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Thank you very much for devoting your precious time to complete this questionnaire. Your valuable feedback would be used for a research conducted as part of my third year module which is compulsory for my B.Sc. (Hons) in Business Management. I assure you that your responses would be treated with absolute confidentiality and professionalism.


Personal Details
Please mark (X) the most appropriate answer within the given box.


Gender Male x Female


Age category 17 & below x 18-25 26 ± 40 41 & above


Area of Residence Western Province Other x

1.4 Employment status Employed Unemployed x


Current occupation Executive/ Manager Professional (e.g. consultant, doctor) Administrator Other

Student x 1.6

Household income Rs.10,000 - 25,000 Rs. 25,000 - 50,000 Rs.50,000 & above x

Rs. 10,000 & below


Imperial Institute of Higher Education 2.4 For what purposes do you use the internet? (Multiple answers are allowed) News x For academic purposes x E mail x Work x For social interaction x Others (please specify) to download movies and check videos in youtube 3.0 2.1 Media Which media do you follow the most? (Please rank them according to your level of preference.1 Technology Do you have access to the internet? Yes x No 3.3 From where do you access the internet the most? (Multiple answers are allowed) From home x From work From university/ school Mobile x 3. giving 1 for the Most preferred and 5 to the Least preferred) News paper Television (TV) Radio Internet Others ( e. Mobile ) 3 2 4 1 5 3.2 If µYes¶.0 3.5 How computer literate are you? Highly literate x Fairly literate Neutral Poor Very poor 2 .g. how frequently do you access the internet? Daily x 2 to 4 times a week Once a week When required 3.

1 Social Media Usage Do you engage in social media usage? Yes x No 4.0 4. Blogger) Wiki sites Others (please specify) « x x x x x x x 4.3 How often do you visit these social media sites? Daily x 2 to 4 times a week Once a week When required 4.Imperial Institute of Higher Education 4.g.4 What are the primary reasons for visiting above social media sites? (please rank them according to the level of importance.2 Which of the following social media do you associate the most? (Multiple answers are allowed) Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube Myspace Hi5 Google plus Blogging sites (e. giving 1 to the most important reason and 5 to the least important reason) Find people with common interests To connect with friends and family To share contents with others To explore professional opportunities To engage in any form of marketing activity x x x 3 .

g.6 Are you aware of social media marketing? Yes x No If the answer to the above question is µYES¶ please continue. If Not please go to section 5. 3.Very high ) 1 I am a creator ( e.8 To what extent do you notice marketing advertisements and other brand promotional campaigns on social media sites? To no extent To some extent x Neutral To high extent To very high extent 4 .Very low. I do post reviews) I am a collector (e. I read and watch but do not interact) x x x 2 3 4 5  Social media marketing: Any form of marketing activity that take place through social media.Imperial Institute of Higher Education 4.g. I tag web elements like photos and videos) I am a spectator ( e.g. 5. blogs.g. I comment on blogs and items published by others.7 Do you engage in social media marketing activities? Yes x No 4.0 4. 4-High. I publish web pages. 2. I upload x videos and photos) I am a critic (e.5 What is your role in online social media usage? (Please rank yourself in each category) (1.0 and answer section 6.Neutral.Low. 4.

9 What is the possibility of you doing further research on advertisements and promotional campaigns you come across on these social media sites? Very low Low x Neutral High Very high 4.8 Is social media marketing effective? Yes x No (Cont¶d on next page«) 5 .Imperial Institute of Higher Education 4.

(1.Imperial Institute of Higher Education 5.Neutral. 4-High. Please rank them according to each factor¶s level of involvement.g. Developing an interest about a product or brand through social media The following questions will measure different factors that promote you to engage in brand related social media usage. 5. 3. I view pictures of other people¶s cars on facebook to modify my own car) x 2 3 x x x 4 5 6 .0 Motivations to engage in brand related social media usage Brand related social media usage: Intentionally or unintentionally engaging in any form of product or brand related activity through social media. 2. These activities include i.Low. y y y y Viewing a product or brand related picture Searching for product or brand related information Discussing about products or brands with others and.1 Information I engage in social media usage 1 To get information about brands To make pre purchase decisions To enhance my knowledge about the brand and the market As a source of inspiration ( e.e.Very low.Very high ) 5.

3 Personal benefits I engage in social media usage 1 To gain financial benefits To gain job related benefits For other rewards x x x 2 3 4 5 7 .Imperial Institute of Higher Education 5.g.2 Integration and social interaction I engage in social media usage 1 To interact with others about brands To maintain my social identity among the online brand x 2 x 3 4 5 community To help others ( e. who may require advice/info to make prepurchase decisions) Because my friends and x x colleagues do it 5.

5 Entertainment I engage in social media usage 1 Because I enjoy getting involved in these activities For relaxation (e. I created a fan page about sports cars on 2 3 4 5 facebook to show my interest for such cars) For self expression (e.g.Imperial Institute of Higher Education 5. I like to watch µAudi¶ promotional videos on x 2 3 x 4 5 8 .g. I follow x µKelly Felder¶ fan page on facebook as a brand critic to show my expertise on designerclothing to others) To receive recognition from x others 5.g.4 Personal identity I engage in social media usage 1 To present myself to my online x community (e.

1 What are the reasons for µnot¶ engaging in social media marketing or brand related social media usage? (Please rank them according to relevance. I browse through brand profiles on facebook when I feel bored) x 6.Imperial Institute of Higher Education YouTube when I¶m relaxing ) As a past time activity (e. because I feel such 3 engagement could invade my online privacy I find it ineffective 4 Others (please specify) « THANK YOU! 9 . giving 1 to the most relevant factor and 6 to the least relevant factor) This type of marketing does not create any interest in me 3 I find marketing campaigns or any other brand related activities carried out on 2 social media sites unattractive I find marketing campaigns carried out on social media sites not relevant to 3 me in most occasions I do not consider social media sites as an appropriate place to promote a brand 3 or to do any other brand related activity I keep away from any form of social media marketing.0 User experience and preference (Please fill this section if you do not engage in social media marketing or any form of brand related social media usage only.g.) 6.