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January Meeting What is a good deal?
Join us as 3 of MAREI’s very experienced investor’s share their methods of making a good deal. Tuesday January 10th, from 6 to 9 Note the meeting format will be a bit different, come prepared for a mini speed networking from 7:00 to 7:15

Member Benefits
New member orientation will cover many of our member benefits. If you are new to MAREI or just have some questions please join us at 6:30 at the January Meeting when we will go over all the benefits of being a member. Members and Guests welcome!

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As we head into a new year with many opportunities for new beginnings I am reminded of a Facebook Post I read just before Christmas! A friend of mine while watching an infomercial about a weight loss exercise training video came to the realization that she had a shelf full of training videos that she was not using. At that time she set forth for herself a 90 day challenge—if she could exercise in some way for 1 hour for 90 days, then she would spend the money to buy the new exercise program. She completed the 90 days last week. Each and every day for 90 days she found a way to exercise, from going to the gym for an hour, to taking a walk, to using some of the exercise videos she already had in her house on the shelf. You see she knows one important key factor, if you do something for 90 days it becomes a habit. So fast forward to today, January 4th as I sit at my desk trying to figure out new and improved ways for buying houses. Searching for one new key way to find the next great deal, while in front of me I have a vast library of real estate training materials and I know for a fact that the golden key is already in front of me if I would just pick one new thing out of one of those books and try it for 90 days. What is it you want to change or improve. I would be willing to bet that you have much of the necessary tools right in front of you, it is a matter of actually implementation. So go to your library, be it books on a shelf, notes you have taken at a training, stuff on the internet and pick one thing you know you should be doing and commit to it for 90 days. Do you need to write a blog post a day for 90 days? Interact with 1 person on social media per day? Make 5 calls to your circle of influence a day for 90 days? Sending out 20 letters a day to motivated sellers? What is it you need to do in your business, your life, or your family? One way to help you with your challenge if to have a partner who has a challenge of well and work to keep each other accountable. You might join us on Facebook and tell us what your challenge is.

Kim Tucker Director

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Asset Protection Insurance Agency www.REOIns.com
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Jeff Woods Broker ww.MyPremierLeasing.com 816-849500 Real Estate Owned / Forced Placement For Investors & Finance Institutions

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Analyze & Submit Offers on Property
Well, I want to take the next few minutes explaining exactly how much profit you should allow whether you are buying a fixer upper or buying a property that is already rented or ready to rent or sell. How many times have you seen a run down vacant property and thought to yourself... that would be a good investment? You see it for several weeks or months and do nothing about it and all of the sudden you see someone is now rehabbing it and you see a "for sale" or "for rent" sign in the yard. Then you say to yourself... "I knew that would have been a good investment! Darn, I missed that one"! You just weren't sure how much you should offer and how much profit you should allow before making an offer. The bad news here is that there are as many different ways to analyze a deal as there are ways to put a deal together. There are software programs that you can purchase that will calculate your internal rate of return every year from now until the property is ultimately paid off and beyond. There are spread sheets that you can buy to do the same thing and you can even design your own. You can use a calculator or a simple pen and paper method. My point is that no matter what system you use the most important thing I can share with you is that if you don't know what kinds of margins you need or if you don't know your repair costs and closing costs they will be of no meaningful use to you. You have to know what numbers to enter into your calculations to get the right answer. I'm going to butt heads with a few people here but I am very much a big picture person. I don't use all of those fancy calculations when I'm buying. I basically need to ask the seller or realtor a few specific questions and then I can make an offer on the spot before we ever get off the phone. Is that great or what? This is why I can buy 10-15 houses every month on a consistent basis. Rules of Thumb To Use When Making Offers Here are a couple of hard and fast rules of

Monthly Meeting
January Monthly Meeting:  Tuesday January 10th, 2011,   
6pm to 9pm Career Education Systems, FREE for members, Guests $25 at the door, $15 if you preregister We will be analyzing deals!

Don’t miss this event!

