I¶ll reach for your hand in the cold of winter, I¶ll reach for your hand in the heat of summer. But if my short life can¶t reach the dawn of spring, I promise, in heaven, I¶ll reach you with my wings. 0002. If you hide, I¶ll seek for you. If you¶re lost, I¶ll search for you. If you leave, I¶ll wait for you. If they try to take you away from me, I¶ll fight for you. Cause I never want to lose someone I love. 0003. I know your life can go on without me, that you can be happy without me, that you can survive without me. But even if you turn me away, I will still choose to stay with you and be your sweetest stranger forever. 0004. I don¶t know why I keep on loving you despite the fact that I¶ll get hurt again just like before. I never learn cause I don¶t want to. Not now when I¶m still strong to fall for you over and over again. 0005. If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder, hold you close to me and answer with a smile, ³Like this.´ 0006. There¶s a love that only you can give, a smile that only your lips can show, a twinkle that can only be seen in your eyes and my life that only you can complete. 0007. You¶re one of the people I never asked from God but still, He gave you to me. I asked Him why, He said, ³Because he can fill your life like no one else can.´ 0008. If I can just make everything fall where it should be, I would. If I could make life better for you, I would. But I can¶t. All I can do is to let you know that mine has been better because of you. 0009. When I say I love you, please believe it¶s true. When I say forever, know I¶ll never leave you. When I say goodbye, promise me you won¶t cry. Cause the day I¶ll be saying that would be the day I die. 0010. Death scares the hell out of me. I don¶t wanna die knowing that you¶ll cry over me but if death means watching over you and being with you, I might as well take my life just for you. 0011. Would you believe me if I tell you that I love you so much? Actually, I¶d prefer it if you won¶t. Why? So that I can spend the rest of my life proving to you how much I do. 0012. We spend most of our time talking about nothing but I just want to let you know that all these nothings mean so much more to me than so many somethings. 0013. I asked God why life¶s like this. He gave me no answer. I asked why I¶m still here. Again, He gave me no answer. I asked why I met you. He smiled and said, ³So there¶d be a reason for everything else.´

how much more later? 0018. For every road I had to take. I¶ve hid a lot of fears until my heart stopped searching cause you¶re already here. I smile. I¶d rather be deaf than not hear from you. turn around at the last moment and say. I¶ve cried so many tears. how much more if there was? I miss you when we talk.´ 0025. 0023. ³You¶re not mine. I promise to be there when you need me. I understand. how much more if I see you never? I love you now. When I go to heaven and you¶re not there. You are the reason why even at the saddest part of my life. ³Angels are still around. If lightning strikes. Then I realized you¶re the only magical thing on earth who could turn this world into paradise. Everytime you¶re hurt. I¶d rather be blind than not see you. Even in fear of pain. I¶d fall happily knowing I protected you. how much more if we don¶t? I miss you after we¶re together. just right there by my side. I¶m going to look you in the eye. every time my heart would break. Cause I spared the place where you have always been. Cause that¶s what love is for and I love you. not for the rest of my life but for the rest of yours. 0016. smile and say. I have searched in places. I¶ve seen so many faces. . Someone told me that there really is such thing as magic.0014. I love. I¶d cover my heart so when it hits me. I never believed in that till I saw your smile and felt your touch. I¶ve waited for years. I¶ll wait for you by the golden stair. 0026. I promise to wipe your tears when they fall and I promise to keep you.´ 0024. it was just something I had to do to get me to you. ³But I wish you were. When I look at the world and there¶s so much pain and anger. I¶d rather lose my voice than not say this to you. 0017. 0021. Even in betrayal. I¶ve taken all the chances. 0015. I know you went the other way. If you¶re not there by judgement day. 0019. It would be the loneliest feeling standing cold under the rain all alone. I¶m holding on to the thought that you¶re not mine. I¶d go to hell to be with you. mistakes and failures. But you¶ll never know cause I wouldn¶t tell. Everytime you cry a tear. And to prove my love is true. I don¶t regret the rain or the nights I felt the pain or the tears I had to cry some of those times along the way.´ Then I¶ll walk away. I¶m hurt too. 0022. my heart cries along. I miss you when there¶s no reason to. I trust. 0020. But if you were there hugging me tight. I just look at the sky and think God¶s still good cause he gave me someone like you that tells me. that I¶d rather lose my heart than not love you. then I hope it rains for the rest of my life. Even at confusion. I promise to hug you tight when you¶re lonely.

