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Febr ary 7, :2
Rep. Howard P. "Buck" McKeon
26650 The Old Road, #203
Santa Clarita, CA 91381
Sent via Email
Dear Congressman McKeon:
I can't begin to express my shock, disappointment and outrage over today's Roll Call article
"Covering all the bases."
The piece opens with, "When House Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) became
ensnared by the Countrywide mortgage scandal last month, his senior staff came together for
a strategy session to decide how to throw colleagues, potential challengers and former
employees under the bus."
During the course of this campaign for the California State Assembly, you, your campaign and
your government staff have systematically slandered and attacked my husband because he has
the audacity to run for an Assembly seat that you would like your wife, Patricia McKeon, c
Many people have been bullied and have been afraid to speak out. The actions of yo a
staff have been in violation ofthe House Ethics Rules and probably Federal Elec io la' .
we have held our tongues.
.... =- .. -,.
We now have independent corroboration of your tactics as
Call article mentions an internal memo that s ates
should include 'thorough background checks i . e rela':i
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political consultant, Jason Cable) Roe, and t eir rE ......... -
shady political actions are coming from the McKe
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As late as yesterday, Bob Haueter tol pe Ie" a . is ei g I es-iga:eo _ 5 '"'5<=::-5
County District Attorney Steve Cooley. This campaign tactic is sleazy! T e fa . is
a spurious charge against him on January 18, 2012, and the DA's office rejec ed it 0 a ary
25,' 2012. Mr. Haueter knows this, yet continues to mislead people in our communit
Our family has been supporters of yours. At your request in 2008, I co-chaired the volunteer
effort for your fundraiser with Governor Mitt Romney at the home of Steve and Diane Arklin.
We have contributed thousands of dollars to your re-elect committee, as well as your
Leadership PAC. Last summer Scott, a local elected official, endorsed you for re-election to
However, sir, you have crossed a very bold line. I insist that you offer an apology to Scott and
our entire family for the actions of you and your staff. Furthermore, you ou'ght to consider
returning the money we have contributed to your committees. It doesn't seem right to me that
you would use our hard earned dollars against us to pay for opposition research on Scott and to
funnel to Patricia McKeon's Assembly campaign to attack him. If you had a shred of integrity,
and any sense of fair play, you will do the right thing and return our contributions.
S. Wilk .
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