Agenda  5:00 Set Up  6:00 check in  6:00 vendor hall  6:30 new member orientation  7:00 mini speed networking  7:15 guest panel:
Deal Analysis

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thumb. And I want you to keep in mind that they are just what I said... rules of thumb. Deal Finder Rule #1: The first rule of thumb when analyzing a deal is very simple: "If you need a calculator, it's probably not a deal". Let me explain. If you can look at a deal, knowing the after repaired value, the repair cost and how much they are asking then you should be able to tell whether or not it is worth pursuing. If the profit numbers are so close that you have to figure it on the calculator then you probably need to say "NEXT" and move on to the next property, after making your low ball offer of course. Deal Finder Rule #2: The next rule of thumb is also very simple. "If you have to ask someone if it's a deal it probably isn't". Lets face it, you have at least read some books, been to a seminar or two, taken an investor to lunch, listened to a webinar or training audio or something. You know what to do for the most part. YOU can tell whether it's a deal or not so if you have to ask someone then it probably isn't. 4 Key Deal Finding Questions Now, how do we put all this stuff to use? As I mentioned I only need to ask a few specific ques-

fer: Deal Finder Question #1: I need to know the after repaired value of the property or the current comps in the area Deal Finder Question #2: What is the estimated amount of repairs or types of repairs. Deal Finder Question #3: The associated closing costs Deal Finder Question #4: If it is a rental property then I want to know the rent or potential rent. Sure I will eventually find out more information but we are talking about getting our offer out there on the first call. These basic four questions will give you all the info you need to make an offer and be on your way to a deal. How Much Should You Offer? I know what your asking...How much should I pay. This is very simple. If you are looking at a fixer upper then you don't want to have any more than 70% of after repaired value in-

vested and this includes the purchase price, repair cost and closing cost. Keeping a margin of 30% insures that when you are finished making the necessary repairs, after closing cost you will still have 30% equity. Then you can sell it, refinance it, lease option the property or rent it for cash flow as well. Now, if you are looking at what I call an "instant landlord" property then you can pay a little more than 70% of value. After all there are no repairs to do on your part. My rule is not to pay anymore than 80% of value and maybe 85% of value if the cash flow is good and there is good possibility of appreciation. All you need to have is a simple calculator to figure what to offer while on the phone with a seller or submitting an offer by email. Let me mention here that it is extremely important that your deals are home runs, especially your first few. That is the critical stage in your investing career that will make you stay in or get out. . . . Larry Goins

tions before making my first offer right over the phone. Here is what I need to know before making an of-

Want some help analyzing your deals . . .Be sure to pick up your FREE Copy of Larry Goins Ulitimate Property Analyzer Software. We will have a free copy for the first 25 people in the door! Be sure to Arrive Early. Want to learn more about Buying and Flipping Properties? Visit the education page for a free webinar with Larry Goins on buying and selling houses.

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Continued . . . .

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Member Service
We have several services as part of our website to help you grow your business. MAREI’s Government Affairs actively monitors national legislation and rule-making that impacts the real estate industry and harnessing the strength of MAREI members at the grassroots level. MAREI members also receive timely Calls to Action when there is a time for our members to take action on an important vote. Members also have access to the latest in Market Data.

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The Member Library is packed and ever growing with pdf versions of entire books, EBooks, Articles, Forms, and Documents.


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Assigning A Contract
We were discussing at the MAREI office if in fact assignment of contract was still a viable way to flip a property. But we have found that Diana Jackman from Chicago Title and the Arizona Real Estate Investors Association believes that they are still here. As Diana points out the whole concept of being a bird dog and getting a “finder’s fee” or referral fee is no longer an option, not only is this against most state laws the title companies will not pay them. Ask your title company to do a double close where you as the wholesale seller in the middle pay for your purchase from the original seller with the proceeds from your sale to the end buyer, and they will again tell you no. Diana also tell us that “Some investors are under the assumption that if you close on a double you can somehow ―hide‖ the profit you are making on a file. This is a costly misconception in more ways than one. Not only are you increasing your liability on a double close but you are also increasing your cost (in some cases). When she refers to increasing your liability by hiding the fact that you are buying and selling to make a profit, she is referring to the fact that many investors don’t want the original seller to know they are selling to make a profit and at the same time don’t want their end buyer to know how much profit they are a making. Not really a problem, until that one time someone finds out what you made, gets upset and takes you to court. With the assignment everyone is put on notice as to exactly how much you are making in the way of the assignment fee. So nothing is hidden. The extra costs comes in to play because with the double close you have just that: two closings one for you to buy and one for you to sell and the title company gets paid for title twice and two sets of closings. With an assignment you as the wholesaler have absolutely no costs, you just get paid. Diana gives us this scenario: You sign a contract with the owner of the property and show as buyer John Doe, LLC, and or assignee. You now have the right to assign the contract. You will also disclose in your contract that you are an investor and plan to assign the contract/property for profit. If one or more of the members of your LLC holds their real estate license in the state of Arizona then that disclosure should also be made in the contract. Now you have full disclosure! You find a buyer (assignee) to take over your interest in the contract for an ―assignment fee‖ of $4,000.00. You would supply the buyer MAREInet.com

