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The Guru Black Book

“Common Questions...Uncommon Answers” Welcome to “The Guru Black Book's” Featured Guru Presentation. You are about to discover what one of the world's leading dating gurus has to say about 25 of the most frequently experienced situations that single men face every single day. The Guru Black Book was created by Brad Jackson and Bill Preston, who have unprecedented access to the world's dating masters and sat down with over two dozen of these experts to get them all answering the exact same 25 questions that you're about to see below. By tackling common questions with uncommon answers, we are able to bring you very unique perspectives on the fundamental questions that allow you to meet, attract...and yes, even seduce any woman you desire. But this is no ordinary interview series. In fact, in the original and complete “Guru Black Book” we broke down each question, followed by each of the Guru's answers, one by one, so that you can compare them side by side to get the answer that works best for you. Nothing like this has ever existed until now and it is available to you now simply by going to the following website: www.thegurublackbook.com/continue Here you will get to see inside the original Guru Black Book and discover the precedent-setting “Guru Matrix” where you can actually HEAR each of the gurus answer each question, clip by clip, giving you the ultimate control over what you learn and from whom you learn it. This will turn you into a razor sharp encyclopedia of dating and pick up skills and you will never be at a loss for answers again.

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so let me give you a little background. through sexual power and an innate understanding of psychology and persuasion. and I started getting all "Nice Guy. Men need an ally in this game. I had a relationship that turned sour on me.) I remember being on a date where the girl actually CRINGED away from me when I went to hug her good night.. and I swore that I'd never go through that again.2 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma About Carlos Xuma Women have shared information since time began on how to rule the world of relationships. Didn't give my dating life (or lack of) much thought. Until disaster struck. and all the rational crap that did NOT work." I started reading the self-help books by PhDs that didn't know dick about how REAL attraction is built. A lot of guys ask me how I got into this field of dating advice for men. I remember losing it on my balcony after they left. They could only tell you that it should be this way. I had a girlfriend or two back in high school. and I created Dating Dynamics to give you that edge. . (Like telling a woman your true feelings for her..

3 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma I knew there was some kind of behavioral change I could make to fix this. Carlos' mission is to bring men and women together through awareness of both our traditional and contemporary gender roles. Yes. really). I started looking for books that talked about "pickup." "seduction. technology and engineering. I watched why certain guys did the things they did and noticed how their behavior influenced and built strong attraction in women. and music. I got rejected and blasted. life-coaching. the psychology of achievement.the forbidden information that you couldn't find anywhere else. Fundamental Style/Philosophy Carlos brings to the table a variety of life experiences. as well as group seminars. including a background in relationship skills." mind you." and "techniques" . you can call him a bit of a Renaissance Man. I had to know how to make women attracted to me. or it was going to kill me. Martial Arts. . When I realized they didn't have the information I needed (or even a clue for guys.) When I got as much as I could find (and that wasn't a lot) I started trying and experimenting with women and dating. I started reading all the books in the bookstore on the topic. teaching and instruction. motivational psychology. sales. management. phone counseling. (I started this before there was an "Internet. Eastern philosophy. and occasionally I also got some success. He conducts workshops and in-field training sessions.

And Meet Women? Q6: How Does A Guy Build His Social Life And Circle Of Friends Quickly? Q7: How Do You Bring More Hot Female "Friends" Into Your Social Circle? Approaching Women Q8: Do You Still Get Approach Anxiety And How Do You Manage It? Q9: Do You Have An Opener Or Two That Works In Most Situations? Q10: How Would You Approach A Woman During The Day? Q11: When Approaching A Group Of Girls In A Club. What Do You Do Or Say To Keep The Conversation Going Once You Get Past The Introduction? Q14: How Do You Keep The Conversation From Becoming Boring Small Talk? Q15: When There's A Lull Or Awkward Moment And You Can Tell Her Interest Is Drifting (The Oh Man I Am Losing Her Feeling). How Do You Get The Attraction "Back On Track"? Q16: How Do You Know When It's Just Not Going Anywhere And It's Time To Eject? Q17: How Do You Know When It's Working And Time To Take It To The Next Level? . What Do You Typically Say To Open The Conversation? Q12: What Do You Do If You Are Not Well Received By The Girl Or Group At First? Conversation & Attraction Q13: Many Guys Don't Have Approach Anxiety As Much As They Have Conversation Anxiety.4 The Guru Black Book •Table of Content Table of Content Q1: How Do You Overcome The Fear Of Rejection? Q2: What Is The Easiest And Quickest Way To Develop Self Confidence? Q3: What Do You Tell A Student Who Feels That He Is Physically Unattractive To Girls? Q4: How Can "Nice Guys" Compete With "Bad Boys" Without Having To Act Like Jerks? Q5: What Do You Do To Get Into The Mindset To Go Out. Have Fun.

