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KBs Global Learning Project Worksheet/Proposal

Name: Jimmy Tinoco Cadre 19 Language Arts Compare and Contrast Brainstorm The overall goal of your GLP Students will learn about other cultures; looking for differences and similarities, and give them a real life example of compare and contrast, which will build on that concept. Search and review existing projects, resources around the topic, etc to see what is already out there and how your project can benefit the current GLP projects. Summarize Believe it, or not, I couldnt find anything on comparing and contrasting. Even though you could possibly use the compare and contrast concept with quite a few of the projects out there. Working Title of your GLP The working title for my Global Learning Project is: Cool Cultures - Comparing and Contrasting (using alliteration). Subject of GLP Language Arts List the Type/s of GLP structures The types of GLP structures that I will be using are: Information Exchanges Electronic Publishing Parallel Problem Solving Define your project participants [i.e. target audience] th Biographical info about yourself: 4 Grade Class in Menifee. Located in Southern California in the United States of America. What type of participants will you need to make the project successful? Participants should be grade-levels 3-5. Preferably English speaking, but not necessary, located in any place in the world. How many classrooms would make the GLP effective? Counting the host classroom, you could actually do it with one other class, but the more participants the better. Ideally, it would be good to have at least 4 participants, preferably from different regions/continents of the world. What will your participants roles be? They will answer the prompts provided on the project website and post a video recorded message, or a picture/s with a written or audio recorded message to go with their answers (participants will actually e-mail or link their files, then I will upload them). Then they
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will compare and contrast the two different presentations once they are uploaded and posted.

Define Time parameters [start/end dates] What is your target date for implementing your GLP? My target date for implementing my GLP is as soon as I can! Possibly sometime at the end of February. What is the target date for concluding your GLP? Im not sure; it might be an ongoing thing. State the rationale. Why is your project important or worthwhile? Students will learn a variety of interesting facts from other cultures. They will learn what is outside of their own world and gain a respect, appreciation, and understanding of the people who live in this world, and hopefully ignore any stereotyping they hear of any other cultures. They will see differences, but they will also learn about commonalities that we have with other people and countries. Write a synopsis of your GLP [1-2 paragraphs] This is like an advertisement that you will use to give prospective participants a clear idea of what it is about. Hi and welcome to Cool Cultures - Compare and Contrast! In this Global Learning Project you will answer some prompts about your culture! You will answer the questions and respond by creating a video or a digital picture slideshow. You could even make an audio presentation if you would like! Then you will e-mail your presentations and I will post them in a personalized blog on the Cool Cultures Compare and Contrast website. Once the presentations are posted, your presentation will be side by side with another (different presentation). You will then compare and contrast your culture with the other. You will type your response in the blog. Thats it! You will have a great time learning about the world around you! State specific Objectives, Standards and Global Learning Outcomes [use action verbs] Write as specific learning objectives. You may link to standards if possible at this phase in the process. This will continue to evolve as you build your project in your next class. Things to ask yourself. Students will interact with other students in different regions of the world, learning their current culture and possibly customs. They will learn what is outside of their own world and gain a respect, appreciation, and understanding of the people who live in this world, and hopefully ignore any stereotyping they hear of any other cultures.

Created for EDTC518 2011 Dr. K. Bacer

What are your standards-aligned Learning Objective(s) for this GLP? R 2.5 Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate text: compare and contrast information on the same topic after reading several passages or articles. What are the content standards you will address in this GLP? Compare and contrast information between two different cultures. What are the main global learning objectives you envision in your GLP? For students to teach each other and learn about each other What are the cross-cultural skills [global connection/component?] -Students will gain a deeper understanding of the cultures around the globe. -The cross-cultural benefits will be that each culture will learn from each other and expand each others knowledge.

