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"Hans Eichel Barton Count, you are really willing to help me?" Young lady, pale and delicate and charming to vibrate with the shoulder. Listening to her talk of the young Earl was quietly replied. "Lady, the man broke into your room to a duel, should be your husband's obligation to it." "My husband is a new aristocracy, is not very clear reason to honor such a war, but if the count, then you should know very well, right? Has its roots in a door the first person to defend the sense of personal pride is engraved on the bones." Self-esteem is indeed very strong lady, she tried to suppress the leakage of the strong feelings in words. "I am a weak woman. Can not wield weapons, so you only want to do my agent ..." "I know how you feel." Earl resolutely interrupted her. "But his wife, a duel is illegal, even if it was the old aristocracy as a virtue in the modern era is also anti-social behavior." "But you must fight through it? In fact, you should also recognize that noble heart unique, not just for the civilians to understand." "Justice ... ... that count?" Earl mouth micro-Yang. Just like making fun of the same class did not to be believed. Dignified and handsome face with a calm expression, but hidden under the sharp edge. "My reason for fighting, can not be tolerated each other's existence, that's all." I saw the good side of the youth friendly noble lady, the number seemed a little confused. "But you've also dedicated to women's weak force." "That's nothing but a little entertainment." "Entertainment ..." Earl stood up from his chair. Seems to Xiazhukeling same. "From now on, I fight the only reason, only my beloved fiancee."


Time when the early summer, went to the London social season. Can be a handful of celebrity society Barton Count Hans Eichel, even disappeared in that period. This miracle immediately uproar in the whole of London. Earl wore fairy country 伊普拉杰鲁 new title Edgar? Hans Eichel Barton, the young and has outstanding beauty, an appearance quickly swept through society. His female relations more complex and worked with countless celebrities and aristocrats daughter rumored. The strange thing is he has very few people make negative comments. He is noble to follow their example, to the superb eloquence and presence of the Queen's court purport to add numerous, both men and women will create a good impression on him. In this new period of the proliferation of nobility, the Earl of medieval England, more people miss the old glory days. Because of this, the absence of Hans Eichel Earl Barton topic will be the focus of society, is perfectly understandable thing. Can in fact there is no particular reason. Earl was injured just because of poor physical condition, you need to convalesce at home. As we hit the whole of London that issued the marriage still fresh, so it was time to Earls Court has been an endless stream of condolences to the guests. "The owner, a visitor asked to see." Explorer Tomkins a place to rest long ago came to Edgar for routine communications. "Lydia is it?" Browsing a booklet of Edgar, looking to highlight his fiancee's name, but was quickly rejected Explorer shook his head. He muttered complaining up. If the sympathy of a large number of guests eleven met, can not resting. Therefore, in addition to Tomkins guests may not see, other people be no visiting. But since the Tomkins specifically to report it, are not his fiancee visit, then it must be bit as noble guests, or meet it anyway. "Who?" Edgar asked, barely cheer. "Scotland Yard Gordon Police Department." "Ah, eh, why he came to see me?" Although rib fractures generated by the impact, but also around the very serious bleeding. But for Edgar is that not a great injury. Sleeping three days later, the heat has dropped down. Simply because Lydia has been very worried about where to stay in the mansion, he had no choice but to obediently recuperate. She seems to be a doctor "to be quiet and rest to avoid fatigue" of the asked convinced. Lonely hard to get Edgar, one day with a message of condolence guest secretly slipped out to play. Lydia knew then, no reason he was angry all day. Then Edgar was very little since then met with the guests. Compared to seize her heart, being lonely is really nothing. Lydia finally began with a positive attitude and accept the fact that to get married. Also endorsed the proposal ahead of the wedding date. Edgar reason wounded, in order to protect her from a giant family of harm, so she

probably expected to respond to his mind. Edgar is very clear on this point must not annoy Lydia. In this case, Tomkins also act decisively to convey something the police department visit, it must be after considerable consideration. He approached Edgar, quite profound meaning far distance, blinking round eyes. "The owner is not the case. Police if you suspect that your private, a duel." In order to protect his fiancee from the dangers of criminals was wounded, they Edgar acquaintances is explained, but inevitably there will be rumors based on hearsay evidence. Because up to now a large number of illegal Sidou nobility also, because most of the women fight the problem. "Of course. Or listen to the advice of the police department better." Edgar stood up.

Gordon Police Department is also regarded as Edgar much people buy convenience. Should be superior to dispel the doubts of the duel was to come to visit. "Earl, you look very spiritual thing." Neatly trimmed mustache, hair carefully separated in the middle, the middle-aged police department dressed meticulously, almost stereotyped expressions also do not see the change. "Originally there is no big deal, but love is betrothed to worry about it too." But listen to rumors, but it is very serious injury. But the police department into the living room waiting for the Edgar, and usually the only difference is that home wearing civilian clothes (dressing bathrobe) only. "You said to meet the criminals, really?" "I can not go fight." "Prisoners of the features you remember?" Police Department routinely inquired. Is to prepare the so-called "no duel, just attack," the relevant documents it. Police Department is on Gordon, Edgar has not really breaking the law is not a problem. As long as there is lift the doubts of the file on the line. Of course, Edgar is handy to deal with these things completely. "Ah, that person keep a long chin beard, about ten feet high ..." "... Six feet ten inches tall." Police Department wrote in a notebook in the fabrication of random data. "And he waved a wooden cane." "... The weapon is a cane." "Will be raised using the magic of rock thrown out." "... Throwing stones to the victims." Police Department Qingke soon closed the notebook, one pair of Edgar prank helpless look. But that is a true thing, Edgar secretly smile. But if you did not get the title of Earl of fairy country, did not encounter Lydia, even if he does not believe such a thing goblins

and magic. Anyway, as long as the police department to report the incident properly attributed, eliminate unnecessary doubt on it. "Earl, because of the recent internal police claim more and more people punish illegal nobility, so please try to avoid Sidou." Gordon said the police department stood up from his chair. Of course, Sidou is against the law. May belong to the aristocracy of people, since the duel is to honor, the informant as a criminal act it is prohibited. So those involved Ye Hao, Ye Hao witnesses, even the people around, can not leak something about duel. Police did not need it less sensitive to such things. "Yes, I was wounded on the causes, which the police department to a duel challenge it?" Gordon Police Department glanced sit there, Edgar. "That would not. Just heard some strange reports that you are suddenly being challenged, he refused to unilaterally use of violence to each other off. But that is merely a rumor only, for other nobles, the No matter what the reason is due to wounded, even for a duel, will find it a shame it. " "So for me it?" "How do you say, if you suffered as criminals, whether or not a duel, you should never get up again will have to beat the other fishes, although this is law and order in London would be a good news story." "I'm sorry, but there are strange events that may occur Oh." Police Department nodded, sighed and put on a hat. "You had so much trouble." "If re-encounter the kind of guy, I can never get up again he played it?" "Earl, this is a crime oh." Police Department pulled an honest honest face told said, then added the. "If something happens, no matter what time are happy to offer advice." Lydia came to the Earls Court, and that finishing the mustache of a man passing into the hall. "Miss Lydia, Edgar adults impatient." Out to meet her is to Levine. He is Edgar's followers, with brown skin and exotic young, short stature, with a boyish face, though it seemed only 15 years old or so, in fact, he Bilidiya even older. "Ah, that, Levine and I lost the day before yesterday things, want to go look for the studio." "What is this? I go and you are looking for." Levine on Edgar extremely loyal, always turning back to the main people through fire and water. Previously he would not open their hearts to people other than Edgar, but can clearly show the recent concern of Lydia. Seems to think they serve the owner's fiancee is a very natural thing. Because of special experience, had been unconditionally obey the master command, he began to have their own feelings and will. Lydia is also very pleased with this. Unfortunately, although she was familiar with Levine, men suffer from this can not please help. Lydia had so vague.

"There is nothing. Just want to immediately find, you can first do for Edgar to say hello?" "Edgar adults is the studio of Miss Lydia." What! Lydia was shocked and immediately rushed to the studio. Dr. Lydia is the name monster. Edgar's name in this 伊普拉杰鲁 count, not just a figure of the title. Him as a legendary magical islands 伊普拉杰鲁 the lord, the British recognized the Elves. But Edgar's other territories in the United Kingdom also has a large number of goblins living, for the goblins and humans can coexist peacefully, Lydia every day use her knowledge and wisdom, hard work. Her as a consultant, Dr. fairies in this residence enjoys a separate studio. But because the Edgar for granted the right to know the content of her work, so even if he look at the desk top files, this is the proper behavior. But just ran into the room on Lydia cried. "Edgar, what are you doing!" "Lydia, I miss you!" He calmly from the desk next to a chair to stand up, his hand is she forgot where the "personal." "Please, Please do not peek at my stuff!" But that is a thin magazine, Lydia is anxious to try to snatch away. Edgar easy to escape her grasp over the hand. Lydia simply desperate to snatch, Mo Liushen was a football into his arms. "So impatient to run over, you will also very much like me?" He turned the hand-holding magazines hidden in the back, happy to make fun of her. "Quick, quick back to me!" "Kiss me on the still you." "Hey ...?" Lydia immediately at a loss, flushing of the face to Jiangzainali. Edgar did not intend to give her time to consider, said bluntly, gently kissed her. Then half-jokingly to his lips in her hair and cheek scrape on wavering. "Wait a minute ..." "Your hair also exudes the smell of Chamomile children do." "What I have not painted ah ... ...." "So it is a masterpiece of monster. Well, petal." He put his hand from her head off a white petals, gently blowing, petals floating on the fly up. Edgar release Lydia approached the window. Magazines still do not have. "France is doing really gorgeous fashion it." "That ... ..., that is a monster pick your friends." Lydia's fairy friends are many. The home has been living the past, and now lives with his father's apartment, there are many domestic goblins goblins. Even living in Edgar's Fuchu monster has got to know her completely. They often picked up a variety of broken children, on Lydia's room. The same is true about the magazine, I do not know where to pick up, but Lydia is gorgeous illustrations to attract the top, became interested, so reluctant to throw away stayed.

