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Myross Bush School

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Tarrah, Georgia, Grace, Bailey, Delta and Lucy from Miro (R5), enjoying the beautiful weather while they do their silent reading after interval.

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Welcome to our new student

Hailey Monaghan, Codys little sister, to Jan Fordes classroom - Manuka (R6)! It is great to have Della Carr back on the team after her maternity leave last year. Team Totara (R7) is rocking already! I would also like to welcome our 2 teacher trainees - Matt Murray and Hannah van't Wout who are in the final year of their training. They will be here frequently throughout the year and will be mentored by Mark Herring and Amy Polaschek respectively. It is great to welcome them to our school and our staff and we look forward to supporting them in their pathway as they complete their teaching training. Already there is a hive of activity around our school both in and outside the classroom. Learning programmes are underway - both in

our foundation and enriching areas of the curriculum. Tonight at 5pm we begin tonights 'meet the teacher' and community bbq by gathering in the activity centre for a quick welcome and introduction to the year. Each teacher will then run 2 consecutive sessions on the ins and outs of their classrooms operation as well as some of their passion, philosophy and enthusiasm for supporting your child's learning journey! Athletics training is well underway and Swimming is just around the corner. Thank you to those parents who are able to help out with these whole school programmes as they happen. Your support is crucial and very much appreciated. If you have missed any of the sports notices please drop Paula an email ( and she will help you out. Next Tuesday (from 3 - 7.30pm) and Wednesday (from 1 - 5:30pm) are

our Goal Setting Conference times. The website for booking your time is: using the code F8U2H. Please take the time to make sure times are booked for your children. We are again running one day from after school into the evening and the other day from 1pm until 5pm to try and give as much choice as possible to you. Please note that next Wednesday the 15th school will finish for the day at 12:30pm and the bus will run at that time. Barry Smith is helping coordinate the Working Bee on Saturday at 9am for some handy man and gardening type jobs! Come along if you have some time to spare to spread some sand and bark chips around and help give the school a bit of a tidy up! Regards

Tim Lovelock

Kia tu Pakari

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Oliver, Adam, Magnus and Lachlan transfer truck loads of sand while they too make the most of the warm weather

Baby sitter available: Ex student, reliable. Ph Makaela 2157922

School News:
SPORTS UNIFORM ORDERS: Children will need a Myross Bush polo shirt for the athletics on Monday the 27th of February. Order forms are available from the office or on the website and will need to be back at the office by this Friday the 10th of February to be back in time for the sports day. There are plenty of size 8, 10 and 12, the smaller sizes are out of stock so the sooner the better for your order. Thank you. Duplo Wanted!: Kowhai (Rm 2) would love some duplo or lego to add to our 'creative' materials. If you have any your children have outgrown at your place, it would find a happy home and new lease of life in our class! Please see Amy Polaschek if you can help. Thanks :)

Sports Notices:
Last call for Touch and Flippaball Notices to be returned. Teams are being emailed to organizations on Thursday afternoon so if you are interested please hand these in asap. Notices were sent home last week with the overall sports for 2012. If you have misplaced these, you can get copies from the notice board at the school office. Don't forget that the SURF TO CITY is on this Sunday. Check out the website for info Athletics update...practices are going well, thank you to the lovely parents who are helping with these. Look out for the extra notice coming home next week. This will include all info about the day and information on parents helpers needed for the day.

Mossburn District & School 125th Jubilee: Friday 6th April Sunday 8th April. Register by 26th February and take advantage of the Early Bird Registrations (save $40 per person). A fun filled weekend has been organised that accommodates all age groups, this includes a children's disco. Please note this is a Mossburn District and Schools' Jubilee. This is not just a Mossburn School jubilee but also includes those people (past and present) who have lived in the community whether they attended the school or not. Please accept this as your personal invitation and pass this onto anyone you know who may wish to attend. For more registration details, please contact Lauren Russell 0332486292,

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualied Builder of: New Homes Residential Extensions and Renovations Farm Sheds etc... Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

Today the playground was full of happy, laughing children as they make new friends and catch up with old friends.

