BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATION A PROJECT REPORT ON MUNICIPALITY SYSTEM SUBMITTED BY Mr. Ninad Pitre. Mr. Shailesh Sawant. Mr. Amit Pednekar. Towards the practical fulfillment of the Bachelor of Computer Application Under the guidance of Miss Poonam Mam To GURUKUL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT STUDIES, CHIPLUN TILAK MAHARASHTRA UNIVERSITY GULTEKADI, PUNE-37 YEAR 2010-2011



BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATION Certificate This is to certify that the following students Mr. Ninad Pitre. Mr.Shailesh Sawant. Mr.Amit Pednekar. Have completed the project entitled Municipality system
Satisfactorily for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for 6th semester of in


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BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATION Certificate This is to certify that the following students Mr. Ninad Pitre. Mr.Shailesh Sawant. Mr.Amit Pednekar. Have completed the project entitled MUNICIPALITY SYSTEM
Satisfactorily for the partial fulfillment of the requirements for 6th semester of in


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4 ACKNOWLEDEGEMENT With immense please we are presenting ´MUNICIPALITY SYSTEMµ Project report as part of the curriculum of ¶BACHELOR OF COMPUTER APPLICATION·. Mr. Mr. Further we thank all my colleagues and thus who have indirectly guided and helped us in preparation of this project to its destination. My Special thanks to our MD of the Institute. Mr. and Encouragement and support their co-operation. I take this Opportunity to express my deep gratitude towards all the members of the Staff Members of our Institute. We express our profound thanks to our head of department Miss. ´Manorama Naralkar mamµ. project guide and project in charge miss. We wish to thank all the people who gave us unending support. ´Poonam mamµ and all those who have indirectly guided and helped us in preparation of this project. . Mr. Mr. for helping me in the completion of the project. Sanjay Darekar Sir.

Problems in Existing System 5. System design 7. Conclusion 11.5 * INDEX * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Serial No.3. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 8. System analysis 6. Chapter No.3. Testing Procedure & Implementation Procedure 9. Data Flow Diagrams(DFDs) 7.1. Page No. 2.1. Existing System 5. Zero Level 7.2. 5. Need for Computerization 5. 4. Table Design 7. Nomenclature(ERD & DFD Symbols) 7. Scope for Future Enhancement 10.5.2. Bibliography 1.2. . Fact Finding Techniques 6.2.1. Proposed System 6. Flexibility Study 6.2.3. Organization Profile 5. Context Level Diagram 7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------College Certificate Guide Certificate Acknowledgement Index Introduction 5.2.



rents. Municipality should collect the money in the form of different taxes. Maharashtra. Now a day·s municipality. The project has being easily designed for maintaining the house tax water connections. For that. Sawantwadi. Sawantwadi Municipality was established on 1st September 1983. water. like street lights. . there are some duties of them for corporation. construction. This collected taxes grouped together are known as house taxes. health are provided to the citizens. The project handles the taxes. water connections and other details. The project is more convenient than maintaining the long register & files. nagar panchayat and industrial cities has collected this type of taxes. According to citizens. and complaints of peoples.8 ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE The project is based on municipality system for Sawantwadi Municipality.

. Heavy overload of manual work creates complexity in maintaining record. of records which is a time consuming job. Chances of increasing data redundancy.9 EXISTING SYSTEMS The existing systems of MUNICIPALITY SYSTEM are manual. As the existing system is manual. all manual limitation affect the working of functionality. Chances of human errors while entering the data . Maintaining more no. Existing manual system cannot provide reports when demanded by any authority within a short period of time. of registers is a tedious job which makes systems very bulky. enquiry details of record of any students with in a no. Data may go in consistent state. It is Difficult to search any admission details.

 The existing systems cannot provide reports when demanded by any authority within a short period of time. Heavy overload of manual work creates complexity in maintaining the record. .  It is Difficult to search any record.10 PROBLEMS IN EXISTING SYSTEM  As existing system is manual. all the manual limitations affect the working of functionality.  Maintaining more no. of register is a tedious job which makes system very bulky.

It is very tedious job to keep all the records and other related transaction through registers. In our country. it has become extremely necessary to keep everything in touch with the computers with advancement in science and technology. . accessing and maintaining. but it doesn·t have computerization facility.e.11 NEEDS FOR COMPUTERIZATION Today·s world is of information technology so. The computerization will overcome this difficulty and provide some quick report with help of datastorage and file management. It consumes a lot of time and man hours for storing. Hence all the work related to it is done manually i. files and written records. mostly in the city areas various purpose that everything is computerized to save our time and efforts. In this which has huge representation. It also saves our paper work. through storing information in register. the new working phenomenon has being arisen.

This proposed system provides a great deal of power for storing reports. It is developed to overcome problems mentioned. and are available to the management when ever required. . we have tried to develop easy to use software. which was a time consuming process. Considering the requirements of the managements and the operated. In manually processing redundancy of data is eliminated to a considerable extent. Managing the procedures on computers and automatic calculations is comparatively convenient then manual processing. Validating facility is provided which restrict the user from entering the incorrect data. Previously records & information & was searched manually. It keeps tracks of all activities. but because of the search facility the requested records are immediately searched and displayed. This proposed system reduced over all cumbersome tasks.12 PROPOSED SYSTEM It is fully centralized computer based ´Municipality Systemµ.



