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Shani has some fixed rules.

If you are conscious enough to accept the discipline in exchange for a clear mind, here is a general idea of what Shani requires:

Think responsibility at every level. Shani rewards *neutral responsibility* - not martyrdom or victim state but responsibility. Neutral responsibility is calm, experienced adult judgment and response, free of guilt or grief. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL. Shani requires neurotic attention to detail. Take responsibility for the whole enchilada in your projects/home/marriage etc. - from tiny details up to broad strategy. Shani is a perfectionist. CLEAN OUT CELLARS. Shani rewards cleanliness. Because Shani works under the ground , His effects are found in astral memories that are feeding on stuck emotions and negative expectations; and physically in objects that are lurking or lingering in the dark. Check material spheres for evidence of reactive behavior, obsession /compulsion /ritualism, emphasis of form over content, letter of law over spirit of law etc. Diligent work to clean up stored anger, bitterness, grief, victim-attachments will prevent undesirable effects on the material plane.

THINK LOCALLY. Pull in your aura. Shani is a narrow traditional ist. He's concerned with you and yours, period. Leave the expansive globalist philosophy for another bhukti - like Guru or Chandra. Shani goes beyond conservative. Shani is a survivalist. BE SKILLFUL. Shani rewards time, effort, craft, and professional judgment. If you can do a good job in the service of others with the intelligence and skills you have developed in this lifetime, Shani will reward your industry and dedication to social good. If you are flaky, idealistic, trusting in a general sort of way, waiting for an angel to rescue you... guess what. Whack. GET SERIOUS... but not too serious! Shani is a functional-structuralist. If you look at the structure of the universe you'll see that neutral responsibility is the point on the serious-joy continuum. A little paranoia is probably a good thing during Shani's periods, but only because one of the few benefits of clinical paranoia is a heightened awareness of detail! WELCOME AUSTERITY. Shani is a minimalist. Doing better with less, living simply so that others may simply live, etc. Ignore the self-indulgence messages that blast us from modern media. (Remember you can indulge with impunity under Guru and other permissive house lords.) Shani punishes excess and rewards elegance. Tidy up. Streamline. Jettison. Less is more... or anyway, less is survival. DO SERVICE. Shani, lord of slaves, rewards neutral service. Shani rules poverty, ignorance, filth, darkness, coldness, all those boulders blocking our path to the pure warm light of divine bliss. Follow your inclination to help those suffering poverty or ignorance. But be careful. Shani requires compassion and NOT sympathy. Remember Shani is NEUTRAL, NEUTRAL, NEUTRAL. Shani rewards sound judgment but He punishes judgmentalism, throwing the first stone etc. Shani rewards skillful neutral compassion but He punishes messy emotional sympathy.

STICK TO THE BASICS, particularly when serving others. Recite Chapter 48 of the UN charter: right to food, clothing and shelter -and only do things that you know will work. Save speculation and visionary thinking for future bhutki's of Mercury or the Moon :) CONCENTRATE. Shani, Lord of Time, will not tolerate frivolous waste of any kind, especially waste of time! Shani rewards focus, rigorous attention to matters of rule and principle, and dedication to task. These are general rules of course but you get the idea: simple, neutral, aware. Apply these rules to your life practice when Shani becomes strong. Shani is strongest during the times when He is bhukti lord and simultaneously He is also transiting the rashi zone of major planets or kendras in the nativity. For example, if Shani would be casting a gochara drishti on your Moon (or maximum effect Sade Saati) during a Moon/Shani period, the emotions get VERY serious. Expect some serious depression to the point of self-loathing, and [isn't it lovely] it lasts for several years. Probably you'll need deep healing, so go get it. By contrast,

then expect to be relatively poor and lonely for awhile. Austerity is the conscious principle to apply. Apply it. But fear no serious consequences, really, except less moolah and fewer parties for awhile, you'll be quite OK.

