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Vol. 72 No. 49 February 8 - 14, 2012 50 cents

Mike Fagen Takes USBC Masters

By Lucas Wiseman - USBC HENDERSON, Nev. - Mike Barnes was hoping to Fagan of Dallas won his first become just the third player career major title, defeating in PBA history to complete Chris Barnes of Double Oak, the career Grand Slam with Texas, 246-213, to win the victories at each of the PBA's 2012 Alka-Seltzer Plus Liquid four majors. Only two playGels United States Bowling ers in bowling history have Congress Masters. accomplished the feat - Mike A three-time winner on the Aulby and Norm Duke. Professional Bowlers "This one hurts; it was a Association Tour, Fagan comdifficult day," said Barnes, pleted a 30-pin comeback in who has now lost the the back half of the game to Masters as the top seed three pull off the upset over the toptimes. "I was more nervous seeded Barnes at Sunset today for the final than I have Station's Strike Zone Bowling been in a long time. There Center. were a lot of legacy things on USBC Photo the line, and I'm not confi"All week long I really wasMike Fagen claimed USBCMasters Title n't thinking about majors, dent I will get another matches or what my opponents chance to win this tournawere doing. I just wanted to do what I do to the best of ment because it's so hard to get through all the matches." my ability," said Fagan, a two-time Team USA member Fagan advanced to the championship match by defeatwho earned $50,000 for the victory. "Now the fact that ing 2003 Masters champion Bryon Smith of Roseburg, it has paid off feels amazing. Sometimes you can bowl Ore., 228-180. Smith never led in the match and failed your best and not come out on top. I know how few and to double, allowing Fagan to pull away with a four-bagfar between these opportunities can be, so for me to take ger down the stretch. advantage of it is amazing." In the opening match, Smith had a come-from-behind Fagan failed to strike in the first four frames of the victory against Canada's Dan MacLelland, 251-212. championship match, while Barnes started with four out MacLelland opened the match by striking on five of his of five strikes to start the match. Fagan then rattled off first six shots and grabbing a 24-pin lead, but an open in seven consecutive strikes to take control. the seventh frame allowed Smith to pull ahead and take "I really didn't like any of the first couple shots off my the win. hand because they were a little fast or a little bit too The week began with 305 of the best players in the aggressive," Fagan said. "The next few shots I really just world vying for a piece of the $250,000 prize fund. For wanted to get my body position right and let the swing more information on the USBC Masters, visit follow and the pins cooperated thankfully."

Glenn Mohr 802 at Majestic Lanes

HOPELAWN, NY Glenn Mohr topped the scoring in the Raritan Bay Mens League at Majestic Lanes firing games of 289-234-279 for a high series of 802. Joe Lampariello shot 256-268216-740, Evan Simon 288-237202-727, Joey Weisenstein 224258-236-718, Travis Tilley 280251-713, Steve Venito 238-279705, Rick Choinacki 224-234242-700, Angelo Fallacaro, Jr. 233-256-679, James Rienzo 237220-220-677, and Rich Nicholls 237-220-220-677l

David Kilts, Drew Hodnicki 300 At Maple Lanes

BROOKLYN, NY - David Kilts found the line and tallied perfection with a 300 and finished the session with a 752 set while bowling in the Tuesday Men's Handicap League at Maple Lanes. Drew Hodnicki found his perfection in the 300 game he posted in the Monday Mixed Handicap League and completed the evening with a 752 series.

Sal Lavecchia 300 at Holiday Bowl

OAKLAND, NJ Sal Lavecchia blasted perfect with a 300 game while contesting in the Sal Marino Classic League at Holiday Bowl. Mike Kenney rolled 265-248266-779 to capture the session high set followed by Alex Rodriguez 280-242-746, Dave Ritter 236-238-266-740, Ron Morales 256-258-738, Dean Lavecchia 279-244-736, Sahwn Aiello 255-247-726, Chris Pagano 268-236-719, Joey Jones 280-234713, Chip Jones 280-234-713, Chris Andresen 267-237-709, John Mormando 280-226-709, Joe Gazzillo 256-701, Jim Hosier 258237-700, and Carson Lowder 256699.