The conceptual solution an idea of how system looks like. Our proposed system will certainly satisfy the user·s objectives and will enhance their capability.15 FEASIBILITY STUDY The feasibility study proposes one or more conceptual solution to the problems set for project. Therefore the system is operationally feasible. The proposed system can be best instead of current system operations. Operational Feasibility:Operational feasibility study determines if proposed system satisfies the user·s objectives and can be fitted into current system operation. If not then it determines how they should be obtained. In this proposed system. The following the things must be done as establish feasibility: Technical Feasibility :Technical feasibility study determines whether the organization has the technology and the skills necessary to carry out project. Therefore the system is feasible. . The existing technology satisfies the need for the system that is available.

the points regarding the system during the investigation studied very well. System whole building of the system is dependent on preliminary investigation which has the following three techniques : 1] Interviewing 2] Record review 3] Questionnaire After the three techniques are occurred successfully. employees and staff related to the organizations. After taking their interview regarding the noted points are studied very well. . by asking their suggestion and taking their produce regarding the requirement of the valuable system. 1] Interviewing:The whole system investigation part is carried out by making interview of the concerned people such as in charge. These techniques proven to be beneficial regarding preliminary investigation. Preliminary investigation part is the base in the system. Manual process of each work is asked by hints regarding the work. These three techniques used in developing the system are called as ´Fact finding techniquesµ.16 FACT FINDING TECHNIQUES While designing any system preliminary investigation part is any important and an essential one.

Observation of such records is useful in preparing the database files. reports and also useful in designing the screen different fact of the system. 3] Questionnaire: This technique is useful for to collect all the information about various aspects of the system from different persons. In this technique. document its registers are observed properly.17 This interview technique proves to be beneficial regarding the preliminary investigation. This methods standardized question format yield more reliable data then the rather facts finding techniques. . 2] Record review : The record review techniques prove useful in finding the facts of the system. all manually prepared files. The wide distribution ensure greater for despondences which can lead honest response.


19 NOMENCLATURE (ERD & DFD SYMBOLS) Process File Store Entity Many to One One to one Relationship .





Performance is generally defined to be the response time of a system or the volume of input it can process in given period of time. We also use performance evaluation of the product & its techniques with an existing system to improve its performance. Usually. analytical approaches do not model software & therefore. Various types of simulations are available to user can write their own using a special purpose simulation language. Analytic modeling involves a mathematical approach to performance evaluation & is best suited for design calculations such as queering analysis of an online system. Benchmarks represents a sample of an existing workload & do include software consideration. Simulation has been used extensively to evaluate the performance of the computer systems. Strictly speaking benchmark is . do not have wide applicability to the average computer installation. either through the acquisition of additional equipment or the reduction in the amount of equipment in use. Any aspect of the system can be evaluated from an either computer system to a file management package.24 TESTING PROCEDURE & IMPLEMENTATION PROCEDURE A major activity in acquiring new equipment & software frequently is evaluation of the performance of the product.

Two types of monitors in use but distinct between them is blurring because they have been combined to produce a hybrid or integrated monitors. This phase consider a set of rough data. The device collects the data on the elapsed time or on counts of some values. These processes continue till the user is fully satisfied. Hardware monitors contain a set of probes that are attached to the component being monitored at critical points. All the changes made with the system are according to the necessity of the user. The data are again tested & the reports are . Thus statistics are generally analyzed after the end of monitoring period.25 an existing job that has been recorded if necessary for the system being evaluated. These data are entered into the system & the process & reports of the system are monitored. The testing procedure & implementation perhaps include the monitoring process of the software developed. which is some that related to the actual data. It is called as high priority task every so often to collect statistics on machine status. The technique of monitoring are often used to tune or improve the performance of an existing system. A software monitor is a program that is embedded within or interfaced in some way with operating system. Monitoring is a type of performance evaluation technique different from the rest. It is primarily oriented towards evaluating existing form of hardware & software.

The testing is then done with some original data for guarantee of the output before it is implemented. .26 compared with the original ones that the system should produce.


They are as follows: On every stage the user can find: 1. Validation massage. Error massage. The user will find no difficulty in handling this system. 2. But if so. . Hope that you are satisfied with our work and get as much pleasure out of it as.28 SCOPE FOR FUTURE ENHANCEMENT Keeping the user·s needs the Municipality System is developed. We have developed this software as regards to the security and user flexibility. then for their purpose the following things are provided at every stage so that they can handle it easily.


When any system is being implemented the user·s satisfaction gets first preference. the automation of the work of the management system helps to increase the speed of operation. In the today·s computer area. Computer results achieve the proper check of data maintaining consistency. Computers play very important role of easing out the complications of the major aspect into a minor one. Also the overall performance of the system and accuracy is increased. This project of mine deals with management system in computerized manner. proper validation checks and also checked the specific data entry points. . I feel that this epic endeavor that we stepped into results in a system that performs all the functions that it is expected to do.30 CONCLUSION The contribution of computers in our daily life. The tests carried out on this project reported that the software is totally bugged free. The Users satisfaction. The aim of this system was to reduce than manual work and the errors generated in it. almost in every respective fields of life as emerged rapidly since from the time it has been invented.


32 BIBLOGRAPHY Following has been used as the reference books for the development of software:- .