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Culture Awareness and the Lack of It Belief is the mental feature that allows growth.

There are 248 nations in the world, but there are many, many more groups within that figure. Modern civilization has outgrown the idea of people living in the countries where their ancestors were born and developed into a culturally diverse humanity. This has enabled people to be able to say, I see you, I honour you and I can celebrate what makes you unique. Cultural awareness is the ability to look outside of ourselves and be aware of the enriching values, and customs of the society we are in. When we are travelling around the world, we are sure to encounter people from a different background. It is essential that we are aware of their beliefs and traditions and it is even more important that we respect them. All across the world, the lack of this understanding has cause disastrous events which have affected the international community. For example, The Holocaust of WW2 was partially due to a particular figure influencing an entire nation into believing their corrupt opinions. This lead to the devastating massacre of a large proportion of the Jewish, homosexual, black and gypsy population of Europe. Britain You may not know that this country is one of the most multi-cultural nations in the world. Many things in Britain are adapted from other cultures and bought over through invasions.

Chinatown in London is a whole community of another culture located in the centre of the capital. This represents the appreciation of ethnicity right at the heart of the nation. At Christmas, a moderate amount of German trades people commute to large cities in Britain such as Leeds and Manchester. Birmingham harbours the most well-known market. Here, British people inhale the German culture by purchasing their foreign novelties and cuisine. Ethnic gastronomy has become part of the British diet with a wide variety of different dishes and spices readily available in restaurants and supermarkets. Chinese, Indian and Italian based meals are amongst the most popular takeaway services in the England. Youth fashion is unknowingly influence by other cultures for example; the Aztec print pattern found on summer season clothes comes from Aztec Tribes in Africa. Also, Fair Isle patterns on last seasons winter wear is influenced by traditional Norwegian knitwear. Montreal The residential policy of Montreal states that anyone who isnt in possession of a Canadian passport must take a French language exam before they are granted the right of residence in the city. This is due to their cultural appreciation. Obviously, they would like to preserve their French speaking population and they do not want their language to be stamped out by immigration. This issue can be analysed in various ways. One may say that they are being ignorant to the other

cultures of the world and they are preventing a multi-cultural society to build in their city. On the other hand, you could argue that they are just trying to maintain the culture that they treasure so deeply. Muslim Stereotypes A very serious stereo type, caused by the lack of cultural diversity regards Muslims and terrorism. Over the past few years, there has been a growing tendency to dub all Muslims as extremists who terrorize. People need to comprehend that the minute population of terrorist are known as extremists. They may consider themselves as part of the Islamic community however there is nowhere in the Quran where killing or murder is tolerated or encouraged. It is disgusting injustice that Muslims all over the world are being treated as traitors to humanity. How many of you think that Muslims are behind the terror plots, no matter where they happen? No doubt most of the terror figures are portrayed as Muslims, but is it correct to say that all Muslims are terrorists? I can understand how accepting cultural diversity can be difficult for people who have lived in a guarded community for their whole lives. How can we, as a community, learn to accept these differences in culture? Suspend judgments. We need to stop judging people based of their ethnic or religious backgrounds. Although those things are important traits, they do not completely determine a personality.

Empathy. How would you feel if you were around a group of people from a different culture who didnt accept you? Check your assumptions. Dont just make a judgment on a group of people because of something you mayve heard. This is a key cause of prejudicial thoughts and closed-mindedness. Become comfortable with ambiguity. It is fine to not know about certain customs. Learning about them will improve youre ability to comprehend culture. Celebrate Diversity! Learn differences all around you! to love the