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I had nothing to said about the movie that I have seen, about of mount Cristo. The main character was known as Edmund Dantes. He was the very clever person in his time. The very friendly but he failed to trust anyone. That goes travelled along his journey of life. If you would imagine, when he was a normal person he has no problem but since, the enemy was known about the world that he made in a stone, his life was put into danger. He and his friend were battle with a sword. Until he trapped and the enemy was put him into prison he was a prisoner for a long time. He did not free to go outside, no basic needs at all. Until the old man was quickly entered his life by met him at the same prison. The old man was also prison for a long period of time.

Until such time there was happened an earthquake in the prison and that time the old man was died. His friend found so much of a gold in a deep seas and he got these gold and sold to the rich person. He and his friend were go to France and they started the plan that he thought of.He knew from that old man how to read and how to protect himself in the bad like of people. He grab the opportunities those he was being smart was used as the sword of him so that he got a vengeance to his enemies. He interchanges from the old man place. He wet also a intelligent friend and these was the gift of god to him because it is a beautiful part of journey of his life. . He learned martial arts and different kind of subject. Then he escaped from the prison and he got a freedom to his life.

That is why I believed in both of them. On the other hand. There is no reason to quit. he succeeded to his plans. The salve before is now a multimillionaire today.In fact. That day was so great. because I learned that even there many changes and trials in life there is not a hindrance to succeed. both of them never give up to commit the justice of his life. the battle of the sword took place between Edmund Dantes and his enemy. Dantes was won and he got a free to his life. because the beginning of change was happened. I compared the life of our national hero. that is not a barrier to go beyond life. After the battle. . On the contrary. He and his girlfriend before was met to each other together with his son.

the soil collapsed burying the old man alive. Upon escaping he immediately returned to his hometown. not only physically but also emotionally. The idea of the story about vengeance and the despair of the main character is almost the same. He did his revenge and even fought with his best friend and defeated him. the main character in Noli Me Tangere. After he got the treasures in his hand. Soc. this person taught him many things. sent to the prison for a crime he didn¶t committed. Finally Edmund Dantes sets for a new start of life together with his family and his loyal servant and friend. he immediately thought of having his vengeance. Jose Rizal¶s novel. After knowing that his father had committed suicide and the woman whom she love the most got married to his best friend that betrayed him. he gave Edmund a map of an island were hidden treasures was located. Sci. After some turn of events he found out that he had a son in the woman she loved.Borromeo. how to read. together with a man whom he met and vowed to serve and protect him. Fervic Anthony Jen L. he immediately bought a mansion and change his name and disguised himself to a new person and called himself ³Count of Monte Cristo´. The story as I reflected and thought of was very similar to DR. He searched for those people he wanted his revenge to. 13 BSCE-I TTh 6:00-7:30 THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO The ³Count of Monte Cristo´ is a story of a man named Edmund Dantes. Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. Eventually. his reasons to live and lost his belief in God. due to a death of a dear friend Edmund once again almost lost his hope. He suffered tremendously. they have the similarity of both of them disguised themselves in the personality of new person. He thought then of a plan of how to escape the prison. who stole his life from him. He immediately went to the island where the treasures were hidden. He also searched for the woman he loved. write and count and even taught him swordsmanship. He had reunited with the woman she loved and was recognized by his son. a man who was betrayed by his best friend. He planned his vengeance thoroughly. One time when they were both underground digging the tunnel for an escape. The events in the story and the plan of vengeance was the . lost his father and especially lost the woman he loved the most. All the sufferings and downs changed when he met an old prisoner who was digging a tunnel to escape from the prison. Both of them was accused of crime they didn¶t commit and after tragic incidents in the character¶s life. During his time in the prison he lost hope. but before the old man died. an accident occurred. The main character in Count of Monte Cristo is similar to Crisostomo Ibarra. All in his mind was to have revenge to those people who caused him great despair.

