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MLA Citation Assignment
Using the provided information create a Works Cited page on loose-leaf. First go through the list, on the line
provided, using your Write for College or the packet decide how you are going to cite the entry (The first is done
for you). Once you have written your citations you must use an online site to create a Works Cited page. Using
your handwritten sheet, compare your online sheet and note any mistakes. Do not forget to alphabetize and
indent where needed. This assignment is worth 125 points. It is due Thursday January 12, 2012.
1. A book by Robert Akins called Greeks and Romans. It was published by Random House in Philadelphia in
2. A book by Henry Goldman and Elizabeth Howard called Ancient Civilizations. It was published in
Philadelphia by Gold House in 1989.
3. An article called “Writing Utensils” in the 5th edition (published in 1985) of the Encyclopedia of the
4. An Internet article by Joan Ingram called “The Secrets of the Greeks.” No publishing date is provided, but it
was viewed on 2/2/04 and the URL is
5. An article on pages 24-31 of the magazine 20th Century Travel by Karen Pankratz called “Destination:
Athens.” It was published on March 3rd, 2002.
6. An Internet article with no author called “Famous Greek Battles.” It was published on June 14, 1999,
viewed on January 12, 2004, and the URL is
7. Website article by Dr. Joshua Smith entitled The Many Uses of Pencils. It was published March 22, 2000
and viewed August 3, 2002. The URL is www.articlesonline.smith/pencils.html

_________________________________________________________________________________________ 14. copyright 1995. CO in 2001. Published in 1985. Singer and titled Fantasy: The Foundation of Serenity. Norton and Company in New York. A short story written by Maya Angelou called The Angel of the Candy Counter. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. The book. The Beauty of Mechanical Pencils. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 15. in the book Dreams and Inward Journeys on pages 124-36. A book written by Kate Chopin titled The Awakening.W. The book is edited by Marjorie Ford and Jon Ford. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. “Writing Utensils.8. ________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Encyclopedia of Style article. Coraghessan Boyle.” by John Gruber. and published in New York by Longman Press. Published by Westing Forge in Denver. 5th edition. _________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. The article was published in the July 1983 issue of Psychology Today. Your last entry will be your novel! _________________________________________________________________________________________ . It is copywritten 1998. published in New York by Viking Penguin. by Alexander Morrow. A book written by Paul Theroux and titled The Kingdom by the Sea. An article written by Jerome L. written by T. It appears on pages 32 through 37. Houghton Mifflin Company in Boston published the book in 1983. A book called The Tortilla Curtain. was published in 1976 by W. edited by Margaret Culley.

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