AVEVA Marine Drafting

For the creation of marine design and production drawings
Even the most technologically advanced shipyards in the world rely heavily on drawings to communicate information during the design stage or, later, for production. In order to avoid costly inconsistencies, it is vital for shipyards that those drawings accurately reflect the 3D ship model used for design and production. This means that any modification to the 3D ship model should be easily propagated to, and highlighted in, the relevant drawings. AVEVA Marine Drafting is an application for the creation of drawings using the model data in the model database. The application contains extensive 2D drafting functionality for general drafting, and special model drafting functions for reading the model database, in order to create marine drawings with symbolic views, in line with shipbuilding design practices.

Business Benefits
Reduced design man-hours and time: z Built-in knowledge of marine standards and practice simplifies design work for the creation of drawings, and reduces the risk of errors and the need for rework. z The use of the common model database as the single, integrated, stored data reference for all drawings enables better communication across all design disciplines. z Integrated drawing generation and modelling reduces the risk of errors.

Steel workshop drawing


Key Features
z An essential part of the drafting functionality is the graphical workspace concept for all interaction with the model database. The graphical workspace is built up from the model or a part of the model. Drawing views of the model can contain subviews, can overlap each other, and can have annotations, dimensions and texts. The designer freely creates views in his drawing with defined positions and orientations in the model. These views remain connected to the model and can be automatically updated when model changes are made. This feature ensures consistency between the model database and the related drawings, reducing time spent documenting the design. z The model can be displayed in two different types of view, either with a symbolic representation of hull parts such as stiffeners, seams, notches and drain holes, or with full three-dimensional representation. The symbolic-style views are traditional for classification and hull workshop drawings, while the full representation can be used for assembly and erection drawings. z Marine Drafting contains numerous convenient functions for interactive drawing development. Features provided by the drawing functions include: - General 2D drafting - Model view generation - Access to, and viewing of, all types of model objects - Dimensioning facilities - Hidden line removal - Generation of shaded images - Advanced annotation features - User-definable line types - Associative dimensions - Multi-select functionality - Pan and zoom functionality - Standard details. z A range of marine-industry-specific functions are included in Marine Drafting: - Automatic creation of hull symbolic-type views from the model on a user-defined plane - Automatic section details of model parts such as bracket connections - Frame and longitudinal position rulers - Centre line and base line - Shell profile mounting angles. z Marine Drafting provides input and output links in 2D DXF and IGES formats. There are also export links to SVG, CGM and TIFF formats.
General arrangement drawing

Drawing of a hull block with both 3D and hull expansion views

AVEVA Marine Drafting is one of AVEVA’s Design products, which create 3D models for detailed design and produce all associated deliverables
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