Volume 6, Number 9

APRIL, 2011
On November 13, 2012, the
Village of Kohler will celebrate its
Centennial. In preparation for this
one hundred year celebration, the
Village Board has established a
Centennial Committee. The mem-
bers are the Village Board Presi-
dent along with Sheryl Lindstrom,
Thomas Leonhardt, Amy Biznek,
Peter Fetterer, and Cindy Howley.
Since the beginning of the New
Year, the Committee has been
meeting on a bi-weekly basis to
plan for the 2012 Centennial. Prior
to this, Steve Reinbacher had
begun the initial work with the
Centennial Committee. If anyone
would like to assist with the plan-
ning of this major event, please
contact the Village Clerk/Trea-
surer’s Office at 920-459-3873
or email cgamb@kohlervillage.org.
The next Centennial Committee
meeting is scheduled for Wednes-
day, April 6, 4:00 p.m., at the
Kohler Village Hall and is open to
the public.
Kohler School Board
approves one-year
teacher contract extension
On March 17, 2011, the Kohler
School Board approved a Memo-
randum of Understanding with
teachers to extend the current con-
tract for a period of one year. The
contract extension includes signif-
icant reductions in pay and bene-
fits for teachers as well as work
rule changes providing the Board
with greater flexibility.
Under the Governor’s proposed
budget and expenditure projections
based on the current school year,
Kohler Schools will have an esti-
mated $600,000 to $650,000
budget shortfall in the 2011-2012
school year. Kohler teachers have
agreed to historic reductions, help-
ing to significantly close this gap.
These reductions exceed those that
would be realized under the
Budget Repair Bill. The reductions
also exceed those offered in sur-
rounding districts with similar
Kohler Schools shaped a one-
year contract extension with teach-
ers to provide time to thoughtfully
move into the landscape required
by the Budget Repair Bill. The
Board is working to ensure teach-
ers remain focused on educating
children. This extension provides
that focus and also provides the
time for the Board to create the
new relationships and working
rules needed in July 2012.
= The extension includes the fol-
= A salary freeze at the current
rate (the right to bargain wages,
as stated in the Budget Repair
Bill, is waived for one year).
= All salary lane and step in-
creases are frozen.
= Employees who participate in
the health insurance plan will
contribute 15 percent towards
the premium.
= Employees who do not partici-
pate in the health insurance plan
and receive a contribution to a
tax sheltered annuity instead of
health care will see the maxi-
mum contribution reduced from
$7,900 to $4,000.
= Employees will be responsible
for the employee portion of the
Wisconsin Retirement System
= The top tier of the longevity pay
chart is eliminated.
= Teachers in middle and high
school will move from two
preparation periods per day to
one period and either teach an
additional section or be as-
signed a professional or super-
visory responsibility.
= Teachers who retire at the end
of the 2011-2012 school year
will receive a benefit that is half
of the current benefit (tax shel-
tered annuity from $10,000 to
$5,000 or health care from
$20,000 to $10,000).
= A provision that allows the
Board to reduce or layoff a
teacher with 30-day notice pro-
vides greater flexibility in man-
aging district finances
The Board and the Administra-
tion believe this contract extension
is an opportunity for Kohler
Schools to provide needed finan-
cial savings to the district and pro-
vide stability and focus for
teachers in these uncertain times.
The extension provides the district
with approximately $112,000 in
savings over and above what
would likely be achieved through
the Budget Repair Bill. The con-
tract extension means teachers’
take home pay will be reduced be-
tween 8% - 11%. According to dis-
trict analysis, the extension
provides the potential for $462,000
in savings in the coming school
year. Under the Budget Repair
Bill, those savings would likely be
The Kohler Board would like to
extend deep appreciation to our
teachers and staff working together
to shape a framework in the best
interest of Kohler students.
Kohler Schools
to hold listening
session on budget
On March 17, 2011, the Kohler
School Board approved a one-year
contract extension with its teachers
for the 2011-12 school year.
Teachers agreed to a salary freeze,
a 15 percent contribution to health
care premiums and to one-half of
the total required contribution to
the Wisconsin Retirement System.
This amounts to a savings of
roughly $462,000. Additional con-
cessions pertain to work rule
The $462,000 in savings re-
duces the projected budget
$600,000-$650,000 shortfall.
However, there is still a budget
gap. The budget shortfall includes
a structural deficit being carried
forward and a 5.5 percent cut in the
revenue limit as proposed in Gov-
ernor Walker’s state budget.
In the coming months, the
Kohler School Board will cau-
tiously decide what to reduce,
change, or eliminate in the budget
in order to close the budget short-
fall. The following ideas are under
= Reducing some electives at the
high school level
= Offering some high school elec-
tives on an every other year
= Expanding the middle school
model to include grades 6
through 8
= Combining 6th grade band with
the 7th and 8th grade band
= Reducing or eliminating 6th
grade summer band lessons
= Driving full enrollment capacity
at each grade level
= Limiting expenditures on stu-
dent workbooks in early ele-
mentary grades
= Reducing secretarial and/or
other support positions
= Combining facility/operations
management with other admin-
istrative positions
= Increasing athletic and other
extra curricular fees
= Charging a fee for athletic trans-
= Reducing or eliminating funding
for performing arts and funding
it on ticket sales
= Increasing meal prices
= Adding additional layoffs or po-
sition reductions in the future
= Considering a wage freeze for
administrator and other posi-
tions consistent with teacher
The community will have an
opportunity to provide input and
share their thoughts about the
budget during three superintendent
listening sessions: Thursday,
March 31 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30
p.m. in the district conference
room; Saturday, April 2 from 9:00
a.m. -10:30 a.m. in Woodlake Mar-
ket; and Thursday, April 7 from
7:00 p.m. -8:30 p.m. in the district
conference room.
The district budget is built on
the per-pupil amount the state al-
lows the district to raise through
local property taxes or state aid,
and other voter approved spending.
The revenue limit is the amount
raised through property taxes or
state aid as defined by the state.
The Kohler School Board uses the
full amount of the allowed revenue
limit to fund Kohler Schools at the
maximum level. At the risk of un-
dermining a quality education for
the students, which in time could
reduce property values, the School
Board has the power to reduce
taxes by not funding at the full rev-
enue limit.
The challenge each school
board faces is maximizing revenue,
balancing the budget, and honoring
the contribution property owners
make through taxes. When overall
property value in a community de-
creases, each property owner pays
more to the school district for each
$1000 of property value. Think of
Kohler property value as a pie,
when the pie shrinks, each portion
of the pie must contribute more to
raise the same amount of money to
fund the school district.
Because the Kohler School Dis-
tric is challenged by the need to
balance its budget, to maximize
revenue, and to minimize property
tax impact, community input is
needed. Please attend one of the
listening sessions to recommend to
the Board ways to balance the
budget and, at the same time, main-
tain a high quality school district.
Plans in the making for Village
of Kohler Centennial
School Board approves Memorandum of Understanding
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The past sev-
eral weeks
have created
much turmoil
for WI, both
at the state
and local lev-
els. As Gov-
ernor Scott
Walker’s budget bill winds itself
through the courts and the legisla-
tive process, concerns still remain
at the local level. In the end,
though, it should be realized that
communities will have to respond
to the budget as approved by the
House, the Senate and the Gover-
nor. In any case, it can be safely
said that all of us are ready to bring
the divisive issues to rest and move
on…as the rights and dignities of
all are respected.
With the inevitability that com-
munities will be receiving less
State aid for their schools, less
shared revenue for community
services, and a freeze on tax levy
increases, your local governments
and school boards will experience
severe limitations on their upcom-
ing budgets. It is almost certain
that communities will have to
tighten their belts as the 2012
budgets are put in place.
Through all of this, however,
the education of our young people
cannot be abrogated and the youth
of today cannot be viewed as ex-
pendable commodities. The viable
future of any nation rests in its
young people. Mr. Marty Lex-
mond, District Superintendent,
definitely walks a “tight rope” in
working with the School Board,
the district staff, the students, and
the community while attempting to
maintain the strength of the Kohler
School District’s overall programs.
All of us have our personal beliefs
and agendas as to how it should be
done. In the end, though, we
should be unified on one front: the
future of our nation rests with the
youth of today. My personal best
wishes are extended to Mr. Marty
Lexmond, School Board President
Dr. Jane Bishop, and the other four
School Board members, and the
school staff as they pull together to
offer the best possible educational
programs for the youth of our com-
The Kohler Civic Club was or-
ganized one year ago and meets at
noon on the first and third Thurs-
day of each month. Meetings rotate
between Blackwolf Run Restau-
rant and Pine Hills Country Club.
In early May, the Village of Kohler
2011-12 Directory will be deliv-
ered to your homes and/or places
of business. The Club members are
working feverishly on the plans for
a Village of Kohler Cemetery Vet-
erans’ Memorial. A view of the
proposed plans will be forthcom-
ing soon; it is anticipated that an
architectural design will be dis-
played at the Kohler Cemetery for
the 2011 annual Memorial Day Pa-
rade. Plans include the unveiling
of the Veterans’ Memorial at the
2012 Memorial Day Parade, which
would be a highlight for the Vil-
lage of Kohler Centennial. If you
are interested in becoming a mem-
ber of this illustrious club, please
contact President Richard Balge
The Village Centennial Com-
mittee continues to meet regularly.
We are pleased to welcome Cindy
Howley, Kohler Co. Representa-
tive, to the committee. Cindy is an
important addition, since her input
will bring to the table the history of
the Village of Kohler from the per-
spective of the Kohler Co. Other
Committee members are the Vil-
lage Board President, Amy Biznek,
Tom Leonhardt, Sheryl Lindstrom,
and Peter Fetterer.
The April 11th Board Meeting
will conclude my eight years as a
Village Board member – including
my last eight months as “interim
Board President.” A personal void
is still felt with the untimely death
of Steve Reinbacher. Sincere con-
dolences continue to be with Ann
Reinbacher and her family.
During these eight years, I have
had the privilege of serving on the
Board in several different capaci-
ties. My primary role for several
years was Chairperson of the Prop-
erty Committee. In looking back,
several projects were completed
during that time. Among those
were the new roof on Kohler Me-
morial Hall Building, construction
of the Village Children’s Swim-
ming Pool, and the Lost Woods
Park Pavilion. Included are the up-
keep and replacement of several
streets – including School Street,
renovation of Kohler Memorial
Hall/Theatre/Gym, extension of
sewer/water line on Woodland
Road, and the list goes on. Sincere
thanks are extended to Bruce Neer-
hof, DPW Superintendent, with
whom I worked closely for ad-
dressing the property agendas for
the Village; Laurie Lindow, Village
Clerk/Treasurer; and Cindi Gamb,
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer. Also, it
was an honor to serve with past
Presidents Oscar Ward and
Thomas Leonhardt.
My best of wishes are extended
to your anticipated new Board
President, Thomas Schnettler, and
the successful three of the four
candidates for trustee positions:
Thomas Gast, William Kunst,
Brian Post, and Dietmar Wohlge-
Again, thanks to all who have
made my position on the board
possible and to those with whom I
have worked. It has been an honor
in having served on the Kohler Vil-
lage Board!!!
Best of wishes…
John Egan
Interim Village President
From the Village Board President . . .
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Good day,
I am Brian Post. I am seeking your support as a candidate for Village
Trustee in order to continue to represent you in our community’s

My wife, Kim, and I carefully chose the Village of Kohler to buy our first
home. We cherish living in Kohler with our children, Noah and Hannah. We
are proudly a part of our neighborhood, the Kohler School District, and the
Village of Kohler community. I am currently a member of the Village of
Kohler Board, the Kohler Credit Union Board, and I participate in Kohler Boy
Scouts. I have also had the pleasure of working with Kohler youth baseball.

I received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Marquette
University. After a few years as an accountant, I sought to improve my
abilities by attending Cardinal Stritch University to complete a Master of
Business Administration degree.

Currently, I am employed at Kohler Co. as a Senior Accounting Analyst in
the Corporate Accounting group. I have grown through my professional and
personal experiences, including increasingly challenging roles in accounting,
information technology, consulting, project management, and management

My goals as your representative are to promote reasonable policies and to
practice responsible management. I will passionately fulfill my commitment
to you through personal integrity, consistent
decision-making, community communication
and involvement, and the application of my
experience and education.

The Village of Kohler election will be on
Tuesday, April 5th. Please consider voting
for me as you go to the poll that day.