"The design you like there?" "That, there is no particular favorite, but the British do not see things as fashionable." Edgar looked at with interest Lydia embarrassed face. The journal is filled Featured sleep. Like with the underwear, because it is invisible to outsiders before sleep wear, pajamas, so the common sense of the pitiful Lydia. Openly published the magazine in France, sleep dress fitted like to use the same ribbon embroidery beautifully decorated. By Edgar found himself actually did something in the study, there is no way she was shy. "Is this your favorite? I also think it is very cute." Edgar made a crease mark to turn the magazine page to show her that, Lydia was an immediate blood brain straight top. "Are you kidding!" "No kidding yo This country lady, seems always to the front of her husband's virtues of thrift, but I would hope to see you in our world of two gorgeous little dress." "You expect me to wear such a thing?" "Ah, do not you used to sleep naked?" "... Must not talk nonsense! Decent people of the girl, will not dress up in the bedroom!" She finally wins hands from Edgar also the magazine, quickly hide behind. Lydia had shame about passed out, Edgar still fun to snicker. "That's better. You can not imagine that anyone's side, only I will know." "Crooked place you would like to go again!" "Can not it? We going to get married ah." Indeed, a wedding soon. Custom wedding has been good, as the dowry of clothing and supplies are being gathered. Lydia is available at this time one thing is for the trouble. A few days ago, to help the nanny hand side of ribbon sewn just do a good job on the new pajamas and tights, while some were surprised to nagging. "Miss, your personal clothing decoration really know nothing about it." Actually been accused of lacking common sense, Lydia lived hand in surprise. "Look a little embellishment is not very good yet? Do not have to use so many ribbons, there are some simple embroidery pattern has been very cute." "You are decorated in hidden places, there is no way to get praise Oh." Is, is that so? Indeed, Lydia tried to make the pajamas and the kid wearing the monotony of style is no different, it is too simple a. At that time, she happened to see that the French fashion magazine, so for those who dress had a vision. "Others are invisible things, no one will pay attention to how decorated it?" "Oh, count will be noted." Was the phrase, Lydia not only hurry up. In fact, maybe she was already aware of. Until now no one care about this family thing. Even his father, also Lydia's pajamas on the embroidery or ribbon no attention. However, in the future they will be Edgar in the eyes. Is because that thought, she fishes are a few simple pieces put together pieces of linen pajamas feel more and more

resentment. Her arms and legs are too thin, then put on the robe is not decorative, almost like hanging a bed sheet, it seems completely feminine. Moreover, her nanny to completely negate the cognitive aspects of decorative pajamas. "While others see the underwear, but the best performance, but the charm of a woman wearing oh. If her husband was tired of just married, then become a very serious thing." Edgar is so think? He will be tired ... but she did not deliberately make a cute way. How to do. Lydia headaches. Although more active on the marriage thing, but because they do not know how he would be treated, I often feel uneasy. Just pajamas, there are real underwear, not have to use quite a decent design, but it is not even shy people do. Will not be treated as degrading women? Now Edgar, will be surprised to have the kind of ideas? "Lydia!" Edgar's voice suddenly became very distant. Lydia felt black eyes. Brain confusion, difficulty breathing, consciousness seems to be getting out of their.

"Never mind yo, Miss Lydia. Relax waist enough." She opened her eyes, the eye is Earls Court housekeeper kind face. "Mrs. Harriet that ... ... ... ..." "Very good ah. Going to get married young ladies, why are wearing clothes so tight waist!" Lydia finds himself sleeping on the sofa in the studio. She tried to breath slowly. Feeling really loose waist seems a little bit. "Harriet his wife, Lydia how it going?" Edgar's voice came outside. "Ah, do not worry yo, please wait a moment." She propped Lydia began to fasten their deft back button. Just then the door opened, Edgar eager to burst into the room. "Master, you see, the waist wedding dress, even doing so tight, which is really unhealthy trend." Edgar housekeeper while listening to nagging, while Lydia looked worried. "In that case, size does not change it like?" "It does not matter. But now not used to before the wedding will not uncomfortable." However, the waist is just a little bit tight, Lydia stubbornly persisted. It is said that the daughter of nobility who is both commonplace. Also specifically to persuade her clothing shop, put on some of the usual tight waist, the dress will look more beautiful. It was introduced Masefield Duchess female clothes tailor, the Duchess has been in the home will become the bride of Earl Lydia advice.

Lydia Shoppes produced by wearing the kind of dress, gathered at the lady's society will become easier to access. "Why is that silly thing to eat so much pain?" "Do your very bloated bride dress does not matter?" "Lydia, I'm not married with the dress. And you where bloated. Usual you are very slim, ah." Because shoulders and arms are very thin, so in order to highlight women's curves, but also need a small waist. "No matter what kind of dress you wear a wedding, as I like." Levine holding a water glass into the room. Edgar took the cup and handed Lydia. He held out his hand on feeling the comfort of her hair, and the flow-coated to live her cheek. Only wearing civilian clothes, he did not wear gloves, came directly on the skin of his body, Lydia could not help but feel more and more shy. "In short then, as long as you like it. Enjoy a place where only I can see the decorative ribbon bar." The magazine also just on the table. To cover all full Denden sleep filled with close-up ribbons. "I, I will not go to the kind of decorative ribbon thing!" Suddenly realized that this special edition must have been a housekeeper and Levine look at the eyes, Lydia's face more and more flushed, painfully anxious again fainted. * If the mother is still alive, will not let her fall into the embarrassing situation of shame. Lydia did not come together, married his girlfriend, can be relaxed and happy to talk about these privacy issues. Although not a lack of preparation for marriage advice who may in addition to the things you do not know who is consulted. Of course, the sleep thing is not loaded and his father discussed, as to help prepare for the marriage of Masefield duchess, asked her not as trivial a matter to be appropriate. Lydia looked at that piece resting on the bed, new pajamas. As Kubo Fu's insistence on pajamas and sew the ribbon embroidery as decoration. Although only minor changes, but added quite a lovely style, almost as a casual home wear out. Can even do it than the French style of luxury clothing is also a far cry from, if you had a selection of fine lace collar. "This can not be used to look to wear." Must be re-done. Edgar said the magazine's pajamas are cute, he really think of it? Lydia on their own are ignorant of even this knowledge was very surprised, Edgar might also be surprised. "Yo, Lydia, why long face?" Lydia suddenly heard the sound outside the window, panic immediately stuffed the crumpled pajamas behind the curtains.

"Grid ... ... Grew than" Suddenly appeared on the second floor window of the figure, and Lydia is very close to the monster. He has black hair, lean body robust, handsome seductive appearance. But his Physiognomy is a horse. Human Anxious evil aquatic horse. But I do not know why, he tells Lydia soft spot. Even in her marriage with Edgar set the present, but also often eager to come looking for her. "Gloomy face did not suit you." Lydia, he gazed intently until she gradually smile. "This is also similar, but then, someday If you do not want to get married with that count, just say for the uncle." Rude people complain this is not the object. If you talk to him uneasy marriage, God knows what will happen. "For the Lydia, that book you like?" "Book?" "I have on here yo. That the clothes are full of strange things." Is that the French magazine. "You pick it?!" "Yes ah, I think you will like you to wear something that is absolutely beautiful." Grew than the contemporary women's clothes seemed to feel very strange looks. Although it is clear that the horse can not tell the difference between dress and pajamas. Lydia sighed. Lydia is not even common sense understanding of British-style underwear. Other girls can not open discussion of such common sense, who are to ask for? In general, women should be around close to it. But the mother is long gone, my grandmother Lydia also grow to generate such trouble and died before questions, coupled with her other little goblins in addition to other friends, so he will know nothing about. Unmarried women and men must not live alone, although the reason is always put vague, so whatever the outcome, she was warned several times before, but never told her underwear needs no decoration. That is not a significant thing, it was turned into Lydia's blind spot. "Do not you like?" "Ah, there's no thing I like to see ah." Indeed, if only their Fanfan Kan, then it is very interesting. But will feel shy in front of Edgar. "Why the red face? You fever?" Grew than rude hand on Lydia's forehead. "No problem yo, no big deal." Seems to see through their fear of things being considered, Lydia more embarrassed Nueliao Nue body. But the wizard's hand is touching the water's cool, but feeling good. She looked more than a friendly smile Grew up. "Anyway." Grew than the uncharacteristically relaxed expression. "You do a lot of good lately."

"I usually took the liberty you have?" He spoke, and he is aware, the past has been unable to feel relaxed about the reason. Can not believe that Edgar's true, but their lack of confidence. This kind of marriage is always anxiety. But now there is no confused. "You look very happy yet." Grew than narrowing his eyes, it seems a pity that. "Hum, how Grew up here than they went." Then came a voice out of the window. Followed by a gray cat quickly and deftly goblin jumped in, with two feet on the floor. But he was walking somewhat nodding sway. Red nose, as if they drunk. "Is your cat." "No cat is Nicole Mr. Oh, you have to take is the uncle of the chair yo." He usually always see the hideous Turkoglu than try to avoid, this time may be due to strong cat bile wine bar. Lydia Grew than if nothing had happened in the bed and sat down. "You come back, Nicole, eaten dinner yet?" "Yes ah.'s Belly is a belly full." Where possible to participate Elves went to the banquet of the. Nicole contentedly stroking hairy tail covered with clusters. Nicole is the longest to get along with Lydia's friends. From long ago is that, no matter what time there are fairies at the Lydia to accompany around. Even with Edgar married a countess after this point will not change, because the idea of Lydia felt very at ease. "Lydia, today I saw something interesting. An armor riding a horse in Regent Street (Regent street) on the run around." "Armor, like Edgar decorative home the kind of thing do?" "Is that, with the metal cover thing." "In that case, the person wearing it is not simple it really is." Is time, Turkoglu than pointing at the window. "Is the kind of thing?" Lydia turned away, and immediately held her breath. A silver suit of armor standing there. Man wearing armor, the armor on the arm and legs of armor completely cover the body, just like the storybook illustrations in medieval slip out of the same. "Who are you? Come from?" Askew armor to move. Click, click sound issue, he approached Lydia, suddenly knelt down. "Her Royal Highness, Long time no see." "What?" "I come as one to save you because of my firm belief, you and I finally meet again." Lydia eyes wide open trying to see the helmet in the face. But the dark to see anything. The only way to feel, and only a strong shot from the helmet in sight, full of doubt Lydia hesitated up. "Hey, you guys, not allowed near Lydia!" Grew than suddenly stood up and squeeze over, the men wear armor can not help but

retreated. "You are not human beings?" "I am noble than aquatic Mage Lu." The man clearly show that guard out of the waist of the sword. Nabing heavy sword looks like a medieval things. Beware of the side armor Grew than men, while trying to convince Lydia. "Her Royal Highness, I hope you understand. Will become the man your husband is a cruel devil of greed." "Ah, he did not then ..." "Oh, do not deny too fast." Nicole muttered. "If you do not run away as soon as possible, you will encounter misfortune ..." "Give me away!" Grew into a horse than posture. Screamed the man jumps over the armor. Just eat a horse raised his sword fiercely kicking the front foot, immediately Danfei up. Heavy armor given the terrible crash, a man fell awkwardly at the bedside. "Damn, that ruthless lord, a demon actually send such monitoring princess!" "Grew than, my home is you want to mess up!" Lydia intended to prevent than to take advantage of the gap Grew, a man stood up, looked angrily erect mane Turkoglu ratio, and glanced at the curved sword was kicked, if no chance of winning. He hurriedly picked up the sword ready to leave. "Her Royal Highness, I will not give up, I will come back to save you!" "Although put your horse over it!" "This piece is what we agreed keepsake handkerchief!" I do not know when, a man more than a small piece of hand decorated with ribbons of white cloth, no, that is exposed from the curtains the next corner of cloth. "Hey, please wait ... ...!" That is not a handkerchief, is pajamas. But the armor did not give men the opportunity to justify Lydia, his flying out the window. That piece pajamas are also brought up the wind, floating, flying in the air. "You give me back!" Grew over and grabbed pajamas, followed by the voice sounded torn clothing. Hands caught only a piece of torn, man has disappeared in the window. Wearing things like heavy jumped from the second floor window, is simply suicidal behavior. Lydia panic ran to the window, looked toward the outside. To armor male physique, and normally should not be difficult to find. Can be like magic in general, where not see shadows, and only go away hoofs echo in the stone on the road. "Damn it, what is he in the end?" "That is human?" Nicole tilted his head thoughtfully.

