Halina Sykes: tonight’s chat session we were going to go over the unit in detail so you know what you

had to do this SP 7:07:39 PM Halina Sykes: then have a small chat on communication methods/options available 7:07:48 PM Halina Sykes: then finally we were going to look at the 1st assessment (part B) in detail so you know what you need to do with it, we will discuss part a next weel 7:08:03 PM Halina Sykes: Lets get into it now :) 7:08:24 PM Halina Sykes: CIS 13 is a level 1 unit that is considered a foundation unit 7:08:27 PM Halina Sykes: as it covers allot of material that will give you a foundation understanding for future units 7:08:38

Halina Sykes: so typically majority of students are either brand new to online education 7:08:51 PM Halina Sykes: or have only a handful of units under their belts 7:08:59 PM Halina Sykes: So you are not alone, many of you will be in the same boat 7:09:13 PM Halina Sykes: now this unit has 3 assessment items and a end exam 7:09:25 PM Halina Sykes: the assessments are structured so that they are more complex and detailed the further in we go 7:09:36 PM Halina Sykes: and you can adjust to uni work and study 7:09:46 PM Halina Sykes: to this end the first assessment is worth 10%, 2nd is 20% and 3rd is 30% and end exam is worth 40% 7:10:18 PM Assignment 1A Halina Sykes: Assignment 1A 7:10:47 PM Halina Sykes: this is an online quiz that is worth 10% of the units over all marks 7:11:07 PM Halina Sykes: this is an online quiz that is worth 10% of the units over all marks 7:11:13 PM Halina Sykes: and it will cover Lesson 1 and 2 material only 7:11:24 PM Halina Sykes: and yes it is open book this online quiz 7:11:31 PM Halina Sykes: So the quiz will be open for one week only. It will open on Monday 12 Dec and close on Monday 19th Dec 7:12:25 PM Halina Sykes: so you can sit it at a time of your choosing 7:13:21 PM Halina Sykes: until it closes at 11:59pm AEDST 7:13:29 PM Halina Sykes: now we will be releasing more information about the quiz next week 7:13:42 PM Halina Sykes: so you get a better understanding of its conditions, layout etc 7:13:50 PM Assignment 1B

software. 7:20:42 PM Halina Sykes: which will be held the week after Week 13 (or Week 1 for the following study period) 7:20:55 PM Halina Sykes: the exam is worth 40% of the units overall marks 7:21:09 PM Halina Sykes: and unlike the assessments 7:21:15 PM Halina Sykes: you MUST pass the end exam to be able to pass the unit 7:21:24 PM Halina Sykes: so you can fail to submit or not get a passing grade in the assessments 7:21:39 PM [Ashleigh SHIELDS joined the session] 7:21:47 PM Halina Sykes: and you can still be eligible to pass this unit 7:21:48 PM .Halina Sykes: now I will only cover assessment 1b briefly now and we will get back to it later in this chat after we have covered the intro to the unit chat 7:15:11 PM Halina Sykes: Assessment 1b is worth 20% of the units overall marks 7:15:20 PM Halina Sykes: and it is due on Sunday the 15th of January at 11:59pm AEDST 7:15:59 PM Halina Sykes: this assessment will be asking you to look into an organization and identify some of its structure 7:16:15 PM Halina Sykes: identify a business process used within one of the functional areas (departments) 7:16:32 PM Halina Sykes: then identify and discuss two information systems that the process uses 7:16:46 PM Halina Sykes: and then go into more detail and discuss hardware.. etc that thoe two information systems use 7:16:54 PM Halina Sykes: now this must be based on a real life organization 7:17:05 PM Halina Sykes: but do not stress on it as later on we will go thru it in more detail as well as give you some advise on b places to start 7:17:17 PM Assignment 2 Halina Sykes: On to Assignment 2 7:17:22 PM Halina Sykes: is worth 30% of the units overall marks 7:17:33 PM Halina Sykes: and it is due on Sunday the 19th Feburary 7:18:15 PM Halina Sykes: at 11:59pmA 7:18:20 PM Halina Sykes: this assessment will have two scenarios that you have to work thru 7:18:28 PM Halina Sykes: Scenario A will ask you to draw two Data Flow diagrams 7:18:35 PM Halina Sykes: and Scenario B asks you to look at a ethic issue at a workplace 7:18:47 PM Halina Sykes: so this one involves some writing but also drawing of diagrams to break it up 7:18:59 PM Halina Sykes: so this one involves some writing but also drawing of diagrams to break it up 7:19:06 PM Halina Sykes: unlike Assessment 1b that must be based on a real life organization 7:19:23 PM Halina Sykes: this is a hypothetical scenario that could be applied to any organization 7:19:34 PM Exam Halina Sykes: End Exam. networks.