5 The Guru Black Book •Table of Content Sexual Tension & Seductions Q18: How Do You Generate Sexual Tension Into Your Conversations Without Sounding Creepy? Q19: How Do You Know Whether To Ask Her Back To Your Place Or To Just Get Her Phone Number? Q20: What Do You Do Or Say To Get A Woman Back To Your Place? Q21: Once You Are Back At Your Place. What Do You Do? Q22: How Do You Know When It's Time To Ask For A Girl's Phone Number? Q23: How Do You Increase The Probability That A Girl Will Not Flake On You? Q24: Where Do You Like To Take A Girl The First Time You Hang Out Together? Q25: What Do You Say To A Girl Who Asks If You Are Dating Other Women Or Calls You A Player? .

They play the game to win. Not to lose. Q2: What Is The Easiest And Quickest Way To Develop Self Confidence? There are two kinds. ready to rock and roll. There's pervasive self-confidence that you carry with you most of the time – your ambient level of self-confidence – and then there is skill-specific self confidence such as when you do a task. Rejection is not always in your control. when I pick up a guitar now. you play to win. What I've taught guys through the years is how to remove as many of the variables as possible. But if you put some drum sticks in my hand. so they can feel more confident. and it's very easy to overcome just by simple preparation: knowing what you're going to do and what you are going to say in advance. That's how all great sports team’s play.6 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q1: How Do You Overcome The Fear Of Rejection? All fear really has its roots in the unknown. So overcoming the fear of rejection is really an inner game hurdle. It’s about regular practice with the things you love to do that aren't even related to women. You’ve got to remember – and you guys really need to understand this – you don't play the game to not lose. So it's about doing the things that you do well regularly. Plan it out a little bit and have it ready to go. But you can control how much you need to not be rejected. You do that enough . I’m pretty confident with that. For instance. I'm a total flub. That's how all great performers in every area of life play.

Q3: What Do You Tell A Student Who Feels That He Is Physically Unattractive To Girls? The reality is that we have this. are guilty of really just lacking the ability to bring out their masculine confidence. from seeing her. it'll turn a guy that thinks he's physically a 6 into at least an 8 or 9 in a woman's eyes. The bad boy is different than a jerk. appearance is important but it is image. Q4: How Can "Nice Guys" Compete With "Bad Boys" Without Having To Act Like Jerks? Nice guys. If a guy can pull together a good image. unfortunately. some of the things that women enjoy. don't get me wrong. but unfortunately he attracts some of the women that guys want to . Yes. unfortunately. a little bit of style. It's because over the years and the whole evolutionary thing. Guys evaluate women and value women on physical beauty. They do like physically attractive guys.7 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma regularly. A jerk is the guy that's taking things way too far. he's kind of going over the edge. by what we see. necessarily. and it creates this foundation of confidence that you really can't escape if you wanted. not beauty. clothes. dual standard that's a reality. It really isn't that difficult. women don't have the same evaluation mechanism. But women don't do that. we have been able to tell what we need to know about women from sight. meaning grooming. He has some of the same attraction qualities. it seeps into your life.

