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Postal Customer
When an administrative position
recently opened up at Kohler
Schools, the district reworked staff
assignments among current em-
ployees to create a new position
called the Director of Student Life.
This position oversees online stu-
dent learning, marketing and pro-
motion of school, advisory group
development, volunteer develop-
ment, athletics, and school spirit
and pride, as well as a number of
other responsibilities.
Long-time Village resident and
Kohler Schools alumnus Doug
Bocchini accepted the position this
past October. Bocchini and his
wife, Lisa, also a KHS alumnus,
are known around the Village as
passionate supporters of Kohler
Bocchini leaves behind a 25-
year career at Kohler Co., where
he began in 1986, working in sales.
He soon joined the marketing team
where he worked for the com-
panys faucet division for nearly
twelve years, before moving to the
fixture team as Director of Chan-
nel Marketing. In Channel Mar-
keting our main focus was to work
with customers across the United
States developing programs, pro-
motions, showrooms, literature
and merchandising, said Boc-
chini. The focus of Bocchinis past
three years at the company was on
the retail end, working with Home
Depot and Lowes. By coinci-
dence, Bocchinis last day at
Kohler Co. was the day of his 25th
anniversary of employment at the
company. I thank Kohler Co. all
the time for the opportunities they
gave to me and my family, said
Bocchini. It was a fantastic run!
Bocchini said Kohler Co. and the
Kohler Family were extremely
supportive of his decision to pur-
sue an opportunity to do something
totally different and something he
has always had a passion for
working with young adults.
In his role as Director of Student
Life, Bocchini oversees the follow-
ing programs:
Online Learning Program
Currently, there are 27 students
enrolled in a variety of online
learning courses from a number of
providers. Most of the classes stu-
dents take are classes that are not
currently offered at Kohler
Schools. Bocchini works with stu-
dents to make sure they are on task
and up to speed with the classes.
Bocchini said most of the students
are going through the process for
the first time, so some need more
support than others. Hes working
on developing a student/parent
handbook, as well as a variety of
other materials to help the students
stay on top of online classes. Since
online learning is becoming so
prevalent in the workplace, the
school plans to evaluate whether
every student should be taking at
least one online class over the 4
years of high school.
Marketing of the School
Working with a team of teach-
ers, staff, parents, and students, the
school is in the process of develop-
ing a long term sustainable market-
ing plan that will include literature,
merchandising, website upgrade,
and internal marketing to students.
The team is currently working on
materials for the Open Enrollment
Fairs to be held on January 14 for
the high school, and January 26 for
the elementary/middle school.
Plans are also in the works to give
a facelift to many of the school
hallways with ideas and work from
the students in an effort to market
the school to current students to
help them feel that they made the
right choice in being part of Kohler
Advisory development
Advisory meetings consisting of
groups of 12-14 students take
place every two weeks. During this
time, the students meet with one or
two advisors to discuss issues and
topics that affect students and so-
ciety. In November and December,
each advisory team was part of a
half-day Advisory Retreat, where
the goal was to encourage students
to begin taking on leadership roles
within the advisory group, and lead
in the development of the subject
matter for future advisory sessions.
This in turn will allow each advi-
sory group the opportunity to cre-
ate their own identity and develop
ownership for the success of the
advisories. The retreat was part of
the leadership development train-
ing funds that were generously do-
nated by the Kohler School
Athletic Director
Overseeing 16 high school ath-
letic teams and several middle
school teams is a challenge, said
Bocchini. During his first few
weeks on the job in October, Boc-
chini was thrust into overseeing
the hosting of girls sectional ten-
nis, boys regional and sectional
soccer, girls Central Lakeshore
Conference volleyball tournament,
girls middle school basketball, and
preparations for boys and girls
high school basketball. Bocchini
said the school has a great group
of coaches at both high school and
middle school, who are very dedi-
cated to our daughters and sons.
He said the key to the long-term
success of the schools athletics is
the development of youth pro-
grams, some are in great shape, but
others still need work.
Kind Matters initiative
The school is dedicating a great
deal of effort in collaborating with
teachers, parents, and students in
creating educational programs and
events that the school hopes will
build a more caring school and
community. Last years kick-off
event included the internationally
recognized Kind Campaign, which
included a Challenge Day and We
are the Drum program. These
events helped to open up conver-
sations between students and
adults with regard to kindness, ap-
preciation of differences, and heal-
ing. As the Kind Campaign
develops, it will divert to what we
refer to internally as Bomber
Pride, said Bocchini. This will
focus on expectations of our stu-
dents in a variety of environments
from classroom, to lunchroom, on
buses, and everywhere in be-
tween. Several legs of this team
are working on a variety of as-
pects, including Positive Behav-
ioral Interventions and Supports
(PBIS), Be The Change Team, and
Cyber-bullying, just to name a few.
Bocchini is also working on de-
velopment of a student volunteer
program, mentoring program, and
plans for clubs and other extra-cur-
ricular activities. He said his new
position has led him to an even
greater passion toward the school
than he had before, and he has
grown to love the school, the stu-
dents, and the people who work
within the building. The passion I
thought I had before is even larger
after being in the school. The over-
all support I have received has
been fantastic. Teachers, staff, par-
ents and students have all been
willing to help out, give ideas, and
give a hand into initiatives we are
trying to accomplish. No doubt
people were wondering what I was
going to be doing. I hope they can
see the things we are putting to-
gether can have a long-term impact
for the school. So much of what
were trying to do is new or fairly
new, so were all learning together.
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New Director of Student Life
wears many hats
Our hearts and rooms are open to all.
Recall the familiar hymn Faith of Our
Fathers? Te lyrics best convey life at
Pine Haven. Our faith is living still and
forever strong as we carry on the tradition
and remain true to our mission of
providing quality care and respect for all
in our Christ-centered communities.
Residential Center
Assisted Living
Pine Haven-Oostburg
Assisted Living
Prairie Crossing
Active Assisted Living
Covenant Home
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing Center
Therapy Center
Come live with us and
experience our mission.
Call Jane at 467-2401, ext. 127
or visit
Visit us in Sheboygan Falls or Oostburg.
P H O f h l ll d
Recall the familiar hymn Faith of Our
Fathers? Te lyrics best convey life at
Low in Cost
High in Christ - Centered
Mission and Values.
Low in Cost
High in Christ - Centered
Mission and Values.
Kohler Schools new Director of Student Life, Doug Bocchini.
Call today!
Visit the Shops at Woodlake Kohler for Winterfest a snow-capped celebration
of the season filled with family fun that will warm the heart.
For more information, please go to or call 800. 344. 2838.
For more information, please go to or call 800.344.2838.
Renters cant afford to live
without insurance.
You may not own the place, but you own
everything in it. Just imagine what it would
cost to replace. Call me today.
Sue Breitbach Fenn Agency

3626 Erie Ave.
Sheboygan, WI 53081
(920) 457-1950
American Family Mutual Insurance Company
and its Subsidiaries
American Family Insurance Company
Home Office Madison, WI 53783
2008 002074 Rev. 11/08
Sheboygan Falls, WI
Riverview Plumbing, LLC
10% off Kohler fixtures or
$10 off any job when you mention this ad!
Sales, Service, Installation, & Replacements
New Construction & Remodeling
Licensed & Insured (MP 653302)
15 Years Experience
Open Enrollment Information
Fair to be held by Kohler High
School on January 14
Wisconsins open enrollment
deadline for the 2012-2013 school
year is quickly approaching, and
Kohler High School invites all area
parents and students to attend its
Open Enrollment Information Fair
on Saturday, January 14, from
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. TheFair
will feature booths manned by cur-
rent students, teachers, and
coaches providing information
about the opportunities at Kohler
Schools. There will also be a live
demonstration of Kohlers state-of-
the-art distance learning center,
which allows on and off-campus
students to interact in a classroom
setting via video conference. Tours
of the school will be available
throughout the fair, along with
complimentary samples of
Kohlers fresh lunch menu options.
The state of Wisconsin allows
families the option to choose the
school that best fits the needs of in-
dividual students, but the time-
frame during which students may
apply is strictly enforced. For the
2012-2013 school year, the online
application will only be available
from midnight February 6, 2012,
until 4:00 p.m. on February 24,
2012. (Visit the Wisconsin Depart-
ment of Public Instruction website
at for
more information).
With the open enrollment period
quickly approaching, it is vital for
parents and students to obtain all
necessary information needed to
make the best decision. Kohlers
Information Fair on January 14 is
a great way to gather information
about the opportunities that Kohler
High School has to offer.
With 18 extracurricular clubs, 16
athletic teams, an outstanding per-
forming arts program, and nation-
ally-recognized award-winning
teachers, Kohler High School has
something to offer every high
school student. Kohler Schools Su-
perintendent and High School Prin-
cipal Marty Lexmond has led the
school toward a renewed focus on
the development of 21st century
skills. Kohler has a lot of tradition
and strong values when it comes to
education. We want to build upon
these strengths and utilize the spirit
within the current student popula-
tion as we evolve to meet the needs
of the future, Lexmond said.
Committed to continuing the excel-
lent academic outcomes of Kohler
Schools, Mr. Lexmond works
closely with community members,
parents, students, and staff in order
to develop a curriculum that en-
gages and inspires its students.
One of Mr. Lexmonds first ini-
tiatives was to create the new posi-
tion of Director of Student Life,
which focuses on all aspects of the
academic experience at Kohler
Schools. The position was filled in
October, 2011, by Doug Bocchini,
a Kohler alumnus and long-time
supporter of Kohler Schools, who
is brimming with ideas. Bocchini,
is passionate about his new respon-
sibilities and looks forward to wel-
coming new students into the
Kohler school community. It is
exciting to be a part of the lives of
these Kohler students. I enjoy hear-
ing their ideas and creating oppor-
tunities for them to express
themselves during their academic
careers at Kohler, said Bocchini.
Mr. Bocchini is confident that the
Open Enrollment Information Fair
will showcase the strengths and
spirit of Kohler High School, and
he personally invites everyone to
attend on Saturday, January 14,
2012, from 11 a.m.-1.00 p.m.