Keith Zaharia 300 at Farmingdale

FARMINGDALE, NY Keith Zaharia led the scoring in the Tuesday Early Birds at Farmingdale Lanes blasting 233226 before rolling perfect with a 300 for the session high set of 759. Charlie Turner rolled 244-238262-744, Garfield Campbell 261236-208-705, Frankie Berardino 213-247-239-699, Fred Catapano 248-258-696, and Will Petro 213243-228-684. In the Monday Half Hollow Hills League Kevin Kremler shot 244-238-244-726, Micky Newbeck 269-231-695, and Tom Collins 243-222-213-681.

ARLINGTON, Texas - The United States Bowling Congress Board of Directors has elected threetime Team USA member Andrew Cain of Phoenix as USBC President for the remainder of the current term, which ends July 31, 2012. Cain, 30, takes over for Jim Sturmier this month. "I'm very humbled and honored the board has confidence in me, and I look forward to continuing our positive work for bowling and fulfilling our mission," said Cain, who has

Andrew Cain Named USBCPresident

PBA Photo

Andrew Cain USBCPresident

served on the USBC Board of Directors since 2007. Cain, who started bowling at age 6 and had his first 300 game at age 12, was a member of Team USA in 2002, 2003 and 2005 and was a member of Junior Team USA in 2001. He has won nearly a dozen medals in international competition, and most recently was a member of the Team AllEvents champions at the 2011 USBC Open Championships. Cain graduated from Arizona State with a degree in justice studies.

Steve Ward 300 at Rabs

STATEN ISLAND, NY Steve Ward blasted a 300 game in the Thursday 9:30 Mix League at Rabs Country Lanes. Tim Folkes rolled 247-270749, Mike Williams 268-259-732, Frank Gandolfo 265-720, Justin Boyer 275-721, Eugene Proskurovsky 243-265-697, Melissa Krammerer 254-696, Dave Colon 240-240-676, Lias Palazzola 230-246-673, Steve R 248-247-667, and Gary Nigro and Mike Pero 256.


February 8 - 14, 2012

Justin Puchalski, Brian Rizzi Pace Youth Travelers

By Vince Albrecht FAIR LAWN, NJ 01-08-12 Matching up head-to-head as anchors for their respective teams, neither Boontons Justin Puchalski nor Holidays Brian Rizzi could get untracked until game two in Stan Niemiec Youth Travel play at Fair Lawn. Justin then powdered the pins with scores of 213 and 236 while Brian kept pace with 221, 236, tying Justin for the mornings best single. Holiday increased their league lead to five points as they squeezed past Boonton in the finale, 882-868 to complete a three game sweep. Other fine efforts came from Holidays Joe Malyack 193, Boontons Karl Kattermann 188 and Rose Feiwels 24 pin above average opener. Hassan Izzard rolled a season-best 214, giving him the days high handicap single of 280 as he combined with anchor Justin Floyds 203, 198 and Tyler Nappis two over average games to lead second-place Fair Lawn to a 6-1 triumph over Bowler City II. Haley Hassan rolled 167496, Welmer Paquay 169, 158 and Kyle Schellberg a closing 175 for BC II. Dumont sophomore Ryan Perez, who helped with a 178 opener, is likely thrilled that his Bowler City I teammates bowl for Hackensack, currently North Jerseys top-ranked team. All juniors, the Hackensack gang posted four deuces in BC Is 4-3 win over Montvale; Rob Gilbert, Jr. scored the sessions high series of 624 with games of 200 and 226 while John Draney and Eric Grabusnik rapped out 213 and 204 respectively. Montvale, despite being shorthanded, managed to gain three points as Bobby McCarthy pounded out 215, 212-621 and Katie Didonato delivered a 207. Completing the days matchups, Bowler City IV outlasted Bowler City III, 2545-2525 in a nip and tuck battle that saw every game come down to the final frame. Best scores came from BC IIIs Nick Ferrante 178, 176 and BC IVs Louis Ferrante 163.


