Mr Raviprakash N(IPR),Mr Rajan Babu N(IPR), Mrs Najma Nizami(MSU) ,Miss Gunjan Patel(MSU)

Abstract - Glow discharges are used in a large number of application fields. To produce Glow discharges one needs highvoltage and high-frequency at the electrodes[1]-[2]. Typically the air breakdown voltages are greater than 3kV/mm at frequency ranges between kHz and MHz. The main paper work contains fabrication design and testing of High frequency High Voltage power supply(12kVp-p 5kHz) using H-Bridge topology. Operating frequency and duty cycle of high voltage varies according to the user requirements. The frequency is controlled by using pulse width modulator. The power supply can be applied for different Glow discharge applications. Keywords - High voltage High frequency power supply, Glow Discharge, air breakdown, pulse width modulator.


Regulating pulse width modulator dual output

Current Amplifier

Ferrite core transformer

RC snubber circuit

When dealing with any electronic circuit or Application, one has to meet the basic requirement of providing electrical power to work. The basic purpose of a power supply is to provide voltages to working application, with sufficient current-handling capacity to maintain the operating conditions of the application. Although each power supply has its own individual specifications and characteristics, all power supplies have certain characteristics in common. The high-voltage highfrequency power supply consists of two main sections. Current amplifier and Transformer. For current amplifier one can use different topologies like push pull, fly back-bridge ,H-bridge etc. The Transformer serves to convert ac voltage to a voltage level more appropriate to the needs of the application to be powered. At the same time transformer provides electrical isolation between the input and the circuit being powered, which is an important safety consideration. Available power supplies in the market that are suitable for the discharges are quite expensive. The advantages of power electronic devices such as MOSFET, IGBT and SIT make it possible to build simple and low cost high-voltage high-frequency power supplies.

DC batteries

Load or Glow discharge setup


Regulating PWM IC SG3525A DC supply 24V batteries Current amplifier: H-Bridge topology Snubber circuit[3]: ceramic disk type capacitor High wattage resistors Fast reverse recovery diodes Switching device[4]:IGBT (1200 V,100Amp) Transformer: Ferrite core Turns ratio 1.5V/T Primary turns=32 Secondary turns=2000


power circuit of power supply V.53W is very less. variable frequency and to get dual output REGULATING PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR SG3525A is used.4*0.4W Taking current amplifier efficiency 85% and ferrite core efficiency 75% . figure.2. CONTROL CIRCUIT channel 2: primary current Ip=6Amp Channel 4:Vout=12kVp-p (2)input 24V In These topologies individual power switches conduct only during alternate switching periods.High voltage output waveform and primary current IX. CONTROL CIRCUIT RESULTS 694 . H-BRIDGE TOPOLOGY POWER CIRCUIT Primary current with Capacitive load connected across HVside figure. To obtain 0% to 50% variable duty cycle.IV. so power reduction will be 2.85*0.1. RESULTS FOR H-BRIDGE TOPOLOGY without any load connected across high voltage side (1) input 48V VIII.6 =2.6 amp power=12*0.75=1. channel 1: primary current Ip=6Amp Channel 4:Vout=8kVp-p Figure. power calculations from the above figure average current at lower voltage side Iavg=4amp Ton=50usec T=1000usec Irms=Iavg *Ton/T =4*50u/1000u =0.3. It can also be said to operate at 50% of operating time.

Experimental setup Vin = 24 V Vout = 4 kV Water temp = 200 C Test tube temp = 380 C (constant) Continuous pass water from taste tube. temperature rises quickly even though wet cloth was kept inside bobbin Temp of bobbin after 10 min = 950 C Test tube coding After voltage applied figure.Figure.A Milk (raw) + plasma (tray. REFERENCES [1]Book: Plasma science and creation of Wealth by “P.C Milk (raw)+plasma (test tube. Set-up for Milk Sterilization Experiment Bobbin kept inside Perspex box Room temperature = 320 C Total time for ionization = 10 min Observation: Due to fast ionization of air inside air tight Perspex box kept for longer duration.10 min) -.5 min) -.5.3 Milk (pasteurized)+ raw water (Raw) -.1 Milk (raw) + Water (Raw) -.2 Milk (pasteurized) +Water (Sterile) -.5. John” [2] Reviews on plasma physics by “M. milk sample kept in test tube Milk (raw) + Water (Sterile) -. Maheswari [3] By Rudy Severns “DESIGN OF SNUBBERS FOR POWER CIRCUITS” [4] Nasser Kutkut .PowerDesigners.control circuit and result X. Sodha and K.D figure. WI “High Efficiency Power Switches” 695 .Madison. Experimental setup Milk sterilization chamber Results From the experiment performed we conclude that the time for which the milk sample should be plasma treated should be kept greater than 5 min as the sample which was treated for 10 min showed greater sterilization effect than the one treated for only 5 min. (ii)water sterilization experiment 6kVp-p Milk Before voltage applied Figure.10 min) -.4. LLC .I. 4.P. APPLICATIONS: (i)Biomedical application of Glow Discharge Detection of microbes present in milk samples The methylene blue reduction test is based on the fact that the color imparted to milk by the addition of a dye such as methylene blue will disappear more or less quickly.5 min) -.4 Milk (raw) + plasma (tray.B Milk (raw) +plasma (test tube.S.