AS Java Ports

These ports are used for communication with the AS Java as part of the SAP NetWeaver AS. They are generated at installation time and when new cluster elements have to be created.

AS Java Ports
For the AS Java, 20 ports are available for the dispatcher element and 80 are available for the server elements, since five is the maximum number of ports for a server process. Therefore, no more than 16 server cluster elements can be created on one instance. The default AS Java ports meet the following requirements: ● The port value is a number over 50000 ● For each cluster element the ports begin with 50000+100*instance_number, where instance_number is a two digit number from 00 to 99 specifying the number of central instance and dialog instances. You can see the instance number from the directory, where the AS Java is installed. Under /usr/sap/<SID>, there is a directory which name contains the instance name including the instance number, for example, JC40 (where 40 is the instance number). ○ For dispatcher cluster elements The ports are created from 50000+100*instance_number+port_index, where port_index is a number from 0 to 19 inclusive. Dispatcher port_index Values Index 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 Port Name HTTP port HTTP SSL port IIOP Initial Context port IIOP SSL port P4 port P4 HTTP Tunneling port P4 SSL port IIOP port Telnet port JMS port

According to the formula mentioned above and the port_index values, the dispatcher ports for the AS Java are as follows (in the table below, NN corresponds to instance_number): AS Java Dispatcher Ports Service Name HTTP HTTP over SSL IIOP Port Number 5NN00 5NN01 5NN07 Default Value 50000 50001 50007 Range (min-max) 50000-59900 50001-59901 50007-59907

s15 shows the number of server processes and NN is instance_number. for s2=5NN31….for s15=5NN95. Under <Drive>:\usr\sap###BOT_TEXT###lt;SAPSID>###BOT_TEXT###lt;Instance_Name>\j2ee\cluster. s1. the server ports for the AS Java are as follows: AS Java Server Ports Internal Port Server Join Port Value For s0: 5NN20. For s0: 5NN21.s15 shows the number of server processes and NN is instance_number. Their number depends on the number specified at installation time. s2. Server Debug Port Example The port for P4 on a dispatcher element with instance_number=15 is: P4 port=50000+100*15+4=51504 . The ports for AS Java server3 with instance_number=15 are from 51535 (50000+100*15+20+3*5+0) to 51539 (50000+100*15+20+3*5+4). s1. where s0.. for s1=5NN26. for s2=5NN30…. Server port_index Values Index 0 1 Port Name Join port Debug port According to the formula mentioned above and the port_index values.. where n is the number of server elements from 0 to 15 and port_index is from 0 to 4. You can see the number of the server element from the installation directory of the AS Java. for s1=5NN25. s2.IIOP Initial Context IIOP over SSL P4 P4 over HTTP P4 over SSL Telnet JMS ○ 5NN02 5NN03 5NN04 5NN05 5NN06 5NN08 5NN10 50002 50003 50004 50005 50006 50008 50010 50002-59902 50003-59903 50004-59904 50005-59905 50006-59906 50008-59908 50010-59910 For server cluster elements The ports are created from 50000+100*instance_number+20+n*5+port_index. there are server<Server_Number> directories representing the server processes in the AS Java.for s15=5NN96. where s0...

The corresponding ports are shown in the table below. You can find this document on the SAP Developer Network at www.sdn. for example. the ports used by SAPinst during installation or when using the SAP Web Dispatcher. under Infrastructure Security → Network and Communications Security. Administrative Service Ports Service Start service HTTP Start service HTTPS SDM Port / Service 5NN13 sapctrlNN 5NN14 sapctrlsNN 5NN17 5NN18 5NN19 Default 50013 50014 50017 50017 50019 Range 50013-59913 50014-59914 Not applicable See also: TCP/IP Ports Used by SAP Applications This document provides a complete list of the ports used in conjunction with the AS Java.Administrative Services for AS Java Ports There are additional administrative services used by the AS Java.