9th February, 2012. Thursday.Vol-2.

The person who gets the farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.
- Dale Carnegie

Top Headlines:  Retired fighters made to sign blank cheques. Commanders filling them and withdrawing money from Agriculture Development Bank. (Source: The Himalayan Times)  Maoists assure opposition parties of a ‘compromise’. Maoist leaders say the decision to legalize conflict-era land transactions will be made ‘inactive’ through a Cabinet decision. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Westerly’s bring heavy rain, snowfall across the country. Clouds above valley to clear today. Capital receives record rainfall on a single February day. (Source: The Himalayan Times)  In search of JV partner, NIC talks to 3 banks. NIC sources say they are exploring the joint-venture model and are in talks with three international banks, including an Indian. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Capital Merchant crisis. Government to issue red corner notice against karki. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Over two dozen banks and financial institutions seeking merger. Shareholders lose due to long halt in trading. (Source: The Himalayan Times)  Securities board prepares to cut down transaction cost, time. (Source: Republica)  Government sitting on suggestion to shorten Mid-Hill Highway. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Handicraft exports soars 39 percent in the first half of the current fiscal year. The value of handicraft exports surged to Rs.2.08 billion from Rs.1.49 billion. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  NOC to pay Rs. 150 million interest every month. (Source: The Himalayan Times)
International Business:  US-China trade tensions rising ahead of Xi visit. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  China buys up Saudi, Russian oil to squeeze Iran. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Yahoo chairman exits; review drags on. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Bank of England (BOE) pumps more cash into economy. (Source: The Kathmandu Post)  Global mobile handset sales up by 6.1 percent to 427.4 million. (Source: The Himalayan Times)

As of 25th Magh, 2068 Index NEPSE Sensitive Float Sen. Float NEPSE Sub-Indices Banking Dev. Bank Hydropower Finance Insurance Manu.& Pro. Others Current Points Change %Change

312.43 77.01 24.69 21.16

-0.64 -0.12 -0.036 -0.042
Current Points Change

-0.2 % -0.16 % -0.14 % -0.2 %

256.67 250.81 511.31 261.96 390.58 509.93

0.14 -1.39 -2.37 -0.25 0.37 1.17

0.05 % -0.55 % -0.46 % -0.09 % 0.09 % -4.68 % 0.23 %

633.79 -31.13

Market Summary
Total Turnover Rs: Total Traded Shares Total Transactions Total Scrip’s Traded Total Market Capitalization Rs:

27,211,701 117,654 1175 82 290,750.74 Millions 57,575.74 Millions

Floated Market Capitalization Rs:


Source: www.negosida.com.np As of 25th Magh, 2068

General News:  NIDC Development Bank opened its fifth branch in Dhangadhi on Friday. (Source: The Himalayan Times)  Bank of Asia Nepal has started mobile banking services through Ncell’s network too. (Source: The Himalayan Times) IPO News:  Manjushree Financial Institution Limited is selling 600,000 units IPO share to general public from 11th Falgun 2068. (Source: Annapurna Post) Bonus/Right Share/Cash Dividend:  Api Finance Limited is distributing 5 percent bonus share certificate to its shareholders from today (26th Magh 2068). (Source: Karobar Daily) Unaudited Financial Result of Second quarter as at 30/09/2068 of the fiscal year 2068/69

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Paid Up (Rs. In millions) Reserve Net Profit/Loss (Rs. In Million) Operating Profit/Loss(Rs. In millions) NPL to total Loan(%) EPS (Rs.) PE Ratio(times) Net Worth Per Share Per Share total Asset Value (Rs.) Liquidity Ratio(%)

Agricultural Dev. Bank 9474.3 4484.23 688.26 -27.71 8.83 22.66 4.94 247.63 40.14
Karobar Daily

Kasthamandap Dev. Bank 480.81 34.48 4.77 7.51 2.25 0.99 105.63 981.13 37.75

Shree Investment and Finance 160 65.48 13.94 21.82 0.36 8.72 19.51 140.93 959.29 Arthik Abhiyan

Subhalaxmi Finance 200 17.31 7.22 11.35 0.8 3.61 27.42 108.7 371.8 44.2
Arthik Abhiyan

Api Finance 126 13.55 6.57 8.68 0.64 10.41 11.14 110.74 684.62 35.86
Nagarik Daily

Traders, investment firms and fund managers use a trading strategy to help make wiser investment decisions and help eliminate the emotional aspect of trading. A trading strategy is governed by a set of rules that do not deviate. Emotional bias is eliminated because the systems operate within the parameters known by the trader. The parameters can be trusted based on historical analysis (back testing) and real world market studies (forward testing), so that the trader can have confidence in the strategy and its operating characteristics.

Paid Up (Rs. In millions) Reserve Net Profit/Loss (Rs. In Million) Operating Profit/Loss(Rs. In millions) NPL to total Loan(%) EPS (Rs.) PE Ratio(times) Net Worth Per Share Per Share total Asset Value (Rs.) Liquidity Ratio(%)

Himalayan Distellary 385.64 10.63 2.76 36.27 40.77 Rajdhani

Kathmandu Finance 154.56 27.21 -2.1 -2.31 7.77 405.2 41.61

Kamana Bikas Bank 200 30.97 15.6 24.51 0.76 Annapurna Post

Innovative Dev. Bank 66.25 5.55 1.26 1.99 Karobar Daily

Narayani National Finance 647.48 236.14 12.66 18.65 4.76 3.91 34 135.17 606.44 33.11