Zombieland In the screen shot above we can see the use of bullet time to get a 3D shot of an introdcution to the

film. It is showing us several people who are zombie and now chasing their diner humans. The names come up in the scene to introduce the people involved in the film.

Quite Basic Use of bullet time, the mise on scene is quite simple a wedding showing the couple getting attacked, a very effective piece of media playing a story and setting the scene.

This shot here is the title, it is very well incorporated into the way the zombies are smashing through glass. Destruction and explosions, if you find yourself near them you will die. The glass smashing is a very unique way to make the viewer feel involved in the action,

This is a close up shot of a zombie middle shot attacking police left and right of the shot. Showing there is still normality in the world or as USA like to think they are the only world. This is another effective way to get the viewer into the film before its started.

This is a typical shot from the iconic James Bond films, a shot through the barrel at the infamous Bond, 007. The blood falling from the top of the screen. It helps comfort the viewer, so that they know they are in for a good film

This is a very unique shot, a shot in a shot it is introducing the film in very plain way, the shot on Sean Connery inside a mysterious women, this tells the audience a man and women are involved. Maybe something to do with both of them together

Continuing with the previous shot, this is introducing all the male characters within this women’s face, this could tell us maybe all the men introduced in the womens face will have something to do with her?

This image of a women again, with explosions played on her back, drawing in the audience even more and reinforcing to us that the women will have a huge part to play in this film.

Supposed to be the best title sequence in the world, this has very typical Alfred Hitchcock title sequence, the shot is a close up of the girls eye. Very optimistic shot wanting the audience to want more.

This shot is just telling us the name of the film, very interesting the red fade over the eye, we ask ourselves why? Maybe death, blood? Is the girl whose eye it is involved?

Moving away from the image of the eye, we now move onto SFX. Very interesting and unique way to introduce participants of the creation of the film. The spiral in the bank ground could suggest a twist in the story.

Continuing with the SFX, this crossing in the middle of the screen could tell us that there could be more than 1 twist. Very basic writing, showing the names of people involved with the film, very nice and easy way to show them.

For me this is one of the best films made. A very old style title sequence, animation of the Pink Panther chasing inspector clueso. Very hard to do but very valuable way to introduce the film. A very iconic and revolutionary way to introduce a film.

The anime continues with the title sequence very cleverly incorporated within the chase of Clueso and Panther.

The title of the film is shown in Diamonds, maybe suggesting the Pink Panther is a jewel not an animal, very clever way to twist the audience views and anticipating the film will delight the viewers.

We can see the Pink Panther now painting on the title sequence and names, very clever way to incorporate the panther into the title sequence and giving Clueso another problem to deal with.