Her Royal Highness. Who told her? Lydia look around. Some of the dark room, watching less clear. There are only four corners of the room a touch of light injection. Here is where it. Stone walls, stone floor, his eyes become accustomed to the dim light, you can see the corners seem to have open windows, out the window the moon hanging in the sky. Lydia approached the window and opened the window gate. Can be seen through the pane, across the moonlit minarets. Almost the same as the seat ancient castle. Certainly is a medieval castle. A knight in armor in front. So, it is a man of this armor is called Her Royal Highness Princess Lydia of it. Lydie Benjamin know in a dream, but still considered as a. Her Royal Highness. Call sounded again. Her Mother looked vaguely window of the trees have a personal impact. It is a simple Tunic dress, waist sword young man. Keep his shoulder-length hair. Focus on the second floor to look up at the tall windows. That person has a pair of eyes as clear as spring water, Lydia felt like I was familiar with him. (You should come see me.) Almost the same as in the theater, can the speaker's actually their own. (Her Royal Highness, please bear with it. Before the wedding tomorrow, I would definitely put you to save it. After that, you would like to join me flown it?) (Yes, I promise.) (Can not be agreed to give me a bear?) Lydia hand on the chest. From the dress out of a handkerchief under the collar, secretly throw from the grid went down the gap. He caught the air, thrown over the handkerchief, pressed his lips. Then suddenly two footsteps. Anyone close to this room. Lydia panic whisper. (Or fast you go.) If caught, he will be killed. Wooden door in the footsteps stopped. Lydia nervously stared at the door, it issued a creaking sound, and slowly opened. Dark outside, could see nothing. But she knew, standing outside, it must be her lord in here.

Woke up after a wonderful dream that is still clearly remain in the memory. Because of the impression of a man's armor is too strong, it made a kind of dream? Lydia still being killed and a half piece pajamas things to heart, the mood has been very depressed. Instead, Edgar looked very happy, smiles out to meet her. "Lydia, I almost can not wait."

When Lydia arrives at Earls Court the next day, in front of Edgar somehow dressed very neatly. "How, Edgar, do not you want to go?" "Ah, to be will go to the Royal Opera House yo. Of course you have to go together." He summoned the housekeeper said, then holding his wife Harriet in front of them evening gowns. "But Edgar, you hurt ..." "Out there is no problem, and doctors agreed this morning if you are by his side all day I can be patient, but now I almost want to bored to death." Edgar is not really quiet down a moment, Lydia thought come here every day, simply to chat with him on it. Indeed today, more bit late, but Edgar looks as if there is no upset. "Tonight is a new opera staged on the first day, I remember you once said also want to see." "Ah, yes yes ... ... but do not necessarily have to see the premiere non-ah." "There are forces of aristocracy would gather there. Or reveal a better appearance. Do you have other arrangements?" In fact, Lydia is looking for a man that armor. He will be called Her Royal Highness Princess Lydia is perhaps just the wrong person. But was unrelated to the stolen their personal clothing, but this can not be ignored. The thought of that piece stitched ribbon pajamas exposure may be in front of everyone, her restless. In addition, the man's true identity, but also aroused interest in her as a monster, Dr.. Dressed in armor, true colors unknown, see Grew ratio is not surprised. As Nicole pointed out, it is very difficult not human. Made of steel armor seems to be true. She did not think it is a monster thing. Nature because they are mostly tired iron. In any case, the matter must be thoroughly investigated. Wearing visible armor should not be hard to find. Now Nicole and Turkoglu are separately than searching everywhere in London. "... Ah, the other did not make the arrangements, but some are concerned about ..." She did not go to the opera's mood. But the French style of pajamas decorated with stolen that matter, absolutely can not tell Edgar. "So be ready to go quickly Hello. A long time did not go out with my fiancee has it, this should get to dress you." Edgar smiled and gently kissed her cheek, the room went out. Lydia is no alternative but to give up on themselves to put their hands to dress the housekeeper mercy.

Lydia dressed up, holding Edgar's arm into a crowded theater. While such a scene must adapt, but Lydia was a little nervous. Especially tonight, she has never been so many people the focus of attention. Because this is the first time Edgar has long appeared in social situations, will become so is understandable.

Many ladies and gentlemen, and his frequent exchange of greetings, Lydia had to constantly nod in return. Even be directed to the box in the saddle later, he continually was visiting. "Ah, Edgar. To protect the love you have been healed wounded honor it?" Courtesy of the meeting still continued, this time saying the words to ridicule box, is Edgar's friends. Lydia has seen the past several figures. "Thank you, already fully recovered, thanks to her meticulous care." "Hey, Miss Crewe Dayton, to be honest, I really want to know you applied, what kind of magic, just let the man concentrate recovered from his wounds? Next time if I am injured, it might have to ask you." "Ah, so how magic ..." "Steven, you do not believe in magic do not." "That is because I have not seen real magic. Since you called the Earl of fairy country, then maybe there really such thing as magic. I would very much like to see this. How, Crewe Miss Dayton?" "No, Lydia who is not by magic." Man contrived to acquire Suzhe shoulder. "The posture is still a spoiled it. Miss Leighton Crewe, even if you think I'm good man than he is, please do not say I do not want to be him killed." "That Well, Steven, I know this is a compliment Lydia, then only one ---- I will not be angry." Appears to be very easy joke, the conversation both laughed merrily. "Yes Edgar, I heard Faulkner adults seriously injured. Like the room and steal the handkerchief to his wife hit a man." "Yeah, the official?" "When that plan seems to have yo order to maintain his wife's reputation, have no choice other than the right in addition to a duel." "Duel?" Lydia could not help but interrupted. "Killing each other because of a handkerchief on it?" "Lydia, a duel is not only fighting each other. Is to fight on the outcome of the dispute yo life." How to say the same as the crime. Edgar frowned persuade Side of the Yarra to the side Lydie. "So, presented the former lady's handkerchief, that is the mark of a man attracted to, so to win is equal to snatch other people's wife a handkerchief. Is the most intolerable taboo." "Yes ah yes ah, miss, because of the nobility, was compelled to fight their lives fighting for justice, yo. Somebody has to correct the evil act right." "But if you lose it? If people are dead, even if rehabilitated, but how?" Edgar seems to be happy Lydia looked puzzled, replied. "The wife's reputation has to pay at full value of life, so as a man, only to honor as a noble fight." Lydia still do not understand. The need to things like fighting it? "... So, how was the person stealing a handkerchief like it?" "Seem to disappear Oh. The way they are because of the duel had an argument before fight, so it can not be regarded as a formal duel."

"So he injured because of random adults who fled Hello." "Mrs. Faulkner said the gifts and the like seem a strange thing, that man is the wrong person. He was looking for red-haired woman. So to say, Miss Crewe Dayton, you be red hair." Steven had just noticed the same as said to her. "Edgar, you'd better pay attention more." "Do not worry, you are a staring Shui Yebie a tap." Edgar looked down to his lips close to Lydia's neck, kissed her hair, whispering ambiguous. Lydia felt the brush in the hot breath on the neck, cheeks flushed only. Finally calm down the mood, but also upset by Edgar acts like a joke, has been worried about things all swarmed the heart. Red hair, the wrong person? Case, we say ... .... That armor man, the other red-haired women and Lydia confuse you. So to say, he wants this is her handkerchief, but accidentally took her linen pajamas. "Uh, jazz, you know that person's characteristics?" "Lydia, why are you so concerned about this matter?" "Ah, no, ... ... always feel a little scary ..." "I will guard you day and night around yo." Edgar half-jokingly said, took her hand, was Lydia pulls away to go. Steven seeing a smile, replied. "I'm not sure. The lady does not want to produce estimates it unnecessary rumors about the names of staff who looks as if it were tight-lipped." Perhaps her much concern, but. "Hey, Lydia." Is then, a curtain of shadow sound up. Gray tail waving in the same way as swinging. Is Nicole. There armor men the news? "I'm sorry, excuse me this." Lydia quickly leave the seat, picked up the aisle stand Nicole. Case was seen standing with two feet on the cat worse. "Well, Lydia, I can not let go." Cats hate to be treated as Nicole, hand, foot and land trying to break free. "Please bear with me a little here eyes and ears of many yo. That, what findings?" "Is the guy I found him here." "Where?" "There." Nicole fingers in the direction of the large carpeted steps below. An armor stand in a crowded Opera House near the entrance. At first glance like a display, but he was turning his head look around. Many people have not noticed armor look. Opera will be the staff found it? Lydia called out almost speechless. Man arm wrapped around a white stitched ribbon, Lydia is stolen that piece .... "Wow, ah, Kuaifang Kai me!" Lydia Nicole aside immediately, ran down the stairs ran to the front men and armor.

"Oh, Her Royal Highness, you are really here? Because tonight there are many luxury coach to the front of the building together, so I think you might come." "Do not mind, I have something to say to you." Lydia took a man in full view behind the curtain went to the corner. God knows what if Edgar discovered what will happen. "You are determined to dissolve a marriage yet?" "That gave me first!" Lydia intend to hold him, and caught the man on his arm wrapped around something, but he Shua avoided. "Send out a gift can not go back, oh." "So not a handkerchief!" "This course I know." Actually like to be stared at. Lydia could not help but fire from the heart, cheeks began to heat. She just intend to talk back, a man and open road. "No matter what, as long as the princess of all things like this is you I trust the certificate." "Trusted certificate? Not stolen it without you and I'm not a princess and you got the wrong person yo." "In fact, you are the reincarnation of my princess ..." "Reincarnation?" About the same as in homemade armor is pleased to nod. "You are noble princess, I just your servant. Nevertheless, we still attracted to each other, vowed to have a common future." He stroked the same as in Duwusiren wrapped around the arm ribbons. "But the Lord that oil head noodles, first saw my lover, tough to put on her captive as his bride." Lydia puzzled crooked heads. "What time's the matter?" "For me, just a year ago things, but when I finally return to this land, they found hundreds of years have passed." "Hey, Lydia, is it the guy is back from the goblin world of humans?" Nicole should be put right. In the fairy world and human community, the passage of time is not the same. In the fairy world that are just waiting for a month, came back they found several years later, or return to the human world for decades, been here only a few days time, are common. Male armor is no surprise to see Gelubisi reasons, has also been explained, gray cat, as long expected the same as nodding. 'Fairy circles ..., maybe. Lords to get rid of me, so borrow a witch's power. Witch turned into a beautiful woman, I will be tempted into the forest until the witch is dead, I was finally escaped, but here they have have changed ... " "But you have not lived in this world Yeah." Time spent in the fairy world, even if returns can not touch dead things. If touched, he will be turned into ashes. "That is because I have a magic protective gear made buckskin. And cover the whole body with the armor, it will not run into dead things." "But, do you intend to go on like this forever?"