hobbies. by his nature. And Meet Women? It’s really all about lifestyle. it's even less of a concern. So it's not something that most guys have to worry about. you have a good spiritual life. I should say. But nice guys can be using the bad boy edge of their personality without having to act like jerks. And if you're always staying authentic and connected to who you are as a man. you’ve got a good career. It's so hard because the nice guy is. You’ve got the social circle you want. you've got the relationships and friendships you want. You've got a good family life. and not a jerk. the compass that’s pointing him towards being a good guy. The fact is that 99% of all the nice guys I've ever coached or counseled they can't go that way. which are the women who have their own issues. It's very difficult to go from a nice guy to a total jerk. It creates a more complete picture of a man overall. Because again. Have Fun. One of the things I talk about is The Alpha Lifestyle or The Alpha Men Lifestyle. He has a conscience.8 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma avoid. and that's really what women pick up on as being this bad boy edge. nice. you're grounding yourself with your sense of masculinity. and all that stuff. He has. Q5: What Do You Do To Get Into The Mindset To Go Out. It's simply a little bit of social calibration. It's the lifestyle that you want to lead so that you don't even have to focus so much on women because you've got a full and complete life. So there's a big difference there. .

you’re not a drain of it. You're creating an energy which eventually is going to destroy your game. but it comes from that source first. mind you. it's kind of a cliché. You’re a source of energy. of course. giving energy. but adding a woman only screws your life up even more. So go out to be social and give energy. So you have to go out there with an attitude of giving value. . have fun for yourself and meet women along the way. or get laid.9 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma So the first thing is. have a happy life without women. Because if you can't do that. This is probably one of the best mindsets you can have: to go out. or trying to get a phone number. then it's all about getting. if you're looking to get something for nothing. and not to the point where you’re totally depleted. Go out and give energy away. because you will get some of that back. if you're looking to approach groups so that you can leech on to their good time. Because if you're an energy vampire.

. Because what will happen is. and of course. Go out alone if you have to. but get in the habit of going out. eventually.10 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Social Circle Q6: How Does A Guy Build His Social Life And Circle Of Friends Quickly? First. "Oh. just start going out. more attractive women.” You’re making it sound too hard. Just start going out because you'll find that the network of people that you meet will put you in contact with more people. a lot of guys I know would say. You just walk up and start a conversation. and you're going to get sick of just going out and not doing anything. there are skills and techniques based around this that you can use to make it much easier because it's not that hard. Now. But get yourself out. Schedule a minimum of one day a week to go out. You're going to eventually just force yourself to start meeting more people. you’ll obligate yourself to this. Approach groups of people and just strike up conversations. I mean. but you make it sound so easy. literally. and it only gets easier. just go out.

. So the best way to do that is to expand your social circle. but the reality is that they're everywhere. You introduce yourself to 5 new people and you're going to be meeting about 50 new people because of their friends. Try to be more of a connector. I know guys are looking for hot women and attractive women. It's simply by expanding it broadly across the board. So that's how you get those hot women into your life. Start helping people connect in your own life and you'll be amazed of how many people they introduce you to. or have as a girlfriend or eventually marry is going to be somebody who is a friend of somebody you know. In other words. Chances are the woman you date. immediately it's exponential. And again. I don't like to qualitatively evaluate people too much.11 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q7: How Do You Bring More Hot Female "Friends" Into Your Social Circle? What I would do is just go out and meet more people. you don't have to be that extroverted or outgoing or that much of a social hub but start making yourself more of a connector. This comes from Malcolm Gladwell's work where he talks about people who seem to know everybody. Well. you will network your way to that person rather than just meeting them cold.

the last time this happened I didn't talk to that girl. You need a mental ritual that. I don't know if I want to approach her. you’ve got to have rational." And I have this kind of inner game ritual. And then number 2. You’re like. and I went home and I was kicking myself the whole night. I guess you could call it. "Oh. "Wait a minute. you recognize the emotion of. It just really tears up your game from the inside out. And it's a mental ritual that I think all guys have to create. And the last time I did this and I . I'm not going to go through that again. what I call rational or cognitive control. first of all. "Oh my God. I'm not sure if I want to talk to that chick. Guys don't realize just how detrimental it is to go out and try and meet people or be social when you're in an anxious state or you're up in your head. is going to ground you and relax you. In other words.” or “I don't know if I want to open a conversation. but I do get those twinges on occasion where I'm like.12 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Approaching Women Q8: Do You Still Get Approach Anxiety And How Do You Manage It? I hesitate to call it approach anxiety. because that's really important. You can't use any of the material you may have memorized or you have to use." and then you walk yourself through it. so you have got to be grounded and relaxed. It totally works against you.

