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Teleradiology Services

Sub-specialty Consulting e4e Healthcare Business Services gives you access to a wide range of radiologist subspecialists, all US-trained and board certified. So you can be confident that even the most challenging cases receive the proper interpretation. The depth of our subspecialty expertise can help fill your staffing gaps and provide quality patient care in every situation keeping you prepared with a resource immediately available to provide a preliminary or final report. With e4e Healthcare, you have instant access to radiologists fellowshiptrained in the following sub-specialties: • Emergency • Neuroradiology • Body Imaging • Pediatric Radiology • Pediatric Neuroradiology • Cross-sectional Imaging • Musculoskeletal Imaging • Ultrasonography • Magnetic Resonance Imaging • Abdominal Imaging • Cardiac Angiography (Cardiac CTA) • Cardiovascular Imaging • Gastrointestinal/Genitourinary • Head and Neck Imaging • Nuclear Medicine • Thoracic Imaging • Vascular Imaging

e4e Healthcare Business Services provides full 24-hour teleradiology coverage. Teleradiology Services from e4e Healthcare ensures that your patients receive the best diagnostic radiology attention possible, day or night.

Preliminary & Final Interpretations
e4e Healthcare Business Services offers diagnostic radiology services in either preliminary or final interpretation reports, 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. Studies are sent to our radiologists in a compressed DICOM format and evaluated, after which a typewritten report is sent back to the attending physician via a secured connection to ensure patient privacy. If a case requires immediate medical attention, a call will be made to the attending physician to discuss the findings. e4e Healthcare Business Services also offers toll-free phone and fax numbers for Clients to contact the radiologists directly.

Radiologists affiliated to e4e Healthcare Business Services are U.S. BoardCertified and trained at some of the nation's top medical schools and institutions. Each has developed a specialization in emergency radiology diagnostics, and they provide the patients they evaluate with the highest quality care available.

Radiology Workflow
When an image is taken at an e4e Healthcare affiliated hospital, it is sent to our centres through our highly reliable virtual private network. The workflow software then identifies the most appropriate radiologist based on his or her specialization, hospital credentials and workload capacity (how busy he or she is at that time). Upon receipt, the e4e Healthcare radiologist performs either a preliminary or final evaluation of the scan and dictates a written report. The patient data and report are sent back to the originating hospital, and if the evaluation requires immediate attention, the local physician may be contacted to discuss the findings that night. Otherwise, the scan undergoes a final evaluation the following morning by the local radiologist. If there is a critical finding, the hospital is called immediately to discuss and to take action.


Accurate and Timely Typed Reports
e4e Healthcare Business Services delivers both preliminary and final interpretations. Our clean, readable, concise typed reports are delivered in 20 minutes or less on an average. Turnaround times are constantly monitored to assure we are meeting or exceeding your expectations

Why e4e Healthcare Business Services? We offer a host of advantages that make us your ideal teleradiology partner, assisting you at every step right down to the finest detail. Listed below are some of the advantages that set us apart from the pack: • Quality reporting • HIPAA compliant • Cost-effective radiology services • 24/7 coverage throughout the year • US board-certified radiologists with malpractice insurance • Customized reporting formats • Quick turnaround time • Online communication through chat and VOIP • Safe and secure services Service Implementation e4e Healthcare Teleradiology Partners has years of experience launching its services in facilities nationwide. This experience has yielded a transition process that minimizes hassles and business interruption and allows for an efficient start-up of services. Each implementation will be customized based on the facility's needs and timing. In general, this implementation process has seven primary components: • Contract Review/Negotiation • Gather requirements • Credentialing • Establishing VPN Connectivity and image transmission test • DRS Set-up • Going "Live"

Web-based Tracking and Management
e4e Healthcare's web-based tracking and management tool allows you to follow the progress of your studies at any point during a shift. Know where your exam is in our workflow process as it moves from your facility to the data center and to the radiologist. Once the report is completed, you'll have instant access to view and print that report individually or with other reports.

Licensing and Credentialing
e4e Healthcare Business Services employs a team of specialists to expedite all state licensing, hospital privileging and internal credentialing process. These individuals facilitate paperwork, set up teleconferences or meetings between licensing and credentialing boards and our doctors in order to make sure our radiologists can assist you to our full capacity.

Fast, Secure and Reliable Network Technology
Service reliability and data security are what drives the strong reputation of e4e Healthcare. We employ a fully redundant LAN/WAN network infrastructure, and have enjoyed 99.9 percent uptime since inception. We also utilize fully redundant, state-of-the-art reading stations, Web hosting image management and report distribution services.

HIPAA Compliance
e4e Healthcare is 100% HIPAA-compliant. As part of our service, we are available to work with all covered entities to establish a cross-organizational patient privacy policy, notice and procedures for secure data transfer.

Quality Assurance
e4e Healthcare Business Services has developed a customized interpretation auditing assurance program which ensures maximum accuracy of reports.

Teleradiology Billing Solutions
e4e Healthcare Business Services has vast experience in finals reimbursement procedures. We have invested the time and effort to understand the rules set by CMS completely. And we work hand in hand with you to ensure your billing is CMS compliant every time. By partnering with e4e Healthcare, you can eliminate your risk of improper teleradiology billing.


For more details please contact: Phone Number: +1 877.559.8176 e-mail ID: teleradiology@e4e.com URL: http://www.e4e.com/teleradiology.php