I¶ll take your hand. when all that you do is not appreciated. I know I waited all my life to fall in love with you. Why do I remember you? It¶s my choice. . 0038. that¶s just too much to ask.0027. I¶ll live not by destiny but of free will. I lost myself. If you think I¶m looking at you. I wish I could be with you every night. I never intended to be the most important person in your life. It¶s my way of saying I remember you. The reason why I met you is destiny but if destiny will suggest that I live without you. 0033. I don¶t need someone who¶ll just be there. I sensed a certain something in my heart that was true. 0034. So do I make sense if I tell you I need you? 0037. watch you fall asleep and kiss you goodnight. Now. Don¶t stop your tears from falling. I found myself wanting to be lost again. I¶m here to wipe them dry. 0029. I¶ll spend eternity watching over you. 0028. 0030. But I do hope that I¶d cross your mind and you¶d smile thinking that I touched your life in a special way. It¶s not my choice but my heart¶s. If goodbye will be the last word I have to say before I die. what would you pick? Well. You may ask and think about the last hour. My mother told me all angels have them. 0035. Within you. 0039. What started out as liking soon turned into love. I would pick U because it¶s better to get hurt than have a heart without U. I¶d rather die than to say goodbye to a person that I don¶t want to give up even after eternal life. If I¶ll die tom. It proves that I care. 0032. for me. I wouldn¶t let it be spoken. 0036. Why do I text you? It¶s my choice. here to stop the hurting whenever someone says goodbye. If not for them. 0031. I am because I¶m trying to see if you have wings. I need someone who¶ll be there holding me and sincerely caring for me till God takes my last breath. wipe away your tears. We came together underneath the stars above. You know what? I¶d spend it looking for a person who will love you the way I do. U you get hurt. Why do I care? I don¶t know. you know what I¶ll do? I¶d spend 23 hours with you. staring at you or giving you the eye. Without you. take you for a walk and remind you how special you are. When everything seems to be unfair. H-R-T? What would you add to these letters? EA or U? EA you get heart. I know just what to do. I may not be the person to make the hurting end but I¶d do anything to never see you hurt again. When I get to heaven.

I wished the road would never end because I would rather be lost with you than reach the end without you. And I don¶t regret yesterday cause one yesterday. my life. he told me it¶s when you can¶t stop thinking of him and when the thought of him makes you smile. I want to break. I met you. Me give up the last chocolate cookie for you. I wished that I can reach the end of the road. 0045. 0048. I want to feel. I¶ll speak to you through your eyes. You¶re all I need beside me. If you¶re running away. to sleep and never wake. 0053. But when you walked with me. If you¶re jumping off. Cause you didn¶t just come into my life. I crawled towards you. But I know that when that day comes. I can live without my senses but life won¶t make sense without you. ³Of course. I love life but it¶s worth losing if I lose it with you. I¶ll swim forever in the deepest sea just to prove to you that you mean life to me. I want to have faith and never doubt. You¶re all I need inside my heart. sitting alone with my mind set so far. take me with you. I want to scream. Me? I won¶t fear tomorrow if I¶d get to be with you.0040. I want to bend. I¶ll climb the mountain¶s highest peak. 0042. But my love for you remained. you became a part of it. I¶ll say. They took my heart away and I died. They cut off my feet. ³Sometimes me think what is love. I asked a friend what love is. If I were deaf. 0052. I want to shout. 0049. When I met you. One day you¶ll ask me which is more important to me. And then me think love is what last chocolate cookie is for. be alone and hide my face. All I need is you to believe all that I need is you. 0051. When I was walking alone. I told myself. One day. hold my hand as you do. reminiscing about your smile. It¶s not true that the perception of an angel is someone who wears white dress and with . You¶re all I need when we¶re apart. take me too. You¶re all I need to turn my world. They ripped my tongue. 0043.´ And you¶ll go and walk away without even knowing that you are my life. I¶ll hear your laughter through your smile.´ 0041. If you¶re leaving. you or my life. Damn this life! I¶m missing you too much. your voice and touch. to break down walls and to escape. So many of us either fear tomorrow or regret yesterday. 0050. ³This must be it. 0046. girl. If I were mute. I had a bad dream. I¶ll walk with you through the desert heat. I cried in pain for your name. I want to stop wanting you so much.´ 0047. If I were blind. I often catch myself constantly wondering how you are. 0044. I¶ll see you through your touch. we might forget the people that once came to our lives. Cookie Monster said. I won¶t forget you. I want to touch.