How are you doing?" As much as I tell guys that it's not the opener. I only have a couple of different openers that I'll give guys because giving them too much of that breeds the mentality that it's all about the opener. but it's usually something very simple like. .that it’s not important – you start to really perceive this game a little bit differently and approaching becomes a lot easier. When you realize that the first line is really a throw away –. use your context. is to say "Hey. and that's what's creating a lot of their approach anxiety. whatever it is and it's that easy to get started. and this is great for day gamer. "So what brings you out today?" or whatever the situation is. if you're in a coffee shop. If you are in a bookstore. my name is Carlos. so I got to do it. I was just on my way back to work and I saw you and I knew I was going to kick myself if I didn't at least say hi. OK. My name is Carlos. "Hey. The other one I teach is an indirect kind of way get women into a conversation. I still felt pretty damn good about doing it. I know that guys are very fixated on it as the cure. I hate to be flippant. It has little bit more of a flirtatious line." And then you can just say something like. The one I like to use. Q9: Do You Have An Opener Or Two That Works In Most Situations? You know.” and you're in. you know what. Because what happens is guys are investing too much psychological energy in that first thing they say. really anywhere you are. Here we go.13 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma didn't walk away with a phone number.

“Hey. It hits us in a very low emotional center. It goes back to that fear of public speaking. My name is Carlos. If you’re in a bookstore. use your context." and that's all . Q11: When Approaching A Group Of Girls In A Club.” And then you can just say something like. It's hard to avoid. if you’re in a coffee shop. it’s that easy to get started. “So what brings you out today?” Or whatever the situation is. What Do You Typically Say To Open The Conversation? I know that it makes a difference psychologically to approach a group because we have a lot of evolutionary mechanisms that make it more difficult to approach larger groups. I was just on my way back to work and I saw you and I knew I was going to kick myself if I didn’t at least say hi. And one of the things I'll do to approach a group is just say something like. "You guys look like you're having fun.14 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q10: How Would You Approach A Woman During The Day? This is great for day game. if you're in a bar or club. We're all intimidated to some degree by the possibility of being cast out by the group. you can immediately assume a very social frame and you have to. whatever it is. So what you have to do is you have to understand and make some assumptions about where you are. you know what? I was just on my way back to work or back to school or whatever it is. or really anywhere you are as you say. especially. or not being approved by the group. One of the things I've found over the years is that when you're out.

But in my head now what I do is rehearse over and over again the reality. No. right? There's no way they can really make a qualitative judgment about me. Actually.15 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma you have to say. I've had situations where I felt like that. and kind of mingling among the social networks. No. "Fine. you guys are jerks." and walk away. where it hit me so hard I couldn't handle it. It's easy to take control of your emotions if you can recognize them for what they are. it's kind of a half-humorous response there. it's not me. As long as you are coming in with that social frame of a guy who is just there. Again. "Yeah. we're just talking about this. And maybe they have social issues if they can't open up. Q12: What Do You Do If You Are Not Well Received By The Girl Or Group At First? I’d cry. There's nothing wrong with me. Groups have that different quality to them. but not that much different than opening a person. Somebody in the group will then open you and say. it goes back to rational and cognitive control." to pull you into it. And I go in with the assumption that I'm the OK dude and it's my job to help these people come out of their . and where are you from. but I don't use that against them in a vindictive way like. There's no way a person can figure out who I am just from me walking up and saying hello. So it's got to be their problem. So in my head I have this little mantra where I realize it's their problem. it doesn't take much at all. what I'll do is I'll persist a little bit.

a social test. It just takes a little bit of persistence. And maybe they just need to see that I am a cool dude. When they see that they will typically go along. . I'm not going to be an energy drain. And again. and they'll open up to you and lower some of those defensive shields. I'll be fun.16 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma shell a little bit. sometimes it's just a test. to see how grounded you are in your own comfortable self-image.

