Preserving Land for Future Generations

Annual Report 2010

Mission stateMent
To permanently protect the fertile soils, rangelands, open space and biological resources and to support a viable agricultural economy in the Tri-Valley area.

Preservation of agricultural lands and natural open spaces in our area is vital to protecting our quality of life. Tri-Valley Conservancy will foster the creation and maintenance of a productive and balanced environment for current and future generations of Tri-Valley area residents. We envision a future that includes population growth and development matched by a strong agricultural industry and a strong conservation ethic. We recognize the need to protect land and to support a viable agricultural economy to provide food, recreation, and watershed for the long-term health and viability of our community. We are committed to the permanent protection of lands that are critical to the health of the environment.

Board of directors
In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy.
Nature Conservancy’s John Sawhill

Sharon Burnham, Executive Director Laura Mercier, Associate Director Barbara Graham, Office Manager Monica DePalmo, Stewardship

Rik Hansen, Chair Jean King, Vice-Chair Mary Roberts, Secretary Karl Wente, Treasurer Jon Christensen Mark Eaton Kathy Farrell Matthew Ford Michael Fredrich Miriam Miller Jim Perry Christopher Schlies

LegaL counseL
Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger LLP

independent auditor
Bologna Accountancy Corporation

inVestMent adVisor
Altamont Capital Management


t ri -V alley C ons e rVa n Cy

Message froM the chair
At the beginning of 2010, we welcomed four new directors to our board: Chris Schlies, Michael Fredrich, Jon Christensen, and Matt Ford. As Chair, it has been a delight to see these new members become engaged with the organization, “learn the ropes,” and bring their character and intelligence to our deliberations. And deliberate we have. Part of the Conservancy’s culture is to bring new conservation ideas to the board, building our understanding of the world around us and increasing our capacity to do good work. In 2010, one of our workshops taught us about the concepts of mitigation banking. Our other main workshop included a two-day intensive review of the Conservancy’s strategic plan. Please take a moment to visit our website, You can find our current strategic plan and view our programs, events, and conservation strategies. An important button on the site is the one labeled “Donate.” The Tri-Valley Conservancy actively protects more than 4,200 acres under agricultural and conservation easements. Your financial support assures that these easements remain protected, and that a nonpolitical conservation ethic remains strong in our local community. The oldest task in human history: to live on a piece of land without spoiling it.
Aldo Leopold

Rik Hansen

a n n ua l r e p o rt 2010


Land conserVation coMMittee
2010 brought many opportunities for TVC to continue to be active and participate in making sure the viability of the South Livermore Valley Area Plan (SLVAP) remains intact. One of the many ways was for TVC to speak and confirm at Alameda County Board of Supervisors meetings that TVC continues to support opposition to the proposed expansion project of Ideal Boat and Campers on Tesla Road within the SLVAP. In addition, as the South Livermore Valley Wine Area’s wine industry has matured, the need to review existing policies, to plan for future growth, and to address issues has become paramount. TVC participated in multiple Town Hall Meetings hosted by Alameda County to review the SLVAP and will continue to do so in 2011. 2010 brought one additional grant to TVC from the Altamont Landfill Open Space Fund for $300,000 approved by the City of Livermore Council, Alameda County Board of Supervisors, and Sierra Club for the 74-acre Bobba property acquisition. TVC and the Livermore Park and Recreation District (LARPD) are continuing to finalize the Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the property. TVC intends to transfer the property to LARPD; the acquisition will enable public access across the property and provide linkage between Sycamore Grove and other parklands in the vicinity. The TVC Land Conservation Committee also met with the City of Livermore regarding the California High-Speed Rail (CHSR) project for the Altamont Pass. Because the Altamont Pass option could serve as a good commuter route, the CHSR Authority is investigating plans to improve the conventional rail and/or install additional rails for the Altamont corridor to complement the high-speed project. At this time the project is in the planning stage of alternatives analysis. In 2011 TVC will continue to follow the process and respond to the CHSR planners as they refine the alignment and stations. The next few years will be the key to protecting critical resource lands in the Tri-Valley Region. Looking to the future, as we save our fertile farmlands and scenic open space we are actively working in partnership with local landowners, the community, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies. With our partners there are opportunities for regional trail corridors from Mt. Diablo to Mt. Hamilton, which means that Doolan Canyon is a priority for TVC. In the coming years TVC will continue to monitor developments in that area. Thank you, Jon Christensen, Christopher Schlies, Bill Hoppes, and Bill Thomson, who served on this committee with me in 2010. Chair: Jean King