look in front of a mirror and there. But I¶ve got no reason not to follow. get hurt even more and feel dumber if I ever let you go. You may go. Why? Cause you never left it! 0064.´ 0060. 0054. ³But you don¶t have to guide another angel. 0065. To love and be loved is everything. I love you but you make me cry. You¶ll find out that you don¶t miss me at all. that I never left you. I can love one. God asked me if I were to live again what would I be. ³Because there¶s no reason not to. If I could reach up and hold a star for everytime you¶ve made me smile. But you know why I hold on? Cause I know I¶ll be crying harder. Instead. you hurt me and make me feel stupid.´ I then answered. the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. I smiled and said. I don¶t need another day now that my dream has come true. 0062. that when I find someone like you. 0061. I¶d be lying if I say it was too many. Instead. they look exactly like us. 0059. ³You¶re the reason why I¶m beating. I¶ll hold you tight and hug you near my heart so that you can hear what it¶s trying to whisper. you¶ll see my angel. But before it happens. let the planets collide and the stars come tumbling down. exchanging I love you¶s. He said. Let the world fall into pieces tomorrow. I don¶t want to put on my mind that someday.wings. I wish you were with me so I can tell you directly how much you mean to me. To be loved is something. Cause you only crossed my mind once. An angel asked me a while ago to give him one good reason why I love you so much. I¶d have to see you walking away from me. I¶ll marry him. try to feel it with your heart. To love is nothing. Lucky me. 0057. Cause you¶ll know better. 0055. Need I say I care when you see I really do? Need I say I love you when life to me is you? Need I say I need you when I mean everything I do? Need I say the words? Just tell me and I¶d say them all for you. you're something so let me be your everything. don¶t think about it. If I count how many times you¶ve crossed my mind in my entire life. If you don¶t want to believe me. We may not be lovers kissing each other. The only way to know that someone truly loves you is when after you¶ve turned him .´ 0063. I just want to clarify something. 0056. holding hands. I am nothing.´ 0058. ³Well. If there will be a time you think you miss me. I told him I want to be an angel to guide you. 0066. I may not be your girl but one thing¶s for sure. now I have you.

You think I¶m strong? Well. Father. I would rather not accept it. Please come. I do. I want you to have every bit of it. I can¶t fight all that I'm feeling and I can¶t do it alone. You made me do something I swore not to do. guide my feet and hold me tight. You made me fall in love with you. Who would have thought that you were once just a stranger who used to pass me by without even saying hi. 0072. walk up to you and say. If my heart breaks into a million pieces. could all these be real? Am I really feeling what I¶m not supposed to feel? I can¶t believe it.down. I won¶t say anything. All you have to do is walk down the aisle with me and say. I never did. To love is something I was afraid to do but there is something different about you. 0069. 0073. ³I love you more now than I ever did before. If he would always be the reason why your heart aches. when now you¶re someone with whom I share the best moments of my life? 0068. 0075. I tried to hide you but they came to take you away. Could I be dreaming. I saw you in a crowd. 0074. . Then I¶ll ask you to scatter them across the sky. I tried to wake myself up to stop the pain. I would like to invite you to my wedding. 0078. But I want you to know. If you ask me how much I love you. I¶m afraid of one thing. 0076. So don¶t ever go. It¶s realizing that I¶ve lost the person whom I gather strength from. You were there.´ 0067. I may not have known you at all. I need her as my angel to watch over me tonight. 0071. Lead me not into temptation. I¶ll just take your hand. There they¶ll turn into stars so everyone could see how much I love you. could this be true? Could this be that I¶m falling for you? 0070. If ever I was given the chance to start my life all over again. fill the gaps between your fingers and hold on to you until all your doubts are gone. Why not? Who knows? In that second start. you see him rise from the fall. help me to be strong. I¶ve honestly tried to let you go. my eyes were set on you. just us two. though I seem to be tough. I had a dream last night. I¶ve honestly tried to forget you. You don¶t have to bring a gift. It¶s the day I¶ve been dreaming of my whole life. I¶ve honestly tried not to think of you but I honestly can¶t cause I honestly don¶t want to.´ 0077. I¶m not that strong. Heaven. who cares? He¶d still be the very reason why your heart beats anyway. Never lose hope on the person you have chosen to love. Help me break this spell that I¶m under. It was like no one else was there. I died fighting. ³Yes.