posters. It's just hard to do. how do I keep the conversation going?" It's really easy. You can find yourself blanking out. For instance. install a few simple little plug-ins in your head that will help you along the way. And I would look around at those things. I know a big hang up for guys is. signs. Use contextual things. "So what are you doing here today?" Ask her questions to bring her out and into the conversation. Many guys know that memorization sucks. . not memorized stuff that you won’t be able to remember in the heat of the moment. if you're at a bar or a club. So make sure you turn the conversation over to her by asking questions. You have to fall back on flexible tools. and I'd find things to talk about there. little knick knacks.17 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Conversation & Attraction Q13: What Do You Do Or Say To Keep The Conversation Going Once You Get Past The Introduction? Well. you’ve got to engage her in conversation. and they just have junk all over the place. Instead. It’s hard to maintain. "What do I say next?” or “How do I keep the talk going. You’ve got to get her invested in it. When you're talking to a woman. there is this Irish pub. so that she has an investment in you. is there something about that bar or club to talk about? In San Francisco. on the walls.

I'll say something like. women want emotionally dramatic conversation. then you use that in the conversation. ." You’ve got to keep the conversation going in interesting and dramatic directions. I didn't.. is that it?” And that'll give her a little bit of a different angle to take the conversation down. I don't want her to get bored with how things are going. if she says she's going to a certain school. OK. so you went for their beer drinking program. What I like to do is to take everything along unexpected paths. No. I did drink a little bit when I was there. For instance. I’ve got to find a way to tease her.. She’ll say. Guys make the wrong assumption that conversation has to be about stuff and facts because that's the way we talk. That's what she's really interested in. "Oh." And I'll say. no. Asking “Who did what to whom?” is the most fertile ground for a woman to start talking about things. Women don't want that. "No. what's your wildest party story from that school because I've heard some pretty good ones. no. I don't want her to start talking about her work. Well.18 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q14: How Do You Keep The Conversation From Becoming Boring Small Talk? Once you get her to start talking and sharing. "Oh really. Or I’ve got to find a way to poke a little fun at it.

Cool. How Do You Get The Attraction "Back On Track"? Well. I don't want to talk about that.” If you keep doing that you're going to seem like an uncomfortable person in social situations. Because in almost every single situation I've ever experienced. It's when they realize that you can deal with that and you don't try and say. if there is this pause in the conversation. "Oh. In other words. saying something is better than nothing. did you hear that? I think that was our first uncomfortable silence. we want to be a little bit more prepared and have a little bit more finesse.19 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q15: When There's A Lull Or Awkward Moment And You Can Tell Her Interest Is Drifting (The Oh Man I Am Losing Her Feeling). The best way is to point out the elephant in the room. "Hey. And we survived. She'll think it's funny because I was aware of what was going on the social situation. one technique is something I call the “Hail Mary” where you basically throw something out there that's totally off the wall and sometimes may not even make sense because literally saying anything is better than saying nothing. – I've used this all the time and it works like a champ – you say. But again.” And I offer my hand up and she'll give me high 5. That's how most people will relate to you more and drop their guard. and I wasn't afraid to say something about it. . wait a minute. high 5.

go do that." And take off. Again. maybe relax. And then you can come back around to it. what I want to give guys is a very basic unit of approach. have a drink. hold the conversation for one or two minutes and then start to feel like they are running out of conversation. If she's laughing at things that you're saying. this is calibration. that is a good sign. get back out of your head.20 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q16: How Do You Know When It's Just Not Going Anywhere And It's Time To Eject? I think every guy can figure that out. or maybe they panic a little bit of panic. You’ve got to watch for signs from her both verbally and physically. If you are in a bar or club situation. So I just tell guys you just got to have one thing to say to be able to eject. Q17: How Do You Know When It's Working And Time To Take It To The Next Level? Again. If they go in. come back when you feel comfortable. I’ve got to find my friend over here. "You know what. I'll be back in a little bit. Something like. whatever. You can see this girl again later after you've had a little time to go and talk to other people. The big one is if she is talking to you. social calibration. or maybe they're going back up in their head. a very standard little model that they can use and repeat and be effective at. you don't have to hold the conversation very long. and go have a piss. Here’s . maybe that's a good time to eject.