Halina Sykes: but you have to pass the end exam to be eligible to pass this unit 7:22:01 PM Halina Sykes: but to make it a little easier 7:22:18 PM Halina Sykes: you only need to get 45% of the available marks in the end exam to pas it 7:22:26 PM Halina Sykes: instead of 50% 7:22:38 PM Halina Sykes: the exam is paper based 7:22:54 PM Halina Sykes: and you will have 10 minutes reading time and 2 hours writing time 7:23:05 PM Halina Sykes: and the exam will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions 7:23:21 PM Halina Sykes: exam will be closed book 7:23:28 PM Halina Sykes: but I will go thru the exam in major detail in the week 12 chat session 7:23:36 PM Halina Sykes: And exam revision will occur in Week 13 :) 7:23:46 PM Halina Sykes: so my advice to you is make notes as you go thru the learning material each week 7:23:58 PM Halina Sykes: and if you do not start your revision until week 13. Vivien and Joseph 7:26:43 PM Halina Sykes: Their contacts are listed in the Staff Infomration in the Blackboard site 7:27:07 PM Halina Sykes: and it is the b place to go if you have allot of questions that you need to discuss 7:27:31 PM Halina Sykes: as we can get thru them quickly here compared to mass emails and discussion board posts 7:27:42 PM Halina Sykes: now if you see the CIS 13 Chat schedule 7:27:51 PM Halina Sykes: located in "Schedule" section of the site 7:28:08 PM Halina Sykes: you will find that that pdf will be very helpful to you 7:28:24 PM Halina Sykes: as it not only tells you what learning material that you need to be doing each week 7:28:37 PM Halina Sykes: and assessment due dates 7:28:44 PM Halina Sykes: but also what each chat session will focus on to help you plan your week 7:28:53 PM Halina Sykes: now if you do not have any questions you can still use the chat sessions 7:29:01 PM Halina Sykes: as allot of students in pass units turn up and do their assessments during this time 7:29:16 PM Halina Sykes: and if any questions pop up as they work they have instant access to ask myself or the other tutors questions 7:29:39 PM . you will still be fine 7:24:16 PM Halina Sykes: just means you have to work harder in that final week that’s all 7:24:36 PM Communication Methods for this Unit Halina Sykes: we have 4 different communication options for you to help you 7:25:58 PM Halina Sykes: First is chat sessions 7:26:04 PM Halina Sykes: this is the b option as you get live support from myself or the other tutors 7:26:21 PM Halina Sykes: Rob Baxendale 7:26:30 PM Halina Sykes: Raymond.

