1. Which country s foreign market is known as Rembrandt Market ? Ans: Netherlands 2.

Which was the first company to register itself with the BSE ? Ans: D S Prabhudas and Company also known as (DSP) 3. X is a Nobel laureate for his work in Giving out a model for getting Derivatives. X had the opportunity to study with Eugene Fama and Merton Miller. Identify X. Ans: Myron Scholes 4. Alfred Winslow Jones, how is he related to the Stock Markets ? Ans: Coined the Term Hedge Fund. 5. This company is a Designer & Distributor of luggage. This company filed for Bankruptcy in 2009. Company named from a biblical character Samson. Name this Company . Ans: Samsonite 6. This company had the 6th largest Credit card Business in the America,. This company had also a national bank in its name . But this company filed for bankruptcy on 8th November 2009. There is an energy company in the same name, but the companies are not related. Name the company. Ans: Advanta Corporation 7. Who is the Economic Advisor for the Prime Minister of India ? Ans: Raghuram Rajan 8. What is Popularly known as The Forgotten Financial statement ? Ans: Cash Flow 9. The Committee of Secretaries recently approved a hike of FDI in the retail sector of India. What is the new amount which is set as the Cap amount for the FDI ? Ans: 100 Million Dollars. 10. How many times has the REPO rate been hiked by the RBI since 2010 ? Ans: 13 Times 11. What percentage of India s GDP is currently related to the debt that India owes to the world bank? Ans: 80%

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