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“Digital Circuit Simulator”
Synopsis of project idea submitted for the curriculum project prescribed for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication Engineering By

Manjunatha Bhajantri Pratik V Pandhare Mayuri Oulkar Vijaykumar Hadimani

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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

• Builds the relevant waveforms of both input and output. • Truth table of the given expression. Digital Circuit Simulator offers the following standard and advanced analyses: • Reducing the Boolean expression given the minterms. Simulation and Analysis: It has ability to quickly simulate and analyze your design within the same workspace. Virtual instruments of Digital Circuit Simulator: o Basic logic gates • • • • • AND gates OR Gates NOT Gates NOR Gates NAND Gates .2011-12 Digital Circuit Simulator INTRODUCTION Digital Circuit Simulator is one of the Electronics software products to focus specifically on the needs of Educational users. the Simulation. • Reducing the Boolean expression given the expression. • And you don’t have to generate net lists to pre-define test points or probes to run Construction. Simulation and testing of simple digital circuits.

It is compatible on Microsoft Operating system. Further the user can rig up the circuit and test its values at all the input and output points. simulate them.• • XOR Gates XNOR Gates o Power Supply (VCC) o Ground o Led Display o Wires o Logic Probes The Digital Circuit Simulator allows the user to select the components desired and place it anywhere on the workspace provided. Unlike other Circuit maker kit this product has another feature of Quine Mcluskey’s Tabulation method with truth table. . which helps in reducing any given Boolean expression and simulate a circuit for the minimized Boolean expression. simulation and testing exercises. debug and verify the output. OVERALL DESCRIPTION The objective here is to design a Digital Circuit Simulator which has the capability to allow the user to rig up digital circuits. The Digital Circuit Simulator automatically transfers components and connectivity information from the schematic to the Digital Circuit Simulator editor with the click of a button Digital Circuit Simulator teaches the basics of electronics with troubleshooting. The tools used to implement this project is VS.

and simulate them. • Enables the user to check the states of the circuit at any given time by adding or deleting the components as and when required. . NOT.In the Digital Circuit maker kit we have the following features. • We also have the Quine McCluskey’s tabulation algorithm implemented here. It can be using  And or Invert logic  Nand Nand logic  Nor Nor logic • We can get the truth table for any given Boolean expression. NAND. with different number of inputs. • Seven Basic gates Viz. • The circuit for the minimized Boolean expression can be of three varieties. • Enables the user to check the states of the circuit at various points. • We can rig up any simple combinational circuit like the Decoder circuit. • Provides a logic probe for Debugging. XOR. And. NOR. XNOR. which helps reducing any Boolean expression (given in the form of the expression itself or in the form of minterm array) and simulate the virtual circuit for the same. • Provides a real time simulation of the digital circuits. OR. • Further the relevant waveforms are also made available for the user. comparator circuits etc. full adder circuit.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT Operating System: MS Window Vista/win 7 Platform: Visual Basic.Net HARDWARE REQUIREMENT Dual Core processor 2GB Ram 100 GB Hard disk Space DVD Drive Color Monitor. decoders can be added to the existing device library. • The Quine McCluskey’s tabular method can be extended for more than six variables. • Can add features to rig up sequential circuits. . Keyboard. Mouse SYSTEM CONSTRAINTS • Can be extended to design and simulate analog circuits. • Signal generators. • Few additional components like adders. multiplexers.• Provides an excellent user interface enabling the user to select a particular component at a click of the mouse. clock generators can be added and this product can be further improved to be used for real time applications.

But this tool provides the advantage of machine computation and is more efficient than manual computation. which relies on the ability of the human user to recognize certain patterns. REFERENCES . This tool also draws the digital circuit for the reduced Boolean expression the obtained and provides its truth table. The method being quite tedious for human use is usually prone to mistakes because of its routine monotonous process.CONCLUSION This application software is a student friendly tool. This tool provides basic components used in the design of combinational digital circuits. using which one can rig up and simulate virtual digital circuits and observe the output before going for actual hardware connection. Unique feature of this tool is that apart from rigging up circuits one can also reduce complicated Boolean equations using the Quine McCluskey’s tabulation method. It provides a step by step method of execution allowing the user to view all the Quine McCluskey grouping and reduction tables along with the prime implicants chart and the final reduced Boolean expression. Quine Mccluskey method is a trail and error procedure.

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