Your support is greatly appreciated,
Brian Post
Authorized and paid for by Brian Post for Village Trustee
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Spring election significant to Kohler residents
Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday, April 5!
Village of Kohler voters will
take to the polls on Tuesday, April
5, to decide who will represent
them on the Kohler Village Board
and School Board, as well as the
Sheboygan/Kohler Municipal
Court, the Sheboygan County Cir-
cuit Court, and the Wisconsin
Supreme Court.
Interim Village Board President
John Egan is not seeking reelec-
tion. The sole candidate on the bal-
lot for the position is Tom
Schnettler. (As always, voters have
the option to enter a write-in can-
didate for any of the open seats).
Village Trustee incumbents Brian
Post and Tom Gast will be chal-
lenged by Bill Kunst and Dietmar
Wohlgemuth, Jr.
Laura Kohler is seeking reelec-
tion for the Kohler School Board of
Education. She is being challenged
by Lisa Kraus.
Judge Catherine Q. Delahunt, a
Kohler resident who currently
serves as the Sheboygan/Kohler
Municipal Judge, will appear on
the ballet twice. She is challenging
incumbent Judge Angela
Sutkiewicz for a six-year term on
Sheboygan County Circuit Court,
Branch 3. Should Delahunt defeat
Sutkiewicz, she will surrender her
seat on the Municipal Court and a
replacement will be appointed. De-
lahunt’s second appearance on the
ballot is a challenge for her seat on
the Municipal Court by Sheboygan
Attorney William K. Sonnenburg.
Kohler voters will also help de-
cide the hotly contested race for
Justice of the Supreme Court,
where incumbent Justice David T.
Prosser is being challenged by As-
sistant Attorney General JoAnne
About the Village Board
At a special board meeting this
past October, Tom Schnettler was
appointed from among eight appli-
cants to fill a vacancy on the Vil-
lage Board of Trustees left by John
Egan, who was appointed to be in-
terim Village Board President after
the passing of Steve Reinbacher.
Schnettler has served as Village
Board President in the past, as well
as volunteer fireman, fire chief,
School Board member, and church
president. Past committees Schnet-
tler served on include: Board of
Zoning and Appeals, Plan Com-
mission, church building commi-
tee, and school building com -
mittee. Schnettler and wife, Joan,
have five children – all graduates
of Kohler High School.
Village Board Trustee incum-
bent Brian Post is seeking another
term. He serves on the Kohler
Credit Union Board, participates in
Kohler Boy Scouts, and works
with Kohler youth baseball. Post
received a Bachelor of Business
Administration degree from Mar-
quette University, and completed a
Master of Business Administration
degree at Cardinal Stritch Univer-
sity. He is employed at Kohler Co.
as a Senior Accounting Analyst in
the Corporate Accounting group.
Post and his wife, Kim, have two
young children attending Kohler
Incumbent Tom Gast has served
as Village Board Trustee for the
past four years. Committee ap-
pointments include: chairman of
the Memorial Hall Committee,
chairman of the Finance Commit-
tee, former member of the Plan
Commission, two terms on the
Kohler School Board serving as
vice president and treasurer, seven-
teen years as an active member of
the Kohler Fire Department, (cur-
rently serving as trustee), member
of the Kohler Police Athletic
League for 22 years, (past vice
president and currently serving as
secretary treasurer), board member
and past president of Safe Harbor,
Manager - Personal Lines Under-
writing at ACUITY Insurance with
25 years of service, and treasurer
of the Wisconsin Federation of In-
surance Companies. Gast obtained
CPCU Certification and Manage-
ment Certification from the Fluno
Center at the University of Wiscon-
sin. He earned a Bachelor of Busi-
ness Administration from the
University of Cincinnati. Gast and
his wife, Rita, have lived in Kohler
since 1986 and have two adult
children who grew up in Kohler
and graduated from Kohler High
School. They have four grandchil-
dren, two of whom are now attend-
ing Kohler School.
Dietmar Wohlgemuth has lived
in the Village for nearly a decade.
He has been a volunteer firefighter
for the Kohler Fire Department
since 2002 and is its current presi-
dent. He serves on the Recreation
Department Ad Hoc Committee.
Wohlgemuth has been employed at
Sheboygan Chevrolet for more
than two decades. Wohlgemuth and
his wife, Cassandra, have three
young daughters attending Kohler
Bill Kunst served three terms as
a Village of Kohler Trustee from
2003 to 2009. Past committee ap-
pointments include Property Com-
mittee, Finance Committee,
Compensation Committee, Griev-
ance Committee, Cemetery Com-
mittee, and Memorial Hall
Committee. He has a B.S. Degree
Continued on page 4
in Industrial Technology in Materi-
als and Material Processes from the
University of Wisconsin-Plat-
teville, and is currently employed
at Cedarburg School District as a
Technology Education Teacher,
teaching High School during the
day and Adult Education classes at
night. He has 35 years of manage-
ment experience, 28 years of auto-
motive service management
experience, and seven years as a
plant maintenance supervisor.
Kunst is a member of Kohler Po-
lice Athletic League, member of St.
Johns Catholic Church, former as-
sistant Scout leader (four years),
and volunteer Hunter Education In-
structor (ten years). Bill and his
wife, Kathleen, have been Kohler
residents for 25 years and have five
daughters, Katie, Amy, Beth,
Molly, and Emily, and one son,
Bill, all graduates of Kohler High
About the School Board
Statement from Laura Kohler:
“I have chosen to run for re-
election to the Kohler School
Board, having served since April
2006, and I am currently serving as
Vice President of the Board. I ask
for your support on Election Day,
April 5, 2011.
“Given these uncertain times
with legislative, contract and
budget issues, I believe it is even
more important to leverage experi-
ence and the accumulated knowl-
edge that I have gained during the
past five years of service.
“As a school board member, I
feel it’s important to take the expe-
rience I’ve gained, my business and
financial acumen, and seasoned
judgment, to bring an open mind to
the school board. I work intention-
101 Cedar Lane
Elkhart Lake, WI 53020
27 one- and two-bedroom
assisted living apartments
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24-hour attentive and friendly
nursing staff
RN Nurse Manager and on-site
licensed nurses
Vibrant activities program
Weekly housekeeping
Tree delicious and nutritious
meals included daily
Utilites: Electric, heat, A/C,
cable TV, water and sewer
40 Village homes (20 duplexes)
for active, independent seniors
age 62 and better
Two bedrooms and two
full baths
2-car attached garage,
full basement
Stair-free first floor living
First floor laundry
All appliances included
Interior and exterior home
maintenance included
Clubhouse with exercise room
Cedar Landing is operated by Cedar Community, a private, not-for-profit, church-affiliated provider of services for adults age 62 and better.
CALL MONICA TODAY AT 920.876.4050!
An open letter
to the Kohler
From Kohler Schools Superinten-
dent Marty Lexmond.
Dear Kohler Schools Community:
Recent days in Madison have
generated excitement, confusion,
and an enormous amount of uncer-
tainty for educators. Circum-
stances are changing and what the
future holds for education in Wis-
consin at this point is unclear. I
want to assure the Kohler Commu-
nity that as we face the difficult
budgetary decisions ahead, we will
do so with the best interest of the
children in mind, balanced by the
needs of property owners who
fund our schools. We will adjust
our expenditures based on student
enrollment, learning needs, and a
commitment to achievement and
growth for all students. Over the
past few days we have been poring
over the information available try-
ing to determine what will likely
be the impact to our school district
in the years ahead. One thing is
clear at this point, nothing is en-
tirely clear.
The benefit of moments such as
these is that the character of the ed-
ucators in Kohler has shown
through the fog. I am impressed,
but not at all surprised, by the pro-
fessionalism of our teachers and
staff, and by the concern each per-
son has for our students and for
one another. We will continue to
work together to create a landscape
where employees are valued and
our future is clear.
No matter the outcome of the
events in Madison, our community
can be confident that we will con-
tinue to treat each other and the
children we serve with dignity and
respect. This is and will be a
Kohler Schools tradition.
On behalf of the school board
and the administrative team, I want
to thank Kohler educators for all
you do for our students and for
your friends and colleagues. Dur-
ing these times we all need to re-
member to take deep breaths, step
back to assess the facts before lis-
tening to the rumors, and seek to
understand. In all challenge there
is an opportunity, we will find that
opportunity because of our shared
commitment to serving students
and our commitment to one an-
Marty Lexmond
Superintendent of Schools
ally at bringing an open mind to
every board meeting in order to
collaborate and problem solve as
effectively as possible. I also bring
this same approach to the Board,
HR, Policy and Curriculum/In-
struction subcommittees that I’ve
been proud to serve on.
“Our challenge at Kohler
Schools continues to be consis-
tently delivering an energizing, rig-
orous learning environment where
all our students can learn, grow
and graduate with confidence to
contribute to a global society. What
does that require? It requires that
all of us are focused on that goal so
that every teacher helps every child
experience growth in learning. It
requires providing an environment
where teachers and staff get to do
their best work every day. It re-
quires all of us working together to
fill our classrooms with students so
that our halls, our plays, our choirs,
and sports teams are filled with
laughing, interactive, energized
and kind, young people.
“What will it take for Kohler to
be one of the best schools in this
country? What will it take for
Kohler to be a place that has a
waiting list for every grade? What
will it take for Kohler to be the
place where teachers from other
parts of the country want to teach
because they can do their best
work and be a part of an engaged
community of learning? I don’t
know all the answers. But I do be-
lieve all this is possible with a sup-
portive and active community, a
strong and effective school board,
a visionary and high-performing
administrative team, and an amaz-
ing group of teachers who are en-
ergized and step up to new
challenges because they see the
impact they can have on each and
every student. And all of this
needs to be managed within the
ever-challenging confines of our
“I want to continue to be a part
of that team. This team can take
Kohler Schools to new heights de-
spite the challenging times we are
going through. Challenge can en-
ergize and bring needed change.
What matters is how we all handle
these transitions. I want to help
where I can and strengthen this
great school district.
“We all need to do what we can
to deliver the very best learning ex-
perience for every child who
chooses Kohler Schools. And then,
when the time comes, we need to
pass on that school, that great
teaching team, that strong positive
culture, that rigorous and effective
curriculum to the next generation
of leaders, who just might be our
children. Let’s all take this mission
Laura has a BA from Duke Uni-
versity and an MFA from Catholic
University. She is Senior Vice
President – Human Resources,
Kohler Co.; She has served on the
Kohler Public School Board since
2006; was Co-Recipient of the
Wisconsin State Superintendents
“Friends of Education” Award in
2005; Served on the Kohler School
Pride Committee in 2004; Chair of
the Kohler Trust for Arts and Edu-
cation; John Michael Kohler Arts
Center Board Member; Director of
Friendship House, a group home
for at-risk boys; and Member of
the Advisory Board of the Center
of Global Business at Penn State.
Laura and her husband, Steve
Proudman, have three children
ages 16, 14 and 10.
Statement from Lisa Kraus:
“My name is Lisa Kraus. My
husband David and I have lived in
the village of Kohler since May
1996. We are the very proud par-
ents of one son, Andrew, who has
attended the Kohler School District
since age three in the Early Child-
hood program. He is now 12 years
old and in the 5th grade.
“I have been employed as a
teacher by the Sheboygan Area
School District for the past 18
years.I am certified in German
(grades 7-12) and in ESL (English
as a Second Language) for grades
pre-K-12. I earned my Bachelor's
Degree from UW-Eau Claire in
December 1992. I graduated with
a Masters Degree in Teaching from
Aurora University in Aurora, Illi-
nois in the summer of 1999.
“During the course of my ca-
reer, I have taken on many leader-
ship roles ranging from ELL
Middle School Department Chair
to ELL Curriculum and Assess-
ment Specialist. About 5 years ago,
I held a part time administrative
position for the Sheboygan Area
School District. For two years I
served as the coordinator of the
ELL program for the Sheboygan
Area School District.At that time I
served the SASD in this capacity,
the program included over 2,000
ELL students, 70 ELL teachers,
and between 35-40 bilingual assis-
tants. My duties included teach-
ing/EA assignments, curricu-
lum, assessments, programming,
budget, state reports, knowledge of
state and federal law, etc....
“I believe I would be an invalu-
able asset to the Kohler School
Board as I am a teacher, have ad-
ministrative experience, and pe-
haps most importantly of all, I am
a parent. As such, I can view issues
facing the Board from all perspec-
tives (i.e teacher, administrator,
and parent) and provide valuable
input and insight as I am very
knowledgeable and experienced in
the field of education.
“My son Andrew has been in
the special education program
since the age of three and I have
been his strongest advocate. I
firmly believe that we can (and
should) do a great deal more in the
Kohler School District to better
meet the needs of our special edu-
cation students. The Kohler School
District has taken steps towards
improving special education in re-
cent years, but, in my opinion, we
have room to grow. In addition, the
parents of special needs children
need someone to act as an advo-
cate. Their voices need to be heard
and they need to know that some-
one on the Board truly knows and
understands their concerns. I do.
“I have devoted my entire life
to the field of education. I have a
great deal of knowledge and expe-
rience that I can bring to the table
that will benefit everyone (stu-
dents, teaching staff, administra-
tive staff, and parents). If elected,
I look forward to working together
with the other members of the
Kohler School Board and to serv-
ing the district as well as the vil-
lage. I have a vested interest in
doing so. I look forward to the op-
portuntity to serve in this new
“Candidates,” continued from page 3
APRIL, 2011
~ VOTE ~
For Village Trustee ON APRIL 5TH
Dear Village Resident:
My name is Dietmar Wohlgemuth and I’m running for Vil-
lage Trustee. I have lived in the Village for nearly a decade.
I am a volunteer firefighter for our community and am rais-
ing my family here. My wife and I have come to love Kohler
and hope to spend the rest of our days here. The reason
that I would like to become a trustee is simple, I love the
Village and want to help it maintain its beauty and integrity
for years to come.
I have a vision that in 100 years it will still be family-
friendly, with the same beautiful green spaces and oppor-
tunities for a great education. For me it’s about making a
a commitment to the Village,
a commitment to the residents I call friends,
and a commitment to doing what I can to insure the sta-
bility of our homes and workplaces. I respectfully ask for
your trust and your vote on April 5th.
•Volunteer Firefighter since 2002 •Current President of the Kohler Fire Department
•Employed at Sheboygan Chevrolet for over 2 decades •Serving on the Recreation Department Ad Hoc Committee
• Husband and father of three daughters attending Kohler Schools
Authorized and paid for by Dietmar Wohlgemuth for Village Trustee
Meet the members of the
Kohler Fire Department
POSITION – Firefighter
DUTIES – It shall be the duty of
active firefighters to obey all com-
mands of their officers while on
duty. It is also the duty of a fire-
fighter to be prompt at all meet-
ings, fire alarms, and fire drills.
The firefighter must assemble at
the engine house without delay and
assist in getting the apparatus to the
scene in readiness for operation as
soon as possible.
Technologist, Aurora Health Care
Spending time with family, Boat-
ing, Basketball, Golf, Fishing.
FAMILY – Wife, Julie, and daugh-
ters, Kate and Shannon.
POSITION – Firefighter
DUTIES – It shall be the duty of
active firefighters to obey all com-
mands of their officers while on
duty. It is also the duty of a fire-
fighter to be prompt at all meet-
ings, fire alarms, and fire drills.
The firefighter must assemble at
the engine house without delay and
assist in getting the apparatus to the
scene in readiness for operation as
soon as possible.
OCCUPATION – Business Devel-
opment Mgr. for Akzo Nobel Corp.
Hunting, Fishing, any Outdoor ac-
FAMILY – Wife, Jennifer, daugh-
ter, Lauren and son, Sam.
POSITION – Firefighter
DUTIES – It shall be the duty of
active firefighters to obey all
commands of their officers while
on duty. It is also the duty of a
firefighter to be prompt at all
meetings, fire alarms, and fire
drills. The firefighter must assem-
ble at the engine house without
delay and assist in getting the ap-
paratus to the scene in readiness
for operation as soon as possible.
OCCUPATION – Electrician –
Altmeyer Electric, 11 years
Hunting, Fishing, Dog training
FAMILY – Wife, Liz, and daugh-
ters, McKenna and Kathryn.
Reiki is a Japanese form of deep relaxation and stress reduction, which
also promotes healing. All Reiki sessions include:
Member International Association of Reiki Professionals
Located at Intentions in The Shops at Woodlake
= Scan for Low-Energy Areas of the Body
= Balance Energy Centers
= Why Low-Energy Has Developed
= Suggestions for Maintaining High-Energy
Call 920.457.WOOF to schedule your next
appointment. (Weekends available)
3513 S. 32nd Street, Sheboygan, WI 53081 920.457.WOOF (9663)
Bill Erbstoesser
Sales & Leasing Internet Manager
800-459-6840 Cell 920-254-9065
Jeff Romanoski
Sales Manager
800-459-6840 Cell 920-918-0352
Two dealerships, with one locaton, and one goal, to be your dealer!
My name is Tom Gast. My wife, Rita,
and I moved to the Village of Kohler in
1986. Our two children, Robert and
Molly, grew up in the Village and are
both graduates of Kohler High School.
My son, Rob, lives in Dayton, Ohio
with Alexandrea and Noelle. My
daughter and son-in-law, Rob and
Molly Holzrichter, have two daughters,
McKenna and Riley. We have a second
generation of our family attending Kohler School now.
For the past 25 years I have devoted thousands of hours volunteering
my time to better the community that we live in. I would like the op-
portunity to share some of the specifics with you.
Current Village Board Responsibilities:
4Chairman of the Memorial Hall Committee
4Chairman of the Finance Committee
- Supported the 2009 budget with no increase in property taxes
4Former member of the Plan Commission
- Involved in getting the Non-motorized Transportation grant of
over $900,000 for the Village
4Four years as a Village Trustee
4Two terms on the Kohler School Board serving as Vice President
and Treasurer
4Seventeen years as an active member of the Kohler Fire Depart-
ment, currently serving as Trustee
4A member of the Kohler Police Athletic League for 22 years, past
Vice President and currently serving as Secretary Treasurer.
4Board member and past President of Safe Harbor
4Manager - Personal Lines Underwriting at ACUITY Insurance -
25 years of service
4Treasurer of the Wisconsin Federation of Insurance Companies
4CPCU Certification
4Management Certification from the Fluno Center at the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin
4Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of
On Tuesday, April 5, please show me your support and . . .
Vote Tom Gast
Kohler Village Board
Authorized and paid for by Tom Gast for Village Trustee
Michael Perry and the Long
Beds featuring Randy Sabien
to appear at John Michael
Kohler Arts
Join celebrated Wisconsin
author and humorist Michael
Perry for an afternoon of words
and music on Sunday, April 3
2011 at 2:00 p.m. at John
Michael Kohler Arts Center,
608 New York Ave, Sheboygan.
Michael will share a passel
of stories and then The Long
Beds (featuring special guest
Randy Sabien) take the stage.
General Admission: $12.00 in
advance at and available online
at www.sneezingcow.com or
$14.00 at the door.
It’s Egg Hunt Time at
Restoration Gardens!
Sat. April 23
- Starts 9am, Ages 1-6
(at Kohler location, rain or shine)
Get your picture taken
with our Easter Bunny!
New giftware arriving daily,
shop our two giftshops!
Opening 7 days a week
starting April 4th!
G a r d e n • G i f t • H o m e • H o l i d a y
Petting Zoo!
(Please stop at
Garden center in Kohler
to sign up!)
6018 Superior Ave.
Kohler, WI
340 South Pier Dr.
Sheboygan, WI
Road america
announces 2011
motorcycle school
Elkhart Lake, Wis., March, 17
2011 – Road America has released
its 2011 Motorcycle School Sched-
ule. Entering its fifth year, the
school has become Wisconsin’s
premier cycle-training facility, ed-
ucating well over 1,500 two-wheel
enthusiasts. Endorsed and certified
by the Motorcycle Safety Founda-
tion (MSF), Road America’s Basic,
Experienced, and Dirt Bike Rider
Courses are taught by award-win-
ning rider coaches who have com-
pleted extensive training through
the MSF. Students who complete
the Basic Rider Course fulfill part
of the requirements needed to ob-
tain a motorcycle license from the
Wisconsin Department of Trans-
The following courses are of-
fered April through November in a
variety of day, evening and week-
end formats: Basic Rider Course,
Scooter Basic Rider Course, Expe-
rienced Rider Course, Advanced
Riding Clinic and Dirt Bike
School. Road America’s schools
are designed to maximize the fun
and minimize the risk of motorcy-
cling. With a pass rate of 98% the
success rate is great, however Road
America provides the occasional
non-pass student an opportunity to
return for the same course at a later
date, free of charge. Road America
also offers Supermoto Demo,
Basic and Competitive Courses.
These courses are taught on Road
America’s Briggs & Stratton Mo-
torplex, a purpose-built 1-mile
paved and dirt track with multiple
configurations and elevation
Find course descriptions and
on-line registration options at
www.roadamerica.com or call
Several area lodging properties
offer discounts to motorcycle
school registered students. Located
between Green Bay and Milwau-
kee in Sheboygan County, Road
America is a 640-acre, year-round
motorsports facility entering its
56th race season. In addition to
major race events, Road America
offers a karting club; weekly test
days for karting, supermoto and
motorcycles; group adventure pro-
grams; and top-of-the-line hospi-
tality. Special promotions are held
throughout the year and can be
found online.
Judge Delahunt is the
most qualified candidate:
An Independent Judge With Conservative Values
• Independent with conservative values,
tough on crime
• Broad Legal Experience including civil,
traffic/ordinance and criminal law
• Five years experience as a judge,
twice elected by the citizens
• Consistent track record of community
• Proven to be tough but fair
• Born and raised in Wisconsin with Midwestern
values. Her parents were teachers and her
grandparents were Wisconsin dairy farmers.
Senator Glenn Grothman
Senator Joe Leibham
Representative Mike Endsley
Representative Steve Kestell
Representative Dan LeMahieu
Donald Becker
Town of Holland
Dr. Jack Egan
Village of Kohler
David Gartman
Town of Wilson
Jack Hoffmann
Village of Oostburg
William Jens
Town of Lima
Gene Jentink
Village of Cedar Grove
Steve Jung
Town of Scott
Robert McDermott
Village of Random Lake
Donald Pohlman
City of Plymouth
James Scheiber
Village of Howards Grove
Chief Randy Boeldt
Elkhart Lake
Chief David E. Kirk (retired)
Chief William Rutten
Chief Jeffrey G. Tauscheck
Honorable Patrick T. Berigan
Honorable Kitty Brennan
Honorable Phil Chavez
Honorable Jeffrey Conen
Honorable Joseph L. Cook
Honorable Daniel M. Floeter
Honorable Bruce Goodnough
Honorable Jerry Hanson
Honorable Charles F. Kahn, Jr
Honorable Scott R. Letteney
Honorable Paul Malloy
Honorable Randi W. Milsap
Honorable Jill A. Mitchell
Honorable Derek Mosley
Honorable Mark F. Nielsen
Honorable Gregg Schreiber
Honorable Henry A. Sibbing
Honorable Douglas R. Stern
Honorable Monique A. Stertz
Honorable Sandy Williams
Honorable David Winter
Honorable Ron Ziwisky
Maureen Anderson
Dr. Kent & Linda Auguston
Sheila Barnhart
Kurt & Lori Bechtold
Brian & Carol Benishek
Jane Biederwolf
Dan Binversie
Dr. Steve Birkholtz
Mark Biznek
Kristin Blanchard
Allen & Susan Blasel
Anne Blindauer
Jim & Marilyn Bohren
Eldon & Judith Bohrofen
Joel & Jacqueline L. Boyd
Stuart & Cindy Brotz
Deb Bruckschen
Larry & Dr. Linda M. Bryce
Nancy Buss
Bill Cain
Chris Campe
Steve & Christine Campione
Bill & Geralyn Cannon
Nathan Casper
Therese Casper
Xiaohong Chen
Robert & Katherine Chesebro
Aaron & Jeanne Chorowicz
Ben Cleveland
Robert & Geri Clouston
John Coblentz
Susan Condon
James Conklin, II
Erin Coppersmith
Peter & Kathy Copps
David G. Delahunt, Jr.
David G. Delahunt, III
Dr. Stephen Delahunt
Quinn Q. Delahunt
Kevin Delahunt
John Dickens
Gary Dulmes
Karen Egan
Julie Engman
Jack & Ruth Fernsler
Matt Fihn
Brad & Barb Harwood
Dr. Peter Foote
Caroline Fortin
Dr. Dan & Jean Francis
Duane D. Fricke
Kristine Froh
Dian Fuhrmann
Riley Fullerton
Jane Gapinski
Thomas Gast
John & Anna Geary
Rich & Jan Gebhart
Rick & Liz Gebhardt
Kathy Gehring
Tony & Dr. Mary Gentine
Larry & Kathy Gentine
Lee Gentine
Louie & Paula Gentine
Lou & Michele Gentine
Jake Gerend
James Goking
Jerry Gonzalez
Rob Goodman
Pamela S. Gottsacker
Beth Gotwald
Jon Gougar
Steve Graff
Dan Gray
Pamela Greger
Robert & Jenelle Griswold
Dr. Paul & Barbara Gruber
Laura Gumm
Todd & Amy Gutschow
Kira Gutschow
Jane Halverson
Stephen & Helen Hamer
Tina Hamm
Paula Hare
Mark & Julia Harrington
Jan Harris
Tammy Harris
Michael Hayes
Dr. Jay & Ann Heilmann
Mike & Kaye Heinen
Dr. Bruce & Jadine Hilt
Michael L. Hintz
Christine Hoell
Gary & Charlotte Hoell
George & Yvonne Hoff
Robert Hoffmann
Rod & Karen Hogan
Fred Hollander
Matt Huenink
Susan Hundley
Robert Imig
John & Margaret Jantz
Oristella Jaramillo
Brian Jenny
Roger & Martha Jensema
Jeff & Sarah Joerres
Mary Jumes
Timothy & Lisa Kellner
Bill Kerwin
LuAnne Kestell
Sue Kieffer
Astrid Kirk
John & Nancy Kirtley
Jeanne Kliejunas
Earl & Charmaine Kneevers
Herbert V. Kohler, Jr.
Terry & Mary Kohler
Keith & Maureen Kolb
Michelle Konter
Mary Krahn
Jerry Kraus
Caroline Krider
James & Wendy Kukla
Peter Kuehl
Lee Kunze
Charlene Lammers
Nick & Sarah Landgraf
Dr. Mark & Tina Lang
Mike Leibham
Paul & Sue Lensink
Thomas Leonhardt
Jill Lewinski
Tom & Lisa Liebl
Bridget Long
Betty Macknick
Hellen Mallmann
Paul Maloney
David & Judy Markgraf
Bonnie Markus
Tony & Bonnie Mascipinto
Bernadette McGill
Ruth McKay
Michael Meeusen
Rob Merry
Steve & Jean Meyer
Bea Miley
Guy & Kay Miller
Marlin L. Miller
William Minihan
Mike Molepske
Lisa Luigs Morrissett
Nancy Moudry
Debra Noyes
Pam Otten
Phillip Parker
Maryellen Pellegrino
Michael Pellegrino
John Pethan
Chuck & Deb Pfrang
Alex & Carrie Pieper
Ethel Pillman
Patricia Piper
Roy Pirrung
Claire Plath
Andy & Jenny Pothast
Dave Quasius
Vicki Rautmann
Kayce Reinertsen
Ray & Shirley Quinn Reinhardt
John & Kristin Renzelmann
Teresa Reynoso
Mark & Karen Rhyan
Danielle Roebuck
Chuck & Susan Rohde
John & Zoe Rohde
Ted & Kristi Rohde
Randy Roethel
Israel Ruiz
Mary Ryan
Kent & Lisa Saemann
Martha Safford
Ben & Ann Salzmann
Jim & Jan Sartori
Kim Schmidt
Dort Schreiber
Jeffrey & Karen Schuchardt
Thomas & Beth Schueller
Amy Seibel
Judith Slawny
Mike & Lisa Sokol
Gordy & Helen Stanskas
Elizabeth Stauber
Launa Stayer-Maloney
Dr. Peter & Julie Steinert
Patti Stewart
Greg & Kristin Strehlow
George & Elaine Stoelb
Milt Storm
Bob Patterson Sumwalt
Edward & Mary Surek
Dan Ten Pas
Marian Ten Pas
James & Heidi Testwuide
Konrad Testwuide
Herb and Jane Tyler
Julie Vale
Debra Valenstein
Gordy & Helen Veldboom
Jim & Marge Voigt
Cherri VonDerVellen
Dave & Kelli Vroom
Jean Waibel
Wally & Tracy Waldhart
Allen & Ellen Wanek
Greg Weggeman
William Weissert
Valerie Wilkerson
Carrie Williams
Catherine Williams
Kim Williams
Mark Williams
Dr. Robin Wilson
Richard & Margaret Wolfe
Xiaojie Yu
Phil Zastrow
and many, many more...
Judge Catherine Q. Delahunt: Most Experienced, Most Qualified
Paid for by the Committee to Elect Judge Delahunt, Dr. Paul A. Gruber, Treasurer
APRIL, 2011
Where relationships happen – every day.
- make your recovery the ultimate goal
- be the center of your health care team’s attention
- achieve your maximum health and well-being
The strength to
Donald R. Gore, MD
D. Scott Sellinger, MD
Kevin J. Gassner, MD
Scott T. Glaeser, MD
Bruce A. Van Dommelen, MD
William Hartmann, PT
Amy Larson, PT
Robb Steenwyk, MPT, MTC
Rebecca Nelson, DPT
Allison Allen, DPT
Winter Blues?
If your nails are a-poppin’
And your walls a-crackin’
See the man who
makes things happen!
Sweet Potato’s is excited to introduce the colors
of spring with our new seasonal arrivals!
Join us for an afternoon of sweet treats
and unique stylings. We’ll have free
ice cream sundaes, colorful toppings,
balloons bearing discounts,
and special door prizes.
765 Woodlake Rd #D
KOHLER, WI 53044
p. 920. 458. 6645
“I”ce Scream
FOr SPring
1pm - 6pm
Call Bob at
right here in Kohler at (920)385-3400
E-Mail: thorped@att.blackberry.net
The Milwaukee Section of the
American Chemical Society an-
nounced the names of the top scor-
ers on the qualifying round of the
US National Chemistry Olympiad
exam. More than 83 first and sec-
ond year students from fourteen
schools across southeast Wisconsin
competed for the opportunity to
join the US National Team.
Seniors Meghan Long and Erin
Lammers from Kohler participated
in the event.
Placing second in the introduc-
tory division was Erin Lammers of
Kohler High School.
As a result of her performance,
Erin will be presented with a $50
check from the American Chemi-
cal Society at the annual educator’s
meeting in May in Milwaukee.
Erin is a student of Dana Krej-
Two Kohler students
participate in
National Chemistry
Olympiad exam
Lammers takes second place
in introductory division
The Kohler Villager
deadline is always the
20th of the month prior
to the next month’s issue!
lK#0fl0ß00 N8ll0f8I
• Strong and fair
• Trusted by
the legal
• Committed to
keeping the
community safe
Hon. Judge Angela Sutkiewicz
Circuit Court Judge, Branch 3
Paid for by Citizens for Judge Angela Sutkiewicz, LeAnne DeTrana, Treasurer
¥0l0 l00¶0 ß߶0l8 $0lkl0Nl0I 0ß ß#fll â
¬ ß l00¶0 f00 08ß 1f08lI
EXPERIENCE AS JUDGE Judge Angela Opponent
Presides over misdemeanor and felony criminal cases ✔
Presides over divorce cases ✔
Presides over custody and child placement cases ✔
Presides over guardianship cases ✔
Presides over mental commitment hearings ✔
Presides over children in need of protection and services cases ✔
Presides over complex civil cases ✔
Presides over Jury trials ✔
Presides over non-criminal traffic/ordinance violations ✔ ✔
Former Assistant District Attorney in WI ✔
Thousands of cases as attorney in WI Circuit Court ✔
20 years Practice as Attorney in Sheboygan County ✔
Endorsed by Sheboygan County Law Enforcement Association ✔
The support of over 60 Sheboygan County Attorneys ✔
100% of Endorsements from all current and reserve judges in Sheboygan County ✔
f00 00 l00 l00¶0l00M#8f0 l00 08ß0l08l08
APRIL, 2011
Olivü 426 in Sheboygan,
owned by Caitlin Brotz, a 2000
graduate of Kohler High and 2005
Business Graduate of Lakeland
College, was named 2010 Busi-
ness of the Year in the small busi-
ness category by the Sheboygan
County Chamber of Commerce at
its first “Chamber Champions”
dinner and awards gala on Febru-
ary 23, at the Blue Harbor Resort
and Conference Center. Road
America of Elkhart Lake also re-
ceived the award for the large busi-
ness category. “They make a
commitment to their employees,
have grown their businesses even
in the depths of the recession and
they each strive to make a differ-
ence in their communities,” said
Dave Gass, of Rohde Dales LLC,
who presented the awards.
Olivü, which sells beauty and
spa products that are hand-poured
daily or weekly using the freshest,
all natural ingredients from around
the world, was founded in 2006
after Brotz’s close friend, Adam,
received extensive burns while
using gasoline to burn brush away
Kohler alum awarded
2010 Sheboygan County
Chamber of Commerce
We perform the VNUS Closure
procedure in our office to
treat varicose veins and heavy, painful legs. Compared to
painful vein stripping and laser treatment this is:
Medical Arts Building
2920 Superior Avenue
Varicose veins are not
always a cosmetic issue.
Don’t live with leg
pain any longer.
Learn if VNUS Closure
is right for you.
Surgeons Werner and Garces