Male High Scores/Series: John Diaz 299/754 Don Coniglio 290/703 Effrain Rodriguez 289/698 Mentor Leka 280/708 John Jansen 279/708 Todd Carr 278/745 James Grover 278/714 Steven Maruffi 278/760 Juan Gonzalez 277/765 Joshua Weinberger 270/739 Sal Alesia 269/772 Joseph Sheperis 269/714 Alby Pezzella 269/726 Viviany Tapia 268/707 Dominick Caccia 265/726 John Kaye Jr 257/727 Ed Bernardi 256/711 Female High Rollers: Dolores Nigro 256/625 Hope Dameron 235/620 Tina Ortiz 232/659 Senior High Rollers: Joe DelGreco Sr. 266/650 Frank Jara 250/633 Bob Janicke 250/606 Dom Rizzo 249/530 Lino Pizzaia 247/636 Rich E Paris 234/640 Tom DeLuca 222/609 Youth High Rollers: Michael Martell 246/644 Raychon Brown 222/618 Emmanuel Vazquez 201/567 Anson Chin 198/534 Matthew Grover 193/475 Christina Kaye 191/559 Anthony Mastroianni 183/518

Monday Early Birds: Duke Nicolian II 246-661, Doug Scholtz 244 game, Frank Grumka 234-624, Michelle Clouse 231-581, Betty Hessler 214 game, Terry Berkheimer 210-577 County Tuesday Night Mixed: Joe Bigham 278-738; Chuck Briggs 266 game, Matt Franke 266 game, Joe Bourlier 259-706; Nichole Spratford 247-696, Sandy Turner 227-615, Michey Pukas 205-587 Rockaway Women: Tammy Baldwin 215-524; Annette Rossi 196500, Marie Slater 193-517, Lois Kehmna 191 game Rockaway Foursome: Chris Morris 300-683, Shawn Casey 257-694, Jack Safkan 257 game, Steven Dickman 255-660; Liesl Apgar 260-676, Joyce Hulbert 259-645, Kara Cook 210-584, Joan Dakak 193-541 NorBu Lodge: Chris Bakos 26-610, Keith Helbourg 235-610, Glen Boyd 227 game, Lisa Bischer 191-526; Maryann Abasto 179-483, Stacey Titus 170-489 Thursday Nite Mixed: Mike Ireton 267-672, Mark Novembre 258727, Damian Anuatzi 253-game, Nidia hanveld 225-630, Tami Mehesy 211-608, Anne Tursky 201-584 Rockaway Mixed: Anthony Alston 266-686, Corey Smith 230-635, Jim Testa 229 game, John Nobile 227 game, Keri May 268-728, Julianne Crowell 257-669, Nicole Malsom 225-573, Sonna Sodano 205 game, Friday Nite Mens: Heriberto Matias 28-709, Ken Goeroge 289-738, Eugen Opsanick 268 game, Save Sabella 258 game, Jim Westergaard 246 game, John Bartolzaai 244 game, Friday Tri-Mixed: Geno McCroy 214578, Mike Svetik 203-game, Jerry Szekula Jr. 193 game, Michele Halley 200 game, Michelle Halko 169 game, Joann mossi 165 game

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Bob Pagliuco Topped OLV

By Al Smetana WAYNE, NJ This session saw Bob Pagliuco as leader of the pack with his 267-679 followed by Mark Galliano with 279-657 while rolling in Our Lady of the Valley at T-Bowl. Ben Bucaro came in with 253-652, Erik Adamchak 238- 646 next came teammates Dan Cedola with 235-636 and Jim Broadfoot 218-636. Rich Shanley rolled 266-633 followed by Randy Klein with 230-630, John Caillie 215-626, Dave Van Harken 247-615 and Pat Hickman 227-605.

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Shawn Kilmer 637
LAKEWOOD, NJ Shawn Kilmer paced the scoring in the Sat. Jr. Classic League firing games of 204-217-216 for a high series of 637. Tori Boughton shot 202-245, Jared Staurd 256-235, Brian Lash 227, McKenna Collier 209, Kyle Desiderio 207-207, Brandy Collins 207-210, Micahel Tedeschi and Misty Downs 200. In the Sat. Pin Hitters League Page Peters shot 179, Michael Guzman 171, Kamerin Powers 170, Nicolas Gross 143, Deann Downs 135, and Livia Spalluto 130.