Page 12

(assignee) a copy of the contract and an assignment agreement. The assignment agreement will dictate the terms of the assignment. Don’t leave your earnest money on the table – remember to include the replacement or reimbursement of earnest money in your assignment agreement. All parties will sign off on this agreement, you, (the assignor), the

buyer (assignee), and the seller. Again full disclosure on this gives you very limited liability. The other selling point for you as assignor is that you pay no fees, you just collect your initial deposit back and whatever assignment fee is agreed upon. Your title company will require a 1099-m form from you, the signed assignment forms and where to send your money.

She does point out that most banks in REO and short sales specifically write into their contracts that they are nonassignable. But for the most part other sellers do not have an issue with it. We also did a little research online and found that some title companies are saying they do not want to conduct a closing with the assignment of contract, so far the title companies that we have worked with still close them.

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Market Conditions
The housing market data is out for November and it is showing that the Pending home sales are continuing to gain and in November it reached it’s highest level in 19 months, according to the National Association of Realtors®. The last time the index was higher was in April 2010 when it reached 111.5 as buyers rushed to beat the deadline for the home buyer tax credit. The data reflects contracts but not closings. NAR’s chief economist, Lawrence Yun attributed these gains to both buyers who have been on the sidelines waiting for the economy to get better and to buyers who had contract and financing issues that have now been resolved and are now buying a house again. This data on pending home sales is telling us that closed home sales should continue to improve. If we step back and look at the date for the Kansas City area we see that the average sales price of a new home was $323,146 according to the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors (KCRAR). This value is almost identical to the same average price last year. Existing homes saw an average price of $147,386, just 4% higher than the $142,071 price of last year. KCRAR also reported that on the number of home sales that in November we saw 136 new home sales this year compared to 135 in 2010. And for existing home sales we sold $1566 this year, 5% more than we did in 2010 but down 8% from October 2011. It is important to note that sales generally taper Page 14 off going into December and January in the Kansas City area. It is also important to note that we are going into our second spring sales period with out the tax credits. So when we look at sales figures for 2009 and the first part of 2010 through April 30th the numbers were all scewed by the $8,000 home buyer tax credit and then the spring 2011 sales and appraisals were still being affected by tax credit sales from a year ago. Our inventory of homes in the Kansas City metro is down all the way around with our new home inventory at 1264 a decline of 3% from October and a 16% declined from a year ago. Existing home inventory was at 12,505 with is down 9% from October and 14% lower than 1 year ago. Here I have to think that this is affected by the slow down in foreclosures while the mega banks go through and verify paperwork and foreclosure procedures and as I recently read on a blog post from Mark Beauvais, that the banks are holding back inventory to limit supply, increase demand, and raise prices. This is the “Shadow Inventory” that you keep hearing about in the media. We can look to RealtyTrac to see that foreclosure activity is trending down over the past 6 months in Kansas while foreclosures seem to be trending up in Missouri. Looking at the make up of foreclosures in both states, we see in Kansas That about 1/3 are homes in pre-foreclosure, 1/3 are ready to go to auction, and 1/3rd are bank owned. Looking at the pie chart in Missouri is vastly different with almost no homes in pre-


foreclosure, 70% ready to go to auction, and 30% bank owned. If this data on the RealtyTrac website is correct, we have almost 3/4 of the foreclosure inventory waiting for sale so either the banks are just letting houses go to sale a little trickle at a time to control assets on their books and inventory of REO available, or we have a lot of properties that will be coming to market in the spring of 2012 on the

Missouri side. So what does this all mean for real estate investors in the Kansas City market? It seems we are in for more of the same across the metro with higher prices for bank owned houses continuing. Add in that two or three years ago investors were the primary buyers of bank owned properties while today the investors are competing against owner occupant buyers looking for a

great deal where they can invest sweat equity. This is further driving up the prices of bank owned properties. Tough for those of us working to get a great deal, but on the flip side if we are looking for prices to increase, this is helping on that side of the coin. Please visit http:// www.MAREInet.com/Market to see more on this data.


