Dhirubhai Ambani was an Indian business tycoon and founder of Reliance Industries Limited.

Known as Dhirubhai, was born on 28 December 1932, at Chorwad, Junagadh in the state of Gujarat, India, into a Modh family of very moderate means. Few men in history have made as dramatic a contribution to their country’s economic fortunes as did the founder of Reliance, Sh. Dhirubhai H Ambani. Fewer still have left behind a legacy that is more enduring and timeless. As with all great pioneers, there is more than one unique way of describing the true genius of Dhirubhai: the corporate visionary, the unmatched strategist, the proud patriot, the leader of men, the architect of India’s capital markets, the champion of shareholder interest. But the role Dhirubhai cherished most was perhaps that of India’s greatest wealth creator. In one lifetime, he built, starting from the proverbial scratch, India’s largest private sector enterprise. When Dhirubhai embarked on his first business venture, he had a seed capital of barely US$300 (around Rs 14,000). Over the next three and a half decades, he converted this fledgling enterprise into a Rs 60,000 crore colossus—an achievement which earned Reliance a place on the global Fortune 500 list, the first ever Indian private company to do so. Dhirubhai is widely regarded as the father of India’s capital markets. In 1977, when Reliance Textile Industries Limited first went public, the Indian stock market was a place patronised by a small club of elite investors which dabbled in a handful of stocks. In one sense, Dhirubhai was born to be a trader, as his family belongs to a Bania caste, a section of the Vaisya category (varna) in the traditional Hindu social order whose roles are those of merchants and bankers. This instantly provided a whole network of relationships, a community and social expectations that made commerce-taking a profit from buying and selling in markets, the accumulation of capital-an entirely natural and honourable lifetime’s occupation. By inclination and instinct, Dhirubhai was a fighter. Dhirubhai’s greatest acumen was in understanding finance. He earned the devotion of millions not because he was a great industrialist, but because he treated his shareholders very well. He was the first Indian entrepreneur to understand the importance of the ordinary investor. Dhirubhai realized that he would have no financing headaches if he could earn the trust of investors, and he took care to ensure that the investor earned a decent return, not only by way of dividends, but by continuous appreciation of the Reliance scrip. He was a man who always dreamed big. At a time when capacities were fragmented and small, Dhirubhai dared to dream big. Instead of

were testimony to the success of Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani. an element of ruthlessness and a large dose of gumption that is required to make the dash to victory – would have contributed to the end result in no small measure. while investing in world-scale plants based on outright purchase of technology. built often on a modicum of truth and sometimes from thin air. With world-scale plants. Needless to say. and margins were much higher. a sense of the other. in Dhirubhai’s case too. The strategy of ‘going it alone’. Fables such as these. obviously raised domestic financing requirements substantially. Clarity of Vision Execution of Dreams Enduring Friendships Flexible Values Commitment and Dedication Passion for Excellence . Reliance focussed on the domestic market where revenue opportunities were not lacking. Reliance proved doubly competitive: not only was it able to displace both domestic producers and international suppliers from the market at prevailing customs duty rates. He knew where latent demand existed and decided to supply it.setting up capacities that would cater to current demand. Despite his almost Midas touch. There are stories of ruthlessness. permitting the generation of huge investible surpluses. He made no compromises on quality. when it came to bending the rules and winning the game that made him the success that he was. Ambani has known to have flexible values and an unethical streak running through him. Ambani’s Reliance group acquired through outright purchase the best-practice technologies in the field. In adopting this strategy. individual qualities – an acute mind. as is true of all winners. but in fact it could remain competitive even when duty rates were reduced. a degree of cunning. insisting that his machinery must be state-of-the-art. he set up the capacity and then set about creating the demand.

a friend was forever through any vicissitude of fortune. business associates. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creating an equity culture in India were remarkable. Dhirubhai was a unique personality who built his empire during the licence quota raj and prospered much when the licence quota raj was abolished. Dhirubhai was endowed with sharp business acumen and a spirit of adventure. He was a born risk-taker and believed in taking on and managing calculated risks. In fact.Dhirubhai was somebody who had blazed such a trail of success and such a trail of good business practices. And made India a force to reckon with. . For Dhirubhai. But more than this in-born trait. Second was his firm belief that business is nothing but a web of relationships and obligations. as well as his strong support for his country. and shareholders. managers. I would say that he raised the stature of common people. It is endless to recall all his contributions. through the ups and downs of fortunes. Champaklal Damani. Through his special concern for the entire Reliance family of workers. there were three characteristics that set Dhirubhai apart in the conservative world of Indian business. First. when it comes to the capability of our people in implementing complex projects. There were many Indian businessmen who prospered during the licence quota raj. his phenomenal risk-taking ability that was far higher than other contemporary businessmen. political or economic. particularly after the licence quota raj he was the first one. He was a person who led throughout by example. too. but withered away immediately as reform took place. He also raised the stature of all his countrymen and brought India on the industrial map of the world. In fact. The Dhirubhai Way Being a Kathiawari. Ditto when he ventured into the backward integration project of setting up a plant to produce fiber intermediate. he served as an inspiration and model for other leaders. purified terephthalic acid (PTA) in the mid-80s — he was taking on established businesses and businessmen. but he was converting all his vision and dreams into reality.It is this same risk-taking ability that helped him when he ventured into textile manufacturing in 1966 within a year of buying out his original partner in the yarn business. much of his fund-raising for the large capital-intensive projects that his group was involved in the 80s and 90s was underlined by tremendous risk. No doubt that he was a visionary and a dreamer.

US Congress. One of the main reasons for his success. he believed in proactive moves rather than reacting to Government policy which is what his contemporaries were doing. He was also a role model for entrepreneurs around the world.” This line was quoted by Dhirubhai Ambani. he taught all of us to do so too. One of his phenomenal is risk-taking ability. Reliance chose a new path on its ascendancy to becoming a Fortune World 500 Company. His phenomenal achievement showed India that limitations were only in the mind. he floated equity shares and thereby allowed millions of middle-class Indians to join with him in enjoying Reliance's decades of economic success.” – Jim McDermott. This capacity to “manage the environment” would be responsible for the dark spots that any chronicler of the Reliance group’s evolution would encounter Reasons for Success    Dream big but dream with your eyes opens. Dhirubhai Ambani was a legend in India. “Make Vimal’s advertising the benchmark for fashion advertising in the country. and Dhirubhai Ambani was the architect of Reliance's success. Not only did he dream big. . as well as having served as a shining example of India's economic potential. Dhirubhai Ambani chose not to keep his businesses as a family concern. “Unlike many older Indian businesses. in the House of Representatives.  Inspiration coupled with hard work and the “can-do” spirit can take one to great heights. Instead.Third.