. slightly longer on weekends 7:31:37 PM Halina Sykes: do make sure that you keep an eye on the boards as that is where you will find the most help 7:31:47 PM Halina Sykes: and remember that majority of your fellow students are new to online education 7:32:09 PM Halina Sykes: so they will have just as many questions as yourself 7:32:16 PM Halina Sykes: so if you ask a question you will find that you are helping many of your fellow students 7:32:24 PM Halina Sykes: also 7:32:25 PM Halina Sykes: there is no such thing as a silly question in my book 7:32:35 PM Halina Sykes: as clarification is just as important as asking the important questions 7:32:43 PM Halina Sykes: Ok so the 3rd communication option is email 7:33:55 PM Rand FAIQ: thanks this is my first time doing uni and also online study so it helps to know there are someone to ask questions if needed 7:34:02 PM Halina Sykes: like the boards we check them on a regular basis 7:34:02 PM Halina Sykes: so normally a 24 hour response time. so b to check it at least once a week 7:35:40 PM Halina Sykes: now when emailing the CIS 13 staff ensure that you have the unit code in the subject heading when you email us 7:35:54 PM Halina Sykes: as we are involved in multiple units this study period 7:36:00 PM ..Halina Sykes: consider it set study time each week to help with your time management :-) 7:29:53 PM Halina Sykes: Any questions about the online chats? 7:30:03 PM Halina Sykes: 2nd communication option is the discussion boards 7:30:53 PM Halina Sykes: the boards are the b option if you cannot attend the chats 7:31:02 PM Halina Sykes: as not only can I help you but the other tutors and other students can help you too :) 7:31:21 PM Halina Sykes: now we do patrol the boards on a regular basis 7:31:28 PM Halina Sykes: and we normally answer posts within 24 hours.... slightly longer on weekends 7:34:15 PM Halina Sykes: No problems Rand.. That is what we are here for :) 7:34:30 PM Halina Sykes: now it is advised that you use the Swinburne email system when communicating with any of the CIS 13 team 7:34:47 PM Halina Sykes: to ensure clear lines of communication 7:34:55 PM Halina Sykes: you can use alternative email accounts if you like 7:35:02 PM Halina Sykes: but do be aware of the following points 7:35:07 PM Halina Sykes: 1) The filters are Swinburne block spam emails and this means that those that use hotmail. yahoo or gamil will find that not many of their emails will get thru 7:35:17 PM Halina Sykes: as majority of spam comes from these three email account types 7:35:33 PM Halina Sykes: 2) That if we are needing to communicate with you the students we will be using your Swinburne email account.

this is where your signed declaration will need to be located 7:47:04 PM Halina Sykes: 2) Executive summary 7:47:10 PM .59pm A 7:45:49 PM Halina Sykes: firstly we will discuss the report format then move into the assessment content itself 7:46:00 PM Halina Sykes: Now the report structure is the easi way to gain marks quickly 7:46:20 PM Halina Sykes: but surprisingly it is also the area that majority of students seem to get wrong 7:46:30 PM Halina Sykes: We have Lesson 2 focusing on report writing and the Communication Skills Handbook is also focused on helping you with writing reports 7:46:42 PM Halina Sykes: but for those that do not have it yet I will cover it here so everyone has the same information 7:46:49 PM Report Structure Halina Sykes: The report structure will include the following 7:46:55 PM Halina Sykes: 1) Title page . Please leave a message if I don't answer 7:37:36 PM Halina Sykes: phone is b used for emergency issues regarding your work or the unit 7:37:46 PM Halina Sykes: and please be mindful of time zones if you are outside of the east coast 7:37:55 PM Halina Sykes: I have had some phone calls in the middle of the night :( 7:38:04 PM PM Halina Sykes: now they are the 4 lines of communications that we have to help you this study period listed in order of how helpful they typically are for students 7:38:18 PM Halina Sykes: do make sure that you use them to help so we can help you pass this unit 7:38:29 PM Richard TRETOWSKI: Will there be a t exam at the end of the unit to prepare for the final exam? 7:39:27 PM Halina Sykes: Richard it will be like CIS11 But Rob will run a proper exam revision session in the final week with the study game 7:40:30 PM Assignment 1B Halina Sykes: Ok so lets go on with the Assignment 1B overview 7:44:28 PM Halina Sykes: ok Assessment 1b is the first written report that you will be asked to do for this unit 7:44:36 PM Halina Sykes: it is worth 20% of the units overall marks 7:45:03 PM Halina Sykes: It is due at the end of week 7 7:45:29 PM Halina Sykes: Sunday 15th January by 11.Halina Sykes: if your question is too generalized and has no unit code in it we will have to email you back for more information so we can help you 7:36:10 PM Halina Sykes: and 4th and final communication Methods is phone 7:37:02 PM Halina Sykes: if you go to the "Staff information" section of the site you will find information on all the CIS 13 staff members 7:37:11 PM Halina Sykes: with majority of us providing phone numbers for contact needs 7:37:19 PM Halina Sykes: As for myself (and majority of the tutors) I am available everyday between 9am and 7pm.

