World Wide Treachery The Democratic Republic of Congo By Sister Sharon Roach Prophetess & Spiritual Woman of God .

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They are the most resilient people on earth enduring atrococities that would end other nations.S. . Revelations 14:15 The Congo has generations of people who were born in conflict and war. agitating and bringing about war and chaos. Thrust in thy sickle. Understanding what’s happening in the Congo and other “hot spots” of the world is crucial to your survival. and other seemingly safe nations of what is to come. Treachery in the Congo And another angel came out of the temple. No where on earth is the divide and conquer tactic played out so damagingly than in the Congo. The global interest then steps in as the peacemaker between the warring factions setting rules and sometimes establishing a puppet regime. The plight of the Congo takes on a new meaning when it becomes your plight as well. The global interest backs both opposing sides within a nations issues. Learning how the Global Financial System (GFS) can turn a nation upon itself and rob its resources will hopefully help you stand up when you begin to see these things happen to your nation. for the harvest of the earth is ripe.Introduction Worldwide treachery is more than a report it’s a warning to people in the U. and reap: for the time is come for thee to reap. crying with a loud voice to him that sat on the cloud. Divide & Conquer Tactic A global technique used to gain entry and dominance in a nation or region.

The key henchman of the deteriorating affairs of the DRC is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its western partners. Yet it’s one of the most impoverished nations of the world. in one decade has seen 5 million of its citizens die from war and its aftermath and is home to around 65 million people. Much of the DRC’s problems are generally attributed to the global agenda. It serves as a international finance. such as that of conglomerates. is the subject of one of the most costly UN Peacekeeping operations in the UN’s history. reminder to the masses of what can happen when they don’t stand up for themselves. In order to gain access to DRC’s vast natural resources various nations and congoloreates gave billions in loans to the late Congolese despot Mobutu and his corrupt cronies knowing full well the money never reached its stated purpose but was being swindled to Swiss bank accounts. . It is the blue print of how the global agenda can destroy a nation. The Democratic Republic of Congo has been renamed 6 times. Most importantly the DRC is the earth’s most mineral rich land making it the crown jewel of In the DRC the global agenda is being implemented by the IMF and World Bank (WB) who overwhelmingly represent western interests.The Congo is a reminder to all nations of the earth developed or not of what can happen when greed is allowed to grow unchecked. conned and pillaged by over 12 different nations in various forms. The Global Agenda for the Congo: Take control of the Congo’s finances through indebtedness and pave the way for its international partners to profit off of the nation’s natural resources. has been robbed. has been seized by over 4 despots. The DRC is a participant of the heavily indebted poor countries (HIPC) program created by the IMF.

schools. worth infrastructure work the IMF had it reduced to $6 billion but China still gets 10 million tones. As of 2009 the DRC had made than The IMF cohered DR Congo to reconsider a $9 billion dollar contract to China in which China would provide $9 billion worth of infrastructure work such as roads. The IMF threatened to withhold needed recommendations for debt Instead forgiveness of $9 if billion DRC didn’t of renegotiate the contract with China.payments to the IMF on an annual basis. For further assistance and loans to operate. When Mobutu left office he had palaces around the world. When Laurent Desire Kabila took over in 1997 the country was left holding a bag of debt forcing it to turn to the IMF. Through the HIPC program the IMF was able to reach further down into the financial affairs of the DRC and exert more control and profits for western based conglomerates. The IMF has forced the DR Congo to cut back on its much needed social programs for its millions of sick and poverty stricken people in order to focus on more debt repayment $179 and million financial interest reforms. . hospitals and clinics to the DRC in exchange for 10 million tons of copper.

Foreign nations worked behind the scenes instigating and encouraging the Katanga province and South Kasai to secede from the new republic. Between 1901 and 1962 the DRC was called the Belgian Congo which started as the private property of the notorious tyrant King Leopold II. A civil war broke out as the seceding areas and the new government opposed each other. Native chiefs of the Congo were tricked into agreeing to treaties that allowed King Leopold to obtain a personal title to the Congo. Immediately after gaining its independence the nation elected its own prime minister Patrice Lumumba and head of state Joseph Kasavubu. King Leopold made enormous fortunes through the rape and sale of ivory and rubber while almost 10 million people died under his devastating regime. murder and the brutal mutilation of young Congolese children. The Belgium government sent troops to help bring order but the global agenda sent a UN peacekeeping force to gain a footing of its own. The DRC is victim of both colonization and modern neo-colonialism. What happened after its independence reads like an international espionage novel. (Remember the Divide & Conquer Tactic) Seeing the vast wealth the Belgium’s had made the past the internationals were not about to miss out . His exploitation finally gained world attention paving the way for Congo’s independence on June 30. As a colony of the Belgian Empire it was exploited for its natural resources that included forced labor. Foreign nation’s interest in the DRC has little to do with assisting the Congolese people but more about protecting its private investor’s profits.The truth about foreign interest in the Congo. 1960.