icose v ar VVa

e not eins ar cose vve

V O C s
S N E s
S E R s
N I M s
v painful
aricose v treat
perf e W
t liv Don’
always a cosmetic issue.
icose v ar VVa

treatment laser and stripping ein v
painful , y v hea and eins v aricose
Closure VNUS the orm
e with leg t liv
always a cosmetic issue.
e not eins ar cose vve

is: this treatment
to Compared legs.
to fice of our in procedure
always a cosmetic issue.

G Y O B E H 3
2920 Superior
or y ight f is r
VNUS Closur f i n Lear
y long pain an
t liv Don’

1 452-491
enue v AAv 2920 Superior
Arts Building
ou. or y
e VNUS Closur
. err. y long
e with leg t liv

erner and Garces W Surgeons
from a snowmobile trail he was
constructing. While at St. Mary’s
Burn Unit in Milwaukee, Adam
was advised not to use store-bought
lip balm or lotion. They wanted
him to use moisturizing products
that would promote healing, so
Brotz eagerly got to work preparing
a lip balm recipe that was shared
with her by a therapist. She had so
much left over, she ordered tubes
from the Internet that she filled and
gave away to friends. Brotz also
searched the Internet for alcohol-
free lotions and oils for her friend’s
grafted skin, which led her to dis-
cover the abundant world of home-
made cosmetics.
According to Brotz, her home-
made products eventually helped
her friend’s burns heal “mar-
velously,” but as he was set to head
to Colorado to compete in the
Snow-Cross X-games, he tragically
died in a single car accident July
29th, 2005. Brotz decided to leave
town for awhile and moved in with
an aunt in Dallas, Texas, where she
attended Collin County Commu-
nity College to obtain an entrepre-
neurship certification.
Brotz eventually made her way
back to Sheboygan with a vision of
starting a new enterprise, and Olivü
was born. Inspiration for the busi-
ness name came from the store’s
most used product, olive oil, which
Brotz refashioned into Olivü, “be-
cause it sounds like “I love you,”
said Brotz. The 426 is a tribute to
Adam’s snowmobile racing num-
Olivü, located at 511 North 8th
Street in Sheboygan, also hosts par-
ties for little girls and adults, where
guests mix up their own balms, lo-
tions, soaps and more. Products are
also available for ordering online at
Brotz’s vision of starting her
own enterprise was consummated
with the Business of the Year
award. “I truly am speechless, I'm
going to be jumping up and down
for the next week,” Brotz said dur-
ing her acceptance speech.
The Shops at Woodlake, Kohler, WI
Mon - Sat / 10-6 and Sun / 11-5
Step into Spring with a multitude
of UGG sandal options at Sweet
Potato's! From flip-flops to
wedges, Sweet Potato's has a
great pair of UGG just for you!
Our heart s and rooms are open t o al l .
For more information about any of our
homes, call Jane at 467-2401, ext. 127
or visit www.pinehaven.org
I’d Like to Clarify a Few Tings
People talk; that’s wonderful when it’s the good news that Pine Haven
continues to be known as THE place to receive quality care in a
Christ-centered environment. We are proud of our rich 60 year
history in Sheboygan County. Tere are two misconceptions which
need to be cleared up: waiting list and affordability.
When reviewing senior care facilities, make certain you are
accurately comparing services, fees and levels
of care offered at each. We think you will be
surprised to find how cost-effective we are.
With our continuum of care, you or a loved one
can move here right now …no waiting!
April 9 Unity Music
Festival to benefit
those suffering
hardships from
This year’s Unity Music Festi-
val benefitting families, friends
and neighbors suffering financial
hardships due to cancer will be
held at the Stefanie Weill Center
For the Performing Arts on April 9,
2011 beginning at 7:00 p.m. Doors
open at 5:00 for viewing Silent &
Live auction items. Daven Claer-
bout will be the auctioneer. The
Weill Center is located at 826
North 8th Street in Sheboygan.
Tickets are $20.00, with dona-
tions accepted. Tickets for the
“Gala Appetizer Buffet” to be held
upstairs from 5:00-6:00 p.m. are
available for $50.00. The event
will be co-emceed by Dr. Steven
Falconer and Dr. Dwight Dykster-
The musical extravaganza in-
cludes opening act Plymouth High
School German Band, followed by
the North High Drumline, The
Drowsy Maggie’s, The Backrow
Tenors or “BRT”, Solo Singer/Gui-
tar players, Celeste Benzschawel,
and St. John the Baptist folk
group’s breath taking Grande Fi-
nale you won’t want to miss!
More than 80 live auction and
raffle items will be offered, includ-
ing: Four Packers tickets donated
by Dr. Donald Gore, three hours of
sport fishing for six people, do-
nated by Hi Tech Fishing Charter,
hand-crafted silver angel necklace
donated by Powers Goldsmith
Shop in Brookfield, five rows be-
hind the dugout at a Cubs/Brewers
game with close parking donated
by Dr Marshall Matthews, Festive
Friday at the Entourage Spa Pack-
age for 6 guests which includes
complimentary wine and cheese,
and $100.00 gift certificate at Mar-
gaux, two Wisconsin football tick-
ets donated by Jim Conlin, Packers
football signed by the team dis-
played in a glass case with a mir-
ror, donated by Toro Trophies, a
kayak manufactured from rugged
linear polyethylene that is UV re-
sistant designed for years of care-
free use donated by Dutchland
Plastics Daven and Carl Claerbout,
a beautiful 68-wide dresser do-
nated by Richardson Furniture
Clearance Center.
Tickets are on sale at Falls
Healing Arts 467-8690, Weill Cen-
ter in Sheboygan 208-3243, Rick
& Mary Ann Waldbauer 467-3303,
Midwest Dental (Plymouth) 893-
8458, Blattner’s Piggly Wiggly in
Sheboygan Falls 467-0477, Asso-
ciated Bank in Sheboygan (Taylor
Drive) 459-6880, Wholistic Health
Center 5934 South Business Drive
459-9277, Matthews Oncology
458-7433 or Vince Lombardi Can-
cer Clinic 457-6800.
Donations are also appreciated:
Gold Sponsor ($1,000.00) will re-
ceive four complimentary tickets
to the show and the “Gala Appe-
tizer and Wine Buffet” held at the
Weill Center of Performing Arts.
Silver Sponsor ($500.00) will re-
ceive two complimentary tickets to
the show and to the “Gala Appe-
tizer & Wine Buffet.” Or become
a Bronze Sponsor ($100.00),or
Friend ($50.00). Make checks
payable to SCCCF, and submit to
Mary Ann Waldbauer (Event Co-
ordinator/Board Member/& Sur-
vivor): 998 Huron Trail,
Sheboygan Falls, WI. 5308. For
Questions or information requests
regarding SCCCF event, call (920)
St. John the Baptist folk group, which will perform the grand finale.
The Drowsy Maggies.
APRIL, 2011
An Experience with Every Meal
lor u deíícíous,
eíeguntíy prepured
meuí, choose írom u
vuríety oí píutes:
vrups, quíche, or
punínís ure ¡ust u íev.
Cr seíect írom the
uíu curte menu.
1empt yourseíí víth u
deíectubíe dessert ííke
gourmet íuvu cukes.
Línger ín our reíuxed
surroundíngs or
tuke yours to go.
Hours: M-F 10-5:30, Sat 10-4
(920) 467-6659
Free Wi-Fi available
Make reservations to
experience afternoon tea
To enjoy truly premium tea brewed precisely by
tea artisans visit the only tea room in the county.
= Complete removal of any size stump 15” inches deep
= Highly Maneuverable Self-Propelled 35 HP Stump Grinder
= Can access any yard with a 36” inch entrance
= Complete clean-up, backfill and reseeding
= Same Day stump & tree removal on small trees & shrubs
= Tree trimming and removal of trees up to 12” inches in diameter
20% off
Your first massage with
Shelley Stoffel
at Wholistic Health Center
5934 South Business Dr.
Sheboygan, WI 53081
Regular prices are:
1 hr. ($50), 1
/2 hr. ($70) or
2 hr. ($90) massages
“For the
service you deserve”
920-457-1075 www.v-r-d.com 1-800-351-4371
A Subsidiary of Kohler Co.
KOHLER, WI 53044
Hours: M-F 10-5:30, Sat 10-4
(920) 467-6659
Free Wi-Fi available
Make reservations to
experience afternoon tea
Save up to Save up to
Insure both your
home and auto with
American Family
and SAVE!
American Family Mutual Insurance Company
and its Subsidiaries
American Family Insurance Company
American Standard Insurance Company
of Wisconsin
American Standard Insurance Company of Ohio
Home Office — Madison, WI 53783
© 2009 001907 - Rev. 3/09
*This is a combination of discounts; Auto
and Home**, Multiple Vehicle and Good
Driver discounts for Auto; Home and Auto
(and property rating program) for Home.
Eligibility restrictions apply. See your
American Family agent for details.
**Varies by property policy form and may not
apply to all coverages on an auto policy or
property policy.