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February 8 - 14, 2012



Andrew Stephens 757
MADISON, NJ - Andrew Stephens led the scoring in the Wednesday Trio League firing a 259 game for a high series of 757. Harry Franz rolled 259, Frank Baragona 258, Jon Russo 735, Oren Warter 707, Stephanie Rahn 233, and Lissette Tapanes 202. In the CMIL League LD Oppici and Peter Carpraso rolled 279, and Dave Krivak 729.

Anthony Pesce 769
STATEN ISLAND, NY Anthony Pesce led the scoring in the Country Pro-Shop Mixed League firing games of 277-267 for a high series of 769. Alfredo Rodriguez rolled 287, Serena Vasquez 224-245-671, Lisa Samways 243, and Nancy Mooney 243.

DUKE DeMARCO INVITATIONAL A Perfect Game from Terence Johnson this week with a 791 series! John Broock & Ben Gregoretti shoot 299 each; 280 from Bob Thorne; 279s from Dennis Shapiro, Joe Conigliaro, John Balbi & Dwight Flowers. TUESDAY NIGHT MEN 266 from Frank Lawlor; 259 for Bill Rappel; Les Forrai had a 257 and a 729 series; Michael Dito with a 255; THURSDAY NIGHT MIXED Yogi Hannigan threw a nice 279; Ray Berrios with a 278and a 715 series; Philip Karfinkel goes 268 and a 265 from John Cardinale; 236 from Betty Lescher with a 601 series; 628 series from Donna Frey; Maureen Pupplo got a nice 230; FRIDAY NIGHT MIXED Alex Bogolubsky lead the league with a 285; 279 for Al Bennett and a 735 series; Morris Spriggs with a 741 series; Kristen Hayes had a pair of 224s with a 641 series; SUNDAY ADULT JUNIOR Adults: John Balbi 275 & 690 series; Dave Ackerman 257 & 708 series; Barbara Migliorino 206 & 563 series Juniors: Cameron Lohr 248 & 652 series; Ramon Deleon Jr. 244 243 213 for a beautiful 700 series; KOFFEE KATS Laurie Bettineschi shot 192 and a 529 series;

Joe Parisi 279

MADISON, NJ Joe Parisi topped the scoring in the Friday Classic League firing a high game of 267 and a high series of 724. Trevor Bogert shot 268, Paul Shiel 262-714, Bill Sorg 694, Sue Dobrinsky 234, and Stephanie Rahn 204.

Donny Prisco 278

MADISON, NJ Donny Prisco led the scoring in the Tuesday Doubles League firing a high game of 278. Jimmy Granato rolled 255-645, Dan Pridham 231, and Frank Fillimon 622.

Anthony Manzione 718

STATEN ISLAND, NY Anthony Manzione led the scoring in the Richmond County American Legion League rolling a 257 game for a high series of 718. Vincent Durante 279-715, Chris Antico 256-694, Chris Consolmagno 278-692, Mike Consolmagno 686, Rob Stock 243-667, Tim Svendsen 256, and Bobby Rinaldi 245.

Liesl Apgar 267

MADISON, NJ In the Ladies League Liesl Apgar rolled 267-633, and Jane Inch and Elaine Wilson 202.

Jon Russo 700

MADISON, NJ Jon Russo led the scoring in the Pharma Plus League firing a 256 game for a high series of 700. Troy Williams hit 226, and Scott Harnish 224.

Tony Cardi 729
FARMINGDALE, NY In the Friday Late Mixed League Tony Cardi shot 27-214-236-729, and Eddie Wing 200-254-245-699. Vinny Innone shot 289-221700 in the Saturday Nite Fun League. In the Friday Sunshine Kids League Guy Reece hit 224, and Jerry Keenan 219.

February 8 - 14, 2012

Kerrick Jones 716
FARMINGDALE, NY Kerrick Jones led the Tuesday Early Birds League firing games of 257-202-257 for a high series of 716. Earl Holden rolled 237-213258-708, Jonnae Greaves 258266-707, and Nicole Catapano 258-218-665. In the Saturday Bethpage PAL League Chris Visconti hit 209.

Earl Holden 704

FARMINGDALE, NY Earl Holden paced the scoring in the Tuesday Early Birds League firing games of 221-238-245 for a high series of 704.Tom Ostrowicki shot 277-225-696. Timmy Walker rolled 202-259707 and John Lennon 222-268704 in the Friday Late Mixed . Anthony Cotter rolled 247210-232-689.