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Investment News

Association Update
In real estate as in business, you have to adapt to the ever changing market or become obsolete and go out of business. MAREI is a very important part of the real estate market here in Kansas City and we have to be responsive as well. We may be biased, but we doubt that there is anyone else out there working to provide Kansas City Metro real estate investors with the extent of market information, government affairs updates, networking opportunities, deal opportunities, expert service providers, education and more at MAREI. And in today’s economy where the real estate investor is a very important cog in the community wheel, MAREI’s role to the community is growing. We need to strive to serve our current members, motivate new members, and improve our services. So we have some new improvements that have kicked in and others that we are working on for 2012. First in the last 1/2 of 2011 we have updated our membership offerings: Annual – Full Membership Privileges first quarter and $30 every quarter after.

 Divide to monthly with $15 the first
month and $12 monthly after.

Guests fees paid at meeting will apply
to any membership if you join at the meeting. MAREI has been very fortunate over the past 9 years and as a result we haven’t ever raised our dues. The above options allow the member to best choose what will work for them based on their needs and their budget. It is important to note that MAREI exist because of members. Member pay dues that allow MAREI to put on meetings, offer the outstanding benefits listed on page 10 and 11 plus tracking the local market and keeping you informed on what is happening in your local government. While wee have never raised our dues doesn’t mean our expenses haven’t gone up. They have, a lot. Over the past three to four years we have adjusted by lowering cost, but not service level. This hasn’t been easy, but through tremendous dedication by the staff we have pulled it off. So we encourage you to join or renew your membership or switch to one of our monthly or quarterly plans. To switch to one of these plans we can waive the start fee

$99 First Year & $99 Renewal Family Member / Business Partner $50  Break to Quarterly with only $35 for
Page 16


and just convert your membership over to the recurring dues. Other changes coming:

working to complete the main presentation of the meeting closer to 8:30 rather than 9:00.

You will note our agenda
looks a bit different. We are adding a new member orientation during the networking time at 6:30 at the meetings and we are

Property marketing, we are
in the testing stages of a property marketing tool to replace our current classifieds. This will allow our members to post and advertise properties in a bet-

ter format and allow us to market them to our email and post to our social media pages automatically gaining you more exposure.

Last we are working to
make our web page more user friendly so the members will be able to interact more.

Do the math.
Your vacancy is costing you every day. Fill your vacancy faster and save money with Rentals.com!

Be sure to Join Now (Or Renew) Go online at www.MAREInet.com
For everyone that joins now or at the meeting on Tuesday we have several free giveaway items for you to choose from: Buying Real Estate without Cash or Credit
(Peter Conti & David Finkel)

Discounts for MAREI Members: Receive 20% off all Regular Priced Advertising. Log into Member’s Area, click on Member Discounts and look for MAREI’s Discount code!

How to Create Multiple Streams of Income
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Buy Even Lower,
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New Members
        

  

Carol Babcock: Kansas City, MO Kevin Boggs: Overland Park, KS Steven Glaze: Lee’s Summit, MO Melanie Gomez: Kansas City, MO Diane Hastings: Liberty, MO Jane Mahoney: Kansas City, KS Michael Linn: Kansas City, MO Dena Odom: Mission, KS David Watson: Topeka, KS

Steve Burns: Shawnee Mission, KS Brian Gates: Leawood, KS Dan & Shelda Goodwin: Overland Park, KS Dee Grisamore: Overland Park, KS Bilal Hazziez: Kansas City, MO Scott Tucker: Kansas City, MO

  

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 Built After 1950 Minimum 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath Eastern Jackson County
MO or Johnson County KS

More Information . . . More Confidence

Retail Value $100k-$200k No Rental
Local Cash Buyer Looking for 2 to 4 Houses a month to purchase, rehab and sell. Money Partners want their money placed quickly so they can turn their money fast and make a profit. Can’t do that with out houses! Bring us a deal!