As I think of it. how did it suffered from the hands of the tyrants and how did it experienced despair. happiness. for it depicts and tells the stae of our beloved country and the ³cancer that is spreading in the country´ as he stated and one of my favorite lines in the Noli Me Tangere. The Count of Monte Cristo had a one-sided story for only one character was focused on unlike in Rizal¶s work which the story had more several characters that always appear in each chapter of the story that represents the citizens of the country and the Spanish colonizers. . It was a big difference in Simon¶s plans in El Filibusterismo. even though both novels written by DR. More importantly in both different stories I had felt the feelings of all the characters. their hope. El Filibusterismo has a darker ending and story unlike in movie. despair. The characters in the story also had shown different kind of emotions that adds the excellency of the movie. In the movie. As have realized that the novel of Rizal¶s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo and the Count of Monte Cristo does have many similarities even though it had some differences of how the story progresses and how did it ends. It was an amazing thing how he made the person who sent him to prison confessed for the fault he committed. And in Rizal¶s novel. The story was clear and how amazing the plans of Edmund Dantes was perfectly done. I prefer Rizal¶s novels because it tells about our beloved country. Edmund Dantes was able to reunite with Mercedez and even met his only son. But if it was me. Rizal didn¶t had an happy ending. there are many characters that piles up the burden the main character was carrying. this feelings that every person can experience and feel. Throughout the story of The Count of Monte Cristo I had observed that the plans of the main character went out successfully. Simoun died and was unable to reunite with the woman she loved the most. Mostly I had concluded to myself that no matter who the person is. a dark story in the climax until the near end. The Count of Monte Cristo had a nostalgic and a pleasant ending while in El Filibusterismo. There are also differences between the story of Monte Cristo and Rizal¶s novel. From the happy beginning. which Crisostomo Ibarra told. and an happy ending. Maria Clara. In many angles and way. In contrast in the Count of Monte Cristo with the El Filibusterismo. Also they had the similarity of how they loosed the woman they loved the most. they have many similarities. wantings to avenge and the feelings of how to be betrayed. As I was watching the movie. it had a more serious output. it had encountered many hindrances and eventually his plans didn¶t succeeded until his last breathe.same. Rizal¶s novel have more nationalistic aura. I thought of how the story runs and it was beautifully done. As I also think on. The atmosphere of the stories differ in some ways.

instead of seeking for revenge.he cannot escape despair and if this despair piles up more and more. he will want others especially those people who caused him despair. . ³ a mistake cannot be corrected with another mistake´. the person will have the wanting of making revenge on people who hurt and him and will feel extreme anger. forgiveness shall we give to those people who had done wrong to us. but one must realize that having revenge will only result to nothing but another despair. No matter what he will seek payment of what he have felt. We must also think it like this. to feel and experience of what he also gone through. like the saying tells. It is not the right answer. Vengeance is not a solution to settle down things and a person had felt. all we need to do is to accept and especially forgive.


. he escaped the prison and started having revenge to his enemies for the reason that he is not at fault. He deeply planned and attacked and wait for them.millionaire in his time. he cannot introduced himself to them for the reason of keeping his secret personality for it will be known by his enemies. The party then was held in a property he bought.On the other hand. Then he met a friend that is also a brilliant person. At some day he met the girl he loved so much as well as his only son from that girl. After that time. He do things for he had freedom that even himself before he did not experience. he began to end the life of his enemies. a multi. Then he and that frien united to find plenty of gold hidden in the ocean and that wealth made him a very rech person. sadly.

I learned a moral lesson from the movie that we never regret of how kind a person is to us. Lastly. he pointed a gun and his son suddenly came therefore there is no such thing happened. . I learned that we could never quit because of what we had experienced that is not a hindrance to surpass all the challenges and trials in our life. Until his enemy was escaping at the back of a horse and then their battle of sword had began. Edmund won the battle. He and him was angry to themselves that is why there is no good thing happened. enemies of Edmund Dantes had come. By the time.Thirdly. Edmund Dantes had finally met and knew to each other. He and his son as well as the woman he loved was reunited to each other and live happily.

the gift of God to him which is life was never abused even his friend left and betrayed him. He learned martial arts and different kind of subjects.I have nothing to say about the movie. But the gift of God was still exsisting. the most friendly person in his time. If you imagine his life was not easy to survive because of the challenges that he has experienced to his life. He knows how to decide properly and wisely. though he was being smart was used as a shield to protect himself. he used this in a real life and applied in a proper way in his lifestyle. he grabbed the opportunity after he met the old man at the same prison. He never quitted instead he continue the journey of his life. He was most brilliant in his generation. . Even he was putted to prison. After that.