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Amresh Kumar Pandey RZ-G 8/22 West Sagarpur, New Delhi. (1100049)

E-mail Id: Contact no. +917405474162

Objective: Intend to build a career in technical environment with committed & dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. Willing to work as a key player in challenging environment. Experience:

1.6 year experience in BTS Microwave installation and commissioning for Elentech India Pvt. Ltd. 1.7 Year in Nutek India Ltd. As a BTS & Microwave Engineer. Presently working in ERICSSON IND Pvt Ltd (off roll) as a BSS Engineer.. Excellent qualities such as Team Work, Leadership, Negotiation, Analysis & Communication. Strong skills in the areas of technical support, commissioning for the ERICSSON, HUAWEI & ZTE technologies can give the guidance for the installation etc.


Intermediate from.B.G.M intermediate collage Bhagalpur from U.P board. High School from C.U.M.V. Nema from U.P. Board

Technical Qualification: B. E. from INSTITUTE of ELECTRONICS & TELECOMM ENGINEERING (IETE) specialization in telecommunications systems. Skills:

Computer Expertise: WINDOW 2007 & XP, MS-Office Knowledge of BTS Cards and there Working. Commissioning & Integration of Noad B(62o2,66o1,66o1E) IP Migration of Noad B (62o2,66o1,66o1E)

Installation for the NODE B in my supervision Alignment of the link in my supervision

Checking & removing the Internal & External Alarms Alarm Monitoring & Troubleshooting Integration of BTS sites Pre -A.T. & A.T of BTS & microwave sites.. Strong skills in the areas of Technical Support Commissioning for the ERICSSON, HUAWEI & ZTE Technologies can give the guidance for the installation etc. Installation of NEC (I PASOLINK) Microwave & commissioning



Good knowledge about WCDMA, HSDPA, ATM, IP Node-B Commissioning, Installation, Integration & Scripts Editing Excellent hold on 3G RBS (6202, 6601, 6601E) of Ericsson. Splendid hold on 2G RBS (2964) of Ericsson. Installation & integration of Ericssons 3G BTS 6000 series 6202V2W, & 6601,6601E. Formatting and loading the software in 3G BTS with help of Hyper Terminal and WIN-CMD. Software upgrade by using BPFTP to enhance extra features in BTS. Downloading of RBS element manager through Hyper Terminal. Loading the scripts (Cabinet Equipment, O&M, Site Equipment and IUB) with the help RBS Element Manager in proper sequence. Editing of scripts in case of error occurred during the script loading or changes the parameters if necessary. IP configuring & setting in RBS as well as in Laptop through hyper terminal. Finger print generating & decoding to load the license file through BPFTP. Create CV, set start table, Reload CV using hyper terminal as well as RBS element manager. Monitor the working of PDU, DUW, RUW, Y-link cable. Monitoring the status of NODE B from RNC also make necessary changes as RF parameters e.g. 16QAM, 64QAM, feature state hsdpa flexible scheduler , max hs rate, antenna threshold supervision value, num hsdsch code etc. After Integration Voice and Video call testing from site. Testing and troubleshooting if any in 3G BTS.

AT documentation of complete work on site as requirement/standard and handover to Customer. E1 testing and routing from transmission equipment to DUW Installation of BTS & Microwave and commissioning Inspection and survey of sit Installation of Dslam of ZTE for BSNL Integration of new links with Mini Link Traffic node 2PB, 6PC, 20P Up gradation of traffic from Mini Link to TRAFFIC NODE with MMU 2C, MMU 2D Software up gradation of TN Baseline software (R20 A34) as well as Radio software up gradation (R3B09) of RAU 2XU and RAU2X. Traffic routing from backbone to the respective sites DCN design and configuration of nodes and creating OSPF, PPP, ABR for proper scanning of nodes. Bringing the optical LTU( Line Transmission Unit) in sync with the backbone to ensure error free transmission of the media Taking electrical drop of E1 for local site and remaining E1 throw for next site by proper routing. Installation and Commissioning of the new Hopes of 15 GHz and 18 GHz. Radio protection working standby. Ring protection for E1 provided to increase the redundancy of E1. E1 routing through NMS.

Equipments Used.
1. RBS ELEMENT MANAGER for Node-B (ERICSSON) Commissioning including Hub, Sub-HUB. 2. ATC LITE (Automatic Tilt Controller) used for rectifying RET.RIU alarms. 3. Laptop 4. Site master (Bird,Aniritsu) 5. LAN Cable 6. Ambly Cable 7. Bafo Cable (Login Cble) 8. Krone Tool. 9. Card Reader. Etc

PERSONAL DETAILS: Fathers Name: Date of Birth: Language Known: Permanent Address: Village: Post: Disst: Hobbies : DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge. (Amresh Kumar Pandey) Mr. N.K.Pandey 15 Apr.1983 English, Hindi Sahia garh Takia Deoria (274602) U.P. Playing Cricket, workout