Nicole how much some compassion. "There is hope as long as I find the princess, then duel with the demon lord and win, I will be able to resume their human life, witch's magic book left is written like this." Helmet eager eyes staring Lydia. Although invisible eyes, Lydia was intuitively that it must be blue. Dream scene again come to mind. Who called her the princess of the young pair of blue eyes. Is that really has happened past life? Lydia felt dizzy. To noisy curtain outside the hall, is like another world the same. "So princess, you must understand that I will never save you de Lord's hands." I, and this person? Really destined to do together ... .... "Lydia, you do not look yo." Nicole's voice incoming ears, Lydia suddenly recovered. So how reincarnation and the like, but a dream. Reconsider the way, Lydia took a deep breath trying to calm down. The situation more complex. If such a thing pass into the ... ... Edgar's ears. "Lydia, soon to be opened Hello." Lydia was shocked to huddle with the shoulder in a panic to go back. The idea of dreams and past life vanished the moment, but her face more and more blue. "Uh, you come, Edgar." Edgar approached the curtain. "Why in this place to talk with Nicole sneaking?" He alternately looked at Nicole and Lydia, I hope he is a display only when the armor. Hush, Lydia shake a hand out behind. Late, the sound has been issued armor. "You are the Lord that without virtue? Not allowed to hand in my princess!" Edgar finally saw the armor. "Edgar, brisk walking it!" Lydia desperately grabbed his arm, can shift the body shift that Edgar man frowned in surprise. "Lydia, this is your prank you scare me?" "Ah? In fact, not like ..." "What mischief. I order you back down here." "Down? Me?" "She is my lover." Edgar heard the words, but still calm as constant, but clearly angry. He floated cold smile. "Speak better look out. Do not think askew armor to protect you." "Not like that, Edgar, who was locked up in this fairy world ..." But that man seems to believe that the armor is his hatred of the Lord, a mortal like staring at him. "Since it is a noble, should know that you can not do funk coward yo." "You covet my fiancee, I want to challenge?" "It's hopeless." Nicole said they Shua disappeared. "Wait a minute Nicole, how can so run away. Edgar, have something good brains." "I am Sir William. I formally propose a duel!"

Well, Edgar nasal sneer issued. "Lydia was a woman thinking Jong Suk. As an excuse to provoke a duel with her, you really are stupid." Armor man proudly Doukai white cloth wrapped around the arm. "Was not an excuse. Princess sent me this bear as agreed." Lydia surface, such as ashes, could not help but cried. "Enough to give it back to me! Where what is agreed, obviously you arbitrarily taken away!" Although just a torn piece, but this started to drift, Edgar must also clearly see what it is. His face has become very dangerous moment. "It seems that I had in any case can not be ignored." "Do you accept my challenge?" "No, I forbid you to a duel!" Lydia cried again. But watch the crowd has begun to gradually gathered outside the curtain. If so many people see the ribbon pajamas by debris on the bad. Lydia anxious to put armor men pushed to the hidden hallway. "Hurry back! If you let people see that, oh I hate you!" "Princess ..." "Do as I say!" Lydia's spirit armor was deter men had walked away confused. "Till we meet again. Waiting for you at any time, I was Barton Count Hans Eichel." Edgar ring live Lydia's shoulders, calmly left the occasion, he ignored the gathering of people over, and soon returned with her box. But naturally, Lydia has completely lost interest in opera. She re-consider the armor men say. Think of yesterday's dream, I felt a burst of chest pain. Like being forced to suggest, as always feel the princess who was forced mood. Wholeheartedly looking forward to the arrival of the savior. And each thought appears in the window of the youth's face, and my heart are as perturbed as in love to. Love? Should not that thing son. Like the people on the side. Lydia glanced secretly sitting next to Edgar. He started just after the opera has been silent, well-known singer debut, do not applaud. Angry yet? Actually seeking only to consider his past life as absurd love, Lydia could not help but ashamed to bow our heads. "Lydia, that you usually wear?" Edgar suddenly spoke up. He turned around with a meaningful expression of her gaze. Recall just thinking about things, Lydia felt the cheeks and a fever. "No, not how to pass through her." Hear her intense denial, Edgar slightly smiled, a smile can be frozen immediately. "But that is really your thing, right?"

"Yes ah, no, how do you say, but is torn to pieces, perhaps someone else ..." She did not expect to fool Edgar said. Although the ribbon sewn myself very delicate. But the thin linen cloth of women's underwear, and rarely as prominent decoration, he must think of Lydia forgotten in the studio of the French magazine of the bar. "Anyway, that thing is not worth going to duel ... you ... are not a handkerchief." Rate translation "The decision to have deep meaning of the handkerchief, because that woman in this intimacy with things." Is not it? In that case, that is, in fact, the situation is more serious? Lydia does not fully understand the noble ideas of reputation issues. However, when I think Steven said something just felt terrible. Faulkner adult male opponent is not that armor is not clear. But once things have certainly turned into a duel who wounded. Be dangerous and even killed. Lydia trembling hand tightly hold on the lap. "I want you, promise me not to fight." "It also gave me a bar." "What?" "You wore pajamas." "Hey? Not allowed to talk nonsense!" Giggled, he intends to use the usual trick is to ease the serious atmosphere? However, Lydia is also not reduced anxiety. If there is previous life, that her former lover is really that person how to do. Edgar does not want to be involved in danger. Conversely, if the man lost his hand in Edgar, past life princess who will be planted in the hearts of Lydia Edgar hatred of it? If you like the feeling of lovers past life than even a strong love Edgar, what will happen? Lydia chaotic trembling hands clasped. "This is not your fault, why do not have to go hard? All my fault. Have a fiance, but it was stolen from the effect ... ... the kind of thing I really dishonorable fiancee ..." "Lydia, you say these words, I'm going to publicly, regardless of indiscriminate kissing you, oh." Lydia has always wanted to do well aware of Edgar, but he really would say things to do, so live in the mouth quickly. No problem, Lydia said to myself. I only like one person. She seemed suddenly aware of this, want to make sure, like a hand. Edgar was about to touch the hand, suddenly shy hesitated. Suddenly a hand was holding. He was very strong to pull her hand on his knee, finger overlap with closely together. As a result, the feelings of the dreamer have gradually fading down. Edgar filled all her thoughts. Lydia calm down, uncharacteristically still holding his hand. Edgar looked a bit surprised to see her, then stretch the other hand Lydia ear. "What do not need to worry about."

He came over and gently kissed her hair. Another advantage of loosened hair tied ribbon on the olive green on the title as it came. He was like a harvest trophy as the ribbon dress hid inside pocket. "... Edgar ..." "This man stole the ribbon with different Oh, this is really what you wear on the body of things, is willing to give you a token of my contract." He leaned his lips again, whisper with. "Agreed ..." "Remember, you are my all this hair, mysterious eyes, lovely lips ..." About to be snout, Lydia wants to move away the body. But the body is soft so no effort. "Some people ..." Opera is a social place. Audience to each other are at a glance. Turn a blind eye to this, he is about touching the lips, under the gaze away from Lydia. And those who boldly exposed skin lady than she did that young and conservative neckline really is fascination. But he was out back of the hand stroking. The strange thing is even if they are so treated, as usual she did not feel angry. "It's white skin, and only I can touch. Right?" Her body could not help but can not move up stiff, sensational words that deeply moved her heart. Only he, no matter what Lydia will not feel disgust. Although he always refused because of shy. But she never hated him. No problem, as long as obsessed with Edgar just fine. "Everything you are to me, your reputation, but also for me to guard." As long as the slightest slack, that dream will be brought incongruity torture, then Lydia's hand has been clasped Edgar.


"Hey, Lydia, get Hello. Is the morning of." Nicole was tickled with the tail of Lydia, and suddenly opened his eyes. It was originally just a dream, her calm down. Nevertheless, still Shenzhe forehead sweat. Thump thump heart is still jumping all night. "Nightmares yet? Your face looks awful." "Ah ... ... about it." "Go to breakfast. Professors to go out, but good to change clothes before going oh. Levine is here." Levine? Think of it. Edgar said that armor because men may again appear. So last night after it sent mine back to protect her temperature. Levine nanny to his father and brought great confusion, he stood all night with Lydia room under the steps connected to embattled. Although there asked him to rest in the living room, but his execution is not possible to Edgar command to sleep.

Nicole out later, Lydia out of bed. Open the wardrobe side edge with a sigh. But in a dream saw the imprisoned princess. This time, she is trying to escape the castle with the young man. Ah they fled to escape, may never been able to throw off the looming behind. They were caught, and then forcibly opened. Lydia, was the princess, just sit and see the young man fell to the sword. Arbitrarily kicked her lover, who then came to the side, is that odious lord it? Lydia desperate to draw the dagger hidden in the dress, stabbing the Lord. She threw herself into as to embrace him as his arms. But no man can be alert to hold her open arms, almost like the hands of the invaders to save her from the same. Is time, Lord of the moonlit face, clearly visible. Lydia was so amazed. Edgar. Like murmured half, it woke up. Lydia kept shudder with arms around shoulders. How will do that kind of dream, because the armor to Edgar as the lord of men do. Almost the same as was hinted, dream lords actually overlap with Edgar. Always feel uncomfortable. That marriage is a mistake restlessness, and confusion in this matter was brought guilt tormented. I am in the end is how it? Lydia like to be scaring away remnants of the same dream shook his head. Quickly put on everyday clothes. But she still can not settle down to the dining room, had a seat in the dresser does not move. You really turn into a duel. When Lydia reminded the men that wear a helmet, he will gradually become the dream of young people's posture. Looks good honest, full of pleasing impression. And that person may be killed by Edgar. The same as seen in a dream. No, compared to that, Edgar him .... What worries me most, is Edgar son. She felt a dizzy, feel very uncomfortable. "Miss Lydia, never mind it?" She suddenly looked up and Levine do not know when standing near the door. "I'm sorry I knocked on the door, but no one answered." "... Nothing, considering something." Lydia said to avoid Levine's attention. Engagement has been with Edgar, but consider other people's things. Also scary to feel afraid shake things are seen through. Quiet life is disturbed male armor, think about all that angry. Do not know what to do do. Lydia felt increasingly uneasy. "On the go." She finally out of words, left the room. Entering the dining room, mouth full of pizza Nicole turned on.