Reiki is a Japanese form of deep relaxation and stress reduction, which
also promotes healing. All Reiki sessions include:
Member International Association of Reiki Professionals
Located at Intentions in The Shops at Woodlake
= Scan for Low-Energy Areas of the Body
= Balance Energy Centers
= Why Low-Energy Has Developed
= Suggestions for Maintaining High-Energy
On Saturday, November 19
, Kohler School was transformed into a winter wonderland of shopping
for the annual Kohler School Friends Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair. The KSF PTO would like to thank our
generous donors who made the event possible, and our dedicated volunteers who worked to make it
all happen. This years show was a huge success and we are very thankful for your support!
2011 Craft Fair Committee
Event Coordinator Vicki Friske
Advertising Lora Dillon
Applications Vicki Friske, Deb LaDuke & Lori Neurohr
Bake Sale Jill Lewinski & Jennifer Roeber
Holiday Cafe & Hospitality Sonja Heins & Diane Venn
Design/Print Vicki Friske
Facility Katie Maki
Finance Lesley Cassidy
Decorations Stacy Stanley & Ashley TeBeest
Raffle Suzanne Fink, Kathy Hillstrom & Joni Stefanczyk
Raffle Tickets Ann Bartelt, Katie Magle, Kerri Roeder & Ashley TeBeest
Volunteers Beth Tengowski
Thank you for supporting
The Kohler School Friends
Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair!
Sandee Aldrich
Lisa Bates
Sharon Batkiewicz
Hank Biznek
Meg Biznek
Doug Bocchini
Doreen Borowski
Andrew Bryce
Sarah Cassidy
Erin Coppersmith
Catherine Coulson
Katy Creek
Vicki da Silva
Olivia DePagter
Tonya DePagter
Duane Du Mez
Sheryl Dyksterhouse
Brenda Edmunds
Judy Farwig
Kim Feltner
Kristine Fenton
Morgan Fenton
Suzanne Fink
Brett Friske
Kara Friske
Tim Friske
Cody Gartman
Lisa Gartman
Annabelle Goese
Jenelle Griswold
Lindsey Griswold
Andrew Grose
Jennifer Grose
Sarah Hapeman
Rob Harrington
Julia Hart
Lily Hart
Kari Heins
Sara Hess
McKenna Holzrichter
Molly Holzrichter
Lauren Horth
Tina Horth
Wendy Hou-Seye
Len Hucke
Lori Hucke
Rita Huber
Nina Hughes
Steve Jaberg
Susan Jaberg
Abby Janssen
Mary Beth Janssen
Michael Janssen
Travis Janssen
Bobbi Knapp
Kohler School Faculty &
Halle Kolling
Andrew Kraus
Ken Kusel
Kristina Kusel
Maria Kusel
Catherine Lee
Laura Lee
Sarah Leick
Gale Litt
Ingrid Luhman
Nancy Madigan
Tracy Maggi
Sue Maki
Kate Marventano Klink
Dominic Michmerhuizen
Amy Molepske
Rachel Montes
Maisee Moua
Laura Multer
Mary Nebel
Linda Neil
Dani Olejniczak
Alison Pieper
Grace Pellegrino
Mary Ellen Pellegrino
Mary Perzewski
Kim Post
Kaleigh Roeder
Mel Romanoski
Carla Ross
Denise Roth
Khloe Rustan
Courtney Rutten
Kathy Rutten
Marita Samuels
Connor Sbrocco
Tandra Sbrocco
Kelly Seitz
Jenna Silvestri
Luke Silvestri
Nancy Sobecki
Amanda Sprang
Stacy Stanley
Ashley TeBeest
Ben Tengowski
Greg Tengowski
John Tengowski
Rich Tengowski
Ryan Tengowski
Nicole Thomas
Lori Tobin
Tania Twohig
Amy Unger
Michelle VanZeeland
Christina Venn
Ray Venn
Sarah Wahlquist
Nicole Wallander
Lydia Waniorek
Erica Wigg
Katie Wilkens
Karla Willis
Marlene Yang
Sereena Yang
Sydney Yang
Christy Zheng
Bridgitt Zielke
Sherry Zittel
2011 Craft Fair Donors
Adams Family
Bicycle Works
Big Apple Bagels
Blattners Piggly Wiggly
Camp Anokijig
Camp Y-Koda
Dave DeBruin
Eat at the Lake
Melvin Free
Deb Gordon
Green Bay Packers
Jenelle Griswold
Hillstrom Family
Lori Hucke
John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Kohler Company
Kohler High School Jazz Band
Kohler High School Key Club
Kohler High School Madrigals
Kohler Landscaping
Kohler Middle Student Council
Kohler Police Department
Kohler Public School
Kohler Recreation Department
Kohler School Faculty & Staff
Kohler School Friends PTO
Kohler Spirit Store
Wendy Kukla
Jill Lewinskis Home Economics Students
Mauer Family
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Bucks
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee Wave
Molepske Family
Linda Neil
Plymouth Foam
Q-Mart in Kohler
Rebeccas Blessings
Restoration Gardens
Road America
Denise Roth
Martha Safford
Samuels Family
Becky Schipper
Sheboygan Symphony
Stefanczyk Family
Superior Lawn & Garden
Sweet Potatos Boutique
Ben Tengowski
John Tengowski
Rich Tengowski
Torke Coffee Roasting Co.
Village of Kohler Tourism
Walmart Sheboygan Northside
Chef Ted Weidman
Wisconsin Trader
2011 Craft Fair Volunteers
Allie Brice, Lani Chung, Lauren Kelm, Alissa Griswold, and Hannah Frey volunteer
to ring bells for the Salvation Army.
Kohler students
ring bells for
Salvation Army
260 Fond du Lac Ave., Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
Below is a partial
list of conditions
that may readily respond
to chiropractic care
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Extremity Pain
Ear Infections
Carpal Tunnel
Auto Injuries
Work Injuries
Sport Injuries
And ManyOther
Most I nsur ances Accepted
We ar e the I N Networ k pr ovi der
located closest to Kohler Co.
by appointment
Brett Egelseer, DC
Carry Outs
Delivery Service
for the
Call 458-9931

512 Broadway Sheboygan Falls, WI
888-599-8881 |
Bemis Bath Shoppe features hundreds of artistically
displayed toilet seats, inspirational bath vignettes, stylish
bath & body products, accessories and more.
1 Store. 2 Floors. Endless ideas.
Where relationships happen every day.
- make your recovery the ultimate goal
- be the center of your health care teams attention
- achieve your maximum health and well-being
The strength to
D. Scott Sellinger, MD
Kevin J. Gassner, MD
Scott T. Glaeser, MD
Bruce A. Van Dommelen, MD
William Hartmann, PT
Amy Larson, PT
Robb Steenwyk, MPT, MTC
Rebecca Nelson, DPT
Allison Allen, DPT
For the
service you deserve
920-457-1075 1-800-351-4371
A Subsidiary of Kohler Co.
KOHLER, WI 53044
Bill Erbstoesser
Sales & Leasing Internet Manager
800-459-6840 Cell 920-254-9065
Jeff Romanoski
Sales Manager
800-459-6840 Cell 920-918-0352
Two dealerships, with one locaton, and one goal, to be your dealer!
2011 Vera Bradley Designs,
The Shops at Woodlake, Kohler, WI
Mon - Sat / 10-6 and Sun / 11-5
Join us at
Sweet Potatos Boutique on
Thursday, January 19th
for the launch of the
Vera Bradley Spring 2012
Colors and Styles.
The Kohler
deadline is
always the 20th
of the month
prior to the next
months issue!
Sunday, February 19, 2012
11:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Kohler Fire House
Highland Drive in Kohler
Brats, burgers, chicken sandwiches,
potato salads, beans, desserts,
drinks, raffles and door prizes
Proceeds go toward KPAL Kohler youth programs.
Please watch for your neighbor members and youth
who will be selling tickets door-to-door and at various
other locations for this important event
For information or tickets call Jim at 457-4722
Kohler Police Athletic League
Call 920.457.WOOF to schedule your next
appointment. (Weekends available)
3513 S. 32nd Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081 920.457.WOOF (9663) 635 Riverfront Dr., Sheboygan
Mon.-Fri. 10am-5:30pm,
Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 12-4pm
*Not valid with other offers or coupons. Expires 1/31/12.
Save 25% Off Starred Merchandise.
Savings Increase Each Week, So Shop Often!
Kohler School Friends
PTO - Second Wednesday of the month in the Library from 7:00-
8:00 p.m. during the school year
Kohler Seniors
NEW IDEAS . . . Bring your new information or old, favorite
"tried and true" ways and recollections to Januarys seniors
program planning meeting on January 9, 2012 at 1:30 at the
Village Hall. We'll gather them all for the best New Year's pro-
gram yet!
Kohler Police Athletic League (KPAL)
Second Wednesday of every month at the firehouse. Meetings
begin at 7:00 p.m.
Kohler Athletic Booster Club
First Monday of each month (except January, June and July)
at 5:30pm in the library.
Kohler Speakezs Toastmasters
Meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday from 12:10-1:00 p.m. at the
Kohler Co. Human Resource Garden Level meeting room.
Guests will need to sign in and have an ID to enter the build-
ing. Contact Perie Villani for more information 889-2728,
Sheboygan Toastmasters 2121
Meets the first and third Monday of month at The Highland
House on the corner of 8th and Indiana Avenue from 6:00 -
8:00 pm. For additional information contact 920-287-7130.
Meeting Dates
Kohler High student willing to babysit in your
home or mine. All ages welcome. After school
and weekend hours, as well as summer and
school vacation times. I have reliable transporta-
tion,and am certified in CPR/First Aid. I can pro-
vide several references upon request.
Call Emma Ziemer: 920-889-2202
Kohler High student offers pet sitting services
I have extensive experience caring for all types of
animals from dogs and cats, to horses and
goats, and more! Big or small, I will care for them
all! References and recommendations upon re-
quest. Available for regular services or one-time
visits. Call Emma Ziemer: 920-889-2202
Service and repair for all lawn and garden
equipment. Fast service at a reasonable rate.
Free pickup and delivery.
Call Tom Teaters: 920-457-1544
212 East Park Lane, Kohler
The Kohler Police Athletic
League (KPAL) will hold its an-
nual brat fry on Sunday, February
19 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the
Kohler firehouse on Highland
KPAL sponsors and supports
local sports programs for Kohler
youth, and other programs that
promote good citizenship. For the
year 2011, KPAL donated nearly
$10,000 to the youth of the Village.
