Ruth & Ella By R Bliss Wheeler WNWNMedia 1805 Decatur St Ridgewood, NY 11385

walks north from subway station. ELLA (voiceover on phone) What didn’t he like? RUTH (plugging in an electric kettle next to the stove) He told me he knows I’m from outer space. she’s got the poop touch. INT. KITCHEN. RUTH opens a gate to a garden level apartment door. that’s pretty insensitive. There’s a girl. She glances at the phone open as she takes it out of her pocket. BOY 1’s voice trails as we follow RUTH. elementary school age.. QUEENS.EXT. We see her pull an envelope out of the box with a clear address window. AFTERNOON RUTH. BOY 1 There’s this thing now at school called the "poop touch. and turns around. then puts an earpiece in. ELLA Uh. As she hangs her bag. He didn’t like it. CONTINUOUS RUTH enters from outside. Wind chimes chime with the door." and if you touch someone with the poop touch. She walks up the stairs above the door to check her mail. her cell phone rings in her pocket. (CONTINUED) . you get the poop touch. but that I need to come back down to Earth. Neighborhood boys. RUTH (spooning loose tea into a jar) He doesn’t know anything about me getting sick. toss a ball to each other on the sidewalk.. RESIDENTIAL STREET. realizes she’s forgotten something. RUTH taps her open hand with the envelope as she walks back downstairs to enter the ground level residence. mid-twenties female. addressed to her from her school’s Office of Student Accounts. RUTH Hey Ella.

I’ll just tell him I’m schizophrenic and bipolar. ELLA Well. RUTH (sarcastically. Too ambiguous. RUTH (back to grinding) I just don’t know if I can keep this up. RUTH (picking rosemary leaves off into a mortar & pestle) Nah. This is the first time I’ve had this guy. that was another teacher. don’t use that word for starters. waving the mortar around in conversational hand motions) Right.CONTINUED: ELLA I thought you told him when you came back. ELLA Being sane? RUTH (placing rosemary in jar) Playing sane. ELLA That you’ve been diagnosed as such. (CONTINUED) . It’s the truth. ELLA How are the bedbugs? RUTH (pouring hot water into jar) Haven’t seen one or a bite for weeks. but how do you tell someone that you went crazy. but might get crazy. 2. aren’t crazy now. ELLA Are you going to tell him? RUTH (grinding the rosemary) I guess.

I am that magma. and RUTH doing yoga. She pulls an mp3 player and headphones out as she steps onto the grass. We are just as much earth as they are earth. I am mostly light hearted. images of family photos. grinning ear-to-ear) Fucking beautiful. She presses a button on the mp3 player and closes her eyes. A recording of her voice plays as we cut between shots of of the backyard’s garden. EXT. I want to be with earth. no lible. altars in the house. risen to (MORE) (CONTINUED) . takes her earpiece out. Untagged. BACKYARD. swimming in my the unconscious. ELLA And how are the sprouts? RUTH (audibly brightening. and begins a set of sun salutations. to the freeest of my mind’s boundaries. ELLA You want to play it for me? RUTH Sure. but my muscles darken with preparedness as I remind my mind of your suffering in it’s absence & nonsense. the real etheral. the truth turn. I am there. There. E. our ultraconscious. Gimme a second. RUTH (recording on mp3 player) I worry that I am going crazy. across the walls into the wild resolution. She places them on the ground. She walks up stairs onto a back porch while fumbling in her pockets.. CONTINUOUS RUTH exits house partially below ground. places it between the headphones. we’ve been here just as long as that magma and that metal and that rock have been here.CONTINUED: 3. ELLA So what’s the worry? RUTH (walking through house) Something I wrote the other day.

ELLA That’s beautiful. ELLA I still can’t remember what happened or take the bandages off. or just .. If they put me in a cage. Why are you worried? RUTH It’s just another thing they watch for. RUTH (cont’d) consciousness in this geologic breadth of time. magnetized to hear breadth. I’m scared whenever I come visit you. It feels like I’m smuggling shit through customs. closes her eyes) How are your eyes? Screen goes black. the float into the earth. Now my brain forgets to protect my body from the memory of ripping its own eyes out. we love you beyond reaches. to memorize the memorial of our morality. Flores suggested that my body was trying to protect my brain from the trauma of seeing. RUTH (lies down. I want to remember.. RUTH finishes her asanas and bends to pick up the earpiece. We have felt the fall into the sky. She sits in lotus position as she places the earpiece back in her ear."just" behind locked doors.CONTINUED: 4. Kind of puts you in a trance. let them give me no medication. but this object’s subject is of importance to the to the portal. I love you.. portentious as our approximations calculate.. I want to remember . maybe more like aliens over a border. (CONTINUED) . Normally I’d orally advise you on the subject. ELLA Ah. despite the gravity of our of our predicament. Ruth.

I can’t remember what I did this morning. Ella. but I only know how to make lilies and boats. but I don’t remember anything I did yesterday. RUTH Are they still drugging you with Haldol and Klonopin? ELLA I think so. Can we sing before we go? RUTH Of course." They gave me 50mg of Benadryl last night to make me sleep. They stopped letting me keep the foils.CONTINUED: 5. almost a hynmal: RUTH & ELLA The only day our only sun she came and walked me home the same year our eldest daughters lent their everlasting loans to men in labcoats labeled Tesla with their incandescent threads (MORE) (CONTINUED) . They told me I made all these origami sculptures around the ward. RUTH I love you. ELLA I love you. RUTH and ELLA’s song is harmonic. but I found a new one in my book that says "Olanzapine. Maybe I’ll forget we talked in a few minutes. Ruth. RUTH But you know that we always talk? ELLA Yes. RUTH Olanzapine is Zyprexa. I just can’t remember all the episodes. Do you remember talking to me yesterday? ELLA No.

We are Joan of Arc. I’d spend nights underneath sheets of cicada-cricket duos riding the phosphorescent riverbank that rose around my toes. voyaging neo-Noah’s boat. But still stare up at a starry sky to welcome where we’re from. resting to the south. though still saluting and awaiting to be told to be at ease. listening to Shasta’s trails. in between cases of mangoes. as some patriarchs are murdering and claiming what we wrote. just Jains at heart. Instead we spent summers on the Pacific chasing killer whales. Still we brush our lips with poison to kiss foreheads that she hates. I was zombified on chemicals and operated on. Having left our parents empty-nested. and drove to us an old white box. (CONTINUED) . They tricked Writer into signing in. drawing volunteers of locks. But a patriarch got scared again. And on the day the baby brother came to breathe Terra. overthinking and warring over all the words leaving my mouth. I imagined that our mother might forget all about me. They might have the best intentions as they volunteer to lead.CONTINUED: RUTH & ELLA (cont’d) lighting the way for dear Liana to come home and rest her head. 6. Sol Three. the same ones bestowing blessings on their conspiracy’s state. wading a bit in river mundi as the animals came home. One gave rights to brother left brain to leave right hemisphere all alone.

. I’ve seen Big Mind and can tell you that it’s all of us and bigger still. Screen opens from black to sky as RUTH’s perspective. Yet we ID as polyphrenic if you press us for a skill. Their myriad complained that our complexities were pathological. then fades to black.CONTINUED: 7.. a maniac schizophrenic suffering a many-mi-inded will. ELLA Talk to you soon.. RUTH All the time. Screen holds at sky for a few moments.

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