The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.
Wendell Berry

resource deVeLopMent coMMittee
Fundraising is always challenging, and the year 2010 was no exception. TVC continues to steward the South Livermore Valley Area Plan using restricted funds. However, the important work we provide in other areas of the valley must be funded by donations from the public. The sixth annual “Conservation Affair” held in October at the Casa Real in Pleasanton was attended by over 200 supporters. Compared with the previous year, special events, grants, and contributions in 2010 increased our funds raised by 10 percent, and individual donors increased their average giving by 14 percent. This growing trend toward giving to the TVC mission will help support our quality of life in perpetuity. Fundraising cannot take place without the commitment and dedication of many people. We are ever thankful to our volunteers for their hard work. I look forward to another great fundraising year in 2011. Thank you, Matt Ford, Miriam Miller, and Michael Princevalle, who served on this committee with me in 2010. Chair: Kathy Farrell 4

t ri -V alley C ons e rVa n Cy

Message froM the executiVe director
This will be my last chance to address the Tri-Valley Conservancy family as I will be retiring effective June 30, 2011. It is with much thought and deliberation that I have made this decision. I approach retirement with mixed feelings. I’d like to share some of those feelings now. First of all, gratitude for the years I have been given, for the achievements, for the lands we have preserved, for so many volunteers both on our Board and in programs, for the extraordinary staff who, together with families, have made TVC’s achievements possible. An associate once told me that a person judges his or her self-worth by the work he/she is doing or has done. But what if no matter how worthwhile that work may be, it will never be good enough? What if one’s life’s work can never exhaust that which is left to be done? TVC’s work is not finished. There is so much more to be done. We all need clean water and air, places to play and rejuvenate, healthy and affordable food, scenic beauty, and natural areas to experience and learn from. Land trusts protect the lands that provide these benefits. For years now I have watched land being gobbled up in order to feed the housing need, and I understand that the need is real. Progress and housing are inevitable. But, with proper planning, development and preservation of natural areas and farmland is very doable, even as we accommodate the needs of an expanding population. I love the beauty of Alameda County, from its vineyards and ranchlands to its shorelines, from its valleys to its hills. I want to see it remain as close as possible to what it is today. Along the freeways, all too often one city just morphs into another. When that happens, there is no vista to delight the soul, elevate the intellect, and soothe the psyche. When that happens, the growing of crops and the husbandry of the land is eliminated from our cognizance. Cities should have defined boundaries. The remaining lands between the cities are critical to our well-being—they are critical to our quality of life, to our children’s future, and for our love of the Bay area. Please keep up the fight for preservation of our special places. Please continue to support our cause with your time, your interest, your financial assistance. And so, my friends, I say farewell to this chapter of my life. There’s a gospel song which contains the line: “Let the things I’ve done speak for me.” I live in the hope that they speak loud enough to have made a difference. Sharon Burnham Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

a n n ua l r e p o rt 2010


With Sincere Appreciation to Those Who Support Us...
steward of the Land $1000 +
Read and George Phillips Bob Baltzer Kathy Farrell - State Farm Insurance Friends of the Vineyards Mr. & Mrs. John W. Houghton, Jr James Irvine Foundation (Ms. Regina Muehlhauser) Jean King Dr. Ford and Mary Roberts Lynn and Joan Seppala

sponsor of preserVation $500 - $999
(1) Anonymous Mark and Joyce Eaton Donald and Miriam Miller Barry and Carolyn Shames Bill and Sandy Thomson