Call me to find out how you may
save up to 37%* on your American
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Sue Breitbach Fenn Agency
An Outstanding Customer
J.D. Power and Associates certified
Distinguished Insurance Agency

rummage sale
set for April 9
Sale to raise funds to create
“Wombat Garden” in
Bookworm Gardens
The temperatures are rising, the
days are getting longer and the
birds are singing! What a better
reason to get outdoors and enjoy
spring than a rummage sale!
You won’t want to miss the
first-ever fundraising rummage
sale sponsored by the UW-She-
boygan Southeast Asian Club set
for Saturday, April 9 from 8 a.m.
to 3:30 p.m. in the UW-Sheboygan
Gym. All funds raised from the
student- and volunteer-coordi-
nated event will support the cre-
ation of a “Wombat Garden” in the
nearby Bookworm Gardens chil-
dren’s literature garden in honor of
the campus’ Wombat mascot. (The
garden will focus on the book,
Diary of a Wombat, a popular chil-
dren’s book.)
All items for the sale have been
donated by area residents, faculty,
staff and students over the last sev-
eral months. Available items will
include furniture, small electron-
ics, antiques, clothing (infant
through adult), jewelry, purses,
home décor, luggage, housewares
and kitchen items, crafts, books,
linens/blankets/bedding, holiday
decorations, toys, exercise equip-
ment and much more.
All funds raised will be
matched by the UW-Sheboygan
Foundation to help fund the gar-
den’s construction, so your sup-
port is needed.
The UW-Sheboygan campus is
located at One University Drive,
just off Taylor Drive (between In-
diana and Union avenues). The
Gym building is located on the
south end of campus between the
East and West parking lots.
For more information about the
campus, please visit www.sheboy-
gan.uwc.edu or contact Carrie
Hoppe, UW-Sheboygan Univer-
sity Relations Director, at (920)
459-6612 or
U.S.T.A. Jr. Team Tennis: Sheboygan County
Smashers finish second in league
The Sheboygan County Smashers
finished 2nd in a 7 team U.S.T.A. 18 In-
termediate Jr. Team Tennis winter
league. The team qualified to compete in
the State District Championships on July
22-24 in Madison. Members of the team
are from Plymouth, Kohler, and Sheboy-
gan area schools. Team members in-
clude, pictured from left, Jenny
Louwagie, Sarah Leick, Jessica Dykster-
house, Elizabeth Raeder, Hannah Proud-
man, Steven Blend, Evan Koross,
Andrew Grose, Nick Eggert, and Ben
On March 5th, the league held their
last team matches at SportsCore in
Kohler. The Smashers won a total of 231
games for the season which was only 10
games behind the league winner,
Oshkosh Aces. The team played with a
lot of determination and teamwork
throughout the season. Other teams in
the league were from the Fond du Lac,
Appleton and Green Bay areas.
USTA Jr. Team Tennis leagues help
players improve their game while build-
ing team spirit. There are youth teams
for every age and playing ability. To
learn more about summer youth tennis
leagues in Sheboygan County, visit the
Sheboygan County Tennis Association's
website at SCTAonline.tripod.com or e-
mail questions to Wendy Tauscheck at
Scott Roberts Memorial 3 on
3 Indoor Soccer Tournament
The Kohler Soccer Club, in as-
sociation with the Sheboygan Falls
YMCA, hosted the Scott Roberts
Memorial 3 on 3 Indoor Soccer
Tournament on Saturday and Sun-
day, March 12th & 13th, 2011.
Fifty-four teams participated this
year and included players from
Kohler, Sheboygan Falls, Sheboy-
gan, Cedar Grove, Oostburg, Bel-
gium, Cleveland, Richfield, Hing-
ham, Plymouth, Elkhart Lake, New
Holstein, Chilton and Grafton. All
teams displayed great sportsman-
ship and competitive spirit.
The winners of the Tournament
by age group were as follows: U8,
Flaming Hot Rockets; U10 Boys,
Blue Boomerangs (Kohler); U10
Girls, Soccer Boss (Kohler); U12
Boys, Bombers (Kohler); U12
Girls, Rampage West; U14 Boys,
A/C Signs; U14 Girls, Rockets;
HSB The Sunny Days (Kohler);
HSG Thunder.
The Kohler Soccer Club would
like to thank the generous busi-
nesses that sponsored the Tourna-
ment: Plymouth Foam Incorpo-
rated, Masters Gallery Foods, Inc.,
Falls Healing Arts, S.C., Fountain
Park Family Restaurant, Great
Lakes Plastic Surgery, Dr. James
C. Magestro, DDS, Kohler Co.,
Sheboygan Chevrolet Buick Pon-
tiac GMC Cadillac Inc., Sweet
Potato’s Unique Boutique, Johnson
Bank, Salon 511, Wenig Funeral
Homes, Jimmy John’s, Walmart
Supercenter, Blattner’s Piggly Wig-
gly, Target, Big Apple Bagels
We would also like to give a very
big thank you to all the volunteers
who donated their time and energy
to make this event a huge success.
And lastly, thank you to Kohler
Public Schools for all their support.
LKC Football meeting/
registration to be held
April 12
LKC Football is back for yet
another exciting and successful
season this year. On Tuesday, April
12, there will be an informational
meeting and sign up in the Kohler
Cafeteria, starting at 6:30 p.m.,
with a coaches and parents meeting
and questions and answer session
beginning at 7:00 p.m. We encour-
age parents to ask whatever ques-
tions they have at this time. The
kids will be part of the first 15 min-
utes of the presentation, and are
then invited to the gym for pizza,
camaraderie and to throw around
the football as they wish.
Kids entering 5th grade through
8th grade for the 2011-2012
school-year are eligible to play.
Last year was a record turnout for
the program, with 68 different
players on three different teams.
This year, incoming 5th graders
and new players will be given a
chance to learn the basics of foot-
ball and the LKC football system,
and to play games together on se-
lect Sunday evenings in the Kohler
gymnasium this spring and sum-
mer. This will give the kids a
chance to get to know each other
and have some fun in the process.
There will be more details to fol-
low at the April 12th meeting.
We are asking all incoming 8th
graders to get to the meeting by
6:45 p.m., and meet in the football
equipment room as part of the
evening’s event.
Whether you are signing up or
simply want to learn more about
the program, we encourage you to
attend this meeting on Tuesday,
April 12 at 7:00 p.m.
We welcome you to visit our
new web site at lkcfootball.com.
Under 10: Ben Herold, Nick Wanschneider, Carter Knuth, Tyler Ru-
minski, Rod Hogan (coach) and Colin Hogan
Under 10 girls: Bailey Campione, Elly Udovich, Molly Thomack, Rachel
Proudman, Samantha Renzelmann and John Thomack (coach)
Under 12 boys: Henry O’Donnell, Brady Stefanczyk, Lucas Knuth, Char-
lie Kelly and Marcus Knuth (coach)
H.S. Boys: Front row – Eric Mehoke, Ryan Halverson. Back row – Con-
ner Hogan, Billy O’Neill, Garrett Griswold and John Benishek (coach)
APRIL, 2011
By Bruce Erickson
It would be 15 years before
Kohler would get back to the state
tournament in Madison. Not that
they did not have some good teams
during these years, but they ended
up being ousted from the tourna-
ment by schools with larger enroll-
ments. The 1964 team played
Sheboygan North in the subsec-
tional tournament and fell by the
score of 49-44. Led by Paul Maki
and Jim Dickleman, Kohler was
ahead for most of the game before
losing. The 1967-68 team was one
of the Kohler High School’s
strongest ever. With a starting
lineup of John Wolf, Jack Capelle,
Tom Gordon, Mike Rademacher
and John Hammer, they posted a
record of 19 and 2. That team av-
eraged 90 points a game during the
regular season topping 100 points
in six games and 90 points in six
others. They eventually lost to
Sheboygan South in the tourna-
ment with star forward Jack
Capelle missing the game with the
flu. From 1967 through 1971
Kohler posted a record of 76 wins
an 10 losses. They made good runs
in the tournaments, but lost to
Manitowoc three years in a row.
Manitowoc’s enrollment was over
1,900 students in three grades
compared to Kohler’s 150. In-
equality such as this led to the
WIAA making a drastic change in
tournament play during the 1971-
72 season. A class system was es-
tablished for the first time since
1938. There would be two classes
competing for trips to Madison
with eight teams from Class A and
four teams from Class B. The en-
rollment cut off was 600 students.
The 1971-72 team posted a
record of 15 and 3 during the reg-
ular season. They were tied for the
conference championship by JFK
Prep, who beat the Bombers in the
last game of the season. That loss
snapped a 27 game conference
winning streak. They were led by
6'2'' senior Joe Kleefisch, who was
a great leaper and scorer. During
his senior season he joined the elite
1,000 point club. Other starters
were Dave Miller, Dennis Terry,
Mike Ehren, Dave Hammer and
Russ TenPas. Jack Regan played
an outstanding role in the team
success and was nicknamed
“Super Sub.” Other team members
were John Keller, Steve Schepp-
mann, Jeff Prange, Harry Shaw,
John Rademacher, and Bob
Klauck. The team started the tour-
nament with victories over
Howards Grove and Elkhart Lake.
Then it was on to Regionals at
Howards Grove, where they would
face their most challenging games
in their march to state.
First up was Gibralter and
Kohler got off to a great start lead-
ing at half-time by a score of 49-
35. Gibralter put up a valiant
second half battle as Dennis Terrt’s
tip-in sent the game into overtime.
Kohler outscored Gibralter in the
extra period and won 84-80. After
the exciting Friday game, Kohler
was not given much of a chance
against a tall and talented team
from Brillion. Brillion was so con-
fident that they had already sched-
uled their practice time for the
Sectional Tournament at West
Bend. Lady Luck smiled on the
Bombers though as a March bliz-
zard roared through Wisconsin on
Saturday postponing the game
until Monday. This gave them the
extra rest the Bombers needed.
Kohler played even with Brillion
in the first half and trailed 39-37 at
intermission. In the second half
Kohler went into a full court press
and countered Brillion’s collapsing
defense with some brilliant outside
shooting by Ehren, Hammer and
Miller. Mike Ehren hit six long
shots in a row in the third quarter
helping Kohler to a 17-2 run.
Kohler had four players in double
figures for the game: Kleefisch had
28, Hammer 20, Miller 18 and
Ehren 15.
Now it was on to the sectionals
in West Bend. The first opponent
was McFarland, who was led by
6'5'' center Bill Pierson, who
would later play for the Badgers.
Joe Kleefisch was outstanding in
this game, as he went around and
over Pierson for a 20-point first
half. Dave Miller had an excellent
second half and finished with 24
points. Kohler won 85-72. Next up
was Oakfield and Kohler won
going away 72-57. Kohler would
join three other high schools as the
last ones standing in Class B.
As the player bus headed north
on Hwy. 57 that night, and was
turning on Hwy 28, the hero’s pa-
rade headed back to the Village.
Celebrating went late into the
night. Kohler had made it back to
State for the first time since 1956.
The next week brought great ex-
citement to the school and commu-
nity. Kohler resident Jack Stillwell
provided all fans with white straw
hats that would be a signature item
for 1972 and other state tourna-
ment appearances to come.
Their first opponent in Madison
was a talented Bloomington team,
which had lost only one game all
year. It was appropriate that Kohler
would play in the first class basket-
ball game held in Madison since
1938. The Bombers put up a gal-
lant fight, but fell by a score of 79-
64. The game was tight for three
quarters, but Bloomington pulled
away with the win. The thrills and
excitement will long be remem-
bered by all who were involved in
the spring of 1972.
In addition to his great basket-
ball career, Joe Kleefisch was a
state champion in track and starred
in football. After graduation from
high school Joe entered the United
States Naval Academy. After grad-
uation, Joe became a naval pilot
and was chosen to be a Top Gun
member and instructor. Joe accu-
mulated more than 4,000 hours of
jet flight time during his land and
sea tours. He rose to the rank of
commander and became com-
manding officer of the Strike
Fighter Squadron V-25 known as
the Fist of the Fleet of 1964. He
was a rising star in the Navy, when
he tragically lost his life in a jet
crash in May of 1995. He was 41
years old.
Joe Kleefisch soaring.
Reader shares
photo of
1956 team
After seeing the series of arti-
cles by Bruce Erickson, Dave
Newton emailed this photo of
Kohler’s 1956 team during the
locker room celebration after the
Milwaukee West victory that
sent Kohler to the State Tourna-
ment that year.
Many thanks to Dave for
sharing this great photo!
After 15-year dry spell, Kohler heads back to state in 1972
More than 125 Law Enforcement Officers from Sheboygan
County have endorsed Judge Angela Sutkiewicz for
another term as Circuit Court Judge Branch III
City of Sheboygan Police Department
Deputy Police Chief Al Sherven
Captain James Veeser
Captain Bob Wallace
Captain Steve Cobb
Detective Ed Worthman (retired)
Officer Tamara Remington
Officer Patrick Leichtnam
Lieutenant Brad Riddiough
Officer Hang Lor
Detective Cameron Stewart
Officer Brian Bastil
Officer Brandon Kehoe
Lieutenant Timothy Eirich
Lieutenant Michael Williams
Officer Joel Kuszynski
Officer Kent Huibregtse
Officer Chris Bahr
Officer Dana Fischer
Officer Eric Edson
Officer Tim McMullen
Officer Douglas Hall
Detective Paul Olsen
Officer Melanie McCarthy
Officer Dean Wendlandt
Officer Brian Inger
Officer John B. Zabel
Officer Spencer Wilson
Officer Matt Braesch
Officer John Rupnick
Detective Joel Clark
Officer Michael Stelter
Officer Charlet Endsley
Officer Trisha Saeger
Officer Kevin Dietz
Sergeant Tim Patton
Deputy Chief Robert Wojs (retired)
Officer Mark Viglietti
Officer Michael Beringer

City of Sheboygan Falls
Police Chief Duane Glancey (retired)
Officer Holly Rakow

Sheboygan County Sheriff John
Webb (retired)
Sheriff Mike Helmke (retired)
Sheriff William Spelshaus (retired)
Captain John Scholke (retired)
Deputy Rachel Ryan (retired)
Detective Brian Judd
Correctional Officer Tim Field
Correctional Officer Julie Schaefer
Detective Mark Mancl
Sergeant Eugene Wielgosh
Deputy Seth Fuller
Deputy Jay Joosse
Deputy Eric Pashley
Captain Karol Salata (retired)
Detective David Obremski
Detective Gerald Urban
Lieutenant John Detienne
Sergeant Jason Liermann
Detective Ethan Weber
Deputy Kevin Wittlinger
Detective Lance Dassler
Deputy Daniel Knitt
Deputy Nathan Hatch
Deputy Thomas Benning
Deputy Diana Allen
Sergeant Doug Tuttle
Deputy Lisa Olsen
Deputy Dennis Nelson (retired)
Deputy Steve Wimmer
Corporal Matthew Spence
Deputy Barry Nelson
Deputy Misty Welnicke
Corporal Adam Walter
Corporal Roy Kluss
Correctional Officer Kris Aicher
Law Enforcement Association
Member Paula Johnson
Law Enforcement Association
President Jack Johnson, Jr.
Captain David Adams
Glenn Berg
Julia Nash
Corporal James Gottsacker
Captain Cory Roeseler
Lieutenant Chad Broeren
Lieutenant Mark Rupnik
Deputy Gary
Deputy Dennis
Deputy Scott Wieland
Deputy Mary Johnston
Deputy Todd Traas
Deputy Tim LaPean
Deputy Shawn Tennessen
Deputy David Van Akkeren
Director William Bruckbauer
Deputy Chad Baumann
Deputy Jason Brockway
Deputy Chad Schoen
Deputy Jeremy Boxrucker
Deputy Joseph Breidung
Deputy Jarrod Fenner
Deputy Justin Krogstad
Deputy Timothy Putz
Deputy Tony Blodgett
Deputy Brent Multer
Deputy Kurt Schmidt
Deputy Brad Robinson
Deputy Jarrod Teunissen
Deputy Patrick Runge
Deputy Steve Wimmer
Deputy Jim Opgenorth
Detective Lance Dassler
Detective John Bergman
Captain Paul Brinkman
EMP Officer Paul Rickmeier
Correctional Supervisor Suzanne
Lieutenant Patrick Bricco
Correctional Officer Nicole Fisher
Correctional Officer Steven Ploetz
Deputy Shawn Splivalo
Deputy Tyler Wuestenhagen
Correctional Officer Larry Krueger
Correctional Officer Brenda Giese
Sergeant Richter
Deputy Jeffrey Mueller
Lieutenant James Risseeuw

