Verafied, LLC.

1.0 Executive Summary Verafied, LLC based in Saint Louis, Missouri is a new business providing high-quality, full service/exclusive regional distribution of OKF Aloe-Vera King juice, a functional beverage to large grocery store chains and convenience stores/ gas stations throughout the St. Louis and Midwest market(20/20oz bottles for $14.75 a case sold @ $22- $25 per case). Our strategy is to focus 100% of our efforts on the market for OKF Aloe-Vera King in the St. Louis and outlying areas which will include a multi-state (Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa) region in the near future. This business plan has been developed to present Verafied, LLC. to prospective investors and to assist in raising $253,681 of equity capital needed to begin distribution. The principal owners are Anita Buchanan (a minority woman) and Marcus Love, whose combined experience brings a lifetime of knowledge in aloe vera, office management, high levels of customer service, and over 10 years in marketing and product distribution and sales management. At this time we are seeking additional equity capital to complement our own investment to secure our 2nd vehicle and 2x more product and are seeking to arrange a bank line for warehousing, equipment, inventory and receivables financing. We have firm commitments to distribute several high-quality new age functional beverage products, and have verbal commitments from independent retailers throughout the St. Louis market to carry our product. We plan to distribute our first products within 30-60 days of finalizing financial arrangements. Sales projections for Verafied LLC. are estimated to begin at approximately $718,646 the first year, increasing to approximately $1,437,292 in Year 2 and approximately $2,155,938 in Year 3. Our net profit is projected at approximately $397,214 the first year, increasing to $1,261,282 by the end of the third year of operation. Verafied, LLC. is seeking a $253,681 in a financial package based on a note due in five years, but amortized over 15 years. The note will be personally guaranteed by the company's assets. By amortizing the note over 15 years, the company will be afforded the opportunity to establish a healthy track record which will enable the company to seek alternate financing for the balance. In light of that strategy, Verafied, LLC. proposes the following payback schedule:     Months Months Months Months 1-12: No payback of 13-24: 15% interest 25-48: 10% interest 49-60: 10% interest principal or interest plus 10% net profit plus 15% net profit plus 20% net profit

Distinguishing characteristics of our business will be the combination of management experience, sales and marketing/ distribution experience, high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service. In particular, what really sets up apart is that we are the ONLY full service distribution company servicing the aloe-vera and functional beverage industry in the St. Louis/ Midwest market. In addition, Verafied, Inc. has an exclusive contract to distribute a new, groundbreaking product that would enable us to gain immediate access to a majority of the potential customer base. The company is currently developing its own aloe vera juice to final product and approval stage. It is also seeking to establish its corporate identity in the beverage industry.

’s products are targeted at the functional and nutraceutical beverage segments with a specific aim at the health segment. and have superior health performance. we examined the market trends. Consumers may talk about eating healthy and making better food choices. LLC. with total annual sales exceeding $78 billion in 2015. the market will reach $16. 20 minerals. 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. According to Mintel estimates. Our product will have a 2 yr. Studies like the “National Institute of Health’s Report on America’s Children 2003” brought to attention foods thought to contribute to childhood obesity (especially those high in fat and sugar). Aloe vera contains more than 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds.Golds Gym. sales in the overall market are up considerably. has been given exclusive regional distribution rights to the OKF Aloe-Vera King brand of juices(we have 1620 cases or 34.. We have researched our local St. Dierbergs(23 stores). Walgreens (83 stores. in terms of overall usage. Mintel expects that. and manufacturers were forced to re-evaluate not only their marketing. environmentally safe. ● The Only 100% Natural and Organic Aloe Vera Drink in the Market ● Contains 30% of Organic Aloe Vera ● Up to 22% more Aloe Vera than other brands in the market Market Potential A massive potential market base exists for OKF Aloe-Vera King and functional drinks. the more likely they are to embrace the brand. LLC. The product should be priced against competing beverages and functional lines and should be easy to use. For one.000 bottles on the way one of our milestones) which are the global #1 seller of aloe juices in the world in 17 delicious flavors. LLC.. Market trends indicate that the customer needs an functional product that works as well as or better than competitive sugary products. To specifically target our customers.Verafied. Verafied. Some 56% of adults in a 2010 Mintel custom-conducted survey indicate they have purchased any functional food or beverage in the last three months--up from 48% in May 2008. Overall projections are that the market will grow by 103% between 2010 and 2015. Louis retail outlets for our juice or a similar concept and there is not one of its kind on any of the shelves from Schnucks (47 stores). shelf life and a . and also those who just want a product that works better than the rest for a competitive price. their products’ nutritional attributes. The Products Verafied. LLC. with solid growth of 36% from 2004-2010. can specifically target customers who are socially aware and health conscious. we are in Walgreens stores on the east coast right now). but more importantly. Secondly. drug and mass merchandisers (FDMx solutions.. PRODUCT/SERVICES Verafied's product .OKF 100% natural /organic aloe-vera juice is a unique and revolutionary product made from aloe vera and 100% fruit juice. but that doesn't always translate to purchase behavior. Verafied. by the end of 2011. Quick Trip (44 stores). the functional food and beverages sector has made gains. which represents a substantial increase.Etc. sales of functional food and beverages in food.5 billion. The more customers know about a product's health benefits and clinical support. excluding Wal-Mart) reached nearly $16 billion in 2010. since 2004. Products need to provide a solid nutritional profile that parents will value and children will enjoy eating. We can corner the market by being the first of our kind.