"Look bad yo, no appetite it?" "Ah, a little." "In that case, you do not share a pancake it." Nicole effortlessly large chewing, is not worried about her, the targeting of Lydia's pancakes. Lydia Nicole into the dishes in silence. "Oh, Thank you." She sat down in his chair, looked at the Levine. Stand in the dining room door, he tirelessly to implement the security work with Lydia. "Levine, you sit down?" Ask to see at least come to the sound. "No, Miss Lydia theft of petty men underwear, hard to say what will appear when." He categorically said look carefully. Not ... underwear friends. Lydia could not help but think he revised. In the face of how men can say as Xiuren words, she had blushed to remain silent. "It's unusual friends order as a rag, it is worth fighting each other." Nicole picked up the napkin wiped his mouth. 'Blame Lydia sewing embroidery ribbon ah ah, what, was mistaken for a handkerchief. Otherwise than scaring that guy was Turkoglu, what should not get to run away my son. " "No, this is not said Biezai Ti ..." Lydia anxiously down the housekeeper of tea to his lips. "In any case, the behavior of the duel is very ridiculous, even with Levine you agree to the kind of thing really stupid, right?" He little thought a moment, nodded quickly agreed. "Yes, because regardless of pajamas, there is no ribbon, off the same after." "... Ha, what if ..." Ah? Off ...? Unexpected answer for Levine, Lydia speechless to Jiangzainali. It did not ask the kind of thing. "Not like you, Levine, and the ribbon that does not matter." Nicole jack the same way as the road to rescue. "So is the embroidery it?" "Ah - ah, you said that Lydia is not more to be ashamed of you." See Lydia holding the cup Jiangzainali motionless, as if Levine has finally noticed some strange atmosphere. While still deadpan, but his tone was a bit worried how much. "That, Miss Lydia, there is no need to worry about. Edgar adults on the ribbon and embroidery are like." "You shut up good." Nicole muttered grimly, Levine bow our heads in frustration. Ye Hao Ye Hao ribbon embroidery, there are things that men and armor, as children generally do not understand blame Lydia sophistication, would evolve into such a troublesome situation. Have said yes to get married right away, can not allow this thing to obstruct. Must strengthen their confidence.

Lydia chose Edgar. Must not change of heart, he was not the princess. Take a deep breath while her own side of this warning, he let mood settled down. Now is not the time to worry about theft pajamas. "Levine, um, do not mind yo. That ..., Edgar is still home?" In any case, it is imperative to stop him duel. Then the good finishing do not understand even their own feelings. Edgar stay around as long as it will forget the dream thing. Must see him. Lydia restless to think so. Le Meridien Marshall Barton Earls Court to enter the door of the hall. Lydia coincided with a run down from the main steps of passing women. The young women the same as in crying, head down to run out. To see her maid hastily followed by chasing out, Lydia could not help but come at a bad time his tan, but also more and more uneasy. Already feeling confused, how they happen. Just published the marriage, they often encounter such a scene. Because Edgar engagement thing hard hit, ran crying and asked him if a lot of women. However, unlike the recently released some time after marriage, should be very at peace is recent. "Welcome, Miss Lydia." Explorer Tomkins with a subtle smile meet Lydia. "Please do not worry. The rich princess if only because of the recent long trip back, so just that the owner of the marriage." Soon came to know, this is the longing of love girls cute style bar. Lydia sighed. In the face of the recent Edgar, lovers finally have a little feeling. Know that they would be welcome to be missed, some strong self-confidence unknowingly. However, when confronted with such a thing, Lydia will unconsciously flinch. You can stand tall standing beside Edgar confidence disappeared. "The owner in the study. Levine, you come to lead the way." And Lydia returned with homes in Levine, heard the words of Tomkins nodded. But Lydia quickly shook his head. "That, I'm going to studio to do something ..." "Before, I would like to talk to you. Lydia." Edgar appeared on the steps above. "Just the female, I am not particularly familiar with and only in the context of social etiquette had to escort her to attend the banquet like it." He helped Lydia sat down on a chair in the den, he stood, adding that this shows that excuse. "Yeah, but if she was crying oh." "She confirmed the news of my engagement is true, a little bit surprised nothing. I do not remember things she has done any harm." "Even so, you will always say that eleven people misunderstanding of sweet and she of course was shocked."

"I do not know what each other is not misunderstood, but I can not betray you Oh, no need for this kind of thing angry friends." "Well, the other in front of you is the same girl cry out do you expect me to believe they are all in unrequited love?" Lydia even understand sophisticated, but also understand how many things are not so simple. "Uh, although the so-called love ... ... the past is not without talking. But before all things with your tokens, and even the last thing you can tolerate it?" Even if Edgar did that, but if women do not think things over what will happen. Now maybe he is still fond of the people. With people like that when you meet again, Edgar will not regain the mood before it? Lydia because of lack of experience so no way of knowing. She remembered the dream of the princess. There have been people who miss the princess. What will she feel it. Think that it is already past the end of it? Lydia did not think so. Think of the feelings of the past, will feel like to go back with him in the past. She hurried to deny the idea. Just imagine the past life of love, Lydia gave rise to feelings of guilt, feel sorry Edgar. However, for the Edgar would not have it. She kept thinking, feel grief. "That, for you think?" Lydia bowed his head whispered. "If I meet again with former lovers, you will not because it is the last thing to mind it." Edgar frowned somewhat surprised, but immediately clear-cut answer. "I am your only lover. In the past, the future too." Indeed, Edgar is the first to Lydia expresses her liking of the people. But his selfconfident attitude angered her confused. Is it when I was unwanted girl? While it is true is so right ... .... "That, in what happened before you met, how can you know." His body upright, hand on chin thought for a moment. And then suddenly reveal a very dangerous expression, like Lydia to suppress the same approach to her eyes. "You mean, there are other men to get over your heart? What is man? When and where to meet?" Asked people not allowed to envy his past love history, but an Inquisitor himself asked in the end look. "Lydia, we are going to get married you should not be something without telling me." You do not still hiding a bunch. Contrary to her expectations, he suddenly knelt upon one knee to hold her hand, see him uncharacteristically self-confidence has plummeted, Lydia could not help but feel like he should be very fit of anger. "In fact, nor is there really such people friends. Handkerchief stolen ... but is a mistake, I just hope not to fight such a riot occurred." He suddenly let go, cleverly linked up the whole incident. "Do not say, is that man? Always lingers in in your side?" "Ah, it was not like that! That person is imprisoned fairy, over hundreds of years before

returning the human world, and as long as a person encountered something will be turned into dust circles, but he believes that as long as the defeated former enemies, will be able to change back to ordinary people and the lovers meet ... " "Former enemy? Not be hundreds of years ago is dead?" "Is like, but he said, has been reincarnated. ... I said, his past life lover, but he's wishful thinking." "Past life lover? Why? Listen to him then that you believe it?" He impatiently raised his voice. "No, ah, I do not know ... just feeling a little confused." There is no way only because they want to see Edgar. Thinking that she thought the confusion will disappear. But perhaps her attitude made him angry, right. Lydia did not want such a thing because of an altercation. "Does that mean that harm you and your man apart, that is my past life?" "Ah ..." "Is so right? Maybe you even expect the man win?" "I just want you to cancel the duel!" He suddenly caught Lydia's hand, pulled her up in my arms. "Edgar ..." "Duel can not be canceled. The other party has designated a date and time and place." How this is so. "Who is your true lover, I'm afraid to choose it to fate, I believe that long ago, the result of a duel is decided by God, a fair trial." 莉迪亚明明 have chosen Edgar. Why let others decide it. But she can not express that kind of idea. Dream Princess, for Edgar, no, Lord thrusts of the dagger, at this moment seems to hold in their hands, Lydia fear was unable to move. Her hands shaking so badly, even back to clinging to the back of Edgar can not do. Edgar does not seem to feel accepted by Lydia, he gently broke her arm. "The reason I assure you, yourself, and in the past has been a clean break. Because even with past lovers meet again, I will not become the heart. But you do, your heart will be drawn to him ... ... even if it is from the other side is not seen no impression of past life lover? " Lydia moved his lips, but could not speak, he can not help but sigh in pain. "The man you want to win, no ashes, and you live together? Then go to the guy on the line as long as music can make you happy, I just do not have to exclude life relationship." Edgar stood there trembling throwing Lydia, the room went out. * "Edgar adults, Miss Lydia seems to go back." Levine went to study the entrance stopped the foot, was sitting in an armchair on the low spirits of Edgar prodded *

(B) . "Levine, things trouble." Edgar muttered, followers still deadpan, but distorted the head tilt. "I spread a big lie, though you can order Lydia at all, but I in no way can she hand over other men." Lydia even if it is desired, do not, why that person would actually Biaidege more attracted to her, really want to get that bastard to hell. "But I do blame her if she is willing, will simply find a good guy." His hands clenched into a fist. "If she really go to how to do." He seems to become somewhat weak, but Levine can not show sympathy. "In that case ... ... it can not restore it." "Joke. How could so stand and let her go then? ... But if in front of Lydia, her sympathy for the men to impose heavy blow, then ... ... she told me the impression that it will become very bad." Sympathy alone is also okay. She is simply to make every effort to stop him in a duel. Never think it will encounter rival Edgar, very sure that he will not die from a duel. So he felt that Lydia must have been worried about the man as the enemy. Lydia had not so simple to create a good impression on men. Even Edgar also took great lengths to win her heart. She will just know how long, and even the armor looks have not seen it faithless man? This idea is really funny. Although, as I do, but Lydia, he is not fully understood. Perhaps she is only revel in the so-called reincarnation and destiny Love this sort of thing? "Edgar adults, since this concerns your feelings, Miss Lydia, not going to duel." Levine never shy away for a little uneasy on the war, but he probably Lydia things that hurt worse. I am afraid for him, soothe the hearts of women, dozens of people harder than single-handedly defeated it. "Not the problem even more. That guy seems to come from the fairy world, but also take a reincarnation of the rhetoric persuasion Lydia, says he can not change back to the original human beings depends on the outcome of the duel. And he does not like the general underwear thief. have remained vigilant in wearing armor. " "Armor you. Then pistol is useless." Edgar nodded, meditating. Although recently people often use a pistol duel, but I am afraid that both men and weapons and armor have not seen and will not use it. Moreover, if he really as Lydia said, is a man returned from the fairy world, then he

