Feb 2nd 2012

Proposed In-Class Activities
1. Ted Talk (Technology Entertainment and Design )
Here one can speak of anything he could tell fellow students which is useful to them in some way, language no bar, person is free to express in Hindi or English or Punjabi, whatever he feels fluent with. Talk may be technical or non-technical One compulsion is ,he/she has to tell at least two things which he/she realized all the way till now.(For ex. Consistency or time management anything). Ted talk helps in delivering one s thoughts to the audience, which might motivate them in some way or the other. We can make some rules for the talk

2. Small Hands-On workshops a. Core Electronic concepts(That an EE must have grasp on ) b. Micro-Controller Usage as a tool (Not a theoretical Approach) c. MATLAB (Demonstration of small useful applications) d. Web Design Skills e. PCB Skills (Easy and immediate approach No ORCAD needed) f. Common Buzzwords related to technology
Each workshop would take not more than 2-4 Hours. Its not a full course and is hardly a demonstration of above said things, and shows how one can start and make useful things out of simple tools. If a student finds his interest in any of the areas above and want to learn more, he can himself put his energy and time to learn that deeply by the guidance of the person who gave that workshop.

3. A blog to document everything we do, in a concise manner and show off what we have covered- videos,images,text,tutorials, each piece of content. 4. Major Project guidance and counseling (Technical resources)
It is my personal recommendation that a student should have experience of making an electronics project consisting of - Designing a PCB (small one 3x4 cm ) - Know the components - Successfully get it working This way he learns how to use multimeter to debug a circuit, he gets to know what really is resistance, voltage and current and not just ohm s law. Its not about getting deep into electronics but to know at least sufficient amount of skills so that one can be called an engineer.

a better thinker and a better engineer. A Projector 3. Nishant Garg 8th Sem. Human Resources ( We need to make a team to manage and execute all this) 2.We can finish all above work very quickly if we use our class human resource and divide our work. What we need ? 1. Two.9896501411 .Way interaction (We are not delivering some sort of lecture. are we? ) 5. This can help a student become better team member. it should not be one man show. Speakers (Audience find it interesting if there are different speakers and not only one man playing all show . which can be used for in class activities and may lead to proper knowledge and thought sharing among the students in a recreational way. This is only possible when students are interested and so we can ask them and discuss with them the feasibility.C1 Section 11081906 M. it should be a group activity.) Please Note: We are trying to devise a model here . Student Interest (Most important We need to find out what they really want to learn out of above areas) 4.No .