The organization awarded two
high school scholarships, donated
to the Kohler scouting program,
sponsored the summer swim meet
at the Kohler pool, Kohler Soccer
Club, youth baseball and flag foot-
ball leagues, and summer soccer
and basketball programs. KPAL
was very excited to once again be
a major contributor to the very suc-
cessful junior fall football league,
which consisted of players from
sixth, seventh and eighth grade.
KPAL members and youth who
benefit from some of the major
programs will be going door-to-
door in the Village selling tickets
for this most important event. If
you miss the sale, contact your fa-
vorite KPAL member for tickets.
Better yet, join the KPAL and be-
come involved with projects that
benefit Kohler youth.
Tickets purchased in advance are
one dollar each, and will be en-
tered in a drawing for many door
prizes, including gift certificates
and other fine items. The grand
prize this year is a $250 Kohler
Hospitality certificate. The tickets
are also good for one dollar in
trade toward the purchase of food
and drink on the day of the brat fry.
They include discount coupons re-
deemable at Eat At The Lake,
Bread & Bean Eatery, Falls Fire-
house Pizza, and Cousins Subs.
Though KPAL functions are
held at the firehouse, including the
brat fry and regular meetings, they
are not to be confused with the
Kohler Fire Department, though
the two organizations often coop-
erate in a number of ways. KPAL
is currently exploring additional
fundraising activities to replace
revenue lost from the discontinua-
tion of their monthly Sunday
Bingo night.
KPAL is proud of their support
of Village youth and appreciate the
support of all its contributors. They
hope for a large turnout at the brat
fry so they can continue their mis-
sion of promoting good citizenship
and encouraging youth to grow to-
ward reaching their potential. Any-
one in need of tickets or wishing to
join KPAL may call Jim Tesmer at
457-4722. For general information
about KPAL, call Rob Vander
Schaaf at (920) 467-4657.
Follow that familiar
smell of summer to
the Kohler firehouse
on February 19
KPAL to hold its annual
brat fry
Kohler Girl Scout troops from
the fourth and sixth grades gath-
ered on a December early release
day to sing Christmas carols at the
Shops at Woodlake, make wreaths
for Sharon Richardson Hospice
Center, and share holiday cheer
with each other at Woodlake Mar-
ket. The troop extends its thanks
to Woodlake Market.
Kohler girl scouts carol
for a cause
Offer valid through Jan. 31, 2012
_bc cac
cclcd cac
and ahn|na
_la |ng
and nccklacc
_anbcc c|clc
_c _ccll |h caablc ,
Lig dac a h Wa a accc ha ca c Jhc
chcc caalc a Y hd ac iicd gahic, hadadc
dcaiig, cc-licd acia, ad cia cilc acicc
Clic lahi, lci, ad c i a cliai chc
22 Finc Strcct
Shcbogan IaIIs
Opcn: Xon-Jhr 1-6, Iri 1-7, Sat 1-4
Kohler Girl Scout Troop 45 will
be holding a Sweater and Sweat-
shirt Drive the week of January 9-
13 at the school and Village Hall.
Troop 45, made up of seventh
graders and their leaders, came up
with the idea after reading a plea
from a local parent looking for
warm clothing for students at a
high school in Sheboygan. The
plea, which came on behalf of the
South High School Clothing
Pantry, brought to the attention of
the girls that over 50% of the stu-
dents at that school fall below
poverty levels. This leaves many
without warm clothes to make
going to school comfortable,
something the girls of Troop 45 re-
alized they have usually taken for
The Girl Scouts recognized that
most of them had at least one
sweater or sweatshirt in their closet
that was gently used, and could
likely mean more to someone in
need. They decided to see how
many others in the school and
community would feel the same.
So if you find yourself receiving
a new sweater for Christmas, and
believe there is one that you likely
wont wear anymore, bring it in!
Or, if your New Years Resolution
is to clean out your closets and
streamline your wardrobe, con-
sider bringing your gently used,
large child or adult sized items in
to the collection boxes at the
school or Village Hall.
Thanks in advance from the
Kohler Girl Scouts of troop 45!
Kohler Girl Scouts
to hold sweater
and sweatshirt
510 Superior Ave., Kohler
Owners John and Gail Behrens II
565 E Riverside Dr
Kohler, WI 53044
Northern Lites Snowshoes and Dion Snowshoes
Black Diamond Snowshoe & Trekking Poles
Black Diamond LED Headlamps and Lanterns
Black Diamond Gaiters
Snowshoe Equipment Sales and Rentals with Professional Advice
Happy Holidays!
Thank you for your
support of Superior Lawn
and Garden Center!
Kohler Junior Var-
sity boys basketball
coach, Larry Kamp-
man, celebrated his
300th victory on Sat-
urday, December 17,
2011 with a win over
Sevastopol. Coach
Kampman, who is in
his 35th year of
coaching the boys JV
basketball team, has
also been the the head
varsity assistant for
five different varsity
coaches including
Dan Buhr, Paul Swan-
son, Kent Markum,
Jeff Wolf, and now
Ken Roeder. During
his tenure, Kohler has
won four State Bas-
ketball Champi-
onships (1980, 1982,
1983, 1999).
Kohler JV boys coach
celebrates 300th victory
Noah Post, a sixth grader at
Kohler Middle School, earned
a gold medal while attending
the Wisconsin State Special
Olympics Bowling competi-
tion in Wausau on Saturday,
December 3, 2011. Noah had
been practicing with the Spe-
cial Olympics Sheboygan
County Super Eights Bowling
league since August of this
year. Proud family members
include his parents, Brian and
Kim Post, and sister Hannah
Kohler sixth
grader earns state
Special Olympics
gold medal
By guest writer Jason Keller
Being a Chicago Bears fan
in the Land of Cheeseheads
can be frustrating to say the
least. Being a Bears fan
when your most hated rival is
chasing history (again) can
be downright intolerable.
Thankfully, Kohler is home
to more than a dozen families
of Bears fans who recog-
nized an opportunity to make
history of their own during
the Fall Follies last October.
The first item up for auc-
tion: Hang the flag of your
choice over the school for a
Before the countless Pack-
ers fans in attendance could
say, Super Bowl Shuffle,
the plucky bunch stunned
everyone by pooling their re-
sources to win the auction
and pull off the coup of the
Frankly, we were sur-
prised how easily it came to-
gether, one contributor
quipped. We expected Pack-
ers fans to put up more of a
fight. But Im sure theyll be
more for us prepared next
Eight weeks later, not even
a gray, rainy December
morning could dampen the
spirit of the more than 20
parents and children who
turned out in full Bear-
aphenalia to cheer as the
colors of their beloved Bears
sent graciously from Halas
Hall in Chicago was raised
over Kohler School.
It doesnt compare to
winning the Super Bowl,
noted one fan. But seeing
that flag flying high will sure
bring a smile to my face for
the next seven days!
Bears fans from Kohler gather under a team flag sent
courtesy of the Chicago Bears. Submitted photo
Local NFLfootball
fans bear down for
a worthy cause
Boys soccer team
recognized for exemplary
classroom performance
Kohler fifth grader Christian
Pieper was a winner of the tra-
ditional Be A Green Bay Pack-
ers Water Boy/Water Girl
promotional sponsored by
Nicolet Water, which has been
the official water of the Green
Bay Packers for 19 years. The
winners are introduced to the
home-game crowd as they race
across Lambeau Field before
kickoff carrying an empty bot-
tle of Nicolet Natural Artesian
Water bottled water,
Children ages 8 years through
14 years are eligible to partici-
pate by entering at participating
retail stores throughout Wis-
consin that carry Nicolet Natu-
ral bottled water. Christians
winning entry was chosen at
Woodlake Market in Kohler.
When Christian was later
asked what he thought the best
part of the December 11 game
against the Oakland Raiders
was, without hestitation he
replied, The Packers win-
The Kohler High School boys
soccer team was awarded the Team
Academic Award by the National
Soccer Coaches Association of
America. This award is given to high
school soccer teams who maintain a
team GPA of 3.25 for the entire aca-
demic year. Kohler was one of 135
boys teams in the country and one of
only five teams in the state to receive
the award. This is the fifth year in a
row the team has won this award.
Kohler fifth grader
wins chance to be
Packers water boy
Christian Pieper on the Green Bay Packers
sidelines wearing the traditional Nicolet Water
water bottle.
Submitted photos
Submitted photo
Submitted photo
Noah Post
Mike Hartmann, owner
Lincoln Town Car
Interior of 14
Passenger Limo Coach
14 Passenger SUV
Butch & Cindy Graf
Calen Graf

920 920 920-- -467 467 467-- -3239 3239 3239

Residential & Commercial

100% Guaranteed

No Soap No Sticky Residue

Affordable Decorating A Full Service Company
With Attention with Over 20 Years
To Detail I n Business


Call BOB THORPE in Kohler Phone 920-385-3400
For An Estimate Email
See all the Humane Societys
adoptable pets at
Visit the Sheboygan County
Humane Society at:
3107 N. 20th St., Sheboygan,WI 53083
DATCP LIC # 268221-DS
Shelter hours:
Monday: Noon - 4:30 p.m.,
Tues.& Thurs: Noon - 6:30 p.m.,
Wed. & Fri.: Noon - 4:30 p.m.,
Saturday: Noon - 4:00 p.m.,
Closed Sundays.
The Humane Society offers discount
adop-tion rates on adult cats. Please help
us endpet over population in Sheboygan
County, please SPAY and
NEUTER your pets!
Pets of the month at the Sheboygan County Humane Society
Bo - #D11-11-551
Say hello to me, please? I am a 1 1/2 year old neutered
male yellow Labrador Retriever. I sure am handsome if I
must say so myself! I like to be near the people I am close
to and I absolutely love going for walks. A home that will
smother me with love and attention would be ideal!
Heimlick - #C11-10-1026
Hi there, my name is Heimlick and I am a 2 year old
neutered male. I have a smooth long hair black and white
coat. I'm a real sweet-heart with lots of love to give! All
types of people interest me and I can get along with any-
one. Most of the time I'm very quiet but I show my affec-
tion with my great ability to cuddle!
Kohler Publi c Li brary i s
housed wi th the school li -
brary i n the school bui ld-
i ng at 333 Upper Road.
Fri day: 8am5pm
Sunday 14pm
We wi ll open at 9am on
all non-school days.
Please check TMJ4 for
weather related closi ngs.