Week 2 Term 1
MANUKA (R6) - have spent the first week getting to know each other and the routines in our classroom. We are using the nursery rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider' to learn about perseverance and that when it gets hard along the way, it's good to keep trying towards reaching our goals. We look forward to sharing those goals with you next week at goal setting interviews. We are enjoying new faces most days with school visits and new children starting. MIRO (R5) Welcome back everyone.It is wonderful to see the children so refreshed and full of energy. Team Miro are very excited about the term ahead with both swimming and athletics on the calendar. Our classroom is really buzzing and we are enjoying the extra space in our room, thanks to the new tables. I am happy to be back at school. Holly I can't wait to athletics. Georgia Our classroom looks awesome. Riley I like that the computer has head phones. I like the fresh walls in the classroom. Adam I am excited about swimmimg. Grace. I am enjoying writing. Danja Certificates: Georgia Donaldson

KOWHAI (R2) Welcome back to 2012! It's great to see our 8 children return rested and rearing to go after the holidays. It has been a busy time settling back into school routines and setting some new learning goals. Our new name is Kowhai - we are looking forward to finding out more about what it means. We welcome Miss Hannah van't Wout (pronounced van-twout) to our class. She completing her teacher training this year and will be a regular part of our class throughout the year. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meet the teacher BBQ tonight!

RIMU (R3) Welcome to Rimu. All the children are settling in and beginning to learn the routines in the classroom. We have 2 caterpillars in the class and the children are having fun watching them grow and change. Thank you for returning the holiday reading books, Sue is doing a great job putting them all away! RATA (R4) have made a great start to the year and have spent this week getting to know each other. There are lots of new routines to learn and I am pleased with the way the children are supporting each other as they do this. In math's we are learning about how to carry out a statistical investigation, use tally charts and how to display that information on a graph. Yesterday we had our first athletics rotation. The children really enjoyed this. Certificates: Taleeha and Josh for making a positive start to the year and settling into Myross Bush School.

TOTARA (R7) Team Totara. It is so great to be back with all the smiling team and start a new adventure in Team Totara! It is hard to believe that I started teaching here at Myross Bush School in 2003 and have just about taught in every classroom and at every year level! We have grown, changed and developed so much in the time I have been here and the community has continued to remain strong and supportive. I must say a huge thank you to everyone who sent us gifts and have warmly welcomed me back after a year Maternity Leave with our second daughter, it's good to be back. I'm looking forward to meeting with you all at the goal setting interviews and sharing your children's learning journey. Kind regards, Della Carr.

KAURI (R4) Nicole - I like doing the high jump practice for athletics training because it's really fun. I'm getting better at jumping higher by running faster in my run up. Katie H - We're writing a letter to ourselves to put in our time capsule. We're going to bury them and open them in the future - the last day of the year! Mr Herring - We'd love to share more news and views with you on our blog It's a great way to find out what's happening in Kauri each week. It's also a way to sidestep the 'Nothing much' answer to the, 'What did you do today?' question. You can even leave comments! Assembly - Totara (R7)

from the classroom

8 Wed Welcome back Community BBQ and meet the teacher night 5pm.

2nd Fri Swimming ends Athletics postponement date

2012 Term Dates
Term 1 2012 ends 5th April (Easter)

Updated 8th February 2012

11 Sat Working Bee 9am

Term 2 2012 23 April to 29th June

14 Tues Goal Setting Conferences 3pm - 7.30pm

Term 3 2012 16 July to 28 September

15 Wed Goal Setting Conferences 1pm - 5.30pm Note: Half day - 12.30pm school finish

Term 4 2012 15 October to 17th December


17 Fri Swimming begins

27 Mon Southern Zone Athletics Day at Surrey Park


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Worki ng Bee Sat 9am