Since the suggestion Box was produced by the Supreme Students Coordinating Council (SSCC) of Union Institute of Rosario, there were many students suggesting to have a Junior-Senior Promenade for the batch 2011-2012. Every weekend then, the SSCC President Kyshza Faith Laus together with the Vice President Charmaine Piduca submit all the suggestions were mostly about the prom. When we knew that the JS Prom for our batch was approved by the administration and faculty staff most of the seniors and juniors were happy and were certain to it ntil the end of 2011. January 27,2011 was the third time for releasing cards of all year levels and it was also the PTA meeting for the parents of graduating students. The scope of the said meeting was the graduation fee, other activities and especially the JS Prom. Both advisers of the seniors meet the parents of both section for the explanations, some suggestions, comments, even complains and for the final agreement. JS Prom: "Proceed or Abort? .There were some parents agreed to have this year's promenade and said that it is just once in a lifetime experience of a high school student, but more parents opposed them and complained that there's much more to prioritize this time than to grant the wants of their children to have this kind of merriment. It is too much expensive and they can't afford the payments. Parents don't have the same source of income, so that the final agreement of the said meeting is just to abort the JS Promenade even if their children will be disappointed. It is well and fine for the students, because February was the students' busiest month for them to finish their requirements, clearance, preparing for the upcoming National Achievement Test for seniors and celebration of the Foundation day.

Divina G. De Vera