Kevin Omeis 726

FARMINGDALE, NY Kevin Omeis led the scoring in the Wednesday Early Mens League rolling 231-279-216 for a high series of 726. BJ Fuller rolled 207-258-726, Paul Verderosa 235-236-236707, and Mark Pagano 279-226699. 5, and Willie Petro 279. In the Monday A.M. Seniors League Guy Reece shot 224, and Bill Platania 209

February 8 - 14, 2012



February 8 - 14, 2012

John Rankin 762 in Montvale Major

Davey's Locker Wins First-Half Title
By Joe Rizzi MONTVALE, NJ - John Rankin led all scorers in the Montvale Major League at Montvale Lanes, rolling a 762 series on games of 239, 244 and 279. John's great effort led second-place Valley Tent Rental to a 258 victory over first-place Davey's Locker, but Davey's held on to win the first-half championship. The team of Kevin Mahon (248-221-268--737), Mike Wuhrman (228-279-222--729), Mike Pasch (249-235-240--724) and Matt Rovetto led the league since the second week of the season in earning the title. Jason Tenorio rolled 236-289-228--753 and Brian Masincup 207-268259--734, leading Rick's Pro Shop I to a 26-7 victory over 12-In-A-Row Pro Shop. Chris Trembath's 230-236-266--732 led Rite Way to a 20-13 victory over DFWTOM. Other fine scores for the week included: Bob Higgins 250-248-210-708, Carl Garcia 225-237-246--708, Jun Roldan 218-262-226--706, Tony Mascio 221-234-248--703, Ray Keim 259-696, Bob Balzarek 245692, Jeff Rovetto 242-678, Mike Rovetto 259-676, Terry Drenth 232674, Ken Demchak 238-668, Chris Jachens 252-660, Kevin Conroy 232-657, Gerrit Overeem 232-656, Mike Verbitski 237-656, Chuck Ontal 230-655, Ron DeLuca 257-652 and Bob Greenwood 221-650.

Scott Salem, better known as Scott the Engineer to Howard Stern fans, will return to PBA competition during the 69th U.S. Open at Brunswick Zone-Carolier in North Brunswick, N.J., Feb. 2026, and Howard TV will be on hand to cover all of Salems activities. Salem, an avid scratch league bowler in New Jersey, made his debut in PBA Tour competition during the 2010 PBA World Series of Bowling, generating extensive media coverage on Sterns Sirius Radio broadcasts as well as on Howard TV.

By Gloria Volpe As Vince Lombardi once said If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score? Well the scores were kept and here are the highlights from Wallington Lanes. G& L Mixed was pretty impressive with these scores, Steve Shin 269, Bob Luzzi, 266 Tony Shin 256, Sam Lucci 255, Mike Rochinski 248 and Stan Wusyk 245. The L part of G&L the ladies. They did very well Joely Jackowitz had a 231 Nicky Torres had a 226. Wednesday ladies Hdcp what a night for these ladies Shannon Kelly shot 203-196-233 632 How about Jenna Cipolla with a 139 avg she shot a 228 great game and then there was Grace Bello with a 169 avg, she had a very nice 221. Thursday Mixed Sirs Fred Tomasik was on fire again with a 204 Art Clayton is on his way back up after a back problem plagued him last yr he shot a 178-165 501 and for the Thursday Ladies Fran Dudas 199 529 series. Thursday Public Safety Kevin Tito Jackson Led off the night with a 300 and a 758 Series. Kenny Lee had a 220-268-230 718, Frank Mena 227-277 205 709, Bill Ochiuzzo 235 213 244 692 ,Steven Mocarski 226 257 201 684

Ray Lavender, Amanda Dembeck Shine in Montvale Juniors

By Dennis O'Flaherty MONTVALE, NJ - Ray Lavender rolled a 654 series with games of 243, 209 and 202 in the Singles League at Montvale Lanes. In the Strikers, Amanda Dembeck took the spotlight when she shot a new personal high series of 402, rolling games of 141, 135 and 126 while teammate Chris Salerno had games of 146, 142 and 128 for a 416.