Define the main Task(s): What will students (and other partners) be asked to do in the GLP project? Students will be asked to view or download a text document from the project website that will have questions/prompts. They will answer the questions/prompts by creating a video or picture slideshow with comments. They will answer the provided prompts and send me the completed projects. I will then post them on a website where they will respond to the presentations. Describe Project activities (introductory, learning and culminating activities) that students will engage in during the GLP? Students will gain a better understanding of their own culture as they answer the prompts/questions. They will also gain an understanding of other cultures around the world and analyze the similarities and differences as they compare and contrast on their blogs. Define collaboration How will you communicate? I will communicate through e-mail and blogging. o Which tools will you use? I will use a website, which will host a blog, or possibly multiple blogs. o In what language will you communicate? The language that I will communicate it is English. If possible I will translate some of the documents into other languages. o How will you accommodate other languages? I am a fluent Spanish speaker, so I could accommodate any Spanish speaking regions. If there is another country that would like to participate that doesnt speak English or Spanish, I might possibly look into an online language translator. o How often will you communicate with partners? As much as necessary, but we will only need to communicate 2-3 times. How will you collaborate with partner teachers? Through e-mail and blogs, possibly Skype. How will students collaborate o Students will communicate through the blog/s on the website. o Also, possibly, through Skype. I will have to think about it. What parts of the project will be done together?
Created for EDTC518 2011 Dr. K. Bacer

No part of the project will actually be done together. They will post on the same page but it doesnt have to be together at the same time. What parts of the project will each class do independently? They will complete the whole project independently.

Describe how you will advertise How and where will you advertise your project to find participants? I will advertise using TappeIn (K-12 Students) group IEARN I need to build my PLN on Twitter I need to revisit some of my professional social networks Possibly e-mail the schools in my district Global School House Describe how you will showcase your project All will be showcased on a website. The final product will be a website with videos, pictures, and blog posts. To celebrate accomplishments of my GLP with my class and participants I will send a thank you media message. Define Resources needed: What resources (hardware, software, WWW, etc) do you need for your GLP? For this GLP, I will need a computer, a digital video camera, a digital photo camera, possibly some video and photo editing software, and Internet access. Where and when will you gather these resources? List below. I already have everything I need. What kind of ongoing support do you envision needing to be successful? I will just need participants. Assessment How will you assess students' proficiency with the standards and objectives selected? Will you use an observation checklist, a rubric, a test? I will use a rubric. I will have to think about what other ways I will assess the final products. For my own students I will probably assess their writing component.

Will students need any special training to participate in the GLP activities? If so, how will you build this into your GLP? Students will not need any training to participate. It is assumed that teachers and students who choose to participate are familiar with the tools and resources being used. As your GLP takes off, evaluate it for quality (Are the students meeting the objectives you intended? What could you improve?) and efficiency (Is the GLP easy to understand, participate in and rewarding for the participants?). Im going to try to make it easy to understand. I think this will come later when I start creating the website.

Created for EDTC518 2011 Dr. K. Bacer

Challenges/Constraints What do you envision to be the greatest challenge with your GLP? The biggest challenge will probably be getting people from other countries to participate in the project. How might you complete the project if you dont have the required number of participants? I would just have to scale it down. I could use local schools, or just use the different kids at my school. What roadblock or obstacles might prevent you from implementing this project? How might you deal with these? I cant really think of any obstacles that would prevent me from implementing this project.

Thoughts to ponder. A GLP is a cross cultural collaboration that: can solve a social or environmental problem explore parallel histories promote cultural healing share a variety of perspectives around the world through many curricular areas (i.e. literature exchanges
Diversity in language and culture among students and staff can be either a challenge or opportunity. Global project-based learning is a model for working with diverse students to utilize the differences into distinct learning advantages. Whether the projects include local populations or working to include students from other countries, global project-based learning provides concrete techniques for valuing diversity, integrating technology in project-based learning, and growing community support at schools. Mark Standley []

For 526 (final class) you will present your newly implemented GLP website, reflect on your experience and what your future plans for your GLP are.

Created for EDTC518 2011 Dr. K. Bacer