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Sometimes the one thing you are looking for is the one thing you can¶t see - or worst, you already found what you are looking for but you didn¶t realize that it was the one, the right one. youth without some regrets isn't youth at all..love is always the most regretful thing Our Happy Time - You know what makes a miserable Saturday afternoon, when everyone is out there having fun and you¶re chained to your bed with a shitty cold, even more miserable? Watching a Korean movie. One about a death row inmate and his little romantic escapades, to make things worse. Because those sneaky Koreans can make a movie completely deprived of any in-your-face romantic gestures, physical contact, let alone sex (non-existant) better than most of the Hollywood crap out there (or I¶m just bitter after watching a shitload of dumbass movies on the TV over the past few days.) STILL. It got a bit too tearjerk-y at times. The final scene (you can only guess what is the final scene in a movie about a guy on a death row, soz for the spoilers) was cheesy as hell, with way too many SARANGHEEEs for my liking. The actors were okay, though. Lee Na Young was definitely the stronger one out of the two leads, but Kang Dong Won was not too bad either (minus all the crying). I just wanted to hug the shit out of his character, so I guess he convinced me. Sulli on Heechul: I don¶t know how it happened. We trust and take care of each other. But at the same time, we don¶t cross each other¶s line. When we are in front of other people, we praise each other. I think I have to do that for people that I like. NH là hình m u cho gi i tri th c tr ô th hi n i, tình c m c t lên m c cao nh t song l i vô cùng lý trí,m t m t là li u l nh b t c n, m t m t l i ham s ng s ch t, mâu thu n mà th t th ng, thi n l ng mà h i h t, khát khao tình yêu r i l i hoài nghi tình yêu. ó là s t ng h p c a hình thái xã h i hi n i ã t o nên nh ng mâu thu n i l p nhau, m t n a thiên s , m t n a ma qu . S ng trong c c di n µc u v ng o t ích¶ gi a ch n cung ình phong ba bão táp, mà l i d a vào linh h n c a ng i hi n i t b o v l y mình, gi tr n tình yêu i v i m t ng i mà l i ph i au kh giãy d a n th .

³Victoria-ssi - In this 1 year 20 days, the one who is always by my side, my best girl, my best friend, my best wife - Thank you! This wedding ceremony should have been held earlier, im sorry for holding it so late. I believe a wedding ceremony should only be held once, it is an importantformal event. I have been looking forward to this day, a perfect day. I feel that only if we understand each other deeply, have accumulated deep feelings for each other, love each other, then this event will be meaningful. I always use not having money as an excuse, in fact I was just waiting for the right moment. Today, we finally have come to an understanding, our relationship is strong, in love totally, SO pls marry me! Although i fail at events, and I did not teach you to swim well, and also fail at

it¶ll be alright.other stuffs.. I love you~´ -Nichkhun ³ ´ ³Because of the bright sun.´ . but I will confidentlyproudly make you the happiest woman in this world.