More Profits
Tenant Screening Pre Employment Screening Contractor Screening Collection Services

Email: kcmoHomeBuyer@gmail.com Submit Online: kcmoHomeBuyer.com

Discounts for MAREI Members
www.AAAScreening.com 816-436-0085

“Presentation is Everything!”
Property Management Rental Services Kansas City Metro 550 E. 56 Highway, Suite B Olathe, KS, 66061 Phone: (913) 254-9300 Fax: (913) 254-9301 info@canyon-stone.com
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www.JamiesonHomeTeam.com Kevin Jamieson 816-503-4671

Locations, Cost & Registration at www.MAREInet.com/Calendar


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Sub Groups meet more often than the monthly meeting. Residential Groups
Blue Springs/ Independence: Every Saturday from 4pm to 6pm at the Panera Bread at 40 Hwy and 291 Hwy, Independence. Lees Summit: Every Sunday from 9am to 11 am at the Panera Bread on Chipman Road in Lees Summit. Weekly Wednesdays: Every Wednesday from 9am to 11 am at the Panera Bread at 103rd and State Line.

Commercial—Larger Multi Family
Commercial Investors: Every other Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Panera Bread at 103rd and State Line.



Larry Prato Commercial Subgroup

Spencer Cullor Commercial Subgroup

Debra Felderhoff BS, LS, Indep Subgroup

Michelle Winberry Weekly Wednesdays

Many thanks to our Volunteers who sponsor a Networking. If you need more networking and interaction, please check out the Networking Group on the Calendar. First Networking event is free and does not require membership. After that if you want to continue as a part of the subgroup, we request that you become a member of MAREI to gain more knowledge and access all the tools and benefits of membership.

Group Facilitators for the following Groups wanted: Northland Investors, Joco Investors, Short Sale Investors, Landlords, Note Buyers.

Investment News

Page 21

The Mechanics Part 2

Once you click post classified, you get the input screen above. Fill it out and click Submit Classified. You might note as you look through other peoples classifieds that they look real fancy. These folks have created their posting in an HTML (web site editor) and pasted the HTML code in the Description Box. Doing this you can add color, formatting, links to your website, and photos. You are only allowed 1500 characters and HTML takes up a lot of those. We are not here to teach you HTML, but if you use something like Google Sites or Wordpress, you can create a page in that service, switch to the HTML view and copy and paste here (and also into craigslist as well) and have a beautifully formatted classified advertisement.

Caution: if you edit your classified, it will always default to vehicle, so be sure to check that before you Submit. See Part 1 in December 2011 Investment News

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Offered As Address City KCMO KCMO KCMO (Raytown) KCMO Lees Summit Kansas City Price $19,500 $17,500 $12,500 $14,500 $99k Each $38,700 7 units Bed/Bath Contact Phone 816-419-1165 816-419-1165 816-237-8696 816-419-1165 816-985-4950 Fixer / Rental 4206-4212 E 7th Fixer /Rental 1812 E 70th St Fixer / Rental 5713 Palmer Fixer / Rental 5161 Hardesty Rental Fixer ShiloEstates 8300 E 104th Tr 4 plex 2bd Christoph Becker 3 bed Christoph Becker 3 bed/1ba Bilal Hazziez Christoph Becker Danny Hammond

Jamison Home Team 913-384-8331

10 Ways to Build Your Buyer List
1. Network at all of our live events and exchange cards. 2. Carry a legal paid at investor networking events, ask people if they would like to be on your list and write them down. 3. Go to the courthouse, network with cash buyers. 4. On MAREI’s social medial pages and other real estate related social media pages, post where you are looking for properties and ask for buyers to add to your list. 5. Online Classifieds and Paper classifieds— CALL all the we buy houses and for rent by owner ads, ask to add them to your list. 6. Troll online pages for people looking for houses, call them up and find out what they want, add them to your list. 7. When you have a property, market it in every way possible, and add a comment, that if this is not the property for you do “x” to get added to my buyers list. 8. For end buyers or lease to own buyers—market all a free report on how to buy “lease to own”, “fha” or “your first home”, those that respond will either be potential buyers or your competition. 9. Troll the landlords at socialserve.com—they give you phone numbers & emails. 10. Obtain a list of people who have purchased cash in the last 6 months and send them a postcard with an enticement to go to your website and register for your list. 11. More online: click here

Investment News

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Many thanks to our members & guests for a great 2011! Please join us for an even better 2012!

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