I f the school closes for
weather, we usually do
I n accordance wi th the Li -
brary Board poli ci es, chi l-
dren under the age of 10
should not be left alone i n
the l i brary. Al so, l i brary
cards are requi red to use
both publ i c and school
We are looki ng for long
ti me vi llage resi dents to
spend some ti me sorti ng
through old photographs.
We have a whole fi li ng
cabi net full of pi ctures
that are not labeled or
i denti fi ed and we want
names for these faces!
Stop i n anyti me and grab
a stack of post-i t notes.
We meet the FI RST
Tuesday of every month
at 6:30. (note the swi tch
from the second Tuesday
to the fi rst) Please j oi n us
for an eveni ng where we
work on our proj ects and
share our ski lls. Everyone
i s welcome. Crocheters
Please call 459-2923 or
emai l Eri n at b.wi .us i f
you have suggesti ons of
i tems to purchase for the
li brary.
Non-Fi ct i on
Pr eser vi ng Basi cs: 77
r eci pes i llustr ated step
by step
Cake Basi cs: 70 r eci pes
i llustr ated step-by-step
Fondant Modeli ng for
Cake Decor ator s
Do I t Your self Ki tchens:
stunni ng spaces on a
shoestr i ng budget
Fodor s Las Vegas 2012
The War to End All
War s: Wor ld War I
Russell Freedman
Fi ct i on
The Dr op
Red Mi st
Patri ci a Cornwell
Mi cr o
Mi chael Cri chton
The Ar ti st of
Di sapper ance
I f Tr ees Could Talk
Explosi ve 18
Evanovi ch
Come a Li ttle Closer
Dorothy Garlock
Soft Tar get
Longi ng
Karen Ki ngsbury
The I mpossi ble Dead
Ranki n
The Thi r teen Hallows
Queen of Amer i ca
Thr ough the Wor mhole,
seasons 1 and 2
Baki ng wi th Juli a
Har r y Potter and the
Deathly Hallows par t 2
Ri se of the Planet of the
Super 8
Cr azy Stupi d Love
Our I di ot Br other
30 Mi nutes or Less
The Help
Mr . Popper s Pengui ns
Smur fs
The Ar t of Getti ng By
Village Meetings Scheduled for January
1/3 Finance Committee 5:00 pm
1/3 Property Committee 5:15 pm
1/4 Public Library Board 12:00 pm
(at Library)
1/9 Village Board 5:30 pm
1/26 Plan Commission 4:30 pm
All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall,
319 Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated.
From Clerk/Treasurer
Laurie Lindow
Get Ready Now for Wisconsins New Voter
Photo ID Rules
We urge voters to plan now to make sure they
have the right photo ID to vote starting in Feb-
ruary 2012. Voter Photo ID became law in Wis-
consin in June, and most people already have
the photo ID required to vote. In addition to re-
quiring voters to show an acceptable photo ID
to receive a ballot, the law contains other im-
portant changes to the voting process. Here are
the new rules for voting at the polls on Election
Day and by absentee ballot:
Election Day On Election Day, voters must
show one of eight different kinds of photo ID to
receive a ballot. Four of the most common
types of acceptable photo IDs are a Wisconsin
driver license, a Wisconsin state ID card, a mili-
tary ID card or a U.S. Passport. These photo
IDs are valid even if theyve expired after the
most recent general election which was Novem-
ber 2, 2010.
Four other kinds of photo ID are also accept-
able, if they have not expired: A Certificate of
Naturalization; a driver license or state ID card
receipt issued by the DMW; an ID issued by a
Federally recognized Wisconsin Indian tribe; or,
a photo ID issued by a Wisconsin accredited
university or college that meets certain require-
ments, and is accompanied by proof of enroll-
Note that many Wisconsin colleges and univer-
sities are issuing special student ID cards that
comply with the Voter Photo ID Law, while a
few are modifying existing student ID cards.
Students who do not have one of the other ac-
ceptable forms of ID should check with their
school for more information about getting an ID
It is important for voters to know that their
photo ID is not required to include a current ad-
dress. The purpose of requiring a photo ID is to
prove your identity, not where you live. Also,
the name on your photo ID does not have to
match your name on the poll list exactly, so Jim
is perfectly acceptable for James, Sue for
Susan, etc.
If you do not have a valid Wisconsin driver li-
cense or state ID card, you can receive a free
state ID card from your local DMV if you
specifically request a free ID for voting pur-
poses. Please contact your local DMV or the
clerks office for more information.
Another important change on Election Day is
that voters must sign the poll book next to their
name to receive a ballot. Voters should sign the
poll book as they would normally sign any
other document, i.e. a check, the back of a
credit card, etc. Voters with physical disabilities
may be exempt from signing.
You can still register to vote on Election Day,
but voter registration requirements have
changed. A person must now be a resident of
the jurisdiction in which they wish to vote for
28 consecutive days instead of the previous 10-
day residency requirement.
Absentee Voting The Voter Photo ID Law also
made important changes to absentee voting.
During in-person absentee voting at the clerks
office, voters must present a photo ID, just like
on Election Day. The period for in-person ab-
sentee voting has been shortened. It now begins
the third Monday before the election, and ends
at 5 p.m. or the close of business, whichever is
later, the Friday before the election.
Photo ID will also be required for mail-in ab-
sentee voting, and most absentee voters must
provide a photocopy of their photo ID card with
their absentee ballot request. Voters who fax or
email the clerk to request an absentee ballot
may return a photocopy of their photo ID with
their completed ballot.
There is an important exception for voters in
nursing homes and care facilities, as well as
those at home who are indefinitely confined
due to age, physical illness or infirmity, or who
are disabled for an indefinite period. Instead of
providing a copy of their photo ID, they may
have their absentee witness verify their identity.
If you meet the definition of an indefinitely
confined voter, please contact the clerks office
for specific information about voting rights in
nursing homes and care facilities.
For specific questions on how the new Voter ID
law affects you, please contact the Clerks Of-
fice at 920-459-3873, or Voters are also
encouraged to visit the Wisconsin Government
Accountabilitys Voter ID website,,
for additional information about the new law.
Property Tax Bills
Tax bills were mailed on December 15. Tax
payments can be paid in person. Taxes will be
collected at the Kohler Village Hall, 319 High-
land Drive. Drop off - 4-hour access drop box is
provided outside the south entrance to Village
Hall (Post Office entrance). By mail:checks or
money orders only, payable to the Village of
Kohler, send to Village of Kohler, 319 Highland
Drive, Kohler, WI 53044. A stamped, self-ad-
dressed envelope is required for receipt.
Real estate taxes may be paid in full or in two
installments. Payments in full are due January
31, 2012. Installments are due: first half due
January 31, 2012; second half due July 31,
Real Estate property owners that need a copy of
a prior year property tax receipt will need to
contact the Sheboygan County Treasurers Of-
fice at 920-459-3015.
Dog and Cat Licenses
All dogs and cats over 5 months of age require
licensing. Rabies vaccination certificate is re-
quired at time of licensing. Dogs and cats must
be licensed by April 1 of each year. The fees
Unaltered dog/cat $12.00
Altered dog/cat $ 5.00
Late fee $ 5.00
A reminder about restraining
regulations for pets:
Any person owning or having such charge, cus-
tody, care or control of any cat or dog shall
keep such animal exclusively upon his or her
own premises by personal and direct supervi-
sion, such as:
A. By voice command of the person physically
B. By keeping the animal upon an appropriate
chain or tie no longer than fifteen (15) feet in
C. By keeping the animal in an enclosed yard,
either walled or fenced, including by under-
ground electrical fence; or
D. When taken off the premises, the cat or dog
must be kept in an appropriate retaining enclo-
sure, or be restrained by a substantial leash or
chain not exceeding six feet in length in the
hands of the person directly controlling the
movement of the cat or dog.
From Kohler Police Chief
Bill Rutten
Identity Theft: Have you or someone you
know been a victim of Identity Theft. Statistics
show that over 8 million Americans have been a
victim of identity theft. The perpetrators are
looking for victims without criminal records
and good credit ratings, thats you! Protect
yourself with some easy to do steps. Shredding
your confidential mail is very important. Re-
move unnecessary identifying information from
your checks, such as phone number and Drivers
License number (a retailer will ask if they need
it). Check your credit report annually for free at You do not need
to sign up for anything at the site to get the re-
port. Stop unsolicited pre-approved credit cards
from being mailed by calling 1-888-5-OPTOUT
(1-888-567-8688); you can opt-out for life.
Also, never answer questions about your iden-
tity on the phone or by unsolicited e-mails. Your
bank or other financial institutions have all your
information, they dont need you to tell them
again by e-mail or phone. The Kohler Police
Department has a link about other ways to pro-
tect yourself at
Other Scams: There are residents in the Village
that have been targeted by other scam artists.
Many of them prey on your good intentions of
helping those in need. If you get a phone call
that someone you know is stuck in a foreign
country and cant leave until they are wired
money, dont believe it. Any time that a sweep-
stakes calls and says that you won and just need
to be wired some money for any reason, dont
believe it. If someone is planning on buying
something from you and accidentally makes
the check out for too much, and asks to either
keep it or send them the difference, dont be-
lieve them. Youll be out the check amount and
the extra that you sent back. These are some of
the most common ways for you to get talked
out of your hard earned cash. The wired money
can be retrieved from anywhere, and usually it
is out of the country, so you dont have much
recourse. Also, any time you cash a check
which bounces, or is fraudulent, you are on the
hook. Your bank will make you reimburse them.
If you get targeted by one of these or another at-
tempt to swindle you of your money, call our
department for advice, 459-3877.
From Public Works
Superintendent Bruce
Snow Emergencies
To find out if a snow emergency is in effect for
the Village, call 459-3881. There is no parking
on village streets during a snow emergency. A
snow emergency is called when accumulation is
expected to exceed four inches. Snow emergen-
cies are typically called from 8:00 AM until
12:00 PM to give the snowplows an opportunity
to clear the streets with no cars in the way.
Winter is upon us. Here are some reminders on
Village snow removal ordinances and policies.
1. Please remember to shovel your sidewalks
within 24 hours after a snowfall event.
2. Do not blow or shovel snow back into the
3. Please remove vehicles from the street when
the plows are in operation.
4. Please do not put garbage cans in the street
when it is snowing and plows are in operation.