would not agree to remove the armor. Duel must be mutually agreed manner. What kind of weapons used, how the conditions are all problems. Edgar may run, wearing a kind of armor would hinder movement. Say, as if everything is against him at a disadvantage. What is certain to win the way? "The assassination of it?" If Levine, then maybe you can cut through the armor of the carotid space, but the options available is not very perfect. Edgar did think. Moreover, even if to get rid of that man, Lydia was once spread rumors of courtship, is a tricky thing. Moreover, in case that Edgar was Lydia wretched thing, so more and more sympathy for the man, which also makes Edgar very unhappy. Because of this, Edgar was considered a fair duel winner is the best way. Even if it is illegal, but also the spirit of knighthood to one of the contest. Lydia's reputation to keep, even if she can not understand, only to do so. "Levine, the operations related to Lydia's reputation, I must not flinch and only rightfully be considered as the traditional aristocratic pride." Edgar Having said that, but also to honor that died is a very stupid thing. He is not not understand the nobility of the aesthetic, but they have had to survive by whatever means to combat experience, he is not the same as the general nobility. Edgar did not used the despicable means. The problem is, he can not be left to the people around despicable impression. "Ah, I really hope she is not saying" Do not go ", but" to win "it. " However, in any case he wants Lydia's forgiveness. Although some hesitation, but Edgar has already stood up. "This morning the challenges that Sir William has sent the book is it. Then witness immediately decided upon, sent for Tomkins." Levine nodded. "This time around, I want to be Miss Lydia guard it?" After a little thought, Edgar shook his head. "Today even the ... ... as if they were sick of Lydia." (D) Edgar might be a nuisance. Lydia self-pity in front of the dresser sat biting his lips. While she held back the tears, while intended to take the hair untied outlet. She even hand movements can be kept, and still thinking over and over again. Edgar will get angry and quite rightly so. Have set the wedding, also other men as lovers, of course, is intolerable to him of betrayal. Ah, betrayal did not make. She likes the only Edgar one. Just feeling a bit confused. I do not know why, Lydia felt as if they hurt Edgar. Altogether a good man to find that kind of armor, then, until now he never said. He has

been just a good way to keep Lydia. The mind can not even own firm, asked him not to unilaterally faithless, how much is that some selfish. This simply can not stop the fight from happening, how do go about it. "Never mind yo, he will soon come and save me out." Lydia suddenly heard this sound, stopped being surprised hair hand. Dresser mirror reflected his own image. That sentence seems to be coming from the mirror. Float mind a wonderful feeling, I do not know why, she intuitively think that is the dream of the Princess talking. Is waiting for the young man, and her words. Really funny. How I would be so unusual? Lydia put down the brush, the handle attached to the chest. "Edgar." She tried to call that name whispered. Mood seems to feel a little stability, but soon becomes a mess. More and more convinced that he would not have been thinking about him. The mirror shone out of his face about to cry. Then they heard the princess's words. "For man, the marriage is no one indifferent, he just likes girls forced to obey his order to have." Lydia hurry up, quickly hit the hand mirror. "That's not Edgar, who is not the kind of person! He has been in the protection of my ..." That is, in fact, totally not worth it to fight this kind of thing. If the problem only pajamas, might even persuade Edgar. But that armor is the man insisted that his past life lover Lydia, Edgar will pull no less than the face to be taken for granted. Edgar never begrudge his love for Lydia. And not only just talk about it, but also personal experience recently to Lydia. In order to Earls Court to become his future home of Lydia, to spare no effort to work with. At this time if there fiancee former lover, even if just nonsense, in order to prevent improper rumors, to avoid civilian origin Lydia was verbally abusive, it also must be able to fight this form completely negative. Lydia thought of finally realized that, since the decision to become a noble bride, fiance should pray for victory, rather than asking him to stop the duel. As for the fears of his safety, as well as find ways of reconciliation, is that only after the consideration of the matter. Already calm down the mood, suddenly disturbed by the sound of Princess balderdash. "As long as the Lord disappears ..." "Enough is enough, because of you, I just no way to stop a duel!" (Duel? Earl Green Knight to play it?) Is time, Lydia feet sounded a voice. This is not an illusion. It was hoarse and high-pitched voice. Then, from the floor section of the hole climbed out of a goblin wearing a triangle hat to. (Well, dare to challenge our blue knight count, which guy is so afraid of O death.) He stood on the floor, while shaking a matted beard, while to straighten the chest. Barton and his family's ancestral Hans Eichel quite deep edge of the mine fairies. Lydia is

also repeated in old acquaintance around the monster. Lydia safely called on the breath. Finally no longer alone, the object appeared to make her talk very grateful. "Mine Goblin, you know the former Earl Green Knight duel of the story?" (Listen to my ancestors have spoken Oh the count never know what is lost. Rifles for rifles, easily blow let the other horse riding. Almost like the same morning exercise before breakfast.) "Guns? Duel with spear?" (Of course, from immediately hit each other with guns and if there is no challenge from the front of fearless courage, it is impossible to win, oh.) In the story the book is read. But now only in the medieval equestrian games in before they can see. Although the heart is also painted a question mark, but not very profound knowledge of Lydia, and can only believe in the underground mines in crowded year-round live, knowledge of the world just stop at the medieval mining goblins. Originally the so-called noble, love stick on the door from the Middle Ages inherited from the first and the system. So to honor the duel has also acquiesced and will perform. Since it is the formal outcome of the dispute, according to the old practice still is not impossible. Lydia thought so. But if that armor is also popular men's lives the game soon. Then Edgar the nineteenthcentury nobility, even equestrian skill and weapons and then use technology to further self-confidence, and can not comparable to the level of routine training. "So to say, as if Edgar is very negative ..." "The kind of man, of course, killed." Again. Lydia could not help frowning. "How, and Lydia. Stomach hurt?" Came another voice added. Grew saw the body than twist drilling from a narrow window of the room. "Ah - really, and the uncle good luck today." "Grew ratio, how it going? Have not found anything new?" "Yes ah, you mean that guy wearing armor right this uncle saw him casually lay the wild, they aim to bite him an opportunity to rush a result Ge me to death." "It is, of course, he's doing, but wearing iron armor yo." Even Grew bite than the fangs can not move anymore. As if to say not like that, Turkoglu Lydia than hands on his hips looking down. In order to avoid Turkoglu than mine Goblin, shabu drill down to the bed. "That thing, iron this thing too hard and I know ah, so I swooped past this first hand cleanly stripped of his armor and then severely in his wrist on the bite, I did not expect That dilapidated gloves quite useful. " "Gloves block your fangs?" "That guy is wearing a very strong leather. Seems to be a powerful magic protect the back foot as well." So to say, if men did say that his armor wearing buckskin clothing made magic. Imagine the impact will not be hundreds of years, only armor. But even the hands are not covered by armor, the soles of the feet touch the ground not to mention. Ordinary boots, can not withstand the power it had weathered.

"He should be the man yo, who is how to get that kind of magic gloves and boots it?" (I have heard of this.) Mine goblins hiding places jack left channel. (There is a kind of goblin will be produced in leather clothes and shoes with good mineral processes, like us, they are as fur craft artisans also no one can compare.) "Do you say is a small dwarf demon (Leprechaun)?" Lydia Carter, and inserted to a voice, this time coming from the ceiling. (Yes, that guy stole a small dwarf demon's vest boots also have gloves!) Goblin wearing a red hat of a sudden the gap from the roof siding comes up. It gently jumped, fell Lydia looked up at her feet looked. Goblin wearing a leather apron, is indeed the craftsman look. (Dr. goblin you? Please help we hand it on, we are your partner guide to the.) "Nicole?" "Yes ah, I found him. Lydia, I find out the true man that armor!" Nicole jumped from the window and stood proudly in front of Lydia to straighten the chest. "He's true, how is it?" (Oh wow, is Turkoglu than there than here Grew one!) Small dwarf demon seems to have just noticed this, it immediately flying leaps. Hard head to plug the hole section, you want to escape, but it can only be a vain struggle. Nicole looked at him and laughed. "Ha, so timid ah. If more than afraid of Turkoglu, then hid it behind me." (Oh, you are not afraid of you than with Turkoglu? Is indeed the monster Dr. partners ah.) More than a bit surprised to Turkoglu, a pinch Nike Ti up without any explanation. "Hey, cat. Do not think in front of Lydia, I can not taste your taste ah." "Grew ratio, stop. Listen to what the small dwarf demon said." "Oh, I see this uncle just do not care to eat you." Grew than open Nicole, goblins hiding in the mine and sat down on the bed surface. Nicole went to Lydia side, calmly finishing a good tie and caught hairy mess. Like nothing had happened and straighten the chest. "Hey, talk about the case of Lydia, little dwarf demon." Fairy bypass Turkoglu went to Lydia than the side, head wagging, he said. (That troublesome man, from the hands of a witch woman cheated to confuse the magic potions.) "Magic Pharmacy?" (As long as the women's handkerchief soaked in syrup or tights, the women will be when the man who was her past life lover, a good impression on him.) Could it be that ... .... Lydia handle attached to the chest on the endless feeling racing heart, quickly press fairy to go on. "So? Later how he had?" (If only just beginning to exert magical fun for the ladies, but then once he fell in love with a beautiful princess. Is a lord's fiancee.) "The princess of a handkerchief ..." (He was intended to steal, the result was caught.)

So said the princess does not do change of heart? Lydia was just magic armor man, would do that kind of dream, in fact, what the relationship with the princess that did not it? (But very treacherous cunning man, he used his sympathy maid fled, he could go to neighboring countries, but then lord help the witch, the man imprisoned in a fairy world, because the witch also hate that man .) "The man said he was only escaped death in a witch's ..." (Because Kiki's death, magic becomes weaker. Man escaped being imprisoned despite the forest, but the body can no longer fit for human community life, so only then we treasure, so there are good boots also vest gloves, fall into place stole.) Small dwarf demon suddenly closed his mouth. He has said as he energetically find fault, but the thought of treasure stolen things, on the choking cough. (We order the recovery of stolen things, before coming to London, but could not find the thief, it is nerve-racking and you really saw the man yet? Guy will emerge? To catch him we . snatch away the boots we have also vest gloves!) Lydia clinging to a chaotic head. Actually being deceived by magic. She died not want to believe the words of a small dwarf demon. However, Dr. Lydia is a monster. Even if do not want to admit, my heart is very clear. Fairies do not lie. So certain is that the armor lying male right. "Hey, you bastard. What was stolen is your own negligence. Why should Lydia to help you ah." Grew than suddenly spoke up. Goblin was shocked that a loud shout, pit went to the room corner tight against the wall. "Well, Turkoglu ratio. Thanks to him I came to understand the truth Yeah. ... But I do not know if I could help him get back ... ... if the boots is very important for that person, he could not willing to take off it. " (Earl Green Knight is not to defeat the bad man?) Mine Goblin said. "That's right, not just you, Lydia. Count anyway intend to duel with that guy." Nicole also echoed Road. Since it is can be deceived, and Lydia is even more do not want to Edgar drawn into danger. If that person, even small dwarf demon of leather clothes are generally more difficult to hurt him the weapons should be it. "Despite this, however, must find a way to let him take off the armor and boots, or absolutely can not duel with him." Lydia quickly turning the idea. "Little dwarf demon, the man said, as long as he hated him down in a duel the Lord, you can re-live in the human world, this is true?" Lydia crouch down on the head close to the wall of the fairy said. (Able to live in the human world? Does have a kind of magic. But not sure in the end there is no one thing is not reincarnation, but that guy has been dead witch's magic. And we stole the baby, who deliberately risked a return to sector, it should be there are other

purposes.) Sure enough, men do not believe that armor reincarnation said. Yet, despite all he insisted on a duel. Although not understand what he wants in the end. However, the duel is certainly beneficial to his magic. Maybe he will keep coming duel down. In that case, the same as Lydia was magic to deceive women will increase it. Must not be left unattended. Its actually is magic Zhonghuo also hurt Edgar. She thought of the bitter heart. Light gas is sitting here with myself does not help, and Lydia vague idea in my mind instantly turned into determination. "I challenge him!"