Tuesday BK Swenneys: Dan Hastings 277, Rich ONeill 238, Dawn Hastings 234,202. Monday BFCU: Tom Retmanski 265,661, Debbie Gerstner 221. Tuesday Early Birds: Jenn Dlorio 255, Regina Sander 216, Jamie Olson 215, Freda Amon 213.

February 8 - 14, 2012


Ed Bakelaar Sr. Rolled a 729 Set At Parkway

Elmwood Park, NJ Ed Bakelaar Sr led all pin attackers with scores of 216-289-224 for a strong 729 series to lead an active night of high scorers in the Wednesday, Teterboro Bowling League, at Parkway Lanes. Jan Dul 279-701, rolled another nice series while Kenny Demchak 253-699, Steve Semancik 261669, Jim Baer 241-669, Derek Short 254-665, and Mike Semancik Jr 258-650.


February 8 - 14, 2012


Joey Weisenstein 767
HOPELAWN, NJ Joey Weisenstein topped the scoring in the Raritan Bay Mens League firing 221-268-278 for a 767 set. Steven Venito rolled 236-257247-740, Evan Simon 249-235256-740, Rich Nicholls 279-203239-731, Lee Kay 232-254-224710, Mike Favor, Jr. 201-920-695, Ray Velazquez 279-224-694.

Michael Morris 739

HOPELAWN, NJ Michael Morris topped the scoring in the NJ Turnpike League firing games of 217-278-244 for a high series of 739. Ed Auman rolled 234-227-238699, Pat Jones 221-218-624, Joyce Eliosn 206-204, and Drew Rucinski 225.

Ralph Doerfler 698

HOPELAWN, NJ Ralph Doerfler topped all bowlers competing in the Atlantic City Trios firing 235-215-248 for a 698. Brian Vicidomini shot 259246-688, Bill Venezia 223-213240-676, Anthony Vicidomini 269-645, Tim McQueary 227-223631, and Shawn Dilard 225.

Don Anione 689

HOPELAWN, NJ Don Anione topped the His & Hers League pitching games of 258-224-207 for a 689 high set. Joe Macintyre rolled 246-224654, Shelly Jacques 235-204-213652, Walter Malecki 234-215-634, and Linda Shafer 228.

Carl Buttita 655

HOPELAWN, NJ Carl Buttita led the scoring in the Iselin AA League firing games of 248-236 for a high series of 655. Mike Hunter rolled 216-235644, Emil Woitowicz 232, Kyle Dunich 221, Matthew Dolly 235, and Adam Cerik 226.

Scott Akalewicz 739

HOPELAWN, NJ Scott Akalewicz led the scoring in the Thursday Nite Mixed pitching 278-279 for a high 739. Rollin E. Ball shot 214-259264-737, Thomas Poulos 246203-258-707, Vinny Medvetz 241-257-693, Matt Cestone 227624, Larry Johnson 227, and Rollin C. Ball 204.

Michael Ramer 700

HOPELAWN, NJ Michael Ramer led the scoring in the Garden State Mixed League firing games of 214-256-230 for a high series of 700. In the Sunday Nite Mixed League Aaron Williams shot 212235-640, Dennis Quintana 267, Robert Krimin 233, and Elio Carrasco 256.

Rich Rowley 694

HOPELAWN, NJ Rich Rowley led the Winter Senior Citizens firing 242-206-246-694. In the Nulty Knockers League Alexa Lentini shot 204-268-659 and Carole Morgan hit 202. Paul Harney rolled 258-205656, Ryan Kirkland 243, Anthony Tremarco 231, and Charlene Martino 203-209 in the Tuesday Nite Trios League.

Anthony Scutari 667

HOPELAWN, NJ Anthony Scutari led the scoring in the Merck League firing games of 224-220-223 for a high series of 667. Ryan Flesher rolled 230-203206-639, Tu Trinh 226, and Donna ONeill 212-226. In the Avenel Youth League Tom Sharfetz rolled 213-212-617, Jason Amsterdam 232-209-613, and Andrew Shaw 209.

Rich Governale 651

HOPELAWN, NJ Rich Governale topped the La Buona Pizza League tossing 243-219 for a session high series of 651. Scott Akalewicz rolled 225216-204-645, Jose Britton 201267-633, Jennifer Caval 223236-633, John Baginsky, Jr. 214206-613, and Ron Tanko 214206-613.