the web of corruption spreads across the DRC government. Every time a public official takes a bribe they destroy thousands of lives. a Canadian company gave the National Congolese Army vehicles. Anvil Mining. its loyalties rest not with the people but with its own insatiable appetite for money and power. From the mining officials to the guards who weigh minerals leaving the country to family members of the president. In 2004 at Kilwa mines. Many miners are forced to work by rebels who are in turn paid by foreign companies. Since Patrice Lumumba the DRC has not had a truthful and just leader each presidency has perpetrated the deeply rooted corruption that continues to undermine progress of the nation. food and money and its own employees to suppress an uprising at its mines to protect its interest.on this new opportunity to grab their share.00 a day. The Canadian company was able to literally buy the DRC military to protect its own interest at the expense of Congolese lives. Over 100 unarmed civilians were killed. groups have wrote endless papers and articles on how to solve the various problems of the Congo but many of these same groups existence is dependent on the continuing conflict within the Congo. They actually benefit from the oppression of the people of who they receive millions of dollars to conduct studies and provide various . International conglomerates and The DRC Government The DRC government is deeply corrupted by greed. There is enough money made by foreign investors to eliminate the countries poverty yet miners are paid as little as 1. Many third party non-profit foreign investors swarm around the mining areas like flies because there are fortunes to be made at all levels of the mining industry in the Congo.

the U.types of aid. US parallels & common sense prophecy based off of Jesus rule of seed time and harvest. If war and conflict were resolved in the Congo many of these international ngo’s and aide groups would cease to exist.S.S.S. Thousands of their employees would be out of work. Within the next twenty years the DRC will undergo an age of reform that will see some of the bloodiest civil wars to be fought on its lands. the Congo’s only upright leader. has contributed to conflict and war in the Congo it to will experience conflict and war on its domestic shores.S.S. The only ones who can save the Congo is the people themselves particularly the Congolese women. Because the U. citizens and corrupt the U. implemented corrupt contracts on the Congolese people the U. has backed despots like Mobutu who terrorized his people it will feel the brunt of a tyrannical leader in its own future. assassination of one of its most promising and rising leaders. it will experience the .S. itself will see foreign companies invade its shores.S. Because the U. mining companies of the Congolese people or their contribution to corruption in that country.S. They have a vested interest to sometimes exploit crisis in the Congo.S. Because the U. mistreat U. assisted in the assassination of Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba.S. Because the U. itself will find itself the victim of foreign corrupt contracts. has said nothing about the treatment of U. political system. Because the U.

Today.S. You can read more of her prophecy works at www. Presently the U.S. The Congo serves as a warning and example of what can happen when foreign interest is allowed to prevail. Politicians will soon be backed by Asian interest and the laws they make and enforce will be beneficial and lenient towards Asian entities. and other advanced nations of our world to the Congo remember Babylon. wealth and culture extended across many lands but today it is a empty desert. barely make a living and work in the worst of conditions for foreign companies. the Jews cry at the wailing wall the only stones left of the temple. Through firmness and swift justice this leader will bring an era of peace and stability to the war torn nation. She is considered an expert at global prophecy and a pioneer of truth based prophecy. receive low wages and because of economic hardship will be forced to work in the worst of I look down the road into the future of America and I see some of the same things happening to her. If you think it’s farfetched to compare the future of the U. American workers will one day face the same plight as they too loose their unions and rights. political system is fueled and funded by corporate interest but this will change as foreign interest takes over. Sister Sharon Roach is a modern prophetess and spiritual woman of God.S. In fact. temples and its famous world markets are nothing more than dust and bits of stone today. The once grand buildings. Jesus told his disciples that one day the temple would be destroyed nothing left but a few stones and they didn’t believe him.americanprophecy. I focused on the U. For speaking engagements prophetroach@gmail. I see the beginnings of these things today. This is coming! Look at the poor miners of the Congo who have no please email . When looking at the troubled history of the Congo the question instantly comes to mind “Will God bring peace to the Congo”? As believers we all know that trouble don’t last always and war cannot continue forever. gardens. Ancient Babylon was once a powerful empire whose influence. Like crabs in a barrel foreign interest are clamoring to gain a footing within the troubled nation. because since Belgium’s dominance it has became the leading foreign power within the Congo.Last Words about the Congo: The Democratic Republic of Congo is in the midst of a great transition in which power and rule for this mineral rich nation is up for grabs. Somewhere in the distant future a strong leader will rise up in the Congo and rid the nation of the foreign leeches that are sucking it dry and remove the infectious rebel groups that terrorize the people.