Promethean Board

Quick Start

Computer on - Use document camera, press camera or source button for computer – same as before 1. Use the remote control, aim at the overhead projector and press the ON button once. To turn off, press twice.

2. Start Inspire If you don’t have an icon Go to Finder -- Applications – Promethean --ActivSoftware Inspire- Inspire

3. Use PEN for everything Pen is attached to L/R side of board. 4. Up/Down control behind board If your board seems unaligned, hover your pen over the light-up circle in top left corner. This will start the alignment tool. Look at the screen and follow the directions. Ask Shelley, Karen Trombley, or Caroline Ryan for help. OVER

To write on the board: 1. 2. 3. 4. Start Inspire Pick up pen. Touch pen tool. Choose a color Write Erase with pink eraser tool.

Turn the page and get another page to write on. ******************************** To use other programs on the computer such as a website or EDM page, Click on ARROW tool click on DESKTOP ANNOTATE blue square near top To get back to Inspire Flipchart, click DESKTOP ANNOTATE again. ********************************** To keep toolbar and browser in place or out of your way, use PIN Pin down to keep on screen, pin in YELLOW to make them hide, pin is GRAY *********************************************************** Desktop Tools -has a clock, dice, tickertape, others- click hammer To turn off desktop tools, click the tiny orange/white promethean board