to 234356 for free virtual tour. Potential buyer or tenant stops by and texts in to get the virtual tour right there on their smart phone. They are happy. On the back end side, their phone number goes into a the your database and notifies you of their interest instantly. Ten minutes later you call them to follow up to make sure they were able to view the virtual tour. No waiting for the potential client to go home, get to the computer, and remember to look at the virtual tour, and then maybe notify you. No, it’s instant at the time they are sitting in front of the house. So one key benefit here is that your potential client is getting instant contact back from you, when they are right there in front of your house. If you are a Realtor Listing a house and it’s the neighbor, might this go a long, long way to getting their listing on their house? Your next benefit is that you may be farming an area. So everyone who texts in for the virtual tour is probably looking to buy, rent, or lease to own in that area. Could you not categorize these leads in your back end text follow up system. Then when you have something new, a quick text to everyone. Or if you change the price, sell it, or what ever, you can notify everyone who texted in. Again, keeping your name in front of potential buyers and sellers in a particular farm area. Wholesalers, are you trying to find a very fast way to get a house out to potential clients. Could you include an opt in or opt out on your sign up form when you have investors register as buyer’s on your web site? Then when you have a new listing, text your investor buyer list or text with price changes, or text to let them know that Bob bought the house and they missed out. What if you are a general contractor farming a neighborhood. Print up a few signs that go in the yard of the home you are working on, and rather than just having your name and number, have a sign text the word “album” to 34295 to see samples of your work. Or another sign that says to text the word “bid” to get a free quote on what ever services you offer. Then while your crew is busy working on the house and you are out buying materials and bidding your next jobs, you can receive those texts, follow up and schedule a time to complete a bid for the neighbor next door later in the day. Much faster than waiting for the neighbors to call you, leave a message, and you to call them back. Or how about those of us who are suppliers of materials, like a Home Depot Store for example. You could run a special ad asking viewers to text the word HD to 34598 to receive a coupon for a free 6 pack of plants in the spring. The coupon goes to their phone, that the customer
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takes to their nearest store to buy their free 6 Pack of flowers, plus $50 more of gardening supplies. The number stays in Home Depots marketing database. Then in the summer when they are running a clearance on patio furniture they could text everyone that of the un announced special for today only. I hope you are getting some ideas here of what you might be able to do with Text Message Marketing in your business. Now I have another application that I have been a part of at the DMV, you know that place you go and wait and wait and wait for your turn to buy a license plate or renew?

Well last trip I had to the DMV, the line was out the door. So they had a little kiosk where I went and typed in my name and my cell phone. They wanted my cell phone number so they could text me when they were with in 10 of my number. Then I could leave and go about my business and when they were almost to my number they would let me know. I went back to work, got in another hour of work, they texted me, I went back. Now I did spend some time driving back to work, but it was still more productive than sitting there for 3 hours waiting my turn. This application could also be

used at fine dining establishments on a budget, just a computer system and internet connection and they text you on your cell phone rather than giving you a bulky flashy light thing that you might steal and never bring back. Allowing you to go about your business till it’s time for you to be seated. Hmm, keep thinking here. The applications are almost limitless and growing. Heck even I have a smart phone and can send and receive texts. Want to know more? Contact me, I can send you more information as I get it— email me at Kim Tucker—MAREI Director.

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informed MAREI Professionals
From Motivation to How To
MAREI members are above the crowd. They enjoy a informative newsletter, blog, and social media experience. They connect, ask questions, and share opportunities through the Member’s Message Board. And they save $100 using the many member discounts.

targeted group Of Clients
Optimization of Your
MAREI sets the standard for real estate investor networking and education, drawing the type of client you want to do business with. Our meetings and online presence gathers targets the qualified leads your business needs. But there is only one way to get in front of them . . become a Business Member today!

$99.00 / year
Additional Member $50

$499.00 / year
Includes Advertising

See the Membership Benefits tab under Membership on our web site at for more info and look for our orientation webinar on the calendar of events.

See the Business Benefits tab under Membership on our website at for more info or call the office at 913-815-0111 .

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