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Rulership positions in the

political, academic, tradi
religious and a(l facets
mhuman life throughout the
, world wll soon be committed
to the children of the Brother
hbod of the Cross and Star,
the New Kingdom of God on
The SoJe Spiritual Head
of the Universe,' Leader
i' ,Olumba ,Obu re-ech
oed this declaration recently
v.tIile responding to testl mo
nies about the state of affairs
in the fold In Gambia.
The Holy Father assured
tMI "it shall be so even in all
planes of manifest as they
..are \he only ones to be en
dOwed y.4th the divine leader
ship prowess and light for
honest. God-fearing and
peaceful rulership."
He maintained that the
l'II8'lifestaUon of this declara
tion wll soon overtake the
hJIe as the 'unfolding
I... the wor1d today
<'cOhstitUte the transition to the
p;taceful era of the

" ., 1\',
He noted that, for now
only the Gambian and
Grenedan' Heaas of State are
the children ot the New King
dom in leadership positions in
their areas but assured that
with time, as the divine regula
tor of God's Supreme plan.
everyWlere and positions of
rulership in the world shall be
controlled by the children of
the New Kingdom.
The Holy Father enjoined
the brethren in the fold all
over the world not to be
involved in the struggle for
ascension to rulership posi
tions as the Almighty God
had already deSignated ruler
ship into the hands of His
children awaiting His ap
pointed time.
, - Holy Father
. . ';' .. .
.. : ',p,,:
" "".
.SplrltuaJ ... men:shouid' discriminate ... he, Bush ./II1W iI/charge;, , :
Hea<f,ot the Universe,' against;;.each other for' should He: "Where Is'
, Olumba. of COlour, sex". Roman empire .. of '
:i .,obu bas prodaimed tbat . age 9f creed. " .. one,:,nation has'; 'is Greece .'
. AmerJcawill soon fallon"'" the", blacks . and, the others.,";'i';\I.".. " ..< .... ; . .'
:'; la,boured and
. .... this. at i bUild.,. the ....
'Amb6"; St.reet. Calabar.. adding"ttiat no:position .
B 'Aci
','AMERIC .' ',L
!:'. '.. ". ,'. ;. , , '"
(Malachi ':.. through,supression.
(,.,r,." , .'."."'" .,.,;. d' d h :.:... .... I 'f' ''"t,
. i , 2:10).,:,"won ere w y.. , Cltmg exampes rom:
the' World Headquarters of allthority should. be
of:: the: Btotherhood ': of . regarded. as exc!usi'vely
the Cross arid Star (BCS) . : for apartiCular race;' .,..
during a special lecture The Leader reiterated
on: the evils' of the need for all men to
discritnination. love one another and live
Leader Obu who in harmony rather than
maintained that all to promote hatred,
human beings are from rancour and strife
Any Government which engages in
profanities should be shunned. Attention
should oply be paid to God and His Christ.
D i ~ ! ; ~ r d tradition. be<;ause this exists only ..
in the imagination of the unbelievers. There
is no use for tradition practices. God is our
.saviour. As such. vou should worshjp Hjm
in reverence. supplication and dedjcatjoD.
AYoid the lust and pasion of the flesh.
which is the product of inordinate desire.
The principles which our Lord Jesus
Christ lived and died for. shall form part of
the curriculum of Universities in the near
future. We are bound to accept these
teachings and practise them. Obedience is the
first law of God. Do not Beek self glorifiu
tion otherwise you will be thrown out Recall
the case of Lucifer.
The inhabitants of the world have a duty
to understudy our Lord Jesus Christ and
promote His life-style. Whether you are a
President, Minister, Governor. Royal
Highness - this fact is applicable to you.
This condition is a must for our survival.
Whether you are a Pagan, Moslem, Bahai
worshipper. Krishna, Hindu. all these are
immaterial. Our Lord Jesus Chtist is the
substance, the spiritual strength, the
protector and accomplisher. We should
aspire to emulate Him. His marks. facts.
ideas and life style constitute the strongest
weapon we require especially for our daily
lives. Our slogan is, 'God of equality', Our
motive is, love one another. Be humble and
live amicably with others. Do not treat
anybody despitefully. You should do away
with hatred and infighting,
Do not reckon sins tinto yourself. Dwell in
peace, love and oneness. Do not seek to
please men or society, but strive to please
Jehovah God and His Christ. You may
deceive yourself. but you can never deceive
God. Note that, it is written in Matthew
12:30: 'He that is not with me is against me.
He that gathereth not with me scattereth
The confusion which arises in the world
today is as a result of lack of love. The truth
has come and like the mustard seed it has
been planted. I can assure you that, it had
long germinated and grown. It will spread
all over the world till eternity,
=' '" ".nua", 1QOa .. " ,a. I
"'" Kingdom Trumpet, ,January 1995 16
.: "'''''
_. ,10<'
'The Sole Spiritual Head of
'the Brotherhood of the Cros
and Star, Leader Olumba
Olumba Obu has sent a mes
sage to all world leaders
'. Kings and Queens to employ
the doctrine of "Love One
Another" in their behaviours
,toward others and to embrace
the, New Kingdom of God
now on earth.
Christ Servant Solomon
Ette related U}e news to the
;.:'New' Kingdom Tr..unpet in
r Calabar on his return from
Trinidad and Tobago where he
went to deliver the Father's
Message to that country's
Head of State., Pnme Minister
and other top government
The President ot Tnnidad
.and Tobago, Mr, George
Chambers in his re!o1>Onse, ex
pressed gratitude to the Sole
Spiritual Head for His Love
for the country and the entire
human race and indicated his
i'Jl,terest in the of the
New Kingdom. He accepted
Brotherhood of the Cross and
Star texts from the brethren
and; in appreciation conducted
them round the presidency.
A similar call was made
()n the Prime Minister and the
,Chief Judge of the country.
Star having been baptized ear
The Chief Judge, Mr. Justice lier in 1986.
Chinten A. Bernard however,
is already a member of the
Brotherhood of the Cross and