Materials of Construction

Ma. Charisse D.



ChE 4207

Nov. 22, 2011

Engr. Bernie Cangrejo

Types of Materials of Construction used in Equipment Design

Wrought Materials: Ferrous Metals and Alloys
y y y Steel most common, least expensive metal. It has also an excellent ductility Low-Allow Steels contains one or more alloying agents to improve the mechanical and corrosionresistant properties over Carbon steel. Stainless Steel popular in process industries. It is heat and corrosion-resistant and easily fabricated into complex shapes

Wrought Materials: Nonferrous Metals and Alloys
y y y y y y y Nickel and Nickel Alloys available in mill form and in castings Aluminum and Alloys it has high electrical conductivity that makes it popular in electrical applications Copper and Alloys - has a electrical conductivity twice of Aluminum Lead and Alloys when in high purity, can be used in environments that form thin, insoluble protective films Titanium It is strong construction material and of medium weight Zirconium originally recovered as a construction material for atomic reactors Tantalum physical properties are of mid steel and has high melting point

Cast Materials

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Cast Irons most economical and widely used in industries Medium Alloys better corrosion resistance than stainless steel High Alloys contains large percentage of nickel

Inorganic Nonmetallics y y y y y Glass and Glassed Steel has excellent resistance to all acids Porcelain and Stoneware has excellent resistance to all acids and greater strength Brick construction can be used under severely corrosive conditions Cement and Concrete hardened cement paste Clay - -used for settling basins

Organic Nonmetallics Thermoplastics can be used as vessels or pipes Epoxy (Amine-Cured) has a good chemical resistance especially to basic environments Epoxy (Anhydride-Cured) has good chemical resistance especially to acids Epoxy Vinyl Ester Bisphenol-A Fumarate Polyester

ph/eeid/2010/factsheet/ Acid Polyester Furan Isophatalic/Terephthalic Acid Polyester Dual-Laminate Construction and Linings Rubbers and Elastomers Asphalt Carbon and Graphite Wood Metals Hydrogen Atmospheres Halogens Refractories Internal Insulation Refractory Brick Cerami-Fiber Insulating Linings Castable Monolithic Refractories Reference: http://www.emb.pdf http://www.emb.emb.htm .gov.emb.htm

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