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Save A Life Foundation
Carol J. Spizzirri Founder / President Saturday, August 01, 2009 Karen Marsh, Director Ms. Penny Burke, Deputy FEMA/Citizen Corps 800 K Street Suite 640 N Washington, DC 20472

National Headquarters
9950 W. Lawrence Ave Ste 300 Schiller Park, Illinois 60176-1216 Ph: (847)928-9683 Fax: (847)928-9684 Website: www.salf.org

Dear Ms. Marsh and Ms. Burke,

Perhaps you did not understand my previous email of the Daily Herald Publication's July 17th, 2009's Corrections and clarifications Save A Life Foundation page 4. Save A Life Foundation is an active Illinois based 501 c3 but due to the economic harsh climate we have downsized, moved our operations and are restructuring our focus. In fact this session SALF wrote and passed two Illinois bills to assist the Emergency Medical Service community (see enclosed July 11, 2009 press release). We are currently working with Congress to nationalize IL SB1254, that will enhance employment opportunities for our Military Service Medic Veterans. Many non-profits have met their demise recently, but the death of the Save A Life Foundation was premature and erroneously reported by the save group, Dr. Heimlich's son, alias Jim Bentley/etc, and reported by Chicago's ABC-7 reporter Chuck Goudie who also is a reporter for the same Daily Herald Publication. Citizen Corps has certainly restructured itself since its inception. Please give SALF the same freedom and courtesy during these recessionary times. This correspondence and copy of the Daily Herald's July 17th retraction and apology to the Save A Life Foundation will be forthcoming.

cc: Paddock, Pres/CEO Daily Herald SALF Board




Suit dropped as Save A Life folds
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BY KIMBERLY P O H L kpohl@dailykerald. com

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Two years after filing a def­ amation lawsuit to repair its tarnished image, Save A Life Foundation of suburban Schil­ ler Park has closed its doors for good. The high-profile nonprofit organization, which taught schoolchildren first aid tech­ niques such as the Heimlich maneuver, ceased operations on July 1. Days later, Save A life's attorney filed a motion to drop the suit against three men accused of organizing a smear campaign against the founda­ tion and harassing employees and board members, among them ex-Palatine Mayor Rita Mullins. Founder Carol Spizzirri said the legal action became too costly to pursue, but declined to say exactly why she shut­ tered an organization she said helped more than 2 xrMon children. The lawsuit claimed the defendants' actions caused lost business opportunities and partnerships. "There's certainly a connec­ tion (between the closing and the lawsuit) but I don't want to go into it," Spizzirri said. "We're not supposed to dis­ cuss the case." Named in the suit was

Peter Heimlich, estranged son of maneuver namesake Dr. Henry Heimlich, who served on Save A Life's med­ ical advisory board. A blogger and a doctor critical of the Heimlich maneuver were also defendants. Chuck Goudie, an ABC 7 reporter and Daily Herald col­ umnist, was briefly part of the suit for a derogatory report he did on Save A Life, but the case against him was dropped in March 2008. His report questioned Spizzirri's credentials and said the foundation, which received millions of dollars in govern­ ment money and corporate donations, was misappropri­ ating funds and teaching the maneuver inappropriately — all falsehoods, according to the lawsuit. Spizzirri's new focus is fight­ ing the type of online stalking outlined in the suit. She has a meeting scheduled later this iTJOfitu with ouvciiu legislators and has been working with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office. "Cyberworld is the Wild West with absolutely no gov­ ernance," Spizzirri said. "Anyone can say terrible things about people, put it on the Internet and nobody can do anything about it. Rep­ utations and credibility are ruined."

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Carol Spizzirri Inducted into USA Honor Society Carol Spizzirri Advocates for Lawmakers to Apply Military Medics' Battlefield Experience to Civilian Careers SCHILLER PARK, IL, July 22, 2009, Carol Spizzirri, president and founder of Save a Life Foundation Inc. has been recognized by USA Honor Society for her talents and achievements in advocating for the passing of life-saving Pre-EMS laws since the early 1990s. Most recently, Ms. Spizzirri has worked aggressively to pass Illinois Senate Bill 1254 unanimously, sponsored by Sen. Pam Althoff and Rep. Dan Burke., which will allow the experience and credentials of returning military medics to be applied toward civilian careers as emergency medical technicians.

"For over 200 years, military medics have saved the lives of 97 percent of our wounded soldiers. Yet, upon discharge from service, none of their training transfers. Instead they must re-enter school and be re-taught the same skills they've uused on the battlefield in order to get a job," Spizzirri said. "This is a waste of valuable resources when the military has already invested in their training and their hands-on experience has proven superior."


- E H • 2 4 3 F I F T H AVENUE • SUITE 2 5 2 • NEW YORK. NY 1 0 0 1 6 • 2 1 2 - 3 2 4 - 0 0 5 1 1

Illinois Senate >:,H 1254 is awaiting Gov. Quinn's approval, and there is a strong congressional interest in taking the bill's language nationwide.

Illinois Department of Revenue
Office of Local Government Services Sales Tax Exemption Section, 3-520 101 W. Jefferson Street Springfield, Illinois 62702 217 782-8881 September 9, 2005


We have recaived your recent letter; and based, on the information you furnished, we believe SAVE A LIFE FOUNDATION INC of . SCHILLER PARK, IL is organized and operated exclusively f o r charitable purposes.

Consequently, sales of any kind to this organization are exempt f r o m the Retailers' Occupa­ tion Tax, the Service Occupation Tax (both state and locai), the Use Tax, and the Service Service Use Tax in Illinois. We have issued your organization the f o l l o w i n g tax exemption i d e n t i f i c a t i o n number: :g9S54^^STHJ3*3 To claim the exemption, you must provide this number to y o u r suppliers when purchasing tangible personal property for organizational use. This exemption may not be used by individual members of the organization to make purchases f o r their individual use. This exemption w i l l expire on October 1, 2010, unless you apply to the I l l i n o i s Depart­ ment of Revenue for renewal at least three months prior to the expiration date. Office o f Local Government Services Illinois Department o f Revenue

STS-49 (R-2/98) IL-492-345S 11-0000062

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