If you were a wound inside my heart. for a fact. If love was water. Remember. A lot of times. Life is not a series of meaningless accidents. ³What the heck? You¶re one of the few blessings I don¶t wanna share with anyone else. I would cry. I¶d give you the sky. 0080. partly stormy. I¶m so shy to tell you this. Sometimes. That¶s serendipity. this is not just a quote. Peterpan came one night and invited me to Neverland where I can never grow old. 0091. The greatest view: Standing along a coast of a clear beach. I¶d rather leave it there with all the pain locked inside than leave it without a trace of you.0079. You¶re inside my heart. I¶m afraid to listen cause I might hear my heart falling for you. you¶ll understand. it¶s hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. When things are bound to happen. And be with you for all eternity. But I hope someday. 0093. You are not an accident and I was meant to know you. 0090. they surely will. the moon said to me. However. I don¶t say anything at all. sunset making the skies orange with violet from above the horizon. that I¶m so in love with you. 0092. I¶d give you the sea. 0083. ³Moon.´ . If touches were tears. Walking under the rain feels so lonely and cold. ³If he makes you cry. I¶m afraid to close my eyes cause I might think of you. But when I met you. 0089. I have smiled to many people for more than a billion times but when I first saw you. would you ever leave your sky?´ 0086. If you find yourself in a dark room. If I tell you I love you. That is to grow old with you. ³I don¶t love you´ when he is crying inside. I¶m afraid to move my lips cause I might speak of you. But if you were there beside me to share the warmth of your love then I would want to stay under the rain for the rest of my life. that I¶m lying. walls around you are red and blood comes from everywhere. why don¶t you leave him?´ I looked at the moon and said. 0085. The best part? You were standing beside me. 0081. I¶m afraid to open them cause I might see you. having you is what I live for. But I¶d rather tell you I love you and let you think that I¶m lying than to say I don¶t love you and know. I¶ve always been told to share my blessings and I¶ve been generous. I¶ll not ask for anything else but for this one thing. One night. 0084. 0082. If kisses were stars. It¶s a sweet thing for a guy to say. don¶t be scared. my heart took over and smiled for the first time. 0087. 0088. the sweetest thing he can say is. ³I love you´ even though he doesn¶t mean it. I was about to go but I refused cause I thought of something better to do. I said to myself. you¶ll think I¶m lying.

Each time I miss you. . 0099. You helped me up and now I¶m your angel with broken wings. became an angel in my heart where no one can see. who passed by me. If there¶s one thing I would ask God before I leave the world right now. there¶s nothing more I would wish for than to have a glimpse of you and hear your voice before the last beat of my heart. I may not get to see you as often as I like. You made me miss you too much! 0096. I¶m not an angel though I wanted to be. But they broke my heart when they said forever isn¶t true. I truly know. you were like someone I¶ve known for a very long time. Can we prove them wrong by working on forever. You see. you are the one my heart has been talking about. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. 0098. But you. And when I finally did. a stranger. a star falls down from the sky. just me and you? 0097. I never knew you until I did. you're the one that I love and I can¶t let you go. But deep in my heart.0094. I then remembered. 0100. it is all your fault. So if you look up and find it dark. I want to be with you forever so that I can love you in a way that no one else can and care for you in a manner that only I would. unable to leave your side for I have fallen for you. I¶ve hurt so many people just by being me. 0095. I was sent here by God to watch over you but I fell and broke my wings.

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