we will discuss what you need to do in this section soon 7:47:32 PM Halina Sykes: 6) Conclusion and/or Recommendation 7:47:40 PM Halina Sykes: 7) Reference and/or Bibliography lists 7:47:51 PM Halina Sykes: 8) Appendix section 7:47:56 PM Halina Sykes: and of course all of this needs to be included within a single report 7:48:11 PM Halina Sykes: not a report submitted in multiple sections 7:48:19 PM Halina Sykes: eg. main body and conclusion 7:50:01 PM Halina Sykes: it includes everything within those three sections 7:50:07 PM Halina Sykes: Including any in text references and titles 7:50:20 PM Halina Sykes: Now the title page of your report must have your signed declaration on it 7:50:59 PM Halina Sykes: otherwise your work will not be marked until we receive one 7:51:06 PM Halina Sykes: this is fairly straightforward 7:51:12 PM Halina Sykes: as you simply cut and paste the declaration form page 2 of the assessment text 7:51:21 PM Halina Sykes: and then add your name and date to complete it 7:51:32 PM Halina Sykes: and also add in your student ID 7:51:43 PM Halina Sykes: and also add in your student ID 7:51:48 PM Halina Sykes: and unit code. had one student who submitted each part of the assessment on a new word document so had 8 to open and read 7:48:28 PM Halina Sykes: Now word count for this assessment is 1500 words 7:48:34 PM Halina Sykes: but we are also allowing a 10% leeway with your work 7:48:46 PM Halina Sykes: so you can be between 1350 to 1650 words 7:48:55 PM Halina Sykes: without getting any penalties 7:49:03 PM Halina Sykes: outside of that amount 7:49:10 PM Halina Sykes: even by a word or two 7:49:17 PM Halina Sykes: and you will be penalised for it 7:49:22 PM Halina Sykes: now to help make it very clear 7:49:41 PM Halina Sykes: the word count only covers the Introduction. assessment number. due date and weighting (how much the assessment is worth) 7:51:52 PM Referencing .Halina Sykes: 3) Table of contents 7:47:15 PM Halina Sykes: 4) Introduction 7:47:21 PM Halina Sykes: 5) Main body . Main body and Conclusion of your report 7:49:48 PM Halina Sykes: everything else is outside of the word count 7:49:54 PM Halina Sykes: when we say it covers the introduction.

etc 7:55:41 PM Halina Sykes: 3) Scope .Halina Sykes: we are expecting with both written assessments that you will find sources to help support and back up your work 7:52:42 PM Halina Sykes: and marks will be awarded for this 7:52:53 PM Halina Sykes: now at Swinburne we use the Harvard Referencing style 7:53:01 PM Halina Sykes: and to help you I have posted a link to it in the other material section of the site 7:53:18 PM Halina Sykes: now one of the most common mistakes we see in report writing is students not understanding the difference between a reference and a bibliography section 7:53:26 PM Halina Sykes: and either get them confused or have them as a joint section 7:53:35 PM Elia KAROUNOS: references are direct quotes or paraphrasing of a source in your assignment 7:54:14 PM Halina Sykes: A reference list contains sources that you HAVE quoted within your report 7:54:21 PM Halina Sykes: a bibliography list contains sources that you have read to help you with your work but you HAVE NOT quoted from 7:54:40 PM Executive Summary/ Introduction Halina Sykes: the other common mistake that students make is between a executive summary and a introduction 7:54:58 PM Halina Sykes: with most having them as virtually the same thing 7:55:08 PM Halina Sykes: executive summary summarizes your report 7:55:14 PM Halina Sykes: while a introduction main covers 3 criteria focusing on background 7:55:21 PM Halina Sykes: 1) Authorization . it takes a few mistakes to keep the docs for the Bibliography 7:58:42 PM Halina . Or what the assessment is about 7:57:54 PM Halina Sykes: Your work needs to be in a single file.. then threw it away. it is optional 7:57:40 PM Halina Sykes: now final few pieces of info before we move onto report content.who has asked you to do this report 7:55:34 PM Halina Sykes: 2) Hinderneces . is this for all harvard style ref? 7:57:08 PM Halina Sykes: Yep Antonio 7:57:18 PM Elia KAROUNOS: Bibliography is usually optional ? 7:57:30 PM Halina Sykes: Yes Elia. not submitted in multiple pieces 7:58:00 PM Halina Sykes: your report must be in either doc or docx format not pdf 7:58:10 PM Antonio CAMBARERI: i never done that in my past writings.what you will cover. now I know better 7:58:13 PM Halina Sykes: but you can also use open office word as another option 7:58:23 PM Halina Sykes: I know Antonio. looked at document. etc 7:55:49 PM Antonio CAMBARERI: so you use the bibliography for work you looked at.issues faced with your work or limitation from preventing you from making your work better.