--Vote April 5th--
A Judge You Can Trust!
Paid for by Citizens for Judge Angela Sutkiewicz, LeAnne DeTrana, Treasurer
Hon. Angela Sutkiewicz
Sheboygan Co. Circuit
Court Judge, Branch III
14 APRIL, 2011
JA Business Challenge event held March 5
Back row: Jacob Hart, John Benishek, Nate Sutherland,Christine Leffel, Christian Ertel 3rd row: James Misfeldt, Eric Mehoke,
Dan Chen, Liz Diehl, Kaitlin Ertel, Kara Saemann 2nd row: Garrett Griswold, Hannah Fenton, Kaylie Ladwig, Kim Lammers
1st row: Christina Lindstrom, Jenna Peters, Sarah Chung, Kelsey Wright Not Pictured: Hunter Clark, Raymond Venn,
Nicholas Pfrang.
Sweet Potato’s Hosts Kohler
Schools Staff Appreciation event
On March 3, Sweet Potato’s
Unique Boutique held a staff ap-
preciation celebration after school
to honor and appreciate Kohler
Schools’ staff. Teachers and ad-
ministrators gathered to enjoy
complimentary drinks and hors
d'oeuvres at Sweet Potato’s. This
special event included gift card
drawings and door prizes. All left
with a Vera Bradley token of ap-
preciation from the store as a thank
you for all they do for the students
and community.
While some shopped around for
gifts for family and friends using a
special Kohler Staff discount, oth-
ers enjoyed trying on the latest
fashions. Teachers agreed it was
nice to visit with each other in a
different atmosphere. “It was a
wonderful opportunity to share
laughter and positive ideas about
all the wonderful things going on
in our lives, our school, and our
community. Sometimes we forget
about the great people all around
us. The atmosphere was very
warm and inviting to let go of
some daily "stress,” said Kohler
High School Chemistry & Physics
Teacher Dana Krejcarek. “How
nice to feel so appreciated as a
teacher,” added Jessie Good, the
high school physical science & bi-
ology teacher.
Employees had a great time as
well. “It was rewarding to be able
to give back to those who make
such a selfless effort every day to
help educate,” store manager Teri
Mattek said. Sweet Potato’s has
had a longstanding tradition of
supporting Sheboygan County
Schools and holds Kohler Schools,
their fine faculty and students near
and dear to their hearts.
On March 5, Junior Achieve-
ment (JA) held its annual Business
Challenge competition at Acuity.
The Business Challenge is a com-
petition where teams compete
against each other as CEO's of
their own companies. Two stu-
dents and a JA business volunteer
make up each team. A total of
fifty-six teams divided into seven
groups of eight teams then run
their companies over the JA Titan
computer business simulation pro-
gram. Teams must decide on the
price to charge for their product,
how much to advertise, how much
product to make, how big of a fac-
tory to build, and how much to
spend on research and new fea-
tures. The simulation creates an
interactive environment between
the companies and also randomly
introduces varying economic con-
ditions. The teams competed in
the morning for seeding into the
afternoon round. Final winners are
selected based on overall perform-
ance in the afternoon round of ap-
proximately ten financial periods.
Kohler High School led all She-
boygan area schools with a total of
22 participants that won 4 out of
the 7 possible groups. Christian
Ertel and Garrett Griswold won the
overall competition and will ad-
vance to the Wisconsin State JA
Business Challenge in April. They
each also received a $1500 Schol-
arship to the school of their choice
from the Albinger Charitable Fund
and a $50 gift card from Johnson
Bank. James Misfeldt and Nick
Pfrang won Group B and $50 gift
cards from Community Bank and
Trust. Kara Seamann and Jenna
Peters won Group D and $50 gift
cards from HSA Bank. Hannah
Fenton and Kaylie Ladwig won
Group F and $50 gift cards from
Discovery Coach Lines and Rural
America OnShore Outsourcing.
Jodi Grossen, Kohler Business
Teacher and Heather Reader-Schu-
bert, Kohler Social Studies
Teacher both are strong supporters
of the JA Business Challenge. Ac-
cording to Mrs. Grossen, “we both
try to instill the importance of a
good, basic understanding of busi-
ness and economic principles – es-
pecially considering the global
connectedness and competition
that exist in the 21st century. We
feel it is our job to help ‘build’ the
leaders of tomorrow by making
available to them programs such as
Junior Achievement and the Acu-
ity Business Challenge. The
Kohler students have always
shown a great deal of enthusiasm
for this particular challenge.”
Kohler 4th grade
girls finish 1st in
YMCA North
Front row from left: Sami Renzelmann, Molly
Thomack, Elly Udovich, Kate O'Leary. Second
row: Alyssa Frey, Nicole Konecke, Emma Eg-
bert, Cecelia Zielke, Rachel Proudman. Back
row: coaches John Renzelmann, Steve Zielke,
Bridgett Zielke.
Massage Therapy
for Women
Diane Smith
18 years experience
1/2 Hour ‐ Only $20
1 Hour ‐ Only $30
⁄2 ‐ Hour Only $45
Hair Graphics 412 Broadway
Sheboygan Falls 920‐838‐4082
Kohler Principal Susan Jaberg and Superintendent Marty Lexmond model
scarves at Sweet Potato’s Staff Appreciation event.
Kohler Teachers Jane Halverson and Jill
Lewinski model dresses at Sweet Potato’s
Staff Appreciation event.
Kohler School Friends
10:00 a.m. second Wednesday of the month in the Library
from September through May.
Kohler Seniors
SENIORS! Our April 4th speaker will be Bruce Neerhof, head
of Kohler Village Public Works. He's the answer man as to
what keeps the Village running smoothly. If you have ques-
tions or concerns--bring those along too. We all need to
know and appreciate "What's Happening?" 1:30 p.m. at the
Village Hall.
Kohler Police Athletic League (KPAL)
Second Thursday of every month at the firehouse. Meetings
begin at 7:00 p.m.
Kohler Soccer Club
Second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Library.
Kohler Athletic Booster Club
First Monday of each month (except January, June and July)
at 5:30pm in the library.
Kohler Speakez's Toastmasters
Meets the 2nd and 4th Thur. from 12:10-1p.m. at the Kohler
Co. Human Resource Garden Level meeting room. Guests
will need to sign in and have an ID to enter the building. Con-
tact Perie Villani for more information 889-2728, perie.vil-
Sheboygan Toastmaster 2121 meets the 1st and 3rd Mon-
day of month at The Highland House on corner of 8th and In-
diana Avenue from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. For additional
information contact 920-287-7130.
Located at
in The Shops at
any regular-priced
Reiki session
Offer valid thru April 30, 2011
Classifieds are $5 per issue. Payment must accompany ad or be made by 20th of month.
Please do not request billing for classifieds.
Make checks payable to
Terra Media, L.L.C. and mail or leave in drop box at 219 Church St., Kohler, WI 53044
Huge Rummage Sale
Saturday, April 30, 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.,
Salem United Church of Christ, Plymouth,
1 block north of Piggly Wiggly. Five rooms
filled with merchandise/furniture, tools in
garage. Brat fry/bake sale. No early sales.
Soapstone Wood Burning Stove
Cast iron insert surrounded by 2-3/8 “ thick
soapstone. Provides comfortable radiant &
convection heat up to 1200 sq. feet. Never
been used and still in shipping crate. A steal at
Call Aina at 920.380.2804
Huge Rummage Sale
Saturday, April 9, 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m., University of
Wisconsin-Sheboygan Gymnasium, 1 University Drive
off Taylor Drive, Sheboygan. Huge gymnasium filled
with merchandise. Antiques, collectibles, furniture,
clothing, books, toys, tools, general merchandise. No
early sales. Proceeds to benefit Bookworm Gardens.
Grace United Church of Christ,
500 School Street, Kohler, under
the pastoral leadership of Rev.
Thomas M. Schroeder will offer
several special services of worship
in Holy Week and invites the pub-
lic to participate fully with the con-
On Palm Sunday, April 17, the
people of Grace UCC will cele-
brate Christ's entrance into
Jerusalem as they gather in wor-
ship at 8 and 10 a.m. Rev.
Schroeder will present the procla-
mation of God's word based on the
entrance passage from The Gospel
according to Matthew.
On Maundy Thursday, April 21,
at a 7:30 p.m. The congregation
will worship God in a service of
tenebrae (shadows) which includes
the Sacrament of Holy Commun-
ion. In the service those gathered
will encounter the pain and agony
experienced by Jesus as he moves
in obedience to God's will toward
the cross. As the story progresses
the sanctuary grows dark and wor-
shipers are confronted with the re-
ality of the cost of redemption.
The senior choir, under the direc-
tion of Mrs. Audrey Braatz, will
add to the sensation through a
proclamation in music. The peo-
ple of Grace Church invite all who
gather in Christ's name to fully
participate at the Lord’s table. The
public is invited to attend.
The people of Grace Church
will participate in a Good Friday
service at First Reformed Church
in Sheboygan Falls from noon
until 1:00 p.m. on April 22. This
Ecumenical service will have
clergy from various churches in
the community participating. The
public is invited to this service. A
“Walk of the Cross” will begin at
11:30 starting at the Sheboygan
Falls Municipal building and will
wind its way through the streets of
Sheboygan Falls as it moves to
First Reformed Church. People
who wish to walk are invited to
meet at the Municipal building at
On April 24 the Easter morning
begins with a 7:30 a.m. Discovery
Service of light and word and will
feature Rev. Schroeder preaching
about the enfolding events of
Easter as the first disciples encoun-
tered the empty tomb.
The 10:00 Celebration Service
will feature special music by the
senior choir and brass. This serv-
ice of word, song, and The Sacra-
ment of Holy Communion will
praise God for the gift of eternal
There will be no church school
on Easter Sunday, but as always a
children's message will be given at
each service and child care will be
provided during the 10:00 service.
Grace UCC announces service
schedules for Holy Week
Biotechnology and Molecular
College Prep Biology students
at Kohler High School have re-
cently completed the biotechnol-
ogy component of the biology
curriculum. Biotechnology is the
technology of using living things
to create useful products. Biotech-
nology has historically been used
in the making of bread, wine, soap,
the treatment of waste, and the pro-
duction of cheese. Selective
breeding of agricultural animals
and selective practices in crop
planting have occurred for hun-
dreds of years. Biotechnology has
changed due to the advancements
of technologies such as computers
and software in the 1970’s to in-
clude the development of human
insulin for the treatment of dia-
betes, human growth hormone for
children, and identification of spe-
cific genes responsible for genetic
disorders, and in some cases treat-
ment for those disorders.
College Prep Biology students
learn and then use the steps neces-
sary to move a gene from one or-
ganism to another. The process in-
volves the isolation of plasmid
DNA, using endonuclease restric-
tion enzymes to cut DNA at spe-
cific sites in the DNA sequence,
ligation of the plasmid fragments,
transformation of bacteria, prepa-
ration and casting of agarous gel,
electrophoresis of restriction en-
zyme digested DNA, staining,
viewing, and photographing the
gel, and learning the process by
which scientists determine DNA
fragment size. Ask any College
Prep Biology student for more in-
formation on this experiment.
They will be happy to share details
of their successful experience!
Students Sarah Conze, Tim Valicenti, Sydney Yang prepare DNA for elec-
Blessed Trinity,
St. John parishes
to hold community
pizza party
Blessed Trinity Church in
Sheboygan Falls and St. John
Evangelist parish in Kohler will
hold a community pizza party on
Sunday, April 17, 11 a.m. to 3
p.m. at Falls Firehouse Pizza. A
percentage of the sales will ben-
efit a summer youth mission trip
to Greensboro, North Carolina in
July. Reservations are welcomed
and take outs are available.
The team traveling to Greens-
boro include Jacob Rogers and
Ryan Tengowski (St. John’s),
and Clayton Ottman, Baylor
Bachmann, Natasha Bilkey, and
Taylor Mehan (Blessed Trinity).
Dorothy Schueffner (middle) of Falls
Firehouse Pizza with youth mission team.
APRIL, 2011
Mike Hartmann, owner
Lincoln Town Car
Interior of 14
Passenger Limo Coach
14 Passenger SUV
Butch & Cindy Graf
Calen Graf