Ignorance, Survival, and the Seven Deadly Sins

Shani's job is to correct moral errors made in past lives. These past errors of judgment and their unfortunate social results are listed in detail in each soul's Akashic Record . Saturn governs sin - from the Latin sine meaning lacking i.e. ignorance. Sin is another word for ignorance. Sin and the karmic obligation to correct sin results from ignorance of the Golden Rule. Knowledge and conscious practice corrects sin, and gets Shani off your back. he most popular ways to break the Golden Rule are well-known in the west as the Seven Deadly Sins. (If you grew up Catholic you got this list with your mother's milk or at least with your catechism.) These essential perfections of human ignorance are all rooted in selfishness: survival thinking, scarcity thinking, and fear. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Pride Envy Gluttony Lust Anger Greed Sloth

Luckily there are also seven virtues which, conscientiously applied, will fix most Saturn-caused problems. In other words, if an action is motivated by these generous, charitable, and compassionate attitudes that act will carry out the Golden Rule. The resulting positive social effect will be recorded in the credit column of the Akashic record. Karma is ridiculously simple. 1. Prudence

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Temperance Justice Fortitude Charity Hope Faith

If this list is too long or ponderous or you just can't remember the catechism, the seven virtues easily boil down to * Compassion*. Think first about the effect your thought or action will have on others. Saturn's job is to force this pause in thinking. Saturn's role is to make relationships, jobs, families, wealth, health all difficult enough that we must stop and think.

Hey, how did I get into this trouble? Of course the first instinct is to blame others - our family, our government, the system . But in the spirit of neutral awareness, it is possible to skip blaming and move to the next step in liberation: How can I get out of it without hurting others and setting up a karmic boomerang? The answer will be via neutrality and intelligence Ensure that present actions and thoughts are motivated by only by Compassion Vigilantly resist guilt and blame Skillfully apply your conscious knowledge to negotiate the situation Karma is resolved when there is no residual ego-attachment - neither praise nor blame If you still feel that things should have been done differently, there is some hidden guilt or blame that needs attention Saturn is should energy The good news is that through meditation and self-awareness you can catch it before it catches you! Be proactive - Meditate.

Saturn is definitely the Bad Boy of the Seven Planets because He is the agent for the toughest karma - the painful payback. Yet, without the payback, we can't correct the moral errors of past lives. Shani's job is to force us to chip away at our karmic backlog. We all have a certain amount of debt to repay.

When and How Shani Acts

Depending on Shani's angularity in the charts, Shani may force a person to deal with their debt constantly. Shani can be very oppressive, relentlessly creating difficult situations for the soul to struggle with. Shani rules poverty, fear, sickness, ignorance - all the fun stuff. A tough Shani position makes a person quite the expert in the dark truths of the human condition. But even in charts where Shani is a semi-beneficial agent (such as Libra or Taurus lagna from which Shani is yoga-karaka because He rules two good houses) Shani will come down hard during his planetary periods. Saturn mahadasha lasts 19 years, and Saturn bhukti's (sub-periods) within the mahadasha's last from one to three years. During Saturn periods it's best to just bite the bullet. Shani is a VERY HARD WORKING fellow. When and where He's in charge, He expects you to be hardworking, modest, and responsible too. Accept responsibility. (Not guilt! Just responsibility.) NEUTRAL non-guilty responsibility. For your role in creating the difficulties you will inevitably face, release any claim to blame others, and set to work applying your intelligence to the solution. This neutral style of problem solving which fully defines the grievance but is not psycho-emotionally attached to perpetuating it, is exactly what Shani wants. Follow the rules and Shani will give you excellent results. You'll see the full results of Shani's problem-solving and guilt-releasing on your death bed. That's where the rubber meets the road, spiritually speaking. It's a good idea to tidy up as much psychic debris as possible during this blessed lifetime. That's what we're here for. It's incredibly hard to obtain one of these human bodies. Esoterically it is said that only one in 10,000 candidates will actually receive a human body. Those 10,000 candidate spirits are morally eligible to get a highly desirable earth body, but there is a tremendous shortage and the queue is amazingly huge. Be grateful - if you're reading this with your water-bubble eyes, you got one of those incredible earth bodies! Use it to advantage. Make every thought and action conform to the Golden Rule. If others hurt you through their ignorance when they ignore the Rule, appreciate that the Rule itself will catch them. You personally do not need to waste your own energy to blame the Rule-breakers. You have bigger fish to fry. They'll pay back at their own pace. Meanwhile, allow Shani to help you remove the boulders blocking your path to God by accepting that the terrible suffering we face here on earth - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - is a spiritual privilege in a hideous package. Shani's karma always has an educational message about neutral responsibility; releasing guilt, grief, and blame; and In order to move ahead on the path to God, the soul requires self-awareness, then awareness of the identity of self with the divine. If these big stupid boulders of ignorance - survival mentality, scarcity thinking, me first-screw you, and general fear-driven decision making continue to dominate the soul's consciousness, that soul will receive only short-term benefits of possible material wealth or power. At the time of death, that soul who has awakened to the