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(Q) I want to set up a schedule job for billing, but in VF06, there are no any choose button for

the individual billing(one invoice for one delivery note/sales order), there's individual billing document button in VF04, could you pls advise how to set up individual billing in VF06? Thanks in advance.

A. Change it in config as below, T-code: VTFL, choose the related type, click it in item level, change the
related item cat. and change Data VBRK/VBRP into 003. Single invoice, then it will issue invoice individually. But it will split the invoice in foreground process as well as Ferariani mentioned above, and the billing date will be the same as PGI date instead of current date. Q . SD Guru's I have a requirement for shipping type determination that when the total weight of items in the sales order exceeds 300lbs then the order entry person would receive a pop-up window informing them of the weight limit which contains text that states they need to change the shipping type in the order from a ground service to LTL service. Is this possible? A. You can use user exit MV45AFZZ. Ask your ABAPer to add checking codes before saving sales document. The code should content checking total weight of items RV45A-BTGEW (it mean for 1 sales document right?) then check the shipping type (VBKD-VSART). If the shipping type is not match, raise pop-up window to raise error message. Else, proceed to save document. Q. SD Document XXX is Not in the Database or has Been Archived? A. ALO1 is for searching documents including archive. The document you are referring to might have been archived. It will show in ALO1 but same will be not be active hence you are getting this message. Q. While saving MIRO Document the system giving message"Invoice document still contains message" After clicking the message box The message is " Balance not zero:20000 debits:0.00 credits 20000 - check invoice document. Diagnosis: The system has discouverd a difference between the debits and credits this difference lies outside the tolerence limits set. System Response: The system cannot post the document. Procedure: If this message appears when you are processing a document online you can, Change the amounts or enter new intems untill you can post the document. Change the invoice verification type, so that the document can be posted later in the backgruound. i request you to pl give solution to above error? A. Since the debit is zero, I think that no items are selected in the MIRO transaction or the item selected is having quantity/price as zero. You may have to check your entries again as well as your TAX Code also.

Q. I want to avoid manually maintaining output types every time I create delivery document. When user saves the document, the output types should populate automatically and shoot print out at the printer. Advise me how to do this set up. Thanks in advance. A. Maintian a output condition in T-Code :VV21, Output should be LD00 and printer must be select. I think, your problem will be resolve for this.


Standard SAP SD Reports

Sales summary VC/2 Display Customer Hierarchy VDH2 Display Condition record report V/I6 Pricing Report V/LD Create Net Price List V_NL List customer material info VD59 List of sales order VA05 List of Billing documents VF05 Inquiries list VA15 Quotation List VA25 Incomplete Sales orders V.02 Backorders V.15 Outbound Delivery Monitor VL06o Incomplete delivery V_UC Customer Returns-Analysis MC+A Customer Analysis- Sales MC+E Customer Analysis- Cr. Memo MC+I Deliveries-Due list VL04 Billing due list VF04 Incomplete Billing documents MCV9 Customer Analysis-Basic List MCTA Material Analysis(SIS) MCTC Sales org analysis MCTE Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales MC+2 Material Analysis-Incoming orders MC(E General- List of Outbound deliveries VL06f Material Returns-Analysis MC+M Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales MC+Q Variant configuration Analysis MC(B Sales org analysis-Incoming orders MC(I Sales org analysis-Returns MC+Y Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales MC-E Sales office Analysis- Returns MC-A Shipping point Analysis MC(U Shipping point Analysis-Returns MC-O Blocked orders V.14

Order Within time period SD01 Duplicate Sales orders in period SDD1 Display Delivery Changes VL22