Christmas trees are considered garbage and will
be picked up curbside on Tuesdays
It is the residents responsibility to have the
snow removed around the kiosks/NDCBU
(neighborhood delivery and collection box
unit)/cluster boxes. The Postal Service will not
deliver mail if the carrier is not able to reach the
unit the front as well as the backside. Some-
one in the unit/neighborhood needs to take the
initiative to remove the snow; or maybe the re-
sponsibility can be shared within the unit. The
Village is not responsible to keep these areas
clear of snow.
From Interim Rec
Director Bruce Neerhof
The Pool is closed for the season. We
will keep you posted about a reopen-
ing date in the Kohler Villager.
Junior Bombers Basketball Clinic
For grades JK-3, Saturdays at
11:00 am- 12:15
January 7th-February 4th in Kohler
High School Gym
Ken Roeder and the High School Basketball
players will be volunteering to teach partici-
pants the basics of basketball. The participants
will be able to play during half time of High
School games. This is a great opportunity for
young players to get the experience of playing
basketball with their friends and classmates.
Fee - $12.00 for residents and $17.00 for non-
residents. Please register at the Kohler Village
Hall, 319 Highland Drive. Go to, to print a registration form or
there are forms available at the Village Hall. In
order to guarantee the receipt of a Jr. Bomber T-
shirt, please register by January 4.
Actions taken by the Village Board during
their October 10 and 17, 2011, meetings:
Approved Resolution 2011-7, Commendation
to Susie Wandschneider Village Recreation
Approved the Kohler Civic Club to proceed
with their project for a Veterans Memorial at
Woodland Cemetery and request that 70% of
the funds are received before beginning con-
Approved Operators Licenses as requested.
Approved August 2011 Revenue & Expense
Reports & bank reconciliation.
Village Board
Thomas Schnettler, President
Brett Edgerle
Bill Kunst
John Pethan
Brian Post
John Renzelmann
Dietmar Wohlgemuth Jr.
Laurie Lindow
Police Chief
William Rutten
Public Works Supt/Interim
Recreation Director
Bruce Neerhof
Fire Chief
Mike Lindstrom
Erin Coppersmith
Frldag, Februarg I7lh
S pm le 7:30 pm
kehIer $cheeI Cafelerla
$pensered bg kk$ rama CIub
Mexicon buffef wifh focos, burrifos & more
8everoge incIuded
Enferfoinmenf by IohIer High Dromo CIub
Desserf 8oke SoIe
Proceeds wiII heIp fund IHS dromo producfions.
Tickefs ovoiIobIe in schooI office or coII Z08-8III
Presales for the high school yearbook are now being accepted.
This hardbound book will be for the 2011-2012 school year and
contain over 750 pictures of students in grades 9-12.
The cost for a pre-ordered book is $40. To guarantee your
copy, please send a check to Kohler Public Schools,
(Attn: Yearbook), before Friday, January 6th.
Only a few extra copies will be available in the fall for an
additional cost, so reserve your copy today!
NEW THIS YEAR: The 6th grade will be included in the middle
school book, (grades 6-8). This will be a soft-bound book in full
color. The pre-ordered cost is $20.
Yearbooks make great holiday (or anytime) gifts. If you would
like, we can e-mail a gift certificate that you could print off.
Just include a note to that effect with your check.
The Junior Class of 2012 will be
holding a Prom Fundraiser on Jan-
uary 12 from 4:30 until 7:00 in the
school cafeteria. It will be all-you-
can eat Stromboli/Pizza buffet fea-
turing different types of
stromboli/pizza, green garden
salad, relishes, coffee or a milk.
Price of the buffet is $8.00 per per-
son, children 6 years and under -
$4.00. Desserts and raffle tickets
will be sold separately. Tickets will
be available for sale from any Jun-
ior student or from Mrs. Neil in the
cafeteria. On the night of the event
the Kohler Bombers will host a
basketball game against the
Howards Grove Tigers, so come
out for supper and stay to cheer
your Kohler Bomber's to victory.
January 12
Kohler High School
Open Enrollment
Information Fair
January 14, 2012
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
The states open
enrollment application
deadline for the
2012-2013 school year
is in February!
Be prepared! Attend the
Read monthly updates
from Superintendent
Lexmond at
Check weekly updates from
the school counseling office
. . . at click on School Counseling then
Laura Multer and finally on News You Can Use. New postings
every Wednesday with book reviews, resources and opportu-
nities for students and their families.
Pepperoni Stromboli Chicken Nuggets Soft Shell Taco Hearty Beef Chili Prepared From Scratch
Italian Pasta Salad Mashed Potato and Gravy Lettuce and Diced Tomato Baked Potato Half Contains Pork
Green Beans Corn and Brown Rice Bake Honey Glazed Whole Grain Item
Roll Corn Bread
Farm to School Item
Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Harvest of the Month
Crispy Chicken Salad Taco Salad Popeye Salad Turkey BLT Salad Contains Peanuts
Italian Sub Turkey Ranch Wrap Slider Combo Chicken Caesar Wrap Contains Tree Nuts
9 10 11 12 13 FRIDAY THE 13TH Chef Ted's On Display
Cheesebruger Three Cheese 1/2 Day Beefy Nachos Grilled Cheese Sandwich
on a Whole Wheat Bun Pizza Homemade Cheese Sauce Tomato Soup
Lettuce and Tomato Popeye Salad Hot Dog Assorted Toppings Cucumber Ranch Salad
Crinkle Cut Potatoes on Whole Grain Bun
Oven Fries
Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s)
Chef Salad Caesar Salad Garden Salad Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad
Chicken Salad Sandwich BLT Wrap Ham and Cheese Sub Cold Cut Combo
King, Jr. Day Cheese Stromboli Italian Lasagna Sloppy Joe Baked Chicken Breast
Mini Corn Dog Garden Salad Honey Glazed Carrots Popcorn Brown & Wild Rice Pilaf
Mac N Cheese Caesar Salad Rice Krispie Treat Buttered Broccoli
Clementines Garlic Toast Dinner Roll
Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s)
Oriental Chicken Salad Crispy Chicken Salad Taco Salad Popeye Salad Turkey BLT Salad
Turkey Pita Italian Sub Turkey Ranch Wrap Slider Combo Chicken Caesar Wrap
General Tso Chicken Sausage Pizza Roast Turkey & Gravy Homemade French Toast
Lo Mein Noodles Pasta Salad Mashed Potato Warm Cinnamon Apples
Fortune Cookie Roasted Acorn Squash Breakfast Potatoes
Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s)
Chef Salad Caesar Salad Southwest Chicken Salad Garden Salad
Chicken Salad Sandwich BLT Wrap Yogurt Pak Ham and Cheese Sub
30 31 Elementary $2.95
Chicken Marinara Pepperoni Stromboli Secondary $3.25
Parmesean Pasta Caesar Salad Additional Milk $0.40
Green Beans Adult $3.25
Garlic Bread Extra Entre $2.00
Alternative Entre(s) Alternative Entre(s)
Oriental Chicken Salad Crispy Chicken Salad
Turkey Pita Italian Sub
Lunch Menu
In accordance with Federal Law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability. To file a complaint of
discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410; or call toll free (866) 632-9992 (Voice). Individuals who are hearing impaired or have speech
disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339; or (800) 845-6136 (Spanish). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer
Please make an appointment
with Chef Ted for any questions
or concerns at:
Kohler Public School
Fresh vegetables plus fresh and
canned fruits are available daily with
lunch from the Fruit & Vegetable Bar.
Sante Fe Rice Bowl Turkish Grilled Flatbread Pasta Bar
Chinese Orange Chicken
Carved Turkey Ciabatta
Moroccan Chicken Hummus
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wrap Cubano with Muso Fries
Menus are subject to change without notice.
Bomber Tailgater
Beef and Broccoli Jambalaya
Gourmet Turkey BLT
Mexican Pork Taco al Pastor Baked Potato Bar Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini
Thai Noodle Bowl Tuscan Piegga Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich
Milk Choice of 1%, Skim
and 100% Fruit Juice
is included with Lunch
Agriculture employs more than
24 million American workers
(17% of the total U.S. work force).
Today's American farmer feeds
about 155 people worldwide.
In 1960, that number was 25.8.
1st Semester Exams: January
25 and January 26, 2012
Wednesday, January 25
Period 2 8:00 - 9:15 AM
Loudspeaker announcements 9:13
Period 4 9:25 - 10:40 AM
Period 6 10:50 - 12:05 PM
1:00 Building re-opens
Period 8 1:15 - 2:30 PM
Make-up exams 2:30 - 3:30 PM
Thursday, January 26
Period 1 8:00 - 9:15 AM
Loudspeaker announcements 9:13
Period 5 9:25 - 10:40 AM
Period 7 10:50 - 12:05 PM
1:00 Building re-opens
Period 3 1:15 - 2:30 PM
Make-up exams 2:30 - 3:30 PM
Students are required to attend school only for scheduled exams.
Teachers in physical education, art and music classes will not give se-
mester exams because their elementary school classes conflict with the
semester test schedule. Students will not attend these classes nor will
they be required to attend study halls. However, EVERY OTHER
RIOD INDICATED. Students may use the library for supervised study
on both days from 8:00 AM until 3:30 PM.
School buses will follow regular schedules. If students decide to come
only for scheduled tests, responsibility for transportation belongs to the
parents and the student.
Procedures for school
closings due to
inclement weather:
We ask parents to discuss this issue with
their children now before the actual emer-
gency occurs. If you are generally not home
during the day, be sure your child knows
where they are to go if school closed early:
will they go home with a classmate; an older
sibling; or a relative? Have you made prior
arrangements with this individual to be on
stand by for these occasions? Please make
your arrangements in advance and make sure
your child is fully aware of what to do in
case school closes early.
Any decision to close school for all or any
portion of a school day will be made as early
as possible in order to afford parents the op-
portunity to make alternate child care trans-
portation plans. All closing announcements
or early dismissals will be made on the
Kohler School web site www.kohlerpublic- and the following area radio/tele-
vision stations:
WHBL (1330 AM),
THE POINT(104.5 OR 96.1 FM),
WSTM (91.3 FM)
WLKN Lake 98.1
WTMJ Channel 4
WFRV Channel 5
WISN Channel 12
WITI FOX6 Channel 6

An Education Above the Rest

Kohler Elementary and Middle School invites prospective Open Enrollment families
of 4 year old kindergarten through grade 8 students to attend Open House Week,
January 30-February 3, 2012. Come experience what sets Kohler Elementary and
Middle School above the rest.