* Grew turned into a horse's ratios, Lydia running back carrying on in the wilderness. Speed regardless of how he, nor will Lydia thrown down. Would not allow human aquatic horse riding in the back, but Turkoglu than Lydia is an exception. They went straight male armor upcoming duel with Edgar the outskirts of the wilderness. Nicole has moved from Earls Court inquired into the time and place. Lydia personally involved in a duel of this proposition, of course, Nicole is singing a different tune, but because the temptation of food he chose to meet. "Lydia, you better reconsider duel thing, right?" Turkoglu is a more than even have no interest in look. "Please, Turkoglu ratio. Without your help, a person simply can not rely on my duel ah." Mine Goblin said, must be immediately duel. But Lydia did not ride a horse. Grew just suddenly thought of there than in, their only took courage. "This is a piece of cake for the uncle, just give me good, I can not simply made a singles even if the guy." Grew than snapped the nose, much to muster the energy. "Compared to that, you take this as a display of guns not the problem?" That is another thing necessary to a duel. This convinced Lydia, just find this decorative guns. This is mine Goblin Goblin who work together with domestic stolen from Edgar to move out of home. Most of the aristocratic mansion are furnished with such a gorgeous decoration, but useless weapons. Because Lydia can not expect really use this weapon, so even the display does not matter. But this damn thing was terribly heavy. To use both hands to get up barely mentioned. If she is not Turkoglu than ride, but the average horse, she is likely to be too much for it. Lydia Grew than sitting firmly on his back, no matter how bumpy, it felt like sitting in the same solid oak chair. "Because it is pieces of decoration, the other will guard it."

She did not even intend to wield such a thing. "Grew ratio, I'm sorry. Back laden with me, but also you go to crash each other's horses, making life difficult for you." "You do not have to sit on my back?" "If I do not put on a duel of the way, he will not accept this challenge." That is, this is just a sham duel. "As long as he fell off the horse, you can remove the armor mine goblins, I think goblins should be able to handle iron mine to do something and then a small dwarf demon should be able to take the opportunity to get back in this part of his boots." "Then take him into dust it?" "As long as he stole something back, so he returned to the fairy world on it yo, he should have no other choice, right." The real duel is a sacred thing this is one of the outcome of the dispute. But that armor men and women, cheating again, but with a thief. So Lydia decided to fulfill the obligations as the Fairy Doctor. To retrieve the treasures of small dwarf demon, the man sent back to his original place. And this man duel is no value. Edgar can not risk their lives to the kind of person. Lydia blame negligence, pajamas only stolen, but also with her was magic spell, actually outside of Edgar men feel good, which she could not help but regret extremely hard up.

"Her Royal Highness, how are you coming?" Male armor sat the wild, seems to have waited for several hours look. If nothing else, Edgar should come after a while. Armor men turned and looked in front of Lydia, the tone was full of confusion. "You do not want to fight it?" "... I do not understand what you mean, I just want to save your hands from the wicked." "Really? Small dwarf demon can tell me everything yo." He immediately alert to straight up, the sound of the collision sent armor. "Little dwarf demon? Talked to you and the kind of monster it?" It really is unbelievable. Because of the small dwarf demon is particularly nasty monster with human contact, even with little social race. "I am the monster, Dr. yo." "Oh ... ... is that so? However, even Turkoglu than you are afraid, very strange indeed wanted to do, it seems, the original was a reincarnation of Princess Bride." Armor man's arm, still wrapped with a ribbon sewn Lydia linen fragments. "But the princess, no matter who you are reincarnated, in my mind, the princess is still the princess." Magic has also tied Lydia do? Her Royal Highness Princess heard his name, she would feel gripped the minds of chaos. Lydia doing deep breathing. Zhonghuo can not be magic, if not properly focus on the issue. "I was Lydia? Crewe Dayton. Not your princess, witch is more than I can tolerate you to

do things under, so I should have the right to declare a duel!" Finish listening to her breath, as if the helmet he laughed. "Indeed, even the horses and guns are ready.'s Position is quite power and influence it, but now others fight it that way?" Ah, ... is it not? "Actually it. This is my customary practice." He whistled, I do not know where to push the prices rushed out of a horse. At first glance is an ordinary horse chestnut horse, but it is not as dead horse. Living in the fairy world of the fairies are also many animals in captivity. I am afraid it is the kind of horse. "But the princess, your horse is Turkoglu ratio, it can not be regarded as a fair fight." Male side of the goblin armor hand stroked the horse's nose, watching Grew ratio. "My horse is also a fairy horse. Speed and power are unmatched by the human world of horses." "Bad, and the uncle of the leg muscles may not be as much as it." Grew than quietly muttered. "So to say, the opponent is a woman is not fair condition, you do not have enumerated?" "You come true?" "You will return to this world to fight it? Opponent is not the reincarnation of the evil lord, in fact you do not mind? You have any reason to refuse my proposal it?" Although not as good in advance that, Lydia thought. Male armor seems to the chagrin of silence. He mused touch a touch on the arm of the Department of Lydia in the ribbon. "You will not believe that it may be, but I really like the princess, never mind the game is not close to her." "But I just irrelevant people ah." Male armor turned a deaf ear to go. "... While the princess was gone. But I can not accept this fact so that I could not use magic, you believe that he is the reincarnation of the princess, thinking that she can get a substitute." "It is selfish it." "Indeed, I understand that this is unforgivable, so the following words may be more unreasonable, but you would, regardless of hair color or that unyielding stubborn character, the princess and I are so similar to how, you now has become my princess, right? " "How, how is it?" Progress of negotiations to find an unexpected direction, Lydia could not help but was kept. Regardless of what to say, Lydia, his voice heard in the ears are very comfortable, resentment and doubt could not help but dissipated. She knows it was magic at work, but could do nothing. At this time, he slowly raised his hand off the armor. And off the leather clothing, shoulder-length hair floats in the wind. That is what Lydia in a dream to see, simple young man's face, he smiled sadly. Again see the true colors of men and armor showing in front of Lydia's heart has floundered. "Please to the identity of the princess, ... forgive me if you agree, let me kiss his forehead

it." "What, kiss to get there, you will be turned into dust Oh." "In the past I just want a showdown with the Lord, my princess back. Can not achieve this dream now, not even the Princess You want to fight with me ... ... that I am willing to devote the life of a princess, has not , but I just want to show that my mind is not a fake, so long as you can as a princess, forgive the sins I committed, I have no grudge a dead on. " Lydia stumbled from Turkoglu jumped over the back. "This is your truth?" "I swear it to Her Royal Highness?" "Lydia, do not go." Grew than whispered. "However, he pleaded guilty, and they have to give him a chance of rehabilitation ah." "Do not believe him and who knows what he attempts." "As soon as I hit, he will be turned into dust, and does not do anything for me." He lowered armor, head left exposed unprepared. Is this still can not believe him? Lydia thought. Must respect his right to compensation for sin. Lydia would think so, not because they were confused by the lack of sense of magic, right? Armor men knelt down, waiting for her came. Lydia could not help but fight all evaporated. "Grew ratio, stay there do not move." She carefully take a step, leaving Turkoglu ratio, and relative man alone. (Hey! Lydia!) A gust of wind blowing, I do not know where came from Nicole's voice. (Actually let people kiss your forehead, if Earl was known to big events do happen.) "I just give him a break. Not more so." (Oops, too late to be friends. Have to get to the other side of the Levine report in Caixing.) Huh? Where is Nicole? Lydia had just turned away, I heard louder hoofs. Toward a few people are riding here. Three horses tied for moving forward. Control horse walk in front of people, shiny blonde hair that is very eye-catching even from a distance. "Edgar?" The time should be not to fight my son. Is Nicole speak out of turn pass the letter. She was thinking when the armor man stood up. "Lydia, soon to go back! Far away from the point of that guy!" Edgar's voice almost reached the ear at the same time, men have more than one hand guns. Lydia watched him descend quickly to their own. But it is not in the body. Grew quickly than rushing. But even earlier than guns Bi Gelu step closer to Lydia eyes. She had a chance to sleep a wink. Guns head suddenly split the same as in Lydia, emit

intense brilliance, then disappeared. "Lydia, you all right?" Lydia calm down, is planning to move, but hit an invisible wall. She intends to try to panic the other direction, around a circle around the place, they discovered that four weeks have been sealed. "How could this be ...?" She totally feel the wind blowing over fields. Male armor only audible words. "That dead witch, collect a lot of magic equipment, of which there are an amateur like me can use something yo." Edgar went to the front, to Lydia hand, can still be separated by invisible walls, can not touch her. "Let's reach out to touch it at random. Carefully will hurt her yo." Man spoke, he picked up the helmet in his hand. "Hey, how even I was locked up!" Because Turkoglu was also under the magic gun than the light it? He also appears to be surrounded by invisible walls. Maintain the horse's body simply can not turn around, he had turned into human form, in a narrow region where were rolling spinning. But he and Lydia is different and has a strong magic fairy. He frequently shake the TV drama from the road inside the invisible wall. "In the horse to break the magic wall aquatic horse before how to be a break. Start fight it." Man said in passing that armor. "The winning party to get her. How?" "Women will respect the spirit of knighthood is it. Whether you win or failure, Lydia will not choose you." "Really?" He spoke also touched on the arm of the Department of linen fragments. "I use the magic of the lack of conditions, in a duel to win when you get. At that time, she will not hesitate to give your heart to me, and I went with the fairy world." Lydia muttered. It turned out that the real purpose of man is the armor. He just extremely obsessed princess who is not rigidly adhere to a duel, but did not intend to apologize or compensate for their own sins, just want to find the girl as her substitute. Bound to live with her physical and mental magic, instead of the princess imprisoned. Since they can not return to the human community life, the princess wanted to find a substitute for his side. Therefore, in order to complete his magic, not only stole Lydia's pajamas, but also must duel with Edgar. For him, and Lydia duel is pointless, as the princess because she would accept him anyway. But even if he finally understood the whole matter, too late. Lydia was used as a hostage. Edgar has been unable to stop the duel. Lydia extremely remorseful. Trembling, looked up and looked at Edgar. Edgar Road, as to that invisible wall through touch, like her, held out his hand. Lydia ribbon tied to his wrist. That was his opera free solve the olive green ribbon, and Lydia intimacy thing.

