Supporting the Water Community of Practice (CoP)

Our Guiding Principles g p
Delivering information th t i credible and D li i i f ti that is dibl d most relevant to the needs of ADB staff Ensuring timely access to information Strengthening information sharing in ADB

Rationale for Support pp
Continuing the goals of the Library Services Steering Committee (LSSC), OAFA-IR seeks to enhance its (LSSC) OAFA IR operational focus Strategy 2020 focuses on selected sectors including infrastructure OAFA-IR’s broad OAFA IR’ b d access t i f to information resources can ti support the information needs of the Water CoP
- books - electronic resources ( l t i (e.g. water-related j t l t d journals th l through h Science Direct, energy acuity for Energy CoP - kHUB and iLAB

Goals of the LSSC 1 2 3
Align & I t Ali Integrate Services t S i Increase Operational Focus Develop Collaborative Space D l C ll b ti S

Major Activities j
Align and Integrate Services Increase Operational Focus

Combined Library and Records Updated the RRDS Implemented eSTAR Reorganized the OAFA-IR staff Created sector specific information coordinators positions Accelerated support for RMs/ROs Launched the kHUB and iLAB

Create a Collaborative Space for Learning

FAQs on Information Coordination
Who are o r our Clients? What do clients Need?
All ADB staff including staff from resident missions and field offices Where to find useful information Access to most current information and databases Research assistance Filtering using information management practice of relevancy and ranking Responding to research request

How can we Help?

Contours of Information Coordination
Packaging P k i

Write sections for papers or publications Summarize papers written by ADB staff

Monitor and prepare summaries of recent publications Identify authoritative sources Prepare bibliography Arrange book displays for CoP events Facilitate purchase of CoP resources Participate in CoP meetings



Manage logistics for seminars and events held at the Library Prepare powerpoint presentations Participate in projects /project surveys / peer reviews

Contours of Information Coordination
Data Compilation C il ti & Maintenance Aggregate data for analysis l i Assist in evaluating and purchasing databases Perform simple calculations on secondary data d Process data with statistical software

Collect project-related primary data i d t

Data Processing

Analyze data implications or trends

Outline of Products and Services of OAFA-IR
- Selection and procurement of books, serials and electronic databases & sources - Tutorials on use of databases & the online catalogue - Book delivery through Library on the Go - Book exhibits - Logistics support for events at the kHub g pp - Informational laboratory

Information Coordination
- Packaged information through eAlerts, iLink monthly summaries and the iLink Digest

Outline of Products and Services of OAFA-IR
Records and Archives
- Storage, preservation and disposal of paper-based records - Preservation of archival materials - Coding of projects - Training on records management

What can we offer
Build the Library’s collection on resources to support infrastructure (based on recommendations from the Water CoP) Prepare a draft on the information gaps on the water sector including issues on: - Assessing the users’ willingness to pay - Setting appropriate water tariffs - Public private partnerships in the water sector - Valuation of environmental benefits Mobile application of TACRs on water provided technical clearance from OIST scured by Water CoP

What we need
Quarterly inputs to iLink summaries Co Sharing of budgetary resources for electronic databases / initiatives Usage of kHub and iLab Identification of tools that can be hosted in the iLab

of new service opportunities / improvements

Thank you

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