Kohler Elementary and Middle School offers:
x Curriculum minutes in core subjects areas and specials (art, music, physical
ed.) above state mandated minutes
x Highly educated, motivated, award winning educators
x Spanish class beginning in 4K
x Up to date technology including wireless laptop labs, smart boards, i-pads,
and a state of the art Distance Learning Center
x Kohler Kare for after school and summer child care needs
x On site chef preparing healthy, fresh lunches
x Dedicated parent organizations that fund raise for additional student
learning opportunities
x KIND Matters initiative teaching tolerance and acceptance of all
x After school programs that enrich learning
x Middle School Concept
x Full library, swimming pool, sports programs, Chess Club, and social
opportunities that develop the total child

Please contact Principal Susan Jaberg at 803-7206 to plan your personal tour of
Kohler Elementary School and plan to stay for lunch!

Call to Order
Marlene Yang called the meet-
ing to order at 7:03 p.m. in the
Kohler Public Library. Roll Call
was taken by Marlene Yang.
The following board members
were present: Laura Kohler,
Marlene Yang and John Sura-
lik. Jane Bishop and Diane
Kelly were absent.
Statement of Public Notice
November 9, 2011 @ 12:45
Approval of Agenda
Laura Kohler moved to ap-
prove the agenda. John Sura-
lik seconded the motion. All
Board Presidents Report
No report was given.
Superintendents Report
Marty congratulated Peggy
Hoffman and the cast of Youre
a Good Man Charlie Brown.
He also congratulated Emma
Ziemer who had the opportu-
nity to attend and compete at
the 2011 Grand National &
Wolrd Championship Morgan
Horse Show in Oklahoma City.
The school district received a
thank you from the Coats for
Kids program. There is one
more listening session sched-
uled for the development of
the teacher handbook. Marty
recognized Barb Molzner for
recycling roughly a ton of out-
dated electronic equipment.
Review of District Finances
Marty reported that the prelimi-
nary budget is on track for the
2011-2012 school year.
Consent Agenda
Approval of October 10, 2011
Regular Board Minutes, Octo-
ber 25, 2011 Budget Hearing
and Annual Meeting Minutes,
and October 25, 2011 Special
Board Meeting Minutes
Approval of Invoices
Laura Kohler moved to ap-
prove the consent agenda.
John Suralik seconded. All
ayes. Consent agenda ap-
Action and/or Discussion
Discussion of an informa-
tional report on Positive Be-
havior Interventions and
Supports (PBIS)
Discussion of the develop-
ment of the strategic plan
Action on administrative
recommendation to hire 7th
grade Girls basketball
coach and 7th and 8th grade
Boys basketball coaches
Laura Kohler moved to hire
Jean Wolf as the 7
Girls basketball coach and to
hire Dan Buhr and Len Hucke
as the 7
& 8
grade Boys
basketball coaches. John
Suralik seconded. All ayes.
Motion carried.
Acceptance of Kohler Foun-
dation Grants committee do-
nation of $4000 for SMART
board equipment
John Suralik moved to accept
the Kohler Foundation Grants
committee donation of $4000
for SMART board equipment.
Laura Kohler seconded the
motion. All ayes. Motion car-
Acceptance of Kohler
School Foundation donation
in the amount of $79,100 to
be used to fund iPad
labs/computers and an inno-
vative leadership develop-
ment program for high
school students
Laura Kohler moved to accept
the Kohler School Foundation
donation in the amount of
$79,100 to be used to fund
iPad labs/computers and an
innovative leadership develop-
ment program for high school
students. John Suralik sec-
onded. All ayes. Motion car-
Adjournment John Suralik
moved to adjourn. Laura
Kohler seconded. All ayes.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55
Important Future Dates
Regular Board Meeting, Mon-
day, December 12 @ 7:00 pm
Board of Education Regular Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2011
Eighth graders attend Junior
Achievement Finance Park
On Monday, November 28, the 8th
graders attended JA Finance Park in Mil-
waukee. Taking students into the world of
business, JA Finance Park is a month-long
economics education program that intro-
duces personal financial planning and ca-
reer exploration. It is designed to be taught
to middle grade and high school students
by classroom teachers. At the culmination
of this program, students visit JA Finance
Park to put into practice what theyve
learned about economic options and the
principles of budgeting. Assisted by their
teachers and a staff of trained volunteers,
they have the opportunity to actually de-
velop and commit to a personal budget.
This year, the JA Finance Park program
was sponsored by Karl Linck. Other vol-
unteers and chaperones for this field trip
were Ken Roeder, Matt Baynes, Tom
Beane, Larry Bryce, and Scott Misfeldt,
Sue Jaberg, and Lori Ollmann. This pro-
gram would not have been so successful
without the help of these volunteers!
Second grade students exploring money and making change on the SMART board and the Districts
new net books.
Second graders learn
on new SMART
board and netbooks
Ongoing fundraisers at Kohler Schools!
It isnt often that someone gives you money for something youre going to throw away, but thats exactly
what these programs do. Each label or cap may seem small, but together they add up to hundreds of dollars
each year, which helps KSF PTO fund many great activities for the children of Kohler Schools.
Elementary students can turn in these items at any time to their classroom collection box. Were having a
collection contest again this year the top 2 classes with the most points at the end of the year will receive
an ice cream party (each box top/label/cap = 1 point).
If you dont have an elementary student but would like to support our school, please give your items to an
elementary student or teacher (theyll be happy to take them off your hands!)
VERY IMPORTANT! Please cut along the dashed line and save the coupon only
as shown below. The companies do not accept the entire label or package.

Box Tops for Education coupons can be found on General Mills cereals, Pillsbury Refrigerated and
Frozen/Dairy, Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker Snacks and Baking, Ziplock Bags/Containers, Kleenex and
many more products.
Each coupon is worth 10 cents!
Labels for Education coupons can be found on Campbells soup, Swanson Soup, Franco American products,
Prego Sauce, Pepperidge Farms products, and V8 drink lids. Each label earns points for free merchandise.
Tyson Project A+ coupons can be found on Tyson Chicken products. Each label is worth 24 cents!
Kemps Nickels for Schools caps on gallon and half gallon
milk containers. Each cap is worth 5 cents.
Kwik Trip Milk Moola caps on Kwik Trip or Kwik
Star's Natures Touch, and Kwik Quencher
products (worth 5 each) or Glazers Dozen
or Half-Dozen donuts packages (worth 10 each).
Questions? Please contact program coordinator Tina Horth at:
The American Club Resort
a KOHLER experience
This months Calendar of Events
Whether you are a culinary enthusiast or
a novice in the kitchen, the 2012 Demon-
stration Kitchen sessions at The Ameri-
can Club Resort are a fun and tasty way
to learn how to spice up dreary meals in
the kitchen. Inspired by the award-win-
ning chefs of The Kitchens of Kohler,
these interactive and educational ses-
sions allow guests to learn through cook-
ing demonstrations, tastings, wine
pairings and cooking tips.
Kicking off January 7 and running
through April 28, the 2012 Demonstration
Kitchen sessions offer two sessions each
Saturday, 11a.m. and 2p.m., and are lo-
cated at The Shops at Woodlake Kohler.
All sessions are priced at $30 each, or at-
tend with a companion at two for $45.
For reservations call (920) 457-8000 or
toll free at (800) 344-2838 and ask for
Demonstration Kitchen reservations.
The Demonstration Kitchen, a culinary
classroom with a functional kitchen,
seats up to 40 people allowing for com-
fortable and candid interaction between
the guests and the chefs. The presenta-
tion lasts approximately one hour and in-
cludes beverages and food tastings. A
complete schedule of programs is avail-
able at Sched-
ule and chef participation are subject to
Learn more about The American Club Re-
sort at or
800-344-2838. Stay up to date on resort
happenings on facebook, visit and on twit-
2012 Demonstration Kitchen Schedule
January 7
Hosted by Lenny Sorce, Riverbend and
Paul Smitala, Blackwolf Run
Enjoy winter favorites from Kohler, includ-
ing a delicious meal from the Blackwolf
Run winter menu: pan-seared red snap-
per, caramelized-shallot polenta cakes,
baby vegetables and pepperoni red pep-
per sauce. The chefs will teach you how
to choose the freshest fish, and Chef
Smitala will delight you with some of the
unique power tools he has created to
make this meal. Chef Sorce will create a
meal with seasonal items.
January 14
Hosted by Paul Shimon, Cucina
Emphasizing food from northern Italian
cities, Chef Shimon will take you on a
tour of some of Italys best pasta and
risotto flavors. Hell focus on multiple
uses of pasta and risotto, teaching you
how to transform tonights dinner into to-
morrows lunch.
January 21
Hosted by Dan Dries and Angie
Rondinelli, Special Events
Get ready for the big game, and discover
how to move beyond chips n dip to a
spread your guests will truly cheer about.
Chefs Dries and Rondinelli will give you
tips and tricks on how to host a memo-
rable football party. Theyll include some
traditional recipes and some ideas with a
January 28
Hosted by Lucas Oppeneer,
Horse & Plow
These days pizza is everywherebut
great pizza is hard to find. Chef Oppeneer
will show you how to make gourmet
pizza at home. As every pizza aficionado
knows, the secret to a great pizza is a
great crust, so hell begin with a basic
Neapolitan pizza crust. Then well explore
different pizza toppings from traditional to
February 4
Hosted by Gary Wigand, Whistling Straits
A great soup, sauce or stew begins with
a rich and flavorful stock. Chef Wigand
will show you how to make veal and
chicken stock and then demonstrate a va-
riety of easy sauces sure to enhance any
meal. Youll taste at least one stew and
one soupperfect for a chilly winter af-
February 11
Hosted by Benjamin Sommerfeldt, Wis-
consin Room and Teo Zagroba, Beverage
Escape winter, if only for a few hours,
and transport yourself to the ocean with
incredibly fresh and flavorful oysters.
Chef Sommerfeldt and Beverage Manager
Zagroba will give you a tour of different
oysters and show you how a perfectly
chosen wine can enhance the sweet,
salty flavor of the sea.
February 18
Hosted by Doug Stieber, Head Baker
When most people think of baking
breads, they think of an all-day process.
