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Natasha Blynne is the author of My Boss Is A Moron, a book about some of the most commonlyexhibited bad boss behaviors and more importantly, HOW TO BEAT THEM in an effective, SMART and 100% nonconfrontational way.

...anytime, anywhere
Do you have a boss from hell?
Being in the unenviable position of having to suffer a bad boss is, without doubt, one of the most stressful workplace situations to be in. And the awful reality is this: millions of people struggle with the frustration, tension, difficulty and sheer unhappiness of coping with bad bosses, every day of their working lives.

The fact is there are MANY people in the business world who have been placed in managerial positions and given the responsibility of leading others but who simply have no ability or n, Using prove egies, competence to do so. You may have strat -and-tested ediate, recognized that your boss is one of tried them, and you are currently in the m can take im uctive unfortunate position of needing to deal you on s t r with managerial incompetence on a ctive and c effe r BAD BOSS daily basis. get you


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Keep your sanity, outlive the ordeal and leave your bad boss behind!


The good news is no matter what job you are in, or wherever you are in the world, you are definitely not alone in your ordeal of working for an unprofessional manager. And what this means is that regardless of the type, size, location, culture or industry nature of your employment anytime, anywhere - there are effective, constructive and triedand-tested actions you can take to break free from the chains of your bad boss.

How is it possible to deal with a bad boss anytime, anywhere?


In exactly the same way that GREAT bosses are known to share a common set of positive leadership attributes, professional strengths and valuable skills, BAD bosses also

-defeating attitudes and questionable behaviors. And in both

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Hence when dealing with a bad boss, it is actually very easy to identify his or her weaknesses, and to target the bosss weak spots and fears to break him or her down.

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Observing the behavior of your bad boss is the first step to identifying his or her weaknesses. ly herself on

The list of bad boss behaviors could go on and on, but heres the rub. Once you put your bosss behavior under close scrutiny, you will know precisely what to do (or at the very least, what not to do), to deal with your bad boss. How so?

Clearly the LAST thing you want to do, in any encounter with your bad boss, is to clash head-on with him or her.
For example, if you know that the boss is insecure, it is in your best interest to make him or her feel less threatened by you.

This does not mean that you have to change who you are or try to be someone you are not. You just have to
fine-tune your approach with the bad boss

because the bad boss is obviously not going to change who he or she is either.
So in the case of dealing with an insecure boss, you may carry on being vocal if you are an outspoken individual by nature, but you need to be vocal in a way that makes the insecure boss recognize that you are not a threat to him or her.

In summary, the trick to dealing with bad bosses - anytime,

anywhere - is to be proactive yet non-hostile in your

approach. When you have a boss who is insecure, egoistic,

micromanaging, political, abusive, unreasonable, unprofessional or just plain BAD, you must take action to keep your bad boss under control (and to keep your sanity) never allow yourself to be a silent victim of a bad boss! However, to minimize the risk that you may be later on faulted for your actions, your approach must always be non-confrontational, and based on a clear understanding of the weaknesses of your bad boss.


About Natasha Blynne

Natasha Blynne is the author of My Boss Is A Moron, a book about how to manage bad boss behaviors, and titled after a phrase she found herself repeating on a daily basis for 351 days when she was forced to suffer an unfortunate manager. She succeeded in leaving her boss behind on the 352nd day: two weeks before her personal deadline to be rid of the boss within one year.
Natasha Blynne

corporate communications and general business operations. Most of her career has developed with multinational companies and institutions, and until this point she has lived and worked in four countries across Europe and Asia. Her background is in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing Management. My Boss Is A Moron is Natasha Blynnes first book.

Natasha has over 10 years of professional and senior management experience, within the areas of


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