you should be advancing or working it forward. which has a pretty obvious tone to it. The man's job is to continually escalate. you will doom the conversation. You have to be escalating. If you stay too low energy for too long. So that's a big indicator right there. And you won't be able to get attraction or move on into seduction. But again.21 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma something that not many guys know. which means they're detaching. that's a level of investment from her and you can assume that there is some interest there. if she's talking at all. Sometimes it can be a little bit of a polite conversation. If she's talking at all. they're withholding their emotional investment. When they're withholding the talk. Women talk to each other as a form of currency. .

it's got nothing to do with the words you're saying. the amount of eye contact you hold. And it really shouldn't be done. she's going to pick up on that. . at least not by the guy. But if you start pressuring or guiding it that way. and it'll make her pull back. it's about how you're handling the conversation. touching her on the arm. how you look at her.22 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Sexual Tension & Seductions Q18: How Do You Generate Sexual Tension Into Your Conversations Without Sounding Creepy? One of the things that really comes across as creepy is when guys feel they have to bring up the subject of sex or sexual connotation in the conversation itself. So if you want to generate a sexual tone. Again. It's not about the “what”. In other words. pull away. and then you can take it down in that direction. let her say something that could be taken in a couple of different ways. The best thing to do is to let the woman do that work. moving in occasionally. guys are so focused on the “what” that they're not thinking of the “how. your space to the woman. that's how you create sexual tone intention. stepping back. the doubleentendre. making a comment.” It's all in how you manage things like proximity. Or wait until she says something a little suggestive.

So don't worry about getting it all done in one night. tell her you're going to call her a little bit later. keep escalating.. she's kissing. In a lot of cases you can just tell by her personality. If we're talking about at a bar or club. she's going along with you and there's not a lot of resistance. If you see these indicators of interest. and then hook up with her another time. then by all means keep progressing. it's better to stack them up. That's more important. It’s far better to just get her phone number. but almost all women can be over time. In the pick-up community we’d like to believe that every woman could be seduced. where she's touching. . and it's not true. and some woman cannot be. the more opportunities you have to meet up with her the far better it will be for your game. where it is a lot more difficult to do that sort of thing. or there's some interest but .” You can just tell when a girl is not going to be going down that path. The more exposures. But if you start getting indications that she’s just out to hang out with her friends. And to push her along it would actually just screw everything up. it's more obvious than it is in day game.23 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q19: How Do You Know Whether To Ask Her Back To Your Place Or To Just Get Her Phone Number? Keep escalating if you’re getting indications of interest from her. Some woman can be.. is she's a certain type of girl.

Let’s say you've been talking about music and she totally digs Peter Gabriel and you've got this really obscure disc of Peter Gabriel or some concert footage or whatever it is. What Do You Do? First off. Q21: Once You Are Back At Your Place. It cannot be about the sexual fun you're going to be having. she's not going along with it." No. we'll continue this fun there. that's the pretense you need. You need to do that for her as an excuse she can use to follow you back. Otherwise if it's all about. It doesn't matter when or where or how. So you have to have some reason to go back. If it's all about that. that they have to put the brakes on. come on back to my place. no. give her something to make her feel comfortable. It's going to have to happen because it establishes her control over the sex and she needs to have that. It’s part of her security mechanism.24 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q20: What Do You Do Or Say To Get A Woman Back To Your Place? You’ve got to have a reason. get her to feel comfortable again. It is because we all know that it’s just programmed in a woman. "Hey. So the first thing you’ve got to do is offer her a drink. Chances are she's probably going . You don't want to try and pick it up right where you left off because things have to have cooled a little bit in transit. We have to recognize that women need to put those brakes on some time during your interaction. it's not going to float.