Yet when time is short and you need
breads in a hurry, there are many great
options. Join Head Baker Stieeiber and
discover how to make quick breads in-
cluding sweet and savory scones and
biscuits. Hell also convince you that
crackers arent just for soup anymore
with easy and delicious recipes you can
make in a pinch.
February 25
Hosted by Richard Palm, Pastry Chef
Not just the glazed cakes of the past, petit
fours are an excellent and creative way to
entertain. Pastry Chef Palm will discuss
and demonstrate the three categories:
petit four sec (dry petit fours), which in-
cludes wonderful little butter cookies;
petit four frais (fresh petit fours), which
includes little fruit tarts and little cream
puffs; and petit four glac (glazed petit
fours), which hell make with an almond
jaconde base and layers of flavored
ganache. Join us for this fun class and
discover how to spend more time with
your guests while having wonderful treats
to share.
March 3
Hosted by Teo Zagroba, Beverage Man-
ager and Jason Van Auken, Immigrant
Restaurant Sommelier
New World wines typically offer an ex-
ceptional value-to-price ratio. Our som-
melier and beverage manager will take
you on a tour of New Zealand, Argentine
and American wines perhaps sampling
a bit of Australia and Chile too in this
component tasting. Theyll pair wines
with small bits of food, such as Wiscon-
sin artisanal cheeses, that will help you
learn about basic flavor profiles and how
to taste through wines.
March 10
Hosted by Lenny Sorce, Riverbend and
Matt Bauer, The Immigrant Restaurant
Whether youre just branching out beyond
grocery store cheddar or youve already
discovered the beauty of artisanal
cheese, youll learn something from
Chefs Sorce and Bauer during their
Cheese 101 presentation. Theyll explore
the different categories of cheese in-
cluding hard, soft, blue, mixed milk and
washed rind and then show you how to
cook with a few of them. Theyll also dis-
cuss aging, storage and purchasing
March 17
Hosted by Peter Clemens, Kohler Original
Recipe Chocolates Chocolatier and
Peggy Sonnenburg, Kohler Original
Recipe Chocolates and Craverie Manager
Youve surely seen wine and chocolate
paired, but did you know whiskey and
chocolate also offer a wonderful flavor
combination? Our KOHLER Original
Recipe Chocolates Chocolatier and man-
ager will show you how to pair Irish
whiskeys and chocolates for a rich treat
perfect on St. Patricks Day or any day.
Chocolatier Clemens will delight with a
few one-of-a-kind chocolates.
March 24
Hosted by Paul Smitala, Blackwolf Run
Chef Smitala will teach Kohler Golf Acad-
emy Manager Todd Wagner and you
how to prepare creative brunch items you
may not have tried before. And in his
words, If I can teach Todd how to do it,
anyone can do it. Join us for a fun after-
noon as we explore some of the chefs
favorite creations, and take advantage of
this opportunity to ask a few golf-related
questions too.
March 31
Hosted by Dan Dries and Angie
Rondinelli, Special Events
Greece has a rich tradition of food, from
rich cheeses and olives to unique takes
on vegetables and lamb. Join Chefs Dries
and Rondinelli as they highlight some
classic Greek recipes and explain the tra-
ditional ingredients that make Greek
cooking noteworthy.
April 7
Hosted by Lucas Oppeneer, Horse &
A longstanding part of Spains food
scene, tapas have now made their way to
the U.S. and are becoming increasingly
popular. Chef Oppeneer will talk about the
origin of tapas and how these small
plates of joy have evolved into what we
know today. Hell create several tapas
highlighting the traditional Spanish style.
April 14
Hosted by Matt Bauer, The Immigrant
Whether youre hoping to make sushi at
home or youre a newcomer to this in-
credible style of food, youll surely learn
something from Chef Bauers presenta-
tion. Hell cover everything from making
sushi rice to rolling maki, and hell make
nigiri and sashimi as well. Chef Bauer will
work with many varieties of fresh seafood
and some nontraditional ingredients.
April 21
Hosted by Benjamin Sommerfeldt, Wis-
consin Room
With warm weather on the horizon, spring
is the perfect time to start thinking about
barbecue. Chef Sommerfeldt will take you
on a tour of the U.S., introducing you to
the favorite sauces of each region. Hell
focus on the Midwest as well, showing
proper techniques on how to truly barbe-
cue at home. Chef Sommerfeldt will
teach you how use a proper smoker and
how to turn your gas grill into a quasi
smoker. You will have the opportunity to
try barbecue sauces and barbecued
April 28
Hosted by Gary Wigand, Whistling Straits
and Paul Shimon, Cucina
The farm-to-table movement focuses on
locally produced food and interaction with
your community farmers. The chefs at
Kohler frequently showcase local ingredi-
ents, and in this presentation Chefs
Wigand and Shimon will show you how
to become more connected to your local
food movement. Theyll explore spring-
time dishes and show you what the Mid-
west has to offer during each season. In
addition, theyll explain how less is some-
times more when youre trying to show-
case outstanding products such as local
produce, dairy or livestock.
Demonstration Kitchen Presentations
Saturdays, January 7-April 28, 2011,
11am & 2pm
COST: All sessions are priced at $30 each or at-
tend with a companion at two for $45.
Located at the Demonstration Kitchen in The
Shops at Woodlake. Seating is limited. For more
information or reservations, call 920-457-8000 or
800-344-2838 and ask for Demonstration Kitchen
Enter to win a blooming orchid
Kohler Gardener
January 1-31
Bring the magical beauty and allure of orchids into
your home this winter. No purchase necessary.
(920) 458-5570
Complimentary Pendleton Mug with Purchase
Wisconsin Trader
Jan 1 -31
Experience the cozy warmth and legendary quality
of a Pendleton blanket.
Receive a complimentary Pendleton ceramic travel
mug in the classic stripes of Glacier Park, with the
purchase of any Pendleton blanket. (while sup-
plies last)
(920) 451-2113
20% off at Take 5 Caf
Sports Core
January 1-31
Enjoy 20% off any size specialty coffee in Take 5
Caf at Sports Core.
(920) 208-4664
Kickstart the New Year with Yoga with
Pam LaBouve
Yoga on the Lake
Tuesdays, January 3 31, 5:30-6:30 pm
COST: $55 per person for 5 week series.
Week 1 Hatha Yoga: learn the basic postures fo-
cusing on alignment and breath.
Week 2 - Vinyasa Yoga: learn to put the basics
into a flowing practice.
Week 3 Yin Yoga: experience how long held,
deep stretches can open and awaken your hips
and spine.
Week 4 Inversions: turn your world upside
down, see how inversions can improve circula-
tion, calm the brain and elevate your mood.
Week 5 Restorative: learn to unwind your body
and uplift your spirit with the help of props to relax
(920) 453-2817
Tiny Tot Kamps
Sports Core
January 4, 9-10:30am
January 17, 9-10:30am
$8 Sports Core member, $13 Non-Member
These popular Kamps are offered monthly for our
younger friends to enjoy (and give mom or dad a
bit of a break, too!) We offer age-appropriate
crafts and games with a story tying it all together.
Snack and beverage are included. The Kamp is for
2-3 year olds.
(920) 208-4664
40 days to a Personal Revolution with
Deb Sampson
Yoga on the Lake
January 9 - February 18
Monday, 6:45pm or Saturday, 8:15am
COST: $150.00 per person
In his book 40 Days to Personal Revolution, Baron
Baptiste one of the worlds most beloved master
yoga teachers inspires us to transform more
than body and mind. He gives us the tools we
need to set ourselves free to live the healthful life
weve always imagined. In the next 40 days you
will create a whole new way of being and living.
This breakthrough program will radically change
your body and awaken the sacred within your
soul. A daily combination of asana practice, medi-
tation, diet, and personal reflection will cultivate a
solid foundation from which students can live and
grow. Regardless of your level of experience, this
program will reveal mental clarity, lightness of
body, and an illumination of spirit. Fee includes
unlimited yoga for the time frame of the program,
New Year Resolutions Goal Setting workshop and
the book 40 Days to a Personal Revolution.
(920) 453-2817
Free Movie Night
Yoga on the Lake
January 9, 8:15 pm
Description:100 pounds overweight, loaded up on
steroids and suffering from a debilitating autoim-
mune disease, Joe Cross is at the end of his rope
and the end of his hope. In the mirror he saw a
310lb man whose gut was bigger than a beach
ball and a path laid out before him that wouldnt
end well with one foot already in the grave, the
other wasnt far behind. FAT, SICK & NEARLY
DEAD is an inspiring film that chronicles Joes
personal mission to regain his health.
(920) 453-2817
Yoga Body Cleanse with
Deborah Williamson & Kellie Knott
Yoga on the Lake
Tuesdays, January 10 -31, 4:30pm- 5:30 pm
COST: $45 per person
Join Deborah Williamson & Kellie Lin Knott for a
21-day cleanse - participants receive 3 cleanse
blueprints along with many delicious juice,
smoothie, soup and salad recipes to enjoy.
Cleanse includes online support group, daily med-
itations, breathing exercises, yoga poses and life
challenges, as well as weekly meetings at YOTL
for support & inspiration.
(920) 453-2817
Kids Night Out!
Sports Core
January 13, 5-9pm
$20.00 fitness/$25.00 Standard/$30.00 Non-
$45.00 family rate fitness/$55 standard family
rate/$65.00 Non-Member family rate*
Everyone needs a night out now and then! Why
not make it a fun evening for the kids, too? We will
take the children swimming* and enjoy dinner
from Take 5 (included in your registration fee) and
a movie (G or PG-13 rated). Popcorn and bever-
ages will also be provided. Dont forget your pil-
low and sleeping bag! Please complete a
registration form indicating your menu choice.
SPECIAL NOTE: Children MUST be potty trained to
be registered for this program.
(920) 208-4664
New Year Resolutions Goal Setting Workshop
with Deb Sampson
Yoga on the Lake
January 14, 10:20am-12:30pm
COST: $30 per person
Setting New Year Resolutions can be exciting, but
how do you stick with them throughout the year?
Maybe you find you have difficulty in even trying
to set goals. This workshop will focus in on where
you have been so you can direct where you would
like to go. What to bring: A journal and pen.
(920) 453-2817
Healthy Eating Sale
Woodlake Market
January 14
Great prices on healthy products!
