All people who are living in this world are born with impairments some people may seen

it physically but some are not it may seen it mentally. Disability is a direct consequence of such limitation and is reflected in reduced. In our world today many people has suffered from different kind of impairment this causes because vehicular accident, vision loss and hearing loss etc. Even thou they have impairments it doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to live happily and freedom. Different country, different places there are laws that implemented for the disabled person like in Canada there are laws for disabled person this is the Ontarians with Disabilities. In Iceland “secure rights for the disabled and living standards comparable to those of other citizens, as well as to create conditions that are enable them to lead normal lives”. In Philippines we have also the law for the disabled person this is the “Magna Carta for Disabled Person. Republic Act No. 7277 an act providing for the rehabilitation, self-development and self-reliance of disabled persons and their integration into the mainstream of society and for other purposes. Consist of IV Title, Title I- General Provision with one chapter, Title II- rights and privileges of disabled persons with 7 chapters in this chapters it talks about the (Employment, Education, Health, Auxiliary Social Services, Telecommunication, Accessibility, Political and Civil Rights), Title III-Discrimination on the use of Public Accommodations and services and lastly with three

chapters(Discrimination on Employment, Discrimination in Transportation, Discrimination on the Use of Public Accommodations and Services, Title IV-Final Provision. And this Magna Carta for disabled person consists of fifty-six sections.

So It’s better and it will benefit the people who have loss of hearing if the broadcast media if they will have the sign languages so that the person who has a loss of speaking so that they can . and also when they need help. N ABS-CBN Saturday show if I’m not mistaken that show is Mag TV na Atin to. Broadcast Media under Chapter V.Telecommunications. People who can’t speak do they really enjoy watching television. when I was in high school whenever im watching this show I noticed in the Television screen there is a person that is having a sign languages. It was so really hard if you both loss your hearing and speaking. watching television s like our pastime. Today I just notice that today they don’t have sign languages in the television screen. do they really understand what the actress or actor talking about? Sometimes when you cannot speak sometimes you also loss your hearing. In sections 22 Broadcast Media it says here that Television stations shall be encouraged to provide a sign language inset or subtitles in at least one (1) newscast program a day and special programs covering events of national significance.When I’m reading about the content of the whole law of Magna Carta for the Disabled Person I’m stacked or I should say I focused on the Title II-Rights and Privileges of Disabled Persons. Section 22. And for that sign languages for the person who has hard in speaking. While people who has impairment especially loss in speaking it was really hard what if they are hungry. happy and lonely. Even thou we don’t have any member of our barangay who are suffering in this kind of impairments but in different part of our country many people are hard in speaking. For us people. We normal people it just easy for us to express our feeling when we are mad.

. Even we have impairments or not we should give them the needs and help that will benefit for them.connect what’s happening to the world or in their surroundings.

PINKY P.Telecommunications Section 22 Broadcast Media . REYES Title II-Rights and Privileges of Disabled Persons Chapter V.