patron of preserVation $250 - $499

Bill and Connie Bish Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cordes Ms. Karen Dynek Mark and Judy Eckart Dr. David and Dr. Karen Furst Mr. and Mrs. Archer Futch Ms. Emily Griffin Mr. Herman Leider and Councilmember Marj Leider Livermore Valley Winegrowers Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd G. Mann Altamont Wealth Management Michael Princevalle Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ratto Remo Rosa and Harriet Cole Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Schlies Kevin Schoenfeld and Debbie Wojtowicz Ms. Lori Souza Thornburg Investment Management Jeff Williams Mr. and Mrs. Leland Younker

partner of preserVation $100 - $249

In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs.
Kay Grace

(7) Anonymous Mr. Robert Addis and Dr. Kristen Ivani Mr. Len Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Robert Armstrong Ms. Linda Barton Mr. and Mrs. John Bingaman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bischoff Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bradley Mrs. Sharon Burnham Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Chin Patti Cole Mr. Ken Cook Mr. and Mrs. James DeMartini Jr. Mr. Gary Drummond and Ms. Anna Siig Ms. Maryallice Faltings Mr. and Mrs. James Folta Matt and Heather Ford Michael and Diana Fredrich Charlotte French and Bob Cooper Mr. Kim Fuller, Livermore Valley Tennis Club Ms. Ann Gabor Gift in Honor of Beth Thimas Ms. Tamara Galanter Harry Galles and Linda Nidever-Galles Mr. William Gates Ms. Carol Gerich Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Gilmartin Jim and Bobbie Hadley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hannig Rik Hansen and Lucy Lowhurst Mr. Chuck Hazen Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hill Dave and Evonne Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. William Hoppes Mr. and Mrs. Henry Huff Mr. and Mrs. John Jay Mr. Thomas Jefferson Ms. Linda Jeffery Sailors Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Knott Mr. and Mrs. John Lagrant

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lake Robert and Anna Lim Harry and Lois Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Gary March Vice Mayor and Mrs. John Marchand Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Massey Laura Mercier David and Barbara Mertes Dr. Jack Mills Ms. Chris Mohammed Ms. Amara Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Narum Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Neely Mr. and Mrs. William Nevins Melody and Steve O’Shea Mr. William Perkins Jim and Cheryl Perry Mr. and Mrs. Walter Perry Mr. and Mrs. Norman Petermeier Picazo Vineyards Mr. and Mrs. John Pinelli Mr. and Mrs. John Pitts George and Dawn Ratermann Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reitter Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rossow Mr. and Mrs. Balazs Rozsnyai Mr. and Mrs. Dick Ryon Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Sage Ms. Joy Schorno Michael and Diane Sills Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith Ms. Barbara Stear Mr. and Mrs. John Sutter Ellen Turner Mr. and Mrs. Berthold Weis Karl Wente Mr. and Mrs. Bruce White Mr. and Mrs. Clay Widmayer Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wigginton Mr. Wai-Kin Wong

Ralph Moir and Maryann Brent Mr. Milo Nordyke Mr. John Norwood Mr. and Mrs. Gary Oehrle Ohlone Audubon Society Jim and Tammy Reus Ms. Carol Rienecker Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rose Ms. June Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Dane Stark Jim and Carol Waksdal Mr. and Mrs. Darryl West Ms. Beth Wilson Ms. Kathleen Young

corporate Matching funds
Franklin Templeton Investments GE Foundation LLNL Home Campaign Tri-Valley Community Foundation


friend of preserVation under $100

(1) Anonymous Nancy Ash - Strictly Olive Oil Mr. and Mrs. James Benham Mr. and Mrs. Dale Berven Les and Helen Bridge Ms. Sally Brown Patrick and Wendy Costanzo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cowan Joe and Janet Cristiano Mr. and Mrs. David Darlington Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Donnell Dennis and Marcia Elchesen Ms. Carol Fohl Mr. Thom Gamble and Ms. Karen Koehler Bill and Barbara Graham Mr. Dave Greiner Ms. Mary Ann Hannon Ms. Teresa Hauk Mr. John Hobson Mr. Daniel Jones and Ms. Joyce Norton-Jones Mr. William Junk Mr. and Mrs. D P Kratky Maruta Litus Mr. Peter MacDonald Mr. and Mrs. Mike Malinowski Ms. Kathleen Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Mort Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller

John Bingaman Leona Bingaman Bill Bish Connie Bish Debi Bodan Sharon Callahan Lindsay Callahan Paula Campbell Elizabeth Christensen Patti Cole Germaine Cordes Danny De Palmo Monica De Palmo Steve Eldridge Sean Farrell Norma Foss David Furst Carol Gerich Bill Graham Kirsten Higgins Evonne Hopkins John Houghton Connie Kirchner Jill Kirk Jessica Knott Bill Laube Vernie Laube Les Mahler Renee March Holly Massey Diana Mendenhall Howard Mendenhall JC (Jack) Moody Walt Perry Pam Picazo Linda Schmidt Sandy Thomson Clay Widmayer Debra Zollinger

Tri-Valley Conservancy has made every effort to record the names of donors in this report accurately and completely. If we have inadvertently overlooked or misstated your name please accept our sincere apology and bring it to our attention.


t ri -V alley C ons e rVa n Cy

finance coMMittee
I am pleased to report that the combined financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2010, reflect a year of substantial growth. Net assets totaled $15,433,092, which is an increase of $1,062,566 when compared with December 31, 2009. Most of the increase in net assets is a result of interest/dividends on investments and a stock market that ended 2010 with the highest close since August, 28, 2008. Thank you, Michael Fredrich and Mary Roberts who served on this committee in 2010. Chair: Karl Wente

tVc 2010 operating reVenues
Contributions/Grants 8% Net from Benefits 4% Program Income 1%

tVc 2010 operating expenses
Fundraising Expenses 11%

Management & General Expenses 45% From Reserve Account 87% Program Expenses 44%

Contributions/Grants. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38,194. 8% Net.from.Benefits.(Fundraiser). . . . . . . . . . . 20,011. .4% Program.Income .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..3,617. 1% From.reserve.account .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 399,052. 87% Total.Organization.Support.&.Revenue. . . . $460,874

Program.Expenses.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 202,785. 44% Management.&.General.Expenses. . . . . . . . 207,393. 45% Fundraising.Expenses.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50,696. 11% Total.Organization.Expenses.. . . . . . . . . . $460,874

Board goVernance coMMittee
This committee met regularly during 2010 to discuss the involvement of all directors in the activities and goals for the Conservancy, select new candidates for directorship, recommend a slate of officers for 2011, and make suggestions for improving the Board’s structure. Current strategic, conservation, and fundraising plans were the topics of discussion during our two retreats in June and September for the Board of Directors. What materialized from these two retreats was a strategic plan that provides the goals and objectives to guide our actions through June 2014. Once again, 100% of TVC’s board members met Land Trust Alliance’s (LTA*) Board Member Challenge. Tri-Valley Conservancy joined just twenty-six other land trusts nationwide that met the highest mark in the Challenge.
*LTA is the national convener, strategist, and representative of the more than 1,700 land trusts across America.

Thank you, Mark Eaton and Rik Hansen, who served on this committee with me in 2010. Chair: Jim Perry

a n n ua l r e p o rt 2010


The Tri-Valley Conservancy will continue to focus on permanently protecting lands that preserve the area’s rural character, scenic beauty, and diverse environmental resources. Protecting these lands, we envision that both human life and wildlife can survive and thrive. We will work in partnership with local landowners, the community, nonprofit organizations, conservation agencies and local, regional, state, and federal government agencies to protect two major wildlife and biological corridors along the Pleasanton and Altamont Ridges. We will protect lands that will allow people to hike, bike, and walk throughout the hills and vineyards to enjoy the land, thereby being motivated to protect it. We will promote long-term stewardship of local lands that will result in safeguarding agriculture and water resources of the Tri-Valley area.
SAVE THE DATE: OcTObEr 6, 2011 attend the 4th annuaL ceLeBrating the VaLLey eVent at casa reaL at ruBy hiLL winery
1736 Holmes Street, Bldg. B Livermore, CA 94550-6012 tel: 925 449-8706 fax: 925 449-8709


t ri -V alley C ons e rVa n Cy