(920) 457-6570
Tropical and Exotic Fruit Sale
Woodlake Market
January 14
Great prices on tropical fruits!
(920) 457-6570
Yoga on the Lake
January 28, 11am
Lets celebrate Winterfest together. Come play in
the snow with Deb! There will be plenty of snow to
be your cushion, so you can be free to explore
where you can take your practice in the great out-
doors. 10% discount on class passes and offer a
BOGO class coupon with every $50 purchase
$20.00 off a purchase of a $100.00 or more of
regular priced retail.
(920) 453-2817
Wine and Sartori Cheese Sale
Woodlake Market
January 28
Great prices on select wines and Sartori cheeses!
(920) 457-6570
Woodlake Market Atrium/Brat Fry
January 28, 11-4pm
Enjoy special Winterfest festivities at Woodlake
(920) 457-6570
25% off herb planters, markers and seeds.
Kohler Gardener
January 28-29
Special during Winterfest, get your supplies to
grow herbs indoors for the winter! 25% off herb
planters, markers and seeds.
(920) 458-5570
50% off Winter Coats & Accessories
Wisconsin Trader
January 28-29
Special during Winterfest, warm up to savings
with 50% off womens winter coats, hats, gloves
and scarves.
(920) 451-2113
Kohler chefs cooking demonstrations spice
up the kitchen and everyday recipes
The American Club Resort
a KOHLER experience
Annual Winterfest Celebration
expanded to two days of family fun
The Village of Kohler will be
transformed into a winter won-
derland during the annual Win-
terfest Celebration on January
28-29, 2012 from 9am 4 pm at
the Shops at Woodlake Kohler.
This annual celebration has been
expanded to two days of family
fun to include everything from
outdoor adventures on Wood
Lake to cooking demos and
family events throughout the
Village. Most exciting is the ad-
dition of the Snow Mountain, a
central location for the kiddos to
jump, climb and slide in the
Open to the public, this two-
day festival offers an assortment
of events held throughout the
day, some of which will raise
money for Above & Beyond
Childrens Museum, located in
There are a variety of wintery
activities, providing something
for everyone! Some of the many
scheduled events include:
- Snow Sculptures Through-
out the Weekend
Giant snow sculptures hand-
carved by internationally
known artists. (The artists will
be working on these through-
out the week.) Sculptures will
be located near the Kohler De-
sign Center, at the Corner of
Highland Drive and Green-
field Drive in Kohler, and near
Cucina in The Shops at Wood-
- Ice Golf Saturday,
Sign up through Above and
Beyond Childrens Museum.
Please call 920-458-4263.
- Dog Sled Demonstration by
Siberian Outpost Satur-
day, 10:30-11am
- Dog Sled Rides Saturday,
Weather-dependent and based
on availability. Dog sled rides
for children ages 8-15. $5 per
ride with proceeds going to
Above and Beyond Childrens
- Figure Skating Demonstra-
tion Saturday, 11-11:30am
- Carriage Rides Saturday,
Horse-drawn carriage rides
around The Shops at Wood-
lake, based on availability.
- Movers & Shakers Kids
Toys Saturday and Sun-
day, Noon-3pm
Kids create their very own
snowflake to take home and
enjoy all winter.
- Polar Bear Plunge
Saturday, 1pm
Fundraiser for Above and Be-
yond Childrens Museum.
- Ice Skating Rental at Inn on
Woodlake Saturday, 10am-
8pm, Sunday 10am-8pm
$5 fee.
- Snowshoe Demonstration
Sponsored by Sports Core
Saturday, 10am-Noon
- Snowshoe Rental Through
Sports Core Saturday and
Sunday, 10am-4pm
Rental fee of $5 per hour this
weekend only (normally $15
per adult and $7.50 per child
first hour, $5 per additional
half hour).
- Snow Mountain Saturday
and Sunday, 10am-4pm
Located near Baker Odds &
Ends. Designed just for sled-
ding and kids play.
- Island Snowman Contest
Saturday, 10am-3pm
Build your best snowman be-
tween 10am and 3pm to win a
$25 Kohler Resort Gift Card.
Judging by Above and Beyond
at 3:30pm on Saturday.
(Please bring your own sup-
- German Curling Demon-
stration Saturday and
Sunday, 1-3pm
- Special Kohler Design Center
Events including arts, crafts,
baked goods and more. In ad-
dition to Elementastic,
hands-on science fun for
children and the popular
Balloon lady. Dont miss the
free milk, cookies and pop-
corn on Saturday.
- Cooking Demo Sunday,
11:30am, 12:30pm and
Chef Richard Palm shares his
personal recipes for Turkey
Noodle soup, a very special
Barley Quick Bread to accom-
pany, plus his two favorite
recipes for cookies and Home-
made Milky Chaito.
Turkey Soup and Barley
Bread 11:30am
Cookies 12:30pm
Milky Chai 1:30pm
- Waelderhaus Tours Satur-
day and Sunday, 2pm, 3pm
and 4pm
- Kohler Kidz Programming
Kidz Dinner and Movie, Fri-
day and Saturday 6-9pm
and Kamp Kohler, Saturday
Special Activities at the Shops at
Woodlake during Winterfest:
Art Imigs Clothiers
Semi-annual clearance sale. Savings
up to 50% off and more on seasonal
winter merchandise.
Baker Odds & Ends
25% off all Etageres and McGuire.
Shop and save up to 60% on select
items throughout the store. Children
of all ages may enter our coloring
contest and pick a prize from our bot-
tomless Magic Mitten!
Winter clearance 30-70% off.
Stay warm and cozy all winter with
cashmere. Receive a 20% discount on
the purchase of cashmere robes and
apparel this weekend only. Offer not
valid on sale items. Other discounts
do not apply.
Sweet Potatos
Winter Clearance - 30-75% off select
Wisconsin Trader
Warm up to savings with 50% off
womens winter coats, hats, gloves
and scarves.
With Child
Winter clearance 30-70% off select
apparel and accessories.
Seasonal Beer Selection
Featuring New Glarus on tap and
Leinenkugels Fireside Nut Brown
Snowman Theme Kids Menu
Ages 2-12, $9 includes drink, entre
and dessert:
Melted Snowman (milk with choco-
late nibs and candy cane)
Tea Cup Soup (snowman grilled
cheese with tomato soup), Turkey
Snowflake Sandwich (crispy tortillas,
turkey, mayo, cheddar cheese), or
Jolly Pasta (snowman-shaped pasta,
marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese)
Frosty the cupcake, Snowman sugar
cookies, or Brownie snowmen
Demonstration Kitchen
How to Make the Best Pizza
Saturday, 11am and 2pm
With Lucas Oppeneer of Horse &
$30 per person or $45 per couple,
limited availability, call 800-344-
2838 for reservations.
NFL Tailgate Party Saturday, 6-
An entertaining demonstration by
Chefs Paul Smitala from Blackwolf
Run and Gary Wigand
from Whistling Straits featuring the
best food from Green Bay Packers,
Minnesota Vikings and Chicago
Bears with a beer pairing that any
football enthusiast will enjoy.
$45 per person, limited availability
and does not include tax, gratuity or
additional alcohol.
Kohler Gardener
Grow herbs indoors for the winter!
25% off herb planters, markers and
Kohler Golf Academy Indoor
Complimentary 15 minute golf les-
sons Saturday and Sunday, Noon-
Woodlake Market
Brat Fry Sponsored by Sheboygan
County Snowmobile Club Satur-
day, 11am-4pm
Associate Chili Cook Off Saturday,
1-3pm in Atrium Cafe
Wine & Cheese Tasting Saturday,
1-3pm in Atrium Cafe
Yoga on the Lake
SNOga Saturday, 11am
Lets celebrate Winterfest with out-
door yoga. Complimentary.
Plus 10% discount on class passes
and a BOGO class coupon offer with
every $50 purchase. $20 off a pur-
chase of a $100 or more of regular
priced retail.
The Shops at Woodlake ART-
space Plaza
Silent Auction & Raffle, Interactive
Exhibits, and Face Painting Spon-
sored by Above and Beyond Satur-
day, 10am-4pm
Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Cookies
offered by Craverie Chocolatier Caf
Hoffmanns Roasted Nuts Saturday
and Sunday, 10am-4pm
Richards School of Dance Satur-
day, 3-3:30pm
Performing a variety of dance styles.
For more information on activi-
ties and events visit A Winter
Celebration Online or call 800-
Ring in the New Year with the new look of
Sports Core Health & Racquet Club
Sports Core Health & Racquet
Club unveiled today an exten-
sive renovation of more than
50,000 square-feet of the facility,
improving the lobby and indoor
tennis courts. New flooring,
paint, furniture and more than 60
lights provide a modern and wel-
coming atmosphere for guests.
Two of the most notable
changes in the lobby are the ren-
ovation of the main stairway
connecting the lobby level with
the lower level, and the reloca-
tion of the reception desk. The new
staircase allows for easier access to
locker rooms and workout facilities,
while the reception desk is now
closer to the front entrance, providing
high-visibility and ease at
check-in. Additionally, the in-
door tennis courts have been
resurfaced and new lighting has
been added to enhance the guest
viewing areas.
We have been over -
whelmed with the positive re-
sponse from the community,
said Garrett Mersberger, Man-
ager of Sports Core Health &
Racquet Club. This is the per-
fect time of year to get into
healthier habits and the Sports
Cores new look and improved in-
door tennis courts provide a welcom-
ing atmosphere for our new and ex-
isting guests.
The Sports Core Health & Racquet
Club now boasts more efficient elec-
trical and heating energy, using more
than 10 percent less energy as it pre-
viously consumed.
For more information visit,, call
(920) 457-4444 or like us on face-
Sports Core Health & Racquet
Club has served its members, as well
as guests of The American Club Re-
sort, for more than 30 years. The fa-
cility is located on the shore of Wood
Lake in Kohler, and boasts six indoor
and six outdoor tennis courts, a four-
lane competitive pool, family pool, a
variety of wellness classes, personal
training, an outdoor running trail, sun
deck, sandy beach, child care, out-
door deck with co-ed whirlpool, and
two-sided fireplace. Additional
amenities including a full-service
Salon & Day Spa and Take 5 Caf &
Pro Shop are open to the public.
Sports Core is available to its mem-
bers, their guests and guests of The
American Club or Inn on Woodlake
in Kohler and is open daily from