its right down there. look at this little thing I just learned on the phone. get her something to drink right away. “You know.” Let her look around at the place a little bit. go wherever it’s convenient. but you have to have something of interest to draw her there. there's a little bit of a tour you can give. I don't want to make it the closing note because then it becomes just like every other interaction she's had. It was small but hey. I don’t suggest lighting up candles right away because it's almost like. Have music. right? So what I'll do is I'll do some sort of a game with her. And what you can do is have something of interest. "Hey. then you go to the couch. it's Rico Suave all over again. "Hey baby. If there's any interest at all. get her feeling comfortable. Q22: How Do You Know When It's Time To Ask For A Girl's Phone Number? We fall victim to these patterns with women. Give me your phone number. It is obviously best to go to the bedroom when you can. I'll text this to you. I liked to do the tour when I was living in an apartment. . I'll try to get her phone number earlier in the conversation rather than later. You can say.” But you definitely want to throw on some music. So say. I tell guys right off the bat that the best thing you can do is to defy patterns whenever you can. If not." You can do that as a method of getting it.25 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma to have to use the bathroom. and then start gradually working right back to where you left off. if you need to use the bathroom.

"Yeah. I can't give you that Peter Gabriel CD. always leave her wanting more." You sound like an idiot. do you know what? I know we can't get together tonight.. Because if you call her and if she doesn't recognize you number. Q23: How Do You Increase The Probability That A Girl Will Not Flake On You? Number one." Secondly. I don't want this to stop. leave her on a high note. don't do that. whenever it might be. It’s to make sure that she wants to start this up again. I thought you'd like be there and . Getting the phone number is not necessarily the high note you want.26 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Don’t wait until the end. I don't want this to end. when I talk to you. You want to end on a high note. but you know what." So you're giving her a reason that is a bit of a cliffhanger. Establish a little bit more connection. give her some reason to talk to you again. “Say. and that she'll actually return your call. so I'd rather do it earlier than later. Make sure you get your name into her phone number. And then you don't want to be that guy that's constantly talking to her voicemail. she's not going to answer it. and then you can just walk off on a cool note.. To make sure that she doesn't flake on you. and make sure there's an emotional high point you've left her at so she's feeling. "Wow. . so that she knows who it is. I'll find a way that we can get together where I can play that disc for you. and having to say. somehow get your number into her phone with your name. In other words.

You are living your life for yourself first and foremost. You have to have that as your foundation. Don't take her out to a movie. you're still having a cool time.27 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q24: Where Do You Like To Take A Girl The First Time You Hang Out Together? Absolutely plan a non-traditional date. But the first thing I do is I set up a late Saturday afternoon date because those can easily progress into dinner if things get cool or get really interesting with her. That’s not to say that you can't eventually progress to going to get something to eat together. I'll tell her "You know what. I want to check this place out. That's the way I like to have it happen. I've been dying to go to this place. It's got some really weird little toys in it. I'll take her someplace unique in the area. . it's down in the city. and these women are coming along with you for the ride. You’ve got to take her some place interesting." Make sure it's someplace that you really want to go because even if she doesn't show. I'll meet you there. It’s called Kid Robot. I want it to be organic as a natural course of the evening. Don't take her to dinner. or if she does flake for some obscure reason.

It really just depends on the person. She's looking to see how you answer it.28 The Guru Black Book: Carlos Xuma Q25: What Do You Say To A Girl Who Asks If You Are Dating Other Women Or Calls You A Player? It depends on the woman. Well ah. "You know what." That's what she's really looking for. I'm kind of interested in seeing where this might go with you. Leave it very indeterminate because she's not really looking for an answer per se. you know. it's a positive indicator because it shows that she cares and that she's picking up on the fact that you're not like other guys. . or are you going to waffle around and say. she's going to immediately call that out in her mind and say. "This guy. As far as dating other women. I think I got caught. but more often than not I'll tell her. oftentimes I have a couple of different answers depending on the woman. Geez... he's not all that. "Oh. I have been seeing some other women. not all of them are interesting to me. Ah. If she's saying that.." And leave it at that.. So what she's doing is a qualification question and she's looking to see how you're going to answer..” If you act like you got caught or any of that.. You're not another guy she can dismiss really quickly. She's looking to see if you are confident in your answer.

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