T.check for annual reports as they are great sources of information as well 8:02:05 PM Halina Sykes: Structure goes division. and Fiance Department 8:02:23 PM Halina Sykes: look for these in a organization chart and they will help you identify what is a functional area and what is a division 8:02:30 PM Halina Sykes: if you are still confused on this section of the assessment after going thru Lesson 1 please raise them in the discussion board or next week’s chat and we can work thru it 8:02:54 PM Halina Sykes: the b way to help you with this is to try and find a organization chart for your organization of choice 8:03:08 PM .Sykes: if you are not happy with this please speak toRob about alternatives 7:58:52 PM Halina Sykes: and finally 7:58:56 PM Halina Sykes: to upload your assessment you need to go to the same place you got the assessment text from to upload your work 7:59:05 PM Halina Sykes: do note that all work is time and date stamped so we know when it is submitted 7:59:16 PM Main Body Task 1 Halina Sykes: now this assessment has 4 tasks that we require that you complete 7:59:33 PM Halina Sykes: Task 1 is where you need to identify and describe a functional area from a organization of your choice 7:59:43 PM Halina Sykes: with discussion points on what it does and how it supports the organization 7:59:55 PM Halina Sykes: now if you are unsure about organizational structure please ensure that you go thru Lesson 1 first to get a better idea 8:00:07 PM Halina Sykes: plus also keep in mind that the online quiz will also be covering Lesson 1 and 2 8:00:18 PM Halina Sykes: so you will find out by the end of that quiz if you are on the right track with your work 8:00:28 PM Halina Sykes: do remember that you will need to support your work so do try and base it on a organization with a online presence to make it easier for you 8:00:40 PM Halina Sykes: and yes you can use your place of work as long as you get permission from them to use them 8:00:54 PM Halina Sykes: hate for you to get into trouble at work for using information that they did not want to be make public for one reason or another :( 8:01:03 PM Halina Sykes: if you use material on your organization that is not on their public web site 8:01:38 PM Halina Sykes: then copies will need to be in your appendix to support your work 8:01:44 PM Halina Sykes: b places to look are local city councils. functional area then business process 8:02:15 PM Halina Sykes: the three most common functional areas are Human Resource Department. I. major banks and airlines 8:01:55 PM Halina Sykes: TIP .

