Dear President Chadwell and Dr. Chavez, I am writing about our February 16 agenda item related to Boundary Alignment.

I am respectively requesting the proposed agenda action item regarding the Boundary decision be delayed until the District can remedy what appear to be several instances where our own Policy FC (Local) has not been followed and has, in turn, denied parents of affected students the ability to be heard and provide input. Our parents and citizens need to have faith that RRISD has followed an above-board and transparent process related to boundary alignment. Anything less undermines further the trust our citizens have placed in us as a Board and a District. I am providing you several examples below where either the Citizen's Boundary Committee Charter or related RRISD policies may been violated: 1. According to the Citizen's Boundary Alignment Committee Charter, the committee is charged to "look at all high school campuses to relieve the projected growth at Cedar Ridge High School." (please note the objective area highlighted attached). In reviewing the timeline as well as talking with parents, my understanding is that hearings were not conducted at either Round Rock or Westwood High Schools despite the fact that the schools are affected and own our policy FC (Local) paragraph 2 (highlighted and attached) requires that each affected zone have a public hearing. 2. Even where hearings were scheduled, the District appears to have disregarded the input of many parents who attended and provided input. For example, in several public hearings, community members explicitly stated that Wells Branch and Stone Oak/Mayfield Ranch student populations wanted to go back to Round Rock High School. While the District acknowledged this on its own website News Headlines, these areas were given less than 24 hours notice that, even though they had not previously been identified in the District's proposal, they could be affected.(See Attached Headlines). This appears to a breach of both the spirit and letter of FC (Local) policy, paragraph 2. 3. Most importantly, I am concerned that we find ourselves facing a flagrant violation of FC (Local), paragraph 3 by ignoring the communities comments and continue to blindly push through the District's proposal. This is compounded by the several grievances that have been filed related to the management of this very contentious issue. Additionally, I have grave concerns about potential risk and cost associated with defending a process with so many unanswered questions. To help restore the public's confidence in the Boundary Alignment process, I see two courses of action. First, the District could delay the the upcoming agenda item to allow the committee to remedy the violations of District policy and their charter. Alternatively and in the absence of these issues being addressed, I will be proposing that the current committee be disbanded due to the violations of District policy and a new Boundary Alignment Committee be appointed to review and make recommendations related to High School Boundaries only. I remain concerned about how this process considered elementary school boundaries, however, my request will be limited to high school boundaries and alignment only. Additionally, I will be proposing that the author of the Vertical Alignment plan Erik Okerholm and Committee

Member Tere McCann work with Pat Reddin (Auditor) as the district’s representative in monitoring the process so the enrollment projections are consistent and accurate, District policy is followed, and overall the process is above reproach. I also am requesting that all committee meetings be held at the Round Rock High School Lecture Hall so they be open to the public and be taped for full disclosure of the practice. I would also appreciate your sharing this letter along with your response with our other trustees as preparation and background for our upcoming meeting. Thank you. Serving YOU!!! Terri Romere

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