Legend in a long time ago, set off for the Mingfu Knight, will carry her handkerchief. Therefore, the piece of ribbon that is fighting for the Lydia bear. "Listen, Lydia, even if you love another, I never would obediently withdraw. ... ... You know?" "Edgar, I ..." He has not angry yet? "I heard Nicole's words, finally relieved. Funny you actually are something like this magic, in fact, not a change of heart, right?" "I'm sorry ..." "I blame not mature enough cool if there were good to listen to you, should be able to think of way to deal with. But I'm afraid you are bent away by another man, would mess up things." He earnestly said. "But there was no need to worry about, I will never let you change of heart." "Oh ... you can not lose." Lydia said. At this moment, she just simply want Edgar to win. Expectations of the danger has passed. Expect to get help, hoping that they have been protected. But compared to this all, Lydia was more looking forward to victory. She is Edgar's fiancee, his all only to him. As long as this is proven, even if the mind is twisted magic, it can certainly maintain Edgar's feelings. Contradictory to think of her feelings. "I promise you, I will not lose." He seemed to finally put down the heart, gentle face down, exposing the eve of the duel is not commensurate with the gentle smile. "There are your words, Lydia, no I can not do." Edgar finished and turned to face helmet man. "So, Sir William, who is our witness, Steven adults." Who met the young people in the Opera House dismounted. He looked incredible eyes than Lydia and Turkoglu, a very surprised look. Because he said wanted to see what the real magic, Edgar was elected him as a witness it? Steven turned his head and calmly greeted the men and armor. "You over there witnesses? You seem to be a man come from?" "I do not need to bring people here have. To ask her to make a witness to it. This is my lover." Male armor lift a finger to Lydia. Edgar frowned, still silent. Levine remove the sword from the saddle to Edgar. It was Earl's family heirloom, Mei Luoou sword. "My weapon is the sword, this is your proposal it. Agree?" Since there beheaded sword goblin forces. Small dwarf demon might be able to cut the leather. But steel armor how to do it. For ordinary iron, the tools and try sword forged over how much it is but the iron. Edgar hold the sheath of the sword. "In the beginning, I have a request."

"What?" "Because it is a duel, if you do not comply with due courtesies, I would be very embarrassing." "Of course." "So, you have to reboot to me, formally challenged." Male armor is pleased to nod off the hands of the armor. One of the outcome of the dispute, to perform ritual, it is impossible shot was blocked. Therefore, even if Edgar slowly close to him, also did not prepare men and armor. Of course, Edgar did not notice the sword out. To Edgar was a man staring intently every move. One off his gloves onto the floor, pick it up once the other party, the duel was set up. Lydia is also, as a rule book read. So according to etiquette, small dwarf demon gloves are off and thrown away. In order to pick up the gloves fell on the grass, Edgar bend the body. At that moment, he took a big step, quickly seized the men did not wear gloves armor hand. Want to shake off the armor male caught off guard Edgar's hand, too late. A gust of wind blowing. Bit by bit, from the gap in the armor, out of a small dust. Body weight, so too simply disappeared. Inside the empty armor, collapse down in front of Lydia. Is to rely on the invisible wall suddenly disappeared, she immediately fell forward. "Lydia!" She come back to, just to see Edgar go in front. He sat down to Lydia in his arms. Right, Lydia said softly. As long as peace is like Edgar. Even Lydia themselves, but the ribbon was stolen out of the magic of the facilities, she did not hesitate to hold him back tightly. Over Edgar's shoulder, she saw a handkerchief along with the dust flying in the wind. Photograph adorned with delicate lace handkerchief, can not afford breath coming time, will be an instant in the wind erosion depleted. The man has been close with it? Is is that a princess ... .... He said the princess thing is not a joke. If that's not a lie, then maybe a handkerchief is not stolen. Well, things are a long time ago. "Not angry?" Edgar of Lydia close to his whisper. "Why be angry?" "I use a very despicable means it ..." Male armor is cheating thing? "In fact, the duel has not yet established." Steven said. "Gloves not pick up. ... And a challenge but suddenly absent, then the base is the other side, the fault is not Edgar." "Ha, you plan from the outset, under the cover, right?" Turkoglu said more than a little disgruntled.

"Earl, you're a ruthless guy. Lydia bastard of this struggle, not upright in a showdown would be finished?" Edgar only for hear, stood up. Lydia's hand and pulled her up, turned to his friend. "Steven, thank you for your help." Steven looked to the wreckage of men and armor. Small dwarf demon is planning to drag it from under armor boots gloves also have vests. Nicole and mine goblins also help. All this in his eyes, looks in the end what is the situation? "That, ah, Edgar, is quite happy to perform it, although I have said, would like to personally experience the magic of fairies about, but because that is your affair, I had thought to mention this request is too presumptuous." But they pushed to the side to see goblin armor difficult Jin, Levine helped them lift the armor. He picked something from the inside, walked in front of Lydia. "Miss Lydia, your stolen underwear." "Ah, thank you, Levine." Do not speak so loud the word underwear! Lydia quickly snatched pajamas folders in hand, blushing to hide it behind. *** Including the opponent suddenly disappeared before the duel, including the entire event, only the parties who are tacit and has never mentioned it to others. So three days later, has been Taipingwushi, Lydia began to not want to redo the issue of new pajamas headache. She does not sew ribbon holding a dogged determination to sit at home alone in a hostile land with linen confrontation, then I do not know where a voice rang out. (Fairy Ph.D.) Lydia turned around and looked. Fairy with Red Hat's face from the window exposed to. (Thanks to your help. Thanks to you, we only get the treasure back.) "Ah you are specifically for the thank you's?" (Yes, yes. Well this is a small dwarf demon Xie yo please accept it.) He spoke from the window throw something in. That thing floating in the body covered in Lydia. "Hey, this is what to do with the ..." She tried to lift his hands to catch it, the original is a white pajamas. Covered in ribbons and numerous decorative hem, and fine embroidery embellishment is the authentic French style. (Yes my Lord ordered. And the same Oh, right, right?) "What, Edgar?" Magazine page, floating fly landed in Lydia's feet. Yeah that should have been thrown away. Edgar has been found to do it? (Well, we left. I wish you happiness.) "Hey, please wait a moment, a small dwarf demon ... ...!" But Red Hat has disappeared. Instead, the nanny's knock on the door. "Miss, Barton Count Hans Eichel visit." "Ah?"

Edgar, who is not guided, walking into the Crewe flying to Dayton's living room. This guy has always been the case. Lydia panic to put into his pajamas and back between. "Lydia, what you hiding?" "Ah, nothing worth looking at her." He came forward, revealing a glimpse behind the corner of Lydia embroidery, was predictable. He looks very happy to laugh. "Small really is the ingenuity of the dwarf demon monster. Not only do the original boots and gloves thing? Not only material other than leather to make clothes, I did not expect even the fine embroidery is so good. Actually been completed, and really fast . " "Edgar, you ... you Thinking again?" "Of course our first night." "Ah ... ... ... ..." "Is not it? This is from the monster's honorarium, but also something more suitable dress you than it is. And you are so hard to want to get to my lovely, how can you not feel excited? " Lydia has been a shame if unable to speak. "How? Not out to show me?" Lydia blushed and shook his head. "Or so more to look forward to it." Lydia seems to think he responded very interesting, smug smile. How I love this person? Should have armor magic man lifted Yeah. Lydia could not help but fell into doubt. (End) Postscript This is a short set. Thinking, in the "Count and Fairy" series of novels, the familiar and the fairy-related short stories into one. For new readers, this short set is not very easy to hand it? For older readers, this book is the story of the main supporting role in the infrequent short stories written in everyday scenes set. I hope you like. Lydia and Edgar wanted to only occur after engagement of anecdotes (true?) To write down, so the new write this short set. Then a little introduction. "Incredible gift with the waiter's Passion" As the title says, is a waiter Levine as the center of a story. However, Levine is a joy, anger, without form or color of people, people do not know him in the end in mind, he did not care around people's reactions. Earl is certainly one of the waiter in the eye-catching. Why think about it happy? Tomkins housekeeper to understanding great!

"I believe the fate of the red line it? " If the fate of the red line to see ... ... that person on the waiting riot it. Not only Edgar and Lydia, Luota, Boer, Nicole, and Levine's red line will happen? I kept thinking, he wrote this story. In the main story, Bohr misunderstood Luota, but in this story, Bohr finally know the truth. By the way, Gedemozha fairy had known fairy tale "Cinderella" (Cinderella) in the debut. Gedemozha on the Cinderella fairy enchanted, and ready for her pumpkin carriage. Many people think she is probably a shaman it, in fact, she is monster. "Battle of the ribbon loading rule book" (the title and the translation of the article are picturefame) Until now only write about what costume contest, but before the Lidi Ya definitely for special occasions to wear their favorite costumes like it. Speak of this, this is a story about a duel, it really is about the clothing one ah. There are a lot of things that time can not talk about the women who really make life difficult for them to the. And Shu-Yuan ladies of the things they can not know what to say but also figure out, really tough. Oh My God, to change topics. I think many people already know that "Count and Fairy" has decided to produce the animation. Starred in movies, DRAMA CD's seiyuu has been determined, a piece of preparatory work is well under way. A few days ago, visited the animation, "Earl and Fairy" as a monitor in the post そ ~ と め ろ こ う い ち う President. Lydia seems to have become a bit like the (girl) has. (Laughs) We are talking about should "Earl and Fairy" animation made of like traveling in the UK, indeed, "Earl and Fairy," the movie worth seeing where the story will be the best performance out, people have a body temporary sense of their environment, really makes me very happy. Other staff (staff) is also very passionate, hard work, is a very good team. "Earl and Fairy," the animation it will be great. Like me and you the reader, am looking forward to the "Count and Fairy" of animation. Read the main story of the readers, as well as interest on the animation, holding book reader, in so many readers, even if only one to see the "Count and Fairy" animation, I am also very happy. "Earl and Fairy," the comic is also proceeding. Yuka roe is painting, in the journal "The Margaret" (ga レ ー ザ マ ッ Suites) the October start serial. Please also see Oh sure sure. Also, the next set of "Earl and Fairy," decided to continue the story line. Animation and cartoons are by professionals, my task is to write fiction, I intend to gradually make the writing of fiction. Later, I hope you will be more like it. In addition, I hope everyone in the postscript to and meet again.

June 2008

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