4 and 5 will be a great help for you on these two parts 8:06:50 PM Halina Sykes: as Lesson 3 and 5 will help you with understandings information systems 8:06:59 PM Halina Sykes: while lesson 4 will help you gain a better understanding of the networking.Executive Support System 8:08:05 PM Halina Sykes: TPS .Transaction Processing Systems 8:08:12 PM Halina Sykes: etc 8:08:13 PM Halina Sykes: now let’s look at a common TPS 8:08:24 PM Halina Sykes: TPS helps with the money transactions in business 8:08:30 PM Halina Sykes: and we all use them.Halina Sykes: it will help give a visual representation of the structure to help you 8:03:18 PM Halina Sykes: So all the tutors are available via email if you need assistance with understanding a structure of your selected organization. databases.b way to find an organization chart in a companies web site is look for the search engine if it has one and type in organization chart. etc that will be needed in task 4 8:07:09 PM Halina Sykes: information systems come in a wide variety 8:07:22 PM Halina Sykes: information systems come in a wide variety 8:07:36 PM Halina Sykes: now there are many different categories for information systems 8:07:44 PM Halina Sykes: MIS = Management Information System 8:07:52 PM Halina Sykes: ESS . some on a daily basis 8:08:37 PM Halina Sykes: can anyone name me one? 8:08:42 PM Jennifer Denise MAHER: EFPOS? 8:09:59 PM Halina Sykes: excellent 8:10:12 PM . but to do so you need to provide either a link to the organization chart (b option) or a url link to the sites structure for us to help you 8:03:42 PM Halina Sykes: as no two organizations are the same in structure 8:03:54 PM Halina Sykes: TIP . etc 8:04:02 PM Task 2 Halina Sykes: you need to identify and discuss a business process used by your functional area 8:04:20 PM Halina Sykes: a functional area is supported by many business processes that do tasks to support that department 8:04:30 PM Halina Sykes: as mentioned in Lesson 1 8:04:36 PM Halina Sykes: a business process can be payroll for the human resources department 8:04:47 PM Tasks 3 & 4 Halina Sykes: These two tasks are linked together 8:06:27 PM Halina Sykes: in these parts you need to identify and discuss two information systems that can be used by the business process that you discussed in task 2 8:06:36 PM Halina Sykes: Lessons 3.

EES are generalized categories 8:11:51 PM Halina Sykes: so to identify real system you need to search the web for more information to help you 8:12:05 PM Halina Sykes: for exampple so to identify real system you need to search the web for more information to help you 8:12:16 PM Halina Sykes: it may tell you what type of system it uses when it comes to payment of rates. software. etc 8:12:27 PM Halina Sykes: it may tell you what type of system it uses when it comes to payment of rates. :) 8:14:01 PM Robert HOCKING: should the system be the actual one the company you are studying uses? 8:14:28 PM Halina Sykes: Robert no. 3. 4 and 5 for this assessment as they can give you good fundamental information to help make this assessment easier to understand 8:13:07 PM Halina Sykes: but do ensure that you go thru Lesson 1 before next week 8:13:15 PM Halina Sykes: so we can discuss any areas that you are unsure of as the online quiz that you have to do in week 3 will be based on both that lesson and lesson 2 8:13:35 PM Halina Sykes: hint ..some of what we discussed in tonight’s chat for this report will help you with the quiz 8:13:46 PM Halina Sykes: ok so we have covered the unit overview and Assignment 1B... It can be hypothetical 8:14:44 PM Rand FAIQ: so basically we can talk about one business but put a hypothetical system for it not necessary the exact one? 8:17:39 PM Halina Sykes: rand that is correct 8:17:51 PM Jennifer Denise MAHER: Once we know what the system is that we will be using how do you sugg we find out . MIS. ect that your information system uses 8:11:42 PM Halina Sykes: the examples mentioned above like TPS. etc 8:12:33 PM Robert HOCKING: should the system be the actual one the company you are studying use? 8:12:39 PM Halina Sykes: b advise is not focus on systems until task 1 and 2 is complete 8:12:44 PM Overview Halina Sykes: B to go thru Lesson1. you can find a lot of good information on actual systems if you can web search right 8:11:29 PM Halina Sykes: as Task 4 does ask that you identify hardware.Halina Sykes: eftpos is one of the most commonly used TPS 8:10:34 PM Halina Sykes: now a piece of advice on selecting information systems for this assessment 8:10:44 PM Halina Sykes: if you just thru us two basic and generic information systems like a TPS or MIS then you will get some marks for your work 8:10:58 PM Halina Sykes: but to get maximum marks you need to identify actual systems 8:11:11 PM Halina Sykes: as it will show that you have furthered your research 8:11:20 PM Halina Sykes: and besides.

about the hardware etc? Is this part of the research? (guessing it is) 8:17:52 PM Halina Sykes: jennifer yes it is part of the research :) 8:18:07 PM Jennifer Denise MAHER: Will a cleaned up version of this chat be made available also? 8:18:46 PM Halina Sykes: I will post it in about 20 mins Jennifer 8:18:55 PM .