We are better positioned than our main competitors to take advantage of the increasing demands of Aloe Vera and functional beverages because we have an existing relationship with the owner of the company that manufactures our beverage and focus exclusively on high-quality distribution and customer service. Avon and many other successful companies use. 100% money back option from OKF. Going direct can cut significant costs from the system no middleman. Those include hydration. diet. and over 10 years in marketing and product distribution and sales management. high levels of customer service. Louis market by any other suppliers. calls for all parties in the channel to protect their own best interests. Make sure all of their supply needs are being met and help develop unique marketing programs for each of them.8% during the 5-year period from 2011 to 2016. whose combined experience brings office management. In order to control and prevent the inevitable progression of immune system destruction therapy must be multifactorial involving all levels of health. CUSTOMER PROBLEM Living in the new twenty first century. and focusing on high-quality service and full service delivery. . energy/rejuvenation. Overlapping of target consumers does occur. consumers are increasingly interested in healthy living products. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE No other wholesaler in the market offers full service delivery with the variety of products we feature. Our services will include invaluable trade resources with the exclusive rights to regional distribution. and immune damaging infectious agents. All of this evidence makes Aloe Vera Juice a logical choice to live. our bodies’ metabolic and detoxification systems are under everincreasing stress from foreign chemicals. and lifestyle. This is the model Dell. The primary alternative distribution channel is direct distribution. not because of undefined market needs. health and wellness and weight management. using your own salespeople and warehouses. nutrient depleted food. COMPETITORS This product is not currently available in our St. LLC. we feel will can quickly establish accounts and build solid relationships with retailers. TARGET MARKET Led by the US and Europe.Verafied. This sector is expected to be worth $57 billion in 2011 and nearly $87 billion in 2016. CUSTOMERS Functional beverages market is expected to experience the highest growth. SALES/MARKETING STRATEGY Our basic marketing strategy is to work with customers on a one-to-one basis to ensure that they know about all the benefits of drinking OKF aloe vera juice every day. Each segment has its own target market and consumers. at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8. It is for this reason that we will emphasize in-person/community samplers. It calls for you to sell and deliver your product yourself. Market segments of the functional beverage industry are divided mainly by four parts. Our primary weakness is that we are a new business competing largely against established suppliers. However by offering a superior selection of OKF aloe vera juices and new groundbreaking products to the market. but due to the consumer acceptance of function MANAGEMENT The principal owners are Anita Buchanan and Marcus Love. We intend to prioritize customer service and make it a key component of our marketing programs. BUSINESS MODEL The conventional distribution model. The average North-American consumer spends approximately US$ 90 per year on functional foods and beverages resulting in a market exceeding US$ 27 billion.