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Procter & Gamble

Performing global UPgrades and UniCode Conversions sUCCessfUlly

Industry Consumer products Revenue Us$79 billion Employees 135,000 Headquarters Cincinnati, ohio Web Site SAP Solutions and Services saP maxattention support; saP Consulting for upgrading to the saP erP application and performing Unicode conversion; minimized downtime service from saP for optimal cutover times; saP safeguarding for Upgrades portfolio of services Implementation Partners saP services organization, HewlettPackard Company Implementation Best Practices set up global team structure to apply lessons learned to subsequent implementations Transferred team people and knowledge from region to region Used highly virtualized project teams Used specialized services from saP to avoid impact on the business engaged saP Consulting long term for project planning and dependencies analysis Financial and Strategic Benefits moved to globally consistent saP software, the foundation for growth achieved ability to house documents and operate business processes in multiple languages in a single instance achieved business software consistency between gillette and Procter & gamble Company modernized order management through legacy software retirement improved productivity (estimated value in the millions of dollars annually) Key Challenges Upgrade to globally consistent saP software and adopt its new functionality achieve core business software synergy with newly acquired gillette Company eliminate dependence on legacy software increase saP software supportability Perform Unicode conversion avoid downtime during business hours Create platform for growing to Us$100 billion Why SAP Was Selected expertise and experience with saP erP application upgrades and Unicode conversion ability to minimize technical downtime for Unicode conversions ability to perform interface assessments, performance projections, and optimization History of close relationships and success at gillette Unique services for maximum project success Low Total Cost of Ownership eliminated need for the mainframe and its legacy software dramatically reduced overall iT complexity standardized systems for savings of millions of dollars annually reduced number of instances for savings of $1.2 million in support costs annually minimized cutover costs via short cutover weekends

The Procter & gamble Company (P&g) upgraded its entire saP software landscape to the saP erP application and performed Unicode conversions. To prevent cutovers from affecting operations and maximize safety, P&g engaged saP maxattention support, saP safeguarding for Upgrades portfolio of services, and the minimized downtime service offered by saP. as a result, global and regional cutovers improved each time, culminating with near perfection in asia.

Operational Benefits avoided business disruption during all cutovers, with steady downtime reduction finished final cutover for Japan and Korea business more than 5 hours ahead of schedule (34 hours, 15 minutes) with no significant system incidents; cut technical downtime for Unicode conversion to 10 hours Had no defects during asias Unicode conversion for Japan and Korea cutover Had no impact on parallel projects, business activities, or the revenue stream simplified sarbanes-oxley act compliance

SAP Business Transformation Study Consumer Products

Our SAP ERP upgrade and Unicode conversion were an unprecedented challenge in terms of timing, scale, and business impact. Our success was a terrific achievement and a testimonial to SAPs dedication.
Juergen Frick, global Technical delivery leader, The Procter & gamble Company /contactsap

The Procter & gamble Company (P&g) is one of the worlds premier consumer products companies with operations in nearly every country. P&g is also one of the worlds biggest users of saP software. Until recently, the companys four regions north america; europe, middle east, and africa (emea); asia Pacific; and latin america used various releases of saP applications, all at the end of life. P&g wanted the synergy of a single, globally consistent version the saP erP application along with its supportability. also, some users relied on mainframe-based legacy software for sales-order processing and invoicing. P&g wanted them on saP software, but this required functionality only found in saP erP. furthermore, many countries had to maintain their own instances of saP software specific to local languages an undue iT burden. P&g wanted to convert to Unicode, the standard that saP erP supports for managing documents and processes in complex heterogeneous system landscapes regardless of language. based on this, P&g wanted to upgrade to saP erP and follow with a Unicode conversion. but the challenges were many. The firms 400 sites had 25,000 programs to convert, 100,000 transports and programs to move into production, and 300,000 testing scenarios

to run. Preparing the new instances was challenging, but cutting over to production was even more so: P&g could experience business implications if it was not executed correctly. The breaking point was the acquisition of the gillette Company, also a user of saP erP. P&g realized that without a common platform with gillette, and without standard software company-wide, its goal of moving the business forward quickly and seamlessly would be out of reach.

The More SAP Is Involved, the Smoother the Projects Go

P&g engaged its strategic partner the Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) to execute the project, in close collaboration with the saP services organization. The team of P&g, HP, and saP began with the upgrade in latin america, based on best practices. While the project was successful, downtime duration came close to impacting business days. The team realized how much it needed extended, in-depth saP software expertise and cutover safeguarding available only from saP. so when P&g moved to north america, it asked saP services for further help.

systems. but P&g was concerned about its multiple-language emea systems and especially asia Pacific, where massive upgrades of a heterogeneous system landscape with mixed code pages for double-byte languages would precede Unicode conversions. so saP proposed intensified saP maxattention support, including on-site, dedicated assistance. saP experts also joined the project management team and provided their minimized downtime service, Unicode conversion service, and the saP safeguarding for Upgrades portfolio of services. With this help, the emea adjustment met expectations, with downtime well within the safety range and no business disruption. finally, using emea experiences and with saP experts closely involved, P&g made asia Pacific its most successful project yet. results were nearly perfect, downtime was minimal, and there were no critical issues to resolve afterward.

With the entire company finally on a common, up-to-date platform worldwide and no downtime-related costs, P&gs program was complete. since saP played such an important role in this achievement, P&g renewed support for five years and engaged saP maxattention and the minimized With saPs extended involvement for cutover safeguarding, the north american downtime service for further innovative initiatives to support continuous system project went better and downtimes were shorter, especially for some global finance availability during maintenance activities.

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