920 920 920-- -467 467 467-- -3239 3239 3239

Residential & Commercial

100% Guaranteed

‘ No Soap ‘ No Sticky Residue

Elsie Moser
Sandy Bender
Tina Wick
web – gpurse.com
email: green.purse79@yahoo.com
phone - 920.459.8518
green purse
green purse
Your card here
$15 per issue
Email kohlervillager@charter.net
or call
Your card here
$15 per issue
Email kohlervillager@charter.net
or call
Kohler Public Library is housed with
the school library in the school build-
ing at 333 Upper Road.
Monday—Thursday: 8am-8:30pm
Friday: 8am—5pm
Sunday 1—4pm
We open at 9am on non-school days.
We will be closed April 22 and April
24 for the Easter Holiday.
A STRONG reminder that library
parking spots are for library patrons
only. Please don’t park there if you
are dropping off or picking up your
kids, or attending an after school
events. Tickets will be issued if you
are parked there illegally. This pol-
icy is to ensure that elderly patrons
and patrons with small kids don’t
have to park at the back of the park-
ing lot.
In accordance with the Library
Board policies, children under the
age of 10 should not be left alone in
the library. Please make alternate ar-
raignments for your children’s after-
school care.
The Kohler Public Library has its
own page on Facebook! Become a
“fan” and get updates on programs
and tips on new books. Simply
search “Kohler Public Library” from
your profile and click “Become a
Our new-and-improved website
launched this month. Find us now at
www.kohlerpubliclibrary.org. New
content is added daily.
Also available now…a mobile ver-
sion of Easicat, especially designed
for easier use on your mobile device.
Just go to http://www.easicat.net/mo-
bile .
Story time is held every Friday at
10:30am. Preschoolers of all ages are
welcome! Stories are followed by
simple crafts.
www.forvo.com This is a Pronunci-
ation guide. You simply type in the
word that you would like pro-
nounced, and a native speaker will
pronounce the word for you!
We meet the second Tuesday of
every month at 6:30. Please join us
for an evening where we work on our
projects and share our skills. Every-
one is welcome. Crocheters wel-
Please let Erin know if you or your
family is planning a vacation for the
upcoming year. The library would be
happy to purchase travel guides spe-
cific for your destination. Stop in, or
email ecoppers@esls.lib.wi.us
Please call 459-2923 or email Erin at
ecoppers@esls.lib.wi.us if you have
suggestions of items to purchase for
the library.
Check out our New Items pages on
our new website www.kohlerpublicli-
brary.org for links to these new
Wear This Toss That
Universal Orlando 2011
Walt Disney World 2011
Minding Frankie Binchy
Agent X Noah Boyd
Georgia Bottoms Childress
The Jungle Cussler
Silent Mercy Linda Fairstein
Now You See Her Fielding
Devil’s Food Cake Murder Joanne
Love You More Gardner
Learning to Swim Sara Henry
Mini-Shopaholic Kinsella
What the Night Knows Koontz
The Tiger’s Wife Obreht
Sing You Home Picoult
Gideon’s Sword Preston
Mermaid Turgeon
Caribou Island Vann
Wrecker Summer Wood
Inside Job
Super Bowl XLV Champions. The
Green Bay Packers.
The Narnia Code
Life As We Know It
The Switch
The Fighter
Love & Other Drugs
Attack and Release Black Keys
The Beginning Black Eyed Peas
The Lady Killer Cee-Lo Green
Disney Princess The Ultimate Song
The Imagine Project Herbie Han-
Trouble Ray LaMontagne
Joined at the Hip Pinetop Perkins
Science & Faith Script
Heart That’s Pounding Sally Selt-
#C11-02-0133 – I want to give you a big hug. My name is Bounce, an orange tabby and white,
six month old love bug! I would like a family that's looking for an energetic, lovable, handsome
guy like myself! Come visit me and see for yourself!
#D11-03-096 – I am
truly in need of a new
home. I am an eight
month old Red Heeler
mix with so much
playful energy. I need
an active family to
keep me busy and en-
tertained. Please help
me on my journey to
find the home I de-
See all the Humane Society’s adoptable pets at MySCHS.Petfinder.com
Visit the Sheboygan County Humane Society at: 3107 N. 20th St., Sheboygan, WI 53083 ~ 920-458-2012
Shelter hours:
Monday: Noon - 4:30 p.m., Tues.& Thurs: Noon - 6:30 p.m., Wed. & Fri.: Noon - 4:30 p.m., Saturday: Noon - 4:00 p.m., Closed Sundays.
The Humane Society offers discount adoption rates on adult cats. Please help us end pet overpopulation in Sheboygan County, please SPAY and NEUTER your pets.
Pets of the month at the Sheboygan County Humane Society
18 APRIL, 2011
Village Meetings Scheduled for April
4/4 Property Committee 4:45 pm
4/4 Finance Committee 5:00 pm
4/6 Public Library Board 4:00 pm
(at Library)
4/11 Village Board 5:30 pm
4/25 Recreation Committee 5:30 pm
4/28 Plan Commission 4:30 pm
All meetings are held at Kohler Village Hall, 319
Highland Drive, unless otherwise indicated.
On Sunday, May 1, 2011, the Kohler Volunteer
Fire Department is having its annual bray fry at
the Fire Station from 11:00am-6:00pm. Here’s a
chance to enjoy some great food & refreshments,
and at the same time show your appreciation to
the firefighters who give so much time and ef-
fort, and risk their own lives to make our com-
munity safer. Proceeds from the fry are used to
purchase special fire/rescue equipment, subsi-
dize a portion of our business and social ex-
penses, support various community youth
programs, local area Fire/Rescue projects, and
fund a scholarship in Police/Fire Sciences.
Advance sale tickets are available from all mem-
bers of the Fire Department, and we will be sell-
ing door to door throughout the Village in the
weeks preceding the fry for your convenience.
The tickets cost $1.00, and are worth $1.00 in
trade at the fry, and also give you a chance at our
nice selection of door prizes. Thank you for your
support! See you on Sunday May 1, 2011.
For Your Information: The Kohler Volunteer
Fire Department consists of 33 active firefighters
and 15 social & honorary members. The active
firefighters drill/practice at least 2 times per
month, periodically attend firefighting classes,
participate in many community activities as a de-
partment, and have a monthly business/social
meeting. The active firefighters are on call 7
days a week/24 hours a day for emergency re-
Current Active Firefighters: Chief-Mike Lind-
strom; Deputy Chiefs-Gary Lindow & Jack
Jarvis; Captains-Chuck Keller, Brett Edgerle &
Dan Fibiger; Lieutenants-Randy Bauer, Chris
Berlin, Brian Horneck & Tom Teaters; Safety
Officers-Jeff Simon & Mark Knipping; Fire-
fighters-Jerry Baird, Tom Gast, Jeff Granke,
Robert Holzrichter, Nate Jingst, Jason Keller,
Mike Kelm, TJ Kramer, Greg Lindstrom, Greg
McKnight, James O’Leary, Randy Rydz, Tom
Schumacher, Charles Stalzer, Robert Tauben-
heim, Bryan Teaters, Frank Thesier, Richard
Vono, Brad Wicklund, Dietmar Wohlgemuth &
Todd Zimmermann.
Current Social/Honorary Members: Lee
Gumm, Bob Hiers, Gordon Horneck, Henry
Horneck, Joe Kleefisch, Randy Kraemer, Tom
Leonhardt, Bundy Lorenz, John Pethan, Tim Pil-
grim, Tom Schnettler, Carl Schulz, Charles
Simon, Gerry Simon, and Mike Zimmermann.
Current K.F.D. Officers: President-Dietmar
Wohlgemuth; Vice President-Mike Zimmer-
mann; Secretary-Jack Jarvis; Treasurer-Dan
Fibiger; Trustees-Tom Gast, Chuck Keller, and
Charles Stalzer.
From Clerk/Treasurer
Laurie Lindow:
Office Hours
The Village Offices will be closing at 12:00 noon
on Good Friday, April 22. Regular office hours
are Monday–Friday, 7:00 am–4:00 pm.
Spring Election Tuesday, April 5
The Spring Election will be held Tuesday, April
5. The polling place is located in the Kirkpatrick
Center at the Kohler Village Hall, 319 Highland
Drive, and will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00
pm. For more information about voter registra-
tion, absentee voting and upcoming elections,
contact the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 920-459-
3873. A sample ballot is available for viewing on
the Sheboygan County website, www.co.sheboy-
gan.wi.us. For more information about Wiscon-
sin’s voter registration system and election
procedures, contact the Wisconsin State Elec-
tions Board at 1-866-VOTEWIS (868-3947) or
seb@seb.state.wi.us, or see their website at
Assessment Information on Village Website
There is now a link on the Village’s website to
Village Assessor Property Information. This al-
lows you to search for assessment information
on properties in the Village of Kohler. Informa-
tion available includes: an overview of the prop-
erty, legal description, assessed value, land data,
building characteristics, and building square
footage. There is also a section of commonly
asked questions.
From Police Chief
Bill Rutten:
Soliciting without permits: The Village of
Kohler has been experiencing an increase in
door-to-door salespersons soliciting without first
obtaining permits. The fees for the permits are
nominal, but the important aspect is that the Vil-
lage is aware of exactly who is soliciting. Back-
ground checks can be run and only legitimate
organizations are allowed to solicit. If someone
is soliciting legally, they will not be upset if they
are asked to see their permit. If no permit has
been issued, please send them on their way and
contact the police department immediately. Non-
profit organizations and established local busi-
nesses (i.e. Sears, etc.) that may be going
door-to-door are exempt from the permits issued
by the Village.
Just a reminder: Drivers should be aware that
the warmer weather will allow more and more
bicycles and scooters to be out and about. Please
be aware of the children when driving through
the village. Bikes and scooters are allowed on
the sidewalks. Scooters are not allowed on the
streets. Also, the newer motorized scooters are
not allowed on the streets or sidewalks. Those
are allowed on private property only.
From Public Works
Superintendent Bruce
Begins April 5, 2011
Village residents are encouraged to mulch as
much of their grass clippings as possible. If this
is not possible, grass clippings may be placed by
the curbside on Tuesdays in a solid container,
such as a bushel basket or garbage can, not to ex-
ceed 50 lbs. NO PLASTIC BAGS ARE AL-
Begins April 5, 2011
Yard waste is picked up on Tuesdays and must
be placed in solid containers. Brush should be
neatly piled in five foot lengths. NO PLASTIC
STREET – leaves are collected this way in the
fall ONLY!
It is a requirement in the Village of Kohler Storm
water permit with the to educate the Public on
illicit discharges to the storm water system. An
illicit discharge would be the dumping of any
chemical, pet waste, or hazardous substance into
the street or a storm basin inlet. The substance
would eventually make its way into the Sheboy-
gan River causing a pollution hazard. To report
an illicit discharge, please call the Public Works
office at .
One temporary “garage sale” or “for sale” sign
shall be permitted on each lot or parcel. Signs
located on public property will be removed by
the Public Works Department or Police Depart-
From Rec. Dept.
Susie Wandschneider
Job Opportunity – Summer Program
The Village of Kohler Recreation Department is
seeking 1-2 adults to assist in managing some of
the Summer Programs. The duties would include
working with the Recreation Director overseeing
summer programs, monitoring the pool activities
and assisting with the occasional special events
in the fall and winter. This person would report
to and train with the Recreation Director. For
more information and compensation, please call
Susie Wandschneider, Recreation Director at
920-458-9726. Please leave a message.
Kohler Recreation Brochures were sent out
with the water and sewer bills. Extra copies are
available on-line at www.kohlervillage.org or at
the Village Offices.
CPR Class
Community CPR Class for adults 50+ on
Wednesday, April 27
, 12:30 pm at the Kohler
Youth Center. Fee is $10 per person. Please reg-
ister at Village Hall. For more information, call
Susie Wandschneider 920-458-9726. Limited is
space available.
Softball for Girls grades 3-6
The Village of Kohler Recreation Department is
offering Girls Softball through The Sheboygan
Recreation Department. We will register as a
team/teams enabling the girls from the Village to
play together, practice in Kohler and travel to-
gether to games which will be played on fields
in Sheboygan. As always, we are looking for par-
ent coaches, part or full time. Deadline for sign-
up is April 14 because we have to sign up with
the Sheboygan Recreation Department by April
. Fee: $30. Registration forms available at
Village Hall and on the Village website,
www.kohlervillage.org. Make your checks
payable to The Village of Kohler and turn these
forms in to the Village Hall, 319 Highland Drive.
Baseball for grades SK-grade 2
Registration forms will be distributed in the
classroom and will be available at Village Hall
after May 1.
Bantam 3/4 & Cadet 5-8 Baseball
If you have any questions please contact: Kyle
451-1664 or Susie Wandschneider, 458-9726.
= Registered players are placed on teams based
on age and grade. Coaches will contact players
regarding practice schedules and games.
= Requests from players to play on a different
team other than determined by their grade,
must be approved by the coaches and the VOK
Recreation Department.
= Games will begin in May for Cadets and early
June for the Bantam 3 / 4.
= Registration form must be signed by a parent
/ guardian and turned in to the Village Recre-
ation Department with registration fee before
a player can participate in practice and games.
= Late registration may result in the player being
placed on a waiting list.
= Playing up a league must be approved by the
VOK Recreation Department.
Fee: Bantam 3/4, $35.00 for Village Residents;
$50.00 for Non-Residents. Cadet 5-8, $50.00 for
Village Residents; $65.00 for Non-Residents.
Registration Deadlines: Cadet April 8, 2011 ,
Bantam May 1, 2011. Please return Registra-
tion and Fee to the Village Hall. Additional
registration forms are available at the Village
Hall and on the Village website, www.kohlervil-
Village Swimming Pool
The Village of Kohler swimming pool is opening
Wednesday, April 6. Pool hours are as follows:
Tuesday & Thursday 4:15-6:30 pm; Saturday
9:00-10:00 am adults only; Saturday & Sunday
1:30-4:00 pm-open swim.
Water in Motion Monday-Wednesday-Friday
7:00 AM
This is an energizing experience in the shallow
water. A cardio workout and muscle toning are
the emphasis for this class. We encourage partic-
ipants to wear water shoes, but they are not re-
quired. Ability to swim is not necessary. Men
are also encouraged to join this program. Please
bring towels, shampoo and soap.
Fee $1.00 for residents per session
$2.00 for non-residents per session
A card will be available for purchase at the pool.
The cost will be $10.00 for 12 sessions for resi-
dents and $32.00 for non-residents.
Deep Water Cardio and Abs Tuesday and
Thursday 4:45-5:45pm
The participants in this class wear flotation belts
for buoyancy. 30 minutes are cardio exercises,
20 minutes targeting specific muscle groups and
10 minutes are spent in the shallow water target-
ing the core muscles and active cool down. You
need not be a strong swimmer to take advantage
of this class. The fee for this class is the same as
the Water in Motion class.
Actions taken by the Village Board during
their meeting on February 14, 2011:
Issued the following:
= Building permit to Inland Commercial Proper-
ties for remodeling the interior and exterior of
the Fashion Bug and 2
Wind Stores in Deer
Trace and to Kohler Co. for the Kohler Global
Communications Building.
= Sign permit to Quality State Oil to replace the
sign faces at the Kohler Q-Mart.
Approved the following:
= Stormwater Management Facilities & Mainte-
nance Agreement between Kohler Co. and the
Village regarding Operation & Maintenance
Plan for Global Communications
Detention/Sedimentation Pond.
= Quote from Schuette MFG Newton to Youth
Center ramp handrail, $3,200.
= Quote from Pool Works, Inc. for Virginia Gra-
ham Baker Act compliant drains for $4,124 and
$1,280 for block up underwater viewing win-
= Hiring a replacement part-time Police Officer.
= December 2010 Revenue & Expense Reports,
bank reconciliation and journal entries.
= Operator’s Licenses as requested.
= Temporary Class B beer license for Kohler Po-
lice Athletic League Bray Fry 2/20/11.
= Tourism Promotion & Development Commit-
tee funds requests:
2011 Kohler School Friends Holiday Arts &
Craft Fair, $5,300
2011 Kohler Classic Run, $2,500
First quarters direct marketing programs at a
cost not to exceed $75,000
2011 Kohler Festival of Beer, $20,000
= Resolutions:
2011-1, Amending the 2010 General Fund and
Capital Outlay Budgets.
2011-2, Adopting an Updated Village of
Kohler Emergency Operations Plan and au-
thorizing the Village President and Village
Clerk to approve expenditures under a state of
2011-3, Carry Over Funds from the 2010
Budget to the 2011 Budget.
VIEW www.kohlervillage.org
Read monthly updates from
Superintendent Lexmond at
Check out
weekly updates
fromthe school
at kohlerpublicschools.org
click on School Counseling
then Laura Multer and fi-
nally on News You Can Use.
New postings every
Wednesday with book re-
views, resources and op-
portunities for students
and their families.
Get your aloha group
together and be
transported to Hawaii
Attend this fun event to support
the Kohler Performing Arts
Silent Auction Items include:
Private Spa party for 6 at Salon 511; Vollrath full set of pots/pans; 4 Brew-
ers Club Seats with parking; Kindle package; Olivu private party for 8-
12 people with refreshments and gift certificate toward product
purchases; Kayak; Yoga retreat for 8 at Cedar Lake; gift certificates from
many area restaurants including Stefano’s and Bread & Bean; Golf for
four at Pine Hills Country Club; VIP seating for graduation and musical
events; Preferred parking spot; Gift certificates to Kohler Water Spa cer-
tificate and Movers and Shakers; and many more wonderful items!
Budget Listening Session
March 31--District Office Conference Room 7:00-:9:00 pm
April 2--Woodlake Market 9:00-11:00 am
Thursday, April 7 @ 7:00 - 8:30 pm District
Office Conference Room
Make-up day
Kohler School is in session
on Monday, April 25th
Percentage of Kohler High
School Students on the Honor
Roll (3.0 or above) for
Semester 1
9th grade – 67%
10th grade – 79%
11th grade – 84%
12th grade – 74%
Percentage of Kohler Middle
School Students on the Honor
Roll (3.0 or above) for Quarter 2
7th grade--84%
8th grade--71%
Summer registration now available
Registration for summer Kohler Kare is now available. Forms are
available on the Kohler School web page or can be picked up from
Mrs. Neil at the Kohler School . The Kohler Kare summer program
will begin June 9th and will run through August 26th. The program
starts at 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. We are
closed on the 4th of July. Parents may sign up for either a half day
or full day.We do a wide variety of activities each day consisting
of taking /picking up children from swimming, tennis, t-ball les-
sons,library programs,computer time,crafts, cooking classes,field
trip Thursday, outdoor play, and swimming each afternoon at the
Kohler pool. Please contact Mrs. Neil at 459-2920 ext 1493 or email
her at neill@kohler.k12.wi.us.
The National Science Teachers
Association held its annual conven-
tion from March 9-13, in San Fran-
cisco. Kohler science teachers,
Jessie Good and Dana Krejcarek
were invited by the Presidential
Award Program to share their best
practice lessons involving differen-
tiated instruction in the biology and
chemistry classrooms. They also
presented information related to
distance learning in science educa-
tion. In addition, both teachers took
part in several other professional
development opportunities, includ-
ing Key Leader events, Presidential
Award events, GLOBE events,
workshops, share-a-thons, key-
note speakers, and technology
training events.
Two Kohler teachers attend science teachers
convention in San Francisco
Third and fourth grade
art classes visit the
John Michael Kohler
Arts Center
By Mrs. Stanley, K-7 Art
This March the third and fourth
grade art classes had the opportu-
nity to visit the John Michael
Kohler Arts Center. Students
viewed the ongoing exhibit, Ani-
mal Magnetism and participated in
an art workshop. Third grade stu-
dents created Beasts in a Box and
fourth grade students used animals
as inspiration to embellish the front
of a journal.
Art work by Jordyn S.
John B.
Third Grade Students: Tommy G., Ethan D.
and Asha E.
25th annual Youth Art Month Exhibition
at John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Congratulatons to the following Kohler
students who had their artwork displayed at
the Twenty‐Fifh Annual Sheboygan County Student Art Exhibiton:
Levi Boy, senior– Drawing
Jenna Peters, senior – Acrylic Paintng
Kim Lammers, junior – Acrylic Paintng
Angela Sjolund, junior – Glass Mosaic
Kristna Kusel, sophomore – Mixed Media
Madeline Todd, freshman – Sandpaintng
David Shapiro, freshman – Fused Glass
Kate Ruelle, 8 grade – Ceramics
Hannah Cantrell, 8 grade – Mixed Media
Amanda Renzelmann ‐ 7th Grade
Chloe Bohn ‐ 4th Grade
Evan Udovich ‐ 4th Grade
Justn Pellowski ‐ 4th Grade
Emma Egbert ‐ 4th Grade
Aleah Roeber ‐ 3rd Grade
Artsts are the Kohler students of:
Margaret Goodell, grades 8‐12 &
Stacy Stanley, grades K‐7
20 APRIL, 2011
Children with disabilities procedure
The school district must locate, identify, and evaluate all chil-
dren with disabilities, including children with disabilities at-
tending private schools in the school district, regardless of
the severity of their disabilities. The school district has a spe-
cial education screening program to evaluate all children with
suspected disabilities and are at least three years old. Upon
request, the school district will screen a child who has not
graduated high school to determine whether a special edu-
cation referral is appropriate. A request may be made by con-
tacting Jackie Schira, Special Education Director at 459-2920
KOHLER TIMES is published for residents of the
Kohler School District
Kohler Public Schools
333 Upper Road, Kohler, WI 53044
Board of Education
Jane Bishop, President
Laura Kohler, Vice President
John Suralik, Treasurer
Marlene Yang
Diane Kelly
District Administrator
Marty Lexmond
Mary Struck
E-mail submissions: kohlertimes@charter.net
Phone: 331-4904
Kohler Times deadline:
20th of every month
Prepared FromScratch
Grilled Cheese Contains Pork
Tomato Soup
Crackers Vegetarian Entrée
Harvest of the Month
Alternative Entrées Contains Peanuts
Garden Salad
Yogurt Pak Contains Tree Nuts
4 5 6 7 8
Cheeseburger Three Cheese or Soft Taco Spring Pasta & Turkey Salad Potato Crusted Fish Fillet Chef Ted's On Display
on Wheat Bun Pepperoni Lettuce, Tomatoes,Cheese, Fresh Fruit Cup Butter Noodles
Lettuce & Tomatoes Stromboli Sour Cream, & Salsa Birthday Cake Peas & Carrots
Oven Fries Caesar Pasta Salad Mexican Corn Dinner Roll
Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées
Taco Salad Chicken Lunch Box Popeye Salad Chicken Caesar Salad Garden Salad
Turkey BLT Wrap Ham and Swiss Bagel Chicken Pita Roasted Veg Focaccia Yogurt Pak
11 12 13 1/2 Day 14 15 INCOME TAXES DUE
Chicken Nuggets Pizza Parlor Pizza Meatball Sub Cheese Omelet
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Cheese or Hot Dog Kettle Chips Hash Brown
Glazed Carrot Chicken Alfredo Whole Wheat Bun Jello Scone
Whole Grain Bread Popeye Salad Tator Tots
Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées
Taco Salad Chicken Lunch Box Chicken Caesar Salad Garden Salad
Turkey BLT Wrap Ham and Swiss Bagel Roasted Veg Focaccia Yogurt Pak
Oven Fried Chicken Three Cheese or Pulled Pork Sandwich Lasagna EARTH DAY
Baby Red Roasted Potatoes Johnsville Brat Baked Potato Halves Garden Salad
Broccoli Stromboli Creamy Cole Slaw Garlic Bread
Apple Pie Broccoli Salad
Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées
Taco Salad Chicken Lunch Box Popeye Salad Chicken Caesar Salad
Turkey BLT Wrap Ham and Swiss Bagel Chicken Pita Roasted Veg Focaccia
25 EASTER MONDAY 26 27 28 29 ARBOR DAY Elementary $3.25
Mini Corn Dog French Bread Pizza Chicken Alfredo Homemade Chili GRANDPARENT'S DAY Secondary $3.25
Mac & Cheese with Marinara Sauce over Pasta Assorted Toppings Additional Milk $0.40
Rice Krispy Treat Fruit Salad Vegetable Medley Cinnamon Roll Three Cheese Adult $3.25
Garlic Bread Stick Stromboli Extra Entrée $2.00
Caesar Salad
Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées Alternative Entrées
Taco Salad Chicken Lunch Box Popeye Salad Chicken Caesar Salad
Turkey BLT Wrap Ham and Swiss Bagel Chicken Pita Roasted Veg Focaccia
Chicken Pesto Flatbread
Tailgator Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini
Made to Order Burrito Footers Slider Bar Cubano
Menus are subject to change without notice.
Belgian Waffle
Baked Potato
Ted Weidman The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status,
parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individual's income is derived fromany public assistance program.
(Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact
USDA's TARGET Center at (202) 720-2600 (voice and TDD). To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410
or call (800) 795-3272 or (202) 720-6382 (TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
Chef / Manager
920-459-2920 ext 1439
If you have any questions or concerns,
please call for appointment with:
Santa Fe Rice Bowl Pasta Bar Moroccan Chicken Wrap Turkish Grilled Flatbread
Turkey BLT
Chicken Wok
Kohler Public School
Lunch Menu
Fresh vegetables plus fresh and
canned fruits are available daily with
lunch from the Fruit & Vegetable Bar.
Chef Carved Turkey
Fajita Bar
Milk Choice of 1%, Skim
and 100% Fruit Juice
is included with Lunch
Avoid Drinks with
Added Sugar
One 12-oz soda has about
10 teaspoons of sugar in it,
more than the
daily recommended limit!
Try sparkling water with
lemon or a splash of fruit juice.
On-Going Fundraising Programs at Kohler School:

“EXTRAS” for our school. Students can turn in their box-tops / caps / UPC’s at anytime to their
classrooms. We will be having a contest again this school year. Each classroom will be tallied monthly and
the top two classes with the most points at the end of the school year will receive an ice-cream party (each
box-top / cap / label = 1 point).
Robin Stock / coordinator
Kemps Milk “Give ‘Em Five” Program -
collect caps from gallon and ½ gallon containers
Golden Guernsey & Morning Glory
“Kids Caps & Cash” Program – collect caps
from gallon and ½ gallon containers
Nature’s Touch
“Milk Moola” & “Donuts to Dough”
Program – sold at Kwik Trip – collect caps from
gallon and ½ gallon containers and bag tops from any
Nature’s Touch products. Also, “ovals” from Glazer
dozen or ½ dozen donut containers
Box Tops for Education – Clip Box Tops coupons from General Mills
cereal, Pillsbury Refrigerated & Frozen/Dairy, Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker
Snacks & Baking, Ziploc Bags/Containers, Kleenex and many more products.
Labels For Education - Clip UPC CODES from Campbell Soup, Swanson
Soup, Franco American products, and Pepperidge Farm products. LIDS from V8
drinks and Prego sauces.
Clipped UPC must include the Campbell’s logo also.
Carrie Pieper /coordinator
Fifth grade held their annual
Battle of the Books on March 7 in
the school library.
Eight teams of five students
each read a total 43 books and
competed in a reading challenge to
show their knowledge.
Written and oral quiz questions
were asked on each book. The fol-
lowing teams had the best recall of
stories read:
First Place Team: Emily Tipton,
Ben Maki, Meg Biznek, Nick Her-
man and Mackinzie Rickabaugh.
Second Place Team: Kara Friske,
Katie Wilkens, Kaleigh Roeder,
Braxton Smith and Jacques Beane.
Mrs. Ann Bitter, Mr. Duane
DuMez, Mrs. Alyca Arentsen and
Mrs. Jaberg set up the event.
Battle of the Books
Fun visitors came to junior kindergarten during Dr. Suess’s Birthday. The Cat in the Hat, Thing
One and Thing Two were hard to contain as the celebrations unraveled.
Junior kindergarten celebrates
Dr. Suess’s Birthday
Kohler Junior Kindergarten classes had the opportunity to act in the play,
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Actors are: Papa Bear was played by Jake Marventano, Momma Bear
was Isabelle Wohlgemuth, Gavon Saxe was Baby Bear and Miss
Goldilocks was Audrey Balint.
Junior Kindergarten
classes act in Goldilocks
and the Three Bears
Call to Order
Jane Bishop called the meeting to order at
6:05 p.m. in the District Office Conference
Room. Roll Call was taken by Marlene Yang.
The following board members were present:
Marlene Yang, Diane Kelly, Jane Bishop and
John Suralik. Laura Kohler was absent.
Statement of Public Notice
Friday, February 11, 2011 @ 3:00 p.m.
Approval of Agenda
John Suralik moved to approve the agenda.
Marlene Yang seconded the motion. All ayes.
Closed Session—John Suralik moved to ad-
journ into closed session. Marlene Yang sec-
onded the motion. All ayes. Adjourn to closed
Roll Call—Marlene Yang called roll. John
Suralik, Diane Kelly, Jane Bishop and Marlene
Yang were present. Laura Kohler was absent.
KESPA Negotiations There is a tentative
agreement brought to the finance committee.
These have been quality negotiations. The
membership ratified it today.
Teacher Positions Three budget scenarios
have been proposed. Marty will be using #3
as a framework to balance the budget.
Diane Kelly moved to reconvene into open
session. John Suralik seconded the motion.
All ayes. Motion carried.
Reconvene in Open Session/Roll Call of
Members (Kohler School Library)
Marlene Yang called roll. John Suralik, Diane
Kelly, Jane Bishop and Marlene Yang were
present. Laura Kohler was absent.
Vicki Friske, Suzanne Fink, Marcus Knuth, Tim
Friske and Beth Tengowski expressed their
concerns regarding middle school mathemat-
Board President’s Report
Jane Bishop invited all the board members to
the Legislative Breakfast in Plymouth on the
third Mondays of the month. WASB voted on
resolutions to bring to the state. 18 resolu-
tions were proposed and 15 were approved
by the WASB delegates.
Certificates of Honor & Kohler’s Finest—
High School—Katie Anderson, Max Becker,
Elizabeth Diehl, Kevin Gullett, Danielle Hart,
Jacob Hart, Karianna Heins, Brenna Hogan,
Kim Lammers, Erin Lammers, Sarah Leick,
Alex Maur, Zach Neil, Billy O’Neill, Natalie
Middle School—Nick Christensen, Dominic
Bocchini, Hanna Wollin, Noah Fink, Hanna
Coulson, Aidan Hogan, Abby Czieynski,
Kohler’s Finest—Christy Zheng, Cindy Zheng,
Ben Tengowski
Superintendent’s Report
Marty reported on the following:
District update presented to staff in January
Build Community update – Kind Matters
Achievement and Growth update – trend in
D’s and F’s continue decline
Community Advisory Group update – Vision
group March 9, 2011 process
Open enrollment trends
Review of District Finances
Marty reported the current budget is still on
track. Bill, the business manager, is monitor-
ing any areas that may exhibit a red flag. The
district is keeping a close eye at what is hap-
pening at the state level. The governor’s plan
will directly impact the budgets at local levels.
The district is projecting a budget deficit of
$329,000 for the 2011-2012 school year.
Marty, Bill and the finance committee are con-
tinuously looking for ways to balance the
Consent Agenda
Approval of January 10, 2011 Regular Board
Approval of Invoices
Reports of the Finance Committee
Recommendation to present and consider the
KESPA contract to the Full Board
Recommendation to present and consider the
resolution of Fair Funding for our Future to the
Full Board
Reports of the Policy Committee
Recommendation to approve the development
of a policy regarding on-line learning
Recommendation to approve the development
of a policy regarding (non-youth options)
post-secondary options
Reports of the Committee of the Whole
Recommendation to approve the
renewals/non-renewals as presented by the
Marlene Yang moved to approve the consent
agenda. Diane Kelly seconded. All ayes.
Motion carried.
Action and/or Discussion Items
Recommendation to approve the first read-
ing of the NEOLA Policies.
Diane Kelly moved to approve the first reading
of the following policies:
Bylaw 0168.1 Open Meeting (Revised)
Policy 1213/3213/4213—Student Supervi-
sion & Welfare (New/Revised/Revised)
Policy 1460—Physical Examination (Replace-
Policy 1461—Fitness for Duty (New)
Policy 2260.01—Section 504/ADA Prohibition
Against Discrimination based on Disability
Policy 3122/4122—Nondiscrimination and
Equal Employment Opportunity (Revised/Re-
Policy 3160—Physical Examination (Revised)
Policy 3161/4161—Fitness for Duty (Re-
Policy 4160—Physical Examination (Revised)
Policy 4430.05—Nursing Mothers (New)
Policy 5111.01—Homeless Students (Re-
Policy 5111.02—Educational Opportunity for
Military Children (New)
Policy 5112—Entrance Age (Revised)
Policy 5113—Open Enrollment Program
(Inter-District) (Revised)
Policy 5330—Administration of
Medication/Emergency Care (Revised)
Policy 5451.01—Wisconsin Academic Excel-
lence Scholarship (Revised)
Policy 5500—Student Code of Classroom
Conduct (Revised)
Policy 7540—Computer Technology Network,
& Internet Acceptable Use & Safety (Revised)
Policy 7540.03—Student Network & Internet
Acceptable Use and Safety (Revised)
Policy 7540.04—Staff Network & Internet Ac-
ceptable Use and Safety (Revised)
Policy 7540.05—Assistive Technology and
Services (Revised)
Policy 8310—Public Records (Revised)
Policy 8450—Control of Casual-Contact
Communicable Diseases (Revised)
Policy 8452—Automated External Defibrilla-
tors (AED) (Revised)
Policy 8500—Food Services (Revised)
Policy 9160—Public Attendance at School
Events (Revised)
Policy 9800—High School Diplomas to Veter-
ans (Revised)
John Suralik seconded the motion. All ayes.
Motion carried.
Consideration of administrative recommen-
dation to accept letter of resignation and re-
scind the non-renewal notice. Diane Kelly
moved to accept the letters of resignation and
rescind the non-renewal notices. John Suralik
seconded the motion. All ayes. Motion car-
Moving Education Forward: Fair Funding for
our Future
Marlene Yang moved to approve the following
resolution: Resolved, the Kohler School Dis-
trict endorses the Fair Funding for Our Future
plan which provides crucial reform to our
school funding system while holding the line
on property taxes and urges its immediate
adoption. John Suralik seconded the motion.
All ayes. Motion carried.
Consideration of recommendation to ap-
prove KESPA Contract 2010-2013
John Suralik moved to approve the 2010-
2013 Kohler Educational Support Personnel
Association Contract. Marlene Yang sec-
onded the motion. All ayes. Motion carried.
Marlene Yang moved to adjourn. Diane Kelly
seconded. All ayes. Motion carried. Meeting
adjourned at 8:10 pm.
Important Future Dates
Monday, March 14, 2011—Regular Board
Meeting @ 7:00 pm in Library
Thursday, March 31, 2011—Budget Listening
Session @ 7:00 pm in District Conference
Saturday, April 2, 2011—Budget Listening
Session @ 9:00 am at Woodlake Market
Respectfully submitted,
Paula Anderson
Board of Education Regular Meeting Minutes
February 14, 2011
By Phillip Samuels and
Katie Anderson
January and February have been
about launch off for the Kohler En-
gineering Club. Members worked
hard on constructing a full scale
model for the Project GRILL. We
began by using Auto CAD, a pro-
gram that helped us create a de-
tailed drawing of our grill. By
working with this program we
made our first mockup out of card-
board and wood. We were also ex-
cited to visit our sponsor
Johnsonville, who comes by
weekly to give us advice. We con-
tinue to meet with even more ex-
perts and learn so this year’s grill
can be even better than last year’s
Working on the grill is not all the
club has accomplished. A broken
recliner chair with a built-in lift
seat and heating was donated to the
club. The remote connected to the
chair was broken, rendering the
chair useless. We decided to try to
give back to the community by re-
pairing the chair and donating it to
Meadow View Manor. We hope it
warms up Elaine Rautmann’s life
at the nursing home. Also a special
thanks to Pam Rickmerer, the em-
ployee that set up the delivery.
Kohler Engineering
Club launches
On February 26, Kohler music stu-
dents participated in the WSMA
District Solo & Ensemble Festival.
Results were fantastic! Because of
limited space only the first place
results are listed. Congratulations
to all participants!
Class C
Jazz Band II, Piano Solo – Morgan
Fenton, Jazz Woodwind Improvi-
sation – Charles Olmsted, Drum
Set Solo – Jonathan Watson, Chris-
tine Leffel, Andrew Grose, Snare
Drum Solo – Sam Wenberg, Saxo-
phone Solo – Calvin Stefanczyk,
Saxophone Duet – Marisa Adams
& Audra Hoffmann, Snare Drum –
Sam Wenberg, Clarinet Solo –
Carson Schneider, Saxophone
Duet – Marisa Adams & Audra
Hoffmann, Woodwind Trio – An-
nika Lee, Lily Hart, and Megan
Conklin, Vocal Duet – Amanda
Meyer & Larissa Paseta, Vocal
Double Duet – Amanda Egbert,
Allie Bryce, Hannah Cantrell, and
Loni Chung, Katie Ruelle, Annika
Lee, Hannah Cantrell, and Katie
Lindow, Vocal Solo – Christian
Downs, Hannah Coppersmith
Class B
Piano Solo - Annabelle Goese,
Sydney Yang, Brass Duet – John
Tengowski & Hunter Lewinski,
Parade Drum Solo – Jonathan Wat-
son, Saxophone Solo – Annabelle
Goese, Saxophone Duet – Anne
Benishek & Sara Ertel, Madeline
Kelly & Kyle Struck, Clarinet
Duet – Rachel Maggie & Abby
Lee, Clarinet Solo – Sarah Leick,
Meghan Long, Vocal Solo – Lind-
sey Griswold, Alex Romanoski,
Brooke Dietrich, , Vocal Duet –
Lindsey Griswold & Brooke Diet-
rich, Grace Lofgren & Annabelle
Goese, Alto Saxophone – Nick
Christensen, Vocal Duet – Megan
Conklin & John Tengowski,
Emma & Elizabeth Weber, Vocal
Solo – Izzy Heins, Lily Hart, Han-
nah Cantrell, John Tengowski,
Elizabeth Weber, Audra Hoff-
mann,, Megan Conklin, and Katie
Class A
Piano Solo – Katelyn Van Treeck,
Snare Drum Solo – Christine Lef-
fel, Trumpet Duet – Melyssa
Louwagie & Ryan Zittel, Vocal
Duet – Brenna & Connor Hogan,
Classical Vocal Solo – Lauren
Henderson, Rachel O’Keefe, Cole
Brock, Sarah Leick, Annabelle
Goese, Jessica Dyksterhouse,
Grace Lofgren, Musical Theater
Solo – Kim Lammers, Brenna
Hogan, Sarah Leick, Jessica Dyk-
sterhouse, Ryan Tengowski,
Grace Lofgren, Greg Suralik,
Jazz String Improvisation -
Hunter Lewinski
Class A State
[Qualified for State Festival]
Swing Choir, Madrigal Singers,
Piano Duet – John Tengowski &
Ryan Tengowski, Parade Drum –
Brendan Schneider, Andrew
Grose, Drum Set Solo – Brendan
Schneider, Clarinet Quartet – Lau-
ren Henderson, Erin Lammers,
Brenna Hogan, and Alex Mauer,
Flute Solo – Lily Zehfus, Classical
Vocal Solo – Brenna Hogan,
Michael Krueger, Ryan Ten-
gowski, Andrew Grose, and
Melyssa Louwagie, Musical The-
ater Solo – Andrew Grose, Rachel
O’Keefe, and Melyssa Louwagie,
Barbershop Quartet – Ilir Ametie,
Ryan Tengowski, Charles Olm-
sted, and Ryan Zittel, Vocal Mixed
Duet – Melyssa Louwagie & Ryan
Zittel, Rachel O’Keefe & Charles
Olmsted, Vocal Duet – Melyssa
Louwagie & Rachel O’Keefe
Special thanks to Mrs. Kukla, Mrs.
Hucke, Mrs. Sue Hildebrand, Mrs.
Sue Billman, and Ms. Peggy Hoff-
mann for accompanying many of
the student performances.
Music Notes
Kohler musicians perform, record at Disney studios
On Thursday, March 30, 121
students and chaperones will be
embarking on a Band and Choir
trip to Florida. The students were
selected and invited to perform at
Walt Disney World. In addition to
their two performances at Walt
Disney World, both the band and
choir students will have the oppor-
tunity to work in the Walt Disney
recording studios while using a
click track and wireless headset to
produce their very own version of
a Disney film. While in the stu-
dios, Disney music professionals
will teach the students important
performance concepts and skills,
and what it is like to work in the
music industry. Kohler students
will be working with composers,
arrangers, conductors and studio
musicians, each with Disney credit
to their name. In addition to the ed-
ucational opportunities provided
by Walt Disney World, the stu-
dents will also take a day trip to
Cape Canaveral and visit the
NASA Kennedy Space Center.
Half of the tour expense was
paid for and sponsored by the Per-
forming Arts Organization through
their annual dinner and auction.
On behalf of all the students and
chaperones, we appreciate all the
moral and financial support you
have given to the performing arts
students of Kohler. We know the
students are excited about per-
forming and recording in the Walt
Disney studios. Educational expe-
riences like this will truly provide
many memories that will last a
22 APRIL, 2011
Get more at Sport Core
Sports Core
Through May 15
Join Sports Core now through May
15 and save $120 on Enrollment Fee
(normally $295) and also receive
your choice of one month free
membership dues or golf for two at
Meadow Valleys or Irish Course
(golf car included)
Pamper Yourself with the Kohler
Waters Wrap
Kohler Waters Spa
Through April 30
COST: 75 minutes special $125
Warm aromatic oils combined with
a mixture of herbs are brushed on
the body to enhance relaxation and
provide antioxidant benefits. While
wrapped in warm linens, cool
stones are used for lymph drainage
around the eyes, along with a scalp
massage and relaxation treatment
for the feet.
Call for appointment 800‐344‐2838.
Demonstration Kitchen
Saturdays, through April 30, 2011,
11am & 2pm
COST: All sessions are priced at $25
each or attend with a companion at
two for $40.
Located at the Demonstration
Kitchen in The Shops at Woodlake.
Seating is limited. For more infor‐
mation or reservations, call 920‐
457‐8000 or 800‐344‐2838 and ask
for Demonstration Kitchen reserva‐
Kohler Golf Academy Indoor Studio
in The Shops at Woodlake – Winter
Golf Seminars
Various Saturdays, through April
COST: 4‐Week Lesson Program for
the cost of $200. Includes:
4 – 40 Minute Private Lessons
4 – 30 Minute Practice Sessions
Includes Blackwolf Run & Whistling
Straits Glassware
April 9 – The Mental Game
Contact Todd Wagner, Manager,
Kohler Golf Academy at 920‐565‐
Egg‐cellent Bargains
Movers & Shakers
Saturdays in April
Shop any Saturday in April and pick
from our basket of Easter eggs for a
chance to win great deals! One egg
per person. Deal must be used the
same day.
Special Retro Pricing at Take 5
Take 5 at Sports Core
of each month throughout
In celebration of Take 5’s 10th An‐
niversary, stop in and enjoy retro
pricing on the 10
of every month
and participate in special drawings.
Calendar of Events
a KOHLER experience
Buy 3, Get 1 Free
April 1‐30
Purchase 3 Pre de Provence soaps &
receive a complimentary fourth
Enter to win Easter Basket of
Movers & Shakers
April 1‐30
Throughout the month of April, join
the Movers & Shakers e‐Newsletter
and be entered to win a basket
filled with Easter goodies!
Vinyasa Basics Workshop w/ Pam
Yoga on the Lake
April 2, 10:30am‐12:30pm
COST: $35 per person
In this basics workshop you will
learn the the fundamentals of flow,
with an emphasis on movement
and breath connection.
= Learn proper alignment for tran‐
sitioning through sun salutations.
= Learn how to modify or intensify
postures to adapt to your individ‐
ual needs and experience levels
= Learn the foundational poses of a
flow class
Yoga is appropriate for just about
anyone. You don’t need to be flexi‐
ble or be able to quiet the mind or
even touch your toes. You simply
need the desire to show up and
practice creating space for that un‐
expected joy to move in without a
moment’s notice. It’s a practice in
waking up to becoming more pres‐
ent and aware of our lives and the
lives around us.
The Yoga Sutras‐ Every Day
understanding & Application
w/ Kellie Lin Knott
Yoga on the Lake
April 5and 12, 5:45‐7:45pm
Join Kellie Lin Knott for a two night
series on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
Take the sutras from concept to
conclusion‐learning what they
mean, what they suggest and how
to easily apply them to your every‐
day life. The yoga sutras offer sug‐
gestions for enlightened and joyful
living, and are a foundational text
for a yoga practice. This educa‐
tional and fun two week series in‐
cludes a potluck supper, discussion
and yoga sutra textbook (distrib‐
uted at first meeting). Each session
ends with a musical evening medi‐
tation inspired by the sutras.
Taste of Tuesday
Woodlake Market Atrium
Tuesday, April 5, 6:00‐7:30p.m.
COST: $15
Sample perfect food and wine tast‐
ings while enjoying great company!
PRERE Preregistration is required!
Giggles & Squiggles Story Time
Movers & Shakers
April 6, 10‐10:45am
COST: $5 per child.
Join us as we read ‘Broadway Barks’
and turn ordinary rocks into
adorable dogs & other pets! 3‐5yrs
w/adult. Limited seating, please call
for reservations.
Yoga for Athletes w/ Deb Sampson
Yoga on the Lake
April 9, 10:30am – 12:30 pm
COST: $30 per person
Whether you are a runner, swim‐
mer, cyclist; you need to cross train
to stay on top of your game. You
will gain flexibility, balance, effi‐
ciency and power. Yoga also helps
you find concentration and breathe
awareness which will improve your
mental focus and endurance. Come
check out what yoga can do for
your game!
Meet John Tesh
The American Club
April 9, 5:30pm
COST: $75 per person
Dine with other Tesh aficionados at
a special pre‐performance meal at
The American Club. Then get a
chance to meet, converse and take
photos with the man himself at this
private VIP event. Only 50 spots are
available. Make your reservation
(920) 458‐1972
John Tesh Live in Concert
Kohler Memorial Theater
April 9, 8pm
COST: Adult Tickets $45/$35,
Student Tickets $23/$18
The Kohler Foundation brings this
unique talent for one night only, as
the finale to the 2010/2011 Distin‐
guished Guest Series. John Tesh: Big
Band Live, showcases eight new
horn players to the usual band line‐
up to transport the audience back
to this swingin’ music era. Order
tickets online at www.kohlerfoun‐
dation.org/tickets or call 920‐458‐
Junior Tennis Carnival
Sports Core
April 10, 1‐3pm
All levels of junior players are
welcome to participate in the free
tennis carnival of fun activities.
Hand‐eye coordination, target drills
and much more. The program is
under the supervision of Sports
Core/PBI Tennis Professionals and
staff. Ages 4‐17, registration
required by April 8.
Pick‐an‐Egg Discount
April 11‐23
Salon at Sports Core
With every service in the Salon, pick
an egg and receive special discounts
on products and services.
Aquatic Skills Workshop –
Triathlon Preparation
Sports Core
Mondays, April 11‐May 2, 9:15‐
Wednesdays April 13 – May 4,
Cost: $16/Fitness, $19/Standard,
Are you interested in completing a
triathlon this summer? This class
offers tips and tricks to improve
your swim. Focus is on proper
freestyle technique and overall
swim endurance.
Select Kohler Waters Spa Services
for only $50
Kohler Waters Spa
April 11‐17
Celebrate during Spa Week with
special prices on three signature
spa services. Choose from the Neat
Feet Pedicure, Healthy Hands and
Lavender Rain Treatments. Some
restrictions apply. Gratuity not in‐
cluded. Spa Week gift cards cannot
be used with this promotion. Not
good with other discounts or
Yin Yoga Workshop w/ Pam
Yoga on the Lake
April 16, 10:30‐12:00pm
COST: $30 per person
Yin yoga is a practice of long‐held,
deeply relaxing “stretching” poses
that open and energize the “meridi‐
ans,” or energy pathways of the
body, restoring youthful joint mobil‐
ity as you quietly activate and
gather your chi, your prana–your
life force. The asanas combined
with deep, focused breathing en‐
courage you to tune in and listen to
your body and surrender to your
feelings rather than trying to push
them down or control them. Yin
enables you to heal yourself, move
negative emotions out, prevent
injury and find a deep sense of
peace in your body, mind and spirit.
Replenish, revive, balance and
restore – all levels welcome.
Celebrate Earth Day!
Kohler Gardener
April 18‐24
Receive a complimentary Rosso’s
bamboo pot with a plant purchase
of $25.00 or more.
Being Earth Friendly Never Looked
So Fun!
Wisconsin Trader
April 18‐24
Reduce, Re‐Use, Recycle. Receive
$5.00 in Wisconsin Trader bucks for
every $25 purchase of “confetti”
tableware. Choose from tumblers,
divided plates, bowls and serving
bowls in assorted colors of hardy
earth‐friendly recycled melamine.
108 Sun Salutations w/Kellie Lin
and Rachel
Yoga on the Lake
April 19, 6‐7:30pm
COST: $25
Experience meditation in motion
with the dynamic duo, Kellie Lin &
Rachel, in a fun and playful practice
of 108 sun salutations. Completing
108 sun salutations is a powerful
physical & mental challenge and a
deep, joyful release. You will do
four sets of twenty‐seven sun salu‐
tations with full support as Kellie
and Rachel alternate leading the
flow and providing hands‐on assists
to help you find ease & greater
alignment. You’ll be amazed and re‐
freshed by the experience. Open to
students of all levels.
Giggles & Squiggles Story Time
Movers & Shakers
April 20, 10‐1045am
COST: $5 per child.
Join us as we read ‘Dinosnores’ and
paint a stone dinosaur magnet! 3‐5
yrs w/adult. Limited seating, please
call for reservations.
Pre‐Natal Workshop w/ Pam
Yoga on the Lake
April 26, 5:30‐7:30pm
COST: $35 per person
This workshop will focus on:
= Physical poses (asanas) to help
build strength and stamina and
improve circulation – what is ap‐
propriate for each trimester
= Breathing exercises (pranayama)
to relax and calm you – relax‐
ation with deep breathing is an
effective way to soothe physical
discomforts and calm emotions
= Meditation tools to help you
focus and concentrate
This two‐hour workshop is appro‐
priate for pregnant moms who do
not have at‐risk pregnancies. No
yoga experience necessary. What to
bring: yoga mat, pen, paper, and an
open mind and heart.
Kettle Bell Workshop
Sports Core
April 30, 10:30‐11:30am
COST: $5/Fitness, $6/Standard,
We have Kettle Bells! Personal
Trainer, Rodney Ellison will teach
you how to incorporate these “bells
of iron” into your workout. They
will raise your heart rate, increase
endurance, strengthen and improve
Continued from previous page...
a KOHLER experience
Let’s do lunch!
Wisconsin Room at The American Club Resort is open for business
The Wisconsin Room at The Amer-
ican Club Resort, the Midwest’s only
AAA Five Diamond Resort-Hotel for
25 consecutive years, opens for busi-
ness lunch today. The Wisconsin
Room offers a robust two- and three-
course menu for $19.50 and $22, and
serves from Noon – 2:30pm daily.
Diners can choose from three op-
tions for the first, second and third
courses. The Creamy Wild Mushroom
Soup is poured fresh over beautifully
plated chive oil, crème fraiche and shi-
take chips, while the two amble-sized
Whitefish Cakes are placed delicately
over tarragon lemon vinaigrette.
Guests shouldn’t miss the succulent
Grilled Tenderloin Sandwich or the
flavorful Seared Walleye. For those
with a sweet tooth, desserts range from
light fare to decadent chocolate.
To accommodate diners who may
on a tight schedule, The Wisconsin
Room will serve lunch within 45 min-
utes – start to end. Guests can expect a
relaxed atmosphere, soothing music
and a beautiful view of the courtyard
to conduct business meetings and/or
dine with friends.
In addition to the elegantly plated
meals, guests will be immersed in the
history of The Wisconsin Room and
The American Club. The original din-
ing hall of immigrant workers for
Kohler Co., The Wisconsin Room fea-
tures antique chandeliers, leaded glass
windows, elegant floral print
draperies, and fine furniture pieces by
Guests are also invited to stay for
coffee, tea or cordials in the newly ren-
ovated Library, located outside of The
Wisconsin Room and the lobby of The
American Club. The fresh look of the
Library is the ideal location to soak up
the history of The American Club, visit
with friends or linger after a business
lunch. Call 1-800-344-2838 for reser-
vations. Walk-ins also welcome.
Cheers to the Third Annual Kohler Festival of Beer
The Best of Brews at The American
Club Resort – May 27-29, 2011
Beer lovers are invited for a third
round of fun on tap at Kohler Festi-
val of Beer, held over Memorial Day
Weekend, May 27 through May 29,
2011. The popular celebration brings
more than 1,000 brew fans to Kohler
for a weekend filled with beer-
themed happenings, a homebrew
competition, lively entertainment and
tastings from more than 30 brewers.
“This event is for the beer lover in
all of us. We offer beer enthusiasts an
excellent variety of choices, tastings
and great social activities at this
year’s Kohler Festival of Beer,” said
Scott Silvestri, Group Director of
Marketing, Hospitality & Real Estate
for Kohler Co. “Each year we find
new and fun ways to celebrate Wis-
consin’s passion for beer and its beer
making heritage. This is definitely an
event you don’t want to miss!”
Tickets to the three-day event are
available now, and beer enthusiasts
are encouraged to reserve their pints
by purchasing tickets or day passes
early. The festival features unique of-
ferings including the signature soirée,
Cheers to Beers Grand Tasting
where guests can sample an extensive
selection of beers from breweries
around the world and vote for their
favorites. The grand prize winning
beer will be available throughout the
summer at the resort’s signature pub
and restaurant, the Horse & Plow, lo-
cated at The American Club.
The celebration will commence on
Friday night with a festive Tapping
Party featuring unreleased, new Wis-
consin and American beers, the Beer
Lover’s American Bounty Seafood
Buffet at The Wisconsin Room, and
the Friday Fish Fry at Blackwolf
Run. The entertainment continues on
Saturday with beer pairings and the
Third Annual Blackwolf Run Beer
Challenge Golf Tournament & Mil-
lion-Dollar Shootout on the Meadow
Valleys Course, sponsored by
Leinenkugel’s. A favorite among
golfers, this event boasts hole-in-one
prizes of a Harley-Davidson Sport-
ster, a 47-inch LCD HDTV and up to
$5,000 in cash.
Get started early Sunday morning
with the Eggs & Kegs Breakfast
Buffet, featuring a delicious sam-
pling of brews at Cucina, and con-
clude the weekend with the
toe-tapping Blues, Brews & BBQ, a
celebration of barbeque cuisine with
live blues music and of course, an ex-
tensive assortment of beers.
Other signature events not be
missed include Shorts and Chefs,
where top local and regional chefs
create mouth-watering grilled dishes
and pair them with delicious beers,
Cheers to Beers at the renowned
Kohler Design Center, and a Home-
brewers’ Competition judged by
American Homebrew Competition
certified judges. Throughout the
weekend, guests can raise their steins
at the Horse & Plow Beer Garden, lo-
cated at the Baker Plaza at the Shops
at Woodlake Kohler.
Additional activities, complimen-
tary events and tastings are offered
throughout the weekend. Fans can
follow the event on Facebook to find
brewery additions, event details and
special offers by searching Kohler
Festival of Beer.
Participating breweries include:
Wisconsin – Central Waters Brewing
Company (Amherst), The Great Dane
Pub & Brewing Co. (Madison),
Leinenkugel’s (Chippewa Falls),
Sprecher Brewing Company (Mil-
waukee), Tyranena Brewing Com-
pany (Lake Mills), Buffalo Water
(Milwaukee), BluCreek Brewing
US – Dogfish Head, New Belgium,
Left Hand, Goose Island, Crispin
International –Duvel/Ommegang
Howe Sound
New to 2011 – Ale Asylum (Madi-
son, WI), Big Bay Brewing (Shore-
wood, WI), Vintage Brewing Co.
(Madison, WI), North Coast Brewing
Co. (Fort Bragg, CA), Southern Tier
Brewing Co. (Lakewood, NY), New
Holland Brewing Co. (Holland, MI),
Belhaven Brewery (Dunbar, Scot-
The complete schedule, tickets and
hotel packages for the 2011 Kohler
Festival of Beer are available online
at ww.americanclubresort.com/beer-
festival or by calling 1-800-344-
2838. Tickets are available now a la
carte and as day passes. The Satur-
day Day Pass includes the Cheers to
Beers and Homebrewers’ Competi-
tion for $70 per person. The Sunday
Day Pass is available for $115 per
person and includes Eggs & Kegs
breakfast, Shorts and Chefs and
Blues, Brews & BBQ events.
Two-night hotel packages on Satur-
day and Sunday evenings start at
$420 per person at The American
Club and are also offered at the re-
cently remodeled Inn on Woodlake
starting at just $320 per person. Pack-
ages include select event tickets.
Prices are based on double occu-
For reservations, please call 1-800-
344-2838 or visit www.American-
Friday, May 27
8-10pm – Tapping Party,
$25 per person
5:30-9pm – Beer Lovers’ American
Bounty Seafood Buffet in The Wis-
consin Room
Reservations recommended. $32 per
person/$14 Children (4-12 years)
5-10pm – All-You-Can-Eat Beer-Bat-
tered Fish Fry at Blackwolf Run
10pm-Midnight – After Hours Tap
Delight at The Horse & Plow
Saturday, May 28 – Saturday Day
Pass $70
(Pass includes Cheers to Beers and
Homebrewers’ Competition)
Noon-1:30pm – Four-Course Beer
Luncheon at The Wisconsin Room
This inaugural Four-Course luncheon
will feature a chef from the Kitchens
of Kohler, paired with Wisconsin
$50 per person
10am-4pm – Third Annual Blackwolf
Run Beer Challenge Tournament &
Million-Dollar Shootout at Blackwolf
$150 per person *Includes greens
fees and cart
10-11am – Beer Pairings at the
Demonstration Kitchen at The Shops
at Woodlake
$25 per person
2-4pm – Homebrewers’ Competition
$25 per person
5-6pm – Beer Pairings at the Demon-
stration Kitchen at The Shops at
$25 per person
7-10pm – Cheers to Beers at The
Kohler Design Center
$50 per person
Sunday, May 29 – Sunday Day
Pass $115
(Pass includes Eggs & Kegs, Shorts
and Chefs and Blues, Brews &
8-10am – Eggs & Kegs Breakfast
Buffet at Cucina at The Shops at
$25 per person
Noon-3pm – Shorts and Chefs
$40 per person
5-6pm – Beer Pairings at the Demon-
stration Kitchen at The Shops at
$25 per person
7-10pm – Blues, Brews & BBQ
$65 per person
Course One
Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
wild grains, shiitake mushroom chips
Wedge of Iceberg Letuce
heirloom tomatoes, Nueske’s bacon,
scallions, butermilk blue cheese dressing
Whitefish Cakes
napa slaw, tarragon lemon vinaigrete
Course Two
Hearts of Romaine Letuce Salad with
Shrimp or Chicken
SarVecchio parmesan cheese, white
anchovies, herbed croutons, Caesar
Creamy Chicken Crepes
roasted asparagus and creamed spinach
Seared Walleye
pistachio and cranberry wild rice pilaf,
garden vegetables, orange rosemary
cream sauce
Grilled Tenderloin Sandwich
grilled Tuscan free form bread, Béarnaise
sauce, rosemary pommes frites,
vegetable crudités
Course Three
Chocolate Decadence Cake
vanilla Chantlly, raspberry sauce
Crème Fraîche Apple Pie
vanilla ice cream
Angel Food Cake
mixed berries, lemon Mascarpone
cheese whipped cream
Wisconsin Room Lunch Menu
Volunteer now
for the 2012
U.S. Women’s
The official volunteer hat and shirt,
plus the seven-day Championship pass,
alone make the participation fee worth
every penny, not to mention the pride
of being part of a major sporting event.
Find out more benefits—the most ever
offered—and register now to be a U.S.
Women's Open volunteer.
The internationally televised cham-
pionship returns to Blackwolf Run’s
newly renovated Original Champi-
onship Course July 2-8, 2012. Only
2,200 volunteers are needed, so regis-
tration is expected to fill quickly.
For only $150, volunteers receive
exclusive privileges, including an ad-
ditional badge for guests for every reg-
istered and accepted official volunteer,
allowing access to the Championship
all week long. After their 16-hour, 3-4
shift commitment, volunteers can
enjoy the Championship at their
Other benefits include official cloth-
ing, commemorative pin, food and
beverage vouchers, complimentary
parking and exclusive rewards through
The American Club Resort.
Volunteer positions include admis-
sion sales and will call, caddie hospi-
tality, credentials and access control,
transportation, leaderboards and thru
boards, marshals, merchandise tent,
monster board, on-course supplies and
other important posts.
Volunteer positions will be filled on
a first-come-first-serve basis. Those in-
terested should act fast and complete
the Online Volunteer Application Form
at www.2012uswomensopen.com,
where committee choices and schedule
preferences are listed, or call 920-453-
2889 for more information.
24 APRIL, 2011